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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 1 season, 52 episodes, 20 hours, 42 minutes
Conversations all about health, balance, navigating ur 20's, self improvement, and much more. My Monday Mood is a place to feel safe, inspired, and seen. LISTEN EVERY MONDAY! Hosted by Natalia Seliger (@mondayymoodpod + @natsneatteats)
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overthinking is killing my peace

hiiii!THIS EPISODE IS FOR MY today's episode I talk about overthinking, and 5 tools that help me almost immedietley when I'm spiraling.hope this helps <3 LOVE YOUSOCIALS:@natsneatteats@mondayymoodpod
3/27/202412 minutes, 40 seconds
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trust the reroute.

hi hi hi!!another mini but to the point episode talking about all things: surrender, uncertainty, and trusting the reroutes of our original "plans" changing. I LOVE YOU. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING.Socials:@mondayymoodpod@natsneatteats
3/21/20248 minutes, 7 seconds
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do it scared

FEEL THE FEAR & DO IT ANYWAY.a short episode that is here to remind you guys that you ARE capable of doing hard things. you are capable of going after the things you want, even if you have to do it scared.LOVE U.socials: @mondayymoodpod@natsneatteats
3/14/202411 minutes, 28 seconds
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it's okay to not be okay

hi hi, i'm back :,)in this episode I share where I've been at mentally the past few months, by sharing some raw vulnerable truths and the small ways i've been showing up for myself during this time of my life. FOLLOW + let me know what you thought of this episode on IG! @mondayymoodpodmuch love <3--nat
3/4/202419 minutes, 30 seconds
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more connection, less distraction.

thank you for being here <3SOCIALS:
10/27/202315 minutes, 59 seconds
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one day at a time.

another mini cheesy but deep episode!!!!! love u my ig @natsneatteats / @mondayymoodpod
9/29/20239 minutes, 30 seconds
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trust the unfolding.

today we talk about: trusting the unfolding, embracing the uncertainty, and surrendering.THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE AND LISTENING. SOCIALS:IG:
9/22/202310 minutes, 58 seconds
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overcoming fear

another short but DEEP episode where we talk all things OVERCOMING me + this podcast by:leaving me a review on apple podcasts / spotifysharing this episode with a friend or on your IG storysending me a dm of what you thought of the episodeSOCIALS:
9/12/202310 minutes, 47 seconds
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what are you running from?

another short but DEEP socials: U. support me + this podcast by sharing this episode on your story and tagging me, leaving me a review on spotify / apple podcasts, or even just sending me a dm of what you thought of the episode. xo
9/5/20239 minutes, 46 seconds
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believe in yourself.

in today's mini episode we talk all things: BELIEVING IN YOURSELF. protecting your peace. journaling. u & thank u for being here <3remember to rate, review, and share this episode with a friend or on your story !!MY INSTAGRAMS:
8/30/202311 minutes, 19 seconds
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let's talk: falling back into old patterns, breaking the cycle

hi :)in today's episode we talk about: Bridging the space between where you are and where you want to be, shedding, growing pains, breaking away from what's familiar, and difficult shifts.thank you for being here. sending so much love <3 and light <3IF YOU LIKED THIS EPISODE...rate + review me on apple podcastshare this episode with a friend / on your instagram storysend me a dm letting me know if you related / found anything i mentioned helpful :)MY SOCIALS: “Everything that I seek, is within me. I am full of insight, love, compassion, and creativity. I release any doubt and welcome faith. I am aligned with my highest and most authentic self. I am in alignment with my purpose. I trust the signs and synchronicities that show up in my life. What’s ahead of me is worth healing for.”
8/22/202322 minutes, 59 seconds
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relationships, being a business owner, & fitness talk with NIKKI FONT

in this episode me and guest nikki font talk:how her relationship with fitness has changed over the yearsbeing a business owner, sharing tips of how she startedfinding balance with her being a fiancé, business owner, friend, etc.the importance of how food makes us feel vs. how it makes us look THANK U FOR LISTENING. support me + this pod by:sharing this episode on ur story or with a friendleaving a review on apple pod & rating the pod on Spotifysending me a dm of what u liked about this episode!SOCIALS:'S IG:
8/8/202349 minutes, 9 seconds
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JULY FAVORITES: current wellness & lifestyle obsessions

hi hi!!in today's episode I share some of my current obsessions (beauty, snacks, skincare, bfast, etc)I HOPE U LIKED THIS EPISODE AND IF YOU DID...leave me a rating on spotifygive me a review on apple podsshare this episode on ur story and tag my pod ig!IG: TO KNOW IT: I am grateful for all that I have and all that is yet to come. I am safe to choose myself, to put myself first. I direct my attention, focus, and time towards what expands me, helps me evolve, and grows me on all levels. I am choosing my inner peace, I am choosing myself.
8/2/202320 minutes, 54 seconds
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LET'S TALK ft. KATELYNN NOLAN: morning routines, healthy discipline, getting out of a rut

in this episode me and my bestie Katelynn Nolan (lifestyle and wellness content creator) dive into morning routines, "healthy" discipline and what that means to us, and the different ways we get out of funks / ruts!FOLLOW KATELYNN: ME + THE POD: ME BY:leaving me a review on apple pod + rating on Spotify!Sharing this episode on your story and tagging the pod.YOUR SUPPORT MEANS THE WORLD AND I'M SO HAPPY UR HERE. XO
7/25/202333 minutes, 33 seconds
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LET'S TALK: outgrowing people, evolving, embracing change

thank you so much for listening!!!! in this episode I share something that no one ever warns you about as a kid: Outgrowing people AND past versions of yourself. this episode is only 15 minutes but we dig deep (as always)SUPPORT ME + THIS POD BY:leaving me 5 stars / review one apple podcasts.following my instagram this episode on your story and tagging the pod ig!affirmation:today I am leading with trust and faith that everything will be okay. I focus on what I can control and let go of what I cannot. I can handle anything that comes my way because I have already made it this far. I have all the tools that I need to navigate through any obstacles that come my way. I am capable.
7/18/202314 minutes, 44 seconds
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what does "wellness" even mean?

hi!!! in today's episode I share how my version of "wellness" has changed over the years. instead of looking at wellness as a black and white mentality, I have a new definition which includes much more balance. this episode is short and sweet but we dig deep (as always)SUPPORT THIS POD BY:leaving me 5 stars + a review on apple podcasts!sharing this episode with a friendsharing this episode on your story + tagging the pod ig!SOCIALS: I am growing into the best version of myself. I realize that I have many beautiful layers to me that are waiting to be uncovered. I stay true to myself and attract amazing people and opportunities into my life. I deserve a life full of abundance and peace. I embrace every lesson that is happening in my life right now, and I’m excited for where I’m going.
7/11/202314 minutes, 29 seconds
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LET'S TALK: summer body image, confidence, self talk

hi hi!! in today's episode I am sharing some helpful reminders as we enter the summer season. I share some tips I wish I could have told my younger self when she was struggling with food and body image. SUPPORT THIS PODCAST by:giving me 5 stars + a review on Apple podcasts.Sharing this episode with a friend!Sharing this episode on your story and tagging my IG!SOCIALS:@natsneatteats / @mondayymoodpodAFFIRMATION: I am inherently a worthy and lovable person. It’s okay for my body to change throughout my life. I honor and respect my body for all it does for me everyday. I will not determine my self worth on my appearance, my body is not for others approval or satisfaction. my body is my temple and I cherish it.
7/7/202316 minutes, 13 seconds
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let's talk: healing, stepping into ur power, & surrendering with KELA ROSE

THIS WEEK we have special guest Kela Rose who also has her own podcast, Skinny Dipping Diaries! Kela shares:how she got into wellnessher spirutal journeyhealing and having funher vibe going into the summerand SO much moreI hope u guys enjoy this episode as much as we loved making it!! LOVE UCONNECT WITH KELA: IG: to share this episode with a friend, or share it on your story and tag my ig <3
6/27/202346 minutes, 32 seconds
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MY hot girl summer checklist: physical and mental

Being hot looks different for everyone. I am going to be sharing my hot girl summer checklist that is helping me feel my best physically and mentally. Define your intention for this summer. My intention is to have as much fun as possible while getting my shit together and working towards the dream life I’m trying to continue creating. I want iced tea and glitter and lipstick. I want slip n slides and mud fights. Let’s get into the nitty gritty together- affirmation:my time is precious and I refuse to disrespect myself by wasting it on things that no longer serve me. My journey is a marathon, not a sprint. I honor every lesson and blessing that comes my way. I move forward with confidence and trust, knowing that everything is working out exactly the way it’s supposed to right now.SOCIALS:
6/14/202322 minutes, 19 seconds
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it's time to stop hating urself

AFFIRMATION: I choose my peace, happiness, and positive thoughts into my life. I am aware that I am a work in progress and a work of art at the same time. Nothing can stop me from living life on my terms and having the freedom I have. I bring loving energy and awareness to this week and attract what I deserve into my life.I hope you guys loved this episode, let me know if you liked this episode / what you want to hear next by leaving me a review on apple podcast, dming my instagram, and also make sure to share this episode with ur friends who might need to hear it <3 LOVE Usocials:@natsneatteats / @mondayymoodpod / @nataliaseliger
6/6/202315 minutes, 1 second
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finding peace in being misunderstood

ily & I'm so happy ur here.Affirmation:I belong and add value to the lives of everyone around me. I am loved and appreciated just for being myself. My life has extreme value and I’m so grateful I am here. I am on the right path and I am going in the right direction. I release all attachments to outcomes and I trust that I will arrive where I’m meant to, when I’m meant to.socials: @natsneatteats / @mondayymoodpod
5/30/202315 minutes, 15 seconds
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I hope you guys enjoy this episode!! love uAffirmation: I am becoming my best, strongest, and highest self with each day that I take consistent action towards my goals. I am in competition with no one aside from who I was yesterday. I am right where I need to be. I am open minded and ready to receive all that this day and week has in store for me.SOCIALS:IG: @natsneatteats / @mondayymoodpod
5/23/202316 minutes, 48 seconds
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LET'S TALK: costa rica recap, overthinking, new chapters

she's baaaack! missed you guys so much. IN THIS EPISODE: lots of life updates as well as things I've been working through and struggling these past few months. thank you for being here and listening <3AFFIRMATION: I AM WORTHY AND DESERVING OF EVERYTHING I AM ASKING FOR. I AM MEANT TO BE HERE AND MEANT TO REACH MY GOALS. I KNOW THAT I AM ON TRACK TO RECIEVE ALL THAT I’VE BEEN MANIFESTING FOR MYSELF. EVERYTHING IM WORKING TOWARDS IS UNFOLDING FOR ME EXACTLY HOW ITS MEANT TO.follow me!@natsneatteats@mondayymoodpod
5/18/202320 minutes, 55 seconds
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less comparing, more creating

in this lil episode we talk all things comparison. I give you guys some tips to help prevent comparison and lean into creating your own version of success and happiness instead.AFFIRMATION: "I will not spend my time and energy comparing my life to others. The gifts that I was born with are what make me unique and irreplaceable. My only competition is myself. I am choosing to stay in my own lane and focus on the things that bring me joy and peace. I am my own competition"I hope u love this episode.I love u.MY SOCIALS:IG: IG:
3/20/202316 minutes, 37 seconds
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let's talk: SOLO TRAVEL (my experience)

in this episode I share my experience on solo traveling to Australia & Bali! I share how I afforded this trip, safety tips, how I made friends, and more. MY SOCIALS:IG: IG: OF THE DAY:"I flood my mind daily with kindness and compassion. I love and approve of myself. I celebrate my wins and I am compassionate with myself when I lose. I am always there for myself and this inner knowing means I can handle whatever comes my way. I am unstoppable, I have no limits. I am ready.”SAFARA LINK (you get $50 in credit when signing up with this link)
3/15/202330 minutes, 36 seconds
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let's talk: reinventing yourself

in this episode I share the details of what "reinventing yourself" really means, how I have formed new wellness habits, and more!AFFIRMATION: I am always able to reinvent myself and change as many times as I want. During the days and moments where I feel stuck and in a funk, I know that this is just a temporary feeling. I am constantly evolving and growing and I am choosing to not let my negative thoughts and emotions consume me. I am choosing to step into my full potential because I am ready to receive the things that I deserve.socials:@mondayymoodpod / @natsneatteatsILYnat <3
3/7/202322 minutes, 25 seconds
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returning home to myself

hiii, thank you for being here <3in this episode I share my entire "one way solo travel era" recap. I share why I decided to come home early, my biggest takeaways from this journey, and how I returned home to myself. socials:@natsneatteats / @mondayymoodpodaffirmation: "everything is happening for me as it should. It is all aligning perfectly. All of the things I am currently experiencing are only taking me to the next level. I am committed to listening to my heart and leaning into discomfort, because I know that discomfort brings growth. I am grateful for where I’m at and excited for where I’m going"
2/28/202334 minutes, 56 seconds
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5 self love reminders

hi hi! in this mini episode I share 5 self love reminders that I needed to hear that are getting me through the week. take what resonates with you <3sending love and light!!SOCIALS: @natsneatteats / @mondayymoodpodAFFIRMATION: love is present within me. i am envisioning all the possibilities for my future without being attached to how and when they will become my reality. my worth, my value, and my fufillment is not inside of a to do list. it is within me. i am allowed to believe in myself, i am allowed to be proud of myself, i am allowed to take up space and step into my power. i am blooming, even on the days and moments i don’t feel like i am.
2/21/202318 minutes
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ADVICE SESSION: Valentine's Day Edition

hiii happy v day <3In this episode i answer your guys' questions about situationships / relationships / hookup culture / embracing singleness, etc. all things love related in honor of valentines day!!!let me know if you liked this epsiode by...LEAVING ME A REVIEW ON APPLE PODDMING ME UR THOUGHTSREHSARING THIS EPISODE ON UR STORY AND TAGGING MEfollow me!@natsneatteats / @mondayymoodpod / @nataliaseligerAFFIRMATION:"I live a life of abundance. everything I want, comes to me. I refuse to force anything, including friendships, relationships, or opportunities, because I understand that I will find everything meant for me in due time. I'm exactly where I'm meant to be"
2/14/202347 minutes, 32 seconds
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rejection is redirection

hi! in this week's episode I am diving into how rejection is ACTUALLY redirection. I share some personal experiences with rejection and how rejection has helped me on my journey to self growth and self love. I hope u enjoy this episode, love u !!AFFIRMATION: I believe that I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now. Whatever didn’t work out is leading me to something greater. When I am unable to control the situation around me, I can choose where I’m directing my attention. I’m grateful that I am being protected from the things that didn’t workout, because I know that I am being guided some place greater. I trust that everything is aligning for my highest good. I choose to let go, gracefully.FOLLOW ME:@natsneatteats / @mondayymoodpodsupport this pod by:LEAVING ME A REVIEW ON APPLE PODS <3 SHARING THIS EPISODE ON UR STORY AND TAGGING ME <3 xo
2/6/202319 minutes, 49 seconds
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trust the process but do the work ft. James Mrsa

In this episode I have a special guest (@jamesmrsaa) come on and we get deeeeep deep into detail about how manifestation and vision boarding can only go so far in reaching your goals. James shares his experience in becoming a full time travel content creator and how he's built his dream life. AFFIRMATION: "I will not stress over things I cannot control. I intend to have a really good week filled with possibilities and incredible opportunities. each day brings new possibilities and experiences into my life. I believe in myself and I trust in my abilities"SOCIALS:@natsneatteats / @mondayymoodpodJAMES' SOCIALS:@jamesmrsaaREMEMBER TO:leave me a review on apple podcasts, send me a dm if this episode made any sort of impact, and reshare this episode on your stories and tag me so I can repost you !!LOVE U GUYSNatalia <3
1/30/202347 minutes, 19 seconds
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let's talk: getting out of ur comfort zone

hiii!in this weeks episode I get into the nitty gritty of what getting out of your comfort zone actually means, and I share some in depth examples from my life that have completely changed my life and helped me get to where I am currently (dropping out of college, becoming a full time content creator, feeling financially stable, booking a one way flight, etc)I hope you enjoy <3 much love!! SUPPORT THIS POD BY:leaving me a review on Apple podcasts!Sharing this episode on your story and tagging me (socials linked below)Sending me a DM and sharing any ways that this podcast has helped u <3FOLLOW ME :@natsneatteats / @mondayymoodpodAFFIRMATION: I am ready for exciting new levels of growth. I trust my intuition and follow my inner voice. I understand the actions I need to take, and I am courageous in taking them. I believe that true growth happens outside of my comfort zone, and this year I am ready to step into my full potential.
1/23/202333 minutes, 46 seconds
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let's talk: situationships, hookup culture, relationships

welcome back!In today's episode I get a little personal and talk about my view on situationships, hookup culture, and relationships. I talk about my recent experiences with situationships and how I prioritize self love and my boundaries in this dating world. Thank you for listening! SUPPORT THE POD BY:giving me a review on Apple Podcast!reshaping this episode on your story and tagging the pod IG.sending me a DM with your thoughts on this episode :)LOVE U SOCIALS:@natsneatteatsPOD IG: @mondayymoodpod
1/10/202335 minutes, 8 seconds
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2023 glow up tips, fitness talk, wellness goals

hi hi !!In today's episode I share my 2023 wellness / fitness goals and 5 glow up tips.Support me + the pod by:leaving a review on apple podcastsresharing an episode on your IG story and tagging me so I can repost u :)saying hi over DM and sending me some feedback of what you like / what topic u wanna hear next!I love you and I'm so happy ur here!SOCIALS:@mymondayymoodpod@natsneatteats / @nataliaseliger
1/2/202330 minutes, 48 seconds
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2023: its time to let go, to make room for better

hi :)thank you all for being here. in this episode I share some life updates (first week living in Australia), and what I am leaving behind in 2022 in order to make room for better in 2023. I hope you love this episode, and thank you all for the support, it means everything!!you can support me + this pod by: leaving a pod review on apple podcasts, sharing this pod on your story, or just sending me a DM with some feedback. ily.MY IG: @natsneatteats / @nataliaseligerPOD IG: @mondayymoodpod
12/27/202229 minutes, 49 seconds
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feel the fear and book the one way flight

hi hi hi!in today's episode I get a bit more personal than usual, and share where I've been at mentally the past 2 months. I share where / why I decided to book a one way flight by myself. she's in her solo traveling era and I can't wait to continue sharing this journey with you guys. thank u for listening, love u you can support the podcast + me by giving me a rating on Apple podcast, posting an episode on your story tagging me, or just sending me a dm <3FOLLOW ME@natsneatteats / @nataliaseligerPOD IG: @mymondayymood
12/19/202222 minutes, 50 seconds
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ADVICE Q&A ft. Lindsay Rae

hi hi!!In today's episode I have my first guest who is also my best friend, Lindsay Rae :)We will be answering your guys' questions and sharing our personal experiences advice on: situationships, sex, friendships, being alone in your 20's, self love, and more.Thank you for being here, love uSOCIALS:MY IG: @ IG:'S IG:'S YOUTUBE: can support me and this podcast by: leaving a review, sending your feedback through dm, & following my socials !!xonat
12/12/20221 hour, 8 minutes, 24 seconds
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growing pains

hiiii! in today's episode i share how I am navigating "growing pains". growing pains like letting go of old thinking, attitudes, behaviors, and perhaps even relationships that may be toxic and obstructive. I'm so happy ur here <3 please leave me a review on Spotify and apple podcasts, it really helps out the podcast and I love hearing your feedback!AFFIRMATION: I accept myself in this moment while simultaneously looking forward to growth. Even if I am not where I want to be, I appreciate the process of improvement. I am unlearning thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve me. I welcome the opportunity to grow in ways that previously seemed impossible.FOLLOW ME:POD IG: @MYMONDAYYMOODIG: @NATSNEATTEATS / @NATALIASELIGER
12/5/202218 minutes, 22 seconds
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being selfish isn't selfish

hi!! today I discuss why being selfish isn't always selfish. this is an unpopular topic that I think will resonate with a lot of you, especially those who are in their 20's trying to navigate life and all that fun stuff. I share my current mood boosters along with some things I'm currently struggling with. LOVE Uaffirmation: I EMBRACE NEW OPPORTUNITIES. I RELEASE UNHEALTHY THOUGHT PATTERNS THAT ARE STUNTING MY GROWTH. I AM WILLING TO EMBRACE THE UNCERTAINTY THAT COMES WITH CHANGE. I AM UNSTOPPABLEPODCAST IG: @mymondayymoodMY IG: @natsneatteats
11/28/202227 minutes, 9 seconds
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how I prioritize balance everyday

welcome back!!in today's episode I share what balance in my life looks like as a 23 year old. I break down how I balance my mind, soul, and body on an everyday basis. reminder: balance looks different for everyone, and my version of balance is constantly changing. these are just some ways I like to feel good and I hope you can take some tips and add in some things to help make YOUR life feel more balanced and enjoyable :)LET ME KNOW what you thought about this episode by dm'ing the pod instagram !! remember to tag me when you listen so I can repost too :)POD IG: IG: PINTEREST:,nat
11/23/202238 minutes, 43 seconds
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embracing seasons of uncertainty

today we are talking about UNCERTAINTY.seasons of uncertainty are super uncomfortable. I discuss how I am dealing with this season currently and share some tips of how I'm getting through uAFFIRMATION: I choose to give myself grace, to live slowly, and to appreciate the mundane moments, because I know that happiness is not found in some end result, its found within.END REFLECTION Q: what am I trying to control right now in my life? list them out. then, release the things you have control over vs. what you don't have control over, and focus on being present this week with what you DO have control over.IG: @natsneatteats / @mondayymoodpod
11/14/202218 minutes, 10 seconds
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PERSONAL Q&A: my childhood, dating, friendship breakups

in this episode I talk about: dating, friendship breakups, a little bit of my childhood, my journey with becoming a content creator, and more!thank you for listening and being here :) Let me know if you wanna see a part 2!IG: @natsneatteats / @nataliaseliger IG: is space for me to grow. I am not confined to my current circumstances. There is a season for everything and no season is permanent. I can let go and I can embrace change with an open heart.
11/7/202244 minutes, 23 seconds
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MY HEALTH JOURNEY: binging/restriction cycle to intuitive living

today we are getting into detail about my health journey. what my version of "health" looked like back then, vs now.TW: I will be talking about eating disorders, calorie counting, diet culture, etc.FOOD FREEDOM BODY IMAGE JOURNAL PROMPT GUIDE: IG: IG: I am making the time to meet my needs this season. I am releasing any feelings of resistance to change. I am open o embracing new habits that can help me transition into who I want to be.END REFLECTION Q's:are there any “food rules” that I need to work on letting go of? Is there anyone I need to unfollow that I catch myself constantly comparing to in a negative way? What does “balance” look like in my life right now? How can I prioritize a more balanced lifestyle?
10/31/202228 minutes, 11 seconds
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don't stop romanticizing ur life

hiii heyyy.this week I share 20 ways to start romanticizing ur life. how to make the mundane and ordinary days feel less ordinary. to see the beauty in the little things. I hope u enjoy the episode :)) I'm so happy ur hereFOLLOW ME: IG: am so grateful for where I’m at in my life right now. I am excited to be alive because I am choosing to focus my energy on the small, simple joys in my life, rather than the negatives. Peace and happiness are my priority. My life is meant to be enjoyed and lived to the absolute fullest.END REFLECTION Q: what are 3 ways I can start romanticizing my life this week?
10/24/202236 minutes, 3 seconds
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turn ur pain into ur power

hiiii. today we are talking about turning ur PAIN into ur POWER.I talk about my most recent experiences with converting my pain and setbacks into motivation, fuel, and power to keep going. I hope you enjoy the episode and don't forget to follow me + the pod IG <3MY IG: IG: OF THE DAY:my setbacks do not define me. My pain does not define me. All of my painful experiences give me an extra boost of power to change my life and decide what I truly want. When I can’t control the events in my life, I will control my reactions. That’s how I regain my power. I choose what life I want.
10/17/202223 minutes, 51 seconds
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how to find confidence doing things alone

HI! I am so happy you're here. today we are talking about the ways in which I have found comfort in doing things alone, and how much my confidence has increased by intentionally choosing to have quality time by myself. lots of tips and tricks that might be helpful for anyone trying to find more confidence in doing things alone :)AFFIRMATION OF THE DAY: I am capable of enjoying my own company and doing things alone. I understand that I am whole and complete, just as I am right now. I choose to fill my day with gratitude, love, and kindness.podcast IG: @mondayymoodpodMY IG: @natsneatteats + @nataliaseligerxonat
10/10/202216 minutes, 35 seconds
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feeling ur feelings is hot

HIwelcome back (or to) the we are talking about FEELING OUR FEELINGS. this is something I have always struggled with. bottling up emotions, using distractions and always having an "escape" instead of being present with my emotions when these uncomfortable feelings may arise.I share some tips and things that are helping me on this healing journey of being more honest and vulnerable with myself.AFFIRMATION: Things are always working out for me. By focusing on gratitude I attract more and more beautiful things into my life. By listening to my intuition and feeling what needs to be felt, I am healing and growing. I am having the experiences I need to have in order to become the best version of myself.END REFLECTION Q'S: 1. HOW am I “really” doing today? 2. Are there any ways I can process my emotions in a healthier way? 3. Are there emotions or feelings that I need to feel, and then release?PODCAST IG: IG:
10/3/202217 minutes, 47 seconds
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the ultimate "glow up" guide

hiii :)In today's episode I share my top 5 steps in order to create a positive transformation and "glow up". I hope you enjoy the episode and don't forget to follow the podcast IG for updates & weekly check ins :)PODCAST IG: @MONDAYYMOODPODMY IG: @NATSNEATTEATS / @NATALIASELIGERaffirmation of the day: “I am transforming into my true authentic self. I am a powerful being and I have so much to offer the world. I feel empowered and I am capable of creating my dream reality”REFLECTION Q: Visualize your highest self. What do you feel? Who are you surrounded by? What kind of environment are you in?
9/26/202222 minutes, 47 seconds
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finding "balance" on vacation

Hiiii :)How can you have "balance" on vacation? In this episode I talk about my most recent vacation to Costa Rica. I get into food fears, vacation anxiety, and my past fears of "falling off track".I hope you guys enjoy this episode and gain something from it :)AFFIRMATION OF THE DAY: “I am open to new and wonderful changes. Abundance flows freely through me. My self esteem is high because I honor who I am. Today, I am going to tackle everything bravely with confidence. I believe in who I am”PODCAST IG: @mymondayymoodpodMY IG: @natsneatteats
9/19/202218 minutes, 52 seconds
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my morning rituals that keep me sane

Hi!! In this episode we talk about my current morning rituals / routine that makes me feel my best, and really helps me feel energized to have an amazing day. I hope you guys enjoy and get something out of this episode :)PODCAST IG: IG: TIKTOK:
9/12/202219 minutes, 57 seconds
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teaser trailer

it's finally happening
8/30/20221 minute, 57 seconds