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My Last Meal with Chef Alisa

English, Cookery, Food, Drink, 1 season, 46 episodes, 1 day, 6 hours, 58 minutes
Food is intertwined with every emotion we have, from the happiest days to the saddest nights. Food is always around! from making dinner reservations to take out, from power lunches to drunk brunches, from Postmates to the drive through. We can’t avoid it... it’s everywhere! But what if you had to make the most important reservation of your life — I’m talking about your very last reservation on Earth. Where would it be? What would you eat? I mean, would your last meal be something off your favorite “Keto menu” or maybe from your gramma’s house? This podcast asks that question and dives into the connection between our lives and our food, how we grow, and how our food taste changes as we do. Whether it’s before death by firing squad, an alien abduction, or taking the blue pill, I’m asking my guests what their final meal would be, and why? Created by: Chef Alisa Reynolds and Ali Brown Produced by: Dear Media Producing team: Allison Slice, Geoff Walker, Dakotah Rae, and Morgan Rojas Engineers: Sergio Cabrera and Kyle Rapps Music by: Ras Austin & Taj Austin Cover Art by: Michael Dozal Recorded at Pink Cloud Studios and PRETTYBIRD
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My Last Meal with host Chef Alisa Reynolds premiering Friday, February 4th! We'll be asking all our guests "What would your last meal on earth be, and why?" and along the way explore food, music, culture, identity, our childhood kitchens and so much more. Follow now so you don't miss an episode. Produced by Dear Media
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