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English, Social, 2 seasons, 18 episodes, 12 hours, 50 minutes
My Girl Podcast is dedicated to creating a safe place for all women to feel welcome, to band together as a community, and to champion each other in taking over the world!
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Let's Talk about Body Image & Positivity

This recording is in honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness week. In this episode, Co-hosts Phina and Ruthie interview Shannon Woodworth, a Nashville-based Lifestyle Blogger and Published Author. The chat with her about her personal struggles with an eating disorder and how she came to terms with her own body image. As you listen, you'll learn ways to recognize some of the pitfalls she fell into and even how to prevent them yourself. --- Support this podcast:
2/25/202150 minutes, 11 seconds
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Let’s Talk About Making Money Moves

If you're looking for insight into your finances, planning for your future, and setting financial goals then you are going to want to tune in to this episode. Ruthie and Phina talk with Christina Lynn, Financial Planner and Divorce Finance Expert, to draw from her well of knowledge and strategy! --- Support this podcast:
2/11/20211 hour, 1 minute, 35 seconds
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Let's Talk About the Enneagram with Stephanie Hall

The enneagram is a powerful tool that has been highly popularized over the last few years. Whether through social media, friends, or even a corporate setting, you are likely to have heard about the test - maybe you've even taken it yourself. This month, Phina and Ruthie invite guest Stephanie Hall of Nine Types Co. to delve deeper into the enneagram and what it has to offer. Join them as they discover more about their personalities, core motivations, and how to relate to one another! --- Support this podcast:
11/17/202058 minutes, 57 seconds
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Let's Talk About Taking a Leap of Faith

When do our dreams become reality? When we face the unknown, and jump in feet first! We are always looking for shining examples of what it means to follow your heart and pursue what you're passionate about. In this episode, Ruthie and Phina talk with Kiersten and Hilary, co-founders of Fleuri, and we pick their brains about their journey to success and what they had to sacrifice and learn in order to get there! --- Support this podcast:
10/6/202046 minutes, 1 second
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Let's Talk About Life After Loss with Dr. Alisha Reed

Life is unpredictable and with it comes many joys and challenges. The loss of a loved one is one of the most unexpected challenges some of us face. And walking through grief is a different journey for each and every one of us. In this episode, Ruth and Phina talk with Dr. Alisha Reed about her own experience with the loss of her husband. Alisha shares with us the pain she faced, how she managed to keep going, and the process of learning to "first love herself".  --- Support this podcast:
9/8/202042 minutes, 34 seconds
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Let's Talk About Fertility with Dr. Obehi

Not all topics are easy to talk discuss openly. Some we hide from out of fear of embarrassment or simply because we believe we are the only ones struggling. In this episode, Phina and Ruthie chat with Dr. Obehi Asemota, a fertility specialist from Atlanta. They focus on the facts, misconceptions, and encouragement for those dealing with infertility - even in silence.  --- Support this podcast:
7/29/202033 minutes, 51 seconds
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Let's Talk About Your Purpose with Natalie Manuel Lee

Some search their whole lives to discover their purpose and their identity. Getting stuck in a rut can be easy, but finding your true purpose and passion take hard-work and sacrifice. In this episode, Natalie Manuel Lee talks with us through peeling back the layers of what may be holding you back from stepping into greatness and pursuing your dreams.  Natalie hosts her own tv series on the Hillsong Channel, "Now with Natalie". She explores what living in one's purpose and discovering one's identity really looks like, through candid conversations with influencers at the top of their industries. --- Support this podcast:
7/7/202054 minutes, 7 seconds