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In the first season of My Fellow Kansans, we examined the forces and consequences of Kansas politics, the history behind it, and the likelihood of another course-changing election last November. This season we’re turning to rural Kansas because it too has a storied past. But as once-thriving towns continue to shrink, does it have a future? That, fellow Kansans, depends on whom you ask. The future of rural Kansas is our topic in season two of My Fellow Kansans — a podcast from the Kansas News Service. Our conversation begins October 18.
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Summer of Mercy (Rebroadcast)

Remembering the abortion protests of the Summer of Mercy in Wichita, Kansas, thirty years later.
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My Fellow Kansans Special: People and the Pandemic

06/09/202055 minutes 26 seconds
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S3 Episode 6: Michelle Taylor, Silver Lake

Getting married and having your first child is stressful enough. Try making those life changes during a pandemic. As a teacher.
10/08/202013 minutes 10 seconds
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S3 Episode 5: Slai Hung, Garden City

One western Kansas resident's recovery from COVID-19 was made worse by an unpleasant health care experience.
03/08/202011 minutes 58 seconds
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S3 Episode 4: Ehlaina Hartman, Spearville

What happens when the coronavirus comes between your senior year and dreams of a state championship?
27/07/202013 minutes 12 seconds
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S3 Episode 3: Anil Gharmalkar, Jalon Evans-Gharmalkar And Tamarah Chancellor

A first-hand account of what it's like to be hospitalized with COVID-19, and how a family handled the situation.
20/07/202016 minutes 2 seconds
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S3 Episode 2: Gabrielle Griffie, Wichita

Besides the coronavrius, another urgent topic again surfaced this year: an end to racism.
13/07/202013 minutes 55 seconds
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S3 Episode 1: Montella Wimbley, Wichita

Hair has been quite the topic during the coronavirus. For the first episode of My Fellow Kansans: People and the Pandemic, we spoke with a salon owner.
06/07/202013 minutes 40 seconds
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Coming Soon: Season 3 Of My Fellow Kansans

My Fellow Kansans is back with a new season: People And The Pandemic.
02/07/20201 minute 36 seconds
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BONUS: Kansas Drinkers Can Thank This Tough Guy

In this episode of KCUR's new podcast, A People's History of Kansas City , host Suzanne Hogan and Matthew Long-Middleton tell the story of the pugnacious Kansas sheriff and attorney general Vern Miller, whose antics seemed to be a throwback to the Wild West era but left a surprising legacy.
02/04/202027 minutes 46 seconds
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Introducing Statehouse Blend Kansas 2020

In this episode of Statehouse Blend Kansas, host Jim McLean looks at the legislative session. Lawmakers are already at odds on the hot-button issues of abortion and Medicaid expansion. Republican leaders are pushing for quick passage of an anti-abortion amendment to the Kansas Constitution. Meanwhile, Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly and Republican Senate Majority Leader Jim Denning are joining forces to break a nearly decade-long stalemate on expansion.
24/01/202014 minutes 45 seconds
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S2 Bonus Episode: Free college and a town's prospects

A town loses population one decade after the next. Then a wealthy native son makes a generous offer: I'll pay the college tuition of every kid who graduates from high school here. Beyond putting college in reach for more families, the donation hopes to draw people to Neodesha, Kansas. Except ... it might just encourage people already in the region to change addresses. And the town is short on housing.
13/12/201920 minutes 11 seconds
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S2 Episode 6: The Wild West, Cattle And Immigrants

While population numbers decay across so much of the Great Plains in Kansas, Dodge City, Liberal and Garden City stand out as growth stories. Their cattle trade draws immigrants, and those newcomers drive change. Dodge City likes to play up its gunslingin' Wild West reputation, formed in its earliest days in the cattle business. Now giant industrial meatpacking plants define the economy of a modern cowtown.
22/11/201932 minutes 7 seconds
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S2 Episode 5: Even Remade, A Town Struggles

Greensburg, Kansas, already found itself in a struggle for survival before getting leveled by a tornado in 2007. Then outside help and new hope emerged with the idea of rebuilding the town as a green, environmentally sustainable place. But the town's still lost more than a third of its population since the twister. It hopes for a rebirth, but powerful forces continue to drive depopulation even after its makeover.
14/11/201926 minutes 11 seconds
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My Fellow Kansans Live

My Fellow Kansans is coming to Johnson County Library Nov. 13 for a live podcast event. Host Jim McLean will lead a discussion about rural issues with a panel of special guests, including state Rep. Eileen Horn. If you live in the area, we hope you'll join us. RSVP at .
11/11/201955 seconds
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S2 Episode 4: Ailing Rural Health Care

The closing of a rural hospital marks a particular loss for a community — greater distances to travel for health care, fewer jobs, and the sense that a town is on the wane. This episode of the podcast looks at the forces that have led to an epidemic of shuttered small-town hospitals, and some things being tried to resuscitate rural health systems.
08/11/201924 minutes 22 seconds
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S2 Episode 3: Rural And Shrinking, But Smartly

Rural communities continue to empty out, victim to powerful economic forces that nudge people to larger cities and suburbs. If the depopulation in some places appears all but inevitable, some social scientists suggest it need not mean doom. There are ways to shrink smarter , focusing on improving the quality of life for people who remain rather than chasing businesses that might never come.
31/10/201922 minutes 6 seconds
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S2 Episode 2: Bigger Farms, Ever Smaller Towns

Many of Kansas’ small towns look weathered, worn and neglected after more than a century of exodus. The unending trend toward bigger farms, and fewer farmers, has sped that depopulation. That rise of modern farming techniques continues to pose a threat to rural cities and towns, particularly across the commodity crop-growing Great Plains.
24/10/201927 minutes 23 seconds
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S2 Episode 1: Rural Problems and Prospects

One decade after the next, since the days of the Homestead Act, remote Kansas cities and towns have seen their sons and daughters move on to bigger, more vibrant places. That's had profound impacts on rural economies, rural health care and the vibrance of communities whose past looks rosier than the future. Jim McLean examines the factors that could make a difference between towns withering away or making the best of a modern, rural reality.
18/10/201924 minutes 36 seconds
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Coming Soon: My Fellow Kansans Season 2

Rural Kansas has a storied past. But as once-thriving towns continue to shrink — does it have a future? That depends on who you ask. In season two of My Fellow Kansans, host Jim McLean explores rural Kansas to discover what the future holds for rural communities across the state.
09/10/20191 minute 55 seconds
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My Fellow Kansans: Live Roundtable

Kansas voters elected a new governor, Democrat Laura Kelly, who wants to promptly expand Medicaid eligibility, resolve a long-running lawsuit with more school funding, and address a crisis in the state's foster care system. But her ability to fulfill that agenda will depend on how willing a more conservative Legislature is to work with her.
14/12/201822 minutes 38 seconds
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My Fellow Kansans: Live With The Governor-Elect

With the election of Democrat Laura Kelly as governor, it appears Kansas is trending back to the center. But voters sent a mixed message as conservatives regained control of the Legislature.
14/12/201858 minutes 1 second
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My Fellow Kansans: 'Kansas Common Sense'

Well, fellow Kansans, it’s over.
19/11/201822 minutes 16 seconds
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My Fellow Kansans: Kelly Wins — A Minisode

A race that looked to be oh-so-close turned out to be a clear victory for Democrat Laura Kelly, the new governor-elect of Kansas.
09/11/20187 minutes 48 seconds
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My Fellow Kansans: Laura Kelly

If conservative firebrand Kris Kobach would continue Kansas on its path to the right, Democrat Laura Kelly would be its pivot back to center.
02/11/201819 minutes 4 seconds
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My Fellow Kansans: Kris Kobach

If there’s a talking point in Kris Kobach’s campaign that virtually no one could quibble with, it’s captured in his billboards: “The consistent conservative.”
30/10/201819 minutes 50 seconds
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My Fellow Kansans: Greg Orman

Of the three leading candidates in the race for Kansas governor, polls suggest Greg Orman is the least likely to win.
23/10/201817 minutes 32 seconds
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My Fellow Kansans LIVE

My Fellow Kansans is coming to Johnson County Library on Oct. 25 for a live event, featuring podcast host Jim McLean and political scientist Beth Vonnahme. We'll discuss the current state of Kansas politics and learn how Kansas voters are feeling ahead of the upcoming midterm elections. You'll have a chance to ask questions and hear more about the making of our podcast, too. Join us for this special live event on Oct. 25 at 6:30 p.m. at the Johnson County Library Central Branch in Overland Park, Kansas. You can learn more and RSVP at .
18/10/201857 seconds
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My Fellow Kansans: The Red Pickup Truck

In 2016, as Kansas voters revolted against Gov. Sam Brownback and his conservative allies in the Legislature, one-time Republican gubernatorial nominee Jim Barnett, saw an opening.
15/10/201821 minutes 42 seconds
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My Fellow Kansans: The Rise — And Fall — Of Sam Brownback

Before he was governor, Sam Brownback had been state agriculture secretary, congressman, and U.S. senator. But when he captured the state’s top office in 2010 he had even bigger plans: to transform Kansas into a red-state model for the nation.
08/10/201823 minutes 5 seconds