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English, Religion, 1 season, 46 episodes, 12 hours, 50 minutes
Join me, Alexandra Ghoman, women's minister and very imperfect host, as we aim to see God and his wisdom behind the distractions and within the chaos of daily life. Each episode offers a bite-sized devotional, authentic vulnerability and lighthearted levity for the every-woman to carry into her everyday journey with Jesus.
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44. The Soul Felt Its Worth

Isaiah 43:4, Isaiah 9:2 | Happy Holidays! It’s so easy to base our worth on external achievements and circumstances. But the story of Jesus’ birth reminds us of our true value in God’s sight. Today’s episode will set your mind + heart on how God sees you this holiday season.
12/24/202211 minutes, 53 seconds
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43. Anxiety-Free Fellowship

PRACTICAL FAITH SERIES: Proverbs 11:25. Ever feel like a stress ball before church? We’ve all been there! Walking into church can feel exciting, overwhelming, distracting, and anxiety-inducing all at once! Today’s episode provides useful tools for setting set your heart and mind for meaningful fellowship at worship services, conferences, and other meetings of the body.
7/27/202218 minutes, 59 seconds
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42. Eyes On Jesus feat. Lizzy Carrico

PRACTICAL FAITH SERIES: Colossians 2:6-7. Today’s episode calls us back to what Christianity is all about — Jesus. Lizzy joins the podcast to discuss how to practically center our lives on Jesus and live deeply rooted in Him. “Jesus Is” Calendar:
3/31/202218 minutes, 24 seconds
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41. Bible Study 101

PRACTICAL FAITH SERIES: Psalm 119 / Deuteronomy 6. Ever feel like you crack open your Bible only to feel like you have no idea what to read? Or you read but feel you’re not getting very much out of it? Today’s episode will give you tools to get the most out of your Bible study and help you apply your study into daily life.
2/1/202219 minutes, 34 seconds
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40. When God is Enough feat Mindi Kirklin

Psalm 73:25-26 • Is God enough for you? Is He your portion? Mindi joins the podcast today and calls us to reorient our mindset — from a God-plus plan to pursuing God first and foremost as our portion. If you’re looking to set your mind and change your heart for 2022, look no further
1/7/202225 minutes, 24 seconds
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39. The Imperfect Hostess featuring Haley Glenn

Proverbs 24:3-4 • Tis the season for hosting isn’t it?? Cue the list-making and potential stress. Haley Glenn joins the podcast to talk about the topic of hospitality and the Biblical call to open our homes and hearts to our neighbors — even when it isn’t perfect! As a single professional, Haley shares about her household’s journey to welcoming others in a (semi) post-covid era.
12/6/202121 minutes, 25 seconds
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38. The Gratitude Lens featuring Jessica Kellogg

Psalms 100:4-5 • Ever need to reframe your mindset from dwelling on the negative? First of all, SAME. Second of all, this episode is for you. Jessica Kellogg joins the podcast to share how she changes her view of life’s challenges through the practice of gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving!
11/22/202118 minutes, 12 seconds
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37. The Gift of Belonging featuring Rachel Buchholz

Ephesians 2:11-22 • Rachel Buchholz, a missionary in Italy, joins the podcast today to talk about being a foreigner and how that experience has taught her about the beauty of belonging and acceptance. 20 minutes with Rachel and you’ll leave convicted, inspired, and grateful.
11/18/202122 minutes, 5 seconds
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36. Faith That Won’t Quit featuring Jessica Versage

John 6:66-69 • sometimes there’s no way out but through. Jessica Versage, minister and mother of two, joins the podcast to talk about perseverance and not giving up on your faith in the hardest of circumstances. Listen in for a conversation that is sure to both validate your chaos and encourage you to keep going
9/24/202124 minutes, 6 seconds
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35. Living with Humble Confidence

WOMEN OF THE BIBLE SERIES: Abigail. She managed a foolish husband and a king-to-be bent on revenge — and brokered peace with strength, humility, and wisdom in the face of hostility.
9/13/202115 minutes, 42 seconds
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34. “Even Now” Faith

WOMEN OF THE BIBLE SERIES: Martha. Her brother lay in the tomb, she was trying to make sense of his death — and yet Martha’s faith in her Lord stayed intact. Listen in for a conversation about clinging to faith in the worst of circumstances.
8/20/202114 minutes, 20 seconds
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33. She Did What She Could

WOMEN OF THE BIBLE SERIES: Mary of Bethany. She sat at Jesus’ feet, she anointed him with oil. Today, we’re learning from a woman who loved Jesus fully — by doing exactly what she could.
8/6/202111 minutes, 51 seconds
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32. Body Image Done Differently featuring Katy Adelman

Matthew 22:37 • The world inundates us with messages about our bodies and their imperfections. But how can we address health and body image in a way that honors God and keeps us focused on what’s most important? Katy Adelman joins the podcast today to share about her wrestling match through disordered eating and insecurity and the mindset she’s gained in Christ.
5/14/202120 minutes, 3 seconds
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31. When God Says, “No” featuring Elizabeth Laing Thompson

Psalms 90:13-15 • How do you know if God is saying, “no” or if he’s saying, “wait”? How do you open your heart to new dreams after God closes a door? Elizabeth Thompson joins the podcast to unpack these questions and guides our hearts to Biblical truth in today’s episode. E’s new book, “When God Says, No” is out May 1st!
4/30/202129 minutes, 32 seconds
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30. Lessons from the Barren Woman

WOMEN OF THE BIBLE SERIES Psalms 56:8 • Have you ever noticed how many women battled infertility in Scripture? Join us as we look at these stories of faith, vulnerability, and perseverance in the face of hopelessness.
4/24/202116 minutes, 8 seconds
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29. The Gospel of Grace featuring Caroline Ramos

Acts 20:24 • Do you wonder if you have much to give?? Caroline Ramos, *reformed* perfectionist, brave missionary, and vulnerable grace-seeker joins the podcast today to discuss her journey to discovering grace and the beauty of sharing it with others.
4/10/202117 minutes, 47 seconds
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28. A Worthy Witness

WOMEN OF THE BIBLE SERIES: Mary Magdalene. In honor of Easter, we are diving into the story of the unlikely first witness to the Resurrection. Jesus deemed her worthy even though the world counted her out.
4/2/202116 minutes, 57 seconds
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27. Mastering Mindfulness featuring Carrie Delgado

James 4:8 • Let’s be real — drawing near to God in the insanity of daily life can be a challenge. Carrie Delgado, minister and mental health counselor, walks us through the practice of mindfulness and how it can impact our time with God and spirituality.
3/18/202113 minutes, 19 seconds
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On this special collaboration episode in honor of International Women’s Day, the hosts of Woven in Truth and My Everyday Chaos come together for a conversation about finding identity in Christ as women. We’ll dive into the story of Esther and hear from Christian women all around the world and their stories of transformation!
3/6/202134 minutes, 43 seconds
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26. Overcoming Self-Righteousness featuring Lisa Laing

Matthew 7:1-2 • Judgement, criticism, and assumptions are normalized for women at an early age. Lisa Laing joins the podcast and gets refreshingly real about the Christian’s battle with insecurity and self-righteousness and the guidance and freedom found in Christ.
2/25/202120 minutes, 23 seconds
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25. The God Who Redeems Our Heartbreak

WOMEN OF THE BIBLE SERIES Part Three: Ruth’s Story. Today, we are studying two women who experienced extreme tragedy but even so, God redeemed their story. Listen in and learn how He wants to do the same with our own heartache.
2/19/202118 minutes, 4 seconds
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BONUS EPISODE: Galentines and Female Friendship

Ephesians 4:1-6 • Female friendship — one of God’s greatest blessings but not without challenges! Listen in for 3 tips on how to be a better sister in Christ to your Galentines!
2/12/202110 minutes, 39 seconds
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24. Dare to Trust God

WOMEN OF THE BIBLE SERIES Part Two: Mary’s story. Today, we are looking at a young woman called by God to face extraordinary circumstances and she did so with faith, trust, and unparalleled courage.
2/4/202114 minutes, 24 seconds
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23. Praying Hard When It’s Hardest to Pray

WOMEN OF THE BIBLE SERIES Part One: Hannah’s story. We are diving in to the story of a woman torn up by hope deferred who poured her heart out to God and shows us how to do the same.
1/28/202116 minutes, 14 seconds
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22. Finding Renewal featuring Ryane Adeniran

2 Corinthians 4:16-18 • In need of refreshment? Ryane Adeniran, a missionary in Odessa, Ukraine, joins the podcast to talk about finding spiritual renewal, dealing with interruptions, and the difference between self-care and “selfish” care.
1/21/202120 minutes, 54 seconds
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21. Grief, the Holidays, and Jesus featuring Melissa Miller

Isaiah 9:6 • Feeling down this holiday season? Digging into one of the most incredible prophecies about Jesus and diving deep into the needs only He can meet. Melissa Miller joins the podcast for an important conversation on grief, the holidays, and finding comfort in God.
12/17/202015 minutes, 46 seconds
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20. God’s Grace To Grow featuring Kristina Campbell

2 Corinthians 12:9-10 • Ever feel like your character keeps getting exposed? Kristina Campbell joins the podcast and shares her journey to finding peace while facing weakness and accepting God’s grace along the way.
12/3/202022 minutes, 32 seconds
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19. Trusting an Omni-Everything God featuring LaToya Massey

Psalm 131 • LaToya Massey joins us on the podcast today and shares with us her “soul’s deep breath” passage. LaToya has one-liners for days and so much insight to share. Dig deep with us into God’s sovereignty, trusting him and his wisdom, and being okay with our very human limitations. This conversation is exactly what our 2020 souls need to hear!
11/5/202017 minutes
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18. Facing Fear

Joshua 1:9 • It’s Spooky Season! Fear is an ever-present threat to our walk as Christians. Today’s episode dives into living with faith in the face of the things that scare us.
10/29/202010 minutes, 44 seconds
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17. Into the Unknown featuring Ashley Mains

Micah 6:8 • Navigating transitions, curve-balls and the unexpected — is it possible to handle these things without losing our minds and our faith? Ashley Mains joins the podcast and we talk about ALL the transitions and how to handle life’s rollercoaster by walking with God.
10/16/202014 minutes, 33 seconds
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16. When You Feel Like Quitting

1 Corinthians 10:3 • Ever feel like giving up? Like temptation is too much? Circumstances are too intense? This episode is for you.
10/5/202012 minutes, 27 seconds
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15. All the Feels featuring Elizabeth Thompson

Colossians 3:1-3 • Do you often find yourself battling with your emotions for control of your spiritual life?? Well have we got an episode for you! Join me and my big sister, Elizabeth as we explore the role of emotions in our Christianity. E’s new book, “All the Feels” is OUT NOW!
9/8/202018 minutes, 47 seconds
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14. Embracing “Constructive Criticism”

Journey through Proverbs • Does “constructive criticism” make your stomach start twisting in knots? Does the idea of “correction” make you want to disappear on the spot? This episode is for you! We’re studying biblical views on advice, wisdom, correction, and foolishness.
8/27/202011 minutes, 2 seconds
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13. The Art of Vulnerability

1 John 1:5-10 • Walking in the light, being real, opening up, confession, and living vulnerable lives. Freaking out yet?
8/21/20209 minutes, 38 seconds
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12: Built to Last featuring Jesse Ghoman

Matthew 7:24-27 • My husband joins the podcast today as we reminisce our way through 8 years of marriage. We talk (and laugh a LOT) about building our marriage on the rock, handling conflict, and pursuing holiness along the way.
8/14/202022 minutes, 7 seconds
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11: The Big Sister Guide featuring Elizabeth Thompson

Php 2:3-4 • My big sister is on the podcast discussing selflessness and believing the best of people. She uses her big sister skills to give us some good tips on how to love others - whether we’re related to them or not.
8/6/202015 minutes, 18 seconds
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10: The Comparison Trap

John 3:30 • Ever felt those icky feelings of jealousy, competitiveness, and comparison? Today, we are digging deep as we try to grow.
7/24/202012 minutes, 52 seconds
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Episode 9: Race, Motherhood, and Taking Heart featuring Veronique Webber

John 16:33 • Veronique Webber joins for a conversation on race, motherhood, and how we can “take heart” as disciples of Jesus together. This is a conversation we should have had years ago and one we hope our daughters won’t need to have. We laughed, we (almost) cried, we left empowered.
7/2/202031 minutes, 37 seconds
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Episode 8: Listen Up

James 1:19 • The need to listen, to empathize, to grow has never been greater. Today, we discuss barriers to listening and how to overcome them. Sources:
6/29/20209 minutes, 32 seconds
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Episode 7: First Things First featuring Geri Laing

Matthew 6:31-34 • This week, Geri Laing (Alexandra’s mom!) joins the conversation as we discuss fighting for a Jesus-first and Kingdom-first focus in life.
5/29/202013 minutes, 34 seconds
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Episode 6: Gratitude > Guilt

James 1:17 • Where my fellow guilty souls at?! If you feel like guilt is a constant companion - this one is for you! On this episode we are diving into grace and discussing how to turn guilt into gratitude.
5/22/202011 minutes, 46 seconds
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Episode 5: She Gets It From Her Mama

Hebrews 13:7 • We’re talking about being humans worth imitating through the lens of this rollercoaster we call motherhood. Happy Mother’s Day!
5/7/202011 minutes, 20 seconds
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Episode 4: In My Feelings

Ecclesiastes 3:1, 4 • Ever felt like your feelings don’t count or wonder if you’re jacked up for feeling some-type-of-way? This one is for you!
5/1/202010 minutes, 36 seconds
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Episode 3: Renewed Compassion

Struggling to leave yesterday’s feels in the past? We’re looking at Lamentations 3:22-23 and talking about how to find hope in daily renewal.
4/16/202010 minutes, 6 seconds
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Episode 2: The Slowed-Down Life

How do we "make it our ambition to lead a quiet life" as Paul discusses in 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12? In this episode we're discussing the challenge of letting ourselves slow down and lead a quiet life during this unprecedented season.
4/9/20207 minutes, 43 seconds
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Episode 1: Is Suffering Normal?!

Episode 1: Is Suffering Normal?! Today's episode looks at Peter's story and addresses one of the most basic questions - is suffering normal for a Christian?
4/2/202010 minutes, 24 seconds