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English, Education, 2 seasons, 46 episodes, 12 hours, 17 minutes
Mindset Unlock and Unlimited Success Stories - This is a platform where I share my thoughts, but also where I explore my mindset and the ones of other human beings who I very much admire in a way or the other. My goal is also to provide high quality content in the format of both guest episodes and solo episodes where we will question together societal concepts, philisophies of life and maybe even redefine what it means to be human
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25. Shorts with Charlotte: How to be there for others?

Welcome to the Friday episodes of MUUSS Podcast: Shorts with Charlotte! Where I answer one of your questions in less than 5 minutes and straight to the point! In today's episode I answer the question of: How to be there for others?, and discuss how we all have different ways of communicating, what a friendship means to us or simple how we envision our relationships. Hope you love it, C :)
4/7/20235 minutes, 24 seconds
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21. Shorts with Charlotte: 5 tips to empower yourself

Welcome to, the Friday episodes of MUUSS Podcast; called Shorts with Charlotte where I answer one of your questions in less than 5 minutes and straight to the point! In today's episode I give 5 tips that have worked for me in the past to empower yourself and be a little bit more confident <3 Also I recommend you to read the book "The Magic of Thinking Big" by David Schwartz which is a must read for anyone willing to discover more about success and self love! I also got the tip number 5 from here ;)
3/24/20234 minutes, 38 seconds
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18. Redefine what consistency means to you

A short but very important lesson that I learned recently that I wanted to share with you 🤍 Consistency is key, but redefining what consistency means is also key. Hope you like it 💫
3/14/20235 minutes, 16 seconds
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10. How to navigate relationships in our 20s? - Ryan Nkwaya x Kamil Ghaouti

SPECIAL Valentine's Day episode! Today Ryan, Kamil and I discuss dating, longer term relationships and everything that we learned in our early 20s about relationships. Hope you like it, love you ❤️
2/14/202340 minutes, 22 seconds
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8. The key to success - Guadalupe Velazquez

In today’s episode Lupe Pardo’s founder, former high corporate executive and financial investor, Guadalupe Velazquez and I, talk about they key to being truly successful, the importance of being financially independent as a woman or just anyone, the balance between work and « life », and much more, hope you love it 🤍
2/7/202342 minutes, 39 seconds
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7. Not ok? Change your environment

In this episode I discuss the idea of not being ok and the weight that our environment can have in that. Sometimes it’s good to do some checks of our surroundings and evaluate what feels and doesn’t feel so good around us. Hope it can help or guide someone out there 🤍
2/3/20239 minutes, 48 seconds
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6. The importance of creativity - Cedric Ghozzi

In today’s episode, Cedric and I discuss the importance of creativity in our professional lives, how to know if we should follow our dreams or simply find the beauty in our current situations, the importance to care for others and how the nature of success comes from being truly genuine regarding what we do, hope you like it 🤍
1/31/202334 minutes, 6 seconds
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5. Going abroad and travelling

In today’s episode I share my experience and tips on how to go abroad with an open mind, how to discover yourself by changing environments and why I believe we should all explore the world as much as possible.. Hope you like it 🤍
1/27/202310 minutes, 2 seconds
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4. Follow your dreams - Kamil Ghaouti

In today’s episode Kamil and I talk about his latest hit (+6million hits on Spotify), but also going after what gives you energy, how to stay motivated throughout the years, being inspired from people in your industry, and how to manage relationships when your career is priority number 1.. Hope you like it! 🤍
1/24/202331 minutes, 29 seconds
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3. Appreciate every moment of your life

In today’s episode we talk about taking the time to transition, to appreciate when relationships end, and how dangerous etiquettes can be
1/19/202315 minutes, 15 seconds
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2. How to accomplish your dreams - Amir Tarighpeyma

In today’s episode, doctor, professor and businessman Mr. T, discusses the importance of strong ethics and will - the volatility of money and success, where his motivation comes from, how to live a fullfiled life, the dangers of expectations and the importance of being positive. And much more! Hope you like it 🤍
1/15/202330 minutes, 44 seconds
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1. Everything starts with you

Introducing what MUUSS is all about, and how we wish to make our world a better place 🤍
1/15/20237 minutes, 25 seconds
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1/11/202352 seconds