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English, Cultural, 1 season, 4 episodes, 3 hours, 23 minutes
Muslim Like Me is a dynamic podcast discussing everything from race and spirituality to mental health and its stigma hosted by Hodan Khalif. 'Muslim Like Me' is for the muslims who don't check the boxes because we aren't cookie cut and no one really is.
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Lonely In A Room Full Of People - Do I Even Like Me?

In this episode, we untangle the deep seated bitter word - lonely. What does it mean to be lonely? Why are we lonely? What makes us lonely & are we destined to always feel this way? Tune in as the host dissects her thoughts, experiences and research on loneliness, what it means to us as a community and how we overcome.  FOLLOW OUR INSTAGRAM! (Hodan's instagram)
4/24/202251 minutes, 9 seconds
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Substance Use Disorders - A tribute to the silent struggle of muslims with SUDs this Ramadan.

This episode, I offer a tribute to our brothers and sisters, the ones we never speak of and when we do aren't so kind to.  I see your silent struggle and will always support you on your path to the best version of yourself. You matter, you are appreciated and I believe in you <3 Your sister,  Hodaney. Follow the socials! My personal instagram : Muslim Like Me instagram:
3/22/202250 minutes, 49 seconds