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I really think this is one of the greatest causes one could support. Mufti Ismail Menk (co-director) To watch video by Mufti Menk or learn more, click here. All our projects are free and have no advertisements. Sadaqah Jariyah (Continuous Reward) opportunity – Please consider donating, to help cover our running costs and future projects. ... Read more
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S03-E09 - Final Episode for Season 3

Final Episode for Season 3 w/ hosts: Maheen & Mifrah In this episode, we take a break from our usual interviews and talk about things we’ve learned, achievements and more. January 25, 2016
2/1/201615 minutes, 35 seconds
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S03E08 - How to Get Married

Joining us on the show today is Sheikh Musleh Khan. Sheikh Musleh serves as one of North America’s youngest Imams at the Islamic Institute of Toronto and does a wide range of work including relationship and marriage counseling. In this interview, we tackle the million dollar question – how to get married along with related ... Read more
1/18/201634 minutes, 17 seconds
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S03E07 - Getting into Entrepreneurship

In this interview we talk to brother Omar Taha. Omar is the founder of Startup Muslim (, a global platform connecting experienced minds with startups to create successful ventures, businesses and network. We get into topics such as: where to start when it comes to business, mindset, mentorship, how to pick a field and much ... Read more
12/15/20151 hour, 23 seconds
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S03E06 - Overcoming Procrastination

Joining us on the show today is Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar. He is the head tutorial assistant at Islamic Online University, radio presenter at Radio Al Ansar, creator of the online space as well as a published writer of multiple books including the one we will be discussing in our interview called “Getting the ... Read more
12/15/201548 minutes, 5 seconds
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S03E05 - The Art of Public Speaking

Joining us on the show this week is brother Omar Usman, the co founder of Muslim Matters, Qalam Institute and Debt Free Muslims and one of the instructors of the Khateeb and Sisters Public Speaking workshop by the Qalam Institute. In this episode, we speak all about public speaking, including how to deliver a powerful ... Read more
11/16/201554 minutes, 40 seconds
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S03E04 - Giving Yourself Permission to Pursue Your Purpose

Today we speak to sister Nadia Yunus. She is a spiritual, creative and personal peak performance coach. In this episode, we talk about our finding our unique purposes in our lives, giving ourselves permission to embrace it and how to tackle all the obstacles that come in pursuit of it.
11/2/201545 minutes, 38 seconds
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S03E03 - Feeling Like a Fraud & The Imposter Syndrome - Haleh Banani

“Comparing to others is actually a form of violence against yourself… it doesn’t do any good… The best thing we can do is to compare and compete against yourself. I want to my best. I want to be better than who I was last year. It’s not about competing with others and outdoing others, it’s ... Read more
10/15/201533 minutes, 28 seconds
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S03E02 - Setting a Vision for Your Life - Sheikh Sajid Umar

“A wise man once said, a candle illuminates but light focused is a laser and a laser cuts through steel…. This is what the vision does, it focuses us. It tells us who we are, it tells us who we are not, it tells us why we do what we do, why we do not…  ... Read more
10/2/201546 minutes, 36 seconds
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S03E01 - Building Confidence, Dealing with Setbacks and Criticisms - Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar

“… now we think to be humble we have to think low of yourself so guess what? If you think that you are stupid, if you think that are dumb, if you think that you can’t do anything then you are not going to do anything with your life. The entire ummah is thinking like ... Read more
9/19/201538 minutes, 24 seconds
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S02E14 - Season Finale, Highlights & Listener Questions [M&Ms]

Mifrah and Maheen, in an M&Ms episode, talk about the season 2 finale of the podcast as well answer listener questions about productivity, life, business and the upcoming season. Highlights from the show: -Upcoming Muslim Life Hackers projects – Zara: “What top five things will make me a highly effective person?” – Omar: “Can you ... Read more
4/28/201520 minutes, 46 seconds
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S02E13 - The Art of Dawah - Belal Khan

Mifrah and Maheen speaks to Belal Khan from Leechon Films on the Art of Dawah. Highlights from the show: Belal’s journey in dawah Pros & Cons: Fee Sabillah Vs Free Sabillah Raising the standard of dawah – what does it mean? Why a positive narrative is important for Islam and Muslim Why following your passions is dumb advice How to ... Read more
4/13/201543 minutes, 51 seconds
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S02E12 - Breaking Free From The 9 to 5 - Haroon Qureshi

Maheen talks to Haroon Qureshi the CEO of The Muslim Entrepreneur Group about how to break free from the 9 to 5 lifestyle. Highlights from the show: – How to go from failing to being on the top in any area of your life. – How to learn from other peoples mistakes – The benefits ... Read more
4/6/201539 minutes, 5 seconds
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S02E11 - Are These 3 Excuses Holding You Back? [M&M]

Maheen and Mifrah have a conversation about the 3 biggest excuses people make in their lives and how to move past them. Highlights from the show: What are excusists? [2:06 – Mifrah] “The first kind of excusist is the health excusist, kind of using it as a way of preventing yourself from taking action”[2:49 – ... Read more
3/30/201532 minutes, 39 seconds
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S02E10 - Bringing Ideas to Life through Crowdfunding - Chris Blauvelt

Mifrah speaks to Chris Abdurrahman Blauvelt, the co-founder of the crowdfunding platform LaunchGood on bringing ideas to life through crowdfunding. Topics Covered: What is Crowdfunding? How LaunchGood plays a part in supporting Muslim causes and ideas. The early days of Launch Good and challenges experienced The importance of mentors and how to find them How ... Read more
3/23/201544 minutes, 35 seconds
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S02E09 - Happiness, High Performance & Wealth - Saiyyidah Zaidi

Mifrah speaks with positive psychologist, coach & entrepreneur: Saiyyidah Zaidi on happiness, high performance & wealth. “You had an aim to become a chief executive but priorities changed and you were true to that which is a very brave step to take especially since sometimes when we are set on a goal, its as though we ... Read more
3/16/201537 minutes, 37 seconds
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S02E08 - Self Awareness, The Creative Process & Social Justice w/ Khalil Ismail [Interview]

Maheen talks to lyricist and vocalist Khalil Ismail about the work he does with the homeless and victims of domestic violence as well as his creative process and thoughts on self awareness and personal development. Highlights from the show: -“Could you tell us a bit about what has inspired you to do what you do” ... Read more
3/9/201541 minutes, 31 seconds
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S02E07 - Building Online Businesses and Leaving Legacies - Aaqib Ahmed [Interview]

Maheen talks to Aaqib Ahmed about building online businesses using Facebook and what it means to be legacy focused in life. Highlights from the show: –           “Give us the low down, what do you do?” [2:15 – Maheen] –           “To face over 200 rejects is ... Read more
3/3/201533 minutes, 57 seconds
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S02E06 - Working In Community Projects - Adel Mohammed [Interview]

Maheen talks to Br Adel Mohammed from Tanzeel and online Quran memorisation platform and discusses what it is like to work in community projects. Highlights from the show: “Tell us about yourself Adel and what you do” [2:05 – Maheen] “For a period of about 2 years we were still thinking, and we hadn’t given ... Read more
2/24/201514 minutes, 44 seconds
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S02E05 - Turning Ideas Into Brands - Peter Gould [Interview]

Mifrah and Maheen interview Br Peter Gould on the creative process and how to turn ideas into brands. We take a look at Peter’s latest projects, how he manages his time and his vision of connecting people all around the Ummah. Highlights from the show: “What are some of the latest projects that you have ... Read more
2/9/201532 minutes, 3 seconds
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S02E04 - Should You Pay For Personal Development?

In this new segment of the Muslim Life Hackers Podcast, Mifrah and Maheen ask the question:  Should you pay for personal development? Highlights from the show: ·         Is there a difference between cheap and expensive personal development content? ·         What part does perceived value play? ·   ... Read more
2/2/201519 minutes, 40 seconds
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S02E02 - The Quran Memorising Journey - Farhia Yahya P2

Mifrah speaks to Sr Farhia Yahya on the Quran memorisation journey and addresses issues such as finding the motivation to start, mindsets to overcome and practical tips to help you fit it into a busy schedule. This episode is the second part of a two part interview. — This episode is brought to you by Visionaire Online. Check ... Read more
1/26/201522 minutes, 56 seconds
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S02E02 - The Quran Memorising Journey w/ Farhia Yahya P1

Mifrah speaks to Sr Farhia Yahya on the Quran memorisation journey and addresses issues such as finding the motivation to start, mindsets to overcome and practical tips to help you fit it into a busy schedule. This episode is the first part of a two part interview. — This episode is brought to you by Visionaire Online. ... Read more
1/19/201528 minutes, 41 seconds
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S02E01 - The Story of Productive Muslim w/ Mohammed Faris

Maheen interviews Mohammed Faris (aka Abu Productive) on the back story of Productive Muslim, how it all got started, challenges faced along the way and advice on how others can make their own projects happen. Highlights from the Show “Take us back in time and set the scene for us, where did Productive Muslim all ... Read more
1/14/201528 minutes, 12 seconds
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S01E50 - An Year In Reflection

Episode 50, the last episode for 2014. Wow! We made it, alhamdulilah. In this special episode, we take you behind the scenes of Muslim Life Hackers and let you in our 2014 year in review discussion.
12/28/201421 minutes, 36 seconds
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S01E49 - How To Deal With The Toxic People In Your Life

We know that who we are is the sum of our closest friends and companions, so when you have someone influential in your life that just seems to drag you down, it is important to identify the toxic relationship and start to deal with it before it affects you further. In this episode, Maheen talks ... Read more
12/16/201420 minutes, 11 seconds
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S01E48 - What the Internet is Doing to Your Mind

Do you love the internet but have troubles reading a book? learning? concentrating? In this episode, Mifrah speaks about what the Internet is Doing to Your Mind based on the book ‘The Shallows’ by Nicholas Carr.
12/8/201419 minutes, 31 seconds
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S01E47 - Hamza Tzortzis on Success, Mindset and Planning

Mifrah and Maheen interview Hamza Tzortzis on the topics of; success, mindset, thinking and planning for your future, plus much more! Hamza Tzortzis is a prominent speaker, researcher and writer on Islam, politics and Western/Islamic thinking and philosophy. He has lectured and taught workshops worldwide for institutes such as iERA, AlKauthar Institute and IOU.
12/1/201444 minutes, 3 seconds
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S01E46 - OK Let’s Talk About The Elephant In The Room – Regret

e all have events, situations and circumstances that we just wish didn’t exist. Things that plague our mind that we wish we could forget, but the thoughts keep coming back! Decisions that we have made, for which we pray and hope that the next day when we wake up could have been a nice dream. ... Read more
11/25/201427 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

S01E45 - Hajj 2014 Experiences

Mifrah speaks about her Hajj 2014 experiences and life lessons with Maheen.
11/17/201442 minutes, 13 seconds
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S01E44 - Low Attention Span? Find Out How To Get Things Done!

Do you find yourself having troubles getting things done because you are unable to focus on the work at hand? Do you have find yourself having a low attention span? In this podcast, Mifrah discusses how you can get things done despite all this.
11/9/201424 minutes, 32 seconds
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S01E43 - Umm Zakiyyah on Finding Your Authentic Self

Mifrah interviews Umm Zakiyyah about finding one’s ‘Authentic Self’! Highlights from the show: – “Is it possible to be living your life not in touch with who you really are?” (Mifrah 6:10) – “We as muslims need to be really clear that we are not mixing up our personalities with what we want to do, ... Read more
11/4/201427 minutes, 58 seconds
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S01E42 - Why YOU Should Cut TV Out Of Your Life

Maheen talks about the negative effects of watching too much TV and how to cut it out of your life for good!
10/27/201429 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

S01E41 - Do You Suffer From A Victim Mentality?

Mifrah speaks about the Victim Mentality, what it is, its downsides and tips on how to overcome it.
10/19/201420 minutes, 10 seconds
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S01E40 - The Fiqh of Social Media w/ Omar Usman

Maheen interviews Br Omar Usman on the fiqh of social media, a faith based guide to navigating the social media lifestyle. In this interview, you will hear about the things that are not so commonly spoken about on social media – Including the good, the bad and the ugly. Omar Usman is a founding member ... Read more
10/12/201430 minutes
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S01E39 - Self Esteem – It Matters!

Low self esteem? We have all been there. Our perception of self worth is extremely important to how we conduct ourselves within life and can influence our behaviours as well. When you are feeling low, it can be like nothing is right with your life. In this podcast Maheen talks about understanding self esteem, the ... Read more
10/6/201423 minutes, 19 seconds
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S01E38 - How To Wake Up for the Fajr Prayer!

Do you struggle to wake up for the Fajr prayer? In this podcast, Mifrah gives practical tips on how you can wake up for Fajr & become a Fajr champion!
9/28/201419 minutes, 59 seconds
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S01E37 - Why YOU Should Become An Optimist

With so much negativity engulfing the world, the ability to remain optimistic is even more important! Maheen Talks about why optimism matters, how we can asses our character, what Islam says about the topic and gives you 4 neat tips to get you started with optimism
9/22/201417 minutes, 42 seconds
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S01E36 - Make The Most Of The 10 Days Of Dhul Hijjah

Mifrah interviews Sh Musleh Khan on the topic of the 10 days of Dhul Hijjah to give us a practical guide on how to approach this special time of year. Sh Musleh further explains the importance of the 10 days and highlights why we should really utilise them to help us in this life and ... Read more
9/15/201423 minutes, 22 seconds
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S01E35 - How to Use Social Media to Your Advantage!

Do you find your life consumed by social media? Are struggling to find a balance? In this episode, I give you some tips on how to use social media and still live a life outside it! :)
9/7/201423 minutes, 20 seconds
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S01E34 - How To Become A Great Listener!

In this episode, I talk about listening; the benefits, importance and six strategies to get you on the road to better listening skills. We live in an increasingly noisy world where everyone has something to say, and to get your message across, it is even more important be someone who listens!
9/1/201421 minutes, 47 seconds
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S01E33 - Try These 5 Tips to Increase in Khushoo During Your Prayer!

In Episode 33, Mifrah gives tips on how to increase in khusho (concentration/tranquility) during prayer.
8/24/201414 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

S01E32 - How YOU Can Become An Abundance Thinker

There are two types of thinkers in the world. Which one are you? We have all heard about having an abundance mentality and scarcity mentality. We may have even met people who have these characteristics, but what does it really mean to have an abundance mentality, and how does it impact you? In this episode ... Read more
8/18/201420 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

S01E31 - Have Nothing To Do? Find Out Why This Can Work Against You!

Mifrah speaks about idleness, what’s wrong with it and what you can do if you find yourself falling into it.
8/10/201417 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

S01E30 - So You’re Overcommitted. What Can You Do?

We have all been there, you have so much to do and so little time. It seems like people are asking you to do more and more and you have agreed even though you know you shouldn’t have. You’re overcommitted. In this ever expanding world of ours, we are continuously exposed opportunities and they just ... Read more
8/4/201418 minutes, 34 seconds
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S01E29 - The 1 Thing You Must Do in Preparation for Best 10 Nights of Year!

The Best 10 Nights of the Year aka the last 10 nights of Ramadan are about to start. Alhamdulilah, there are many amazing reminders out there online to help you make the most out of it but there is 1 thing that I believe you must do during the last 10 nights of Ramadan. In ... Read more
7/13/201412 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

S01E28 - This Ramadan Rework Your Life

Time flies and so does our life. In this episode I am going to be talking about reevaluating your life this Ramadan. Ramadan is a blessed month and there is no better time to reconnect with your goals and get some perspective on where you are in life. We all need a little direction, so ... Read more
7/7/201412 minutes, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

S01E27 - How to Connect with the Quran this Ramadan!

Once upon a time there lived a group of people who weren’t the most civilised, they were superstitious, engaged in strange practices and generally were not regarded by the world at the time but then things changed after a man amongst them was given a divine guidance. This man was no other than our Prophet ... Read more
6/27/201423 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

S01E26 - Take Your Life to Another Level through Dua this Ramadan

We have all heard amazing stories about how dua has changed people’s’ lives in incredible ways. But have you ever wondered what it is about dua that makes it so special? And how do you use it effectively? In this podcast I explain how YOU can use dua to take your life to another level ... Read more
6/22/201421 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

S01E25 - Get Prepared For Ramadan

Ramadan is on it’s way! It is a time for spirituality, eman and rekindling a connection with our Lord. But do you ever get into the month and wish you had done some things in advance? In this episode I talk about why it is important to prepare in advance in order to make the ... Read more
6/16/201410 minutes, 16 seconds
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S01E24 - Punctuality (Part 2) – How to be Early for Your Next Commitment!

Have you ever wondered WHY you can’t kick the bad habit of being late? You may have the best intention to be on time and even believe that you have everything under control but you still end up late! In this Podcast, I explain why you may be having difficulties being on time and I ... Read more
6/8/201421 minutes, 39 seconds
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S01E23 - The Amazing Secret To Good Memory!

Have you ever forgotten someone’s name, or a number? Maybe you want to memorize a speech or prepare for an exam, but lack confidence in your memory? Have you always wanted a better memory? You need to check out this week’s podcast! Maheen talks about one memory technique that will have you remembering on and ... Read more
6/2/201416 minutes, 44 seconds
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S01E22 - Punctuality (Part 1) – Why it’s Important to Be On Time!

Being late once in a while, be it an emergency or a situation completely out of your control is one thing but what about if it’s habitual? You always seem to be find yourself being late for everything? If that sounds familiar to you then check out this week’s podcast. In the first of the ... Read more
5/25/201418 minutes, 7 seconds
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S01E21 - What’s Wrong With Multitasking?

In this episode I talk about the once king of productivity, yes you guessed it, multitasking. Do you find yourself, doing hundreds of things at once, all in the name of saving time? Got the phone in one hand a book in another, while you are driving to work and and scoffing down breakfast? How ... Read more
5/19/201410 minutes, 44 seconds
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S01E20 - Do this ONE thing – if YOU want More Time, Focus, Energy & Happiness!

n this podcast Mifrah talks about one thing in your life that if you do it then you will find in your life, more time, focus, energy and happiness! What is this one thing? Listen to the podcast & find out! :)
5/12/201420 minutes, 31 seconds
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S01E19 - The BEST Investment

In this episode Maheen discusses the best investment we can make, which is investing in self education. Often times we see ourselves investing in things that will turn a financial profit for us, but why don’t we take time and put aside money to nurture our minds? Maheen shares 4 reasons why YOU need to ... Read more
5/5/201417 minutes, 47 seconds
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S01E18 - How to Keep Going When Things Don’t Go To Plan!

In this episode Mifrah speaks about what to do when things don’t go according to plan. So you have all these plans in place…but things didn’t go so well. So not only did you waste the time but you felt like a failure :/ Let’s say you woke up really late one day, when you ... Read more
4/27/201412 minutes, 17 seconds
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S01E17 - Anger Management – Part 2

Maheen discusses how anger a seemingly normal emotion can eat up and destroy our lives. How is it this one emotion takes control or our character? This podcast includes a recap on ‘Anger Management – Part 1‘ and goes on to discuss strategies to help get our anger under control. In this episode you will ... Read more
4/19/201423 minutes, 9 seconds
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S01E16 - Anger Management – Part 1

Maheen discusses all things anger management. Feel like an angry little monster? Find yourself fuming at even the littlest things? Or maybe you just want to be more chill? This podcast delves into how we as humans express anger through different ways and methods and the importance of being aware of yourself. In this episode ... Read more
4/13/201421 minutes, 44 seconds
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S01E15 - Life Lessons from Ice Skating

Mifrah discusses 3 profound life lessons she took when she went ice skating… yes, that’s right, Ice Skating! Sometimes we can find wisdom in the most unlikely places. Check it out. In this episode you will learn: – What to do when you fall down in life – Opening the door to opportunities – People ... Read more
4/6/201419 minutes, 47 seconds
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S01E14 - Perfectionism

Mifrah discusses all things perfectionism. Sometimes we set the bar too high, ask for too much and expect the gold standard. High expectation can be good but on the other hand they can bring you down. Real down. In this podcast we address what perfectionism is and how to tackle it if you find it ... Read more
3/30/201429 minutes, 58 seconds
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S01E13 - Habits of Happiness

Maheen talks about the habits of happiness in this episode. We all want more happiness within our lives, and look for it constantly whether in material things or experiences. In this episode we discuss how this emotion impacts our lives and how to get more of it! In This Episode, you will learn: – Why ... Read more
3/23/201430 minutes, 39 seconds
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S01E12 - How to Recognise Narcissistic Traits & What To Do About Them

Maheen speaks about narcissism, its traits and ways to improve if you recognise these traits in yourself. – Why character is important – What are the traits of a narcissist – Tips on how to improve if you see narcissistic traits within yourself
3/16/201422 minutes, 53 seconds
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S01E11 - Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us

Mifrah discusses the insights she took from the book Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us by Michael Moss. Prepare to be surprised! :) About the Book: In this No. New York Time Bestseller, Michael Moss reveals how the processed food industry uses salt, sugar, and fat to make you addicted to their ... Read more
3/10/201422 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

S01E10 - The Truth About Motivation

In this Podcast episode Maheen Malik will be talking about motivation and what to do when we are lacking it. – Why it is important to know about motivation – How we experience motivation – Steps on how to stick to your goals when you lack motivation
3/2/201417 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

S01E09 - Why You Need to Put Yourself First

In this Podcast episode Mifrah Mahroof talks about why you need to put yourself first and why it is important to do so. In This Episode, you will learn: – Why it is important to put yourself first – The benefits of putting yourself first – 3 steps on how to get started
2/24/201420 minutes, 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

S01E08 - Body Language & How You Can Use it Effectively

In this Podcast episode Maheen Malik talks all about powerful body language and how you can use it effectively. In This Episode, you will learn: – Why is body language important – How does your body language effect others and you – When to use effective body language – 5 steps on better body language
2/17/201413 minutes, 4 seconds
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S01E07 - How to Utilise Your Mornings When You Don’t Have Any Commitments

n this Podcast Mifrah Mahroof answers a question from the Muslim Life Hacker Community and discusses how to utilise your mornings when you don’t have any commitments or a to do list. In This Episode, you will learn: – Ideas on what to do in your mornings – How to take action on projects in ... Read more
2/10/20149 minutes, 39 seconds
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S01E06 - Zohra Sarwari on Legacy, Talent & Leadership

In this Podcast Mifrah and Maheen catch up with Sr. Zohra Sarwari and talk about all things leadership, vision, talents and goals Zohra Sarwari. In this episode, you will learn: – Why it is important to leave behind a legacy. – How do I find my talents in order to leave a legacy? – What ... Read more
2/3/201416 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

S01E05 - Why Habits & The Easy Way to Start One

Mifrah Mahroof explains why habits are important and explains an easy way to pick one up. In This Episode, you will learn: – Why Habits are Important – The Easy Way to Pick One Up – Examples on How to Get Started
1/27/201420 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

S01E04 - Importance of Mornings and How to Become a Morning Person

In this podcast Maheen Malik talks about the importance of mornings and how to become a morning person In this Episode, you will learn: – The benefits of the morning – Why using your mornings is essential for a productive day – 6 steps on how to become a morning person
1/23/201414 minutes, 52 seconds
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S01E03 - Reasons on Why to Journal & How to Get Started

In this podcast Mifrah speaks about journalling, why to journal and how to get started today! In this Episode, you will learn: – Why to Journal – How to Get Started – About Online Journalling Websites
1/22/201410 minutes, 56 seconds
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S01E02 - How & Why to Read Non-Fiction Books

In this episode of the Muslim Life Hackers Podcast, Maheen Malik explains to us why reading is important and presents us with tips on how to read a Non-Fiction Book. You will learn: – Why Reading is Important for Muslim Life Hackers – 5 steps on How to Read a Non Fiction Book
1/21/201413 minutes, 2 seconds