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English, Music, 1 season, 102 episodes, 6 days, 20 minutes
MUSIC AND WINE is Manila's premier Saturday social event held weekly at the city's top bar Martinis, at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. Hosted by DJ Elian Habayeb and wine expert Ines Cabarrus, the party is known for its loungy deep house music and the beautiful wines it features, as well as its quirky signature cocktails that attract the city's trendsetters every weekend. In 2010, the critically acclaimed internet radio show [MUSIC & WINE Radio] evolved into a weekly 3-hour program on Manila's Smooth Jazz Authority 106.7 Dream FM, broadcasting nationally on various frequencies including Davao, Laoag, Boracay (97.3), and General Santos (93.5). Just like the podcast, you get a good mix of soul, jazz, funk, and deep house music, mixed by Elian and hosted by Ines. The show features weekly guest music mixes by some of the best DJs in the business from around the world, including Jojo Flores (Montreal), Jazzy Jeff (Philadelphia), Jazzanova (Berlin), Julius the Mad Thinker (Chicago), Brent Crampton (Omaha), Mr. Nugget (UK), Marshall Boardman (Tokyo), DJ Spinna, Tommy Bones, Ed Dunn, Nickodemus, Master Kev, E-Man & Doc Link (NYC), and many many more. The show also features some of the best talent Manila has to offer. Tune in every Saturday night from 9pm to midnight to get your weekly dose of modern lounge music.
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Episode 135: Mellow High. Curated by Elian

Modern jazz beats from France, the UK, Japan, Poland, and, of course, the birthplace of jazz the good ol' US of
5/17/20241 hour, 6 minutes, 24 seconds
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Episode 134: Love Is The Message // Elian

A fresh batch of goodness we cooked up for the season!  Hope you’re having a great one this year, wherever you are :)Elian & Inés 
12/6/20231 hour, 31 minutes, 25 seconds
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Episode 133: Tell Me All About It // Elian

A loungey set for an early Saturday night, or a Sunday afternoon that finds that good groove.
11/12/20231 hour, 16 minutes, 6 seconds
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Episode 132: Elian Bday 2023

It happens once a year:  my birthday.  However, this one quickly turned into an M Café reunion, with DJs Kevin Ruiz, Mark Cali-Jentes and OB One joining me in the booth, while Wendell Garcia performed by proxy—since his wife was giving birth in the hospital!Spotted in the crowd were Kimmie & Inaki Lamar’s, Jade Santos, Sarada & Mike, Audrey Carpio, Kevin & Irene, Chip Childers, Lala Alvarez, Rafael Dominguez, Mike Sinclair, Carsten & Gianna Stormer, John Riad & Shiela Viesca, Mark Jentes & Mona, Lord & Aksana Ancheta, Ron Davis, Edgar Krohn, Ferdi Salvador, Kate Torralba, Antonio Ressano, Francisco & Kimmy Delgado, Morgan & Jasmine Gilvrey, Karen & Freddie Elizalde, Bryan Bambike, Santi Picornell, Martin Wisniewski, Natalie, Sunshine & Ricardo, Fadzly Yusof, Abhi Mohan, Butch Menchaca, Jorge Josef, Shayne Murray, Martin & Jay Block, David Miller, Ana Gonzalez.  The event was sponsored by Chivas Regal, photos by Ed Simon, and it was hosted by Mackey Maguigad and my lovely wife Inés.  And here’s a bit of the playlist from that night!
9/29/20232 hours, 12 seconds
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Episode 131: Jazz Underground. Elian - December 2022

It's another installment of Jazz Underground, just in time for the holidays!  Here, you'll find an extended set of downtempo, modern jazz to fill your soul with positive vibes.  Merry Christmas and a music-filled New Year to one and all!  Elian and Ines
12/16/20222 hours, 41 minutes, 24 seconds
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Episode 130: Jazz Underground by Elian MW x UNWND - Set 2

Here's "part two" of the 5-hour curated set I performed at my new Jazz Underground monthly residency at UNWND on July 29, 2022 The next installment is scheduled for September 23, starting at 8pm at UNWND in Poblacion.  Mark it down and we'll see you
8/30/20222 hours, 58 minutes, 37 seconds
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Episode 129: MW UNWND - Set 1 by Elian

Well, it just so happens that we have a new residence: UNWND in Poblacion.  The venue is a cozy lounge that is part of the boutique hotel by the same name.   And the music we deliver is modern jazz.  The two seem to go exquisitely well together.  Shout out to Macky Maguigad for organizing the evening!Here is Set 1 from the debut evening last Friday, and see you there once again on Friday August 26th for more :)
8/10/20221 hour, 20 minutes, 58 seconds
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Episode 128: Letter to Hermione. Elian

Hot new set packed with modern jazz beats by Robert Glasper, Brad Mehldau, Taylor McFerrin, Nate Smith, Moonchild, Kem, Cory Henry, and surprise vocals by Norah Jones.
2/7/20221 hour, 38 minutes, 50 seconds
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Episode 127: Tranquility. Elian. Christmas 2021

Our most heartfelt greetings and best wishes to all of you our dear listeners, wherever you are in the world.  May the joy of the season remain with you throughout the coming year.  And remember:  music is the color of life!Elian & InésTranquility. Elian - Christmas 202101 Strength. Moonchild02 Tranquility. Bobby Hutcherson03 Gonna Be Alright. Robert Glasper, Ledisi04 Say The Brother’s Name. John Scofield, Pat Metheny05 Saravah. Les Nubiens06 Lifeline. Shai Maestro07 Why Don’t You. Cleo Sol08 August. Lyle Mays09 Phi. The Curtis Brothers10 The Jungle Line. Leonard Cohen11 A Case Of You. Herbie Hancock12 Fall. Kurt Rosenwinkel13 Lift Every Voice and Sing. Orice Jenkins14 Here’s That Rainy Day. Wolfgang Lackerschmid, Chet Baker15 Pentamerous. Scott Routenberg, Sofia Kraevska16 A Beautiful (F*cking) Lie. Jeremy Pelt17 From This Place. Pat Metheny
12/24/20211 hour, 27 minutes, 44 seconds
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Episode 117: Valdez Off Crenshaw. Elian. Episode 127

A fresh new set is out. Get it while it's hot!!  Elian & Inés
8/13/20211 hour, 25 minutes, 13 seconds
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Episode 116: Yacht Rock Special. Elian. Episode 126

Once in a while, we like to slightly deviate from our "bread and butter".  Here's something perfect for your next cook out ;)
7/27/20212 hours, 5 minutes, 56 seconds
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Episode 115: Swept Away. Elian. Strictly Jazz. Episode 125

We're getting a ton of excellent feedback on our Strictly Jazz series of music sets.  Here's a fresh new one for you :)
7/6/20212 hours, 23 minutes, 4 seconds
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Episode 114: Dear Limmertz. Elian. Episode 124

A new eclectic set to help you get your groove on
6/8/20211 hour, 18 minutes, 50 seconds
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Episode 113: Wherever You Are // Strictly Jazz // Elian // Episode 123

Here's a new Strictly Jazz episode for your listening pleasure01 Griot. Jeremy Pelt02 Carry Christ Wherever You Are. Jeremy Pelt03 Stardust. Gerry Mulligan, Chet Baker04 Montara. Harvey Mason05 Zambian Offertory. Jesse Ryan, Joanna Majoko06 Place in My Heart. Taylor McFerrin07 Touched by an Angel. Joel Ross08 Midnite-daylight. Nate Smith09 Welcome to the Hills. Yussef Dayes, Charlie Stacey10 Lonely Girl. Earl Klugh Trio11 Sisters of Arequipa. Nils Landgren Funk Unit12 Bye Bye Blackbird. Ron Carter13 A Seat at the Table. Jeremy Pelt14 The Thing We Did Last Summer. Freddie Hubbard
5/28/20211 hour, 19 minutes, 3 seconds
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Episode 112: Quincy // Elian // Episode 122

Feeling me some Quincy Jones this month. Here's a tribute set :)01 Betcha Wouldn't Hurt Me. Quincy Jones02 Manteca. Quincy Jones03 I Can't Help It. Michael Jackson04 Soul Bossa Nova. Quincy Jones05 One Hundred Ways06 Ai No Corrida. Quincy Jones07 Baby, Come To Me. Patti Austin, James Ingram08 Moanin'. Quincy Jones09 Sax In The Garden. Quincy Jones10 What's Going On. Quincy Jones11 I'm Yours. El DeBarge12 The Dude. Quincy Jones13 Turn On The Lamplight. Quincy Jones14 Stuff Like That. Quincy Jones15 You Put A Move On My Heart. Tamia16 Velas. Quincy Jones17 Superwoman. Patti Austin18 Setembro. Quincy Jones19 Tomorrow. Tevin Campbell20 Sanford & Son Theme. Quincy Jones21 Eyes Of Love. Quincy Jones
4/27/20211 hour, 38 minutes, 4 seconds
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Episode 111: Les Nuits // Elian - Episode 121

2021 has had a rough start, but overall, I think everyone is looking optimistically to the future. Now that the vaccine has been approved, it's just a matter of time before enough people are vaccinated, and the world finally moves on. Whether it takes a year or two is a matter of semantics. One thing is for sure: the end of the madness is within striking distance. Our hearts go out to those how lost loved ones and to those who lost businesses or jobs due to the pandemic. However, there has got to be some silver linings we can identify and even celebrate. For example, every one of us has learned some new coping mechanisms that we can now add to our toolbox of resilience. We have learned to get work done easier, or to no longer need to go to the office anymore. For millions, the hours wasted every day have just become a thing of the past. It seemed impossible for so many years to avoid sitting in traffic daily for an extended period of time. It seemed inevitable, something we'd need to learn to deal with and accept for the rest of our lives. Yet, in some of the most populous cities in the world, the bi-product of this exercise of lockdowns has turned out to be the eradication of traffic problems that are so bad, that they used to plague their populations and render their lives discouragingly frustrating.And without much fanfare, a major leap for mankind has taken place. The phenomenon may not be discussed very much to speak of in the media, yet it is one that is not lost on the residents of major cities from Sao Paolo, and L.A. to Johannesburg, Jakarta and Manila: traffic problems have been virtually solved. And this all happened with little to no capital spent on infrastructure.The big lesson here is that many of our society's most seemingly insurmountable problems can be solvable if we were to simply reorganise our priorities and think outside the box. And even though we are still at the dawn of the digital age, where every action is becoming recorded and remembered, there are nevertheless major breakthroughs for the specie happening at an unprecedented pace. The fact that pretty much everyone can talk to each other, that everyone can find pretty much any business they are searching for, the fact that every person can find any destination effortlessly, the fact that any product can be sold to anyone, without the need for the seller to rent a store, the fact that you never have to leave your house anymore to eat any food out there on the menu of just about any restaurant, the fact that you can now meet with anybody without driving to see them... many of these new realities have become fully adopted in the last year.We are still waiting to find out how the music industry is going to adjust to the situation. But we are sure that what's on the other side will be better in some ways than what we had before the pandemic. Let's take the radio show broadcasted on the internet by NPR called Tiny Desk Concerts. In the past, the artist had to fly to DC and record their appearance inside NPR's offices, behind the tiny desk. What they've learned to do during the pandemic is that in it no longer necessary for the band and their crew to fly to DC. The performance can be filmed anywhere and submitted to NPR digitally, thus exponentially expanding the possibilities of artists that could appear on the award-winning music show.Soon we will find a digital substitute for the live performance, one that I am sure will be somehow "better", both for the audience and for the artist, because it will give the artist unprecedented access to their fans. True, the jazz artist may no longer have a room of 30 fans to play to, but they may instead have a virtual room of 3000 listeners.In the meantime, we invite you to enjoy this 2 1/2-hour set of uninterrupted music from the Music & Wine vault. For now, we'll just keep bringing you music to get your juices flowing ;)Peace & love,Elian & Inés
2/3/20212 hours, 36 minutes, 23 seconds
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Episode 110: Day Dream // Elian // Episode 120

Loving the vibe on this new set. Enjoy!01 Double Check: 9/11 Survivor. Christian Tamburr02 Popkoral. Helge Lien Trio03 Living All Alone. Phyllis Hyman04 Day Dream. Christian Tamburr05 Six Blade Knife. Dire Straits06 Glitter Eye. Matthis, Giveton Gellin07 Lullaby of Birdland. Chaka Khan, George Shearing08 Amorzhina. Ted Moore Trio09 Olhos de Gato. Gary Burton, Pat Metheny10 Body and Soul. Biréli Lagrene 11 From the Heart. Hilario Duran12 Here But I’m Gone. Curtis Mayfield13 Não Saia da Praça. Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad
12/5/20201 hour, 11 minutes, 40 seconds
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Strictly Jazz // Elian // Summer Song - Episode 119

There's so much good music in the world!01 Black Orpheus (Mahna De Carnaval). Aaron Goldberg02 Dolphin Dance. Onaje Allan Gumbs03 Torus. The Curtis Brothers04 Haikus. Jonathan Barber, Vision Ahead05 Giulia. Francesco Cataldo, Pietro Leveratto06 African Sounds. Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad07 Summer Song. Yellowjackets08 Lucy In The Sky with Diamonds. Makaya McCraven09 Children. Mathias Eick10 I Have A Dream. New Stories11 Harvest Moon. Tanya Grubbs Quintet12 The Cost Of Living. Chris Minh Doky13 Lansana’s Priestess. Donald Byrd14 Ana Maria. Kurt Rosenwinkel15 You Send Me. Kurt Elling16 Atchfalaya Fiction. Charles Pillow Ensemble17 Not There Yet. Chicago Yestet 18 Cliché. Jeff Parker
8/14/20201 hour, 59 minutes, 35 seconds
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Side B: Rare Groove // Elian // Episode 118

This is SIDE B of a set recorded back in April at the height of the lockdown, that's now being released to the public. We thought the world would need all the soul it can get. Sending 100% positive energy to everyone!01 Between The Sheets. The Isley Brothers02 Same Ole Love (365 Days a Week). Anita Baker03 You Are My Lady. Freddie Jackson04 Love Power. Dionne Warwick, Jeffrey Osborne05 The Ghetto. Donnie Hathaway06 Love, love, love. Donnie Hathaway07 I’ll Take You There. The Staple Singers08 Ike’s Rap / Help Me Love. Isaac Hayes09 Hold On I’m Comin’. Sam & Dave10 Forget Me Nots. Patrice Rushen11 Baby Come To Me. Patti Austin, James Ingram12 Shame. Evelyn “Champagne” King13 Risin’ to the Top. Keni Burke14 Moody’s Mood for Love. Quincy Jones, James Moody15 Magnetic Ocean. Incognito16 I’m Gonna Miss You in the Morning. Luther Vandross, Patti Austin17 Tell Me a Bedtime Story. Quincy Jones18 Rock Your Baby. George McCrae19 Reasons. Earth, Wind & Fire20 Time Will Reveal. DeBarge
7/25/20201 hour, 35 minutes, 12 seconds
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Strictly Jazz. Tribal Dance. Elian. Episode 117

Another instalment of our now critically acclaimed Strictly Jazz series. This one's probably best consumed while standing ;)01 Love and Happiness. Monty Alexander02 Shapeshifter. Paul Shaw Quintet03 Not So Unique. Edward Simon, Avishai Cohen04 Tribal Dance. Lionel Loueke 05 Askaa! Teddy Rok Seven06 Kirinji07 Slink. Lyle Mays08 A Day in Vienna. Roy Hargrove09 No Words. Jimmy Greene10 Scarborough Fair. Herbie Hancock11 Everything Explained. Pat Metheny12 Stolen Moments. Passport Quartet, Jean Bernard Oury13 I botten pâ glaset. Bo Kaspers Orkester14 Rio Oscuro. John Stein, Daniel Grajew
7/11/20201 hour, 28 minutes, 33 seconds
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Strictly Jazz // Elian Birthday Edition // Episode 116

Yes, it's my birthday :) I don't normally like to make a big deal out of it, but this year is different. Despite everything, I feel like this year I have exponentially grown musically. My sound continues to evolve, my taste keeps getting infinitely more complex, and everyday I feel a sense of gratitude for all of this, perhaps more than at any other time in my life. Some of you know where I'm coming from when I say: music is now more than ever a refuge, a sanctuary where you can feel alive, a place where you can be sheltered from the negativity of the world. Music is a gift, it's a treat, it's something we can all relish.And so on my birthday, it gives me great pleasure to share this source of life with you. Sit back, dim the lights, put the phone on airplane mode, and bask in its glow.Elian01 Wave. Kait Dunton02 Caravan. Paul Jost03 Same River. Pat Metheny04 Due North. Randy Halberstadt05 Kamala’s Dance. Roy Hargrove06 Hard Eights. Lage Lund07 Nimis. Tingvall Trio08 Steppin’ Out. Kurt Elling09 You’ve Got It Bad Girl. Herbie Hancock10 Broken Leg Days. Brian Blade & The Fellowship Band11 Song Without Words, No. 2: Ballad. Fred Hersch, WDR Big Band12 Always And Forever. Pat Metheny Group
5/18/20201 hour, 11 minutes, 29 seconds
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MUSIC AND WINE // Side A: Strictly Jazz // Elian - Episode 115

From the heart of Manila to the soul of the world, we are back with some of the best jazz music on the internet. You better believe it!! This week, it's a two-part music series fresh off the presses. Side A: Strictly Jazz. Side B: Rare Groove. Track titles and artists below. Enjoy and stay safe!Elian and A: Strictly Jazz01 Hiromi. Temptation02 Heart at Midnight. Cory Henry03 Got Over (feat. Harry Belafonte). Robert Glasper Trio04 Emerging Lands. Cecilia Sanchietti05 Look Ahead (F Csus). Pat Metheny Group06 Wind-up Bird at Tuesday’s Women. Fumi Tomita.07 Divine. Roy Hargrove08 Marseille (feat. Abd Al Malik). Ahmad Jamal09 Forgiveness. Thomas Marriott10 Red Sky. Pat Metheny Group11 Moonlight in Vermont. Stan Getz, Astrud Gilberto12 One For ‘Grew (for Grew Miller). Robert Glasper
4/19/20201 hour, 4 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

Strictly Jazz. Pathetique. mixed by Elian - Episode 114

We kick off the year with some of the best jazz music on the internet, gua-rohn-teed!!! - Elian and Ines01 Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 8, Pathetique. Hiromi02 Chant. Robert Glasper03 Creepin’. SFJAZZ Collective04 Samba De Paris. Kyle Eastwood05 Litha. Bill Evans, Stan Getz 06 Samba Em Preludio. Esperanza Spalding07 Along Came Betty. Quincy Jones08 Ibelec. Musique Noire09 Spirit of the Air. Pat Metheny10 All I Do. Robert Glasper (feat. SiR, Bridget Kelly, Song Bird)11 Feel Like Making Love. Bob James
1/19/20201 hour, 12 minutes, 14 seconds
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MUSIC AND WINE Strictly Jazz // Elian Neosoul Sessions - Part 2 // Episode 112

The evolution carries on. Here's Part 2 of the Neosoul Mix recently recorded.01 Maiden Voyage / Everything In Its Right Place. Robert Glasper02 Where Are You? (Love for JL) feat. Copasetic. Joomanji03 Ah Yeah. Robert Glasper Experiment04 Resolve. Alfa Mist05 Forget Regret. The RH Factor, Stephanie McKay06 Right Side of the Bed. Oddisee07 All Good. Illa J08 Naiyti. Alfa Mist09 The Time. August Greene10 The List. Moonchild11 Thinking About You (Kaytranada Remix). Robert Glasper Experiment12 Come Close. Common, Mary J. Blige13 Hotel Insomnia. Rale Micic14. The Worst (live at Capital Studios 2014). Robert Glasper
8/26/20191 hour, 10 minutes, 51 seconds
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MUSIC AND WINE Strictly Jazz // Elian Neosoul Sessions - Part 1 // Episode 111

The MUSIC AND WINE Strictly Jazz sound continues its evolution. In this episode, we're back in the studio recording what we're calling The Neosoul Sessions, featuring the more contemporary, conscious hip-hop side of jazz.PART 1 Playlist:01 Spread Too Thin (feat. Lindsay Olsen) Joomanji02 .44 Alpha Mist 03 Dancing In The Rain. Blu, Exile04 Kyoki. Alfa Mist05 Untitled/Fantastic. Slum Village06 This One’s for the Ladies and Gents. Tall Black Guy07 Where’s Yesterday. Slakah The Beatchild08 Motor City 17. J Dilla09 Poetry. The RH Factor, Q-Tip, Erykah Badu10 When You Hold Me. Braxton Cook11 Fly Away. August Greene12 Think Twice. J Dilla13 Intentions. Terrance Martin presents The Pollyseeds 14 Common Free Style. The RH Factor, Common
7/15/20191 hour, 4 minutes, 58 seconds
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MUSIC AND WINE Strictly Jazz // Elian Birthday Special - May 17 at Element // Episode 110

The music continues!!! This time, we bring the mwJazz vibe to Element Boutique Hotel, the cool hip spot where everyone loves to hang out. It's artsy and cozy, and there's an outdoor area with fans where many tend to gravitate. And most important, it's all fitted out with a nice sound system. They've got a wide variety of fun drinks and cocktails, and our guess is, more than one person will head home with half a dozen croissants and a baguette for breakfast the next day ;) Just look for Mae Carl Perdon or Armand Lafare and they'll take care of you.And did I mention it's my birthday? Nothing would make me happier than to celebrate another year of life with my friends. Drop by and give me a hug and a high five!Once again DPGK will be stealthily taking those unique photos throughout the night. If you haven't seen his previous photographic coverage of MUSIC AND WINE Strictly Jazz parties, you're missing out on some serious art!See you this Friday!Elian Habayeb and Inés Cabarrus-HabayebPlaytlist01 Groove. Brooklyn Circle02 I Have a Dream. Herbie Hancock03 It’s Just Talk. Bob Curnow’s L.A. Big Band04 Someday We’ll All Be Free. Cory Henry05 Dreamsville. Randy Halberstadt06 Another Life. Pat Metheny Group07 One. Joey DeFrancesco08 People Make the World Go Round. Milt Jackson09 The Runaround. Hughes Smith Quintet 10 Beauty and the Beast. Antonio Adolfo 11 Of Lights And Shadows. Hristo Vitchev Quartet12 Until. Stephon Harris, Blackout13. “E” for Eleanora. Joe Mazzaferro14. Son of Thirteen. Pat Metheny15. Joyous. Shabaka and the Ancestors16. Rain River. Pat Metheny Group17. September in the Rain. Roy Hargrove
5/10/20192 hours, 8 minutes, 33 seconds
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MUSIC & WINE Strictly Jazz // Elian Feb 2019 mix // I'm Glad There Is You - Episode 109

The music continues! Keep the dial locked here to find out when and where the next #mwJazz instalment will take place. Meanwhile, check out January party photos at & Ines--Studio recorded on Feb 23, 201901 i’m glad there is you. roy hargrove02 passarim. brothers nevala carswell kozak03 familiar fields pt 1. hristo vitchev quartet04 i never told you. quincy jones05 spain. chick corea, return to forever06 ‘long come tutu. george benson, al jarreau07 stolen moments. antonio adolfo08 in the clouds. dongfeng liu, john benitez09 gymnopedie no. 1. cyrus chestnut10 bouriyan. lionel loueke, christi joza orisha11 yes or no. curtis brothers quartet12 ‘round midnight. the south florida jazz orchestra13 santa cruz. chucho valdez14 and this too shall pass. stefon harris, david sanchez15 a story within the story. pat metheny group16 bossa nova u.s.a. brucket brothers quartet17 whisper not. keith jarrett trio18 bésame mucho. alfredo rodriguez19 misty. stan getz
3/16/20192 hours, 11 minutes, 28 seconds
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MUSIC AND WINE Strictly Jazz // Elian Jan 2019 mix // Episode 108

Another gorgeous night at the Top of the Alpha by Louie Y last Friday night January 25th as we hosted our third instalment of MUSIC AND WINE Strictly Jazz to rave reviews by everyone in attendance. We'll soon be announcing the date of the next mwJazz, so stay tuned.Here's the evening's soundtrack:01 Soul Eyes. Geri Allen02 402E. 116th St. Montreal Hard Bop Five03 Poinciana. Keith Jarrett Trio04 5-5-7 Pat Metheny Group05 Blues For Harry Bosch. Grace Kelley06 New Hope. Earl MacDonald07 Sunshine. Nancy Wilson08 Better Days. South Florida Jazz Orchestra09 Natureza. Antonio Adolfo10 Brown Belle Blues. Stefon Harris11 It’s Only A Paper Moon. Herbie Hancock 12 Rise. Herb Alpert13 Johnny Come Lately. Hank Jones14 Elvy. Brainpower15 Sosh. Or Bareket, Shachar Elnatan16 Can We Change The World. Maysa17 Footprints. Antonio Adolfo18 For Him, For Her. Stefon Harris 19 Slow Is The New Fast. Lyder Ovreas Roed20 Anastasia. Stefano Di BattistaElian and Ines
1/29/20192 hours, 18 minutes, 55 seconds
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MUSIC AND WINE Strictly Jazz // TOA Xmas Party Dec 22 // Episode 107

After last month's phenomenal launch of MUSIC AND WINE Strictly Jazz, we return to the Top of the Alpha this Saturday, December 22nd to host the second instalment of this monthly event. This time, it happens to fall on the night of the Christmas Party of proprietor Louie Ysmael. In other words, this promises to be a heck of a night! So dress festively, and don't leave that Santa hat at home! Here's the December music mix prepared for the occasion. 01. Joy Is Sorrow Unmasked. Roy Hargrove02. Africa. NEXT Collective03. Prismic Dance. Hristo Vitchev Quartet04. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? Milt Jackson05. Astral Traveling. Pharaoh Sanders06. Rotation. Herb Alpert07. So It May Secretly Begin. Pat Metheny Group08. Strasbourg / St. Denis. Roy Hargrove09. Moonbeam. Alfredo Rodriguez 10. Storm. Gary Burton11. Off Shore. RADS Krusaders12. Far More Blue. Brubeck Brothers Quartet13. Picture Frame. Organik Vibe Trio14. Love Is Stronger Than Pride. Herbie Hancock15. E Luxo So'. Ensemble Novo16. Moondance. Ramsey Lewis, Nancy Wilson17. 3 Wise Men. Brubeck Brothers Quartet18. For The Time Being. Peter Erskine, Dr. Um Band19. Sunflower. Milt Jackson20. God Bless The Child. José JamesMUSIC & WINE Strictly JazzDecember 22 9pmTop of the Alpha by Louie YAlphaland PenthouseOpen to the public. No
12/17/20181 hour, 59 minutes, 28 seconds
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MUSIC AND WINE Strictly Jazz // Launch Nov 23 2018 Top of the Alpha // Episode 106

PRESS RELEASEElian and Ines proudly announce their latest passion project: MUSIC AND WINE presents Strictly Jazz, a monthly event held at the swanky new jazz bar Top of the Alpha by Louie Y. The launch party is scheduled for Friday November 23rd at 9pm.Elian Habayeb and Ines Cabarrus-Habayeb aren't new to the scene. They've been doing this for quite a while now.Just 10 years ago, MUSIC AND WINE was a radio show, a weekly party, and a newspaper column that the couple produced and authored. And, although the Saturday event at the Mandarin Oriental's "Martinis" bar and the column in the Manila Standard Today ceased when the couple opened their first Chihuahua Mexican Grill, the syndicated radio program airing on the no longer existent 106.7 DreamFM "Manila's Jazz Authority" and on sister stations nationwide continued garnering an ever-growing listener base. As a podcast, MUSIC AND WINE Radio reaches the four corners of the Earth with hundreds of thousands of downloads and subscribers, just recently earning the #18 spot on Podomatic's global house music ranking.Today, DJ Elian remains the "music" part of the relationship, focusing on jazz more than ever before in his career. He obsessively follows the evolution of this American art form as it takes root in the world's most progressive societies, from New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and New Orleans, to Montreal, Toyko, Copenhagen, and Montreux. "There is a direct correlation between how dynamic a society is and how high the concentration of jazz bars," says Elian. "Jazz is the most advanced form of music out there today. Any musician that plays it must be a true master of his instrument." Elian plans to play DJ sets of "nothing but jazz" all night long, with carefully selected tracks dropped at the most appropriate points of the evening.His wife Ines holds a Level 3 Wine & Spirit Education Trust certificate and was a founding faculty member of top hospitality school Enderun, where she taught "beverage management" for five years. An avid jazz fan herself, she plans to work the room talking wine and helping guests find the perfect libation to pair with the evening's tunes.And just as jazz is abstract music, expect abstract photography by DPGK.Don't miss this if you're a fan of music, wine or both. And come congratulate Louie Ysmael on his gorgeous new jazz bar at the penthouse of the Alpha building!Playlist01 'sup. bicoastal collective02 brazilian love affair. negroni's trio03 compared to what. roberta flack04 n'tiana's dream. chico freeman05 jazz is a four-letter word. nicholas payton06 november. electric squeezebox orchestra07 thematic. kait dunton08 trust. roy hargrove09 towards the light. pat metheny brad mehldau10 invocation. bobby mcferrin11 speak no evil. antonio adolfo12 new direction. herlin riley www.musicandwineradio.comsoul jazz deep house
11/1/20181 hour, 23 minutes, 28 seconds
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Elian's Abstract Cerebral Sessions // House of Love // Oct 3 2003 - Episode 105

Another throwback to the House of Love days. Enjoy!
10/20/20181 hour, 10 minutes, 53 seconds
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elian WEEKEND PROJECT grease 02.22.15 - Episode 104

Here's a mix from the WEEKEND PROJECT series, with music by Frankie Valli, Daft Punk, Lou Rawls, James Brown, Janet Jackson, Kool n the Gang, George Benson, Paul Simon, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Julio Iglesias, Natalie Merchant, Luis Miguel, Tina Turner and others. Bonsoir ;)
9/19/20181 hour, 13 minutes, 32 seconds
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NY Underground Sessions .Vol 3. ELIAN Sep 2003 - Episode 103

This mix is from the Bellissima days, featuring tracks by Jazzanova, Kenny Bobien, Roy Ayers, and many many more. Enjoy!Elian
8/13/20181 hour, 19 minutes, 24 seconds
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Ascend .Mix 1. Elian Oct 2007 - Episode 102

This is an audition mix I put together 10 years ago for a monthly party Kevin Ruiz, Wendell Garcia and I were pitching to a club called Ascend in the Fort. The night never materialized, and the club went belly up, but the mix is gold. Happy to share it with you all here on our deep house music podcastPlaylist01 Freedom (Make It Funky) Black Magic02 Don't Hold Me Down (Quentin Harris Remix) Tortured Soul03 Simple Things (Sacred Rhythms Remix) Roland Clark04 Cafe Sol (Para Carolina) Alistair Colling05 Tumbao (LV EOL Remix) Luisito Quintero06 TBA07 The Cure & The Cause (Dennis Ferrer Remix) Fish Go Deep feat. Tracey K08 Let's Be Young (Original Mix) Quentin Harris09 You Can't Have New York (Shelter Anthem Vocal Mix) Monique Bingham & Quentin Harris10 Believe (Extended) Soldiers of Twilight
6/25/20181 hour, 17 minutes, 39 seconds
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Brava .Dinner CD2. Elian Oct 2007 - Episode 101

The 10-year Anniversary of this rare set of CD mixes continues. The work--featuring jazz, rhythm and blues, hip-hop, and world music--was originally commissioned by Abba Nappa for her bar Brava in 2007. Although the bar is no longer around, Abba has gone on to establish the restaurant powerhouse Moment Group. We published the never-before-released "Dinner CD1" back in September right here on this podcast, in case you missed it. Here now is "Dinner CD2".Karunesh. PunjabVoiceless Messenger. AromabarFloetic. FloetryWanna B Where U R (Thisizzaluvsong). Floetry & Mos DefMenage-A-Trois. Jimmy Sommers feat. Les NubiansComplexity. The RootsWhile We Speak. Chuck LoebSeparate Ways. Craig DavidLast Tango In Paris. Gotan ProjectHustlin' Daze. Donnel Jones & Guru's JazzmatazzBlue (I'm Still Here With You). IncognitoTell Me You Got It. Jimmy SommersAs De Corazones. ChambaoNo More. Guru's JazzmatazzAfter The Fall (Instrumental Version). IncognitoStay Mine. IncognitoWest Coast Coolin'. Norman BrownMidnight At The Oasis. Ramsey Lewis
3/5/20181 hour, 16 minutes, 5 seconds
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jojoflores Live 33.45 Athens - Episode 100 - in Manila 2.10.18

Multi-award winning, Montreal-based DJ Jojo Flores returns to Manila this Saturday, February 10, for a spectacular all-day music festival at The Ruins in Poblacion, Makati. And we get to celebrate our ONE-HUNDREDTH EPISODE by featuring Jojo, who we can confidently say, after doing this podcast for 10 years, is our favorite DJ hands down. This set recorded live in Athens, Greece, and takes us on a nice journey through the full spectrum of the Global Soul sound. Don't miss this Saturday's Not Your Typical party that starts at 2pm and ends at 12 midnight and features organizer Kristian Hernandez, Shortkut (San Francisco), Miro, Vinroc, That Girl, Marvelous, Deejay Paeste, Henry Lami, Archie Oclos, Padyak Ph, and of course the one and only Jojo Flores. This is deep house music at its very best!
2/8/20181 hour, 46 seconds
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Deep & Jazzy .ELIAN. house of love // July 2003 - Episode 99

Here's an early mix from the HOUSE OF LOVE days. They don't make music like this anymore. Absolutely love it. Featuring tracks by Francois K, Matthias Heilbronn, Llorca, Sun Orchestra, and lots more.
1/26/20181 hour, 14 minutes, 42 seconds
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elian WEEKEND PROJECT .one for my baby. episode 98

Another WEEKEND PROJECT instalment: easy listening cool music
10/31/201748 minutes, 58 seconds
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Elian. chill house with an attitude - vol 9 july 2007 - episode 97

Before MUSIC AND WINE, there was "Chill House with an Attitude", a series of 10 mixes that spanned four years. Each of those mixes are emblematic of the deep house sound that defined my DJ career from 2004 to 2007. This mix in particular, which features tracks by Franck Roger, DJ Deep, Jovonn, Dennis Ferrer, Siji and many others, was recorded soon after Ines, Kaye Quema, nightlife Legend Bobong Velez and I organized the biggest party that Greenbelt 2 had experienced since its inception attended by 4000 people--the New Year's party 2007 featuring DJs Kevin Ruiz, Jermaine Brown, and yours truly. It's the 10 year anniversary of this pre-MUSIC AND WINE set. Strap on your headphones, your dancing shoes, and your seat-belt. This is CHWA Volume 9.
10/10/20171 hour, 17 minutes, 5 seconds
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Brava .Dinner CD1. Elian Oct 2007 - Episode 96

The throwbacks keep on coming! Here's the first of two "chill out" CDs I recorded for the bar Brava in Serendra BGC in 2007, as commissioned by its proprietor Ms Abba Napa, the award winning restaurant entrepreneur today leading the Moment Group. The mix includes smooth jazzy tracks by Incognito, Jill Scott, Jimmy Summers, Grace Jones, Floetry, Erika Badu, Craig David, Ronny Jordan, and many more. Enjoy! Elian
9/6/20171 hour, 18 minutes, 47 seconds
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Chill House with an Attitude vol 6 elian Feb 2005 | Episode 95

Chill House with an Attitude vol 6 elian Feb 2005 | Episode 9501 Let The Children Play. Raul Midón02 Enjoy It Now. Tortured Soul03 Voice In Every Heart (Spinna Mix) Raul Midon 04 Better Day (Deeper Daze Mix) Alphamotive05 Like I Love You (Jazzanova Mix) Pharrell Williams & Justin Timberlake06 - Unknown -07 When You Find Your Love. Alistair Colling vs Tortured Soul08 You Groove Me (Jon Cutler Mix) Kemdi09 Show Me (Shaheer’s Soul Mix) Stephanie Cooke10 Here With My Best Friend (Lil’ Louie Vega Mix) Stephanie Cookie11 Days Like This (Spen & Karizma Mix) Shaun Escoffery 12 - Unknown - Bebel GilbertoRecorded for Paseo Uno LOUNGEVoice overs:Wendell GarciaMarkus JentesAnna JucoElian Habayeb#ThrowbackMix
4/12/20171 hour, 19 minutes, 35 seconds
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ELIAN Journey Into House (House of Love 2002) Episode 94

I'm playing good old house favorites at FIG's rooftop THIS Saturday. Inés Cabarrus-Habayeb and I would love to see our good friends there :)Here's another one of the early mixes, by popular demand. This mix was my first to be aired on the radio 15 years ago, featured on The Blue Room -- Wendell Garcia and Erik Mana's weekly 4-hour music show on Manila's Wave 89.1 FM. Those were the days of 78Orange, Green Planet, Pravda, Whereelse, Restaurant 12, Absinthe, Ice Vodka, and Temple, when I was falling in love with house music, discovering my sound, and later building that cozy little niche for myself in the world of electronic dance music.Much love to Kevin Ruiz, Manolet Dario, Myk Tolentino, Owens Sun, Mon Maramba, Andy Gray, Angela De Vera, Adrian Cuenca, Robert-Tisha Villaluz, Nicky Jurado, Michelle D. Lagdameo, Anthony Kierulf, Benjo Marquez, Markus Jentes, Marcel Crespo, Liezl Sarmiento, Marty Martel, Eric Cua, Ramon Delgado Rufino, Steven Tambunting, Christine San Diego, Elbert Cuenca, Adrian Hernandez (RIP) and many many more who first helped me get off the ground.www.musicandwineradio.comsoulful jazzy deep house music
3/7/20171 hour, 3 minutes, 35 seconds
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Elian Throwbacks. House of Love LOUNGE (2003) Episode 93

One of my early sets, inspired by the lounge sound of Stephane Pompougnac, Bruno Le Pretre, Thievery Corporation, and Supperclub. A little inside baseball: this mix was considered lost for the last 10 years, and has miraculously resurfaced this month unscathed, as good as the day it was recorded in mid-2003.
1/12/20171 hour, 13 minutes, 42 seconds
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Alex Callejo (Chicago) New Year - Episode 92

The Chicago-based DJ with Filipino roots records an exclusive mix for MUSIC AND WINE welcoming 2017. "I want to start the year positive and productive," says Alex Callejo, who doesn't get to DJ as much ever since his son Noah came along 20 months ago. "I needed an escape from the craziness of this world," he explains, adding "I always feel great to mix and release." Sit back and enjoy this special New Year mix:01 The Traveling Song (Mark De Clive-Lowe Remix) Pete Josef, Mark De Clive-Lowe02 Rhythms By The Sea (Original Mix) Moon Rocket, Esteban Fernandez, Jasmine Clemente, Andy Shigekawa03 Confession (Honeycomb Vocal Mix) DJ Kemit04 Date Respeta Guajiro (Doug Gomez Merecumbe Mix) Myles Bigelow, Toto Berriel, Doug Gomez05 Beautiful. N'Dinga Gaba, Jaidene Veda, Josh Milan06 Somewhere (feat. Martin Iveson) Jullian Gomez07 Conveniently Rolling (Vocal Mix) Koku Gonza, Anthony Nicholson08 Unchain (Manoo Remix) MA'JI, Manoo09 Love Is Here To Stay (Maurice Joshua Tome Mix) Maurice Joshua, M. Terrel10 Under The Volcano (Jose Marquez) Nickodemus11 Cuéntame (Original Mix) Dario D'Attis, David Aurel12 All Because Of You (KOKI Vocal Mix) Kiko Navarro, Julie McKnight, Koki13 Trigger. Mobi Dixon, Inga Hina
1/2/20171 hour, 11 minutes, 34 seconds
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Mental Dance Session ELIAN 2005 - Episode 91

Throwback Elian Mix from the MyHOUSE at M Cafe days01 Temperamental. Everything But The Girl (Karizma Mix)02 You Don’t Know My Name. Alicia Keys (Karizma)03 What You Do Is Crazy. Jill Scott (Kenny Dope Mix)04 4 The Love Of House. Karizma & Spen05 When. Kenny Bobien (83 West Vocal Mix)06 Fade. Solu Music (ADNY Dub)07 Dance With Me. K Klass (DJ Spen & the Mothefunkaz Mix)08 ..09 Free. Stephanie Mills (Louie Vega Vocal Remix)10 ..11 Ichawo. Franck Roger 12 Ordinary People. John Legend feat. Skinny Fabulous
12/19/20161 hour, 19 minutes, 58 seconds
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Ode to Bernie Sanders - DJ Pappy live at HOOCH 071316 - Episode 89

It's another pleasant, drizzly Wednesday night in the tropics. This time we're at HOOCH, the speakeasy famous for its designer cocktails that has recently become the place to go to for decent house music in Salcedo Village.It's my first time to play at HOOCH, although Ines and I have been to the bar plenty of times. The place is small and dark, with a long bar along its right side and two screens showing Charlie Chaplin movies. Outside, a couple of couches, and wooden cocktail tables facing Leviste Street. The night's organizer Jimmy Electriscoot sets up early on Wednesdays, and makes sure to include his Warfedale sub and the hi-fi monitor speakers for a fuller sound outside. I start at about 10pm when there's already a good number of friends in the crowd. I feel this burning need to play uplifting house music all night long.***The day is a particularly glum one for me on a personal level. This morning, Bernie Sanders announced his endorsement of Hillary Clinton, which means the bitter end to the revolution he’s been leading and that we’ve been following so fervently for the last year. For once, I thought there’s a possible solution to many of the problem plaguing the United States and the world. Finally, I thought, there was a guy that couldn't be bought, one with a moral compass that pointed him in the right direction, the compass of justice, compassion, equality, and solidarity. He proudly called himself a Democratic Socialist and it just didn't matter... this 'assumed' negative did not slow down his popular campaign that swept through the country like a wildfire. His ideas turned out to be right in line with the majority of the country. In less than a year, he was able to close a 60 point gap in the polls versus Hillary, who had the full weight of the establishment behind her: the donors, the Democratic party, the corporate media. Wherever he went, he filled stadiums. It didn't matter whether it was Milwaukee, Wisconsin--home of some the last standing organized labor movements, deep red Louisiana Baton Rouge, or liberal Portland, Oregon. Crowds were always over eight thousand people, and sometimes over twenty seven thousand people.And all of this was accomplished with virtually zero coverage on the nightly cable news, no coverage in the papers--unless it was to call him "a socialist" or "old". Everywhere you went, people were buzzing about Bernie Sanders. When he'd visit the late night shows, he’d consistently get standing ovations and break the ratings. Videos of these appearances went viral. Everyone was #feelingtheBernThis is a man that was arrested for fighting for civil rights with Martin Luther King in the 60s, and that invited Noam Chomsky to talk to his constituents the citizens of Burlington, Vermont, in the 80s about the harm that US foreign policy was causing in Nicaragua and El Salvador, and debating what these citizens could do to be part of the solution. He grilled Fed Chairman Allan Greenspan and Treasury Secretary Bob Rubin in ‘89 about the deregulation of banks that caused the worst financial collapse since the Great Depression, and opposed the 2008 bank bailouts that had no strings attached to speak of. He stood virtually alone against the Iraq war in 2003, and he took delegations of Vermont residents across the border to Canada to see how cheap drugs were and how efficiently their single-payer health care system worked. He came out strong against fracking, against the TPP, against GMOs, and against the industrial prison complex, even against the police’s brutality versus minorities. He came out strong against the highest levels of income and wealth inequality recorded in modern history and against a disappearing middle class. He strongly supported ending the death penalty, supported gun control, supported immigration reform that allowed 11 million people to come out of the shadows, supported a $15 minimum wage, supported paid family leave, supported free tuition in public universities, supported breaking up the big banks, and supported peace in the Middle East.His message was clear, his platform was plainly outlined at every event, his views were unequivocally expressed in every interview. He insisted on running an issued-oriented campaign, he never ran a negative ad, he never went after his opponent personally. However, he made sure to highlight the differences of opinion he had with Clinton and his other opponents.Unlike him, Clinton did not have the crowds, she did not have a clear message, and did not have much of a grass roots campaign. She did, however, have unparalleled access to Wall Street money. Every industry that had supported her or her husband in the past came to her rescue. That money translated into ads, which in addition to being a big microphone, meant great influence in the media. It bought consultants and alliances within the party, and it presumably bought many irregularities in the voting systems throughout states that have democratic governors. The result? Much fewer polling stations open than in 2012, tricky closed primaries, provisional ballots, and incomplete vote counting, among many others.At the end of the day, these things all seemed to slightly surpass the organic Sanders campaign, built mainly on speaking events. When polls taken right before the election in states such as California showed Sanders beating Clinton by single digits, the media projected Hillary the winner with a 65-35 margin, even when 3 million provisional votes had yet to be counted. In order to avoid exit polls showing much different results, the television networks that normally commission these polls cancelled them. In state after state, irregularities abounded and always favored Clinton. This is most clearly illustrated by the 6 tie breaker coin tosses in the Iowa caucus on the first election night that all come out favoring Clinton. The odds of getting this result are 1 in 64.Furthermore, Clinton locked up virtually all the "super-delegates" of the democratic party, which accounted for 15% of the total delegates required to win the nomination. And even though these delegates don’t decide until they cast their vote, the media would insistently report them as if they already voted for Clinton.It didn't help that, on the Republican side, Donald Trump had won the GOP's nomination, riding on an anti-establishment wave fueled by frustration, bigotry, and racism. His election to be sure would change life as we know it in the United States. He promised to build a wall separating the country from its southern neighbor. He promised to keep all Muslims out of the nation "until [he] can figure out what's going on." He said he wouldn't mind defaulting on the country's creditors and try to renegotiate "a better deal"--something that would result in the irreversible devaluation of the dollar and destroy the economy. He is for the unfettered right for everyone to carry guns everywhere, even if gun deaths are breaking new records each year. He tacitly welcomes the support of the KKK, he supports the right of cops to be as brutal as they wanna be… he wholeheartedly encourages the use of waterboarding. He seems ready to start a war with Iran to "get back the hundreds of billions we gave them." But worst of all is his ability to change his position on any issue without any shame. He is wildly unpredictable, and has the uncanny ability to capture headlines daily.Bernie was put in a very difficult position. If he fights Hillary in the convention and beyond (or run on a third party ticket), he risks bringing about a Trump presidency. The odds that he would beat Trump in a head-to-head match up were high (the polls say 13%), but there were no polls showing 3-way results. It is now apparent that Sanders did not want to live with the consequences if that happened to be the outcome.So today, Bernie endorsed Hillary. It was the most uncomfortable thing to watch. It was obvious that Sanders did not mean any of it, and that he just said what he had to say. The awkward pat he gave Hillary on the back spoke volumes. Hillary was smiling disturbingly throughout the press conference. Hearts dropped across the country as he uttered the words we never imagined hearing. For a moment, it seemed the revolution was over. He explained the compromises he made with Clinton’s campaign and the concessions he got. However, these seemed like just the tip of the iceberg of the things we wanted and hoped to get.***I choose to remember this election by that Disney moment when a bird landed on Bernie’s podium at a rally in Oregon with a full stadium watching, and Sanders saying “I think there may be some symbolism here. I know it doesn’t look like it, but that bird is really a dove asking us world peace.” The stadium went bananas with tearful cheers, and even the corporate media could not help but report on the magical moment.Today we mourn. Tonight we dance. Tomorrow we get back up and fight on for a better world.The playlist:01 Morris (Phil Asher’s Restless Soul Remix) Bah Samba02 My City My Life (Cassio’s Theme) Playin' 4 The City meets The Deep03 Give And Let Live (Louie Vega & Joe Claussell Dub) The Hope Collective04 Misery (Lil Louis Extended Mix) Kimara Lovelace05 Love Aquilas Coisas Todas (EOL Mix) Luisito Quintero06 Children of The World (Louie Vega Vo-Club Mix) Elements of Life feat. Josh Milan07 I Got Life (Kemeticjust Original Deep Mix) KemeticJust08 Momma's Grooves (Jimpster's Hip Replacement Mix) Osunlade09 Never Ending Song (Cherise) Lil Louis10 Let It Rain (Ezel Remix) Mustafa feat Flexie Muiso11 Don't You Ever Give Up (Ricanstruction Mix) Innervision feat. Melonie Daniels12 Keep The Love Going (Original Mix) Byron Stingly13 Loving Life (Right Now) Cofano & Troby feat. Nicole Mithchell14 The Pianist (Soul Creative Mix) Fever Brothers15 Brighter Days (Stephane's Liquid Club Mix) Big Moses feat. Kenny Bobien16 To Another Day (Frankie Feliciano Brooklyn Mix) Dj Vivona feat. Miss D17 That Thing About Deep (Munsen's Main Mix) 18 Better Days (Original Mix) Danny Clark & Jay Benham feat. Annette Taylor19 It’s Yours (Original Distant Music mix) Jon Cutler feat. E-Man20 Back Together (Director's Cut Classic Club Mix) Hardsoul feat. Ron Carroll
7/15/20162 hours, 1 minute, 8 seconds
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DJ Pappy at Hooch 100516 eHOUSE - Episode 89

Another beautiful night at Hooch, I'm quite happy with the set composed mostly of tracks that I haven't played in a long time. Always nice to see Camille Villanueva, Rachel Harrison, Victoria, Pierre Tountzis, Chris, Sasha, Tanya, David, Paul, Joanna (Joey), Infante Ricardo and everyone grooving al fresco till 2amSpecial thanks to Jimmy Gustilo for having me, and of course to the Hooch people Dixie Marinas, Lord Ancheta & Aksana Kalinich, Sam et al. Congratulations on the stylish renovations!01 The Whistle Song. Frankie Knuckles02 Skyline (Rancido Deep Journey Main Mix). Migosy03 Don't Give It Up (Reel People Rework). Aaries04 Carib's Leap (Ruben Toro's Unreleased Temple Mix). Ian Friday05 Keep Moving (The Sophisticado Ext Vocal Mix). Nicole Mitchell06 Wathula Nje. Black Coffee07 Many Questions (So Deepness Mix). Abicah Soul feat. Julius the Mad Thinker08 Wanna Be (Rancido's Traveling Soul Mix). Cee ElAssaad & Heidi Martin 09 Nankoumandjan (Rancido's Deep Deep Journey Dub). Boddhi Satva10 Rock My World (Rancido's Travelling Soul Remix). Black Coffee feat. Soulstar11 Soul Food (Main Mix). Chymamusique12 Gypsy Woman (Accapela). Crystal Waters13 If No Harm feat. Rachel Claudio (Ralf GUM meets RyB Remix). Ralf GUM14 Pienso En Ti (House Mix). MAW & Louis Salinas15 Faixa 1 (Lovely Day and the Sun is Shining). Blase16 1960 GA RE FLIPPER2. Dennis Ferrer17 Riders On The Storm (Kiko Navarro Rework). Rassek18 Above The Sky (Ralf GUM Remix). Andy Compton feat. Kafele19 Spanish Hustle (Southport Weekender Mix). The Fatback Band feat. Bah Samba20 Save Us (The Jam). Black Science Orchestra21 Music And Wine (Funkaphonic Radio Edit). Blue Six22 Esteban (Original Mix). DJ OJI feat. Estaban23 L.I.E.(Estranjeros Ghetto Touch). N'Dambi24 Living My Dream (Zepherin Saint Tribe Remix). Local Instruments feat. MJ White25 Another World Feat. Andre Lodemann (Album Version). Joey Negro presents Akabu
7/15/20162 hours, 30 minutes, 22 seconds
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DJ Pappy ELIAN Free My Soul eHOUSE - Episode 88

Here's a new music mix studio recorded by yours truly DJ PAPPY in July 2016.01 Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (Original) Michael Jackson02 Point of View (Club Mix) DB Boulevard03 Free Yourself (Vocal Mix) David Harness & Charles Spencer feat. Fantasia Barrino04 Heaven (Scott Wozniak Flute Dub) Kem05 Free My Soul (Instrumental) Louie Vega Presents Luisito Quintero06 Simply Beautiful (Timmy Regisford Vocal Mix) Leela James07 Jaguar (Main Mix) A Hundred Birds08 Samurai (Original) Jazztronik
7/9/201654 minutes, 37 seconds
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ELIAN Body Mind Soul (Jan 2004) - Episode 87

A nice throwback to 12 years ago when I recorded this set featuring Osunlade, Tortured Soul, Cooly's Hot Box, Carlos Sanchez Movement, Blaze, Louie Vega, Jon Cutler, Jon Lucien, Raul Midon, Monique Bingham, and many more.Those were the days of the House of Love. And what a glorious time it was!(Photo: Elian at Ice Vodka's Groove Sanctuary)
2/4/20161 hour, 19 minutes, 58 seconds
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Elian is now DJ Pappy - eHOUSE want you in my soul - Episode 86

01. Want You In My Soul (Original Mix) Lovebirds feat. Stee Downes02. Path (Dub Mix) Redshape03. Happy Dayz (Original) UPZ feat. Stephanie Cooke04. Upon Ourselves (Yoruba Soul Mix) Argy feat. Bajka05. The Leaf (Gonna Get You) Nomumbah06. Was Bleibt (Jimpster Instrumental) Kollektiv Turmstrasse07. Deep Love (King Todli Mix) King Todli & Real Purple Deep feat Dj Biggy B08. Let It Be Love (You Should Be Mine) (N'Dinga Gaba Remix) Mark Di Meo feat. Nickson09. Peace (Frankie Feliciano Stripped Vocal Mix) DeepCitySoul & Darryl D'Bonneau10. Raising Vibrations (Club Mix) Klevakeys feat. Diamondancer11. Another World Feat. Andre Lodemann (Album Version) Joey Negro presents Akabu
2/4/20161 hour, 1 minute, 23 seconds
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elian WEEKEND PROJECT old fashion love - Episode 85

01. Old Fashion Love - Commodores02. It's Too Late - Workshy03. Once Upon A Time - Marvin Gaye04. Being With You - Smokey Robinson05. Love Is The Answer - Bill Cantos06. Instant Love - Daft Punk feat. Julian Casablancas07. Night Fever - Bee Gees08. Give Me The Night - George Benson09. A Natural Man - Lou Rawls10. Do I Do - Stevie Wonder11. Dangerous - Michael Jackson12. So Many Ways - Grant Nelson13. Where Did You Go - Shea14. Flashback (I Lose Myself In You) - Fat Freddy's Drop
12/17/201554 minutes, 52 seconds
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elian - Faith in You. eHOUSE : episode 84

Our first post-Paloma house mix.1.Faith In You (Ultra Soul Project Soulful Mashup) by Terryfic2.Lady by D'Angelo (Frankie Foncett Mix)3.Work Me (Rootstrax Version) by Mondo 4.The Message (NYC Philly Tribute Mix) by Oscar P & C. Scott5.Landscape Beyond the Clouds by Fiso Da Costa feat. Lorena6.Love & Happiness (Muzikman Edition) by Al Green7.Let Yourself Go (Director's Cut, Sybil) by Frankie Knuckles8.Let It Go (N'dinga Gaba Vocal Remix) by Mauritzio9.Play That Music (Deep Club Mix) by Liquid Light featuring Monique 10.Play Wit You (Ron Trent mix) bySandman + Riverside feat. Kymberli Wright11.Uzongilinda by Qness feat Malehloka12.Back Together (Director's Cut Classic Club Mix) by Hardsoul Feat. Ron Carroll
10/22/20151 hour, 10 minutes, 48 seconds
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elian WEEKEND PROJECT paloma mix - Episode 83

Welcome to our world Paloma Antoinette Cabarrus Habayeb! Here's a music mix for our little peapod recorded back in June. 1 You Made Me Feel So Very Happy Lou Rawls2 Don't Cry Seal3 Mind Blowing Decision Heatwave4 I Love Your Smile Shanice5 Inolvidable Luis Miguel6 Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) Grover Washington Jr.7 As Stevie Wonder8 How Deep Is Your Love Bee Gees9 Nothing Can Come Between Us Sade10 Cu-cu-rru-cu-cu Paloma Julio Iglesias11 My Girl Marvin Gaye12 Isn't She Lovely Stevie Wonder13 My Miracle Baby (Original Mix) Evren Furtuna14 Lovelee Dae (Riso & Matthijs Wentink Edit) Blaze vs Dennis Ferrer15 Heaven's Saxaphone (Main Mix) Marlon D16 You Are So Beautiful (Scott Wozniak & Master Kev Remix) Joe CockerElian & Ines
9/11/20151 hour, 12 minutes, 9 seconds
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elian WEEKEND PROJECT love so right - Episode 82

Weekend Project takes a delightful downtempo turn
6/6/20151 hour, 16 minutes, 38 seconds
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elian WEEKEND PROJECT 002:POLO episode 81

A 3-hour rehearsal for a Sunday afternoon gig at the Manila Polo Club turns into the next instalment of the WEEKEND PROJECT series, and our next episode on the program. Cheers!
5/13/20153 hours, 17 minutes, 4 seconds
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elian THE BLUE PARTY 4.18.15 Azure Beach Club - Crimson Cebu - Episode 80

If you're in the Cebu area this weekend, you're in luck! THE BLUE PARTY at Azure Beach Club in Crimson Cebu this Saturday April 18, 8pm. Music by ELIAN and fashion show by MIA ARCENAS. No cover. Dress: Shades of Blue.Jewelry and accessories by Jewelmer. Special thanks to Bacardi Rum, Titania Wines, Turning Wheels Craft Beers, and Santa Vittoria Acqua Minerale. Let's come together. Free your mind.For more information visit
4/12/20151 hour, 18 minutes, 44 seconds
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WEEKEND PROJECT 001 you'll never find

To a new beginning.--This is Episode 79 for those who are counting ;)
3/10/20151 hour, 19 minutes, 24 seconds
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Tom Turner (Switzerland) CHIHUAHUA Manila Ep 76

He used to play at big clubs all over the world, like Fabric in London. Recently, Swiss DJ Tom Turner dropped by Chihuahua to perform for the first time and lit the place on fire!  Here's a taste recorded live.
10/28/201449 minutes, 5 seconds
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elian 2004 nuvo soul ep.75

More throwbacks. Recorded in 2004 and used as the official mix of Nuvo Soul in 2006.Thanks for all the positive feedback you've been sending us lately :)
10/18/20141 hour, 19 minutes, 38 seconds
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ELIAN 06.2005 episode 74

Another #throwbackthursday
10/4/20141 hour, 16 minutes, 25 seconds
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Summer Pool Party ELIAN Jan 2005

9/11/20141 hour, 18 minutes, 18 seconds
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Remembering Paseo Uno LOUNGE. Elian. Episode 72

Before MUSIC AND WINE, before MyHOUSE, there was Paseo Uno LOUNGE, the pool party at the Mandarin Oriental Manila organized by yours truly. Today, we celebrate its 10-year would be anniversary as we learn of the closure of the magnificent hotel. For those who lived through its year of unparalleled success, and the wonderful memories that were made, here's to taking chances!This mix is called "Chill House with an Attitude"
5/30/20141 hour, 17 minutes, 18 seconds
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APSARA a.k.a. Mari Furuya (San Francisco) Episode 71

DJ Apsara dropped by Manila recently, performing at Club TIME next door to Chihuahua. The Tokyo-born San Francisco-based Mari Furuya rocked it, as expected, and people are still talking about it today. Here's her latest mix on the tech tip.Get more Aspara info at the beautifully laid out   
5/8/201458 minutes, 14 seconds
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jojoflores live at Cubo, Bulgaria - Episode 70

Jojo Flores has been up to a whole lot since his last appearance on the show two years ago. It was right about that time he was visiting Manila and having dinner with us at Sugi. Flores told us then about this new thing he had launched.He called it PEOPL. A Sunday afternoon party that was different. "It's people without the 'e'," he said. It seemed only a few months later that we first heard about this new club that would emerge with the same name: PEOPL. It turns out Flores convinced the owners of club UN, where the weekly PEOPL. party was taking place to reopen the club destined for closure under its new name, and to bring him in as an active investor.The club would embody the same virtues that had made the Sunday party such a success. "It was for our people," says Flores. It was for the real lovers of music that come out just to listen and get lost in it, that "lose and refind themselves in the music." It was different in that it didn't attract the weekend crowd that may be there for the wrong reasons.The new club features paintings on the walls made by local artists that were for sale, it holds a yoga class every Tuesday evening, it even presents live jazz shows. It's a "boutique" club, according to Flores.Club PEOPL. turned one a few months ago. Here's to vision!
3/19/20142 hours, 1 minute, 53 seconds
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Peter Borg (London, UK) Simply Salacious - Episode 69

He's one of London's hardest working DJs, and he's back on the show, this time with his highly acclaimed December 2013 music mix.  And if you like what you hear here, catch Peter Borg on his weekly radio show Tuesdays from 7-9pm GMT on and on all social media at peterborgmusic.  Here's the playlist!1. Fall For You - Kings Of Tomorrow 2. Stop the world -Tarantulaz ft Renn Washington 3. Falling in love - DKSF Audio Ft Naomi Mogg 4. Taxi - Lieutenant Grey ft Surmayi 5. My Baby - Soulful Session Ft. Leanne 6. You - (Deep Roger Remix) - Raheem DeVaughn 7. Alone Together (Gruvhunter Beatdown Remix) - Daley ft Marshia Ambrosius 8. Double Trouble (Wipe the needle remix) - Circle of Funk ft Lifford and Natasha Watts 9. If you take my love (Booker T remix) - Kings of Soul 10. Let's Stay Home (M&S remix) - Frankie Knuckles pres. Director's Cut starring Inaya Day 11. Hallelujah anyway (David Penn mix) - Candi Staton 12. The Word Is Love (Alfred Azzetto Classic Re-Work Remix) - Steve Silk Hurley Ft Sharon Pass 13. I Need You (Muzikman Edition Remix) - Kenny Bobien & Jose Burgos 14. Step Up - Jamie Lewis & Michelle Weeks 15. Façade (Danny Clark Vocal Mix) - Neil Thompson & Nicole Mitchell
2/14/20141 hour, 19 minutes, 10 seconds
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Sammy Rock (, NYC) - Episode 68

I can't tell you how excited I am to publish this week's mix.  And you wanna know who spins it?  Sammy Rock.  That's right, as in's own Sammy Rock from the Bronx.If you only knew how critical Cyberjamz has been to my personal development as a DJ.  I happened by Cyberjamz over 10 years, possibly by linking through the online magazine about NYC's house scene, run by photographer Donna Ward, who used to organize the annual Choice Awards (the scene's Oscars).The station was quite impressive.  It had a strong line-up of radio programs scheduled at different peak listening hours of the day.  7-9pm Master Kev's Yo Sessions.  10-12pm Sunday School by Keith "Porterhouse" Porter. 9-11pm The NuBang Clan Sessions.  We're talking 10 shows a day, seven days a week.  These were live shows broadcast weekly, jam packed with good music, rarely ever repeating a track from one week to the next.  This is when I discovered DJs like Camacho, Carlos Sanchez, James Vincent, Donna Edwards, and Ruben Toro.  This is when I first heard about Robbi The Promoter. This is when I learned about the Jersey DJs.  There was even live chatting.  You'd read things like "just got home from the Shelter, Timmy killed it tonight" and "I like what he did with Sandcastles on that long transition..."One show I used to listen to often was called "Soul Expressions" by the station founder and manager DJ Sammy Rock a.k.a Soul Oasis. "Soul Expressions on Cyberjamz dot kEm," Sammy'd say.  He'd get on the mic and talk about anything from last week's events, to how his birthday party went on Tuesday night, to what to look forward to that upcoming week.  I'm telling ya, it felt like I was right there in the middle of the scene.  It felt like I knew about as much as anyone else attending these parties from one week to the next.  (P.S. This immersion came in handy when I was invited to present an award at the Choice Awards 4.0 in 2005, when Cyberjamz was voted best online radio station.  That night I met in person many of the people I'd heard about through Cyberjamz and similar sites like,,, etc., like Jovonn, Cordell Johnson, Ed Dunn, Danny Krivit, Quentin Harris, Kevin Hedges, Anane, Stephanie Cooke, Jada, Tommy Bones, Andre Collins, Bruce Tatum, and Josh Milan.)  Back to the radio station.  The music was just phenomenal, and consistently that way.  I spent countless hours listening and internalizing this music, so much so that it became part of me, part of who I became. And here we are 10 years later, I am completely filled with pride as we introduce Sammy Rock on the show for the first time.  Here's a commercial-free "House of Soul" fresh music mix.  Hope you're wearing comfortable shoes!Subscribe for free with iTunes
1/25/20141 hour, 24 minutes, 42 seconds
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Be Who You Wanna Be - Elian (MUSIC AND WINE) Episode 67

It's a new year. A time to set our sights higher to make this one of the best music podcast programs you can get your hands on. As it enters its 5th year, MUSIC AND WINE Radio is expected to publish this year music mixes by over 50 of house music's top DJs from the Americas, Europe, Africa and, of course, the Philippines.And to kick off this commitment, a 90-minute set by yours truly of strictly new music. Let's go!Halleluah Anyway (Larse Vocal Mix) - Up by LogitechRevival V3 - Cuts Deep & Martine GiraultFollow Me Aly (Main Mix) - Us Matthew Bandy and Toni Economides Pres. Xakosa Like Rain (Main Mix) - Dom Navarra feat. CairoThink About (Kupper's NuDeep Remix) - 95 North, Big D, Eric KupperJust Say Yes (Mirco Esposito Remix) RaShaan Houston & Mr Egg GermDevotion (Bam Bam's House Mix)Keep On Steppin - 4.The Playerz (DJ Romain, Vincenzo Siracusa)Butterflies (The Layabouts Vocal Mix) Reel People, Dyanna FearonKeep On Wondering (Original Mix) - DJ FudgeTop Of The World (Original Mix) - Sonny Fodera & Kevin KindKeep Moving (The Sophisticado Ext Vocal Mix) Nicole MitchellWanna Be (Rancido's Traveling Soul Mix) - Cee ElAssaad & Heidi MartinLibre La Vida (Supernova Remix) - Danniel Selfmade, Charlie DemirThe Message (NYC Philly Tribute Mix) - Oscar P & C. ScottCircles (riCkY inCh Vocal Mix) - Kimara LovelaceCatch Ines and I, Elian, at RocketRoom this Saturday January 18 starting at 8pm!
1/13/20141 hour, 36 minutes, 40 seconds
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Eman (NYC) Liberate Recordings: The Abstract - Episode 66

Let's start the year on the right foot with what Liberate Recordings' Eric "Eman" Clark calls "tek house done right". Tracklist to "The Abstract" mix:1. Mahogany - Black Moodyman2. Iseethroughyou - The Rurals3. Koppabird - Dale Howard4. Gone - David August5. Boom! - Wbeeza6. Clouded Vision - Nico Lahs7. Speaking to the Ground - France Deep8. Detroit Baby What- No Artificial Colours9. The secret - France Deep10. Focus Now - Maya Jane Cole11. Mo That Jazz – Chapham ShuffelGet more Eman music at
1/5/20141 hour, 2 seconds
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Alex Callejo (Chicago) at 3 Degrees / 5 Magazine Typhoon Benefit - Episode 65

Alex Callejo is back with a powerful new mix with inspirational messages and the beats to back them up.  This is just a little taste of how the 3 Degrees / 5 Magazine party benefiting typhoon victims in the Philippines at Chicago's Primary sounded like earlier this month.  The party raised funds destined to Doctors without Borders, and featured the likes of Roy Davis Jr., Julius the Mad Thinker, FLX, Monna, Big Sexy, and Jeremiah Seraphine.Here's what the invite looked like:"Join us this Wednesday as we donate our time and positive energy to people who need it dearly – those effected by Typhoon Haiyan.  According to the BBC, more than 11.5 Million people have been effected by this super storm.  That is roughly twice the population of Chicago.  It is a disaster of staggering proportions.A few weeks ago, Czarina Mirani of 5 Magazine posted an appeal on Facebook to organize an event that would benefit those effected. We were moved by her instinct to try to help those in need and we felt compelled to donate the proceeds of a night to this worthy cause.  Soon after offered to help, Roy Davis Jr., a DJ who needs no introduction, graciously donated his talent and time to the event. Longtime 3 Degrees member, Alex Callejo, will also be spinning and donating his time to support his fellow Filipinos.  Also, Tonic from the Chicago Tribe b-boy crew, herself a Filipina is donating her time as an event host.Please join us on Wednesday at Primary and donate as much as you can spare at the door.  100% of the cover charge will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.  Click here for event details.3 Degrees co-founder Jeremiah Seraphine has donated in the past to Doctors Without Borders, and recommended this charity to be the benefactor for the event."
12/27/201342 minutes, 16 seconds
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DJ Henry Knowles (NYC) - The Salsa Project (Chihuahua) promo 11.30.13 - El Canario Hot Street Salsa Mix - Ep 64

It doesn't get much better than this! Legendary salsa DJ HENRY KNOWLES brings to Manila his decades of experience playing for the toughest, most discerning audiences.After rocking the Manila Boracay Latin Dance Festival 2013 for the last week, Knowles dusts the sand off his record rack and brings this Philippines trip to a euphoric climax. Where else but at Chihuahua!Special thanks to organizers Ana Palma, Michael Wisniewski, and their "A" team that made the Latin Festival such a success. You've put our country on the map guys!Now caballeros, brush up on those moves. Ladies, pick out the sexiest dress you've got and line up those dance shoes. This is gonna be one for the books!!!----THE SALSA PROJECTSaturdays at Chihuahua Mexican Grill7838 Makati Avenue, Manila, PhilippinesSalsa Fanatics EntertainmentFree dance lesson at 10:30pm----Admired as the DJ’s DJ, Henry Knowles, known as the world’s top Latin music DJ, spins a tension-building beat, filling dancers with ánimo. With la clave in his heart and the music in his veins, his passion for Latin culture and music translate in his work, making this very special disc jockey's mixing abilities unmatched and respected worldwide. His breadth of knowledge about all music and its history combined with his versatile music library and ability to read his audience, creates un ambiente caliente and has made Henry the Salsa community's most beloved disc jockey.Born in New York City’s ‘Spanish Harlem’ and of Puerto Rican descent, Henry's love for the music that makes his blood flow was born during family parties in New York City and childhood summers in Puerto Rico. It is here on this tropical island and in the clubs of New York City where he found his soul and learned to dance Salsa. A dancer, practically all his life—"My heart beats on clave" —he is known to hold his own on the dance floor and understands how to honor and inspire a Salsero, but can cater to any non-salsa audience as well.  Henry has worked as a disc jockey, video DJ, master of ceremonies, sound engineer and promoter in major nightclubs and venues around the world throughout the span of his career.  He spreads the beat and his love for Salsa rhythms on a global scale in what could be touted as Salsa evangelism!  His extensive travels include appearances in over 47 countries and 350 cities & islands throughout the United States, Canada, Caribbean, European Regions, Mediterranean, Middle East, Mexico, Central and South America and even Asia. He believes his travels are an opportunity to share his skills, talents and experience with aspiring disc jockeys. Henry has held workshops, sharing with his comrades how he works the floor and the latest and most effective mixing techniques.Aside from producing events, shows, song remixes and productions, Henry tours the world working with the most important names in the Latin music industry. His background includes promotional work for major recording labels, such as BMG, WEA, RMM, for artists such as; Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Christina Aguilera, Juan Gabriel and representation of artists such as; Marc Anthony, Ruben Blades, Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Grupo Mania and currently the legendary New Swing Sextet, for which Henry is executive producer of their 2009 Grammy Nominated CD release, titled “Back on the Streets… Taste Of Spanish Harlem Vol 2.” under the Cotique/Fania recording label and also executive producer behind the recent 2013 production  “Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow”.As the first official disc jockey for Salsa congresses held around the world; most notably the Bacardi World Salsa Congress, Henry is the consummate professional with more than 25 years of experience catering to the serious Latin music lover, but can also cater to any audience as he can program a mixed format of pretty much any genre. He has created remixes and compilations for the RMM recording label, including the popular Bacardi Salsa Congress compilation, which is still sold in record stores around the world. Some recognitions and awards include: Recognition Award (Copacabana, NY 2001), Andy Award (Puerto Rico 2002), Top Int’l DJ Award (UK 2003), Lifetime Achievement Award (Los Angeles, CA 2003), Latin Beat Magazine Honoree “Siempre Salsa Fest” (NYC 2003, 2005, 2006) & Int’l Salsa Ambassador Recognition (Eilat, Israel 2006)… just to name a few.Henry has worked with movie premieres for Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony, fund raisers & corporate events for organizations such as Goya Foods, Aspira, Cielo Latino, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Roberto Cavalli, Latin Grammys, Latina Magazine, Bacardi and NY Lincoln Center…  just to name a few.He has played for audiences as large as 20,000 persons in attendance.For over twenty years, Henry has promoted and hosted some of NYC’s biggest Latin dance parties, including the famous “Salsa Mondays”, which was recognized as New York City’s hottest Salsa dance party by Time Out NY for over seven years. Live Latin music was featured every Monday for over eleven years and frequented by Salsa music lovers from all over the world.  Some acts featured include names such as: Johnny Pacheco, Spanish Harlem Orch. with Ruben Blades, Andy Montañez, Larry Harlow, Azuquita, Lebron Brothers, Johnny Colon & New Swing Sextet…to name a few.  Also frequented regularly by some celebrities such as dear friends Vanessa Williams, John Leguizamo, Luiz Guzman, etc…See you on the dance floorPhoto caption: DJ Henry Knowles, Jennifer Lopez, and Marc Anthony
11/29/20135 minutes, 54 seconds
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Elian @ Carte Blanche - M Cafe 8.16.13 - Episode 63

Another cool summer night washes upon an intimate group of music lovers at M Cafe who have come out on the scent of a particular rhythm. Markus Cali-Jentes chills in the crowd along with Kishore of Nomad Massive, Stefan Lowenstein, and the evening's host Romain Rivierre. SINYMA's Abdel Aziz packs his equipment from his delectable opening set and bops his head to the beats of its successor.  There's a lot of new music on the menu.  Here's the tracklist:1. The Leaf (Gonna Get You) Nomumbah2. Cool Down (Rancido's Remixes) Am Roots feat. Fred Mthembu3. Secret Voyage (Manoo Remix) GummiHz4. Over You (Rancido's Travelling Soul Mix) Tellaman5. Loving You In Places (N'Dinga Gaba's Deep Sax Dub) C Robert Walker & Paris Cesvette6. Little W. 12th St. (Jonny Montana Mix) Ralf GUM, Monique Bingham7. Sense of Life [feat. Clara Hill] (QB's Hot Mix) Atjazz feat. Clara Hill8. Jus Right (Jimpster Remix) Josh Wink9. I'm Not Afraid of The Future (Jimpster Mix) Joey Negro pres. AkabuSubscribe for free with iTunes
8/29/201359 minutes, 22 seconds
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Bryan Boogie @ Star Sessions on In Soul We Trust 8.01.13 - Episode 62

New music recently recorded in San Francisco by friend of the show Bryan Boogie, who we hear might be in Manila early next year! When we say "new" we mean "nu", as in Nu Disco.  Let us know how you like it :) Tracklist:1) Talk To Me feat. Alexander East (First Incarnation Mix) - Counterw82) City Life feat. Cari Golden (Maceo Plex Remix) - DJ T.3) Love U Down (Miami Vice Mix) - Lazaro Casanova4) You Won - (Lazaro Casanova Miami Heat Dub) - NYCPARTYINFO5) Something Special - Miguel Campbell6) Everyday (Amine Edge & DANCE Remix) - Adana Twins7) Infinity (Claude VonStroke Remix) - Infinity Ink8) Gimme Tha Fonky Ass (Original Mix) - Amine Edge9) I Believe (Original Mix) - Lazaro Casanova10) Percolator (Jamie Jones Vault Mix) - Cajmere11) Dock of the Bay (Johnny Fiasco Remix) - Bryan Boogie & Gene Hunt feat. Martin Luther12) Can't Find The Words (Original Mix) - Tough Love13) Gold (Moon Boots Remix) - BondaxSubscribe for free with iTunes
8/24/20131 hour, 8 minutes, 42 seconds
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Elian at RocketRoom's SUPERSONIC 07.19.13

The night's invite had words on it like "intergalactic", "extraterrestrial" and "solar", and that's exactly how the music turned out! Big ups to the Parisian dancers in the house and to Thomas and Stacey Cortmanche, who just made it offical! A tip of the space mask to Lara Parpan, Valentina Remotti, Sasha Haman, and Georgina Ho who embodied the evening's vibe, and props to DJ Markus Cali-Jentes, Dale Pagkalinawan, Chris Lacson, and Krizzy Sarmiento, the cheerleaders hanging out in front of the DJ booth all night.  And let's not forget my lovely fiance Ines, who lit up the place with her radiance and positivity ;)Lastly, a big thank you to Martin, Stefan, and Mackey for having me!       Here's the playlist:01. Space Rider (Spinna Club Mix) Shaun Escoffery02. Poseidon (At One Remix) Elise03. Slip Away (Original Mix) Mario Basanov, Rahjwanti04. Path (Dub Mix) Redshape05. Suncé (Main Mix) Souldynamic06. Wunder Y (Original Mix) Ron Allen, Chach07. Give It To Me (Main Mix) Tommy Bones08. Pendukeny (Feat. Gari Sinedima) (Hallex M Remix) Para People09. Shortline (Frank Wiedemann Remix) Ry, Frank Wiedemann, The Howling10. Wordz (Steve Bug Remix) Ron Allen, Affrica11. Just Getting By (Main) Tommy Bones12. Everything (Ralf GUM Main Mix) Ralf GUM, Jocelyn Mathieu13. Breathe (Chris Nigel's Original Mix) Chris Nigel, Lester Jay14. They Bang (Bang The Drum Full Vox Mix) Rescue Poetix15. The Only Way (Ralf GUM Main Mix) Ralf GUM, Kenny BobienSubscribe for free with iTunes
7/25/20131 hour, 40 minutes, 32 seconds
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Angelo Mendez live at The Powder Room's LIMON SQUEEZE (Chihuahua) - Episode 60

Hip-hop promoting duo Margaux Cortez and Erica Paredes (a.k.a. The Powder Room) takes over Chihuahua's Fridays bi-weekly, featuring the finest R&B DJs the city's got to offer.  On their launch night, veteran DJ Angelo Mendez plays a unique R&B set with a latin accent that is captured on tape and now featured here for your personal groovement.This Friday (June 28), it's New Yorker Kevin Ruiz playing an extended conscious hip-hop set, the first one we've had the privilege of witnessing live.  There's gonna be some serious crate digging happening later!If you're in the Manila area, drop by Chihuahua on Makati Ave. to experience LIMÓN for yourself! Complimentary Chihuarita shots with every Corona purchased. Brought to you by Corona and www.musicandwineradio.comSubscribe for free with iTunes
6/28/20131 hour, 15 minutes, 41 seconds
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Elian at YSL2013 - Episode 59

Elian mix performed in Tacloban, Philippines, August 2013 (before the storm) Subscribe for free with iTunes
6/23/201357 minutes, 35 seconds
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Clyde Harris (6AM group) at LIMÓN - Episode 58

Chihuahua and Corona are proud to bring you DJ Clyde Harris this Friday at LIMÓN, Manila's newest weekly party celebrating life, music, and all the zest that makes it worthwhile.After establishing himself as one of Guam's top DJs when he lived there for about three years, Clyde decided to pursue his passion more seriously by going to music school in Baltimore, where he was exposed to the vibrant house scene of the DC area.  Now, he's back in his native Philippines and making waves on the Manila circuit. He's managed to get residencies at some of the top bars and clubs in town including TIME, Prohibition, Ultimate Club, and ICON, and he produces and remixes tracks regularly.  Since his return, Clyde has earned himself quite a reputation for his eclectic range, his fluidity and precision.  Get more of his music at's a recent mix he's titled Deep Resolution, a taste of what to expect on Friday night at Chihuahua!  LIMÓN starts at 10pm at Chihuahua on Makati Ave. No cover and complimentary Chihuarita shots with every Corona purchased.Subscribe for free with iTunes
4/2/20131 hour, 11 minutes, 27 seconds
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Jay Lobo (Manila) - Episode 57

There's a new party in town! Chihuahua and Corona just last week launched LIMON, a celebration of life, music, and the zest that makes it all worthwhile.  DJ Aimax Macoy kicked off the festivities with a fun 80s set that went on till 5am, while hostesses Kat Lagman and Edel Sarmiento made everyone feel right at home :)This week, we've got a strong, soulful DJ line-up:Mike Constantino (Conscious & The Goodness) brings nu-jazz and rare r&b to the table, and Jay Lobo (deepersoul) delivers a mix of deep house with beautiful instrumentals and groovy harmonies.  The evening is hosted by the always vivacious Angela McDonald.        This is the first Jay Lobo mix we feature on the radio program.  Although Jay's been performing in Manila for quite some time, we never physically crossed path (we've interacted with him and heard his music online) and for one reason or another we never connected... until earlier this year at M Cafe, when we were blown away by his exquisite opening set.  Here's a taste of what you'll hear on Friday night!1. Teddy Douglas Ft Marcel & Natalie the Floacist - Good Morning Love (Early Morning Mix)2. Quincy Jones - Tell Me A Bedtime Story (Opolopo Cut & Paste Mix)3. The Funklovers - Cloud of Memories4. Souldynamic Ft Angela Johnson - Love (Terry Hunter Bang Main Mix)5. Vick Lavender Ft Tina Howell - Intelligent Beings (The Sophisticado Unreleased Dub Mix)6. Cajmere & Russoul Pres Ari Lourdes - Love is You 7. Glenn Underground - Master Fuse8. Ralf Gum, Kafele - Burning Star (Glenn Underground TransAtlantic Mix)9. Anthony Nicholson Ft Chester Gregory - Love Ballad- Much MoreSubscribe with iTunes
3/14/201359 minutes, 48 seconds
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Elian RED sat 2.16 @ Martinis, Mandarin Oriental Manila - Episode 56

It all started with the White Party about 4 years ago, a cheerful revelry of love and friendship that's celebrated every June in just about every major city around the world.  It was also the beginning of a collaboration between Markus and Richard Schmidt-Danao and MUSIC AND WINE, our weekly social event held on Saturday nights at Martinis, in the Mandarin Oriental.A year later came the Black Party, a darker more sultry annual event that fell right around Halloween.  This year, the Trilogy is complete.  Introducing the Red Party, a turgid conflagration of post-Valentine's passion launching this Saturday, February 16.Here's the album version of the mix you'll hear tonight.  We'll see you there in RED!Tracklist:Want You In My Soul (Original Mix) – LovebirdsLove Song 28 EP (Original MIx) - Jullian Gomes feat. BobbyCloudwalking - JimpsterDon't Push It (Original Mix) - JimpsterCan't Stop Loving - JimpsterDon't Fly Away (Jimpster Dub Mix) - Acos CoolKAs, Nata TomataThe Beast and The Ghost (Original Mix) - AtJazz, Fred Everythingdi5c0nn3ct (Original Mix) - Grant NelsonDeep (Jimpster Mix)Upon Ourselves (Yoruba Soul Mix) - Argy feat. BajkaSubscribe for free with iTunes (button below)
2/16/201357 minutes, 30 seconds
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Alex Callejo (Simply Deep, Chicago) - Episode 55

How about we kick the year off right with some high quality deep house music?  This is Alex Callejo's second featured mix on our radio program, the first one being all the way back in 2010.  Since then, we've been fervently listening to his spiritually restitutive podcast Simply Deep.Like many Chicago artists, Alex has been influenced by house music as far back as the 80's. Growing up, mixing has always been a leisurely activity used to enjoy dance music from all over the world. "I've had the opportunity to DJ various venues throughout Chicago and the Philippines, and I've had the honor to make DJ appearances on various internet radio stations throughout the world," says the co-founder for HOUSEJUNKYZ and DEEPHOUSVIBES. His current project is Simply Deep. "Today, mixing continues to be a source of enjoyment and relaxation for me," says Alex. "Why I continues to mix? Simply put it's fun, I love the music, so why not?"Alex's influences over the decades have ranged from Hot Mix 5, Mark Grant, Marques Wyatt, Ron Carroll, Mark Farina, Steve Silk Hurly, Marshall Jefferson, DJ Pierre, Derrick May, Derrick Carter, Lil Louis, Frankie Knuckles, Tony Humphries, MAW, Ibadan, David Mancuso, Francois K, Glenn Underground, Larry Levan, Ron Trent, 3 degrees, Dennis Ferrer, Kerri Chandler, Jojo Flores, Abicah Soul, Atjazz, Osunlade, and Karizma.Those of us who were in Manila back in 2006 may remember Alex's performance at MyHOUSE, the weekly party we organized at M Cafe.  We can only hope for a repeat of that really soon (it's been 7 years Alex!)Here's the track-list to this particularly therapeutic mix by Alex called Love, Life, and Musica that we can only guess was inspired by his recent trip to Mexico to attend the 2012 Mi Casa Holiday.  1) Marlon D feat Ultra Nate (Jose Carretas Mix) - "God's Message" 2) Kemetic Just (DJ Spinna's Galactic Soul) - "I Got Life" 3) Jimpster - "Can't Stop Loving You" 4) Julian Gomes28 feat. Bobby - "Love Song" 5) Jask feat. Jocie (Nikos Diamantopoulos Afro Dub) - "Dreams" 6) Nicholas - "On Your Mind" 7) Johnny Miller meets Cuebur feat. Ckenz - "Good Inside"8) C'Roberts Walker & Paris Cesvette (NDinga Gaba Deep Sax Dub) - "Loving You In Places" 9) Ralf GUM feat. Monique Bingham - "Take Me To Love" 10) Mi Casa (Atjazz) - "La Vida" 11) Atjazz ft. Clara Hill (QB's Hot Mix) - "Sense of Life"To a fulfilling and music-filled 2013!!Subscribe for free with iTunes Another MUSIC AND WINE event makes the news: The Black Party 2012. Read in the Philippine Star.
1/8/20131 hour, 6 minutes, 19 seconds
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World-famous Rani G (Phoenix, Arizona) Christmas Mix - Episode 54

Happy holidays to everyone around the globe! This week, we have a special Christmas mix by Phoenix's own World-famous Rani G. Rani was first introduced to us by DJ Joe DiPadova (Gotsoul/ONE), back when he was living in Phoenix about 4 years ago, and we've been in touch ever since. Born in Cyprus to Jordanian parents, Rani has been mixing music since the age of 10, when he first blended tunes using two cassette decks. He developed as an artist in the craft under the tutelage of Cyprus' top DJ, and upon moving to Phoenix at the turn of the century, Rani was further exposed to the roots of house music and its main players.He has since been a very busy DJ and events organizer, both in Arizona and in various cities around the world. When the Gypsy Kings came to Phoenix, he opened and closed for them.  Since we've known him, we've seen Rani in the pursuit of his goal: to elevate music and performance in the Phoenix area. He helps import international talent to the scene, including his friend Jojo Flores, and provides the soundtrack to iconic events such as Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic LA, Key To The Cure, The Special Event 2011 and Retro Hi-Fi under his brand World:Life:Music.  More on Rani.Here we have a skillfully mixed Holiday Mixtape V.1 by Rani that we immensly enjoyed listening to. As we understand it, Rani has not recorded a set in a long long time, so this is special. We hope it blesses you the way it blessed us.  Our best Christmas wishes to all!Subscribe with Itunes
12/24/20122 hours, 33 minutes, 18 seconds
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Peter Borg (Simply Salacious, London) + MBKRS Awards 2012 results - Episode 53

This week, we have a fresh new mix by veteran British DJ Peter Borg.   We also have a full report on the Oscars of Manila's restaurant industry, which we organize and host every 2 years and that just took place at the end of November.Like most good DJs, Peter was exposed to music at a very young age and worked in radio (Choice FM) before he was old enough to get into clubs.  After holding residencies at Surrey Mansion, Mayfair, Rouge, The Saint, and Cafe de Paris, he started his Simply Salacious brand in 2004, the name behind some of London's most talked about parties held at a number of venues including Ministry of Sound, Area, and Babalou.  Peter has also mixed music on radio stations such as Pressure Radio, and most recently on Kiss FM, when he was approached by founder Gordon Mac to join his new project Mi-Soul. More on Peter Borg music at facebook.We hope to have Peter in Manila in early 2013.  Here's a little something to warm-up to.* * *MANILA’S RESTAURANT INDUSTRY CELEBRATES ITS VERY BESTA near-full moon shone over Enderun Colleges Culinary Center on the night of "The Oscars of Manila’s Restaurant Industry", The MBKRS Awards 2012.  The large hall of the center’s atrium was packed to the brim with chefs, restaurateurs, hoteliers, media and other guests, waiting with bated breath to hear the results that would be announced that night.  30 award categories, 150 nominees, and a panel of over 100 judges—these are the key elements in this prestigious awarding ceremony that recognizes excellence in Manila’s dining scene.This year’s awards were held on November 27 to a record crowd. Before the ceremony began, guests mingled, munched and sipped on fabulous food and wine sponsored by some of the best restaurants and beverage companies in the city.  None other than the honorable secretary of tourism Ramon Jimenez Jr. opened the awards with an inspiring speech.  Jimenez urged restaurants to constantly strive for excellence, all the while maintaining “focus” and “consistency”. Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez addresses the restaurant industry (left). With organizers Elian and Ines (right)The MBKRS Awards organizers Ines Cabarrus and Elian Habayeb—authors of the bestselling coffee-table book Manila’s Best Kept Restaurant Secrets who also hosted the event, were joined on stage by celebrity presenters who helped hand out the night’s prestigious awards: Metro Society Managing Editor Georgia Schulze del Rosario, popular blog When in Manila’s Vince Golangco, Ministry of Mushrooms Founder Marco Lobregat, Pinkerton Ice Cream’s Alexandra Rocha, Jim Araneta of Global Beer Exchange, Tina Pamintuan of L’Incontro, Enderun’s Hospitality Management Director Bobby Horrigan, Mercato Centrale Co-founder Vanessa Ledesma, The Comedy Cartel’s Noel Gascon and Victor Anastacio,’s Spanky Enriquez, Melissa Gecolea of ANC, and actors Janice de Belen and Johnny Revilla, who are both starring together in the upcoming thriller Strangers.  The independent auditing firm SGV & Co witnessed the announcements and checked whether the results from the survey tool QuestionPro are consistent with the winners announced.Ines Cabarrus with ANC's Melissa GecoleaMulti-award winner Malu Gamboa roots for her brotherThe list of winners is as follows: Awards by Cuisine Best ITALIAN RESTAURANT: Va Bene Pasta Deli Best FRENCH RESTAURANT: Brasserie Ciçou Best SPANISH RESTAURANT: Terry’s Selection Best JAPANESE RESTAURANT: Sugi Best CHINESE RESTAURANT: Hai Shin Lou Best CONTINENTAL CUISINE: Sala Best THAI RESTAURANT: People’s Palace Best FILIPINO RESTAURANT: AbéBest MIDDLE EASTERN RESTAURANT: Hossein’s Persian Kebab Best KOREAN RESTAURANT: Kaya Best INDIAN RESTAURANT: New Bombay Indian Cuisine Best CENTRAL EUROPEAN RESTAURANT: Old Swiss Inn Best SPECIALTY CUISINE: Corner Tree Café Specialty-based Awards Best STEAKHOUSE: Elbert’s Steak Room Best BISTRO: Sala Bistro Best RESTO/BAR: M Café Best ENOTECA: Cav Best WINE LIST: Barcino Gourmet Best BURGER JOINT: Charlie’s Grind & Grill Best DESSERT, ICE CREAM AND CAKE SHOP: The Cake Club Best NEWCOMER: Wildflour Café + Bakery Hotel Restaurant Awards Best HOTEL RESTAURANT: INTERNATIONAL BUFFET: Spiral (Sofitel) Best HOTEL RESTAURANT: FINE DINING: Impressions (Maxims) Best HOTEL RESTAURANT: SPECIALTY: Shang Palace (Makati Shangri-La) Best HOTEL BAR: Salon de Ning (Peninsula) Individual Achievement Awards Best EMERGING TALENT: Martin Wisniewski Best CHEF: J Gamboa Best RESTAURANT GROUP ENTREPRENEUR: Annabel Wisniewski LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT: Juan Carlos de TerryChefs Cyrille Soenen, Juan Carlos de Terry, and J GamboaAttending the event were a veritable smorgasbord of the movers and shakers of Manila’s restaurant scene.  The night’s big winners were of course Juan Carlos de Terry, together with his wife, Mari de Terry, Best Chef J Gamboa accompanied by his vibrant sister Malu Gamboa, Chef Robby Goco, winner of two awards Chef Cyrille Soenen, Colin Mackay who swept the awards with wins for all his restaurants, and Martin Wisniewski, who also bagged three awards, one of them on behalf of his mother Annabel Wisniewski.Marco Lobregat, Xandra Rocha, and Chef Colin Mackay Georgia Schulze del Rosario with Ines (left).  DJ Wendell Garcia (right)Martin Wisniewski, Elian Habayeb and Alexander JentesOther notable guests included Margarita Fores, Chef Chris Locher, Chef Sau del Rosario, Chef Philip Golding, Chef Paul Huang, Chef Adrian Cuenca, Claude Tayag, Las Flores’ Uri Singla and Dani Aliaga, Raj Sadhwani, Murray Hertz, Hossein Sohrabi, brothers Alexander and Markus Jentes, The Mandarin Oriental’s Javier Berenguer-Testa, Madonna English, Chiqui Mabanta (winner for Best Specialty Cuisine), CJ Juntereal, Baby Imperial and Coco Anne, ANC’s Boyet Sison, Chef Kerwin Go, Raymond Toledo, Monica Llamas, Katheryn Eckstein, Jean Fernando, Dale Pagkalinawan, Christoper Lacson, the lovely Michelle Pamintuan and Cristina Cu, Belarus Consul Annette Ablan, wordsmith Krip Yuson, Michelle Pantoja-Picornell,  Bamboo Bike advocate Bryan Maclleland, and photographer Wesley Villarca, and many many others.Bobby Horrigan, Corner Tree Cafe's Chiqui Mabanta, and Vanessa Ledesma“It keeps getting better and better every year!” exclaimed Margarita Fores, who won for Lifetime Achievement in 2010.  And this sentiment absolutely rang true as guests constantly sang praises for organizers Ines and Elian, and stayed on into the night to enjoy the wonderful food and endless libations. There is only one way to move from here…onwards and upwards, and till the next MBKRS Awards…2014!Mandarin Oriental's Javier Berenger-Testa congratulates Chef Robby Goco for his Best Burger Joint winThe MBKRS Awards are inspired by the coffee-table book Manila’s Best Kept Restaurant Secrets and celebrate bi-annually excellence in the city’s dining scene.  For more visit and like to get real-time updates. Fresh Lumpia by Kabila (top). Huevos Cabreados by Cova (bottom)Sarah Rosser and China Yoo's choice bags the prize Spanky Enriquez and Melissa Gecolea with Makati Shangri-La's Michael Golden Whitehead (left)Malu Gamboa with Las Flores' Uri Singla and Dani Aliaga (right)Kath Eckstein mixes up Don Papa cocktails The infinitely talented Claude Tayag (left) The classically trained Ian Padilla (right)Michelle and Tina PamintuanDenise Celdran cheers her favorites on People Asia's Ana Gonzalez with ANC's Boyet Sison (left) Kasbah's Madonna English with Anne De Kiskisan and Romain RivierreJanice de Belen with her lovely daughtersThe MBKRS Awards team: Rey Moraga, Ines Cabarrus, Elian Habayeb, and Francesca
12/12/20121 hour, 10 minutes, 39 seconds
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Kristian Hernandez NO PARKING ON THE DANCE FLOOR Episode 52

Kristian Hernandez continues to put Manila on the map. This time it's with his second adidas-backed regional tour of parties under the name Breathe And Stop called Laced Up featuring 3 of the world's most critically acclaimed turntablists TONY TOUCH (Rocksteady Crew /NYC), APOLLO (Invisibl Skratch Piklz / Triple Threat Djs / SF), and VINROC (5th Platoon / Triple Threat Djs / SF).The tour has already stopped in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Saigon, and is now heading to Kristian's home base Manila, at club TIME in Makati on November 27. The vibrations from the subwoofers are sure to shake and rattle the margarita glasses next door at Chihuahua that night!Hernandez's latest mix is a riveting ride of complex rhythms, heart-stopping breaks, and heavenly harmonies by the likes of Osunlade, Boddhi Satva, Atjazz, Omar, Ezel, Q-Tip, Zed Bias, and Maddslinky.  If you've still got a nob, crank it.
11/18/201247 minutes, 46 seconds
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Julius the Mad Thinker (Chicago) on MUSIC AND WINE Radio - Episode 51

Reports from Mexico are equivocal in their expression, but not in their message: for those who went to this year's Mi Casa Holiday it's "Wow!", and for those who didn't it's "I won't miss it next year!"Earlier this month, a considerable contingent of the house music world descended on Mexico's bohemian Playa del Carmen, situated on the Yucatan Peninsula surrounded by Mayan ruins, palm trees, and breathtaking beaches.  The annual event is 4 days of activities designed to bring this community of like-minded people together in a unique way and to build within it a strong bond that continues long after the party is over.  This year, creator Julius the Mad Thinker, his sister Jennifer Hurst and co-organizer Keith Evans teamed up with innumerable Global Soul industry names to make the fourth season finale the best one ever. These include Wepa's Joanne Jimenez and Antonio Ocasio, Osunlade, Master Kev, David Sabat, United Music's Hallex M and Abel Rogers, Dive's DJ ALA and Mikeytown, Alex Callejo, Uhuru Africa's Adam Gibbons, Lady Alma, Ramon Rawsoul, Lego, AQBT and many many more. Here's what some had to say: "Best weekend of my life!" Master Kev"Words can not express how unique and fun this trip was" Househead"I let out tears of joy" Deborah Conton"Yes indeed PARADISE!" Sabine BlazinJulius's thinking pays off. He chills with fellow Chicagoan Alex Callejo... and sports his Chihuahua T-Shirt. Niiice Unfortunately, we could not make this year's Mi Casa (although we tried) but we join the chorus of all those who did not go in saying "we won't miss next year's!" It is now our goal and objective.  And to do our part from this side of the Pacific to spread the love, we're featuring this week one of our all time favorite Julius the Mad Thinker mixes titled "Don't Be Afraid".  Here's the tracklist:1. George Levin - Late Discovery 2. Shannon Harris - ATEM RA 3. Pirahnahead Feat. Diviniti - Believe In Me 4. Reel People - It Will Be (Ezel & Kyoto Jazz Massive Mix) 5. Omar - Lay it Down (Andre Lodemann Remix) 6. Joey Negro pres. Akabu - Another World (Andre Lodemann mix) 7. Manoo - Kodjo 8. Margaret Grace - Hope you feel better (Teddy Douglas Re-Mastered Extended Mix) 9. Radio Slave - Caballero (Radio Slave's Innervision Remix) 10. MKTL Feat. Kenny Bobien - Don't Be Afraid (Master Kev & Tony Loreto Deeper Vocal Mix) 11. Elements of Life feat. Lisa Fischer - Love will know (Louie Vega remix) 12. Malik Alston - Badeya 13. Raul Midon - Cerca de mi (Louie Vega remix) 14. Rasmus Faber feat. Clara Mendes - Na Minha TerraFor more stunning images, music and more hit Long live Mi Casa! :)Subscribe for free with iTunes
10/31/20121 hour, 16 minutes, 30 seconds
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Elian's Lost Bedroom Mix - Episode 50

Here's a good downtempo mix for the jazzy R&B fans out there, recorded by candlelight in early 2011. The recording was almost surely lost and was miraculously recovered a few days ago. We thought we'd share with you the prodigal mix and the good fortune that guided it back home.  Let us know what you think here and, while there you can join the group! Here's an overview:Feeling Good (Joe Claussell Mix) – Nina Simone L.O.V.E. – DJ SpinnaSomething Betta’ at Home – Jill ScottLes Portes Du Souvenir – Les NubiansSearching – Roy AyersDrowning – Ursula RuckerFeel Like Making Love – D’AngeloAstronomy (8th Light) - Talib Kweli and Mos DefMakeda (Spinna Mix) – Les Nubians Just to Get By - Talib KweliCome on and try me – (unknown)Searching – (unknown)Sky Is the Limit - The Notorious B.I.G.Stakes Is High – De La SoulJust Friends - Musiq SoulchildSubscribe for free with iTunes 
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Elian live at MyHOUSE RocketRoom 7.21.2012 - Episode 49

It all started in 2005, a few months after the restaurant Museum Cafe opened its doors in Greenbelt 4, Manila, and right after the infamous pool parties at the Mandarin Oriental's Paseo Uno LOUNGE had taken a rest for the rainy season after entertaining the city's sophisticated music heads under the stars for a good year.  The spot was perfect, with an outdoor bar area, high ceilings, and a wonderful breeze that blowed through the passageway between M Cafe and the Ayala Museum that ached to have people gather in it. I (Elian) met Mark Jentes two years earlier playing deep house music with friends Wendell Garcia and Kevin Ruiz at Bellissima--back when the sound was at best "underground" in Manila. We then collaborated to launch the Paseo Uno success that left its mark on the city, and believed it was a perfect time in July 2005 to team up with Mark's childhood friend Martin Wisniewski to transition M Cafe from a restaurant to a bar.It didn't take much thought to come up with the perfect name and logo for the Friday night party that would start it all: MyHOUSE. With the Y inverted over the M sitting on top of the word HOUSE.From the very first night, you could tell this was going to be something special. The group that showed up that first night would become religious regulars, a base that grew exponentially by the week that delighted in 6-hour music sets and built friendships that would last until today.  It was right about that time that I started seeing Ines Cabarrus, and we couldn't wait to meet up at M on Friday nights. (We all know how that ended up!)It's hard to determine which was better: Mark Cali-Jentes's west-coast DJ-ing skills or his ability to put out the most captivating, iconic, and even controversial invites every week.  I was still employed as an executive at Mexican cement giant CEMEX and would send invites using my company's email account. I looked forward to the weekend break from the corporate routine more than anything else in the world and spent most of my free time planning the set for next week's installment of the magical night.  Buzz about the party even reached New York City's top website on the house music scene which would feature MyHOUSE it in its weekly postings and email blasts on house music events in NYC and around the world, right along with Deep Space, Roots, and Shelter.Although I had to go to Dubai for work for about 4 months, the party kept on growing and I was still somehow able to invite people from abroad, while Mark and Martin held it down back in Manila every week with guest DJs including Benjo Marquez, Kevin Ruiz, Wendell Garcia, Scrambled Edge, Martin Aquino, Steven Love, Jermaine Brown, Steve Mills, Kristian Hernandez, Bryan Boogie, Brian Salazar, Alex Callejo, and DJ ALA.  You can say that Ines was also representing me at MyHOUSE during my absence, as our long distance relationship grew stronger.                   As 2006 came to an end, so did the weekly party as each of the organizers got busy with their lives.  And it wasn't until last month that we came back together to celebrate a reunion (a seven-year itch if you will) at Martin's new bar RocketRoom in the Fort's High Street.  It was a drizzly night, but everyone seemed eager to get the music started. Although it was cloudy, the stars seemed definitely aligned.  Cali-Jentes opened with a nice mix of conscious hip-hop and west-coast house favorites and, at right around midnight, I got on and played this set.  The smiles on everyone's faces made it unanimously obvious: MyHOUSE is back!!!Here's the tracklist:Pienso En Ti (I Think Of You) (Nu Yorican Mix) - MAWLuisito QuinteroHolding On (Vocal Mix) - Nathan Adams & Zepherin SaintAvareh – Dennis FerrerNo Sugar (Club Mix) - Gramophonedzie & Joey Negro Feat. Shea SoulU Dig Loco Dice RemixSunday Smoking - Martin DawsonSpeechless (Jamsteady Nu Remix) - Isley BrothersDanny Marquez - Vibrations (Rocco Underground Mix) - Ralf GUMFresh To Death EP (Lardo (Dub)) - BanganaElle feat. Hanna Ha - Ralf GUMHigher High (Ralf GUM Deeper Deep Dub) - Ralf GUM feat. Daniel ThomasCry Me A River (Black Coffee Remix)At the Club (Rocco Deep Mix) - Timmy Regisford ft. Lynn LockamySandcastles - Dennis Ferrer and Jerome SydenhamLove Foolosophy [Knee Deep's Re-Edit] - JamiroquaiBar a Thym - Kerri ChandlerFly Like A Bird (Maurice Joshua Remix) - Mariah CareyThe Way You Love Me – Marc EvansCan't Get Enough (Vocal Club Mix) - SoulsearcherSumthin Sumthin - MaxwellWest Coast CoolinAfter the Fall - IncognitoLovely Day - Bill WhithersLet’s Stay Together - Al GreenCatch MyHOUSE now on a monthly basis at RocketRoom this Saturday August 25 starting at 9pm. Subscribe with iTunes for free
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David Sabat (Chicago) on MUSIC AND WINE Radio - Episode 48

The summer heat is on! Well, it's definitely on in Chicago, where this week's mix hails from. In juxtaposition to last week's downtempo set, this week's program it a real scorcher.As co-founder of the Chicago House Music Association (CHMA), David Sabat delivers a perfect example of today's Chicago sound: organic, raw, and profoundly soulful. It is brisk music with a plot, with a message, and full of life, that David aptly dubs "Heat Wave".It's possible you may have heard of David as the resident DJ of the house band MAAD SOUL, which has become one of the hottest live acts in Chicago. Or you may have seen him perform alongside the way-too-many-to-enumerate Global Soul artists around the world, at Djoon in Paris, at the Odeon in Amsterdam, or even at Cuatro back home.Get more of David's music at High on Soul, and catch him later this year at the annual event the whole industry is buzzing about more loudly than ever Mi Casa Holiday at Playa Del Carmen, Mexico October 4-7, an event we're very likely to attend ourselves for the first time this year!  Here's the tracklist:1. Let it go (60 Hertz Project Remix) - David Sabat and Global Niche Movement2. Dirty Turk Presents -MMENO Africa Luving feat Devine3. The Deeper I Go (Mr. V Remix) - The Wizard Brian Coxx & Roland Clark4. Fly Free (Ralf GUM Main Mix) - Ralf GUM feat. Robert Owens5. Legacy of the Know - Glenn Underground6. Upon Oursleves (Yoruba Soul Mix) - Argy feat. Bajka7. Conch (Original Mix) - Spiritchaser8. Crown Royol (Shelter Mix) PJ Re-edit - Jill Scott9. Changes - Sandy Rivera10. What A Way (Juan Sanchez FL JuMo Bros RMX) - Kenny Bobien & Swift of DJN Project11. Do Better (Reel People Vocal Mix) - The Layabouts feat. Portia Monique12. Call Girl (Scott Wozniak Mix) - The Right Now13. Someone Like You (Original) - SoulmagicSubscribe for free with iTunes (hit the button below)
7/29/20121 hour, 15 minutes, 53 seconds
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MUSIC AND WINE Elian Maiden Mix (2008) - Episode 47

It's been 4 years since the MUSIC AND WINE thought was transformed into what it is today. At that time, we envisioned an evening of modern lounging soundtracked by a mix of jazz, soul and R&B, and paired with wines and designer cocktails of our selection. Aside from it being the most fun thing we've ever done, we noted repeated requests for the music featured at the weekly event held at the Mandarin Oriental in Manila.  Although we would email mixes we uploaded to various cloud-based services, the search continued for a more practical and efficient means to distribute this music to a wider audience.  Thus began the podcast a year later.Here's a look at what that party series looked like at the time. Also later that year, we were asked to write a column in the Manila Standard Today about the city's nightlife and its music, a natural extension of this MUSIC AND WINE state of mind. In 2010, a dream finally came true.  We got our own radio show on FM Radio.  And what a station it was! 106.7 Dream FM was broadcast nationally, making the audience in the millions, particularly in a country that still listens to the radio in considerable numbers.  It was a 3-hour show at an excellent time-slot every Saturday night from 9pm to midnight, the hour the city of Manila comes out to lounge, dance, and celebrate another week gone by. It's also incidentally when our weekly event was held at Martinis Bar.To get material for a weekly 3-hour show, we had to feature music other than our own, and guests were invited to share their music--DJs and artists we looked up to with respect and followed for inspiration.  These mixes found their way onto the podcast, a critical event that would change the concept of MUSIC AND WINE Radio to one of a true radio program, with variety and plenty of excellent content.Since the radio station has recently changed format and has ceased to be "Manila's Jazz Authority", the MUSIC AND WINE program's focus has returned to its online channel, which has managed to grow exponentially.  We're not even sure of the reasons for the podcast's surprising growth, but we've definitely noticed it is being passed around and recommended by friends internationally, and reaching markets we've never dreamed we'd be in. We're now up to a two-terabytes-per-month bandwidth requirement.So here is the set that started it all, an eclectic sophisticated downtempo mix sure to induce the urge to order a cocktail. It is this mix that was presented to the Mandarin Oriental's senior management as we pitched the MUSIC AND WINE idea.  For the bottom of our hearts, thanks to all of you for joining us on the journey and we look forward to bringing you more great music in the years to come!Here's the tracklist:El Alba – CamielDon’t Be A Fool – IncognitoGood Man – India Arie(Unknown) – David BenoitDeep Waters – IncognitoSand – Ricardo EberspacherOn & On – Erykah BaduO Ultimo Por Do Sol – LenineCenter of the Sun – IncognitoThat’s The Way Of The World – Martin TaylorYou Got Me (feat. Jill Scott) – The RootsStay A While – Jimmy SommersSpringtime Rain – Nathan HainesTamally Maak – Amr DiabShadow – Billy CobhamKeep Your Head To The Sky – Ronny JordanFukaki Umi No Kanata – Yoshida BrothersSubscribe for free with iTunes
7/11/20121 hour, 19 minutes, 29 seconds
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Elian Birthday Mix 2012 on MUSIC AND WINE Radio - Episode 46

[I]t's been a while since I have published one of my own mixes, so what better time to do so than on my birthday?  Truth is, it's been a very busy year and many of the big things that have kept me from the turntables are now finally bearing fruit.  After seven years of being together and pretty much doing everything in tandem, I am now officially engaged to my partner and co-host Ines Cabarrus.  Many of you our listeners may know that we opened a Mexican restaurant called Chihuahua together last year.  We're very proud and happy to announce that this week, we launched the resto's second branch in Manila's swankiest mall Greenbelt.  And we are thrilled to once again organize the Oscars of Manila's restaurant industry for the third time, the bi-annual MBKRS Awards, scheduled for November.We also can't get over the reception you have given our radio program over the last year, and its recent vertiginous growth around the globe in cities such as Paris, London, New York, Frankfurt, Toronto, Tokyo, Beijing, Rome, Sydney, Moscow and Antwerp. We'd like to particularly recognize the show's surprising growth in places such as Adelaide (Australia), Wichita, Bangkok, Bordeaux, Iran, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Korea, Krasnoyarsk (Russia), Tunisia, Ukraine, Indonesia, Algeria, and even Libya! (we know!!!)This set was recorded as I prepared to take the decks at RedCarpet's 3-year anniversary pool-party "Wet Manila" at the Manila Hotel a few weeks ago.  Special thanks to Jojo Flores for many of the original tracks, the remixes and the re-edits that made the mix possible. And we can't thank enough all the artists that have participated in the show's success for their unwavering commitment to the spreading of soul around the world.  Lots more quality deep house music lined up for the latter half of the year, we promise.  Now here's the tracklist (part 2 of this mix coming soon):Very Important People (Masters At Work Main Mix) – Gus GusWhat's New (jojoflores Jamsteady Edit) – St. GermainYou Might Lose It (Kerri Chandler Deep Mix)Crying For Love (Vocal Mix) - Manoo & Francois A Feat. DyannaYou Dig (Loco Dice Remix)Time Is Right (Original Mix)One Love (DJeff Afrozila Remix 2011) – Sara TavaresI Love You (jojoflores Jamsteady Edit) - Doruk OzlenDo Me (Jamsteady Retronova Remix) – Bell Biv DevoeEvery Cow Has a Bird (Original Mix) – Dubshape & GutiBlack Label 61 (Glenn Underground A Slave's Disco Dance Remix) - Emilie NanaThe Dance (Lars Behrenroth Rmx jojoflores Edit) – GyasiSunday Smoking – Martin DawsonNude (jojoflores Therapy Edit) - Radiohead Vs. Justin MartinHarlequin – RootstraxBurning Hot (Timmy Regisford) - Peven  EverettSaturday Love (Jamsteady Remix) - Cherrelle ft. Alexander O'nealRun Free (jojoflores Dub) – Dennis FerrerLet Your Feet Up (jojoflores Jamsteady DubEdit) - Afefe Iku Vs. Dennis FerrerCry Me A River (Black Coffee Remix)Sweeter Love (David Montoya Edit) - Blue SixSubscribe for free with iTunes
6/23/20121 hour, 59 minutes, 28 seconds
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E-Man (NYC) and Doc Link (Chicago) - Liberate Sessions on M&W Radio - Episode 45

[I]t's two for Tuesday on this episode of M&W. This month, we've got DJs E-man and Doc Link with an energetic two-hour back-to-back mix from their Liberate Sessions show on Cyberjamz.  I first met Eric "E-man" Clark on his first trip to Manila in 2004, when he came with Jojo Flores and was hosted by Groove Nation's Edge Pamute.  The hot Jon Cutler track "It's Yours", featuring E-man's poetic lyrics that came out a few years earlier, was still burning up the dance-floors around the globe and getting featured on numerous mixes and compilations. It was right around then that I first heard his collaboration with Markus Enochson "Musical Prayer" on Francois K's CD Deep & Sexy Vol.1 (Wave).It was then that I also learned about E-man's Bang The Party, the hugely successful event series that lasted 6 years held in various venues around Manhattan and Brooklyn: a party having the historical significance of Body & Soul, 718 Sessions, Ain't Nothing But A House Party, and other such iconic New York City house music gatherings.  There's even a BTP documentary that we wish we could get our hands on (see the trailer).I met E-man again in 2005 when he accepted the "Best DJ - International" Award for Jojo Flores at the Choice Awards 4.0 (Jojo was abroad performing at the time).Elian with E-man at the NYC Choice Awards in 2005Since then, E-man has hooked up the Chicago DJ and producer Doc Link to launch the Liberate record label, a space for them "to create original music, unfettered by the confines of the traditional record industry protocol." The duo also tours the world and hosts a weekly internet radio show by the same name.  We hope to have them visit Manila soon bringing with them their message of freedom.  For more on E-man, Doc Link and the Liberate Sessions, click here.  And now in the words of E-man, here's 2-hours of "the hottness".Subscribe for free with iTunes
4/24/20122 hours, 1 minute, 20 seconds
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Think Whitney - Jojo Flores (Gotsoul, Montreal) - Episode 44

[T]he tireless Jojo Flores does it again. He's just recorded a tribute celebrating the life of the woman with the voice we've all grown up with.  The recently fallen Whitney Houston was the most awarded female act of all time (according to the Guiness Book of Records) and one of the world's best-selling artists.  She grew up around music surrounded by people like cousin Dionne Warwick and godmother Aretha Franklin, recorded eleven albums, sold over 170 million records and videos, and accumulated 415 career awards.For those new to our radio show, this is Jojo Flores's fifth mix on our program.  You can find more of his music at, like his facebook page, and even download his iPhone app for music on the go. Here also are links to his previously featured mixes on M&W Radio from his 2010 Therapy event in Montreal, his 2010 Gotsoul party in Manila, his tribute titled Think Maxwell, and his 3-hour sunset session at Ku De Ta in Bali.  Here's the tracklist to this superb mix:Saving all my love for youThings you sayMy love is your loveOne of those daysThinking about you (remix)Who do you loveHow will I know (remix)Queen of the night (remix)Love will save the day (remix)Step by step (remix)I wanna dance with somebody (remix)It's not right but it's ok (remix)I'm every woman (jojoflores C+C edit)Thanks for the beautiful music Jojo!Subscribe for free with iTunes (click the button below)
3/1/20121 hour, 3 minutes, 15 seconds
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Timon and Pumba (South Africa) on MUSIC AND WINE Radio - Episode 43

[W]e're particularly excited about this week's guest mix by the first South African artists we’ve featured on our radio program: Timon & Pumba.We all know how vibrant South Africa's deep house music scene has been in recent years.  Not only has the country become a destination for the world's top DJs and music ambassadors, but it's become a fertile ground for homegrown talent such as Black Coffee, Mzee, and Culoe de Song, who have themselves enjoyed considerable international success. According to DJ Joe DiPadova (One/Gotsoul), one critical reason for the explosion of deep house music in South Africa is that some of the scene's leaders co-opted the radio stations there and got them to feature the music on various shows.  In effect, this helped convert the music into "mainstream" although it is considered "underground" elsewhere in the world. "Deep house is bigger than hip-hop there, can you believe it?" says DiPadova.   Friend of the show Ndwyka Passos of Angola tells us that the parties in Johannesburg and Cape Town are out of this world, with rooms filled with a sea of people dancing in a trance, taking it all in and basking in unison with everyone around them to the DJ's every beat.It's no wonder we got excited when we got introduced to Timon (Lungani Dongwe) and Pumba (Nkosinathi Pumba Cele) by probably their biggest supporter and M&W fan Mlungisi Mlambo late last year.  The duo from KwaZulu-Natal has been together for over 7 years and are residents for DEf People and 033Lifestyle. We’re very proud to feature this soulful loungy mix they’ve recorded exclusively for Here’s the tracklist:1 - Soulpersona feat Goldie Harrison - Let the music play2 - Alton miller - Tulum (original mix)3 - Bugge wesseltoft - Change4 - Justin imperiale - Tropical jazz (original mix)5 - Audio soul project - My Bluff (Extended version)6 - Bougie Soliterre - Got the Bug (main mix)7 - Alex Danilov - Sequence smoke (original mix)8 - Deymare - I'm your man9 - Monodeluxe feat Paola - Nu jazz mixSubscribe for free with iTunes
2/16/201256 minutes, 19 seconds
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Julius the Mad Thinker (Chicago) on MUSIC AND WINE Radio - Ep. 42

[I]t's official: Julius the Mad Thinker will be performing in Manila on Saturday, January 28 at TIME.  In our opinion, this is the year's "must-see" event.Few DJs have an effect on an audience the way Julius the Mad Thinker does.  I first heard about Julius when I ran across his name in 2004 on the site, the authoritative guide to New York City's house music scene (today no longer operational), run by Donna Ward (a.k.a. Fotochick). The site hosted the annual Choice Awards celebrating the scene's top players, from artists, DJs, and producers, to clubs, record labels, events, and reporters. That year, Julius had been recognized as Best Emerging Talent, and Donna wrote about a great interview she had with him and described him as smart and mature.The following year, I was invited to attend the 4th Choice Awards in NYC. Everyone who was anyone was there: Danny Krivit, Quentin Harris, Jovonn, Kevin Hedge and Josh Milan (Blaze), Lisa Shaw, Anane, Stephanie Cook, Jada, and Andre Harris, to name a few.  Awardees included Louie Vega, 718 Sessions, Deep House Page, Shelter, Roots, Bruce Tatum (Time Out NY), Cordell Mcclary.  I was invited to present the award for Best DJ International, and the winner was Jojo Flores for the 4th year in a row (someone I had just met in Manila the year prior in 2004).  Jojo was in South Africa at the time and his buddy E-Man accepted the award on his behalf (someone I met along with Jojo here).  To say that being on stage in front of all these stars--I had only read about up until that point--was surreal would be the understatement of the year! Julius may very well have been in the crowd that night.In 2009, I was going to visit Chicago for the first time with Ines--who had lived there before I met her, and a DJ friend Joe DiPadova, who was going out with Ines' best friend years ago, recommended that I look up Julius once there. Joe was at the time living in Montreal and working with Jojo Flores. I remembered that Jojo was at the time the Montreal resident of a group of DJs called 3Degrees Global, a group co-founded by Julius the Mad Thinker 10-years ago.  Once in Chi-town, I reached out to Julius and he recommended we meet at Evilolive (a palindrome). We finally met and he introduced us to Jamie326, Gene Hunt, and many of the people organizing that after-hour industry night. How's THAT for 3 degrees of separation?!The next time we saw Julius was in Manila about a month later.  It was a bit of a surprise and his first time there. He came to attend a friend's wedding along with Tiesto. We hung out for about a week and got to know him much better. He came to our night at the Mandarin Oriental MUSIC & WINE, we took him to M Cafe, and he performed at Embassy on his last night. He even recorded a mix at my place that he ended up featuring on [MUSIC & WINE Radio]. (You can scroll down to find it.) Julius recording the mix "Traffic" at my Makati City pad.  Also seen dancing, Channel St ClaireJulius invited us to participate in the 2010 Winter Music Conference in Miami (me as DJ and Ines as co-host) at the Mi Casa pool-party opening the annual conference.  It's amazing how many people in the global house scene we met in the matter of a few days.  We have been trying to find the right time ever since to bring Julius back to Manila.  Well, the stars are finally aligned and Julius will at long last be back in town to perform, this time at the city's number one dance club TIME.  The Mi Casa pool-party at WMC 2010. Elian Habayeb, Julius the Mad Thinker, Zepherin Saint (Tribe), ALA (Dive San Diego), Hallex M (United Music), Keith Evan (House Society), and Nathan Adams (Tribe).With the hopes of adding the Philippines to his roster, Julius, along with hundreds of music enthusiasts are preparing for the incredibly explosive 4th annual Mi Casa Es Su Casa Holiday season to start March at the WMC 2012 in Miami and ending October 4-7 in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.This is the Thinker's annual birthday celebration, not yet published on his Soundcloud page. It's titled Celebrate and it's a real banger. Here's probably some of what you can expect on Saturday the 28th.  Click link to access the invite, enjoy the sounds, and here's the tracklist:0:00 - 1. Incognito - Freedom To Love (Original Mix) - Reel People6:49 - 2. KemeticJust feat. Terrance Downs - I Got Life (DJ Spinna's Galactic Soul Vocal) - NDATL Muzik14:20 - 3. Hippie Torrales - If You Need A Man (Cdocks Earthshaker Vocal Mix) - What is Hip Records20:35 - 4. Timmy Regisford feat. Lynn Lockamy - At The Club (Rocco Deep Mix) - Tribe Records25:10 - 5. Osunlade - Manowirdz - Yoruba 30:05 - 6. Peven Everett - Inspiration / Girl Of My Dreams (Timmy Regisford & Adam Rios Remix) - Tribe Records36:35 - 7. To Roccoco Rot (Henrik Schwarz remix) - Testfeld - Kitty -Yo40:50 - 8. Osunlade - Envision Remixes (Ame Acoustic Remix) - Innervisions46:50 - 9. Âme & Amampondo - Ku Kanjani (Version 2) - Innervisions51:20 - 10. Reza - Harlem House - Stealth56:00 - 11. Joey Negro & Gramophonedzie feat. Shea Soul - No Sugar (Club Mix)1:02:10-12. Ben Westbeech - Something For The Weekend - Part 2 (Joey Negro ZMix) - Strictly Rhythm1:08:25-13. Naked Music NYC - If I Fall (Jay's Naked Spirits Mix) - Naked Music1:14:05-14. Miguel Migs feat. Meshell Ndegeocello - Close Your Eyes (OriginalMix) - SaltedSee you on the dancefloor.Subscribe for free with iTunes
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DJ Jazzy Jeff (Philly, USA) on MUSIC AND WINE Radio - Episode 41

[Y]ou heard right. DJ Jazzy Jeff is coming to Manila(!!) He's performing Wednesday night at Seventh High in the Fort along with D Coy and an impressive line-up of local talent, thanks again to Kristian Hernandez and Miro Grgic who once again put the Philippines on the map.  (Event info here).Your favorite DJ's favorite DJ, Jazzy Jeff has been a household name ever since the mid-80's when he teamed up with Will Smith (a.k.a. The Fresh Prince) to produce hip-hop albums and star in a TV sitcom together.  Smith moved on to become one of Hollywood's top actors, and Jazzy Jeff continued on his path to musical dominance.  He set up his production house named A Touch of Jazz and went on to work with an unknown artist, Jill Scott, whose album achieved double platinum sales. By the time 2000 rolled around, Jeff had on his belt considerable work with, Musiq Soulchild, Dave Hollister, Floetry, Lil Kim & Michael Jackson. He released the albums "The Magnificent", "Hip Hop Forever II", and "Lost and Found" during the next decade. Today, Jeff continues to push musical standards worldwide for no other reason than, to quote his 2002 song, "For Da Love of Da Game." From prodigious beginnings, to revolutionary techniques, to the TV screen and a flourishing friendship with Hollywood’s biggest stars, to producing and spinning, Jeff will continue to do what he loves most – proving that true love does beget success.Jazzy Jeff and Elian HabayebThis week's episode is a mixtape made by DJ Jazzy Jeff along with Mick Boogie called Summertime.  Here's the tracklist:01 Summertime Intro02 Kool & The Gang - Summer Madness (Live Version)03 Kool & The Gang - Summer Madness04 Quincy Jones - Summer In The City05 Ahmad - Back In The Day06 Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day07 Roy Ayers feat. Mary J Blige - Everybody Loves The Sunshine08 Pharcyde - Passin Me By (Ffej Remix)09 Jay-Z feat. Babyface - Sunshine10 Ramsey Lewis - Sun Goddess11 A Tribe Called Quest - Find A Way (Ffej String Edit)'12 Bush Babies feat. Mos Def - The Love Song13 Jodeci - Get On Up14 The Commodores - High On Sunshine15 J Dilla feat. Dwele - Think Twice16 Erick Sermon feat. Marvin Gaye - Music (Mick's Marvapella Edit)17 Bernard Wright - Who Do You Love18 LL Cool J - Loungin_19 A Tribe Called Quest - Hot Sex20 Main Source - Live At The BBQ21 Nuyorican Soul - Nautilus22 Pharcyde & Sublime - Summertime23 Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff - Summertime Remix24 Michael Jackson - I Can't Help It25 De La Soul - Breakdawn26 Musiq - Just Friends27 Carl Thomas - Summer Rain28 Faze-O - Riding High29 Dionne Warwick - Walk On By30 Skee-Lo - I Wish31 Black Moon - Who Got The Props32 Frankie Beverly and Maze - Before I Let Go33 Nu Shooz - I Can't Wait34 Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It35 The Roots feat. George Benson - Breezin'36 Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff - Time To Chill37 Biggie - Can't You See38 James Brown - The Payback39 En Vogue - My Lovin'40 Bobby McFerrin - Sunshine Of My Life41 Fifth Dimension - Let The Sun Shine In42 Mos Def - Sunshine43 Nine - Whatcha Want44 Otis Redding - Sittin' On The Dock45 2Pac - I Get Around (Mick's String Edit)46 Zapp - Computer Love (Terry's Mirage On The Water Mix)47 Seals And Croft - Summer Breeze48 Jay-Z - Dear Summer49 Weldon Irvine - Morning SunriseFor more info, visit djjazzyjeff.comSubscribe for free with iTunes
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[MUSIC AND WINE Radio] Nickodemus (Turntables on the Hudson, NYC) Ep. 40

[M]anila's streak of MVP deejay appearances continues, this time with the return of Nickodemus Thursday November 17 at M Cafe, along with DRM (a.k.a. Bastard Jazz).Nickodemus is of course behind the wildly successful outdoor party Turntables on the Hudson, celebrating its 10th year on New York City's house music scene.  He is also resident DJ on the first Friday of each month at the city's most legendary--and Lebanese-owned (wink)--club Cielo.  Nickodemus also manages his own record label Wonderwheel Recordings.  His music has even been featured on the T.V. show Sex and the City and in the TV ads of brands like iTUNES, Revlon, Heineken & Michelobe.  A gifted producer, he's remixed music for the likes of Nina Simone, Bebel Gilberto, and Thievery Corporation. This set here was recorded at theLIFT's first year anniversary earlier this year in LA.  Here's the track-list and we'll see you at M on Thursday!Opening words by Jeremy Sole. Accapella of "It's Yours" by E-man. Amon on percussion. "Reality & Fantasy" (Gilles Peterson Remix) by Rafael Gualazzi"Jennaty" (Earthrise Soundsystem Remix) by The Spy from Cairo feat Ghalia Benali"Good Life" by Brassroots mixed with version by Kaori"Ah Viene Broki" by Simbad Vs Broki"Cova Cova" by Novalima"Pickled Spider" by Mr Scruff vs Kirsten AlmeidaArabic "Money" bootleg"Quiet Dog" by Mos Def"N'Dini" (Tal M Klein Remix) by Nickodemus feat Ismael Kouyate"Zwakalini" (SUMO Remix) by Meitz Jose Marquez bootleg "All Night Long""Change" (Carl Craig Remix) by Recloose"Searchin" (Jimster Mix) by Joey Negro feat Akabu"The Love Feeling" (Christian Prommer Remix) by Nickodemus feat Brian J"Klezmer" Fela vs James Brown Bootleg"Been so Long" (Tim Love Lee Rerub) by Banda Unaio"Heaven & Hell" (Regal Edit) 20th Century Steel BandMore more visit www.nickodemus.comSubscribe for free with iTunes
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[MUSIC & WINE Radio] DJ Felipe Bari (El Salvador) Ep. 39 | Salsa Special

[M]anila's salsa headquarters turns scary this Saturday (Oct 29) as we celebrate Dia De Los Muertos with some festive latin beats and some spooky sultry dancing. We've got Prodigy Mambo, Cachimbo Dance Company, Salsa Manila, and Maria Molina & The Dominican Honeyz in the house (this last one's celebrating her bday, so you know it's gonna be dope).We've also got super-star Salsa DJ Felipe Bari all the way from El Salvador dropping it like it's hot deep into the night. Wanna taste? Check out his deadly recently recorded mix here on M&W Radio.It wouldn't be a proper Dia De Los Muertos unless we payed tribute to the late great salsa masters, like "El Cantante" Hector Lavoe, Salsa Queen Celia Cruz, and Frankie Ruiz.  This event is presented by the Salsa Fanatics and by Chihuahua.  Official invitation here.  See you on the dance-floor.Subscribe for free with iTunes
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[MUSIC & WINE Radio] DJ Spinna (NYC) Ep. 38

[T]wo more days till the music event of the year! DJ Spinna hits Manila at club TIME this Friday night October 21. Tickets are available at Chihuahua. Here's a fresh set Spinna recently mixed and featured on his own podcast to get you in the right state of mind.  1. Who Am I (French Twins Remix) - Boddhi Satva feat Athenai & C. Robert Walker 2. East Of The Sun (G U's Fusion Beyond Mix) - David Cote 3. Capricorn (Ralf Gum Remix) - 60 Hertz Project4. Hey Hey (Atjazz Remix) - Dennis Ferrer 5. Envision (Ame Remix) - Osunlade 6. Lights Out (Rocco Deep Mix) - Groove Concept feat Johnny Dangerous 7. Feel Alive (Sean McCabe Remix) - The Demetrios Project 8. Anything (Mr V. and Reelsoul Remix) - Musiq Soulchild 9. Sweetness Is (Koyla Remix) - Peven Everett 10. Spinnin - Cajmere feat Russoul 11. Abyss - Manoo 12. Call Me (Kenny Dope O'Gutta Remix) - B. Original & Damir Pushkar feat J.A.M.O.N. 13. There Is A Truth - Motor City Drum Ensemble feat Stee Downes 14. 2AM FM - Desolate Cities 15. Boy Beats On His Drum (Kenny Dope O'Gutta Beats) - Mike Dunn 16. Light Of Love (Mark De Clive-Lowe Remix) - Lady Alma & Yameen 17. Forever (Dj Spinna Galactic Soul Remix) - Blueday Stereo 18. Ngawe (Atjazz Love Soul Remix) - Bossruu feat Wandile 19. Show Me (Timmy Regisford Rework) - Jill ScottAre you ready?!Subscribe for free with iTunes to get our music in CD quality directly into your iPhone
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[MUSIC & WINE Radio] Elian does Spinna at Chihuahua (Ep. 37)

[H]e's one of my all time favorite producers, the one and only DJ Spinna and he's coming to Manila for what may be the year's most anticipated event. Mark your calendars: Friday October 21 at TIME. This is another one for the books people! Hats off once again to Kristian Hernandez for making it all happen.As you can imagine, a Spinna Tribute mix is in order. This was recorded at Chihuahua on Sunday, Oct 3. Here's the playlist:A Better Day (DJ Spinna Remix) - Louie VegaWe Can Change This World (Yoruba) - DJ Spinna feat. HeavyLadbroke Groove - DJ SpinnaDays Like This - DJ SpinnaICU - DJ SpinnaYou (DJ Spinna Remix) - SoulstationAlways In Heaven When I'm With You (DJ Spinna Remix) - Tortured SoulIf I Have To Change (DJ Spinna Remix) - Stephanie CookeGotta Make A Move (Spinna Mix) - Rednose District feat. Alma HortonCloser (DJ Spinna Remix) - GoapeleFall In Love (Spinna Dub) - Tortured SoulBeautiful (DJ Spinna Main Mix) - JadaStill (DJ Spinna Club Mix) - TamiaDay By Day (DJ Spinna Remix) - Mark De Clive-LoweMakeda (Spinna & Ticklah Remix) - Les NubiansThe Reason (DJ Spinna Remix) - SoulsticeLove - Lonnie Liston Smith & DJ Spinna feat. Pharoah SandersSubscribe for free with iTunes
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[MUSIC & WINE Radio] DJ mikecons (BBC Soul) at Chihuahua (Ep. 36)

mikecons brings his schmoov neo soul sounds to Chip & Dale Tuesdays at Chihuahua starting at 8pm.Mike Constantino/mikecons heads BBC (Big Ben Collective) Manila. Known for its high-end, style-with-substance productions, BBC was responsible for the proliferation of quality Downtempo/Lounge music in the local scene, bringing in fresh concepts and artists like Hotel Costes, Buddha Bar, Nirvana Lounge, jojoflores' Therapy, Heavy Boogie, Treva Whateva (Ninja Tune), DJ Andy Smith (Dynamo Productions), Nostalgia77 (Ubiquity Records), DJ Kero One (Plug Label), among many others.As the main face and sound of BBC, mikecons shares his tastes and soul to open-eared listeners this side of the world and beyond. A proud herald of the Digital front of music, he was one of the early proponents Digital DJing and is currently one of the Philippine endorsers of M-Audio's Torq/Conectiv DJ Software.mikecons just wrapped up his stint as one of the residents of the sorely-missed and now legendary underground Funk & Soul club nights, Play Tuesdays. He also currently shares his love for Soul Music as vocalist for local independent Neo Soul band, Mike's Apartment.See you at the listening party!
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[MUSIC & WINE Radio] Kristian does Jazzanova at Chihuahua (Episode 35)

[I]t's the aftermath of Jazzanova's visit to Manila. Founder DJ Juergen Von Knoblauch tore the roof off of club TIME with a rare eclectic set that had us dancing to everything from electro and house to salsa.  But right before that happened, Kristian Hernandez--the man with the hook-up that made it all possible--recorded a Jazzanova tribute at the listening party held a few days earlier at Chihuahua.We knew we would probably not get to hear Jazzanova's more downtempo material at the Friday night big room event, and hoped to share with fans the sounds that define Germany's foremost nu-jazz talent. It wasn't the original plan, but we decided to turn the recorder on, and we are so glad we did... the outcome is a proper Jazzanova set that belongs in the library of the most avid collector.Join us this Tuesday at Chihuahua for another listening party as Kristian Hernandez releases another Deeper Rhythms mix in anticipation of the Saturday monthly event dubbed Deeper Rhythms at TIME this Saturday August 27.Crank it up ;)Elian & InesSubscribe for free with iTunes
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Jazzanova (Berlin, Germany) Juergen von Knoblauch - episode 34

Subscribe for free with iTunes [A]rguably Germany's top NuJazz, Broken Beat, and Modern Electronic Soul music talent, Jazzanova's finally coming to Manila, with a special guest DJ set by Juergen Von Knoblauch (GER) this Friday August 12 at club TIME.Limited tickets are available at Chihuahua.  For more info, check out the invite.See you on the dancefloor!Elian & Ines
8/8/20111 hour, 14 minutes, 55 seconds
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elian MUSIC AND WINE live at martinis (hour 2) episode 32

[A]s promised, this second hour of the mix recorded live last March 5 at MUSIC & WINE's got music by Tortured Soul, Jihad Muhammad, Mary J. Blige, Kenphonik, Quentin Harris, Roland Clark, Brazilian Soul Crew, Black Coffee, Culoe de Song, Kenny Bobien, DunnEASY, and many more.MARK YOUR CALENDARS: For those in Manila next Saturday April 16, don't miss Ines' mega-birthday bash at Martinis.  Also catch Montreal's jojoflores at TIME (7840 Makati Ave) on April 30.Subscribe for free with iTunes and get future episodes in your iPhone
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elian MUSIC AND WINE live at martinis (hour 1) episode 32

[W]e've had some amazing guest mixes over the last few weeks, and now it's back to a dose of the sound you hear regularly at MUSIC & WINE.  This week's episode is the opening hour at the March 5th Gentlemen's Night--an M&W tradition of cigars, fast cars, and masculine cocktails dating back almost 3 years--and the deep organic jazzified mood of the mix says it all.There's quite a bit of raiding the crates in this set.  Hear music by Ron Trent, Sun Orchestra, Robert Owens, Jazzanova, Roy Ayers, DJ Spinna, Lady Alma, and many others.Catch the full 3-hour set this Saturday night from 9-12mn on 106.7 Dream FM.P.S.  For those in Manila this weekend, we'll be taking the night off (Sat Mar 12) to catch some rays in Boracay!Subscribe for free with iTunes to listen to the show on your iPhone
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