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English, Investigative journalism, 7 seasons, 102 episodes, 3 days, 9 hours, 24 minutes
Become a Paid Subscriber: MD & Steph are sisters who love true crime. We believe as black women that stories in our community don't receive the coverage, they so desperately deserve. So we have created the space for these stories to be told weekly on our podcast. MD is a lawyer, who provides the legal background of the case, while Steph dishes the details regarding the victims and sometime perpetrators. Join us weekly for the crime cases you may have never heard.
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Angell Williams | Digital Chains

Angell Williams, a mother of three, was living in Baltimore, Maryland, when her life took an unexpected turn. In 2008, during a night out with friends, she met Michael Johnson. Their connection was instant and intense, leading to a whirlwind romance. Within just six months, they were not only married but also welcomed a son into the world. However, what began as a fairytale quickly descended into a nightmare. Michael's behavior took a dark and terrifying turn, transforming their relationship into something toxic and dangerous. Join us as we unravel the shocking story of Angell Williams - a case that defies expectations and exposes the insidious nature of domestic abuse in the digital age. This episode will take you on a journey through love, betrayal, fear, and ultimately, justice. It's a stark reminder that sometimes, the most dangerous threats can come from those closest to us. Prepare yourselves for a tale that will challenge your perceptions and leave you questioning: how well do we really know the people we let into our lives?
7/4/202419 minutes, 3 seconds
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Accidental Butt Dial | Jeronta Brown & Briana Brooks

Jeronta Brown and Briana Brooks were a young couple who were tragically murdered in an execution-style attack in August 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia.The couple was kidnapped by two men, Andre Gay and Richard Wilson, who believed one of the victims' relatives had recently received a significant insurance settlement. --- Send in a voice message:
6/20/202418 minutes, 53 seconds
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Unmasking The GrimSleeper

In the 1980s, during the crack cocaine epidemic that plagued South Central Los Angeles, a mysterious figure later known as the "Grim Sleeper" began terrorizing the local black community. This serial killer primarily targeted African American women, sowing a climate of fear and anguish throughout the region. It wasn't until the LAPD connected two separate attacks that they realized they were dealing with a serial killer. Devastated by the possibility that one of their own may be responsible, the police launched an intensive investigation to uncover the identity of this monstrous individual. After years of painstaking work, the LAPD finally apprehended the Grim Sleeper, who is believed to have spanned over 25 years, leaving numerous victims in his wake and traumatizing the community he preyed upon. Join Steph as we delve deeper into the chilling case of the Grim Sleeper, exploring the victims, the investigation, and the haunting legacy of this notorious serial killer who preyed upon the vulnerable in South Central L.A. --- Send in a voice message:
6/13/202442 minutes, 45 seconds
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Jonelle Montell | Murder At Your Door

Jonelle Melton was a social studies teacher at Red Bank Middle School, where her passion for history inspired and engaged her students.She had even attended President Barack Obama's inauguration in January 2009, and shared the experience with her students and colleagues.Tragically, in the months following this historical event, ​Jonelle Melton was tortured and murdered in her apartment.Her case remained unsolved for a number of years, demonstrating that it is not always the usual suspects who are responsible for a murder. --- Send in a voice message:
5/30/202427 minutes, 31 seconds
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Deanna Cook | Protect Women

Deanna Cook was a 32-year-old woman living in South Dallas in 2012.2She was a vibrant and athletic woman who loved to run, and had even broken records in the 200-yard dash when she was in 7th grade.2Deanna had settled in a middle-class area of South Dallas and was preparing a future for herself and her two young daughters.Deanna was passionate about writing and telling her story online. Join Steph & M.D. as we unpack a story that should continue to be told by the true crime community. ------------------------------------------------------------------Source Material : Text me when you get home Season 2 Eps 11 Seven Years after Deanna Cook died with 911 on the line her family quest for justice - Dallas Morning News 2019 family-s-quest-for-justice-drags-on/ Dallas Will Pay 335 to fight murder victims lawsuit- WFAA -8 --- Send in a voice message:
5/23/202451 minutes, 4 seconds
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Welcome To Sweetie Pies | Andre Montgomery Jr.

Founded 25 years ago, Sweetie Pie's, owned by Robbie Montgomery, became popular for its soul food menu15 . The success of the restaurant led to the development of franchises and also acclaimed cookbook success45 . The family's reality TV series, "Welcome to Sweetie Pie's," furthered their growth and was recognized with NAACP Image Awards47 . However, the success was eventually marred by misfortunes surrounding the family, including the criminal conviction of Robbie Montgomery's son, James "Tim" Norman, and the misuse of trademark. . . . ​Tim Norman's involvement significantly impacted the fate of Sweetie Pie's, influencing both the restaurant's decline and family turmoil. Explore this week's episode to uncover the events at this beloved Black-owned establishment, which culminated in betrayal and violence. . . . . Keep Up with MIB @murderintheblack Instagram Facebook: Murder In The Black Podcast email: [email protected] --- Send in a voice message:
4/25/202431 minutes, 22 seconds
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Gloria Pointer | Consistency That Will Motivate Generations to Come

Gloria Pointer was an outstanding daughter, known for her vibrant, kind, and compassionate nature. In 1984, at the age of 14, she was a native of Cleveland, Ohio. December 6th held special significance for her, as she was set to receive an award for achieving perfect attendance at her junior high school. Unfortunately, she never had the chance to attend the ceremony. This tragic event, however, ultimately led to a story of triumph emerging from adversity. Through a combination of brutality and beauty, the consistent determination of Gloria's mother may offer a profound and inspiring perspective as we move into the new year. Keep up with Yvonne Pointer ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Source Material : Dateline : A Promise To Gloria The Last Day : Gloria Pointer "Peacock" __________________________________________________________ Are you a fan on facebook? Why not? join us there!! @murderintheblackpodcast instagram@murderintheblack --- Send in a voice message:
1/11/20241 hour, 11 minutes, 28 seconds
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Asha Degree | More Questions than Answers

Bonus CONTENT : Asha Degree, a 9-year-old girl, disappeared from her home in Shelby, North Carolina, on February 14th, 2000. She left her bed in the early hours of the morning and was last seen walking along a narrow rural highway during a storm. The case took a perplexing turn when her belongings began to surface along the same highway, spread out over 26 miles and 18 months --- Send in a voice message:
1/5/202446 minutes, 53 seconds
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Betrayal x 3 | Lt. William Walker

The tragic and shocking story of the murder of Lt. William Walker is reviewed in great detail. Todays episode delves into the circumstances surrounding the murder, shedding light on the shocking betrayal and deception that led to Walker's untimely death. Listeners will gain insight into the financial ruin and flawed insurance scheme that fueled the murder and the impactful aftermath it had on the community. Additionally, presenting a thorough exploration of the key suspects in the investigation, highlighting how the intricate web of betrayal and conspiracy was unraveled.  --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Case Source: Snapped Season 25 Eps 3 --- Send in a voice message:
12/28/202359 minutes, 46 seconds
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Lj Latham & George Russel

We have two listener case suggestions for you. The first one revolves around the recent case of Lj Latham that unfolded in the Spring of 2023. Unusual events that occurred on a night in April have left his mother, Charmaine Lenton, convinced that the complete truth has not been revealed George Russel was a notorious serial killer in the 1990s, and his reign of terror deeply affected the community of Bellvue for several months. Discover the methods and strategies employed by investigators that eventually led to bringing him to justice. __________________________________________________________Source Material : Viral Crimes --- Send in a voice message:
12/21/20231 hour, 16 minutes, 50 seconds
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George Moore | Leave when LOVE is no longer being served

Todays' podcast episode that delves into the tragic case of George Moore's murder. In this episode, we will explore the unsettling events surrounding the fatal shooting of George Moore, an electrical engineer for NASA, who was found dead in his home on Mahonia Way in Edgewood. More details about the incident and the subsequent legal proceedings will be discussed, shedding light on the complexities of this case and the impact it had on the lives of those involved. --- Send in a voice message:
12/14/202358 minutes, 24 seconds
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My House, Too | Darlene Endsley

Darlene moved back to Omaha, Nebraska. She desired to live in peace close to family. However, she was met with challenges she never expected. Find out what happened on todays installment of Betrayal and Deception. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Source Material : Investigation Discovery : Fear Thy Roomate Season 1 Eps 5 " Panic Room" Cinemaholic. Angela Parks’ Murder: How Did She Die? Where Is Darlene Endsley Now?.2021. --- Send in a voice message:
11/30/202350 minutes, 57 seconds
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Lovetta Armstead | Just Evil

Lovetta Armstead was a Dallas native from a suburb of Dallas, Oak Cliff. She has three children JT, Jerret, and Jazzmen. She was a teacher and adopted her children. She was a single mother and, at 32 years old, was the epitome of a hustler and great mother. That was until she met Gary Green. Their courtship was expected, and they quickly got married after realizing they didn't want to be without each other. However, dreams turned into nightmares for Lovetta and her three children. Join us to discover what happened to this family in Dallas on September 21, 2009. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Are YOU or SOMEONE YOU LOVE dealing with domestic abuse? CALL,TEXT ,CHAT 1-800-799-7233 SMS: Text START to 88788 CHAT: Everyone deserves relationships free from domestic violence. When you're ready, we're here to listen with confidential support 24/7/365. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ GIVEAWAY WINNERS PLEASE SEND US YOUR MAILING INFORMATION : INSTAGRAM: @murderintheblack or EMAIL [email protected] YOU HAVE UNTIL JUNE 23, 2023 TO SEND YOUR INFORMATION _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Make sure you vote in this weeks poll! We want to hear from you!! Want More From Murder In The Black: Be sure to catch up with us on Instagram for Story Time with Steph on IG and TikTok: @murderintheblack Join Our Facebook Fan Group @murderintheblackthepodcast Case Suggestions? Please email us @[email protected] This episode can be heard on Evil Lives Here Shadow of Death Season 2 EPS 6 --- Send in a voice message:
6/8/202338 minutes, 14 seconds
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Sean Taylor | For The Love of The Game

Sean Maurice Taylor was born April 1, 1983. In Homestead, Florida. His love for sports but football in particular put him at the center stage of NFL in 2005. However, through a series of unfortunate events he was gunned down at the age of 24. Join us for a journey that will leave you on the edge of your seat. This is the last episode in our theme for this season. This is not one that you will want to miss!! Make sure you vote in this weeks poll! We want to hear from you!! Want More From Murder In The Black: Be sure to catch up with us on Instagram for Story Time with Steph on IG and TikTok: @murderintheblack Join Our Facebook Fan Group @murderintheblackthepodcast Case Suggestions? Please email us @[email protected] --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
5/18/202358 minutes, 3 seconds
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We will return April 20th for Season 4 ! Want More From Murder In The Black: Be sure to catch up with us on Instagram for Story Time with Steph on IG and TikTok: @murderintheblack Join Our Facebook Fan Group @murderintheblackthepodcast Case Suggestions? Please email us @[email protected] --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
4/6/20232 minutes, 11 seconds
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Darrent Williams | He Did Everything Right

Have you ever heard  of Friday Night Lights? A phrase that  is the epitome of Texas football culture. D-Will as he was affectionately called by  friends and family   had a natural ability for football, however he combined hard-work, dedication and talent to be one of the best players in  Carter Park, Tx. He was a leader and mediator, characteristics that defined who D-Will was find out what happened December 31,2006. If you want to see pictures of D-Will  and more about this case head over to our instagram.  Want More From Murder In The Black: Be sure to catch up with us on instagram for Story Time with Steph on IG and TikTok: @murderintheblack Join Our  Facebook Fan  Group @murderintheblackthepodcast Case Suggestions ? Email us @[email protected] --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
2/16/202349 minutes, 49 seconds
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Murder In The Black (Trailer)

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