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English, Social, 6 seasons, 45 episodes, 7 hours, 16 minutes
Alternative view on Political, conflict, social situation analysis and to try and find a solution through my experience in Somalia. I'm not going to be kind to anyone and my views are Impartial. You have a right to not agree with me but that doesn't mean we can't get along does it? #SomaliLivesMatter
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Podcast: Falaqeyn; Hadalkii Gudoomiyasha Baarlamaanka Somaliya Mudane Mursal & Mudane Mudey..

We react to the recent comments by the Federal Parliament Speaker and Deputy Speaker on the recent Act Bill that they've rejected.
9/24/202015 minutes, 25 seconds
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Discussion on current events (Somali)

On the Mic is our guest Abdullahi Mohamud - A Somali outspoken Political analyst, we discuss; 4.5 political system in Somalia and the US Elections 2020
9/2/202028 minutes, 12 seconds