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MrBizness Presents: Bike Life Talk

English, Social, 1 season, 10 episodes, 2 hours, 45 minutes
MrBizness Presents a platform where riders all over the world can voice their opinions, talk about events and various topics in the Bike Life Culture Support this podcast:
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Bikelife Talk with Baltimore's Own WheelieKing Part 2

On this episode of Bikelife talk we feature a Living legend from the streets of Baltimore. WheelieKing7. Wheelieking has been a street dirtbike rider for over a decade. With his skills and expience he has become one the most respected riders in the bike life community. He carries the morals of respect, loyalty, no man left behind and when you hear its bigger than bikes…he truly lives by that statement. Most recently, he had the oppurtuntiy to be on the big screen as Will Smiths stunt man in Bad Boys 3. He also is featured in the new movie Charms City Kings as a stunt rider. After all those years of street riding and developing a unique skill in some of the roughest environemnets, things were finally starting to pay off. Until wheelieking experienced a life changing event... --- Support this podcast:
3/19/202027 minutes, 6 seconds
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BikeLife Talk with The Banshee Queen

We took time out our day to interview one of bike life's most popular female riders. To be a female in this sports is not easy. For The Banshee Queen, its been even tougher because she had a lack of support from family and friends. Find out what type of trial and tribulations she has been through and why she continued to keep pressing forward. You can follow her at @MrzMakeshitHappen420 and purchase any of the R.O.D. Merchandise by stopping by @CMDBornSavage instagram page. --- Support this podcast:
3/3/202021 minutes, 59 seconds