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The Motivated podcast has emerged as the #1 podcast dedicated to the topic of motivation, which is hosted by Dalia Strum who is an educator on Digital Marketing and Business Strategy at The Fashion Institute of Technology and Pablo Henderson, CMO of XpresSpa Group. We feature impressive thought leaders and industry experts where we discuss what they’re working on, some of the strategies they’re deploying, how they continuously shift their mindset and most importantly how they’re keeping themselves as well as the people around them motivated.
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Culture: how to influence behavior with Marcus Collins

00:35 Intro00:59 Marcus Collins01:34 Understanding Motivation around our behavior02:02 Influencing behavior02:17 Get people to move02:46 Antecedents to Motivation03:07 No force greater than culture03:41 Culture is a system05:56 Norms vs Culture06:36 A system of system - Raymond Williams08:57 Consumption references10:23 We hold many identities11:50 Signaling identity- social animals13:06 Signaling and Motivation15:38 Sociological impulses to move17:25 Gap in Knowledge- Lowenstein19:19 Hip-Hop culture20:35 Discourse drives cultural change21:07 Culture: a meaning making system23:21 Influencer Marketing28:01 Unmet need creates discomfort31:38 The Brooklyn Nets32:58 Propaganda Theory34:54 Cracking the code36:19 How you see the world38:15 Who are people like me?39:03 Cognitive fluidity41:50 The quiet internet46:03 Taking agency to create what's around me47:13 The value of repetition48:00 Culture can't be an event49:20 Collective effervessence51:57 Cancel Culture56:12 Predictably I
03/11/202359 minutes 34 seconds
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Surprising learnings from the science of motivation with Ayelet Fishbach.

00:34 Intro 01:19 Professor Ayelet Fishbach 01:49 Get It Done - surprising lessons for the science of motivation 02:26 Dopamine release, Crossing off your list 04:11 social psychology - motivation a function of your situation and framing 04:34 Motivation isn't a muscle- it is your knowledge 06:19 no evidence that self-control is a muscle 06:34 some evidence that some people are more motivated than others 08:30 Goals must be intrinsic and fun. Finding value in the way there. 09:10 Keep searching.  09:32 You need to try something a few times to figure out if we enjoy 10:00 The role of mindset 10:29 you either change the situation or the way you think about it. 11:36 Re-framing the world around you for motivation 11:50 For beginners, more motivated looking back. Glass half full. 13:00 Motivation to start and motivation to stick with it 13:37 Middle Problem- the middle par
15/09/202348 minutes 19 seconds
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Work Hard, Play Hard with Chris Gronkowski

Chris Gronkowski comes from the “Gronk” family clan which brings to mind an athletic acumen, grueling workouts along with a party hard reputation. Vanity Fair called his family “America’s first family of jocks.” His company, Ice Shaker, offers an insulated, spill-proof, stainless-steel cup for the reusable bot­tle market. He secured Before appearing on "Shark Tank," Ice Shaker bottles were only available in a 26 oz bottle, per its website. The company has since expanded to over 140 bottle selections, selling tumblers, jugs, and sports bottles in a variety of sizes. Guest Shark Alex Rodriguez and Mark Cuban both invested into Ice Shaker, where Rob Gronkowski later bought Rodriguez's stock in the company as it was thriving from their expansion into retail in The Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, and Lifetime Fitness locations. Chris co-owns three businesses with his four brothers: InSite Media Services, which
06/07/20231 hour 16 minutes 33 seconds
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What does failure mean?

00:45 Intro 01:23 Friendship 01:50 seeking out challenge 02:16 Failure between air quotation marks 03:26 Impact 03:56 What does failure mean ? 04:54 Failure in the eyes of whom ? 07:26 Reframing 08:44 Learning for next time 09:49 Processing disappointment 10:51 Context 12:02 Celebrate the positives 13:13 Trail running vs Marathon racing 15:00 Doubt as a bond 16:54 No mans land 17:56 The power of community 20:39 Dropping out 24:29&nbsp; Wasn't this about&nbsp;pacing? 24:53 The journey as the destination 27:30 Creating your own pace 28:00 Making less mistakes 28:58 Pacing with purpose 30:30 Respecting culture 31:20 Remembering why you started 32:09 Two points of gratification 34:20 Quitting 36:38 You didn't quit, you went as far as you could go 37:05 Finding gratitude 37:45 Agree to disagree<
17/11/202242 minutes 3 seconds
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Opening New Doors with Michelle Sutter, VP of Sales at Holland America

00:36 Intro 01:11 Michelle Sutter- VP of Sales Holland America 02:26 Life at Sea 02:39 British Columbia 03:38 Translating 04:12 I never sold 04:57 It isn't selling if you are sharing stories 05:32 The intersections of dominant&nbsp;themes 06:50 Tell a good story 07:48 A series of different stories 09:00 Aspiring for higher levels of leadership 09:31 Storytelling as a visual tool 09:56 Becoming the leader you never had 10:41 Managing vs Leading 12:38 Understanding&nbsp;the team members you are in service to 13:03 You're a Motivator 14:06 Building Culture 14:42 Snacks 15;30 Everybody Matters- Bob Chapman 16:44 Growth Mindset 18:05 Thinking Differently 18:22 External innovation 18:57 Work Human 20:12 Implement tangible takeaways 21:33 Clear intentions 22:07 A Cultural shift 22:52 Resistance 23:15 A lear
20/07/202259 minutes 31 seconds
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Choosing Happiness with Tia Graham, Certified Chief Happiness Officer · Arrive At Happy

00:34&nbsp; Intro 01:01 Fireside Live 01:15 Arrive at Happy 01:24 Chief Happiness Officer 01:54 Tia Graham 02:37 A happy childhood 03:34 Choose to be happy 03:50 Three bad years 04:02 You can choose happiness 05:14 Balancing 05:55 Changing your thinking 06:19 The actions you take 06:49 Intention vs Attention 07:02 Space for three things 08:54 Rainbow colors 09:34 We allow&nbsp;work&nbsp;to fill our spaces 10:18 Work vs Anxiety 12:13 Leaders impact families 14:36 Life work integration 17:13 Honoring 18:52 It's not about hours 19:54 Privilege 21:00 Data and Productivity 23:22 Big Brother 25:27 Seasonal Happiness 26:10 Part of, not separate 26:54 What's your name, what do you do 27:54 Contagious emotions 30:08 Mirror neurons 31:11 Ripple effects 31:23 Negativity bias 33:40
04/05/202257 minutes 32 seconds
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Start with ‘what’ THEN ‘why’? with Denise Russo from SAP Global VP, Head of Enablement & Readiness

00:35 Intro 01:31 Denise Russo- Head of Enablement- SAP 02:34 Welcome 02:48 The Tabernacle 03:10 FunkJazz Kafé 03:51 Retraining the brain 04:22 Olympics, Atlanta 04:52 Planet Hollywood 07:32 Music and Art 08:04 Arrested Development 09:10 Soundtrack of our lives 11:03 Music and Hotels 12:12 Rewire the brain 13:11 Vibrations 13:47 Pharrell Williams- Happy 15:00 Playing the Clarinet 15:28 Music Business 16:02 University of Florida 17:10 Michael Green- Recording Academy 18:06 Were my motivations wrong? 19:20 Motivated 20:18 Managing a large team 21:12 Lyrics to songs 22:25 Fear of Loss or Desire to gain 23:41 Low vibrations 24:17 Tranquility 26:06 Intentions 27:19 Sound Baths 28:27 Nuach 28:55 When you're on time 29:40 Can't get time back 30:14 A minute to arrive 30:
03/03/202254 minutes 27 seconds
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Dedication, Perseverance, Commitment... Breathe with Michelle Edgar- Head of Partnerships LiveXLive

00:35 Intro and welcome 01:09 Michelle Edgar- Head of Partnerships LiveXLive 01:31 Re-inventing yourself 02:11 Northwestern 02:49 Los Angeles and the Entertainment Industry 03:15 Finding a new me, the inner athlete 03:50 Passion for music 04:30 Few regrets 06:14 East Coast vs East Coast 07:30 Age and stage of life 08:50 Women's Empowerment 09:26 Why do you make time ? 10:20 The XX Project 12:43 Finding Motivation 13;03 The discipline of a concert pianist 13:49 Follow the music 14:40 Being curious, Being Open and Learning 15:26 UCLA Law Degree 16:00 Running towards a life force 17:23 Losing a parent 18:46 A different&nbsp;perspective and a new set of tools 19:54 An investment in myself 20:38 Ask your support system 21:18 Self-Love 21:31 Figuring&nbsp;out your end goal 22:56 Embrace your passions 24:07 Sol
22/12/202154 minutes 56 seconds
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Disrupt yourself with Bestselling Author, Scott Miller

00:45 Intro 01:35 Scott Miller- Author 02:29 Colossal&nbsp;understatement 03:16 I left my job 03:48 19 Books 04:19 Go where the love is... 05:09 Tsunami of turnover 06:04 Disrupt Yourself 06:52 Find a new audience 08:03 When do you know you are ready 08:30 Fearless but reckless 10:08 When to plant and when to harvest 11:22 Don't let yourself be disrupted, disrupt yourself. 12:41 Fire yourself 13:00 Personal Brand 14:14 You are responsible for your career 16:14 Feedback is a gift 17:17 A lack of self-awareness 17:51 Recruit and Retain talent 21:58 Emotional Intelligence 24:42 Courage 25:06 Pre-Forgiven 28:52 Inspiring and Motivating environment 30:52 A servant Leader 31:22 Be a Genius Maker 34:04 Emergent Strategy 36:20 we are all in the same storm, we are not in the same boat 39:23 Whole life
20/10/20211 hour 21 seconds
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Leading leaders with Amanda Baldwin, CEO of Supergoop

00:54 Intro 01:34 Amanda Baldwin, Supergoop 02:14 A turbulent&nbsp;time 02:57 The sun is still shining 04:29 Gratitude vs Guilt 05:32 Personal learnings 06:09 Where there's a will there's a way 06:26 Mental choices 06:38 Thrive vs Survive 06:52 Importance of leadership choices 07:41 the importance of small choices 08:26 Scott Miller - Management Messes 09:41 Work from home 10:05 We love big decisions 10:21 Deciding to Win 11:25 Get your head in the game 13:05 Being a parent was . agift 14:02 What I can control 14:24 Poised to Pounce 15:10 Sustaining the mental shift 15:57 This is a marathon 16:20 Pressure is a privilege 17:38 Leaders don't have all the answers 18:46 Nothing happens in isolation 20:15 Brands are people too 21:18 No right or wrongs 21:59 Trust to not have the answers <
01/09/20211 hour 7 minutes 53 seconds
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Each touchpoint is an opportunity with special guest David Spisak, President and CEO of Disruptive Growth Solutions

00:35 Intro and Welcome 02:02 Partner, Investor, Software, Winery, Restaurateur, Blockchain, Philanthropist 02:21 Entrepreneur- creative thinker, logic driven 02:59 If everyone is running to the left, I'm running to the right 04:30 Brian Benstock 05:07 It's easier to climb Mt. Everest than it is to live up there. 06:20 Did they check the box? 06:47 You need to have a mission 07:40 Finding the right people 08:37 High expectations 09:42 You can't be high energy at work, and lethargic in other areas. 13:21 Hospitality: each touchpoint is an opportunity 13:32 I go out every day in the hope that I leave everybody better than I found them 14:19 You have two choices 14:54 Everybody just got an upgrade 16:03 Investment in the long term 16:32 Good problem solvers 17:01 Empathy 18:03 Merely a transaction 19:04 Live and let live 20:45 Everybody is going to
04/08/202148 minutes 43 seconds
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Law of Attraction vs Action with Jason Schulweis, Head of Brand Partnerships at Morning Brew

00:36&nbsp; &nbsp; Welcome 00:52&nbsp; &nbsp; Jason- Morning Brew 01:22&nbsp; &nbsp; Connecting Dots- Michigan 02.07&nbsp; &nbsp; Tom Brady 02:22&nbsp; &nbsp; Duncan Robinson 03:04 &nbsp;&nbsp; Connecting the Dots- the same group 03:35 &nbsp; &nbsp;Background 04:11 &nbsp;&nbsp; 2008 Graduated then Yahoo 04:32 &nbsp;&nbsp; Thrillist then Live Nation 04:48&nbsp; &nbsp; MediaLink then Morning Brew 05:25 &nbsp;&nbsp; Michigan Connection 05:25&nbsp; &nbsp; CRO 06:42 &nbsp;&nbsp; Growing&nbsp;from 3 to 35 06:52&nbsp; &nbsp; Email Company vs Newsletter 07:59 &nbsp;&nbsp; Delivered Media- 1 to 1 08:30 &nbsp;&nbsp; Law of Attraction vs Action 09:10 &nbsp;&nbsp; Trust 10:20 &nbsp;&nbsp; The Evolution of Media Companies 11:06 &nbsp;&nbsp; Dynamic Networking 11:54 &nbsp;&nbsp; Collecting Dots 12:51 &nbsp;&nbsp; Collecting Experiences 14:14 &nbsp;&nbs
06/04/202151 minutes 22 seconds
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Content creation on TikTok with Josh Richards (who has 16M followers) and Michael Senzer, head of business development at TalentX

TalentX is a 360-degree talent development company, where they focus on digital creatives - specifically on TikTok and Youtube. Josh Richards, a TikTok star with over 16M followers, and Michael Senzer, head of TalentX’s business development join us to discuss why these are such coveted platforms and how brands could get value by bridging the gap with products/experiences and some of their featured talent. In this episode of Motivated our guests talk about the responsibility that comes with celebrity, navigating social media and Tik Tok specifically, the creative process, working with brands and hacking the algorithms while staying Motivated and being authentic. Why Motivated? 3:56 Motivation Advice from a Tik Tok celebrity 4:28 With power comes Responsibility 5:00 Tweaking your message during Covid-19 6:05 Work-life and home-life 6:45 Musicly to Tik Tok for Brands 7:30 Zoom as a Verb 10:35 Josh describes Tik Tok to an Al
05/05/202056 minutes 4 seconds
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Make your marketing initiatives memorable with Andrew Eis, VP of Marketing by CHLOE

Beyond excited to release our first episode of Season 2 of Decision Makers with Andrew Eis who is the VP of Marketing of by CHLOE (a plant based fast casual eatery). He's one of my favorite marketers who is willing to share all and we deep dive discussing marketing initiatives, data and investing in resources) Ping me on Linkedin or instagram @daliastrum with your favorite part and takeaway from this episode! Topics from Today's Episode: 02:50 | The value of data 09:15 | Don't do things just for the sake of doing them 11:03 | When interviewing, how many ideas should I give away? 15:02 | How do you understand the need and frequency for opening new locations? 21:58 | Strategies to assess data points from sampling initiatives 24:00 | Make something special memorable not just from a food perspective but also from a t-shirt perspective 24:48 | Investing resources in localization&nbsp;+ personalization 27:05 | Collabora
02/10/201940 minutes 47 seconds
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Standing out from the competition in the luxury travel industry

This podcast was during Women in Luxury hosted by Luxury Daily where we spoke with Deborah Calmeyer from Roar Africa. We discussed what motivated her to take a hobby and turn it into a business, how her company stands out from her competition, and making sure that your social media aligns with the voice and messaging of the company.
01/08/201918 minutes 19 seconds
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Embracing culture through music and art is part of the W Hotel's DNA

We spoke with Pablo Henderson, the Global Marketing Director at W Hotels Worldwide, about how his marketing team focuses on the connection between the authenticity of the stories and the guest experience. He discusses how music sets the mood and theme of their hotels by embracing cultures and history. They do this by curating local artists and talent to elevate the overall guest experience.
25/07/201948 minutes 51 seconds
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How one company makes sure that their Sales + Marketing teams have dual experience

This episode was recorded during The Lead Innovation Summit at The Brooklyn Expo center. We spoke with New Store and were joined by the Chief Marketing Officer, Phil Granof along with their VP of Sales, Tony DiPaolo. They truly work as a team and live by the philosophy that the best marketers have done sales in the past. They discuss some best practices on how their teams work together.
18/07/201921 minutes 50 seconds
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From Smorgasburg to opening your own stores

We spoke with Former finance pro Ben LeBlanc who had an epiphany during his past work life which led to his food startup, Good Stock Soups.&nbsp; He's a Louisiana native, who he has always loved to cook and eat and wanted the soups he was used to at home but couldn't find quality versions of in New York City. This motivated him to launch Good Stock soups and we discuss strategies on how he has utilized traditional as well as digital forms of marketing in addition to partnerships to increase sales. Don't forget to subscribe and follow us on instagram&nbsp;@onequestionxyz and linkedin for updates and new podcast releases.
10/07/201939 minutes 58 seconds
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Trends within luxury skincare

This episode features Elana Drell-Szyfer, the CEO of ReVive Skincare, where we podcasted live during Women in Luxury hosted by Luxury Daily. We spoke about trends and best practices within the luxury skincare industry.
03/07/201916 minutes 28 seconds
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The value of creating a strong network

This episode featured Mina Fader, who is the Managing Director at the Jay H Baker Retailing Center of The Wharton School. We discussed different layers of strategy that goes into marketing a program, the value of creating a strong network for students currently enrolled as well as alumni and some success stories. Make sure you subscribe and follow us on for podcast updates.
26/06/201926 minutes 18 seconds
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The "How" is just as important as the "Why" during executing concepts

We spoke with Kelly Markus who was most recently the VP of Experiential at Refinery29 and is now the CVO of Hunters Point, where she works with companies including Apartment Therapy and Lippe Taylor. "The how you do the work is just as important as the why in the final event production aspect" We discussed how she learned to create original IP, how to market it as well as build multiple revenue streams. Make sure you subscribe for updated episodes and connect with us on instagram for insider info @onequestionxyz
19/06/201946 minutes 4 seconds
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How do you apply hospitality to other industries?

This conversation was a live podcast, which featured Lindsay Hubbard, the President of Hubb House PR and Terence Tubridy from In Good Company Hospitality. We discussed trends within the Hospitality Industry, the value of social media + digital marketing as well as the concept of applying strategies within the Hospitality Industry to other verticals.
12/06/201943 minutes 26 seconds
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What are Affluencers and how do we connect with them?

During this #womeninluxury mini podcast, we spoke with Patricia Clark, who is the Senior Vice President of Ipsos Affluent Intelligence. They are a global research company and they focus on data points that support purchase decisions. We discuss marketing, their use of big data to develop marketing strategies and the value of creating emotional impact through storytelling. We also discuss the concept of affluencers and what impacts their purchase decisions.
30/05/201918 minutes 42 seconds
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Communicating value and transparency within the bedding industry with Boll & Branch

This is another mini session during #womeninluxury conference hosted by Luxury Daily. We chatted with Missy Tannen, who is the Co-Founder and President of Boll &amp; Branch. They are the world's most fair and transparent luxury linen company. &nbsp;We discuss launching a company, evaluating the product sales opportunities within the space, direct to consumer strategies (as well as opening a store-front), communicating brand messaging to your customer along with additional marketing strategies.
22/05/201915 minutes 40 seconds
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What is the value of building awareness?

This is part of our Women in Luxury mini series, that was hosted by Luxury Daily. This episode features Alison Bringé, the CMO of Launchmetrics and we discuss the value of awareness as well as an interesting algorithm that they created to measure influence on social media.
15/05/201910 minutes 18 seconds
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Speed dating brands before committing with Carlie from

We spoke with Carlie Clough, who is the Director Of Partnerships from, which is a direct to consumer sampling platform and how people want to try before they buy. Essentially, dating brands before fully committing.
08/05/201930 minutes 51 seconds
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Launching a 400 person event in 2 weekends, the Fyre Festival that worked

We spoke with Greg Galant, CEO of Sawhorse Media which includes Muck Rack and The Shorty Awards. We chatted about: Voting with a tweet Trending on Twitter Being too early to market Getting 400 people to attend an event that accommodated 300 people How one business provides lead gen for the other business Start small and build to support growth SEO&nbsp;+ inspiration strategy from The Shorty Awards Website Don't wait til the last minute to print the script Find audiences&nbsp;+&nbsp;build relationships Also, don't forget to register or tune into the 11th Annual Shorty's Awards (an 800 person event), this Sunday - May 5th 2019
01/05/201944 minutes 15 seconds
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Behind the scenes at NRF, and how they grew to 39,000 attendees

This is the last mini session of our NRF (National Retail Federation) podcast series, we ventured out of the studio and took our podcast on the road. We stopped by the Jacob Javitz center and spoke with Ana Serafin Smith and Thomas Jordan about some marketing strategies that motivate attendees and vendors to participate in NRF. &nbsp; Some topics we discussed include: What motivates attendees to join large conferences? Segmenting audiences from students to industry professionals How content creates an opportunity to drive attendance and positive sentiment Struggles behind the scenes with conference production Dealing with growing pains from a logistic standpoint
24/04/20199 minutes 41 seconds
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Starting a company in College, Julia Haber from Wayv gives perspective on why retail is not dead

This episode we speak with Julia Haber from wave who had an idea in college about how to connect brands with college students.&nbsp; WAYV provides brand partners with unique spaces to engage with college students who primarily focus on fashion, technology and other sectors.&nbsp; She discussed how she pitched companies like AT&amp;T to collaborate with on her in person pop-ups, while growing her business from interns to hiring full time employees. &nbsp;
17/04/201945 minutes 28 seconds
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Content strategies and collaboration opportunities with Lauren Mayhew

This week we spoke with Lauren Mayhew, who's a singer, Dj, actress and content creator and influencer. She shares some valuable collaboration strategies, best practices on how she works with brands and also how she discovers other influencers that she wants to works with.
10/04/201934 minutes 4 seconds
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Social and Digital best practices | Executive Producer of Digital and Social Media at Disney's ABC

This was a live OneQuestionXYZ episode during #DMWF at The Javits Center, we met with Bob Monek who is the Executive Producer of Digital and Social Media at Disney's ABC. He discusses the inner workings around how they discover and distribute content. We also discuss how a multimedia company functions and some perspectives around branding, marketing and sales and how they are interconnected.
03/04/201935 minutes 13 seconds
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Who fights for Apparel and Footwear brands everyday on The Hill?

This episode features Rick Helfenbein who's the CEO and President of the AAFA, the American Apparel and Footwear Association. They represent world famous brands and they fight for them on the hill everyday. They talk about public policy and the political voice of the Apparel and Footwear industry.
27/03/201941 minutes 21 seconds
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#notaninfluencer Campaign for World Water Day

In honor of world water day - we spoke with Chris Schortgen from They are launching their #notaninfluencer campaign to focus efforts and awareness on raising funds for a million days of clean water to those in need. Please support this campaign by going to
22/03/201926 minutes 7 seconds
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Robotics changing the supply chain | Tompkins Robotics

This is the second mini episode of our NRF mini series. We spoke with Mike Futch who is the president of Tompkins Robotics where he created a show stopping display to make robotics more attainable to SMB’s. They were able to highlight that&nbsp; it's not that difficult to implement technology.
15/03/20197 minutes 59 seconds
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How to get people to stop at your booth during trade shows? | Discount Bandit

This is the first of our NRF podcast series, we ventured out of the studio and took our podcast in the road. We stopped by the Jacob Javits convention center and spoke with Payton Aragon from Discount Bandits about some marketing strategies that they utilize to get people to stop by their booth during trade shows.
14/03/20197 minutes 51 seconds
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Securing deals by doing things differently with Patrick Peters from Jump 450

'Our first client as an agency was Boxed, we went up against 15 of the biggest agencies. We weren't an agency before but we had a track record so we went in there and did things completely differently and their mind was blown." Patrick Peters&nbsp; Patrick is truly a rockstar&nbsp; He's currently the CMO of Jump450, full service performance agency, help clients scale their campaigns profitably across all the major traffic sources. On this episode, we discuss how his company started working out of Alley&nbsp;and how they have evolved: His team's entrepreneurial mindset has supported their learning and pivoting initiatives Their creative pitching styles and how they stand out from the crowd to secure large deals Thought leadership leads to lead generation The value of empowering your employees to focus on personal branding Their internal incentive structure&nbsp; Showing your employees that you value them and their mental health <b
06/03/201952 minutes 49 seconds