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English, Children-Kids, 1 season, 168 episodes, 3 days, 10 hours, 47 minutes
A podcast about motherhood and all its adventures by first-time, working moms, Pamela Silva and Karen Comas.
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164. Spilling the milk: How Roxana Saidi beat the odds of mompreneurship.

Becoming a mom often pushes your limits, and sometimes new ideas and businesses. Today we talk to mompreneur: Roxana Saidi, who launched the only pistachio milk in North America, "Táche". She walks us through her personal journey, where she found motivation, and how she beat the odds in mompreneurship.
4/10/202429 minutes, 6 seconds
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163. One Tribe: How Emlie Frtiz Veloso wants to empower women on their journey through motherhood.

For some of us, we go into motherhood, thinking that just because it's such a natural thing, we will just know how to get through it, you know, that motherly instinct. But in reality, motherhood takes constant work support and preparation. Today we chat with Emilie Fritz Veloso, CEO of One Tribe, an integrative expert led community offering education movement and wellness for the mother in digital and physical spaces. Get to know more about One Tribe here: Follow One Tribe on Instagram: Follow Motherish on Instagram:
4/3/202425 minutes, 35 seconds
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162. Motherhood on the Resumé: Let's Dive Into What the Most Important Role We Have Actually Looks Like on Paper

Have you ever asked yourself what the job of a mother would look like on a corporate resume? What skills have we mastered? How do we manage a team? How could we increase our budget? Let's dive into what the most important position we have actually looks like on paper.
3/27/202423 minutes, 55 seconds
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161. Nurturing Bilingual Minds: How Binibi Books is Changing the Game for Parents

Exploring the unique experiences and challenges of raising bilingual children while highlighting the richness of their linguistic journey, with Ana Guzman, from Binibi Books.
3/20/202428 minutes, 6 seconds
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160. How to teach our children to honor their value: a chat with Rachel Sievers

How and why should we talk to our kids about their value? Our guest today, Rachel Sievers is the host of the podcast "The answer to everything", and is really passionate about guiding parents on how to teach their children to honor their value.
3/13/202429 minutes, 30 seconds
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159. The women we've been, the ones we are, and the women we want to be.

As women, we are constantly learning changing, improving, and evolving. Today as we get ready to celebrate International Women's Day, and we open up about what type of women we are today versus who we used to be and how we've learned to embrace change.
3/6/202426 minutes, 57 seconds
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158. Organized Home, Organized Me: Tips from Cindy Huzenman for a Less Chaotic Life.

Today we get useful and easy tips from expert Cindy Huzenman from @cindyology on how to live a more productive and less chaotic life at home.
2/28/202437 minutes, 7 seconds
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157. The butterfly pig: How Mary Jenner wants to help raise caring and inclusive children.

Inclusive and caring children are what we all want, but reality is that sometimes we struggle with how to explain certain topics to our children. Today we speak with Mary Jenner, mom and former pediatric oncologist, who created a line of toys to increase representation and help our children navigate some of the more complex situations in life.
2/21/202424 minutes, 42 seconds
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156. It's all about Galentine's day: celebrating the love for our mom friends

Today we are celebrating love. We often talk about the love for our children and how that love changed us. But today we're gonna shift our focus into the girlfriends we made thanks to our children. It's all about galantine's day on Motherish. Because let's be real, our friends listen to us, they make us laugh and we need them. So today we're celebrating them.
2/14/202427 minutes, 34 seconds
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155. Embracing Traditional Homemaking: A Chat with @lex.delarosa

While some of us stress about making it all seem perfect around the house, our guest today actually enjoys creating perfectly curated moments for her life. Known as @lex.delarosa on instagram, today we chat with Alexia about her decision to live a traditional home maker life.
2/7/202430 minutes, 40 seconds
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154. The nerves, the excitement, the joy: a conversation with Maity Interiano about being a first time mom.

We are always so excited to hear from a new expecting mom. Today we chat with journalist and news anchor Maity Interiano, who Is expecting her first baby. Today we'll talk about how she's preparing, and how she's feeling, as she's months away from meeting the love of her life.
1/31/202430 minutes, 19 seconds
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153. Motherish X Super Mamás: a chat with Paulina and Bricia Lopez about all things motherhood.

East Coast and West Coast mommas unite for this collaboration episode in which we chat with fellow podcasters Paulina and Bricia Lopez from "Super mamás" about motherhood, the village that supports us, and our journey leaning into the creative side hustles which support our already very busy lives.
1/24/202434 minutes, 42 seconds
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152. Pamela & Karen’s Heartfelt Tips for all the Expecting Mamas in 2024.

For all those mamas who are expecting in 2024, this year will without a doubt be a transformative year, and we are so excited for you! Welcoming a new baby, becoming a mom and embracing all the new things is thrilling; but, of course the change could also be challenging. Today, we hope you'll keep your heart and mind open as we share a few tips to all those new mommies to be.
1/17/202436 minutes, 31 seconds
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151. All Things 2024: Pamela and Karen talk New Year's Priorities

It's the new year and everywhere we look, resolutions bombard us. In today's episode, Pamela and Karen chat about whether or not they have resolutions (or goals, like we prefer to call them), and talk about how they're feeling in this year's chapter. This episode of Motherish is presented by the first-ever Toyota Grand Highlander.
1/10/202431 minutes, 50 seconds
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150. Expecting and Empowered: how this app helps moms navigate pregnancy and post partum through movement.

Expecting an empowered, nothing's sounds quite better than that. Today will chat with Amy and Krystle, who are co-founders of "Expecting an empowered", a fitness app designed to meet moms exactly where they are, so they can both feel physically and mentally prepared for their pregnancy and post partum journeys.
1/3/202433 minutes, 42 seconds
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149. It Starts with Us: A conversation about breaking generational cycles.

It's me, not them. how many times have you felt frustrated with your little ones and stuck in a red? Today will be speaking with the person behind one of our favorite Instagram accounts. Mister Chazz, who's gonna talk to us about managing through these emotions and helping us understand our kids a little better.
12/27/202335 minutes, 47 seconds
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148. Beyond Playdates: The Significance of Adult Friendships for Moms

Join us in this episode as we delve into the world of making mom friends as an adult and uncover the profound importance of these connections. From shared experiences to the invaluable support system they provide, discover why cultivating friendships with fellow moms is a game-changer for your well-being and parenting journey.
12/20/202330 minutes, 54 seconds
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147. Flush Away the Stress: Mastering Potty Training Like a Pro, with Jaime Glowacki

Join us in this episode as we dive deep into the world of potty training, offering expert advice and real-life anecdotes to make this milestone a breeze. From navigating tantrums to celebrating victories, we've got your back on the messy journey to diaper independence.
12/13/202343 minutes, 3 seconds
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146. How being a mom can redefine our Identity, a conversation with our loved ones.

12/6/202333 minutes, 44 seconds
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145. Unwrapping the Real Magic: Navigating Stressful Holidays with Motherish Wisdom

The holidays are here, which means the expectations and stress to create that magic are also knocking on our doors. How do you handle these days? We're here to remind you that you're not alone if you're feeling as if the holidays are loaded with more than just gifts.
11/29/202333 minutes, 52 seconds
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144. Turkey, Tales, and Thankfulness: Practicing gratitude during thanksgiving season.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of practicing gratitude on a daily basis. With all the things we juggle constantly, we know it's so hard to be mindful of this. So, today we share what we're thankful for. We hope our list reminds you of your blessings. Happy thanksgiving!
11/22/202330 minutes, 36 seconds
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143. Finding Balance in Gentle Parenting, with Dr. Erika Velez

We all have heard about gentle parenting and generational trauma. Some of us struggle between what we were exposed to as children versus what we are aiming to do as parents. Today, we are having what promises to be an insightful and deep conversation with Dr. Erika Velez, from the podcast: "The Mindful Corner" about how we can set mindful boundaries while raising our children.
11/15/202344 minutes, 24 seconds
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142. Spreading awareness about RSV in children, with Catherine Giudici Lowe

Did you know that RSV or Respiratory Syncytial Virus is the leading cause of hospitalizations for children under 1 year of age in the United States?, which is a very frightening prospect for any parent. Today we have our guest Catherine Giudici Lowe, former bachelor winner and Mommy of 3. She joins us to share her terrifying experience with RSV, and what she wants other parents to know about it.
11/8/202321 minutes, 49 seconds
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141. Safe and sound schools: a conversation with Michele Gay.

Keeping our children out of harm's way while they are in school is a priority for us. But sometimes keeping our children safe and sound while they are away, Is an impossible task. Is there much we can actually do? Today, we chat with Michele Gay who, after losing her 7 year old daughter, Josephine Grace, during the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting. She has dedicated her life through her nonprofit to support school crisis prevention, response, and recovery.
11/1/202326 minutes, 46 seconds
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140. Are mom chats a blessing or a curse?: what we love about them, and when It's time to leave them.

With the beautiful blessing of motherhood, come also, the new wonderful mom chats, you know, all those whatsapp groups of different types of moms. They are a great way to socialize and help you create communities, but have you really feel about them? What do you love? What don't you love about these social groups? And what's the etiquette for these today? Today we'll tell you when we joined the chat, and also, when we chose to leave the chat.
10/25/202325 minutes, 8 seconds
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139. Trick or (safe) treat: How the Teal Pumpkin Project wants to bring Inclusivity this Halloween for children with food allergies.

Today we chat with doctor Kelly Cleary. She's a pediatrician, allergy mom, and advocate for the food allergic, their families and their caregivers. Reality is that 1 in 13 children are living with food allergies and many others are impacted by their tolerances and other conditions. That's why we need to do better to be more inclusive and empathetic to this community. Visit the FARE website to learn more about their initiative:
10/18/202331 minutes, 14 seconds
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138. Mingle Mocktails: When sobriety is the right path for you.

There's a whole subculture of drinking that goes hand-in-hand with motherhood, but sometimes it can go too far. And we find ourselves needing to set some boundaries with it. Today, we'll chat with Laura Taylor, a mother and entrepreneur, who created a solution to help us become more aware without limiting our enjoyment when it comes to mingling at special locations.
10/11/202331 minutes, 5 seconds
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Learn to laugh even when life Is overwhelming, with Zohra Khorashi

Hey, Motherish mammas, we're so grateful that you're choosing to unwind a little by listening to us. Well, today we have a super laid back fun episode as we chat with Mommy of 3, content creator. and corporate attorney Zohra Khorashi, also known as @thatlawyermomlife on Instagram. We promise you, you'll be inspired to hear that It is possible and necessary to laugh when things feel like they're just too much.
10/4/202334 minutes, 30 seconds
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136. Level up your mom life, a chat with Laura Hernandez from Mama Systems.

Today we talk to Laura Hernandez, mother and creator of Mama Systems, which provides online resources to help Mothers bring more peace to their homes by coaching them through ideas, schedules, incentives, chores, and delegating.
9/27/202336 minutes, 40 seconds
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135. How "Operation Shower" brings military moms together, with LeAnn Morrissey

If you're a mom, then you know better than anyone how isolating and challenging motherhood can be. When they say "It takes a village", they really mean It. Sometimes the smallest acts of service can be enough to help a new mom feel seen. Today, we chat with the founder of an incredible nonprofit organization that is supporting military moms to ease the stress of deployment and separation during their early parenting season.
9/20/202325 minutes, 15 seconds
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134. It isn't about knowing everything, it's about coming to know ourselves: a conversation with Nikki Spoelstra.

It isn't about knowing everything, it's about coming to know ourselves. That's Nicky Spo's motto, and today she's joining us to share some of the lessons she's learned by being vulnerable and opening up about her struggles, her wins, and her motherhood journey.
9/13/202337 minutes, 57 seconds
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133. A Second Chance at Life and How We Can Support St. Jude’s Organization to Save Children

September is childhood cancer awareness month and this time we spoke to a warrior herself, as she tells us her personal experience with cancer and how St. Jude supported her and her family.
9/6/202326 minutes, 37 seconds
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132. A True Modern Family: Facing your Fears and Making Changes, a conversation with Linda from @fruitsofmotherhood

It's easy to think that you're doing it all wrong, and everyone else is doing it right. But I promise, momma that there's no right way to do this. Just your own way. that's the message our guest Linda fruits wants to share with us today.
8/30/202329 minutes, 21 seconds
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131. 5 Yes and 5 No: Our Favorite and Least Favorite things about Back to School

Get ready for your social media feeds to get bombarded with cheesy first day of school posts, and teary captions about how fast time flies. Momma's are gearing up to get back into the school routine, and we can't wait!... or, can we? Today we share five top things we are excited about, and the five things we're kinda dreading. get ready!
8/23/202330 minutes, 39 seconds
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130. Are We Addicted to Feeling Overwhelmed? Analyzing the 5 Anxiety Styles and How They Affect How We Parent.

Today we talk to licensed therapist, author, mom, coach, and mother of four Amber Trueblood about how we can take control of our stressors. For many of us, stress can sometimes feel unavoidable and never-ending, and we forget to take a deep breath and get a hold of what's pushing us to our limits. Through her new book, the Unflustered Mom: How Understanding the Five Anxiety Styles Transforms the Way We Parent, Partner, Live, and Love, she helps us go from flustered to flourished.
8/16/202344 minutes, 22 seconds
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Life on the other side of a Mental Health Crisis: Alicia Quarles Shares Her Story.

Let's talk mental health today. We are joined by Emmy-winning journalist and mother of twins, Alicia Quarles who opens up about what led her to a mental breakdown, what she learned through the process, how she healed, and why she believes it's important to have conversations about mental health.
8/9/202327 minutes, 13 seconds
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When You’re a Mother, but you’re also “not so mumsy” - A Conversation with Marcia Leone

Today, Motherish is going really global as we connect and chat with one of our favorite mommies from around the world: Marcia Leone, also known as “not so mumsy”. Based in Australia, she's bared her soul, and reminds us why it’s so important for us to also retain a sense of self throughout the motherhood journey.
8/2/202324 minutes, 53 seconds
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Nothing In My Way: What Disability Taught Me About Resilience, a conversation with Juliet Justice

July Is disability pride month, and today we honor an amazing mommy of two. Today we chat with Juliet Justice, about her motherhood journey, how her disability has given her strength, and how other mothers can learn about resilience, grace, as well as being more inclusive and mindful about disability.
7/26/202331 minutes, 56 seconds
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Keeping Our Cultural Connection with our Children

Connecting to your culture and heritage Is important. But sometimes, challenging. Today we share how we attempt to strengthen those cultural bonds, and why we think it's important to maintain that in relation with our language, our food and our countries.
7/19/202325 minutes, 56 seconds
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Big Time Adulting, a chat with Caitlin Murray

Today we speak to content creator and fellow podcaster, Caitlin Murray from the popular Instagram account @BigtimeAdulting, as she shares her personal journey on how even during the toughest times you just have to have a snack and crack a smile.
7/12/202331 minutes, 50 seconds
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Not Losing Yourself in Motherhood, A Chat with Paola Alberdi

When you become a mom, a lot of things can change. Your body, your mind, your priorities and even your sense of style could go through a transformation. Today, We chat with fashion influencer, stylist and Mommy, Paola Alberdi, about how she's been able to embrace her life after motherhood, and what advice she has for all of just trying to become moms with style.
7/5/202335 minutes, 38 seconds
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Deep Inside, We're All Superheroes: leaning into our strengths

Sometimes we can be our biggest critic, to the point where we minimize our own gifts - or like we like to call them, our superpowers. Today, we talk about how important it is to celebrate ourselves, believe in ourselves, and remember that deep inside we're all superheroes. An episode inspired by Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken.
6/28/202326 minutes, 45 seconds
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Getting Our Priorities Straight, a talk with Paola Bayron

Today we hear the testimony of fellow mommy, Paola Bayron. Paola was a fast-paced first-time momma, working in media when her life came to a shocking halt as she found herself in an ambulance and possibly suffering a stroke at 26 years of age. This conversation will push us to ask ourselves, When is the time to slow down and reorganize our priorities?
6/21/202326 minutes, 20 seconds
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Life after Loss, with Mason Sawyer

Today we celebrate fatherhood, and we're doing so by sharing a father's powerful testimony about how you can turn life's greatest obstacles into opportunities. Today we chat with Mason Sawyer. A dad, public speaker, and fellow podcaster. He shares his personal journey about loss, and encourages all of us to use the 10-90 rule. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you handle it.
6/14/202339 minutes, 22 seconds
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Pamela & Karen Share Their Summer Plans and More Life Updates

School's out and summer Is here, which means our Routines are changing. And as mommy's, we have to adapt. Let's talk summer plans and our new visions for the coming months.
6/7/202326 minutes, 17 seconds
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Healing from the Inside Out, a conversation with Gigi Vogel

In a world where we are bombarded by pressures of how we're supposed to look, what we're supposed to be eating, and even how we should feel, we need to be very intentional and careful about how we're constantly working on ourselves. We can't lose sight that building a good foundation internally is vital so that we can deal with all the outside noise. Today, we talked to Gigi Vogel, a holistic health coach and founder of the lifestyle and beauty brand De la Heart.
5/31/202330 minutes, 3 seconds
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Growing Up with a Foot in Both Worlds, a conversation with Maria Twena

Many times as latinas, we have felt the challenges of growing up as an outfitter while having to navigate as an insider. We want to help our children sail through this journey of biculturalism successfully on their own. Today, we're chatting with Maria Twena, mother, marketer and author of a bilingual children's book series, who through story telling, Is helping children and parents feel empowered about having a foot in both worlds.
5/24/202336 minutes, 13 seconds
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All Things Swim Safety, with Nicole Hughes.

A child drowning can happen in seconds. In just an instant, your life can be shattered and changed forever. Today we talk to Nicole Hughes, who during a family vacation lost her baby boy after he drowned in a pool. She has turned her pain into purpose by honoring the legacy of her son an advocating for more awareness about water safety.
5/17/202335 minutes, 24 seconds
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85. Girl Talk With Our Girl Crush: Jessi Malay

There are some Mommy's that just give us hope, and make this journey seem easy. What are their secrets to raising family, building a business, and being a present spouse all while appearing to do it effortlessly? Today, we talk with our girl crush Jessi Malay. She's a content creator, entrepreneur and Mommy of 2 with a third on the way.
5/10/202328 minutes, 50 seconds
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84. Expanding the Definition of Being a Single Mother, a conversation with Alexandria Ott

Motherhood is incredible, and It's also very hard... VERY hard. Imagine doing it alone. Today we chat with Alexandria Ott, founder and CEO of Chrome City Creative Studio, about her journey as a single mom and her lessons in coparenting.
5/3/202340 minutes, 35 seconds
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83. Helping you Get Ready for Mother's Day

Mother's day is by far our favorite holiday. The meaning behind it, the memories it brings us, the chance to be celebrated and to celebrate. Today we chat all things Mother's Day, how we celebrate, and most importantly, we are going to give you a cheat sheet on what you want, what we want, and how you can help all the special mommas in your life put a smile on their faces.
4/26/202333 minutes, 45 seconds
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82. To Party or Not: Why a Little Going Out Can Actually Be Healthy

When motherhood hits you, for some, partying and going out go on hiatus. Your priorities change, you're tired, and you really start overanalyzing whether that happy hour or after-party is really worth It. Today we reflect on when and why partying can actually be healthy for us as mommies.
4/19/202320 minutes, 41 seconds
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81. Understanding Autism: A Journey of Love, Learning, and Acceptance

A diagnosis of autism can shift the reality of a family in many ways. Today we talk to a specialist and mother about how you can become an advocate for autistic children, and what they want other mothers to know.
4/12/202341 minutes, 10 seconds
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80. Heart to Heart with a Gen-Z Mom: How Motherhood Changed Me, With Vanessa Oliveira de Sousa

Motherhood is transformational. It changes your body, your emotions, and your priorities. You're different, but for some reason, a lot of us yearn to hold on to the old version of us. But what if we actually embrace the "new us?" Because "the new us" is more confident, stronger, and sexier? Today we chat with content creator and mommy, Vanessa Oliveira who shares her journey through motherhood with us.
4/5/202327 minutes, 34 seconds
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79. The Truth About Mommy Makeovers: A Conversation With Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Rady Rahban

For some women, the physical scars and aftermath of having a baby are too much to bare. We all know we are different women after birthing our babies, and for the most part, we are better. But for some, the toll on our bodies can be a lot to handle. Today we speak to certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rady Rahban, a mommy makeover specialist, about the myths, truths, and fears regarding plastic surgery after having a baby.
3/29/202345 minutes, 50 seconds
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78. Karen's Life Update

When we first started this podcast, we wanted it to be a safe space to share our now well-known "Motherish Moments." The great moments, the struggles, and the rest of the realness that paints with different shades of colors. And that is why today, our very own Karen, has decided to open up about what may be one of her most sensitive, personal, and empowering seasons of life.
3/22/202325 minutes, 19 seconds
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77. Let’s Talk Formula: Learning About European Formulas

Recently many mommies went through a baby formula nightmare. We just couldn't get our hands on it. It made us realize how limited our options are and also made us question if we had the best options to begin with. Today we talk to Ross Mcmahon, CEO and co-founder of Kendal Nutricare, maker of "Kendamil," a UK baby formula.
3/15/202327 minutes, 13 seconds
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76. Celebrating the Women We Love

For the Motherish community, Women's Day is everything. We also profoundly believe that women need to support other women. That is why today we honor different women in our lives who have inspired us and changed us in many ways.
3/8/202323 minutes, 30 seconds
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75. Today We Let It All Out! Your Safe Space for a Mom Rant.

Today is one of those days. It's the end of the week, which has felt like a month, and we're here to just talk it out. Welcome to the safe space to just have a rant, because it's okay to sometimes just let it all out.
3/1/202332 minutes, 17 seconds
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74. Let's Talk Sleep: Tired Toddler, Tired Mom

Momma, if you're tired, you're not alone. Sleep deprivation is real and it doesn't get resolved when you no longer have a baby at home. Today we talk to certified sleep consultant: Mary Vaughn, also known as @Letsmothertogether on Instagram, about the sleep challenges we face during the toddler years and how we can tackle them together.
2/22/202344 minutes, 16 seconds
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73. Mom Friends: Here’s Why We Need Them and How to Make Them.

For many women, making friends during adulthood can be very challenging. Then you add the layer of motherhood and creating new friendships sounds like too difficult of a task. Why is it so hard? But more importantly, why are they so important? Today we open up about those new relationships and all the benefits they could bring.
2/15/202330 minutes, 54 seconds
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72. Why Are We So Fascinated With the Royals? A Conversation With Elizabeth Holmes

Why are we so fascinated with the Royals? For some, it's part of their upbringing, and for others, it's an escape from reality. Whatever the reason may be, we know them, we love them, we hate them, we're curious about them. Today we talk to a mommy of three, who turned her passion into a New York Times best-selling book and even an Instagram series. She is THE royal expert: Elizabeth Holmes.
2/8/202335 minutes, 47 seconds
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71. How to Build Self-Confidence Through Cooking, With Tova Levine

As parents, the greatest gift we can give our children is self confidence. That's what today's guest believes at her core, and has built a business to do so through the kitchen. Tova Levine, mother of five, realized that nothing strengthened her bond with her children more than the time she spent with them as they mixed up some ingredients or prepared a dish in the kitchen.
2/1/202330 minutes, 57 seconds
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I have a cold... again. Home remedies to survive the season of sickies.

There's nothing worst than when your little one is fighting a cold... the buggies, the fevers, the sleepless nights. Every mom wishes they could have a magic wand to make It all better right away. And lately, It feels like everyone including mommies, are sick. Today we share our home remedies to keep us going in this season of the sickies.
1/25/202332 minutes, 12 seconds
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Planning a Healthier 2023, with Alexandra Golovac from A Taste of Wellbeing

It's the new year, and we're already being bombarded with resolutions everywhere we look. Eating clean and living a somewhat healthy lifestyle could seem like such an intimidating thought. How do I start? Can I do this with my mommy schedule? Can I even afford it? Today we talk to certified nutritionist, chef and brand new mommy: Alexandra Golovac, also known as @atasteofwellbeing on Instagram. Alexandra will give us a quick guideline to help us make 2023 our healthiest year yet.
1/18/202335 minutes, 1 second
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Happy new year, motherish community

Whether you set goals, make resolutions, or prepare a vision board, It´s healthy to have things to look forward to when you start a new year. Today, we share what we´re looking forward to this year, and how we hope to accomplish It. Happy new year, motherish community!
1/11/202328 minutes, 51 seconds
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Potty training, with Jamie Glowacki

If you're thinking about potty training your toddler or you're in the midst of It right now, listen up!. Today we talk to potty training guru, Jaime Glowacki. She's the author of "Oh crap, potty training" and "Oh crap, I have a toddler". Jamie specializes in both potty training and toddler behavior, and today on Motherish she'll drop some knoledge on how we can say Adios! or Bye bye! to diapers, and how we can keep our sanity while doing It.
1/4/202343 minutes, 4 seconds
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Happily Grey: Managing Life When Living in Ambiguity

As mothers, we have learned that life isn't always black and white, and we often find ourselves stuck in this grey area...a grey area of transition, a grey area of grief, a grey area of confusion. Whatever that grey area may look like
12/28/202226 minutes, 14 seconds
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“Madres en Cuarentena”: How a Little Humor Kept me Sane

By popular demand, we have the woman behind the popular instagram page “Madres en Cuarentena”, MariTere Esteve. MariTere is a mommy of three boys and during the pandemic took to Instagram to create hilarious videos as a reaction to how moms lives changed during the pandemic. Today MariTere reminds us how a little humor could help us keep things in perspective and us mommies, sane among the chaos.
12/21/202221 minutes, 17 seconds
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'Tis the Season to Give Back: A Talk with a St. Jude Mother

This week our Motherish team joins forces with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to create awareness on giving and how we could join the fight to help end childhood cancer. Today we chat with Maria Belen, a mother of a St. Jude patient, who not only shares her amazing testimony of a mother’s unconditional love and strength but also motivates to give from a place of gratitude.
12/14/202219 minutes
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Mom Guilt... It’s Back!

Right when you think you have it all figured out... you're back at work, feeling good, your baby gets the routine... and then bam! You get hit in the face with a “don't leave mommy” and your emotions are triggered again! Our children get older. They become more aware and guess what- the famous, and dreaded mom guilt.. hits you all over again ! How do we tackle those emotions and what worked then that isn't working now.
12/7/202223 minutes, 46 seconds
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Breaking Generational Cycles with our Children

It’s me, not them. How many times have you felt frustrated with your little ones and stuck in a rut? Today we’ll be speaking with our favorite teacher on Instagram, Mr. Chazz, who is going to talk to us about managing through these emotions and help us understand our kids better, all while breaking generational cycles.
11/30/202235 minutes, 47 seconds
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Hello, Holidays! Hello, Stress! Navigating Family Dynamics During the Holidays

For many, welcoming the holidays also means welcoming some days and situations full of tension and awkwardness with members of our own families. Today we discuss how we navigate and survive those tough family dynamics during those important days with Counselor, Mary Beth Somich.
11/23/202229 minutes, 54 seconds
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Lessons from Working Momma: Maria Elena Salinas

In this episode we are joined by the one and only, Maria Elena Salinas. One of the pioneers of Spanish language journalism in the United States. Today we talk about her most important assignment: Motherhood. She'll open up about her biggest triumphs, joys, tribulations and regrets along her motherhood journey, as she shares some of her most important lessons learnt.
11/16/202240 minutes, 20 seconds
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Navigating the Toddler Years with Dr. Aliza Pressman

We all want to "raise good humans," but what's the best approach to parenting a toddler so that we build a healthy emotional foundation and lead them on the right path? Today, we talk to developmental psychologist, parent, educator, mother, and fellow podcaster Dr. Elisa Pressman, and dive into a deep conversation regarding what many consider the hardest season of all...the toddler years.
11/9/202235 minutes, 10 seconds
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The Silver Lining: Turning Pain into Purpose, with Ani Maria Certain

For many moms who have experienced a loss or a struggle, finding a mission bigger than the suffering could be the path to healing. Today we talk to mom-preneur, Ana Maria Certain, a mother of four earthly kids and one in heaven, as she shares her story about adjusting to change, going through heartbreak, and turning her pain into purpose.
11/2/202237 minutes, 25 seconds
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Kids Parties: Are they worth It?

We all know It's hard to see the perfectly curated children's birthday parties on social media. From balloon sculptures, to Pinterest worthy table scapes, It sometimes can feel unattainable. Today, Myriam Sandler Is going to help us decide what Is really worth doing, and show us how to throw a successful party for our little ones, to create beautiful memories that they will cherish forever.
10/26/202227 minutes, 57 seconds
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The Impostor Syndrome: Mommy Edition

In our professional journeys we often come across the concept of the “Imposter Syndrome”- feeling like we don't belong or feeling like we're not deserving of our accolades or achievements. Well, the reality is, we could also experience this in the mommy world. Am I a good enough mother? Do I even know what am doing? Today we talk about how we tackle these emotions in our everyday lives.
10/19/202228 minutes, 15 seconds
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Trailblazer Mommy: Kristina Guerrero on Creating Your Own Path

This episode features journalist, producer and mommy of two and trailblazer, Kristina Guerrero. The first Latina to host E! News, and now host of The List, Kristina shares an impactful testimony about what it was like to go from a small town girl to a successful television personality living her dream. She also opens up about how motherhood taught her the importance of being vulnerable, creating your own path and redefining your priorities.
10/12/202236 minutes, 7 seconds
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Feeding Our Babies: Doing it How and Where We Want

There are very few things that are more empowering than breastfeeding and nurturing your child. Today we drop the cover for a revealing conversation with entrepreneur, momma of 3 and creator of @thelittlemilkbar_, Lindsay Isakson White. She tells us about her passion that drove her mission to empower mothers everywhere to feed their baby when, and where, they're hungry, however they feel most comfortable.
10/5/202232 minutes, 17 seconds
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You Are My Greatest Gift

The older our children get, the more we realize how little they need to be happy. When you're first having a baby, you tend to over do it when buying gifts and clothes... very quickly you learn that they don't need much. As we are approaching the holiday season, we take time to reflect on what our greatest gifts are and what gifts are the ones our children really need.
9/28/202224 minutes, 47 seconds
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Advocate of Love, Patience and Strength.

Today we get some real mom talk from a mother of four who will share her testimony about how an unexpected diagnosis in the most turbulent of times, became her biggest blessing and taught her that there is no limit to a mother's love and strength.
9/21/202234 minutes, 23 seconds
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Here Comes the Fall

Fall is here, and with that comes a new season of joy! Summer is over, our babies are in school and we're ready to enter a new season of growth and new adventures. Are you ready for this PSL season, or what?
9/14/202224 minutes, 36 seconds
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Kids are Expensive AF, with Mayra Rocha

Our children are, without a doubt, are biggest blessings! But their giggles and smiles also come with a hefty bill! Today we talk to Mayra Rocha, a financial expert and mommy who will share some tips on what we should be thinking about when it comes to financial planning for our children because... come on’ ladies...the truth is, kids are expensive AF!
9/7/202235 minutes
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A Space for the Modern Post-Pandemic Working Mother

These past two years have challenged us in so many ways, and we've gotten used to a different sense of "normal." We ask ourselves, what do we need in order to create a productive environment where we can balance our work life and our mom life? Today we chat with Anna Raborn and Debbie Lee, the co-founders of Hopscotch labs, a family focused co-working space, and discuss what the ideal working space would look like for the modern post-pandemic mother.
8/31/202226 minutes
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Teaching Mindfulness from an Early Age

Anxiety has a way of paralyzing us. As mothers, we worry about so many things, ALL THE TIME. How can we control our anxiety? ...and what are some of the signs for us to figure out when things are just too much? Today we talk to Dr. Sandy Zanella, mother of two, and author of "Happy Yogies," on the importance of intentionally, being a Mindful Mommy.
8/24/202224 minutes, 10 seconds
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Grace: Honoring the Little Girl Within Us

As mothers and heads of our households we tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves. It happens to all of us...we create such high expectations that sometimes we push ourselves over the limit. The children, work, self-care, our social lives... we want to succeed in all aspects and when we don't, we end up being really hard on ourselves. We need to be more kind to ourselves and show grace and honor and congratulate the little girl we all have within.
8/17/202227 minutes, 9 seconds
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How to Raise Bilingual Babies

For many of us, being bicultural also means wanting to raise our little ones connecting to both cultures through language. We've often heard of all the benefits of having our children master more than one language, but what’s the most effective way to do this without causing a speech delay or confusion? Today we chat with Grace Wong, also known as @speechtherapymom on Instagram, a bilingual speech expert who will give us her take on the best way to raise bilingual babies.
8/10/202235 minutes, 4 seconds
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Time Machine: The Things I Miss the Most About the Baby Stage

We say it often... the days are long, but the years are so darn short! Before you know it your tiny baby is sitting by themselves or walking around and playing by themselves. Your baby will become a little independent being in the blink of an eye. This episode is for these new mommies who may be feeling overwhelmed. Today we want to remind you that those moments, those struggles, those baby giggles and that newborn scent won't last forever. We wish we had a time machine as we remember the things we miss the most about that delicious baby stage!
8/3/202227 minutes, 13 seconds
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Off to School - Starting Preschool for the First Time

Sending your child to daycare or school for the first time comes with a backpack full of mixed emotions! The whole process could be complicated and emotional for both the child and the mother. This new journey for many represents that first form of separation for both since birth. We get the lunch box, the uniform, the labels... and when everything seems to be ready to go, we still get all choked up...but before we know it they're off to school!
7/27/202230 minutes, 50 seconds
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The Mommy "Likability Trap"

In the complex world of motherhood, we often find ourselves in an impossible bind...either you're a complainer because you're overwhelmed with the realities of motherhood, or you're annoying because you seem to have everything under control. Is a balance actually possible? Today we talk to award-winning journalist, fellow podcaster and mother of two, Alicia Menendez who promises to empower us by reminding us how and why we shouldn't fall into this trap of being liked in the workplace, but most importantly outside of our most important roles as mothers.
7/20/202235 minutes, 28 seconds
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Hacks for Summer at Home with the Kids

It's summeritme and the kids are home...we have many times where we run out of “fun” things to do. But do not fear! Today we talk to the creator of @MotherCould, Myriam Sandler, who will help us find creative ways to keep our kids active and stimulated while at home.
7/13/202239 minutes, 1 second
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Staying Motivated as a Mom, featuring Regina Carrot

Mothers tend to always worry about everyone else before themselves. We are our children and families’ caregivers and cheerleader...but who motivates the motivator? How do we keep going emotionally? Today we speak to motivational speaker and fellow first-time mommy, Regina Carrot, who shares her personal journey about how she found inspiration in the midst of loss.
7/6/202231 minutes, 40 seconds
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Are You Mom Goals?

We’ve all heard the term “Mom Goals” all over social media...this usually refers to a mom who’s just killing it at motherhood, at being a wife or in general killing it in life, as if it were a game. A woman who just seems to have it all together. But… what exactly are those Mom Goals that we aspire to reach? And, are we setting realistic goals for ourselves? Today, we open up about what we admire in other moms and what we hope to accomplish this year.
6/29/202226 minutes, 37 seconds
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Trust your gut: how to heal through nutrition and Mindfulness

A happy and healthy mommy is the most important thing we can offer to our children. But how do we actually start a “healthy journey” when we have so much on our plate? This can sound overwhelming, unattainable, and sometimes even…unappealing. In this episode Mary Gamarra joins us to talk about how she is committed to healing through nutrition and mindfulness, and how we can start regardless of what moment we’re in of our lives.
6/22/202231 minutes, 32 seconds
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Your Reminder About Self Care

Does it get harder to find the time to take care of yourself as your kids get older? We all know that we must fill our own cups to have enough for others… but are we finding more excuses to be running on empty? Pamela and Karen reflect on how self-care has evolved as Ford and Victoria get older, and share how they find time to love and care for themselves while also juggling the rest.
6/15/202226 minutes, 11 seconds
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Twice as Strong

If there's one thing motherhood teaches you, it's that plans are never guaranteed! You envision something going one way and next thing you're encountering something completely different. Today we chat with Lex Ginger, she is a mother of mono-mono twins. Lex will tell us all about what a high-risk pregnancy was like, why she decided to publicly share her journey and the importance of community in times of uncertainty. Her testimony will remind us that when we least expect it, we realize we are twice as strong!
6/8/202222 minutes, 56 seconds
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Parental Burnout is a Real Thing

We always manage to get things done at work, with our spouses and of course…with our kids. Somehow, someway, we always make it happen. But reality is, many times we’re running on empty and we actually feel burnt out. Today we chat with Kate Gawlik, Associate Professor of Clinical Nursing at The Ohio State University and co-author of a recent study on Burnout with Pandemic Parenting, as she tells as how to spot the signs and get help.
6/1/202224 minutes, 53 seconds
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We’re All Working Moms

Being a working mom is part of our identity. We do it and sometimes, we don't even think about what it entails, how we do it, or even how we can be better at it. We just go, go, go! That's why on today's episode, we pause and talk with fellow mommy and entrepreneur Ingrid Zapata Read, who as the founder of the largest community in online resource for expectant, new and veteran moms (@WorkingMomKind), helps us to remember ourselves, and realize just how important it is to find the right support to achieve our dreams and champion for our families.
5/25/202228 minutes, 50 seconds
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Disney-bound: Your Theme Park Survival Guide

Doing a theme park with a toddler or baby is a whole new world, indeed. As survivors of this experience, we share all the hacks, dos and don'ts to help you really feel like you're visiting the happiest place on earth.
5/18/202238 minutes, 34 seconds
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Redefining Failure and Chasing Bold Dreams

Motherhood is definitely a full time job, but there is a huge difference between choosing to only focus on that and feeling like you're stuck focusing only on that. Moms need to take risks, try new things, make changes if necessary, and take on passion projects- whatever it takes to fuel your fire. Today we talk to fellow mommy and founder of the “But First She Failed” podcast, Paola Soares about how she's helping women redefine the idea of failure to chase bold dreams.
5/11/202229 minutes, 43 seconds
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Mother’s Day is Everyday

Happy early Mother’s Day mommas!!! Today not only do we celebrate each other but we talk about our incredible resilience. We want to focus on those little moments, the moments that go unnoticed, those in the dark or alone as you're holding your child thinking “I got this”. Here at Motherish moments we want to remind you that Mother's Day is everyday.
5/4/202222 minutes, 48 seconds
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Are We Cool Moms?

What? Who? How? Why?...There are so many questions when it comes to being a “cool mom.”We know all moms are amazing, but certain things can make you extra trendy. Who falls into this category? And why would someone care? In a very humbling and fun way we do a self analysis and dig deep into this whole concept...are we actually cool moms?
4/27/202234 minutes, 34 seconds
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Let. It. Go.

You would think this pandemic has taught us to adapt to change, to be more flexible…you know, to not get so fixated with our plans. Yet still, for many mothers, going with the flow or just accepting change, could be a great challenge. Today we open up, maybe breakdown a little, and vent about why it’s so hard when things don't go as planned, and why sometimes we have to just... let…it…go!
4/20/202229 minutes, 33 seconds
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SOS: Helping Our Children Help Themselves

As parents one of our main concerns is to help our children succeed in all they do. Sometimes when our children struggle, we have a hard time accepting the issue or knowing where to find the right type of help. Why is it so hard for some of us to say…SOS, we need help, helping our children! Today we talk to Dr. Dawn Mays, school psychologist, and get her advice on how we could identify an issue and then tackle it the best way possible.
4/13/202232 minutes, 4 seconds
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Memory Lane: Early Years Do Matter

Here at Motherish Moments we are focused on creating happy and healthy memories for our babies. That is, without a doubt, our most important mission. There is this theory that you don’t remember your early years, specifically before the age of four, but we want our children in the future to always enjoy their trip down memory lane, because, come on...early years do matter.
4/6/202224 minutes, 12 seconds
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A Toda Madre: Embracing Your New Mommy Identity

A lot of us for a long time dreamt of becoming mothers. We dreamt would become this amazing career woman, marry our soulmate and then, we would become this glowing mother- it all fit the narrative. But we all know now, that what we envisioned and what actually happens sometimes is slightly different and we are not mad at it. Today we are joined by on-air radio personality and new mommy, Evelyn Sicairos, for an open conversation about how we struggle to adapt and accept our new mommy identity.
3/30/202232 minutes, 24 seconds
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What’s Your Parenting Style?

Here at Motherish we have always celebrated different approaches to parenting your child. We know there is no “perfect” way to feed, sleep train, or discipline your child, but did you know there are actually different parenting styles, like actual titles and categories. Today we discuss these different styles and see if we even fit in into any of them.
3/23/202227 minutes, 59 seconds
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Nourishing Your Child: Normalizing All Feeding

It seems like the guilt about not being able to breastfeed your baby is a constant theme among new mothers. The pressure to do what your body is “suppose” to do and the emotions involved when, for whatever reason you can't, are heavy and complex. How and where do we begin to normalize all feeding when it comes to nourishing our babies? Today we talk to a super momma who took matters into her own hands, Laura Modi, co-founder and CEO of Bobbie formula, because she believes our babies deserve the very best we could provide.
3/16/202232 minutes, 23 seconds
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Turning Red: Have We Become our Mothers?

Blame it on the hormones or the challenges of motherhood, but for whatever reason when you have your own children, you often find yourself deep-diving into an emotional analysis about your own upbringing. Today we travel back in time to remember and honor our own adolescent years, the relationships that shaped us and to answer the daunting question.. have we actually become our mothers? This episode today is in partnership with the upcoming premiere of Turning Red, which comes out on March 11th on Disney+!
3/9/202235 minutes, 40 seconds
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Motherhood Takes a Village

The well known African proverb, “it takes a village to raise a child,” should ring more true to parents and families today than ever before. The impact of the pandemic and how we all were forced to adapt has really highlighted the challenges of raising a child alone and how important it is to ask for help. Today we talk about the importance of family, community and how we could all get back to this village mentality.
2/23/202226 minutes, 25 seconds
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Mom Brain: Does it ever go away?

You've heard the term before - mom brain! It's real, it's annoying and at times it seams like it's never going away. The idea that after motherhood we tend to become forgetful, distracted or even oblivious could be frustrating. But guess what... mom brain may not go away and this, my friends, could also be a good thing. Let's talk about it!
2/16/202224 minutes, 42 seconds
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A Love Like No Other: Celebrating Love during Toddler Years

Valentine's Day is around the corner and as our Motherish tradition goes, we wanted to celebrate our little ones and the deep connection and love we have for them. Having said that...we are now raising... toddlers! (eek!) And with that, comes a whole different set of emotions and challenges. Today we open up what it's been like entering the toddler years and how we are reminded that a mother's love is like no other.
2/9/202227 minutes, 57 seconds
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Love in Translation: Confessions of a Gringa Working Mom in a Very Latin World

Today we open up our mics to a pro...Miami radio personality, Kirsten Marie, better known as La Gringa Más Latina. Today we’ll learn more about her story and her journey through motherhood in a very diverse cultural home...all while balancing a very demanding job. Sit back and enjoy these confessions of a gringa working mom in a very Latin world.
2/2/202233 minutes, 35 seconds
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The Truth About Toddlerhood

Tantrums, Toddlers and Tired. These three words go together sooo much when you’re the parent of kids under 5. Today we’re chatting with Parenting Coach and Founder of Transforming Toddlerhood, Devon Kuntzman, who’s going to show us the truth about toddlerhood and how it isn’t as terrible as you think!
1/26/202226 minutes, 32 seconds
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Mom Hacks

Picture this... your kid is about to have a meltdown, and then you pull out this trick from your back pocket that magically brings them back from tantrum city. And then you look at yourself in the mirror and are like, damn I'm killing it. Wouldn't it be great to feel like that all the time?!? Today we'll be sharing some mom hacks that we've learned in our time as moms that help us manage the day to day madness of toddler parenting!
1/19/202226 minutes, 14 seconds
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Stepping into 2022!

A New Year means new beginnings, new goals...blah blah blah. We've all seen the memes and the motivational posts but a new year doesn't mean we should forget and ignore what was pending in 2021, and all the lessons we learned that year. Today we look forward to an incredible 2022 - armed with everything 2021 left us! This week Pamela & Karen reflect on the best of 2021, and what we're looking forward to in the new year.
1/12/202225 minutes, 19 seconds
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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.. isn't it?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year...the holidays are around the corner and of course that also means more joy - and also a little more stress for mommies and mommies-to-be. What can we do so we can focus on the magic of the season? What could we do to help those mommies struggling? Today Dr. Jennifer Schell joins Pamela & Karen to help us prioritize what really matters in this season.
12/15/202130 minutes, 2 seconds
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Motherish turns ONE!

Can you believe it?! .. Motherish Moments, the podcast, turns one! This little baby, our little project that we started not really knowing what we were doing, is celebrating its first year. Our babies have grown and this amazing community has grown with them. We are so grateful and we are excited because the best is yet to come!
12/8/202118 minutes, 52 seconds
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Cheers to Siblings: Our Relationship with our Siblings and the Impact They Make on Our Lives

We cannot speak about family without mentioning our siblings: that little brother or little sister who have now grown up to be the "funcle" and cool aunt. Some say they are the unsung heroes in our village, and others may argue they add the fun to the chaos. Today Pamela & Karen dig a little deeper and discuss how their relationships with their siblings, Paloma & Miguel, have influenced our thoughts on our current & future babies.
12/1/202128 minutes, 45 seconds
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Thankful State of Mind: An Exercise in Gratitude

With Thanksgiving around the corner we take a pause among the chaos to recap what we are grateful for. From the smallest & silliest things, to the major blessings we can't take for granted. We hope this exercise of listing what you’re grateful for also puts you in a thankful state of mind.
11/24/202123 minutes
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Managing the Invisible List

Today Pamela & Karen chat about "the invisible list." As mothers we continue to not only add more and more things to our daily to-do-list, but we actually also manage an entire other invisible to-do list on the side. YUP! Things that just get done magically. Today we vent and talk about how we could manage to be and, most importantly, manage to feel more productive as we tackle this “invisible list.”
11/17/202121 minutes, 58 seconds
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Celebrating life - Karen's Birthday Celebration and Look Back on her Childhood.

You probably know by now that Karen is all about celebrating EVERYTHING! In this week's episode, Pamela surprised Karen during their recording and did some real-time celebration for Karen's Birthday as they took a trip down memory lane talking about Karen's childhood.
11/10/202122 minutes, 37 seconds
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Inhale Faith, Exhale Stress: A Conversation about Motherhood and Faith

She’s a mother of three and the lead pastor at Vous church in Miami. Pastor DawnChere Wilkerson joins us for a heart-to-heart conversation about how she manages the pressures of motherhood, womanhood and leading a community. She's here to remind us that even in our darkest season we must lean on each other, let go, believe and inhale faith, exhale stress.
11/3/202135 minutes, 16 seconds
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Mom-dreaming: Taking Risks to Turn Your Dreams into Reality

Pamela & Karen have a candid conversation with Argelia Atilano about how and why we should take risks, both personally and professionally, and why it's important to reinvent ourselves and take actions when we are constantly mom-dreaming.
10/27/202126 minutes, 28 seconds
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Dream Preservation: When a Woman Decides to Freeze her Eggs

Some see it as an extreme measure, others see it as a luxury, many don't even know much about it - today we're talking about oocyte cryopreservation, fancy word for egg freezing. Why aren't more women familiarized with this option? And what is it exactly? We all know our biological clocks are ticking so why aren't we doing more to preserve our dreams of being mothers? Today Pamela shares her journey of freezing her eggs as we chat with fertility expert Dr. Hernández-Rey.
10/20/202127 minutes, 20 seconds
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Real Talk About Real Food: Taking the pressure off of feeding your family

Feeding your baby, meal prepping, or even just making a simple dinner for your family can seem like overwhelming tasks when you're trying to juggle the care of kids and keeping your household together. Today we talk to Food Director at Real Simple, freelance writer, culinary instructor, and personal chef Jenna Helwig about how we could keep it simple in the kitchen!
10/13/202126 minutes, 56 seconds
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Best Mom Ever: Celebrating the Little Wins

Whether it's getting your child dressed, talking your baby out of a tantrum, or rushing your little one to the urgent care- mothers are constantly putting out fires! Today we talk about how we turn little struggles into big wins to remind you that in your own're the Best Mom Ever!
10/6/202125 minutes, 13 seconds
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Liquid Gold: Pumping out the truth about breast milk

In today's episode we are answering all your questions about breast milk, breastfeeding, pumping and all the fun the goes with it. Joining us with her knowledge is @breastmilkbarista, Priscilla Subervi, RN CBS, a lactation expert who will take us to liquid gold GOALS.
9/29/202134 minutes, 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

La Familia: The Importance of Family While Raising Our Children

For us “La familia” is what keeps us grounded and the center of our universe - both culturally and emotionally. The concept of family is in our DNA, but when you have a baby the role of your old family evolves with the birth if your new little family. Today we discuss all the good and bad that comes with those changes and celebrate the importance of family!
9/22/202123 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

Knowledge is Power: a Doula’s holistic approach to understanding our own strength

Some say “if you could make a baby, you can birth a baby”... but why do many of us fear the process of delivering a baby or get so nervous thinking about caring for your newborn. Knowledge is power and today we want to empower all women, whether you are expecting or thinking of conceiving or done with the babies, by learning more about the strengths we innately have through a conversation with Eyla Cuenca, a holistic birth guide, who reminds us that.. we are amazing!
9/15/202135 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

Mommy’s Gotta Work: Learnings from Remote Work & Getting Back to the Office

Many of us have been working remotely from our homes during this pandemic. This has brought its challenges, but also the benefit of being at home with our babies. Now most of us have, or are preparing to, head back to the office, and this means adapting once again to a new reality…because this mommy is going back to work!
9/8/202123 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

Confessions of an Influencer Mama, a chat with @Nany

Follows and likes come with an abundance of pressure for moms in the public eye, today we have the confessions of an influencer mama. Some of you may know her as @Nany, she went from fashion blogger to now mother of two and captured it all through beautiful photos and videos on Instagram. But how stressful is it to really keep it all together for your followers? Do others mom feel the same pressure? She opens up and tells us the truth behind “reality vs. Instagram”.
9/1/202126 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

Season 2 Premiere! Adios Summer! New Things We’ve Learned from our Growing Toddlers

Oh what a summer it's been! We watched our babies learn to run, try new things, we potty trained, we traveled, we started wearing masks again... through it all, we’ve become stronger mamas and a stronger community. Welcome back to Season 2 of Motherish Moments!
8/25/202130 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

30. Sweet Dreams: Our Babies’ Paths to Catching Their Zzzz's

This episode is all about pediatric sleep! Whether it's sleep training, co-sleeping or a different path, figuring out sleep with your little ones can be a daunting task. Today, Karen and Pamela share personal tips, as well as what worked and didn’t work for them as they helped their babies (and themselves) get some rest!
6/30/202140 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

29. Boss Mom: Eva Longoria

Boss Mom, Eva Longoria, joins Motherish for the day! Pamela and Karen chat with Eva about all things working mom life, her learnings during the pandemic and beyond! She's also promoting her most recent project “The Boss Baby: Family Business” and we learn about her experience working on that project. 
6/23/202117 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

28. The Beauty of Being a Mompreneur - a Chat With BeautyyBird, Yasmin Maya.

This week Pamela Silva & Karen Comas chat with a super mom! She’s a CEO, a creator, an immigrant and of course a mommy - Yasmin Maya, better known as BeautyyBird shares her personal journey on starting from zero, building a brand, elevating her culture, prepping from baby number two and all the beauty of being a mompreneur!
6/16/202124 minutes, 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

27. Lessons Learned: The Heartfelt Testimony of an Expecting Mother

Emmy-award winning journalist Lilliana Vazquez shares her heartfelt testimony of her 6 year infertility journey, what she learned and how she's committed to educating and advocating for other women on similar paths. Follow more about our podcast here!
6/9/202136 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

26. Pack Up, baby! Adapting to Traveling With Your Little Ones

We’re all so happy to see things slowly going back to normal. It's been a long, rough year for many, and one of the first things families are looking forward to doing is - traveling with their little ones. Whether you're hitting the road or getting back on a plane, we're going to share our experiences on how we have or plan to pack up our babies... because we are ready for some new adventures!
6/2/202129 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

25. Mom, Mum, Mami: The Beauty and Challenges of Raising Multicultural Children

Mom, mum, mami- Editor in chief of Parents Latina, Grace Bastidas, joins us for a candid conversation about the beauty and challenges of raising multicultural and bilingual children. We've heard about all the benefits for children to master more than one language but. what's it like to incorporate various cultures & languages in your day to day? Grace is here to share her personal journey as a mom of two beautiful American-Colombian- British girls.
5/26/202128 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

24. Words Matter

We grew up hearing certain things that eventually shaped us - some good, some bad. What are the words you're using to speaking to and around your child? What patterns do you want to repeat, and which ones do you want to break from your childhood? Karen and Pamela travel down memory lane to highlight the people who shaped them and the lessons and messages that stayed with them.
5/19/202122 minutes, 23 seconds
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23. New Baby, New Me!

The birth of a mother paralleling the birth of a baby is a recurring theme in our podcast. So much preparation goes into the arrival of the baby that we often forget to prepare for us- for our new realities as mothers. Today we talk to momma, wife, model and entrepreneur Alexis Kristiana. She shares her personal journey adapting to motherhood and how the birth of her son Zion turned her life upside down- for the better!
5/12/202129 minutes, 1 second
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22. Moms Are the Real MVPs!

This episode is all about you, mommas! We asked you to send us suggestions to shout out some amazing moms during this Mother’s Day episode, and boy did you deliver! We’re so happy about all the emails we got and touched by the amazing stories you share with us. So this episode is for you, Happy Mother's Day!
5/5/202125 minutes, 47 seconds
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21. Listen Up! - What Nobody Told Us About Motherhood

Mommies, future mamas, girlfriends... listen up! Here we always like to celebrate our motherhood journey, but often women go on this journey blindly. There are so many things no one tells you, that they should. Today we share all the advice that was helpful, but mainly all the ones we never got that now we want to share with you!
4/28/202129 minutes, 19 seconds
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20. Ford’s First Year - and Everything Pamela Learned

Little Ford is finally turning ONE! This is huge milestone for both Ford and Pamela. We get emotional on this one, as Pamela dives into her first year as a mom and everything she’s learned.
4/21/202127 minutes, 23 seconds
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19. Victoria's 2nd Birthday: How Having a Baby Impacts Relationships

As Victoria’s 2nd birthday approaches, Karen and her husband Juan take a look back at these last two years and how their lives changed. We dig into how having a baby changed their relationship, and all the new learnings along the way.
4/14/202133 minutes, 56 seconds
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18. The Postpartum Fitness Journey

Today our episode is all about postpartum fitness: we ask ourselves, is there such thing as “bouncing back?” What is the healthiest way to get back on track to a new and healthy you? We talk with Taylor Walker Sinning, a Holistic Health Practitioner, fitness model and content curator of health, fitness and lifestyle blog about her goal to empower women to be their best selves in the most real way possible.
4/7/202119 minutes, 39 seconds
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17. Yup, I’m That Mom. So What?

Being a working-mom means living in a constant battle to keep the perfect balance between excelling at work and shining at motherhood. But reality is perfection seldom exits and at some point something has got to give. Today we dare to enter the guilt free zone and vent about some of the things we do, that perhaps come off as annoying but whatever -“yup, I’m that mom”
3/31/202128 minutes, 10 seconds
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16. The Postpartum Experience

Let’s talk about the postpartum experience - it’s been glorified to seem like you’re supposed to feel like you’re floating on cloud 9, but in reality, after the adrenaline settles, it’s often lonely, dark and confusing- and on top of that, you might even feel guilty for feeling this way. Today we’ll talk to Dr. Jennifer Schell, who will guide us through this experience and how to care for ourselves in the midst of it all.
3/24/202135 minutes, 57 seconds
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15. Insensitive Friend? Let's Talk Friendships Before, and After, Having Babies!

Having children changes you and in return also transforms your friendships. Before becoming mothers, we tend to not be aware of what your friends who already have children go through in order to balance all the relationships in their lives. Today we dedicate our episode to all those mommy friends who were, are, and continue to be there for us- and we finally apologize if we were ever that insensitive friend in the past!
3/17/202125 minutes, 40 seconds
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14. Parenting in a Pandemic

Exactly one year ago, many of us went into quarantine and started working home after many states across the US mandated shelter-in-place orders. Here we are 12 months later and many of us still have our children home with us, many doing virtual learning and with little or no exposure to other children. Today we speak with Dr. Christie Ferrari, Child Psychologist, on the psychological impact of isolation and quarantine on our children.
3/10/202126 minutes, 57 seconds
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13. You Better Work!

Careers and carriages- two things that keep us busy but also very motivated. Before we became moms, we were both very focused and driven by our careers, only to learn that our most important assignment was on its way. Today we discuss our careers, the impact motherhood has had on them, and how we constantly work on juggling everything at once.
3/3/202129 minutes, 36 seconds
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12. Race-Conscious Parenting: Navigating Raising Diverse and Inclusive Children

Our most important work is not only raising our children, but also raising our children to be kind and inclusive members of society. Race and inclusion are crucial topics to discuss with our little ones... but when we do it or how we do it.. are often the biggest questions we struggle with. Today Zoila Darton, founder of WORD- a creative agency committed to cultural storytelling, joins us to guide us through this topic through her eyes.
2/24/202131 minutes
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11A. Hope in Heartbreak: Supporting and Loving Those Living With Infertility - Part 1

Living with infertility could be lonely and emotionally draining. If a friend, co-worker or relative confides in you and tells you they’re struggling to conceive it usually means they trust you and believe you will be supportive. However, figuring out how to actually give empathetic and effective support could be challenging, especially if you've never experienced infertility yourself. Today we talk to Sandy Bodeau, a mother of two, TV personality, blogger and author of “The Light After Loss”, about her infertility journey.
2/17/202120 minutes, 29 seconds
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11B. Hope in Heartbreak: Supporting and Loving Those Living With Infertility - Part 2

In Part 2 of our episode on infertility we speak with Yvette and Jesus Trivino, they open up about their almost 10 year struggle to conceive.. a path that led them into the world of adoption, turning their heartbreak into a shining star of hope.
2/17/202124 minutes, 19 seconds
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10. Bebé, I Love Loving You: Open Letters to Our Babies

Motherhood is truly a love like no other. And all though our babies hear us say "I love you" all the time, we really don’t get a chance to truly tell them how our lives were changed for the better with their arrivals. Today we open our hearts and mics to share with you our very intimate love letters to our babies.
2/10/202123 minutes, 20 seconds
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Bonus Track: Pamela's Love Letter to Ford

Pamela opens her heart in this letter to Ford.
2/10/20212 minutes, 34 seconds
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Bonus Track: Karen's Love Letter to Victoria

Karen opens her heart in this letter to Victoria.
2/10/20212 minutes, 2 seconds
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9. Me, Myself and I: How and Why We Should Prioritize Self-Care as New Moms

It is one of the most important things we should do, yet very few of us find the time to do it. We are talking all things self-care, from why we must do it and how to actually do it. Known as “The Queen of Chill”, entrepreneur and new mommy, Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton joins us to tell us how she manages self-care and juggles the business owner life now as a mom.
2/3/202132 minutes, 25 seconds
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8. Bump Rules: The Ins and Outs of a Safe and Healthy Pregnancy

Being pregnant means being responsible for the little life that is growing inside you. The list of the “dos” and “don’ts” while you’re pregnant could be long, overwhelming and sometimes scary, but don’t let this overshadow all the joy this journey brings. Today we talk about the famous “Pregnancy Do’s and Dont’s” with OB/GYN Dr. Ernesto Cardenas and also share what “bump rules” surprised us during our pregnancies.
1/27/202127 minutes, 59 seconds
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7. Milestone Mania: How to Monitor and Help Your Baby’s Developmental Achievements Without Losing Your Mind Along the Way

Milestones, milestones, milestones... a term you probably didn’t hear or even think about until you become a parent. It’s normal as parents to get excited about our baby’s developmental milestones, but it’s also very easy to get overwhelmed with anxiety about them. In today’s episode we talk to Jessica Rolph, Co-founder & CEO of Lovevery about what we could and should be doing as parents to help our children achieve these goals while also enjoying the journey.
1/20/202124 minutes, 21 seconds
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6. Do You See What I See? A Self Analysis Through the Eyes and Hearts of Others

In order to be the best mothers we can be for our children, we need to constantly evolve.  When emotions are running high and clarity is running low, it’s very hard to be objective about our own triumphs and struggles as mothers.  Karen and Pamela interview two of their closest family members to get a clear and brutally honest perspective as to how motherhood has changed them, where they have thrived and where they needed some help.
1/13/202133 minutes, 56 seconds
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5. The Strength of a Mother’s Love: Optimism in Dark Moments

In this episode we share the lessons learned from our hardest experiences, and talk about the resilience of a Mother - which is a power like no other. Our guest, Certified Master Coach and fellow mommy, Laura Posada, will share her story of her first-born son, and talk about how a mother’s love can get us through even the darkest moments.
1/6/202130 minutes, 53 seconds
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4. Prepping for Your Baby’s Arrival: What You Really Need!

As relatively new moms, Pamela and Karen go over their first-hand experience in prepping for their babies and share what they felt they needed, and all the things they ended up returning! It’s so hard to not get caught up in “baby registry bliss” but in reality, babies don’t need that many things!
12/30/202041 minutes, 20 seconds
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3. Baby Led What? Introducing Solids to Your Baby and Why Eating Should Be Fun!

Jenny Best, the founder of Solid Starts, joins Pamela and Karen in an insightful conversation around starting solids with your baby and teaching us about the path of Baby Led Weaning.
12/23/202035 minutes, 56 seconds
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2. Mom Guilt - Lets Face It, We Live With It.

Picture this - you’re having a great week, doing huge things at work or feeling so productive working on a personal project, and then boom - it hits you like a train, out of nowhere. MOM GUILT. We fight it, we ignore it, we rationalize, but let’s face it, we all live with it. Today we’ll talk about how we manage this and give you the pep talk that you probably need today.
12/16/202030 minutes, 39 seconds
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1. What You Post vs. How You Feel: Why Is It So Hard to Admit That We Are Struggling?

In Motherish’s first episode, Pamela & Karen talk about how they came together, the highs and lows of stepping into this motherhood journey and share what they’ve learned so far.
12/9/202026 minutes, 10 seconds
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Trailer - Motherish

Welcome to Motherish! A podcast about motherhood by Pamela Silva and Karen Comas. They’ll share their stories, talk to experts, friends and interview those who are inspiring them and reminding all moms that we were made for this!
12/5/20201 minute, 8 seconds