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English, Performing arts, 2 seasons, 20 episodes, 3 hours, 46 minutes
Bridget’s life is a series of dropped calls. With a gift for gab, an ex-husband in rehab, and down to her last dollar, Bridget’s life takes a desperate turn when she starts vishing over the phone for a shady identity theft ring in order to support her family. Motherhacker is written by Sandi Farkas and executive produced and directed by Amanda Lipitz. The series stars Carrie Coon, Pedro Pascal, Alan Cumming, Lucas Hedges, Tavi Gevinson, Rupert Friend, Alex Goldman and more.
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Welcome to the Scam-demic: Motherhacker Season 2!

In the scam-landscape of a pandemic, Bridget (Carrie Coon) gets caught in a crisis of loyalty between her hacker life, the FBI, and her own family, and has to use her unique skills to escape. All episodes of Motherhacker Season 2 available June 7th, only on Spotify. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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