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English, Parenting, 12 seasons, 142 episodes, 5 days, 5 hours, 55 minutes
Welcome to Mother Tongue, your new set of eyes, ears and finger on the pulse for all expats living away from home around the world. Tune in and listen to how two first time expat mums navigate parenthood, sharing (their very honest!) journey on everything they have learned along the way in an attempt to create unity between mothers who might be away from their families and friends. It is an all-inclusive, supportive podcast – no judgement, just lots of love, laughs and honest home truths! Throughout the uncut ramblings, you are set to hear them discuss everything from navigating mammahood as an expat, baby brands they love, the products they swear by and the experiences they have been through during pregnancy, motherhood, work and beyond. Listen in and find out more on everything from sleep and weaning to top tips on travelling with children, plus advice on how to keep little ones entertained in Dubai. To get in touch or to find out more about the podcast, please email [email protected] / Instagram @wearemothertongue.
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Angelman Syndrome Awareness with Rhian Adams

Today’s guest is an incredibly inspiring women both in her parenting life, as well as her fitness. She is a single mum with two children – one of which has a rare genetic condition known as angelman syndrome.  On this episode, we discuss her motherhood journey - the highs and the lows plus Rhian shares some insight into life with angelman syndrome, the symptoms and a possible cure.  This mama is also a personal trainer - awarded PT of the year in 2018 and 2020, health coach of the year in 2022 and is no stranger to the stage for world natural body building competitions. Angelman Syndrome Awareness day is on 15th February - wear blue with us to support Rhian and Samson and raise awareness for this rare genetic condition. Find Rhian on instagram: us on instagram:
2/13/202453 minutes, 31 seconds
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Bonus Episode: How to Make the Most Out of Your Outdoor Space with Suncoast

Before we launch season 12 on 13th February, we have a special bonus episode for you this week! We chatted to Nour Aljabri, a home decor specialist, to find out more on how to make the most out of your outdoor space. We hosted this as a live podcast at Suncoast. Find out more about Suncoast: Aljabri:
2/6/202422 minutes, 58 seconds
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Get Social Media Savvy & Grow Your Online Business with Laura Haleydt

For our season finale, we are speaking to a wizard in the digital marketing world. Following furlough during Covid, Laura Haleydt  pivoted and revived her dead Instagram account that was more a lifestyle account.During this time, she stumbled on the online business world and was blown away by the opportunities. From there, things rapidly changed and she quickly scaled her business to +$5k months within 2 months and even to +$10k months after 5 months. She is now a digital nomad, making money whilst she travels the world!  Today we discuss growing social media accounts, what works vs what doesnt and how to become a digital nomad. Download Laura's courses: Laura on instagram: MT on social media: tuned for Season 12 - coming soon! 
1/2/202458 minutes, 6 seconds
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Custody, Dubai Wills and Property Laws with Andy Lyons, Partner at Davidson & Co

This episode is a first for Mother Tongue - today we catch up with a lawyer to discuss the rules and regulations around Dubai Property, Custody and Dubai Wills. Parter Andy Lyons who works at law firm Davidson & Co shares his knowledge around divorce proceedings, how and why we should set up a will in Dubai plus the laws around renting, highlighting your rights as a tenant and a landlord. Get in touch with Andy at Davidson & Co: [email protected] us on instagram:
6/6/202350 minutes, 44 seconds
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Car Seat Safety with Sofi Chabowski

In this weeks episode we discuss a super important topic - regardless of where you are based in the world - car seat safety. Our guest, mum and retailer Sofi Chabowski, is fully certified in car seat safety and shares her knowledge with us to ensure our little ones are as safe as possible when travelling. We discuss everything from top travel car seats, rear facing vs forward facing plus how we are ensure our little ones are truly safe in the seat! Suggested Product: Anoris T -Cybex | Anoris T i-Size - Soho Grey, Shop online at Eggs & Soldiers ( Cybex:  CYBEX Online Shop | Child Car Seats, Strollers, Baby Carriers and Furniture from CYBEX ( Tip: Read the car seat manual!Travel car seat: Joie Tilt: Buy Joie Tilt Car Seat Online | Babyshop UAE ( Contender: Graco Contender™ Slim Convertible Car Seat | Graco Baby Find Sofi Chabowski, owner of Eggs & Soldiers on instagram: us on instagram:
5/30/202355 minutes, 22 seconds
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A guide to organic and healthy eating With Bernadette Abraham

On this episode, we speak to Bernadette Abraham is a functional health practitioner with over 20 years of health and fitness experience under her belt.  With a goal to help you live a healthier and more active lifestyle, in today's episode, she shares practical nutrition tips and health advice that you can immediately implement into your everyday life. Whether you want to work on digestion, gain more energy, get some advice on fussy eating, learn how to introduce organic into your home or how to read labels properly, Bernadette is the go-to and she shares all her tips and tricks in today's episode. She also discusses her new book UNJUNK which contains loads of advice plus useful recipes for home. Find Bernadette: UNJUNK:
5/9/202349 minutes, 8 seconds
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All Things Sleep with Calm & Bright

Today we tackle that never ending, all consuming topic - SLEEP! Thanks to Gem & Eve from Calm & Bright, this episode is packed full of useful tips and tricks to help parents get a good night's sleep for themselves, and their baby/toddler. Together with their NHS super-team, including three paediatric nurses, a clinical psychologist and a counseller, the Calm and Bright team have helped thousands of families teach their children to sleep the 11-12 hour nights they were capable of all along! Products: them on instagram: Mother Tongue on instagram:
5/2/202354 minutes, 9 seconds
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Everything you need to know about de-cluttering and getting organised with Celia Vrnak, Organizer Extraordinaire and Clutter Coach

If you're ready to learn about home and life organization, this episode is for you! Today we catch up with the Wonder Woman behind The Savvy Space, a company that focuses on creating spaces that streamline and elevate your life, helping you process clutter and create a system that saves you time, reduces stress and looks amazing! We are so excited to to catch up with Celia Vrnak, Organizer Extraordinaire and Clutter Coach who shares all her top tips on getting yourself organised! Pouches can be found at Coco & Shy or The Happy Tribe: PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONSDrawer: to stack on top of drawer: turntable for spreads: Little Ducks sand brush (use MT10 at checkout!): Ultimate travel Savvy packing & prep listClick below: your discount on the ‘Ultimate Kitchen Organizing Playbook’ - it is normally AED150 but you can get for AED100 by using MTP50. Shop below: More about the guide: Celia on instagram: Savvy Space: us on Mother Tongue:
4/10/202359 minutes, 17 seconds
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Conscious Parenting with Maysaa Fahour

An accredited Parent coach and mentor, today’s guest is here to help us understand and implement conscious parenting, a buzzword that we have all heard but might not understand. An incredible woman with years of experience under her belt,  she can provide you with the understanding, skills and strategies to handle everyday parenting struggles. In today's episode, we discuss everything from how to deal with toddler tantrums, to how to manage a smooth bedtime and everything in between - there is lots of extremely helpful advice on how to help toddlers overcome their emotions too!  Books on emotions:'s upcoming workshop about Sibling Rivalry: Maysaa on instagram: Maysaa for coaching: us on Instagram:
4/4/202354 minutes, 19 seconds
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Pre + Postnatal Fitness with Charlie Barker from Bumps & Burpees

Are you pregnant or postpartum with questions about fitness and exercise? If yes, keep listening! On today’s episode, we catch up with a pre and postnatal expert - a mum of two who has a wonderful company, Bumps and Burpees, that provides thousands with a safe space to feel supported and empowered through their pregnancy and into motherhood.On this podcast, we discuss exercise during pregnancy, how to get back into exercise post-partum and everything in between. This episode is powered by our favourite hydration brand, Humantra. Find out more by visiting: an exclusive discount to Charlie's Bumps and Burpees program by using MOTHERTONGUE15 for 15% off Charlie's product recommendations: Exercise bands: Dumbells: Bumps & Burpees: Barker: 
3/21/202358 minutes, 24 seconds
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Motherhood with Louise Boyce AKA Mama Still Got It

Former Model and Mother of 3, today’s guest is more commonly known as MamaStillGotIt - the comedic content creator and blogger. Breaking the typical 'Mumfluencer' mold, her trademark has fast become her ability to capture the seemingly mundane moments of Motherhood and spin them into hilarious sketches that all parents can relate to. This fun, playful content has attracted a rapidly growing following and over the past year, she has harnessed her platform to entertain and assure audiences throughout the pandemic and beyond, making hers the go-to profile for light relief and social commentary. On today's episode, we discuss everything from pregnancy and house renovations to social media and book writing.Instagram: @mamastillgotit_TikTok:  @mamastillgotit_Website: https://mamastillgotit.comBuy her book: CC Cream by IT Cosmetics:  
3/14/202354 minutes, 9 seconds
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Toddler Tantrums and Building Boundaries with Mama Psychologists

We can all agree that we want a calm, happy, and healthy household.  Let's be honest, parenting is HAARRDD sometimes and hopefully today’s episode can give you a few tips and tricks to make it a little easier. We catch up with two experts from across the pond in Canada, who share their advice on how to take you from exhausted and angry to calm and empowered.  Chelsea and Caitlin share all their advice on how to handle toddler tantrums as well as how to build healthy boundaries at home! Find out more about Mama Psychologists: Mother Tongue on Instagram:
2/14/202342 minutes, 52 seconds
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Fitness with Caley Jack

This week, Mother Tongue are joined by fitness star and all round sweetheart Caley Jäck, a global Les Mills teacher and ambassador and mum to beautiful baby girl Ella. We caught up with her to talk challenges, limiting beliefs, and her journey into fitness plus her pregnancy, birth, motherhood journey and beyond. Caley’s product: ProductsBump Butter - Oil -’s product: Rebalance pre/postnatal fitness classes -’s product: Ellis’s Ppre/postnatal Pilates class at Naya -’s product: Lululemon align pants: gym wear - bands - find out more about Caley, visit her website and social media: Instagram: for privacy information.
6/6/20211 hour, 1 minute, 59 seconds