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English, Finance, 2 seasons, 12 episodes, 12 hours, 46 minutes
For the mothers who are also creatives. Raising children and raising big visions, birthing babies and birthing businesses. A dance between mother mystic & mother maker. Moving with the surges of creative living, the poetry of their own lives. For the Artists, Poets, Writers, Movers & Shakers for the Influencers, Speakers, Coachers, Healers, Community creators & Home makers, For the designers Photographers, for the Entrepreneurs, and business owners, for those who create and make, intuitively, not as something they do, but because it's who they are, alongside motherhood. Love Kat
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Dancer to Author to Podcast host to Mother with Melissa Ambrosini

Hey Friends! This episode is a conversation with my friend Melissa Ambrosini.  She's a #1 podcast host, Best selling author, ted x speaker AND mother to a beautiful little 18 month old Bambi.  Mel didn't know if she wanted to mother alongside her career, and now, after 6 years of baby prepping, and 18 months of "trusting to conceive" she's now harmonising motherhood and business and honouring her visions while honouring her children.  Mel is in the middle of launching WHOLY MAMA her 8 week live program for conscious conception, pregnancy, empowered birth, postpartum and conscious parenting, but we had 45 minutes to chat! So many more deeper questions I would have love to have asked her but that will for another episode and for now enjoy hearing her journey from professional dancer, to successful author of 4 books, and #1 podcast host.  If Wholy Mama is a program you'd love to be apart of  CART CLOSES NOV 4th 2022 Here's the link you can enrol through (I have chosen to affiliate with the program). Lots of love beautiful people xx
11/1/20221 hour, 2 minutes, 7 seconds
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Hello friends! In Episode 6 we explore how to open your own channel for ideas and creativity to land, then how to cultivate a relationship with them.  What to do if you have so many ideas and unsure where to start, and how to create a more ceremonial relationship with your ideas & creativity.  We also chat about the multiple human design types, projectors, generators, manifestors, manifesting generators and reflectors, and how each type can move uniquely with their creative expressions Enjoy this conversation with Jena, Mother of two little girls, Ex producer and now a intuitive & creative design and brand agency,  You can connect with Jena here  Instagram: @Jenaguihen and @wildfolkcreativeagency @The.kat.river
4/4/20221 hour, 18 minutes, 7 seconds
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2 UNDER 2 - DEVOTION TO THE CRAFT & CHAOS - Maddy from Wanderscout

Hello and welcome to EP 5 with Maddy from Wonderscout.  Maddy is a art psychotherapist, silversmith, mother of two under two.  She makes with her hands, has trained and hired her partner Mark to leave his job and work for her while he studies, and they have a beautiful pulsing family business, the four of them weaving in and out of rooms of their home in NSW as they make and create stunning mythology inspired jewellery. I love speaking to Mads about the realistic-ness of mothering and creating in this way.  Enjoy! @Wanderscout_ @the.kat.river
3/27/20221 hour, 28 minutes, 41 seconds