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English, Education, 2 seasons, 43 episodes, 1 day 3 hours 48 minutes
Dive into the most relevant topics of sustainable and organic farming through interviews with farmers and ag professionals, as well as audio from MOSES Conference workshops and field days. Organic Specialist Chuck Anderas hosts this podcast.
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Systems Approach to Organic Farming with Rodrigo Cala

Rodrigo Cala and MOSES hosted a field day on August 18, 2021 at Cala Farm Origenes in Turtle Lake, WI. MOSES Organic Specialist Rodrigo Cala shared the systems approach he uses on his organic farm, focusing on sheep production with rotational grazing, a perennial system for raising chickens, and much more. Rodrigo realized in the last couple years that his vegetable production system wasn't working as well as he’d like, and he turned to livestock to build soil and strengthen his business. You can contact Rodrigo through the Organic Answer Line at 888-906-6737 x 717 or by visiting Watch this field day on the MOSES YouTube page! English: Hmong: Spanish: <a
03/09/202158 minutes 31 seconds
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Climate Change: Keynote Conversation from the 2021 Growing Stronger Collaborative Conference

Jim Goodman (National Family Farm Coalition), Erin Schneider (Hilltop Community Farm, Wisconsin), and Lea Zeise (Intertribal Agriculture Council) share their unique perspectives on farming and climate in a conversation that explores some of the solutions to one of the greatest challenges we face as a species: climate change. In this conversation, we’ll learn about the connections and contributions we can make across farming systems, as communities and individuals in relationship to other species and the limited resources of our Earth. Moderated by Lori Stern, MOSES Executive Director. This episode is part of an ongoing series of climate conversations from MOSES Conference workshops and the 2021 Growing Stronger Collaborative Conference. Lori Stern's article in The Hill: To fight the climate crisis, support smart farming Also available
20/08/202157 minutes 15 seconds
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Climate Change: Resilient Soils with Dr. Jessica Gutknecht and Dr. Lauren Snyder

Continuing our climate change series, this episode is a workshop from the 2020 MOSES Conference with Dr. Lauren Snyder and Dr. Jessica Gutknecht. According to the NOAA, "the Midwest set a record for the wettest year in history (1895-2019) for the second straight year" in 2019. The need to build healthy soils that can withstand weather extremes is clear. In this episode, Dr. Jessica Gutknecht and Dr. Lauren Snyder share research-based guidance on practices that can improve overall soil structure and water-holding capacity—characteristics critical to dealing with extreme precipitation events. And we'll also hear from farmers as they share their reflections after a small group discussion on the topic. Lauren Snyder is a science advisor at the Organic Farming Research Foundation and a freelance science contractor. She has a doctorate in ecology and evolutionary biology from Cornell University. <a href="
11/08/202145 minutes 32 seconds
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Climate Change: Build Resilience with Soil Biology with Dr. Kris Nichols

This is episode one of a series on climate change. Whether you have drought or flooding this year, your weather is probably strange. This series of recordings of MOSES conference from the last few years share some strategies in adapting to climate change. The first in the series is a talk from the 2017 MOSES Conference called Build Resilience with Soil Biology with Dr. Kris Nichols. At the time, Dr. Nichols was the chief scientist at the Rodale Institute. She is now an educator, consultant, and researcher with KRIS Systems and MyLand Company. She talks about how soil biology can help buffer your farm from weather extremes. KRIS Systems: MOSES Organic Field Days: MOSES YouTube Channel:
06/08/20211 hour 25 minutes 54 seconds
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Building Community Food Webs, Part 2

In this episode, host Chuck Anderas talks to Ken Meter about his new book, Building Community Food Webs. Ken shares some of the best examples of how communities have built relationship-based food systems, and shares his thoughts on why the current food system is extractive, how communities can use co-learning to find creative solutions, how democracy works in food systems, and much more. Listen in! Discount code METER gets you 20% off Ken's book at Island Press via Check out Ken’s work at the Crossroads Resource Center: Read a review of the book in the MOSES Organic Broadcaster. Read the Organic Broadcaster story: <a href="
15/07/202158 minutes 54 seconds
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Building Community Food Webs, Part 1

From the 2019 MOSES Organic Farming Conference, Ken Meter and Megan Goldenberg dive deep into food systems history and data, and give examples of successful community-based food systems work from around the United States. Ken Meter is one of most experienced food-system analysts in United States, and his work integrates market analysis, systems thinking, quantitative time-series data, and first-hand interviews. His analysis and consulting has fostered 141 farm and food networks in 41 states, 2 provinces, and 4 tribes. Part 2, coming next week, is a conversation between Ken Meter and host Chuck Anderas based on Ken’s new book “Building Community Food Webs.” Submit a voice memo telling us about one of your FAVORITE FARM SMELLS. Check out Ken’s work at the Crossroads Resource Center:; You can find his new book Building Community Food Webs (Island
09/07/202140 minutes 44 seconds
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Introducing Bootless: the new season of In Her Boots with Tiffany LaShae

This is the trailer to the new season of the In Her Boots podcast. This season is the first with new host Tiffany LaShae. Tiffany—a Black woman farmer, researcher, educator, and activist—interviews women of color in agriculture from around the Midwest about their experiences. Make sure to search for “In Her Boots” in your podcast app and hit subscribe. Stay tuned!&nbsp; In Her Boots --- Send in a voice message:
29/06/202116 minutes 23 seconds
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Rodale Farming Systems Trial: No-Till Vegetables

Farmer Kat Becker of Cattail Organics in Athens, WI, and Sam Malriat, the Director of the Organic Consulting Program at the Rodale Institute, talk with Chuck about the strategies they have tried, studied, and seen work on farms throughout the country. As Sam puts it, “In organic systems, models are state by state, county by county… There’s not one [model], there’s 150.” Listen in on a conversation full of nuanced ideas about no-till, tillage, soil health, and a holistic view of farm management. Organic Consulting Program Farming Systems Trial Cattail Organics If you have strategies to share or are looking for advice from other farmers and researchers, there is
20/05/202156 minutes 25 seconds
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Social Media for Your Farm Business

Mimo Davis and Miranda Duschack are flower farmers in St. Louis. Most of their 10,000 followers on Instagram are local customers. (Look for @urbanbuds.) They’ve invested a lot in learning how to do social media well. Their insights are even more important now that in-person connections at farmers markets and on our farms have been put on pause. Plus, they are funny people!&nbsp; --- Send in a voice message:
30/04/202049 minutes 31 seconds
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Farm Commons on Sick Leave for Farmers or Farm Workers

Our friends at Farm Commons have a great podcast series to help farmers manage legal issues that could arise during the pandemic. We're posting a crossover episode here to introduce our audience to Farm Commons' resources. In this episode, they discuss key legal considerations of sick leave policies for farms that may have sick employees and/or employees with sick family members/kids at home because school is canceled.&nbsp; --- Send in a voice message:
17/04/202020 minutes 41 seconds
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