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Morning Mindfulness - A Few Positive Minutes to Start Your Day With

English, Health / Medicine, 1 seasons, 721 episodes, 1 day 3 hours 47 minutes
This podcast is about mindfulness. It is about being in the moment. It is about paying attention. It is about nonjudgmental attitude. It is about awareness. It is about making wiser decisions. I am talking about lessons I've learned on my Martial Arts and Yoga journey, and what I've learned practicing meditation. My episodes are inspired by lessons I got from World's greatest success and leadership teachers.
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722-Information Age and How to Avoid Costly Mistakes

There's an old saying, Knowledge is Power. Or I've heard a modern version: information is power. I agree to some extent. But today I want to challenge that cliche. The knowledge may, in fact, even produce devastating results if we're not mindful about what we see and hear. Let me show you how.
01/06/20218 minutes 13 seconds
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721 - Outside World and my Greatest Martial Art Victory

Since most of my training is in martial arts, and I've been doing quite a bit of training staying at home, I thought I'd share with you perhaps my greatest martial art victory. It's from the past, but it is as much, and maybe even more valuable today...
23/03/20217 minutes 1 second
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720 - Dealing with Cough and Stuffy Nose

Not a medical advice! This winter has been pretty cold. We had a lot of rain. That resulted into some waves of cold and flu in the community. Today I will talk about one way of dealing with cough I've used. 
19/01/20204 minutes 31 seconds
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719-Precious Things We May Often Take For Granted

We often live with this idea that we'll be there for each other forever... Why don't we start practicing Love while we're still here?
17/01/20203 minutes 57 seconds
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718-Almighty Obvious: Undeniable Power Of Manipulated Majority

Humans, no matter if they are introverts, extroverts or whatever ..verts, are social creatures. Majority of us has a need, either conscious or subconscious, to belong to the pack, or a herd, and to receive an approval from our peers. And this is a foundation...
12/06/20194 minutes 16 seconds
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717 - When Minority Wins: Genius Design To Introduce The Biggest Lie

Today I’d like to talk about one clever, I’d say genius method of dirty propaganda. I read it was created by Joseph Goebbels, famous Nazi politician and minister of propaganda. Whether this is true or not, the method is quite powerful, in my opinion, and I am sure you can see it being used nowadays...
23/05/20193 minutes 35 seconds
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716 - From Sublime To The Ridiculous: One Simple Way To Distort The Truth

Horrifying details of the story are so disturbing that people may get emotional scars from the story itself. So painful that they cannot be erased by any logic explanation.
06/05/20194 minutes 6 seconds
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715 - Beware of a Rotten Fish When Ordering Your Next Serving or Truth

"Rotten fish" is a very widely used technique, so obvious that I'm sure you will immediately recognize it even though I won't point at anyone in particular. Let's say I want to make a rotten fish. I come up with some kind of a dirty story...
26/04/20195 minutes 22 seconds
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714 - Targeted Truthfulness: Changing Listeners' Perception By Shaping Sincerity

The whole purpose of military propaganda is to confuse and psychologically destroy the enemy to make them very vulnerable for easy termination. What does it have to do with Mindfulness? Everything! These techniques are used on us. Now. Practically every day!..
22/04/20196 minutes 54 seconds
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713 - Decision And Process: Clearing Up Misconceptions About My Path to Success

There’s no status quo. You and I cannot freeze our state of health, state of finances, or whatever you want to freeze. The cruel truth is, everything is changing. Every second. However, there’s a good news...
25/03/20194 minutes 58 seconds
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712 - Campaign 50-50-25: Decision to Implement a Critical Life Update

I survived... I was going downhill at 200 mph, metaphorically speaking, of course, and trying not to die. Until I finally got a moment to slow down, regroup, take a deep breath, look back and look at myself. And I did not necessarily like what I saw. That was when I got the idea of 50-50-25 campaign.   
18/02/20196 minutes 51 seconds
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711-Milestone Check: Mindful Review and Setting Goals For New Season

It has been a while since my last episode came out. For quite a long while in fact. But I promised I'd come back, so here I am. Now let me ramble for a few minutes.   First of all, why did I stop? There are several reasons, and I hope my explanation will give some of you helpful hints. 
21/01/20195 minutes 54 seconds
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710 - Attachments: Sure Way To Make Our Life Really Unbearable

Changing direction or strategy is not quitting. There’s a difference between falling back on default program of actions and failing forward, meaning simply redirecting actions deliberately.
02/03/20184 minutes 19 seconds
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709 - Mindful Madness: Turning Light Off Vs Shooting Light Bulbs

In case with the light it is so obvious! We know how to address the issue, and what to expect as a result of our actions. However, there many other things in life that are not...
01/03/20182 minutes 25 seconds
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708 - Overestimated Immunity: What We Think Vs What It Really Is

Yesterday I started talking about being naive and how devastating it could be. And I’ve experienced it myself However, there’s much bigger issue that also comes out of that mindset. That’s what I’d like to remind you about today...
28/02/20182 minutes 19 seconds
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707 - Naive Mindset: Righteous Path To The Wrong Side Of The Fence

But I learned a couple of lessons. One, never forget that the outside World is not my friend. This is my and my only responsibility to follow the rules. So I have to stop being naive and pay attention to what I am doing...
27/02/20182 minutes 17 seconds
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706 - Toughest Mindful Practice: Where Illusion And Reality Meet

As you can probably guess, it is about mindfulness. But we will look at it from a different perspective. One of the key points in my stress management program is what I call a Controlled Tension...
26/02/20182 minutes 25 seconds
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705 - Breathe And Smile: Going Back To Where It All Started

Today I want to make a trip back to where my podcast actually started. You hear this every time you listen to it, but unless you listened to the very beginning, you may not know where it comes from. So you heard it: Let’s breathe and smile!
23/02/20182 minutes 23 seconds
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704 - Flipped Perception: The Opposite Side Of Great Communication

Yesterday I was talking about some really serious and quite obvious flaws in communication. Today I will continue, but we’ll look at it from a different perspective.
22/02/20182 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

703 - Distorted Transmission: Do We Really Hear What Was Said To Us?

There are several flaws in our communications I’d like to point out. One, sometimes we listen to answer, not to understand...
21/02/20182 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

702 - Detailed Communication: One Of The Biggest Issues In Our Society

Don’t know about you, but I take a personal responsibility in saying Hi and starting conversations with people. Every day. Some people look scared...
20/02/20182 minutes 29 seconds
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701 - Delayed Mindfulness: A Thin Line Between Response And Reaction

Look at the water: it does nothing until we push it with a hand. Then it yields. And after we take the hand out, it fills up the space like it never happened. All interaction happens at the moment it happens...
19/02/20182 minutes 14 seconds
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700 - Main Reason: Connecting Causes, Consequences and Circumstances

Our own limited perception multiplied by our ego often tells us that we know all we need to know. We are so used to cause and effect phenomenon, that we may take the most obvious sequence of events and make a statement...
16/02/20182 minutes 20 seconds
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699 - Daily Why: The Path Of Asking Questions About Our Life

My talk today is about why. Why am I doing things I’m doing? Why things are going the way they are going? Do I really need to get what I think I do?
15/02/20182 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

698 - Ultimate Love: The Most Powerful Weapon In Our Arsenal

Do you know the story behind the Valentines day? Well, there are many legends. One of them is talking about a Roman emperor Claudius II...
14/02/20182 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

697 - Irrational Stupidity: A Perfect Way To Ruin A Perfect Day

Today I will talk about stupidity. Oh yes, the World has plenty of it. And I have a perfect example - me. The story I will tell you will make me look like...
13/02/20182 minutes 16 seconds
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696 - Genies Decisions: Tiny Details To Make Or Break Our Day

I called this episode Genies Decisions, where I made the word Genies from Genie. There’s a famous fiction story in our country about a regular school student. One day he was swimming in the lake and found an ancient bottle win a Genie inside...
12/02/20182 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

695 - Perfect Day: The Most Appropriate Moment To Change Our Life

I know I’ve been often waiting for a perfect moment to do what I planned to do. To start a new training program, or change my morning routine, or implement some business plan. Whatever. And finally I discovered the most perfect moment to do it...
09/02/20182 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

694 - Our Friends: Whom Should We Take With Us To Our Dreams?

Even when I was a kid, I noticed a very obvious phenomenon. At that time, however, I did not know that it was so universal. But it definitely is. Let me explain what I mean.
08/02/20182 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

693 - Overwhelming Goals: Mindful Planning For Predictable Results

When I start something new I want to learn, for example, as I was changing my career a couple of times in my life, the magnitude of learning was scary. And that’s not just a simple trade.
07/02/20182 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

692 - Emergency Learning Plan: Where Should I Direct My Energy?

I see the idea of continuous learning as, let’s call it, an emergency plan. I am amazed how people prepare for apocalypse by storing water and food, but they ignore work related emergencies.
06/02/20182 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

691 - Being King: The Wisdom Of An Ancient Royal Wedding Story

I see so many people who may feel they are on the top of the world. Especially those who achieve great results. It may look like they don’t even need to worry any more about anything. They got it. They are kings in their situation...
05/02/20182 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

690 - Everlasting Day: What Did We Do Today To Be Known For?

Look at your average day. Now IMAGINE that it start repeating for you every day. All the same. For 34 years. Would you change anything you do with your time?
02/02/20182 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

689 - Mindful Relativity: The Opposite Perspectives On The Same Issue

Whoa! I’m not sure if I would ever write something like that to my parents. But I think this joke demonstrates nicely the relative nature of our happiness.
01/02/20182 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

688 - Happy Disaster! The Opposite Look At The Problems In Our Life

I understand, not everything that happens in my life I can justify right away. Neither do many other people, I hear you. But here’s the point I’d like to make today...
31/01/20182 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

687 - Mindful Switcheroo: Which Burden Would You Like To Choose?

We always want to think that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. The other people’s burden is lighter. And their life is much more successful. In reality...
30/01/20182 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

686 - Reset Button: Which Options In Your Life Would You Change?

Let’s pretend you found a magic control panel, which has a reset button. The power of the button can transport you back to any moment in your life you specify. Wouldn’t that be nice?
29/01/20182 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

685 - Ordinary Life: What Does It Really Take To Feel Normal

People have a tendency to feel bored wherever they are. There’s a concept of finding fulfillment in new job, new toy, new whatever. And then immediately after that we start looking for the next thing...
26/01/20182 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

684 - Facing Forward: Discover The Real Direction You Life Is Going

We need to make memories by living our dreams. But I’ve heard many times, if your memories are bigger than your dreams, you are moving backwards...
25/01/20182 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

683 - Mindful Coaching: The Best Teaching Lesson From A Farmer

Today I will shift gear and talk about the other aspect of the Path to success. That is coaching. I like this topic because I’ve been teaching and coaching for a while. For over 30 years in fact...
24/01/20182 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

682 - Courageous Decisions: The Crucial Moments On The Way To Success

Since I was talking about a path to success, I think I need to mention this very important topic. Perhaps, the most important on the way to achieving our dreams and goals, whatever they are.
23/01/20182 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

681 - Path To Success: Two Sides Of The Same Life Story

There’s no other way to put it then just face it. The reality is, not every pleasant path leads to success, and not every successful path is pleasant. Then how can I determine the right path?..
22/01/20182 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

680 - Poor Comparison: Not Every Competition Will Help Us Succeed

We like to compete. And some of it is OK, but unfortunately I see too much of competing that may even hurt us. I will talk about three forms of it.
19/01/20182 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

679 - Mindful Creativity: Get Completely Out Of Mundane Mindset

Yesterday I started talking about how to make mundane routine more interesting or at least less boring. I’ve used all kinds of tricks for that, because this is something we all have to do. There’s one more I wanted to add...
18/01/20182 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

678 - Mundane Routines: Escape From The Boring Every Day Tiring Work

I mentioned quite a few times mundane routined we have to do. Yes, we cannot get away from them. And I am in the bunch. However, I’ve used several approaches to perform those tedious routines. I will talk about three today.
17/01/20182 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

677 - Unforgettable Knowledge: Explore The Opposite Side Of Learning

We have a tendency to forget. And it’s not out of our head forever. We just lose it covered by the whole lot of other things. It is not always easy to predict what will stay and what will be forgotten soon...
16/01/20182 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

676 - Repeating Topics: Great Wisdom Behind Boring Redundant Traditions

Humans have a great memory. That’s why it’s possible to hypnotize a person and get to the deepest memories from the childhood. However, everything we learn gets buried under so much other stuff we receive daily, so it starts fading away really quick...
15/01/20182 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

675 - Almighty Repetition: What Is More Important Than What You Learn?

There are SOME topics I may be understanding better than other people, but that was not because I’m such a quick learner. The only thing I can take credit for is being persistent...
12/01/20182 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

674 - Child’s Wisdom: Amazing Perspective From A Pure Heart

We’re often trying to fix the World. And then we wonder why it’s not happening? That’s simple, we just need to put a man together...
11/01/20182 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

673 - Ever After: The Unspoken Side Effect Of A Beautiful Fairy Tale

I thought one day, what if ever after meant forever. When I was a kid, I thought, what would that be like to live forever? Would YOU like to live forever?..
10/01/20182 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

672 - Daily Success: Putting Together A Functional Plan To Succeed

The topic of success is rather large. I will point out a couple of things that make the most sense to me. It means, there are some things I may not be aware of or even ready for. This statement alone makes two points...
09/01/20182 minutes 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

671 - Mindful Resourcefulness: The Way We Think And The Way We Do

I can testify that when we want to do something, we find the solution. And when we don’t want to do it, we find an excuse. And in many cases those are excuses for us...
08/01/20182 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

670 - Tiger's Heart: The Most Devastating Result From Improper Thinking

Just to finish the topic about achieving our goals, I will tell you an old fairy tale from India. I read it several decades ago...
05/01/20182 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

669 - Resolutions Breakdown: Avoid The Most Common Costly Mistake

Yesterday I was talking about excessive chaotic activity, and how it can lead to losing the Path. Today we’re going to stay focused. Yes, really focused on one single goal. And you may say, that’s really good! Right? Not necessarily...
04/01/20182 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

668 - Failing Resolutions: Preventing The Most Common Planning Mistake

To recap the last episode I’ll state that - listen carefully - the resolution itself Is. A. Failure. For many people it is more of a tradition than a conscious decision to make a change. However, today I’d like to talk about the other side of the coin...
03/01/20182 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

667 - New Years Resolutions: Time To Start Your Path To Success

New Year is a great time to talk about New Year’s Resolutions. I know many people make those, and that’s great. I used to make them myself. Not any more, though. Let me explain why.
02/01/20182 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

665 - Way To Go: The Best Way To Improve Our Productivity

My coach told me, the way we do anything is the way we do everything. That means, we develop the habits in some areas of our life, that spill over into other areas...
29/12/20172 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

664 - Homemade Millionaire: The Other Side Of Saving Big Money

I am given a free will and ability to choose, and I choose to spend my resources to develop myself. Keep it in mind, my friend, the money made at work, or saved at a big sale, or collected on the street, will be gone...
28/12/20172 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

663 - Fast Progress: The Other Side Of Success-Minded Philosophy

Today I’ll be talking about success. Yes, again. But we will look at it from a different perspective...
27/12/20172 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

662 - The Biggest Excuse: When We Do And When We Don’t Need To Work

I learned from John Maxwell, who loves teaching about personal growth, I need to select 5 things I have to do every day. No matter what. Not all day...
26/12/20172 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

661 - Christmas Traditions: Do You Know What You Are Celebrating?

One of my questions was about Christmas. Why are you doing what you’re doing? I have nothing agains the tradition, all right. I have a small Christmas tree and some decorations in my house. But why is it called a Christmas tree?
25/12/20172 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

660 - What I Was Created For: Our Believes, Our Reality and Our Destiny

This is what I believe, and this is my story, all right. I believe that we were created with a freedom to make our choices. They may be extremely limited at times, but I believe we all have them. I’m not talking about reincarnation...
22/12/20172 minutes 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

659 - Voice Of Wisdom: Voting For Convenience Vs Voting For The Best

I see so many people are obsessed with me-me-me syndrome. Everything is about them. They are the center of the universe. It’s like, I’m the only person who can be a king...
21/12/20172 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

658 - Mindful Rebellion: Join The Not So Popular Movement Of Minority

Whatever I can do to leave a positive vibe behind myself, I do. I don’t see it as I have to do what society does. I see it as humankind begins with me. What am I bringing to the table?..
20/12/20172 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

657 - Special Needs: Another Perspective On Raising The Next Generation

I was listening to one of the coaches several years ago, and he was talking about his kids. His son was not doing well at school, not paying much attention to the teacher. So he got called to the principal...
19/12/20172 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

656 - Perfect Job: What We Really Mean When We Talk About Our Future

I’ve had a number of jobs, and I’ve owned several businesses so far. And I noticed, at least in my case, I start a new venture with great excitement. Yes, something mew, it’s fresh, it has big potential. And then, after a while, it becomes boring. Some things have lasted for quite a while, and some wear off very fast. Why is that?..
18/12/20172 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

655 - Perception Workaround: Who Is Responsible For Misunderstanding?

I’d like to continue the topic I started yesterday. And I was talking about intellectual bottleneck. People just may not understand whatever we’re saying. I know that happened to me quite a few times. Should I try to explain myself more clear?
15/12/20172 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

654 - Intellectual Bottleneck: Discover The Limit And The Need To Stop

There’s a phenomenon on the planet, I will call it intellectual bottle neck. We all have areas we understand good, and others - we don’t, or we may think we do, at our own level...
14/12/20172 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

653 - Gentle Reminders: Simple Convenient Way To Keep Us On Right Track

I’d like to remind you one of Murphy’s laws. It says, the details we’re paying attention to the least...
13/12/20172 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

652 - Coaching By Me: The Toughest Question I Have To Honestly Answer

I have a tough question for you today. And I know it can be really tough, because there’s no way you and I can lie answering it. That was something one of my coaches told us a while ago...
12/12/20172 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

651 - Minimal Efforts: The Easiest Way To Achieve Your Dreams And Goals

Yes, I can teach you how to simplify your path to your goals by doing this simple trick. And I will give it to you for free. I have a lot of experience, both productive and not so productive. But they all prove the point...
11/12/20172 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

650 - Illusory Fulfillment: Devastating Disappointment From False Hopes

In The phrase Somebody’s happy with the fraction of what you got, many people put their attention on the word fraction. But the key word here is...
08/12/20172 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

649 - Imaginary Doors: How The Biggest Self Deception Can Ruin Our Life

We have this imaginary door, and our mind is refusing to accept the idea that our limitations and restrictions are imaginary. There’s no wall. We don’t have to look for...
07/12/20172 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

648 - Deceptive Goat: Long History Of Today’s Most Significant Problem

Today I will tell you an old Russian folk tale about a goat. The tale is kind of bizarre, and hardly translatable in other languages. But I think it makes a point I want to make...
06/12/20172 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

647 - The Toughest Summit: The Hardest Mountain I’ve Ever Had To Climb

I am pretty much convinced that it is not challenges that stop us from achieving goals. Not difficulties. We can overcome whatever comes our way, if we really need to. The most dangerous place is...
05/12/20172 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

646 - Mindful Sharing: A Simple Way To Make A Difference In Someone’s Life

My friend, I don’t know how old you are, and I won’t ask. But I can promise that you have experience that nobody else in this world has. And by sharing that...
04/12/20172 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

645 - Deceptive Kindness: Using Mindfulness To Save The Day, Or Life

We have millions of voices surrounding us online, on TV, radio, work, coming from everywhere, sometimes even friends and relatives. Sometimes they may sound really nice. Maybe too nice...
01/12/20172 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

644 - Devastating Noise: Destructive Power Of The Most Innocent Vibes

We’re so used to high volume of emotional and intellectual noise in our daily life, that a day without it will taste like a plain food to somebody who’s not used to it. The danger of this so called white noise in our life is...
30/11/20172 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

643 - The Hardest Action: What Can Make Mindfulness Training So Tough

I’ve been learning, practicing and sharing various mindfulness techniques for over 3 decades. And the one I will talk about today is, perhaps, the hardest to master. Not just for me, for everybody I’ve met...
29/11/20172 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

642 - Learning Forever: Pros And Cons Of Our Brain’s Ability To Remember

Quite a few hears ago I watched a movie Phenomenon with John Travolta. In that movie something happened to his brain, and all of a sudden he became a genius reading several books a day, learning language in 20 minutes. Wouldn’t that be nice?..
28/11/20172 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

641 - Justifiable Choice: Uneasy Decision About Right Choice In Life

One of the frequent questions I’m asked is about controversy between chasing the dream for greater live vs. being happy with what we have. Before I answer, I tell you a tale...
27/11/20172 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

640 - The Best Kept Secret: How To Get The Most Of What We Already Know

I can recommend a couple of things. One, I can guarantee that no matter where you are in life, you can do better. This is what champions do. They strive for a little better every time. Use a coach if you don’t know how. Two...
24/11/20172 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

639 - Crucial Information: The Most Important Piece Of Knowledge To Have

I’ve heard so many times from my coach, that we have already what it takes to be successful. But we may not believe in ourselves, that’s why I see so many people just getting by in life...
23/11/20172 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

638 - Secret Agenda: The Hidden Path Will Define Who We Really Are

Before I do anything, I am trying to answer two questions: 1 - What would I think if I was on the receiving end of my actions?..
22/11/20172 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

637 - Shower Story: Learning Life Wisdom In The Most Unexpected Places

I like looking for some wisdom everywhere I go. So today is another episode of my extraordinary mindfulness, so to speak. And this one comes out of the shower. Wait, wait, I won’t say anything bad!..
21/11/20172 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

636 - Almighty Pill: The Amazing Power Of Our Strongest Medication

Have you ever wished you had a magic pill? For anything. For personal and financial success, for health, for fitness. I know many people who’d love to have it. I think the history of magic pill goes at least several thousands years back, whether it was a pill or a potion, or whatever...
20/11/20172 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

635 - Right vs Wrong: When Can We Draw The Line In Our Conversation?

No matter where in life we are, we have a tendency to compare ourselves to others, and put “right or wrong” labels on everything. This is quite obvious when people...
17/11/20172 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

634 - Great Day: The Way We See Things Vs The Way They Really Are

I often hear something like, “Oh, the traffic was horrible!” I can totally relate to that because I used to be that way too. But I realized that if I keep thinking about how bad it is...
16/11/20172 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

633 - Mindful Conversations: Choose Your Words And Speak Them Carefully

Most of us are talking a lot every day. What are we saying? Working with people, l had to train myself to filter every word coming out of me. Some of these things I learned from not so pleasant experience...
15/11/20172 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

632 - Writing Backwards: Unnecessary Restrictions Of Our Daily Patterns

Do you ever think how you sign your name? I know in most of cases I don’t. I just sign it. How about signing it with your other hand? Ok, ok, let’s do it with your writing hand, but sign it backwards. Can you easily do it?
14/11/20172 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

631 - Deceptive Perspective: The Most Unreliable First Hand Experience

Sometimes people can make life changing decisions based on this 2-dimensional snapshot of what happened. They throw assumptions and they may not even bother to come closer and see, what has exactly happened there...
13/11/20172 minutes 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

630 - Mindful Freedom: The Price We’re Willing To Pay For Our Good Life

Freedom is not free. Somebody has to pay for it. That’s why I am saying thanks to the veterans, as well as all military...
10/11/20172 minutes 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

629 - Mindful Focus: What Are We Keeping Our Daily Attention On?

Mindfulness is not a physical concentration, but rather an inner state of awareness. We know...
09/11/20172 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

628 - Being A Hero: The Opposite Unseen Side Of Saving The Universe

Have you ever wanted to save the World? I know I have. I still think I can. And many other people do...
08/11/20172 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

627 - Easy Solutions: How Overthinking Can Kill Our Dreams And Goals

Some people like cats, they just like sitting in the box. But I’ve met quite a few folks who are genuinely looking for a way out, but they only focus their attention on the closed door. They miss so many opportunities!..
07/11/20172 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

626 - Holding On To Your Destiny: The Danger Of The Excessive Caution

I recently read a quote online, and that brought to memory a story I heard many years ago. There was a method described how to catch a monkey. Some variations talk about spider monkey, but the meaning is the same....
06/11/20172 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

625 - Communication Secret: The Art Of Seeing The True Meaning Of Words

This is a conclusion of the week, and we’ll talk about communication. In my opinion, it’s failing in two areas: 1. In many cases we are listening to others to answer, not to understand. 2...
03/11/20172 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

624 - Lost Meaning: We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know Until We Know It

Sometimes I feel that our communication is going in a different wave frequency, like radio. We talk to each other, create noise, but it does not register...
02/11/20172 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

623 - Reality Check: What We Really Know Vs What We Think We Know

I see people coming up with wrong statements, wrong assumptions, and even totally bizarre facts that they think up. If not corrected, this false information may become permanent very quick. And then, which is very sad, other people start making their conclusions and assumptions based on the previous false information...
01/11/20172 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

622 - Mindful Sincerity: 5 Things I Learned From The Story About Liars

I started this week with a story, so I have another one for you today. This time I’ll be talking about children’s fairy tale. I watched the movie many years ago, and the book was called Gelsomino in the Country of Liars. The tale was about a boy who had a magic voice...
31/10/20172 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

621 - Mindful Assumptions: The Inner Strength We May Never Be Aware Of

There are people who will whine and complain about their life. But there are those who will say nothing, they just keep walking, or crawling, towards the goal. Which side are we on?..
30/10/20172 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

620 - Breaking Rules: When Being Wrong Is The Only Way To Be Right

Rules and regulations exist as guidelines for a normal day. But if somebody’s life is on the line, we may be forced to make a decision. When we have one life against just following the rules, the answer is pretty obvious. But what about making decision...
27/10/20172 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

619 - Harmful Anticipation: Who Wants To Create An Emotional Tension

Anything’s possible. But I am following two principles: 1. Most of what we hear and read, is speculation. Nobody seems to know exact details. And I believe most of so called predictions given to us after the fact are false anyway. 2. Stop worrying about...
26/10/20172 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

618 - Record Numbers: Another Mindful Way To Look At Global Changes

I think somebody is trying to point at specific numbers in whatever, climate, economy, politics, etc, just to distract us from the bigger picture. It’s like being scared of high tide...
25/10/20172 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

617 - Redundant Rightness: The Other Side Of Being Perfectly Right

We make assumptions that if we go by the rules everything will be OK. If you are dealing with people, I can guarantee that Merphy’s law won’t fail...
24/10/20172 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

616 - Costly Assumptions: Sure Way To Be Wrong When We Thing We’re Right

This topic is about assumptions. My driving case is just an example of how things may go wrong. We assume. The worst thing we can do is bet somebody’s life on our assumptions...
23/10/20172 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

615 - Mindful Obvious: Important Mindfulness Technique We Often Overlook

Let’s have a nice and hopefully funny talk on Friday. And I want to talk about Disney cartoon called “Frozen”. I don’t know if you watched it, but it’s pretty cool. There’s a funny character in the cartoon...
20/10/20172 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

614 - Misleading Assumptions: My Personal Example Of Moronic Mindset

Today I will talk to you.. hmmm.. how to say it, about being an idiot. And since I will be using my own resent example, I’ll be talking about me.
19/10/20172 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

613 - Boring Success: The Real Shortcut To Great Achievements In Life

I was reflecting today on my previous years in training, and I thought I’d share some of my thoughts. This is what I discovered to be true for me, and also many coaches told me about that. However, we have a tendency to forget about this key principle...
18/10/20172 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

612 - True Winner: What Does It Really Take To Win Any Argument

Today I will talk about how to actually win the argument. And since I am coming from a martial art background, I will introduce you to a real martial art principle of winning the fight. Any fight. Every time...
17/10/20172 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

611 - Free Manure: Mindful Approach To Our Daily Life Circumstances

I have a bizarre joke for you today. I did not understand the meaning of it until I grew up. Now I see it all the time everywhere I go. People get in a fight, in the arguments every day. For what?..
16/10/20172 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

610 - Key To Success: The Most Important Component For Any Achievement

Today I’d like to talk about the key to success. Any kind of success in whatever you’re doing. It is indeed universal.
13/10/20172 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

609 - Describing Myself: What Surrounding World May Not Always Tell Us

I still remember quite a few moments from my childhood. Not everything I’m proud of, like what I see nowadays in kids and especially teenagers. That’s talking about people around us. And most of the time what is being said is not very pleasant...
12/10/20172 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

608 - Mindful Success: The Key Component That Makes People Successful

To continue with the topics of success, I’d like to talk about one crucial component that makes a difference between successful people and those who are still struggling to make the ends meet. I’ve heard this many times, and recently I was listening to the coach...
11/10/20172 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

607 - Root Of Evil: Discover The Driving Mechanism Behind Our Actions

Yesterday I was talking about us blaming somebody or something else for our actions and especially for consequences they produce. Whether you agree or not, that’s another story. But today I have another very similar topic about so called root of all evil...
10/10/20172 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

606 - Convenient Blame: The Hidden Ways To Cover Real Reasons For Events

I have another topic today that many may disagree with. But remember, my goal is not to make you to like me. It is to make you think, because remember, assumption is the mother of all.. mistakes. Right?..
09/10/20172 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

605 - Path Of Excellence: How Can We Know When We Should Do Better?

I discovered that there’s a big difference between excellence and perfection. As I mentioned before, perfection is in the eye of the beholder. Who set the standards for the perfection?..
06/10/20172 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

604 - Dangerous Puzzles: How Innocent Illusions Can Destroy Our Life

In life we just take a snapshot of what we see, and we can make life changing decisions based on what we saw. We may be completely off, but nobody can convince us that what we saw was not true...
05/10/20172 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

603 - Tricky Mindfulness: Devastating Influence Of Mindful Illusions

...If we loose the sense of a present moment we may easily get hypnotized by this game thinking they really got a valid point. But in reality we totally miss everything...
04/10/20172 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

602 - Dominating Masculinity: The Hidden Values Of Being A Real Man

Today I’d like to talk about us. Meaning men. There’s lots of talk going on about men losing their values and becoming just male specimen...
03/10/20172 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

601 - Essence Of Life: Mindful Discussion About Achieving Perfection

The question came from a teenager. If it’s not possible to reach an ideal in life, then what’s a purpose of living? For you and I this may sound like a bizarre, but for somebody entering the reality of adult life this may be, in fact, a serious question...
02/10/20172 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

600 - Best Remedy: How Mindfulness Can Help Us To Stay Healthy

Today I want to talk about perhaps the best remedy against most of health disorders. In fact, I think it can help with most of life disorders as well. Yes, I’m talking about mindfulness.
29/09/20172 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

599 - Holistic Coaching: Rules Of Nature For Overall Success In Life

In medical filed this is very obvious. However, holistic is not just about medicine. We can use this approach in business, finances, life in general...
28/09/20172 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

598 - Heal Thyself: Universal Rule For The Field of Healing And Beyond

There’s a well-known rule, “Physician heal thyself”. I started this week talking about medicine, but this principle applies to many other areas...
27/09/20172 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

597 - Do No Harm: Do We Still Have This Foundational Law Of Healing?

The main principle of any medicine, which was reflected in Hippocrates Oath over two thousand years ago, is Do No Harm. I think it relates to any sphere of activity when we’re dealing with other people.
26/09/20172 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

596 - Failing Medicine: The Most Important Rule For Successful Healing

Conventional medicine is not healthcare any more. It is sick care. Sorry, I don’t mean to offend anybody personally. It is a system, not necessarily doctors. My friend, this is a rule number one in medicine...
25/09/20172 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

595 - Leadership Talk: 2 Most Important Points For Great Communication

Everybody likes talking about themselves. When we’re kids playing in a sandbox, it’s perfectly acceptable. However, as we grow up, we look like a bunch of grown up kids who are creating our own bubbles...
22/09/20172 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

594 - Successful Stargazing: One Imperative Rule Of Productive Dreaming

I believe the success of any dream depends on a rule that was summarized by Teddy Roosevelt: “Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground. When we look at our dreams, we may be easily carried away...
21/09/20172 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

593 - Sharing Dreams: The Negative Power Of Our Closest Environment

Today I’ll discuss another point, which keeps coming up at practically every leadership meeting I go to. I’ve experienced that more than once. But first let me ask you, do you have a dream?
20/09/20172 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

592 - Choosing Love: How To Start Practicing Changing The World

Contrary to popular belief, the change has to start with me. And it’s not Love your neighbor part of the Commandment...
19/09/20172 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

591 - Baseline: The Importance Of Finding The Correct Reference Point

In life we like to compare everything, especially things like how much money we’re making, or how much work we have to do, etc. Also most of people, including yours truly, fall into this trap as a result of commercials, sales...
18/09/20172 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

590 - Ultimate Responsibility: Who Is In Charge Of Cleaning The Temple?

Today I will make another point which is, from my experience, causing by far more resistance than the last topic. I talk a lot about it because this is one of my favorite topics...
15/09/20172 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

589 - Opposite Forces: Who Is Really Responsible For The Car Accident?

Whenever I have to drive on a freeway, quite often I observe at least one accident during my trip. Sometimes the freeway may be practically empty, and still there may be one. Usually I am trying to stay away from pointing at somebody and calling them guilty, except when I do. Well, today is the day. Let’s determine who’s guilty...
14/09/20172 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

588 - Free Mindfulness: The Other Side Of The Ultimate Learning Path

I’ve been learning, practicing and teaching various mindfulness modalities for over 3 decades, and I have done it as a community class, free or sometimes donation based, if I did it at somebody’s studio. But let’s look at this free stuff from a different perspective...
13/09/20172 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

587 - Firewood Joke: Learning Mindfulness From What We Know, Not What We See

This may be a bizarre joke. But it shows, in a bit ugly form, the problem of our society. And the problem is, we don’t listen to understand...
12/09/20172 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

586 - Self Imposed Blindness: Life Lesson From A Famous Fiction Novell

Do you like fiction? I do. I read quite a few books when I was a teenager. And one of my favorite writers was Herbert Wells, who’s known for his famous novel The War Of The Worlds. But the one I will talk about is called The Country of the Blind...
11/09/20172 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

585 - Magic Temple: 3 Things To Know About Our Most Incredible Journey

There’s a proverb about a man who was ill. His health was not good, but he heard a bout a magic temple somewhere on the mountain...
08/09/20172 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

584 - Shadow Theater: 3 Very Important Life Lessons I Learned From Art

I’d like to talk about another phenomenon that can create such a catastrophic psychological trap. And it does, for many people including myself...
07/09/20172 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

583 - Understanding Causality: Discover Less Visible Side Of The Obvious

One of the topics discussed the most often, as far as I can hear, is the issue of cause and effect. I already discussed it before, but I keep hearing it again and again in various forms and different contexts. I think this is one of the most important topics to understand...
06/09/20172 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

582 - Biting Dog Syndrome: One Fake Victory Can Make Us Lose The Battle

Life is throwing different things at us. Every day. And if we have a goal, a dream that we are chasing, quite often when we see something flying at us, we may mistake it for the real target.
05/09/20172 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

581 - Music Lessons: 5 Crucial Life Lessons I Learned By Playing Flute

As I started playing the Japanese bamboo flute and even performing in a quartet, I learned several things about music I’d love to share today. I think they really relate to our every day life, and maybe somebody can relate to them too.
04/09/20172 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

580 - Power Of Context: Indispensable Component For Clear Communication

Usually, the biggest challenge people may face after they get here is a language barrier. I did not have that problem. However, I discovered another challenge, which I call the context mismatch, for the lack of a better name...
01/09/20172 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

579 - Negative Motivation: Reverse Engineering Approach To Our Success

Some people just say they are happy where they are and they don’t need anything else. And to be honest, I am one of them too. I’ve been pretty happy with what I had. So if you are, that’s quite all right. As long as you understand the main law of Nature...
31/08/20172 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

578 - Next Breath: The Ultimate Reason To Chase Our Dreams & Goals

A man came to a teacher and asked to give him a lesson about Success in life. They met by the river. A teacher grabbed a student by the neck and pushed him under the water...
30/08/20172 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

577 - Toughest Responsibility: Finding A Person Guilty For My Problems

I made an observation that people, yes including yours truly, are actively looking for reasons why they cannot do something, or why they are suffering from something. Those reasons can be different...
29/08/20172 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

576 - Outside Forces: The Most Critical Lesson I Could Get From Eclipse

Last week we had a solar eclipse. And it was kind of a big deal for somebody. I know people were traveling to other states just to see it. There’s nothing wrong with it, in my opinion. I did not even go outside to look at it. It’s OK if you did. But there’s one thing I thought I could bring to your attention...
28/08/20172 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

575 - Learning Ability: Making The Best Of Our Path Of Self Improvement

Besides learning Math, I also got three important lessons about my learning skills. I know everybody’s different, but hopefully this will make you think...
25/08/20172 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

574 - Learning Habits: We Already Have What It Takes To be Successful

Our learning ability is the biggest blessing, but also the biggest distraction on the way to success, or any kind of personal development for that matter. Let me explain...
24/08/20172 minutes
Episode Artwork

573 - Conditional Learning: The Most Important Factor Of Getting Wisdom

I already said many times: don’t give advices, because smart people don’t need them, others won’t use them. Today I’d like to look at this phenomenon from a little different perspective...
23/08/20172 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

572 - Warehouse Of Wisdom: We May Carry Out As Much Knowledge As We Can

This may be a logical sequel to the yesterday’s topic. Just to refresh your memory, it was about our perspective, and how it can limit our perception. However, our perspective can be widened...
22/08/20172 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

571 - Restrictive Perspectives: Destructive Result Of Limiting Perception

Many years ago I heard a statement from somebody, who said, “I accept everybody’s opinion, as long as it confirms my own.” At that time I thought, “What an arrogant statement!” However, as I grew up, I found out that it was just a manifestation of a very well documented phenomenon...
21/08/20172 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

570 - Full Price: Payment Is Mandatory, But We Can Select The Product

Many years ago I understood one simple thing: there’s no free lunch, or free ride, or whatever you call it. Everything has a price tag. People tell me periodically that training takes time...
18/08/20172 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

569 - Postpone Your Goals: Destructive Side Effect Of Positive Intent

I was listening to my coach a while ago, and he was talking about setting goals. And he mentioned one side effect of goal setting, if it’s not done properly. Let me give you an example...
17/08/20172 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

568 - Upside Down: An Unusual Perspective On Our Usual Daily Routine

I usually practice in a place where there’s nobody around. But one day I was doing it in the park, and there were some people there. As I was standing on my head, I saw a person. Don’t remember if it was a guy or a girl, but one of two for sure. The person was walking in such a strange way...
16/08/20172 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

567 - Magic Mirrors: The Simplest Way To See Yourself From Outside

I think that famous quote, “Why do you see the speck in your brother’s eye and don’t see the log in your own” is not just a cute phrase from the Bible. Our brain is so used to seeing our own reflection, then even flipping it makes a huge difference for our perception...
15/08/20172 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

566 - Double Negative: Deceptive Outcome Of The Most Obvious Facts

Our subconscious mind is always looking for two opposites everywhere, like good and bad, right and wrong, white and black, and so on. So if something’s not right, then it means it’s wrong...
14/08/20172 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

565 - One Plus One: Ultimate Success Lessons Using Basic Math & Physics

We all are trained in basic math, and we think one plus one equals two. However, if you take two combined forces pulling in opposite directions, then sum total will be zero. Many years ago a coach told us...
11/08/20172 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

564 - Hidden Diamond: The Most Significant Lesson Leaned From A Stone

The bigger challenge we have, the more we like to complain. People came up with various philosophies, whether it is about bad Karma, or punishment for our sins. Everything we say is just our belief...
10/08/20172 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

563 - Magnificent Impression: Life Lesson Learned From Jewelry Making

We all have inner value, as I was talking this week. It is important to see it, and to properly open it an polish. And in case of humans it is done through education, association and practice. But also it is quite important to find our niche...
09/08/20172 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

562 - Perfect Cut: Learn How To Reveal Your Potential From A Gemstone

Just like gem stones, we have our value inside of us. Quite often we need to look inside to find it, as I discussed last time. But we have it. However, there’s one misconception people often have, and I had it too...
08/08/20172 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

561 - Discovering Life: The Meaning Of Our Path Learned From A Gemstone

The other day, I was discussing the lessons I learned from making jewelry. Well, what can I say, I like making it. But also, I like learning something from everything I do. And this week I’ll talk about several lessons I got from gemstones...
07/08/20172 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

560 - Junk Talk: One Way To Stop Wasting Our Most Valuable Asset

The topic I’ll be discussing today is so obvious it’s not even fun to talk about it. Unfortunately, so many people are doing this, that I cannot ignore the elephant in the room...
04/08/20172 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

559 - Mindful Guidance: The Most Important Tool To Affect Causality

Today I will talk about the most important tool we can use to change the flow of cause-and-effect chain. But many people miss importance of this mechanism. Yes, including yours truly. So I had to correct myself...
03/08/20172 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

558 - Fair Causality: Sincere Perspective At The Law Of Compensation

I started this week talking about pain. I told you that I damaged my both knees in my early years. I did it almost 3 years apart, and I promised to tell you why.  But before I do it, I want to talk about the law of compensation...
02/08/20172 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

557 - Ode To Pain: The Honest, Cruel But Very Fair Indicator In Our Life

I was talking about pain, and how we can get ourselves in trouble if we get too comfortable. However, like in any Yin-Yang combination, everything is good and bad at the same time. Yes, even pain...
01/08/20172 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

556 - Dangerous Complacency: Devastating Results Of Being Comfortable

The bottom line is, we get too comfortable where we are. We may start taking things for granted, totally forgetting the boundaries that keep us out of trouble. And when we cross them, and Stuff happens...
31/07/20172 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

555 - Choose Your Audience: Different Perspective On Teaching & Learning

There was one point about teaching I initially missed, and I had to re-discover it much later. Basically, my teacher said, Don’t give advices...
28/07/20172 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

554 - Why Do We Talk? A Different Perspective On Expressing Ourselves

The question today is, why are we talking? I read once that wise man speaks when he has something to say. Not so wise - when he has to say...
27/07/20172 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

553 - Safe Play: 2 Silent And The Most Dangerous Enemies Of Our Success

Success doesn’t happen overnight. But at some point we have to be willing to let the balloon fly. That is a leap of faith...
26/07/20172 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

552 - Dialectic Materialism: 3 Important Philosophical Keys To Progress

These are conclusions I’d like to make: 1. If I want to get to the quality change, I have to add quantity. More reading, more practice, more whatever routine I need to do...
25/07/20171 minute 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

551 - Deceptive Obvious: The Biggest Mistakes In The Simplest Routines

Today I will tell you the story that can, potentially, make a huge difference in somebody’s life.
24/07/20172 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

550 - Price For Being Right: An Unusual Perspective On A Popular Belief

My martial art teacher said, sometimes you have to let people make mistakes and learn from making them, then make another enemy just because...
21/07/20172 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

549 - Turning Signal: The Most Important Turning Point In Our Life

I’m going to tell you a story in which I may look exceptionally stupid. But I hope I can make a point out of it. As I was driving today...
20/07/20172 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

548 - Destructive Competition: Unnecessary Sacrifices For Our Goals

There are some scenarios when competition may become destructive. It may destroy our goals, or even our life...
19/07/20172 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

547 - Proving Yourself: Master Your Talents Or Be A Victim Of Your Ego

While debates are an obviously active way to argue, there’s a passive way, which sometimes we can overlook...
18/07/20172 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

546 - Meaningless Victory: What Is The Benefit Of Wrestling With A Pig?

Today I’ll be discussing one of my key topics. And I consider it to be one of the main subjects because I am so guilty, it’s not even fun. I don’t know whether to be ashamed of it or to be mad at myself. But following the philosophy I’m teaching, I should be neither...
17/07/20172 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

545 - Being Zen: Become More Spiritual On The Path To Enlightenment

I came to see Zen teacher, and I saw a stone instead of a Buddha statue. This is Zen. So where’s a catch? I’t been around us all the time. We just need to stop chasing enlightenment and see it...
14/07/20172 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

544 - Ultimate Learning Tool: The Most Important Advice From A Teacher

In every area of life and business, there are levels that can be called “Black belt”. We usually see those people as teachers and mentors...
13/07/20172 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

543 - Mindful Preparation: What Do You Need To Prepare For Success?

I was blessed, or lucky, depends on what you believe, to meet some people in life who are very, I mean very successful by all standards. And they taught me a secret of success...
12/07/20172 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

542 - Your Level: The Best Way To Progress On Your Path To Success

I noticed, when I see somebody who achieved a certain level of success, I have a tendency to study what that person is doing so I could duplicate it. Unfortunately, in many cases it does not work...
11/07/20172 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

541 - Dangerous Over-Achievment: Stop Hurting Your Own Progress

I already talked about this before. However, so many people do it, and trust me, I’m the most guilty offender. As I was working out on Sunday, I had to remind myself to stop. Yes, to stop. Let me explain...
10/07/20172 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

540 - Speed Of Time: The Best Moment Of Creating Something Great

The speed of time does not change. Our perception does. I think when we were kids, we did not have much going, so the present moment was stretching to be long. Like waiting for the water to boil, or watching the grass grow. But you know, these expressions indeed reflect the secret of perception...
07/07/20172 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

539 - Power Of DIN: The Practical Aspect Of Living In A Present Moment

When I was a kid, I learned one skill that helped me many times. I learned to always do things I needed to do, whether it was a home work, or a promise to bring something to school. How? I learned what is called the DIN attitude. Let me explain...
06/07/20172 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

538 - Beyond Goals: The Ultimate Purpose Of Defining Our Life’s Path

Have you ever had this feeling when you finally reach your goal you’ve been working towards for quite long time, and you stare at the result thinking, “Is that it? What’s next?..” 
05/07/20172 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

537 - Next Level: The Most Important Video Game We Can Play In Life

Have you ever played video games? If you haven’t that’s OK. I just use this analogy to explain how to progress in business. I learned it from one very successful businessman and business coach. He made this video game analogy...
04/07/20172 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

536 - Mindful Games: What Level In Life Are You Playing At?

Last weekend I was listening to one of the coaches, and he made a statement that really resonated with me. He said, “There’s a difference between playing the game and knowing how the game is played..."
03/07/20172 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

535 - Essential Communication: 2 Crucial Lessons To Learn From A Dog

I sure hope that it was a joke, not a real story. However, it demonstrates one of the major issues in our society, both business and in personal life. Especially inside the families...
30/06/20172 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

534 - Stretching Days: The Most Significant Trick For Making More Time

Would you like to have more time to get things done? Most of people I ask usually say Yes! What kind of question is that? Many years ago our teacher at school told us he had 26 hours every day...
29/06/20172 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

533 - Power Of No: One Of The Most Significant Words In Our Vocabulary

I will be talking about a very simple word that has enough power to make us successful, or miserable. It has a power to save lives. I can think about a couple of situations where it might’ve saved mine. The magic word is...
28/06/20172 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

532 - Old Furniture: Unusual But Very Practical Perspective On Mindset

I will give you an interesting perspective I first got many years ago from the book. And this past weekend one of the coaches I was listening to, mentioned the same analogy. So I thought I talk about it. Imagine that you have a house full of old furniture...
27/06/20172 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

531 - Painting Birds: The Artist's Perspective On Accidents And Mistakes

My teacher said, “Relax! We’re not making mistakes. We’re improvising during performance. Just keep going like it was supposed to happen.”  And that helped to some extent...
26/06/20172 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

530 - Eat Your Frog: Find Your Ways To Have More Day Out Of Your Day

Do you do everything on time? If yes, honestly, you may skip today’s episode. I’m talking to somebody like myself, who’s a chronic procrastinator. Oh well, I have to be honest...
23/06/20172 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

529 - Broken Mirror: A True Reflection Of The Surrounding Reality

I hear people quote Biblical verses all the time. But I also hear people quote them taken out of the context. And that makes all the difference.
22/06/20172 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

528 - Butterfly Mentality: Which Side Of The Path Are You Focusing On?

Since I was a kid, I’ve heard one statement, and I’ve heard it in many different versions. It says, “Nothing lasts forever”.    I totally agree with it. However, the interpretation I hear most often is conveying the message, “Nothing good is forever”.
21/06/20172 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

527 - Magnifying Glass: 2 Most Important Focusing Rules To Remember

As I was listening to my coach, he gave us a magnifying glass analogy. And I can really relate to that well, literally, so I thought I’d share it with you. The first point he made, the magnifier will magnify whatever we focus on...
20/06/20172 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

526 - Two Eyes: Different Views Of The Same Issue From Different Angles

I was the same person looking at the same object within the same time interval. So I could see both perspectives and realize how different they were. Now - and this is the key point today - If I had to make a decision based on just one eye’s perception...
19/06/20172 minutes 23 seconds
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525 - Daily Routine: The Most Important Key To Success Or Failure In Life

Everybody has a daily routine. Period. If somebody’s deliberately changing the behavior pattern every day, changing the sequence of actions, the schedule, that itself is a routine...
16/06/20172 minutes 11 seconds
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524 - Two Lives: 3 Steps To Choose Which One Is Acceptable For Us

What dreams have you had? Maybe as a child, or a teenager? Maybe you’re having some dreams right now? What are they? Putting all restrictions aside, if you had a chance, what would you do?..
15/06/20172 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

523 - Wasted Time: One Short Step From Fantasy To Our Daily Reality

I managed to make my commute almost zero time, functionally speaking. How? I don’t waste my time listening to the radio. I listen to...
14/06/20172 minutes 11 seconds
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522 - Price For Yoga Path: The Other Side Of Inevitable Life Equation

Many years ago I was reading a book by one famous yoga teacher, who wrote that Yoga does not promise anything, like a good health, or a long life. He wrote that promising that would violate...
13/06/20172 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

521 - Reality Check: 3 Questions I Am Often Asked About My Own Practice

People are often asking questions about my personal practice. And yes, I wish I had more time to dedicate to that, but I get what I can from life. First, people want to know how my life changed as a result of my practice...
12/06/20172 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

520 - Mindful Creations: Where Are Amazing Masterpieces Coming From?

Many years ago, Zen teacher told me, people are trying to get somewhere, or achieve something by means of meditation. But all they need is to realize...   Episode #520:  
09/06/20172 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

519 - Missing Goals: Setting & Resetting Targets On Our Path To Success

My second though was about the length of my job. It took a bit longer than I anticipated. Should I get frustrated? I’ve met quite a few people who got frustrated over some things... Episode 519:    
08/06/20172 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

518 - Shoestring Mindfulness: How Much Does It Cost To Change The World

I did this work on a shoestring budget. For real. One penny. But honestly, there are things we can do to change the World that don’t cost even that much. Like a sincere smile, for example. Or... Episode 518:  
07/06/20172 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

517 - Mindful Sculptor: The Way To Create The Masterpiece Of Your Life

Just like in carving, I cannot rush with changing myself. Tiny steps and consistency are keys to shaping my life the way I want. But if I see that the problem is bigger...
06/06/20172 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

516 - Be A King: The Way To Determine How Great The Person Really Is

Would you like to feel like a king? Seriously! I thought I might start a week with a little bit of King’s attitude. As far as I understand it, of course, not being a real one...
05/06/20171 minute 57 seconds
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515 - Apple Worm: Receiving Mindfulness Lessons In The Most Unusual Places

I’m known for my attempts to find mindfulness lessons in any situations, even when most of people don’t see it this way. Well, today’s one of these cases. Can you imagine eating apple...
02/06/20172 minutes 13 seconds
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514 - Mind Over Matter: The Most Powerful Tool For Achieving Your Dreams

My coach told me, a man is worth pennies from the neck down, and millions from the neck up. Which of those parts are you using to achieve your dream?..
01/06/20172 minutes 20 seconds
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513 - Your Paycheck: A Simple Way To Find Out Who’s Controlling Your Life

I am bringing the topic of money quite often because this is one of the biggest causes of stress in our society. Families are falling apart. People commit crimes and suicides. Because of lack of money...
31/05/20172 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

512 - Contingency Plan: How Secure Are You Planning Your Future?

My friend, I’m not going to beat around the bush today. What is your contingency plan? Don’t tell me you don’t have one. If you think your job is secure, remember...
30/05/20172 minutes 7 seconds
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511 - The Ultimate Price: Remember The Real Price For Your Freedom

Today is a Memorial Day. How many people are taking a moment to remember? I don’t want to say “celebrate” because this is really not a celebration. This is remembering...
29/05/20171 minute 40 seconds
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510 - Uncluttered Memory: Keeping Our Brain Clean And Fully Functional

One of the keys to productivity is keeping our workspace clean and organized. But let’s look at it from a different perspective. The question is, What are we leaning?..
26/05/20172 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

509 - What Do We Learn? Learning Dilemma And Future Success

Do we really need to learn what we think we do? Or what the educational system tells us to learn? And this is something I cannot really help you with. We have two factors we need to consider...
25/05/20172 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

508 - Intentional Learning: Define The Style That Fits Your Mindset

I studied myself and discovered some ways to better memorize things. I already talked about my memorizing techniques I used to study, a while ago. But also I was finding ways to make things easier...
24/05/20172 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

507 - Where Grass Is Greener: How To Decide Which Side Is Better?

This is not a discussion about where the life is better. This is a reminder. For myself. I’ve made mistakes before...
23/05/20172 minutes 1 second
Episode Artwork

506 - Free Lunch: The Hidden Destructive Power Behind Great Benefits

Do you like free stuff? As far as I can see, most of people I’ve met like free things. I must admit, I like it too. And it feels really good in fact, to get something for free. Whatever that may be: free office lunch, free stuff at the store, buy one get one free, whatever...
22/05/20172 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

505 - Doing Nothing: One Serious Misconception About Mindful Path

when I was still studying at the university, we had a class about basics of different religions and philosophies. When we were talking about Daoism, the professor told us that the main approach in it was doing nothing. At some point I did have an impression that  Daoism was a way to just sit and do nothing...
19/05/20172 minutes 18 seconds
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504 - Slow Down For Progress: 3 Rules Of Nature's Way Of Ultimate Success

It was said, The Nature doesn’t hurry, but it has everything done on time. Everything in Nature is done when it needs to be done, and we don’t really question it. But we do question our own activities...
18/05/20172 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

503 - Mindful Bloom: The Greatest Lesson We Can Learn From Nature

I was listening to my coach, and he reminded us about one of the most important laws of Nature we can learn from it. But first, let me talk to you about one serious misconception I used to have, and I can see it in many people I meet...
17/05/20172 minutes 10 seconds
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502 - Mindful Preparation: Practical Aspect Of Digging The Well In Advance

Have you heard the expression “Dig your well before you’re thirsty”? There are many variations in different languages. But the meaning is the same: do things in advance before you need it. Like many things I teach, this statement is reflecting various aspects of our life...
16/05/20172 minutes 13 seconds
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501 - Mother’s Wisdom: How Long Does It Take To Understand It?

I hear periodically people say about their kids something like “This generation is so different!” Well, there are two things I can add to that...
15/05/20172 minutes 22 seconds
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500 - Personal Growth: Who Is Responsible For Making Us Successful?

The question I have today: who is responsible for our growth and what’s the process? Perhaps you already know the answer. Yes, I am the one responsible for myself. How?..
12/05/20172 minutes 15 seconds
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499 - Sleeping Power: It Is So Easy To Miss What We Don’t See

Sleep is perhaps the best way to restore our power, recharge out battery, and to repair our body. If you don’t feel good, take a nap, and sleep it off, so to speak.  Well, there’s a flip side to the coin...
11/05/20172 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

498 - Opposite Side Of Death: What Is Our Perception Of Inevitability?

Every butterfly was a caterpillar before it was transformed. And if we look at the process, we can see it as a death of the caterpillar. However, in reality, it is a beginning of something really beautiful...
10/05/20172 minutes 3 seconds
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497 - Debatable Luck: The Flip Side Of The Lucky Coin We Often Ignore

The professor was teaching a group of students at the Psychiatric hospital. “This young patient,” he said, “got in a really deep depression after his fiancee left him right before wedding for the other guy...” 
09/05/20172 minutes 8 seconds
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496 - Mentality Check: Do We Have Right Mindset For Achieving Success?

Not long ago I was listening to the coach, and he said something that stretched my imagination. He made me think in a way I’ve never thought before. But first, let me set up a foundation for the topic. In a business or employment world, there are two types of mentality: business owner and employee...
08/05/20172 minutes 16 seconds
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495 - Dream Stealers: Which Side Of The Success Equation Are You Taking?

I learned some lessons in life, and I know better not to discuss my big dreams with people who most likely won’t understand them. In Matthew chapter 7 verse 6 Jesus told us not to throw pearls in front of the pigs. Those are not my words, but His...
05/05/20172 minutes 19 seconds
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494 - Self Centered Mindfulness: The most important person in your life

Have you ever had a chance to fly by airplane? At the very beginning of the trip, the flight attendants go over some instructions. And one of them is telling us in case the plane is de-pressurized, and the oxygen masks fall out, put your mask first before helping anybody, including your kids if you have them with you...
04/05/20172 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

493 - Negative Thoughts: The Most Important Success Technique To Learn

Today I will talk about another very important rule the coach reminded us this past weekend. Let me tell you first, this rule is not new. I kind of learned it many years ago when I was studying Autogenic Training. There were certain sets of statements...
03/05/20172 minutes 16 seconds
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492 - Climbing Everest: The Most Important Mountain For Us To Conquer

Point number three, and that’s the name of the topic today, the most important mountain in our life is actually not the Everest. That’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.
02/05/20172 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

491 - A Single Cup - An Overlooked Amazing Benefit Of Drinking Daily Tea

As I am making a free online video course about brain development and prevention of Alzheimer’s and Dementia, one of the topics I will be covering is Tea. You can subscribe on my site HPLN.ORG 
01/05/20172 minutes 14 seconds
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490 - Distractive Magic: The Most Important Skill To Develop For Success

Even if we know that we’re being tricked with some magic, our brain is still being tricked. Amazing! We know we’re being fooled and we are fooled...
28/04/20172 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

489 - Super Knot: The Most Important Magic Trick I’ve Ever Learned

When we fall into the trap, we get surprised: what happened? Well, we’re just getting tricked by life. Sometimes we can laugh it out, and sometimes it may cost us a fortune or even our life...
27/04/20172 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

488 - Mindful Justification: Amazingly Convincing Power Of Our Mind

One day I was listening to my coach, and he made a statement that forced me to think. I looked back at my previous life, and I found the statement to be true in many cases. Here’s what I learned about myself...
26/04/20172 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

487 - Prioritizing Excuses: The Importance Of Mindfulness In Success

We don’t have control over time, so we cannot manage it. But we can manage our priorities. We can prioritize...
25/04/20172 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

486 - Deliberate Persistence: The Most Reliable Way To Master Anything

The topic for today’s podcast actually crossed my mind this weekend after I finished my short 20 minutes workout. I did break a sweat even though my workout was not long. This is one of my teaching topics these days...
24/04/20172 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

485 - Tough Decision: The Most Important Moment For Our Success dawned on me that it was the moment every coach is talking about. The most important moment for my success. And I sincerely believe, for yours too, my friend...
21/04/20172 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

484 - Childish Mentality: Grow Up And Get Out Of Your Dangerous Box

I see so many adults holding on to that most dangerous part of their childhood. That is making life changing decisions based on partial ignorance...
20/04/20172 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

483 - Intellectual Regurgitation: Mindful Individuality Vs Mighty Echo

You see, when we are born, all we have is fear of loud noises and biological reflexes. Everything else is acquired...
19/04/20172 minutes 18 seconds
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482 - Postponed Justice: 3 Lessons I Got From The Major Catastrophe

When Jesus was crucified, how many people were wrong? Perhaps, all of them? So, it is possible that majority is wrong...
18/04/20172 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

481 - Saying Nothing: Sometimes It Is The Best Way To Communicate

As my coach said, often it is not what you say, but what you DON’T say is what makes a difference...
17/04/20171 minute 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

480 - Inevitable Choices: Hard Reality And Tough Games Of Everyday Life

Have you ever played chess? There’s a scenario we called “The Fork”. That is a situation when one player makes a move, and the other player will have to lose something no matter what he does...
14/04/20172 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

479 - ABC Of Life: The Undeniable Reality Of Living In Today’s World

Today I’d like to talk about success and mindfulness from a little different perspective. The same principles though. I called it ABC of life for the lack of a better term. When I was growing up, the life was relatively slow...
13/04/20172 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

478 - Real Problem: Discover And Understan The Hidden "Root Of All Evil"

I’ve heard the statement that money is a root of all evil. I think this is one of the most misleading phrases in our lexicon for at least.. hmm… last several centuries, perhaps. Money is neutral...
12/04/20172 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

477 - Perfect Job: 2 Mindful Minutes About Possible Employment Options

Today I’d like to talk about jobs. Well, most of us have it, at least at some point of life. So we may as well talk about that. I’ve been both employee and employer, I’ve been unemployed and I’ve been an freelance independent contractor...
11/04/20172 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

476 - Delusional Landmarks: Do We Know What Should We Really Believe?

Today I will talk on one controversial subject, and some of you may start hating me. That’s OK as long as I make you think. Humans are very stubborn creatures...
10/04/20172 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

475 - Know It All: My Wisest Answer To Majority Of People’s Questions

As I grew up, people started asking me questions about life. Like what to do, how to live, etc. I did not read about that in encyclopedias. But I also became much smarter, and I can give you answers to basically any life question you may have. You may not like the answer though...
07/04/20172 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

474 - Defining Leadership: 3 Main Rules Of Putting Your Group Together

Today I will talk about putting the team together. I’ve been a part of the team, and I’ve been a leader of the team as well. And I know I made some mistakes, and they were very costly...
06/04/20172 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

473 - Mastermind: The Fastest Way To Improve Your Path To Success

I realized that because of the disconnect between me and the surrounding life, my knowledge in many cases was not practical. I was a good specialist and a very poor communicator. As I was learning about the leadership and success, I had to do what John Maxwell told us...
05/04/20172 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

472 - Weakest Link: The Easiest Way For Our Successful Plans To Fail

Many-many years ago I was reading a book about network security. No, no, I won’t be teaching you computer stuff now. The book is obsolete with today’s technology. However, there’s one example the author gave that stuck with me all these years...
04/04/20172 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

471 - Protective Selfishness: The Role Of Self-Pity On The Way To Success

Have you even wanted to be a hero? Let’s be honest. I know I have. There’s one catch, however...
03/04/20172 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

470 - Reality Check: Dreams Do Come True If You’re Willing To Get Them

In today’s society dream is often seen as something almost negative. Like, “he’s a dreamer.” Yes, I’m a dreamer. But there’re some secrets of the mindful dreaming, so to speak. If you want your dreams to come true, of course...
31/03/20172 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

469 - Getting Your Map: Sure Way To Know Where You Need To Go

This week I was talking about successful Path, and today I will talk about another quite important component...
30/03/20172 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

468 - Justifiable Choice: How Good or Bad Is The Path To Your Success?

Like I said yesterday, today I’ll talk about the third component of the Success equation...
29/03/20172 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

467 - Un-Business Decisions: Who Is Setting Our Success Goals For Us?

I don’t see anything wrong with enjoying my present situation in life. We need to be happy with where we are. However, I disagree with staying in one place. There’s no status quo. We either move forward or backwards. The Path of success does not necessarily mean...
28/03/20172 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

466 - Business Path: Are You Claiming Your Right To Choose Your Path?

The only way I see to achieve my goals, is to get outside of the box set by the system, and become somebody. Chase my dreams. I know I can. And you can...
27/03/20172 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

465 - Mindful Versatility: The How And The Why Of Multiple Leaning Path

Some of my hobbies played a major role at some point of my life. But today’s question is, how can we learn multiple things when everybody’s teaching single purpose?..
24/03/20172 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

464 - Math Challenge: How Can We Fit More Productive Hours In One Week?

The same 24 hours a day, different results. It is not a matter of having to not having time. It is about how we choose to use it...
23/03/20172 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

463 - Identity Crisis: Why Am I Here And What Is My True Destiny?

Not sure if you can relate to that, my friend. But if I can make a suggestion, don’t see yourself as a doctor, a teacher, an engineer, a cook, a musician, or whatever you do...
22/03/20172 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

462 - Suffering Mode: The Reason We May Be Getting Unpleasant Moments

I was growing up thinking that good Path has to be smooth. In fact, if it’s not going easy, then it is most likely the wrong path. Have you met anybody with similar mentality? Perhaps, I’m the only one here...
21/03/20172 minutes 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

461 - Ridiculous Reality: How Good People Allow Terrible Things Happen

Looking through the history, you can find some gruesome examples of mass extermination of people in the name of the good cause, which was either better progress or protecting the nation...
20/03/20172 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

460 - Being A Driver: Who’s In Control Of Your Destiny?

True passion does not have to be really smooth. It may cause a controversy in other people. You may be ridiculed, even by people close to you...
17/03/20171 minute 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

459 - Life Of Fulfillment: Discover The Biggest Myth About Our Happiness

There was question I had on the back of my head, and I know so many other people have it. Do you know the question? Now I sound like Morpheus in Matrix movie. The question is, “Is this it?” 
16/03/20172 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

458 - Devastating Benefits: Think Twice Before Making Your Next Step

Unfortunately, there’s no free lunch. People often look at the double income part of the deal, and they forget that there’s a payback. So, are we really winning?
15/03/20172 minutes 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

457 - One Degree: How To Avoid Getting Into The Area You Don’t Want?

I’ve been reading about this analogy many times, and I’ve been using it myself. But as I was reading a book “Delusion of Passion”, the author talked about flying airplane 1 degree off course...
14/03/20172 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

456 - Illusion Of Freedom: Are We Really As Free As We Think We Are?

Today’s question is rather rhetorical: What is freedom? What does it mean to you?..
13/03/20172 minutes 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

455 - Microwave Society: The Real Dangers Of The Fast Pace Living

The life is much faster now. We have a lot of technology to make it easier. However, here we go, there’s a flip side to the coin.
10/03/20172 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

454 - Surviving Abundance: 2 Facets Of Life As Two Sides Of The Coin

I heard a saying: “A piece you throw away during abundance equals the piece you’re missing during starvation.” When we have more, we may not even think about controlling our expenses. Just do it...
09/03/20172 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

453 - My Best Teacher: How I’ve Been Getting My Most Valuable Lessons

Today I’ll take you into the moment about 45 years ago when my mom was making cookies. I was a little kid...
08/03/20172 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

452 - Mindful Promises: 3 Important Things You Cannot Guarantee In Life

Napoleon said, “There’s only one step from the sublime to the ridiculous.” And I can testify he was right...
07/03/20172 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

451 - Coaching Power: The Most Important Thing We Don’t Know About Us

I will tell you a coaching testimony that will make me look like a fool. There was a moment when I had to take a license exam...
06/03/20172 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

450 - Eloquent Wisdom: 3 Most Significant Lessons On Teaching I received

Today I’d like to do something a little different. I will talk shorter than usual. Over the years I collected some significant points on how to make myself more effective as a speaker and a teacher...
03/03/20171 minute 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

449 - Total Control: Two Opposite Sides Of The Freedom And Power We Have

Aristotle wrote, “Whatever lies within our power to do lies also within our power not to do.” It was true 2400 years ago, it is still true today.
02/03/20172 minutes 1 second
Episode Artwork

448 - Mindful Victories: The Most Reliable Way To Win Any Battle In Life

Many people keep the childish attitude: they need to win the battle. To overpower the opponent. But why? We often look for the solution how to win. Are we also looking for the ways...
01/03/20172 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

447 - Illusory Control: Don’t Let Perception Distort The Path To Success

It doesn’t matter what we think and how much we know., but the gravity, for example, will be gravity. Always. For as long as we are a part of our 3-dimensional World. We don’t conquer forces of the Nature, but we can choose ...
28/02/20172 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

446 - Overlooked Power: The Biggest Smallest Step We Can Ever Make

If you are a procrastinator, welcome to the club. There’re quite a few of us in the guild. We know who we are, and we’re learning to deal with it every day. Here’s what I found that works for me...
27/02/20172 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

445 - Unstoppable Success: 3 Important Lessons We Can Learn From Amoeba

The more distractions we have, the less we’re likely to succeed. Trust me on that, I know. Are we smart enough to learn from Amoeba?
24/02/20172 minutes 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

444 - Sweet Dreams: One Of The Most Common And Dangerous Goal Killers

Most of dreams are just what it’s called: dreams. Wishful thinking. Saying “I want a new house” has the same value as saying “I want to fly to the Moon”. That’s fine! Dream on!  Our dreams will remain the dreams. Unless...
23/02/20172 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

443 - Inverted Mindfulness: Understanding The Correct Sequence of Emotions

People address the emotions as the reasons to act the certain way. Like I said, I’ve done it. If you have, welcome to the club. However, the emotions are not the initiators...
22/02/20172 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

442 - Uncontrollable Anger: We Are Willingly Setting Our Own Diagnosis

There are some moments when we need to get it out. But making it a habit demonstrates our inability to handle the situation intelligently...
21/02/20172 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

441 - Building Our Destiny: The Most Important Thing For Our Future

Imagine if everything we say would be coming true. Ouch!  Well, some of it comes true. We are programming our brain, and it does not know the difference between real and fake...
20/02/20172 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

440 - Amazing Day: The Most Important Component To Make Our Day Great

Count the blessings you have.  I am grateful for today. In fact I think there’s one major component that makes my life great. Perhaps, the only component I need. That is...
17/02/20171 minute 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

439 - Accepting Truth: The Real Path Of Every Widely Adopted Concept

No matter what idea you have, there will be somebody, maybe even a majority, that will call it stupid. They may even call you names. Just ignore them...
16/02/20172 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

438 - Mindful Progression: The “Harsh” Reality Of Achieving Our Goals

Today I’ll continue talking about achieving our goals. Again, I came up with this topic after listening to my coach. I’m so guilty in doing what he said not to do, it’s not even fun. But it is what it is.
15/02/20172 minutes 1 second
Episode Artwork

437 - Ultimate Sacrifice: An Ancient Legend About Love, Sorrow And Music

The legend says that many, many centuries ago, a Young Wind was flying at the early Spring time. And he saw a beautiful tree covered with amazing white flowers. The Wind fell in love...
14/02/20172 minutes 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

436 - Roadmap To Success: Destructive Power of Dreams And Setting Goals

Have you heard about the importance of goal setting? New Year’s resolution, etc? Well, today’s topic may sound contradicting all those concepts. But I think it gives the answer why many of those resolutions fail...
13/02/20172 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

435 - Hog’s Mentality: Avoid Self-Destruction By Following This Rule

How often are we acting like the Hog in the fable? Look around, my friend. We are killing the World we’re living in. We’re cutting, destroying, polluting and poisoning...
10/02/20172 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

434 - Ultimate Submission: Incredible Power of Emotional Acceptance

I think fear kills more lives than failure ever will. Definitely fear kills more success than anything. I remember talking to a guy who served in Afghanistan...
09/02/20172 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

433 - Dangerous Helper: Complaisant Friend Can Be Worse Than An Enemy

Two major things I learned from this fable. One, be selective who you take help from. We say, “Complaisant fool is worse than an enemy.” So be careful about whom you consider to be your friend...
08/02/20172 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

432 - Misinterpreted Causality: Seeing Reality Through The Obvious

There’s one phenomenon I’d like to discuss today. I learned about it three decades ago. I’ve seen so many people do it. I have also done it, and I know about it. Duh! And I have been a victim of it many times. Let me give you an example...
07/02/20172 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

431 - Counterintuitive Mindfulness: Powerful Lessons From A Simple Toy

Many people won't believe you because you act against their ignorant opinions. They sometimes won’t believe you even when you show the results...
06/02/20172 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

430 - Illusory Success: This One Fatal Mistake May Cost You A Fortune

Today I’ll talk about one mistake that can cost you a fortune. It can destroy your success and your carrier completely. How I know? I’ve seen so many people do it. Sorry to admit, I am one of these people...
03/02/20172 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

429 - Infinite Repetition: Where Would You Like To Get Stuck In Life?

All fantasies aside, do you know how many people actually are trapped in their life? Day in and day out, they wake up every morning, do exactly same things, go to exactly same places...
02/02/20172 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

428 - Meaningful Competition: Childish Mindset Vs Every Day Reality

I remember I had always thought about myself as non-competitive. Who cares who comes first to the finish… as long as I do. Much later I found out that I was actually somewhat right. Unfortunately, over the course of life I lost it partially getting consumed by the widely accepted theory of success. And my mistakes were really costly...
01/02/20172 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

427 - Size Matters: The Hard Truth About Our Strength And Functionality

For as long as I remember myself, there’s always been a trend among guys to prove who’s stronger. And I think that goes back to the beginning of the humankind. Perhaps, these are our biological instincts. Survival. Now men compete...
31/01/20172 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

426 - Saving The World: Hidden Price Of Becoming A World Renowned Hero

Have you ever wanted to be a hero? Have you? OK, I have, I admit. Maybe not necessarily a Superman, but perhaps a Spiderman, or even a Captain America? We had our heroes on the other side of the Globe...
30/01/20172 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

425 - Being a Master: The Most Important Skills I Acquired Over Decades

The more I was learning, the more I knew how much I didn’t know. I remember one day I was training and I asked myself, what have I really learned? I think I may be getting closer to understanding the statement that Zen mind is a beginner’s mind...
27/01/20172 minutes 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

424 - Mislead Majority: Beware Of Threatening Power Of Misguided Crowd

We, humans, have a tendency to believe something that the crowd is talking about. Their belief may become our belief, and we may not even care if it has a real foundation or it was just a delusion of one single individual...
26/01/20172 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

423 - Dangerous Advices: Should We Avoid This Type Of Help At All Cost?

As I was trying to get ahead in life, to fulfill some of my dreams, for some reason it didn’t work. I felt like I was stuck in the moment like in a fiction movie: I could not escape. I felt like Neo in Matrix...
25/01/20172 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

422 - Relentless Enemy: The Biggest Destroyer Of Any Kind Of Success

There's a big gap between the mediocrity and somebody who really made it. And somebody did. I am not talking about inherited money or winning a lottery. I am talking about self-made success in any field. One thing I discovered, people who are successful...
24/01/20172 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

421 - Faith Driven: 5 Crucial Points I Got From My Childhood Experience

Can you ride a bicycle? I learned that skill many, many years ago. You may or you may not know how to ride it. But I’d like to look at my learning experience from a different perspective.
23/01/20172 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

420 - Intentional Steps: The Best Proven Way To Tackle Any Problem

I’ve heard it from several coaches: you need to make a list of things that need to be done. Of course, with toy chemistry set the list was already there, but for business, for life, for whatever we need to do, it is suggested to...
20/01/20172 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

419 - Driving Blindfolded - Catastrophic Results Of Fake Relaxation

This is our life, my friend. We are driving forward full speed. And in many cases its OK because we know where to turn. What if life takes an unexpected turn? Well, that’s when we can lose our balance, so to speak.,,
19/01/20171 minute 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

418 - Feeding Babies: Mindful Parenting Vs Mindful Holistic Coaching

Somebody who’s learning with me is like a baby. I cannot feed them too much. They won’t digest it. I cannot tell them every small thing I’ve gone through. I have to feed them a little bit and give them room. And I have to let them walk, and fall...
18/01/20172 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

417 - Finding Fulfillment: The Shocking Truth Behind Our Dreams And Goals

I’ve heard it many times from her and from different coaches. Success won’t make us happy. New toy, new job, new trip, new spouse, new whatever - don’t make us happy. What does?..
17/01/20172 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

416 - Catastrophic Imbalance: Devastating Result From Blind Elimination

Sometimes I see online questions like “If you could eliminate one thing in the World, what would that be?” That made me think. Well, I can sure change some things to make the World better. Instantly. All right. But on the second thought...
16/01/20172 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

415 - Foremost Wish: Resting In Peace Vs. Creating Peace To Live In

I read this quote online, actually, and I totally agree. Why are we always saying rest in peace? Why not to try to live in peace?..
13/01/20172 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

414 - Mindful Timing: The Only Moment When The Real Magic Can Happen

If you have something special to wear, why not now? If you want to do something, what can be a better day than today? Or if you, maybe, have something important to say to somebody, now is a great time...
12/01/20171 minute 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

413 - My Favorite Day: A Short Funny Story About Such A Serious Matter

I’d like to take a moment to appreciate my life I have today. No past regrets. No future day dreaming. Just here and now. In fact, why don’t we do it together...
11/01/20172 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

412 - Dumb Wisdom: Great Piece Of Advice From A Place You May Not Think Of

What I see today, people try something, it doesn’t work, and they drop it because odds are against them. But how many people became great just because they were going against the odds? Even when nothing works...
10/01/20172 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

411 - Your Element: Maximizing Your Personal Strength And Success

The question I have for you today, are you working in your element? Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? When I was growing up, my definition of well rounded was somebody who was excellent in all areas of life. That means all qualities have to be developed. And I did not fit that description. I think that might create a bitter feeling, like I was not up to par...
09/01/20172 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

410 - Successful Mistakes: Our Humble Way To Turn Failures Into Success

People become successful by seeing opportunities where others may see disaster. But we need to give up the idea of control, we need to stay humble and be in a present moment... Episode 410:   
06/01/20172 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

409 - Defining Success: The Only Road Map To Our Goals We Need To Know

Have I lost my enthusiasm? Oh yeah! More than once, to be honest. What got me back was a roadmap. Robert Schuller had a book “The Peak to Peak Principle.” He taught it to John Maxwell, that’s how I learned about it...
05/01/20172 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

408 - Winning Mentality: What It Takes To Achieve Or Not Achieve Goals

I was listening to John Maxwell, and he said, many people think it takes a whole lot to achieve their goals. But it’s actually not. It takes...
04/01/20172 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

407 - Changing Perspective: How To Define Who’s Right And Who’s Wrong

Because we are conditioned, we are trying to find the opposite. So when we’re sure we’re right, that means, in our mind of course, that any other opinion is wrong...
03/01/20172 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

406 - Resetting My Goals: My Personal New Year Resolutions For 2017

I am not emphasizing New Year Resolutions because I see so many people wait until January 1st to begin working on their goals. My motto is Do It Now. If I decide to do something, I will start the same day even after midnight. I don’t care. Just do it. But that’s me, I am not saying you have to do it.  So I do have my goals for this year...
02/01/20172 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

405 - Our Goals: 2 Minutes On Goal Setting and New Year Resolutions

This is my last episode in 2016! Many people are making New Year resolutions. I’m trying to start them as soon as I set them as long as it is physically possible. There are some areas where I’d like to see a better result in this coming year...
30/12/20162 minutes 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

404 - Choosing Vehicle: Never Forget To Ask This Important Question

I see way too many people who make a choice in favor of Ferrari. I understand that. But I didn’t tell you about the road...
29/12/20161 minute 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

403 - Mighty Mirrors: Tragic Results Produced By Unwanted Reflections

In our head we are reflecting each thought, especially bad ones, multiple times from every angle. Our head is like a room surrounded by mirrors...
28/12/20162 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

402 - Powerful Habits: Put A New Spin On A-Chiken-And-An-Egg Metaphor

My friend, being mad, angry, disappointed - all these are products of our mind. They cannot hurt us unless we let it happen. The emotion is not a reason for something, it is always a consequence. It does not hurt us. However...
27/12/20162 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

401 - Little By Little: How The Water Wins And Stone Loses In A Battle

People often look at any task thinking how long it would take, and it scares them. And it may stop them from starting. They forget that 1-2-3 years later they will be 1-2-3 years older anyway, regardless if they do it or not...
26/12/20162 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

400 - Daily Gratitude: Choose To See Small Acts Of Unconditional Love

This is not the first time I noticed such a fine thread connecting the events and making life run smoothly. It looks like somebody’s keeping an eye on me like a parent who lets a child to make some mistakes, but not enough to hurt himself...
23/12/20162 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

399 - Real Learning: When Do We Learn Things We’ve Been Studying?

Aristotle said, "For the things we have to learn before doing them, we learn by doing them.”
22/12/20162 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

398 - Faith Walk: How Long Does It Take To Start Doubting Ourselves?

When I set a new goal and start walking towards it, I know it takes time. So here I am, knight in a shiny armor. Ready to conquer the World. After several days in a new project I’m thinking, it’s not working! What’s wrong? The answer is...
21/12/20162 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

397 - Overnight Success: Discover Secret Of Achieving Any Goals In Life

Do you believe there’s such a thing as quick overnight success? I do. Let me tell you how you can do it...
20/12/20162 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

396 - Brain Aging: How To Prevent Alzheimer’s Using Ancient Healing Art

There are actually ways to change our lifestyle and delay or even prevent brain aging and avoid Alzheimer's. I am putting together a FREE online video course. Get it on my site HPLN.ORG/freebdc
19/12/20162 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

395 - Different Opinions: Respect Opinion But Make Up Your Own Mind

Today I just wanted to remind you about difference of opinions. This is my belief: we all are entitled to our own opinions! In fact, I think everybody should make up their own mind about whatever they believe...
16/12/20161 minute 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

394 - Getting Lost: A Different Perspective On Losing Sense Of Direction

I came to the conclusion that getting lost is not as bad as we may think it is. What makes it unproductive is our close-mindedness...
15/12/20162 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

393 - Debilitating Doubt: What We Really Know vs. What We Think We Know

People have an idea, and it may be a good one. And way more important that just ancient music. However, somebody disagrees. And that throws people off track, they start doubting themselves...
14/12/20162 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

392 - Selfish Altruism: Who Benefits From Us Helping Other People?

Is there such a thing as true altruism? We say we like helping other, but are we helping others or are we creating positive emotions for ourselves?..
13/12/20162 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

391 - Straight Line: When Long Path Is Much Faster Than A Short One

I grew up with an idea that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Well, when you draw it on the paper, yes, I agree. But let’s picture a large rectangular field...
12/12/20161 minute 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

390 - Lying Kids: Righteous Intensions Can Create Disastrous Results

From the very young age they learn the rule: lying is allowed. And it can be also used to avoid negative reaction from parents. Though we are trying to teach that lying is not good, we behave to prove the opposite...
09/12/20162 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

389 - Convenient Opinions: What We Really Believe vs What We Say

Convenient opinions eventually become ours even if we know that's not right. Beware of that! We catch it, like a cold of a flu. The only way to avoid it is...
08/12/20162 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

388 - Psychological Trap: Devastating Power Of Popular Public Opinions

We often have an idea, but we don’t want to voice it because somebody said it differently, and the rest of the people agreed. This popular opinion starts growing like a snowball, destroying everything...
07/12/20162 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

387 - Mindful Choices: Design Your Life By Choosing Your Affirmations

Our brain believe everything you tell yourself long enough. You will become more and more of what you tell yourself. Choose wisely!..
06/12/20162 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

386 - Tough Choices: A Piece Of Wisdom From An Old Children’s Fairy Tale

This tale reminds us that everything has a price. Our actions have a price too. We can do anything, but we cannot do everything. We have to make a choice, and sometimes not an easy one...
05/12/20162 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

385 - Simple Duplication: The Power Of Sharing Positive Vibes With Others

There’s a huge power in duplication. Can you imagine if you and I bring our positive vibes and share with somebody? Just by smiling, saying hi, saying thank you...
02/12/20162 minutes 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

384 - Grandma's Wisdom: Radical Changes In Life With Tiny Attitude Change

I’ve always appreciated somebody’s ability to turn the most devastating situation into a neutral event. Like, well, life happens. These are several steps that helped me to change my attitude from destructive to constructive...
01/12/20162 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

383 - Mindful Pumping: How Much Control Over Outcome Do We Really Have?

This is a challenging question. Can you imagine being really thirsty. Now you see an old pump, and you have no idea if it is working or not...
30/11/20162 minutes 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

382 - Unsuccessful Attempts: Real Danger In Our Real Life Scenario

Our daily activities, no matter how small, make all the difference. They are so easy to do, and so easy not to do. Nobody will notice until they accumulate enough to show the compound effect...
29/11/20162 minutes 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

381 - Daily Victory: The Most Reliable Way To Achieve Any Goals In Life

It’s great you got a dream. Dreams are free. What are you doing on daily basis to get there?..
28/11/20162 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

380 - True Values: How Much Do We Really Need What We Think We Need?

Use things and love people, not use people and love things. How about chasing love, friendship, forgiveness, compassion, gratitude, vision?..
25/11/20162 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

379 - Simple Gratitude: I’m Grateful For My Past Which Gave Me Present

I’d like to express gratitude. It’s a Thanksgiving. All my life is a result of the combined effort of people around me...
24/11/20162 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

378 - Controlled Tension: Are We Always Playing Chess With Ourselves?

Sitting and meditating on my own definitely has a lot of benefits. But that is like playing chess with myself. I win. Feeling relaxed in emotionally controlled environment is easy...
23/11/20162 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

377 - Excessive Kindness: Being Nice To Each Other Has To Be Balanced

Some people are saying that things like love, kindness cannot be overdosed. Well, let’s look at this scenario. Imagine you are driving the car...
22/11/20162 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

376 - Ordinary Faith: Truly Amazing Moments From Our Daily Life

Every step of my life is based on a total faith. I believe that what I think will happen, actually will. I live by faith, my friend. And you know what? You do too...
21/11/20162 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

375 - Overlooked Significance: Important Lessons I Got From A Music Box

Many years later, I returned to the cartoon as instructional video. You see, quite often we overlook somebody’s importance. Or even our own for that matter...
18/11/20162 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

374 - Redundant Details: Destructive Power Of Major Failure Disease

I’ve done it, and I’ve seen other people do it. We start putting our attention to the details that are literally irrelevant. Detailitis is one of the failure diseases, and I’ve been affected.
17/11/20162 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

373 - Mental Clarity: The Most Important Component For Moving Forward

Have you ever had to drive in a fog? I have. There’s one phenomenon that happens to everybody in such low visibility. And it happened to me...
16/11/20162 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

372 - Sobering Reality: Life Around Us Is Not Always The Way We See It

There was a really cold winter one time. A little sparrow was flying looking for a place to hide, when the cold wind blew, and the sparrow fell on the ground...
15/11/20162 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

371 - Carrying Water: Mindful Approach To The Mundane Life Assignments

Let me tell you a story about a small mountain village. People who lived there, hired two guys to carry water from the river in the valley. Those guys were paid by the number of buckets they were bringing every day...
14/11/20162 minutes
Episode Artwork

370 - Own Your Life: Who Is Responsible For What Is Happening To Us?

I see way too many people complain, look for excuses and blame somebody else for their failures. They may blame the weather, or the politics, bad luck, or geomagnetic storm. Whatever. Just to avoid personal responsibility. Relax, I’ve done it too... Episode #370:  
11/11/20162 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

369 - Mind Over Matter: The Best Way To Overcome Emotional Turmoil

Majority of people I’ve met, at some point of their lives experienced some degree of emotional disturbance. Yes, including yours truly. At those moment there’s absolutely no desire to do anything. I think some people define it as a state of depression...
10/11/20162 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

368 - Deliberate Emotions: The Ways We Are Planing Our Daily Life

Imagine that you are a driver. You vehicle is your body, and your dash board in your brain...
09/11/20162 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

367 - True Calling: Are You Just Doing Your Job Or Fallowing A Passion?

Ask yourself an honest question: are you following your dream or are you just going through the motions every day?..
08/11/20162 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

366 - Real Teacher: Why You Shouldn't Tell Me What And How I Should Do

My coach said, don’t run excited and tell people what to do. Do it yourself and then tell people how you did it and why it worked...
07/11/20162 minutes
Episode Artwork

365 - Unlimited Kindness: Endless Ripple Effect Caused By Sincere Smile

People in today’s society are often seeing the World in black and white colors. Like, things are either good or bad, and there’s nothing in between. Well, I disagree with that. But that’s another story. I’d like to talk about a side effect of the black and white vision...
04/11/20162 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

364 - Contrast Mindfulness: How Do We Choose To See What We See?

If something unpleasant happens, we may try looking at it isolated, like a single light in the middle of the darkness. And that may hurt our eyes and create really unpleasant feelings...
03/11/20161 minute 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

363 - Ultimate Nightmare: The Hardest Life Challenge For Perfectionist

As I was growing up, I only knew 2 types of projects: those that were done perfectly, and the rest. You’re either #1, or you fail. And I was not criticizing anybody...
02/11/20162 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

362 - Non-Violent Teaching: The Most Important Advice To A Teacher

People have their own truth based on their perception of the World. Going against it is basically a crime against that person...
01/11/20162 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

361 - Mindful Listening: How Much Do We Really Hear When We Listen?

Today is Halloween. Perhaps some people might expect me do an episode about that. Sorry, I won’t. But I will talk about something that I think is more scary than this holiday...
31/10/20162 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

360 - Infinite Reflections: Escape Endless Corridor Of Blame & Judgment

Sometimes we do something we shouldn’t have done. And we start blaming ourselves. And then blame creates more negativity, and negativity starts manifesting through our actions...
28/10/20162 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

359 - Deepest Desires: Protect Ourselves From Our Own Wishful Thinking

Many years ago I read an ancient proverb. It was talking about a Demon who decided to become a Saint. So he put on a white robe and made his home in one of the caves not far from town. And he promised to fulfill anybody’s deepest desires...
27/10/20162 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

358 - Overcoming Ego: How To Prevent A Danger Of Uncontrollable Pride

My teachers told me, the skill or the habit doesn’t develop overnight. It takes time and consistency, not the quantum leap. And if you stop and lose a momentum...
26/10/20162 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

357 - Being Right: Devastating Ramifications Of Our Desire To Find Truth

Today’s topic is about something I see again and again around me. In my opinion, it is one of the main reasons why people argue and fight...
25/10/20162 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

356 - Subliminal Programming: Can Cartoons Promote International Hatred

I was watching a cartoon. Well, I have two daughters, so I can quote many Disney cartoons. I was watching one called “Barbie in Rock ’N Royals” about princess in a Pop music summer camp. If you haven’t watched it...
24/10/20162 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

355 - Some Day: The Most Valuable Lessons From 'What If’s Of My Life

Recently I was reflecting on my previous years, and I realized that my teacher was right. “Some Days” never come. Sorry to be a dream stealer! But if you are like me, if you are putting things away until some day, that day will never happen. Not until you stop procrastinating...
21/10/20162 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

354 - Changing Speed: The Mindfulness Lesson We Can Get At The Airport

People quite often complain to me that meditation doesn’t work in the middle of emotional hurricane. I know, I’ve been there too. That’s why I practice and teach moving meditation approach...
20/10/20162 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

353 - Becoming A Teacher: When Do We Have Moral Right To Teach Others?

One of the questions I hear periodically, is when is a good time to start teaching? Right now with all yoga teacher’s training, sometimes people see becoming a teacher as a line in a sand. To me, honestly, certificate is just a permission to learn on the higher level...
19/10/20161 minute 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

352 - The Ultimate Currency: How Are You Choosing To Spend It Today?

Many years ago, one of my teachers said, that we can achieve a certain level of mastery in yoga or martial arts, or whatever. However, there’s a price we have to pay. That is our time...
18/10/20162 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

351 - Mighty Dash: The Most Significant Part Of Our Entire Life

My coach talking about the Dash. He said, when we die, we’ll have two dates on our tombstone: the date we were born and the date we die. But there’s a little dash in between...
17/10/20162 minutes 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

350 - Tiny Steps: The Most Certain Way To Accomplish The Biggest Dreams

Have you ever had a feeling that you are not accomplishing anything? Even if you are working on the subject. I noticed that one of two things may happen: either dream looks too big, or steps to achieve it look too small. Like nothing at all. I’ve experienced over-doing. I think the most noticeable, at least for me, it shows in working out. Everything hurts the next day. But I’ve learned the secret...
15/10/20162 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

349 - Self-Esteem: One Powerful Step To Take Us To The Top Of The World

A listener asked me a question about Self-Esteem. I think the question is greater than the person trying to answer it. You see, I’ve been at the bottom of emotional hole too. I had moments when I was feeling very low...
14/10/20162 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

348 - Bending Rules: Disobedience That Can Possibly Save Someone’s Life

Have you ever heard that rules exist so we can break them? No, no, no! I am not asking you to do anything illegal. The law is the law whether we like it or not. Today I’d like to discuss bending rules...
13/10/20162 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

347 - Mindful Drivers: The Most Important Part In Your Vehicle And Perhaps In Your Life

Moving forward is important. My coach told me, you can’t steer a parked car. But I think people more often than not get in trouble because of their inability to...
12/10/20162 minutes 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

346 - Green Light: This Extremely Important Advice Can Save Your Life

What does the green light mean? I think many people would answer the same way I answered: “It means GO!” Right? Wrong! Many lose their lives because of that...
10/10/20162 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

345 - Unconventional Fear: An Unusual Reason Of Missing A Great Success

Achieving any degree of success is usually associated with increased interaction with other people. Success is not built on individual level...
07/10/20162 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

344 - Naked Truth Is Always Better Than The Best Dressed Lie

Do you think my mind would be free from BS after years of practice? I think I need a few decades more. And I am not even reporting to anybody. What if I had a boss? Isn’t it what so many people do? Come up with excuses even in small things...
06/10/20162 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

343 - Unlimited Fruits: An Amazing Paradox Of A Single Tiny Apple Seed

My coaches recently, and he said, “You can count seeds in the apple, but you cannot count apples in a seed.” I looked up on internet and found this quote by Karen Jensen. It has the second part...
05/10/20162 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

342 - Failing Forward: 1009 Amazing Steps Of One Successful Businessman

Have you ever failed? Come on, don’t be shy! I have. And I’ve never met anybody who’d never failed at something. So everybody has. And everybody will. The question is not “Will I fail?” Yes, you will! And I will. The main question is...
04/10/20162 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

341 - Changing Perspective: The Reason People Become Failures In Life?

I learned from my coach that neither you nor I can pass or fail a human being. We are all individuals, and failure is an event, not a person and even not a lifestyle. We cannot define the person as a failure. What we can do...
03/10/20162 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

340 - Sharing Passion: The Best Teaching Advice I’ve Ever Received

Perhaps the most important lesson I received from him, was about personal learning. He was not coming to teach us. He was coming to practice for himself. He was not trying to convince me to come in. In fact, it took me a while...
30/09/20162 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

339 - Mindful Leaders: The Most Important Quality For Leading Others

I was listening to my coach this past weekend, and he was talking about perhaps the most important quality of the leader. And no, that was not a great knowledge, or ability to organize, motivate, develop vision or set the plan of actions. That’s not even a work ethics, even though that’s essential. My coach was talking about…
29/09/20162 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

338 - Making Progress: The Most Powerful Component Of Any Success

This is what I see people do a lot in every day life: they talk, argue, philosophize, but they miss most important component for their success...
28/09/20162 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

337 - Seeking Advice: The Most Dangerous Outcome Of Positive Intensions

If you want to achieve success, find somebody who has what you want. We cannot share what we don’t have...
27/09/20162 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

336 - Mindful Growth: The Only Way To Discover And Follow Ascending Path

“If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.” I understand, if you are in life exactly where you want to be, and you absolutely don’t want to improve anything, this statement may not apply to you. That’s fine with me. But if you are like me, a person who is trying to improve and grow personally and professionally, then I am talking to you...
26/09/20162 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

335 - Mindful Compliments: Find Your Ways To Make The World Better

Leo Tolstoy said, “Everyone thinks of changing the World, but no one thinks of changing himself.” Do you want to live in a better more peaceful World? How about changing? Changing yourself?..
23/09/20162 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

334 - Positive Responses: Who Really Benefits From Your Feedback?

Many years ago when I started working at the university, the same one I graduated from, my boss, who was my former professor, told me the most important rule of working there. He said...
22/09/20162 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

333 - Restricted Imagination: The Best Tactic To Solve Life Challenges

Quite often the solution cannot be placed inside certain boundaries. It has to be wider, and the outline of the solution may not match the outline of the original problem...
21/09/20162 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

332 - Mindful Filtering: How To Identify And Weed Out Destructive Junk

Someone asked Socrates, “Do you know what people are saying about you?" Socrates stopped that person and asked him to use three filters. I think they are still applicable today as they were over 2,000 years ago...
20/09/20162 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

331 - Ultimate Investment: Are You Paying Attention To What Matters?

Are you investing in your health? I know, you may be a busy professional. You have no time to invest in yourself. Here’s a new perspective for you...
19/09/20162 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

330 - Mastering Life: 3 Key Discoveries On Our Way To The Highest Level

When I tell people I’ve practicing meditation, Qigong, Martial arts for over 3 decades, I often hear, “Wow! You must be a master!” And that’s what I used to think many years ago when I saw somebody who was practicing 10 or more years...
16/09/20162 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

329 - Building Immunity: Prepare Yourself For The Greater Cause In Life

Many years ago I was reading scientific history book, and it was talking about the Plague epidemics during medieval times. That was devastating. However, Plague forms a strong stable immunity. People who survived, could work with sick people without any risk of getting sick...
15/09/20162 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

328 - Welcome Challenge: The Best Way To Get On The Top Of Circumstances

Have you ever had to deal with a large problem? I mean, the one that can make radical changes in your life? Well, I have. And I’ve heard many people talking about how to overcome large problems in life...
14/09/20162 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

327 - Uncomfortable Mindfulness: Great Value Of Hurricanes In Our Life

Have you ever met somebody who likes trouble? I haven’t. And to be honest, I don’t like them either. As a kid, I’ve seen any problems as something we need to avoid at all cost. I agree!..
13/09/20162 minutes 29 seconds
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326 - Mindful Movements: Path To Balance And Inner Peace We Can Control

I think most of people got out of emotional balance one time or another. I know I’ve done it, and have not met anybody who hasn’t. I won’t speak for everybody, but what I found out to be true for me, I cannot calm myself down in the midst of emotional hurricane...
12/09/20162 minutes 1 second
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325 - Parallel Thinking: Get Yourself A Free Ticket To Stress-Free Life

In our every day life we often have a single solution for common issues. That would not be a problem if it did not create lots of problems. In reality this single mindedness is as far from mindfulness as it can be...
09/09/20162 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

324 - Unilateral Mindfulness: Beware Of Your Lopsided Thought Processes

I see people today who base their actions of the same principles as I used in my restroom story. They see or hear something, get a small bit of information, then they fantasize the missing parts...
08/09/20162 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

323 - Mindful Confession: What Future Are You Creating For Yourself?

Our brain does not have moral judgment. It will do anything we tell ourselves long enough. What are you confessing? Because whatever you and I tell ourselves, that is what we will get...
07/09/20162 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

322 - Facing Adversities: Mindful Steps To Prepare For Life Disaster

Many people, I’m sure, heard the saying “Dig the well before you’re thirsty”. I’ve heard it many-many times. However, what I found out, it became a catch phrase, and many people are saying it, but not everybody’s taking it seriously...
06/09/20162 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

321 - Hidden Trap: Unexpected But Most Dangerous Enemy to Our Great Life

The biggest obstacle on the way to success is not the toughness of the journey. It is the comfort of the present moment...
05/09/20162 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

320 - Unconventional Happiness: See The Amazing When Others See Disaster

Everything goes the way it goes. Perhaps humans are the only species that are trying to express a judgment about the Nature. And even more, they are trying to modify it...
02/09/20162 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

319 - Intentional Restrictions: Stop Interfering With Your Own Progress!

We create our problems in our heads. Most of them don’t exist, but once we start thinking about them, even trying to tell ourselves not to think, the brain will keep this image in our head and make it real eventually...
01/09/20162 minutes 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

318 - Sweet Evil: Severe Offenses To People’s Inattentive Consciousness

Satan never comes to people as a horrible looking creature. In fact, he comes as a friendly, handsome and a very kind fellow. Somebody who will deceive people and lead them into sin and of course towards what happens after that...
31/08/20162 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

317 - Combat Mindfulness: Unconventional Perspective On Popular Martial Arts

Having been in martial arts for over 3 decades, I’ve seen a lot of people who have no concept about martial arts. Let me point out one significant myth about martial arts. You can find at least 4 reasons people practice...
30/08/20162 minutes 26 seconds
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316 - Mindful Farming: The Most Important Time Between Sowing and Reaping

When people talk about sowing and reaping, they often concentrate on planting the seed and then receiving the harvest. And yes, those two times are very important! But don’t forget about what’s in-between. 
29/08/20162 minutes
Episode Artwork

315 - Ultimate Success: 5 Simple Steps To The Top Of Your Next Mountain

As I started learning about personal and business success, some of the issues seemed to be insurmountable. John Maxwell told us one rule that changed my whole perspective of success. He told us that this rule is applicable to absolutely any area of growth in life...
26/08/20162 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

314 - Mindful Habits: You will do anything the way you do everything

Vince Lombardi nailed it by saying, “Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.” If you keep cutting yourself some slack, you will eventually be slacking everywhere, even where you know you should not. But there’s a good news...
25/08/20162 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

313 - Basic Mindfulness: Take Your Art Of Excellence To The Next Level

Just like martial arts, life can become very overwhelming. However, if we learn the basic principles, or basic laws, if you will, then things become very simple very fast...
24/08/20162 minutes 27 seconds
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312 - Constructive Criticism: The Best Way Of Helping People To Improve

Criticism has many reasons, but most of them have Ego-related foundation. Some kind of inferiority complex. The attempt to bring others down in order to get higher in life. When I had employees, I had to learn the constructive criticism...
23/08/20162 minutes 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

311 - Mindful Critic: The Most Important Skill For Our Self Development

I’ve heard long time ago that criticizing is much easier than doing something yourself. And I agree to some extent. There are two exceptions though. I will talk about one of them today. That is self-criticism...
22/08/20162 minutes 19 seconds
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310 - Mindful Realism: The Most Productive Action Based Positive Mindset

Pretend you are in a sail boat in the ocean, and the wind is agains you. What are you going to do? The optimist will say that the wind will change soon...
19/08/20162 minutes 14 seconds
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309 - Destructive Imagination: Are We Confusing Our Dreams And Reality?

We often take our dream, or rather daydreaming, into the real world, and we confuse the fantasy with the plan of actions. We start concentration on and arguing about things that don’t matter...
18/08/20162 minutes
Episode Artwork

308 - The Magic Move: The Best Response To Whatever Happens To You

Not everything in life is easy. Some things  are real, and they hurt emotionally. Life happens, my friend. And the best response I found to uncontrollable chaos...
17/08/20162 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

307 - Ultimate Asymmetry: Whoever Told You This Lie About Perfection?

When I was growing up, I had this false assumption about the beauty. For some strange reason I assumed that perfection in human body meant symmetry. Well, this may come as a surprise to you as it did to me many years ago...
16/08/20162 minutes 18 seconds
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306 - Yoga Teacher Training: Unbiased Perspective On Great Life Path

There’s one phrase I hear a lot in today’s holistic community. That is Yoga Teacher Training, or YTT for short. You can get 200, 300, 500 hours. I’m not getting into details, levels, etc. Let’s look at the foundation.
15/08/20162 minutes 9 seconds
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305 - Deliberate Discomfort: The Best Path To The Ultimate Relaxation

We needed to make our body comfortable in every possible situation, in any position. Once we do it, we don’t have a specific pattern any more. We become more flexible, more relaxed throughout the day, and thus less susceptible to stress...
12/08/20162 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

304 - Mindful Hypocrites: Uneasy Talk About Universal Love And Respect

We smile, hug, kiss and sing Kumbaya. We believe what we choose to believe. We preach what we think is right. But when it comes to actions, we do what’s convenient for us to do...
11/08/20162 minutes 9 seconds
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303 - Terminal Emotions: Uneasy Path Of Acceptance Of A Great Blessing

The trouble you may get in life, may actually be the path to the blessing. The answer to the prayers. Even though it may not look like that at the moment it happens...
10/08/20162 minutes 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

302 - Balanced Life: Significance Of Unity Between Self and Selfless

I believe that our body is a temple for our Spirit. And whoever is not taking care of that temple is actually showing great disrespect to the creator...
09/08/20162 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

301 - Mindful Enlightenment: How Spiritual Our Spirituality Really Is?

People are practicing certain things, like meditation, yoga, whatever, with the intention to get somewhere. They are trying to achieve a certain state of mind. And I am guilty as well...
08/08/20162 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

300 - Mindful Priorities: The Best Way To Get The Best Out Of Our Life

My coach taught me one simple principle: I can do anything, but I cannot do everything. I have to make a choice, and not just in training, but in many things. If I want to achieve success in career or in business, I have to chose what’s important for my goal...
05/08/20162 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

299 - Strategic Illusions: An Incredible Power Of Altered Perception

The information we receive is gathered, mixed, twisted and concentrated in such a way, that we may believe what we see and hear is actually true. Unfortunately, many people don’t even realize they are being mislead...
04/08/20162 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

298 - Garden Gnome: The Magic And The Danger Of Our Altered Perception

We can get bits and pieces of information, and our imagination builds up the whole picture of who knows what. And we, yes, I’ve been guilty too, we don’t bother for some reason to get close to the issue and study what that really is...
03/08/20162 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

297 - Adapted Reality: What Glasses Are You Using To Look At The World?

What if I told you that when you and I are looking at the Society, we don’t necessarily see what it is. We see what our brain tells us to see. So the idiom “Looking through the rose-tinted glasses” is not far from the truth...
02/08/20162 minutes 25 seconds
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296 - Controlled Mindfulness: How To Identify And Avoid Fake Relaxation

Our brain is capable of adjusting really well. Our life nowadays becomes a routine, for the most part at least. We know when we go to work , when we have lunch, when we go home, what we’re going to do, etc. So our brain identifies a pattern...
01/08/20162 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

295 - Complicated Mindfulness: 3 Simple Ways To Turn Joy Into Disaster

We live in the society that requires a lot of regulations. I got it! But people have a tendency to make very simple things so complicated. There are many reasons why, I’ll just concentrate on three today...
29/07/20162 minutes 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

294 - Mindful Laughter: Let’s Get Together And Sincerely Laugh At… Me!

Laugh at yourself, and your opponent won’t have a reason to do it. All those bullies and jokers around me were going for one thing only: my response to their jokes...
28/07/20162 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

293 - Convenient Mindfulness: 2-Minute Guide To Selective Spirituality

Most of people I’ve met follow the path of what I call, “Convenient, or Selective mindfulness”. We have a tendency to believe what is convenient for us to believe, and deny what is not serving our goals...
27/07/20162 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

292 - Destructive Anticipation: Avoid Getting Stuck In A Dream World

You see, being a mindfulness practitioner does not mean you will silence your mind. I certainly didn’t. It doesn’t mean you will know your every move. I don’t even know what will happen next second. I just believe I will have one...
26/07/20162 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

291 - Unpopular Mindfulness: Reasons Why Peace & Harmony Don’t Prevail

Why do people like scandals? Is it a chance to break all the rules in a fight? Or just a moment to shine and draw the attention? It's a good food for our ego!..
25/07/20162 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

290 - Ultimate Gratitude: Thanking Our Enemies For Giving Us New Life

Now I will make a profound statement. Humans are stubborn creatures. We don’t like changes. And sometimes God sends us little helpers, just not in a way we may expect...
22/07/20162 minutes 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

289 - Being Rude: 7 Rules We Need To Remember About Personal Diplomacy

When is it OK to be rude?  And you can find tons of different answers online, from receiving unwanted attention to standing up for justice; from breaking up with another person to protecting our families. My first intention was to tell you that it is not OK to be rude. Ever. But..
21/07/20162 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

288 - Mindful Perspectives: Living In The World We Build In Our Minds

Isn’t it what we do? Many people, including myself, often create our own world in our minds based on a single perspective. And quite often people refuse...
20/07/20162 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

287 - Ordinary Miracles: How It All Started The Way It Was Meant To Be

Do you believe in Miracles? I don’t. What I mean, I believe they are not miracles, they are simply things that we are not able to comprehend. 
19/07/20162 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

286 - Financial Mindfulness: Truth Behind Spiritual Approach To Success

Many so called spiritual people see money as evil. Like there’s a moral code about how much you are allowed to make. However, have you ever noticed that people who tell that money’s bad, in most of cases run out of the door daily chasing dollar bill at work, or they simply refuse to make any money, and rely on government assistance?
18/07/20162 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

285 - Mindful Path: What Kind Of Stone Are You Choosing To… Become?

I like to dream. I’ve been a dreamer for as long as I remember myself. My dreams were not always supported or understood. I might say, "I want to do this and that”, and the response was, “Yeah, right”. So, what society offers today is...
15/07/20162 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

284 - Busy Mindfulness: 3 Easy Ways For Busy People To Begin Meditating

Nowadays, we are all busy. Some are more, some are less. But unless you are a full time mindfulness or meditation teacher, in many cases it may not be easy to find time to meditate. Besides, most of people spend their training time on things like...
14/07/20162 minutes 23 seconds
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283 - Forced Mindfulness: A Very Dangerous Pitfall On Our Path To Avoid

People do have a tendency to overdo what they cannot feel right away. They want to lift a bigger weight, run more miles, or spend an hour meditating on the first day of their practice. Just because they don’t feel immediate results...
13/07/20162 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

282 - Glowing Happiness: The Easiest Way To Change The World Around Us

I meet a lot of people. And very few people smile these days if I ask a simple “How are you?” It feels like many people are afraid if their face would crack if they smile...
12/07/20162 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

281 - Dangerous Spot: Avoid This Harmful Situation In Life At Any Cost!

What I learned form my coaches and teachers, I am either becoming better in something every day, or I am going backwards. I don’t know about you, folks, but I don’t like the idea of self imposed mental and physical degradation...
11/07/20162 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

280 - Meditation Practice: Do We Need To Empty Mind And Stop Thinking?

Today I will address one of the fundamental questions about meditation I get. And I’ve been talking about it more than once in different topics. But I keep getting this question from people, and I’d like to address it today...
08/07/20162 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

279 - Fatal Assumptions: Fundamental Mistakes That May Ruin Our Life

The most obvious detail can become the reason for the biggest mistake. Think about it, my friend, when you make your next assumption. 
07/07/20162 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

278 - Chasing Dreams: The Best Life Lesson Kids Can Get From a Cartoon

I watched a cartoon today. What’s so remarkable about this cartoon, was that it reflected major problems in our society. While major issues can be easily recognized by an adult only, I think there’s an extremely important lesson our kids can learn. Have to learn, I should say. Because not learning this lesson can be devastating to their future...
06/07/20162 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

277 - Kindness Wins: The Power Of Decision To Love & Respect Humankind

It doesn’t matter what labels somebody puts on other people, they are people. Be nice, and it will come back...
05/07/20162 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

276 - Independence Talk: American Dream From A Foreigner’s Perspective

When I came to the US over 20 years ago, what I saw here was a freedom. The freedom to be whatever and whoever I wanted to be, as long as it’s legal, of course. This kind of freedom was the deciding factor for me...
04/07/20162 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

275 - Deadly Rightness: Who Benefits From Your Decision To Be Right

People constantly argue about something so insignificant. For what? The only explanation I can find is they’re feeding their ego. Like little treats. However, these little argument, when they accumulate, may totally destroy people’s lives...
01/07/20162 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

274 - Deliberate Breaking: If It Ain’t Broke, Make It Happen!

Have you ever heard the saying, “If it’s not broken, don’t break it”? I certainly have. I can understand the reason people say that. I and don’t advise anybody to go and start breaking things. However, there’s a couple of side effects of this philosophy I totally disagree with.  Episode 274:   
30/06/20162 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

273 - Beneficial Mistakes: 5 Amazing Things In Life Created By Accident

I grew up thinking about mistakes as something really bad. Seriously! Kindergarten teaches kids to do things right. Schools grade students on things done right way. Colleges, universities - all the same. At work people are getting write ups and they get fired for making mistakes. So mistakes are bad, aren’t they?
29/06/20162 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

272 - Successful Leader: 3 Secrets Of Moving Towards Your Dreams Fast

When I was younger, I had a major misconception about successful people. I saw success as study-study-study and then work-work-work. And to some extent it is true. The basic principle was, but the application was not. A lot of people study, but not everybody’s applying the knowledge they received to get desired results. A lot of people are working, but they are just going through motion without much productivity. I am one of them.
28/06/20162 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

271 - Eliminating Shadows : 2 Major Reasons To Step Out In A Sunlight

We have a saying, “Nothing is shining on those who are standing in a shade.” Yes, being humble is considered to be a good thing. However, how else can you let other people know what you can and cannot do, what you learned, unless you tell them?
27/06/20161 minute 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

270 - Mindful Bravery: 3 Fundamental Reasons Of Our Fearless Behavior

Definition of courage is, basically, ability to do something in spite of the fear.  I am not talking about situations when people risk their lives to save others. This is about every day bravery. It is about something we look at and think, “WOW, they must be so courageous to do it!” I want to mention three different reasons for this every day courage. 
24/06/20162 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

269 - Mindful Dreaming: How To Create Past Events That Never Happened

I will continue with this mini series, and today we’ll talk about meditation on what did not happen. Well, you may say, it is called fantasizing, or daydreaming. Not so fast! Today's exercise is intentional, not just wandering around in your dreams...
23/06/20162 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

268 - Changing Past: Eliminate Negative Influence Of Previous Mistakes

Every coin has two sides. We often see the one that affects us the most. We start thinking about that. And sometimes people don’t even remember what got them upset, but they do remember emotional pain. They remember the feeling...
22/06/20162 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

267 - Reliving Past: Practicing Going Back As A Mindfulness Exercise

The word meditate means think, contemplate. It is just a generic word people picked to call a wide variety of practices. Today we will talk about meditation on the past...
21/06/20162 minutes 10 seconds
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266 - Destructive Feelings: Protect Yourself From Ruining Your Own Life

Many people scream success, but when it comes to a real action, they do what they feel, not what they need to do. And I’m guilty. I know what I need to do, but well, I don’t really feel like doing it today. Can you relate? Episode 266:   
20/06/20162 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

265 - Mindful Harmony: The Most Important Rule To Help Our Own Survival

With Nature example it is easy. Now let’s take it one step further. I believe that the law of compensation exists not just on physical, but on spiritual, emotional, and other levels. Even though our ego may not like it.
17/06/20162 minutes 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

264 - Opposite Values: Mindful Perspective On Relativity In Our Lives

People have the tendency to jump into conclusions, like “this is good, and this is bad.” Good or bad for whom? Who benefits and who has to pay? Remember, somebody always has to pay in one way or another. 
16/06/20162 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

263 - Mindfulness Circle: Going Back To The Beginning Where It Started

Exactly one year ago, on June 15th last year, I released my very first episode of Morning Mindfulness. So today’s episode is one year anniversary edition. I think it is a good time to remind what mindfulness really is...
15/06/20162 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

262 - Mindful Rakes: Powerful Lessons We Learn From Our Own Experience

Folks, it’s impossible to avoid every rake in our path. But doing it again is just a waste of energy...
14/06/20162 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

261 - Gracious Catastrophe: Uncommon Places To Look For Our Blessings

Something what may look totally unfair at the moment it happens, over time may prove to be the biggest blessing that could ever happen to us. But you know what, my friend? Here’s a catch how to discover the blessing...
13/06/20162 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

260 - Mindful Flexibility: You Can Never Enter The Same River Twice

The approach I learned when I was training with my teacher was opposite to that in Zen. I was not allowed to repeat the same move more than several times. I had to change and even create my own combinations of moves as my homework. And then I’d show it to the teacher...
10/06/20162 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

259 - Dynamic Mindfulness: Best Martial Art Skill for New Millennium

Most of what I am teaching, in terms of mindfulness practice, stress reduction, meditation, is based on ancient martial arts techniques. Over the years, I’ve had two major arguments against my practice...
09/06/20162 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

258 - Inner Guidance: Receiving Power & Directions From Our Inner Voice

Where can I start? I think the best place is where it all started to begin with. I mean here and now. No matter what is going on, just stop and take a deep breath. We already hear. All we need to do is just listen. Listen to free tele seminar today by Julia Mikk. Check it out at HPLN.ORG/JM   
08/06/20162 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

257 - Mindful Quadrants: Be Aware Of 4 Critical Areas Of Consciousness

I found out that we can point out at least 4 areas of life we have to be aware of. There are things we know about ourselves, and everybody else knows about us. That is called Obvious. That is our major habits, preferences, likes and dislikes, choice of music, etc...
07/06/20162 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

256 - Mindful Vulnerability: How Strong Should I Look to My Audience?

By admitting our weaknesses as teachers, coaches, leaders, we may become more vulnerable. But this is what gives us strength. We can relate to more people. We can help more people by our own example. What can you teach me if you don’t have any flaws? How can you make me a warrior if you never been hit by life?
06/06/20162 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

255 - Mindful Courage: 10 Seconds That May Change Your Life Forever

Courage is not a lifestyle. It is just a moment. Once you’re in - you’re in. But it takes courage to make the very first move and overcome anxiety. 
03/06/20162 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

254 - Mindful Forms: Meaning Behind Rigid Ways Of Learning in Ancient Arts

Once the vessel is ready, the spirit will enter it on it’s own. We don’t have to worry about that. Then the form becomes redundant...
02/06/20162 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

253 - Trade Offs: 2 Answers Can Buy Your Ticket To The Path of Success

You see, we like being busy. I didn't say working, I said being busy. This is our lifestyle. We are getting trillions of bits of information into our brain every day. We’re constantly doing something. Our day is full, and our time is still 24 hours per day...
01/06/20162 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

252 - Who Cares? Or Devastating Results of Mediocre Inch by Inch Living

“Don’t be afraid of friends for all they can do is betray you. Don’t be afraid of your enemies, for all they can do is kill you. Be afraid of indifferent because with their silent agreement all betrayal and killing happens.” 
31/05/20162 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

251 - Mindful Memories: Do We Remember Things That Matter In Our Life?

Today is the Memorial Day. People gave THEIR lives so you and I can enjoy ours. It’s up to us to make sure they did not die for nothing. Think about that.
30/05/20162 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

250 - Destructive Success: The Hidden Danger of Achieving Your Goals

When we achieve this top level dream, we accomplish it, in our mind we achieved the highest level. We lose that momentum that took us to the top. And if we stay at that level long enough, we may even become rigid. In our mind we are on the top. Unfortunately, there’s no status quo in life. We either going up or down.
27/05/20162 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

249 - Rebellious Mindset: The Most Critical Mile On Your Way To Success

Sometimes, the whole world may be saying whatever we do cannot be done, because nobody’s done it. Just don’t let them get in the way of those who are doing whatever the World is saying cannot be done.
26/05/20162 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

248 - Brilliant Ideas: 3 Stages Every Accepted Concept Must Go Through

If you come up with an idea, you will face opposition. Especially if it’s contradicting the main stream school of thought. Every brilliant idea will go through 3 stages of acceptance...  
25/05/20162 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

247 - Yo-Yo Mind: The Shortest Distance Between Absolute Good and Bad

People make quick decisions, often without considering any circumstances and without waiting for or searching for any additional details. This is what I call "Yo-Yo Mind.”
24/05/20162 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

246 - Premature Judgments: Avoid Decisions Based On Partial Information

We make life changing decisions, and we judge others based on our assumptions. That may be dangerous, my friend. And I believe, it has little to do with mindfulness.
23/05/20162 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

245 - Numbers Game: Remember This Important Rule On Your Way To Success

I learned, no matter what I do, no matter how great my idea is, or how bad my ideas is, for that matter, out of every 10 people, on the average of course, 1 or 2 will support me. On the oner hand, 1 or 2 will deny and even criticize me. Whoever's in between will be silent observers.
20/05/20162 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

244 - Positive Mindfulness: Definition of True Positive Mental Attitude

Positive mental attitude is based on reality. Telling yourself “I got $10 for the remaining 2 weeks of the month, I’ll be all right” and then sitting and watching TV, is not a positive attitude. I call it “blissful stupidity”.  But you can tell “I got $10, but here’s what I can do to make more”, and then just go and do it. That is a positive attitude. Positive mental attitude is defined by what we do, not just by what we say. 
19/05/20162 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

243 - Mindful Responses: 10 Steps To Win The Most Important Battle

Physical and psychological battles are identical. People respond to emotional push the same way as physical. And that results into what we see so often in the society. Conflicts. Stress. Psychological disorders. Depression.
18/05/20162 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

242 - Tiny Efforts: Changing the World by Small Daily Acts of Kindness

We never know how small act of kindness can change somebody’s life. We never know what impact will it make on the World. There’s often such a thin thread leading to a global changing event. My friend, if you ever see yourself small and insignificant, try sleeping with a mosquito.
17/05/20162 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

241 - Strong Opinions; How to Escape the Power of Committee of “They"

Too many people will tell you, my friend, what you can and cannot do, how you should live your life. Who are “They”? How credible this “Committee of They” is? Do They have in life what you’d like to have? Do They live their lives the way you’d like to live?  Did they do what you are trying to do?
16/05/20162 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

240 - Educated Decisions: Credibility of The Largest Public Restroom

Internet is the largest public restroom in the World. All junk goes there, and everybody has to use it. How much credibility do you give to the writing on the wall in the public restroom? 
13/05/20162 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

239 - Discovering Challenges: Bring Your Cow Inside Your House

As humans, have a tendency to complain. We constantly don’t like something. But we often forget that no matter where in life we are, there will always be somebody who’s life is better than ours, and somebody who’s life is much worse.
12/05/20162 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

238 - Ancient Wisdom: Never Become Like a Character from This Fable!

Long time ago I read an ancient fable about a Fox, supposedly written by Aesop. In that fable, a hungry Fox saw a nice ripe grapes hanging down from the vine. The Fox really wanted the grapes, however it was hanging too high. No matter how hard the Fox tried to jump, he could not reach it...
11/05/20162 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

237 - Judging Society? 2 Rules Can Save Us From Our Negative Imagination

I think we are responsible for our own alienation. What will people think about me? They won’t care, because they’re too busy thinking, what will you and I think about them.
10/05/20162 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

236 - In His Image: A Different Perspective on Achieving Great Success in Life

I believe we were created in God's image. You can call it Divine Nature, or whatever you believe. But I believe you and I have some great powers inside of us, more than we can even comprehend. Would you like to receive it? First let me ask you, my friend, are you ready to receive? 
09/05/20162 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

235 - Mindful Decisions: One Trait That Will Earn You People’s Respect

When I was growing up, we had popular kids and not so popular ones, which I was a part of as well. The problem was, not so popular kids sometimes were trying to do things to mimic “popular” ones. They might smoke, drink alcohol, and do other things that  could get them in trouble...
06/05/20162 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

234 - Mindful Silence: 5 Amazing Practical Benefits of Keeping Our Mouth Shut

One day a young boy came to his father and asked, “Dad, what is the next thing a man needs to learn after he learns to speak?”  “To keep his mouth shut,” dad answered.  I read this story several decades ago, and over the years I’ve heard a number of similar statements, just in different words...
05/05/20162 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

233 - True Success: Change Your Perspective on Your Achievements in Life

To me, success is defined by our ability to live in a place we like with people we love. To me, it is about being able to do what we enjoy. To me, it is about seeing other people benefit from what we are doing. To me, it is about having inner peace and living in harmony with the surrounding world... What does success mean to you?   Episode 233:  
04/05/20162 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

232 - Mindful Tricks: Practical And Effective Ways to Balance Your Emotions

When I started practicing mindfulness techniques over 3 decadesago, my goals were very practical. There was nothing divine orspiritual about my practice. I used it for my mind just like we usephysical training for the body. I am not saying it’s write orwrong, but it was my way. My friend called me a fakir, not a yogi.Later though it brought me to Taoist philosophy. But I still likepractical application of these techniques.
03/05/20162 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

231 - Loud Talk: What Is The Most Reliable Way To Deliver Your Message to People?

In today’s society, we like making profound statements. We like fantasizing, day dreaming. Let’s do that, let’s change the world. But when the reality of life hits, what happens?   Episode #231:  
02/05/20162 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

230 - Faceless Society: The Adverse Effect of Rapidly Growing Social Networking

We become faceless. It started a couple of decades ago with forums, where people were writing whatever they wanted. They would argue, use bad names, whatever, and I can guarantee, many of them would not even have a back bone to say it in person...
29/04/20162 minutes 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

229 - Mindful Success: Ancient Secrets to Boost Business Productivity

My Grandma said, “Greedy man is paying twice, and lazy man is doing twice.”  It was a nice catch phrase for a long while, until I got into my own business. How true this statement is! When I was getting busy, I would still try to do everything that was necessary, and sometimes I would cut some corners. You know what? Eventually I had to pay more for my own laziness in one form or another... 
28/04/20162 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

228 - Shifting Perspective: The Most Important Secret Of Delivering Message

Have you ever tried to communicate a message to somebody, and then realized that people don’t hear you? In general, people don’t care about what you offer and what you know. Until they know it can help them and you care.
27/04/20162 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

227 - Humans United. But What Really Makes Us Different From Each Other?

You know what makes us all so different? Nothing! We are the same. We are humans. Why don’t we just start acting accordingly, love and respect each other?
26/04/20162 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

226 - Life hits hard. How Does Strong Impact Change Our Shape?

Have you ever been hit by life? I mean hard. I mean when it takes some time for you to even catch your breath after life knocks you down. I certainly have. And it is not fun when somebody pretending to be your friend, kicks you full force below the belt, metaphorically speaking, of course. What happens then? 
25/04/20162 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

225 - Mindful Teaching: 5 Points That Will Help People To Hear Your Message

Loving your subject and even having passion about it has nothing to do with the ability to teach, whether 1-on-1 or in groups. It is not about what you say, it is about what they hear... Episode #225:
22/04/20162 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

224 - Crucial Mindfulness: For The Sake Of Life, Respect Unloaded Gun

Many years ago my mom said to me, “Unloaded gun shoots once a year.” At that time I did not pay much attention to it. I wish I did. But the older I grow, the more I realize that’s true. And not just about the gun...
21/04/20162 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

223 - Mindful Leader: Are You Making Community-Building Decisions?

Jim Rohn said, “Success is something you attract by the person you become.”  According to John Maxwell, Everything rises and falls on leadership. And leadership can be developed...   Episode 223: 
20/04/20162 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

222 - Unconditional Love: How Easy Is It To Love The Whole World?

It’s so easy to love the whole World, isn’t it? When everything is going great. When life is good, even negative people become positive. Everybody’s smiling, hugging each other and singing Kumbaya. But what if the World around you begins to crumble?
19/04/20162 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

221 - Unconditional Giving: Sincere Gratitude For My Ability To Help

I truly believe that ability to give is the one of the highest forms of blessing the man can receive. God gives us a chance. He thinks we still got enough goodness in us to share with others, in spite of all of our mistakes and failures.
18/04/20161 minute 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

220 - Competitive Success: The Ultimate Plan To Achieve Your Goals

I was listening to my coach a while ago, and he said something I have to agree with. Any success, whether in business, personal life, sports or even martial arts for that matter, is a result of a competition. He clarified that for us. Success is not about me competing against somebody... 
15/04/20162 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

219 - Meaningless Predictions: Don’t Let Mass Hysteria Affect Your Life

You see, for as long as I can remember, we had some fortune tellers, who were predicting various major catastrophic events. In fact, at some point it became really popular. It seemed like there was always somebody making predictions about the end of the World.
14/04/20162 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

218 - Embracing Inevitability: The Most Powerful Way To Avoid Stress

If I am stuck in traffic, there’s nothing I can do about that. It won’t make any difference even if I get furious. For me, instead of getting anxious, I started implementing these three things.. Episode #218:  
13/04/20162 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

217 - Painless Success: Reduce Stress With The Most Important Word

As I am working on my Stress Reduction online course, I thought of one skill I acquired as a kid. Perhaps that skill helped me to be straight “A” student at school. Or maybe because of that skill I stuck with Martial Arts, Taoist Yoga and Qigong for over 30 years. No, no, I am not the sharpest knife in the draw, trust me. But I developed this ability to say what I think is one of the most important words in my life. I will teach you that right now... Episode #217 and links:  
12/04/20162 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

216 - Delusional Mindfulness: Sure Way To Lose Your Balance

We just become experts in that particular Path. We run it so smooth, until life takes unexpected turn. Then we either run full speed into the wall, or completely get off the Path, or stumble upon unexpected obstacle and fall... Episode #216 and links:   
11/04/20162 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

215 - Raising Kids: The Best Parenting Lesson From My Mom

Are we helping our kids to become responsible adults or are we building a wall by reprimanding them for their mistakes?
08/04/20162 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

214 - Determination: How collecting Cans May Forever Change Your Future

I learned from my coach, that success comes in CANs, and failure comes in CANNOTs. Think about it. Whatever you  may be doubting, like “Can I?” Yes, you can. Will you? Only you can answer that. 
07/04/20162 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

213 - Mindful Vocabulary: 3 Words That Can Destroy Your Success

There’s no success that comes out of great ideas. There’s no success that comes out glorifying our own intelligence. The most genius ideas won’t work unless we do. 
06/04/20162 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

212 - Dangerous Overreacting: Stop Pushing Yourself Out Of Balance

We are not paying attention to the present moment. And I am guilty too. And once we notice the change, it may be already too late. So we push ourselves into changes trying to maintain the equilibrium. And we often overdo.
05/04/20162 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

211 - Overrated Dreams: 4 Steps Success Plan From My Coach

Dream is extremely important, all right! It’s number one on the list. But we often start paying too much attention to it. We think in global categories, and we often forget, and I will quote John Maxwell, “… dream is free, but the journey is not.” It does require daily work...
04/04/20162 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

210 - Professional Mindfulness: How Do We See Our Failures?

However, precision calibrated mindset does not have room for errors. And this is how I was growing up. Everything had to be absolutely perfect! And if it was not, then it was a sloppy job. That would irritate me and seriously undermine my self esteem. My ego told me that everything I did had to be perfect...
01/04/20162 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

209 - Risky Meditation: Adverse Effects of Positive Mindset

The ego sees no difference between positive and negative to create the illusion of control and not letting go of the past, whatever that past may be... Episode 209:  
31/03/20162 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

208 - Choosing Life: Ancient Wisdom For Making Tough Decisions

There’s an old proverb about a peasant who saved monk’s life. The monk invited a man to his cave where he stayed. Once they got there, the monk brought three items - needle, staff and mallet - and put them in front of his savior...
30/03/20162 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

207 - Dangerous Perfectionism - Learn to Avoid Costly Mistakes

Today I’d like to discuss my observation about my own personal trait, which is perfectionism. You may or may not relate. I grew up measuring and calculating everything. I had to know exact process from start to finish before getting into anything. Thanks God I educated myself enough to recognize the downside of it.  Episode 207:  
29/03/20162 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

206 - Mindful Parents: How Do We See Our Children's World?

We get some life experience and some wisdom, all right. However, in a process of growing up, we often forget where we came from. We forget how we saw the World as kids... Episode 206:  
28/03/20162 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

205 - Your Best Weapon Against Chaos: Just Smile and Wave

Sometimes we find ourselves in the middle of emotional hurricane when we don’t know what to do and where to get started. I’d say, start right where you are... 
25/03/20162 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

204 - Instant Connection: Magic Spell to Boost Your People Skills

In business or coaching, We are trying to force-feed other people with what we think we know. And I am one of the most guilty offenders. When I started practicing Yoga, I thought everybody had to follow the same Path. Until my teacher told me, “Who said you’re right?”  Episode 204: 
24/03/20162 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

203 - Happy Unbirthday to You All! Let’s Celebrate The Rest of Our Lives!

Here’s an interesting concept I learned from the cartoon called “Alice in Wonderland”. The book was actually called “Through the Mirror”. Why don’t we celebrate unbirthdays? What is unbirthday? Any day of the year that is not your birthday... 
23/03/20162 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

202 - Perfect Timing: The Longest And The Shortest Second In my Life

As we run this Circle of life, most of the time we live in one of two dimensions: dreams and fantasies about the future or happy memories and regrets about the past. There’s only one moment in between...
22/03/20162 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

201 - Great Life: My First 17,337 Awesome Mornings

A couple of days ago I saw the post on internet that said, and I quote, “… I’ve survived everything I’ve ever encounter in life. I have a 100% survival rate…” And I’ve heard it before from my coaches and mentors. Let’s talk about that for a minute. 
21/03/20162 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

200 - Mindful Humility: Incredible Strength Covered With Love

Humble leaders are strong people who understand their strength, but choose to use it for the benefit of other people. They don’t think less about themselves, but they sure choose to think more about others. Episode #200:  
18/03/20162 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

199 - Mindful Sharing: How Much Do You Really Love Your Neighbor?

Many years ago I heard a joke, about a man who had a chance to talk to God. God said, “I will give you anything you wish. But there’s one condition: your neighbor will get it twice as much.”  The man answered, “Father, can you please take out one of my eyes?”  Episode 199:  
17/03/20162 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

198 - Ultimate Selfie: The Best Picture of Our Heart We Can Take

I read an interesting quote recently. It says, listen carefully, “I am not what you think I am. You are what you think I am.” Think about it for a second. Yes, it's just another version of famous saying “A man sees in the World what he carries in his heart.”  However the former is addressing more specific topic, which is connecting with others.  Episode #198:  
16/03/20162 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

197 - Mindful Laziness: An Unusual Perspective on Global Progress

When I was growing up, calling somebody lazy was not the nicest label to give. I think it is still true today. But let me change your perspective a bit.
15/03/20162 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

196 - Daily Meyama: 6 Components That Can Damage Our Yoga Practice

If you practice Yoga, you should know about Yama and Niyama, first two out of 8 limbs of Yoga. But I will talk about Meyama today. Have you heard of it? Get the book I am talking about in my notes 196:  
14/03/20162 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

195 - 10 Life Lessons Your Kids Can Learn From Kung-Fu Panda

Today we’ll talk about a very popular cartoon: Kung-Fu Panda. I like it. And I am not going to debate the quality or accuracy of every small detail. But there are some concepts that really resonated in me. I think even adults can learn a lot, but especially kids because they are the primary viewers. 
11/03/20162 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

194 - Stereotyping: Dangerous Habit Which May Destroy Your Life

The habit of stereotyping may become much more dangerous when we start doing it to ourselves. Like I am too old or too young, too short, too tall, too slow, too whatever. This stereotyping is practically destroying our life. Moreover, even positive, constructive stereotyping can be as damaging as negative. How?..
10/03/20162 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

193 - Disastrous Assumptions: Your Free V.I.P. Pass to the Biggest Mistakes

My communication skills used to be a total disaster. On one hand, I was assuming what people thought and wanted to say or do. But on the other hand, I was assuming how people were perceiving me. And trust me, that did not improve my self esteem...  Episode 193:  
09/03/20162 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

192 - Communication Barriers: Stop Creating Your Own Self-Imposed Alienation

Being smart does not necessarily mean being a good communicator or being a successful business person. We can create our own obstacles that will significantly delay or even stop our success. Episode #192:  
08/03/20162 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

191 - Destructive Miscommunication: Stop Sabotaging Your Own Success

When I was reading John Maxwell’s book about Communication, I wanted to say, “John, did you study me as a role model for the mistakes you are writing about?” I think I got them all covered. We live in the society where neither you nor I can succeed in life without successful communication with other people. That’s why I keep talking about it... Episode #191:  
07/03/20162 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

190 - Physical Assault: One Mistake That Can Cost You Your Life

Listen folks, guys and especially girls! I have many friends, yoga and meditation teachers. Beautiful souls! I am teaching Qigong, meditation and Taoist Yoga too! And I teach to do everything possible to avoid fighting. But when it comes to your life vs. his, you won’t be able to yoga him into submission...
04/03/20162 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

189 - Clear Connection: 5 Major Types of Communication Mindset

I read in the book, that people use different representational systems as their primary basis for thoughts or feelings. They can use sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Even in a verbal communication. Just imagine you’re going on vacation... Episode 189: 
03/03/20162 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

188 - Unbelievable Success: Your Ticket to Achieving Your Goals in Life

These are four things I found out to be true for myself: 1. Neither You nor I will ever achieve the goals if they are outside our belief zone. Period. You can overcome other people’s disbelief, but you won’t cross your own boundaries. Episode 188: 
02/03/20162 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

187 - The Biggest Mistake: Can It Really Get Any Worse?

...I am an ex-military, I was trained to make decisions under pressure. However, I must admit that I’ve done some dumb things. So for me, this is the first hand experience. And I am telling you, the worst thing in those situations was trying to correct my mistakes by making another greater mistake...
01/03/20162 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

186 - Real Power: The Amazing Strength of Great Teachers

One of the students got astonished by this skill. He asked another student, “If our teacher can turn stones into gold, how come he did not become the most powerful man on the Earth?” The other student answered, “Yes, he can do it..."
29/02/20162 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

185 - Stone of Knowledge: An Ancient Taoist Wisdom

There’s an old story about stone of knowledge sitting in the ground by the intersection of two roads. Many people were walking by. Two women began to cry when they saw the stone. Two warriors met by the stone. They started fighting and they killed each other. Two landlords came up with agreement to put the border line through the stone...
26/02/20162 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

184 - Mindful Business: Don’t Be Afraid Of a Barking Dog

Many years ago I was watching a kid’s fairly tale on TV, and one interesting phrase got stuck in my mind. The guy said, “Don’t be afraid of those who speak without thinking, but be afraid of those who think without speaking”. 
25/02/20162 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

183 - Destructive Memories: Losing Your Power To Your Past Experience

Dwelling on the past is like trying to drive your car while staring in the rear view mirror. It won’t take you far ahead. It may get you off the road instead. In fact, people who look back all the time, most likely will go backwards in life.  Episode #183:  
24/02/20162 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

182 - Creating New Destiny: What it Takes to Change Your Life Forever

John Maxwell said, “The secret to your success can be found in your daily routine”. So what you and I do on daily basis, which is our habits, will determine how successful we become.    There’s a common belief that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. However this concept is debatable... Episode 182:  
23/02/20162 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

181 - Business Networking Strategy Using 4 Types of Business Personalities

In this episodes I am discussing 4 business personality types. Knowing this can help to develop a consistent business networking strategy. #181:  
22/02/20162 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

180 - Self Imposed Restrictions: The Destructive Power of Symbols

I believe that we create our own world with our beliefs. I believe that numbers really mean nothing without our beliefs. Many of those signs come to reality not because a magic number turned out to be true, but because we set expectations...
19/02/20162 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

179 - Mind Tricks: Simple and Powerful Way to Change Your Life

We create artificial patterns for ourselves, we stick to those pattern, and we call life boring. Life is like music: every day is so different even though it may be using the same scale.
18/02/20162 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

178 - Critical Timing: 4 "Good" Moments to Quit Your Training

Many years ago I read a book by famous Bagua master Park Bok Nam. And in his book he’s talking about interesting concept. He suggested to be aware of four points in our training career, and those are 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months and 3 years. And I understand that timing is not that precise, but the whole concept made total sense to me.
17/02/20162 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

177 - Great Teachers: 3 Qualities You Will Find In a Good Teacher

So these are 3 things I’ve observed in good leaders or teachers. 1 - They've done what they are talking about. This is teaching from experience, not from books. John Maxwell said, never speak on electives in your life. Only speak about what you live... Episode #177:  
16/02/20162 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

176 - Mindful Leadership: 2 Rules to Define Your Role On a Path to Success

I’ve heard many times a statement from a leadership guru John Maxwell. He said, “Everything rises and falls on leadership”. When I heard it I realized what was the reason for some of my greatest mishaps. Even if I did not see myself in a leadership position, in fact I was. Episode 176:  
15/02/20162 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

175 - Dangerous Mindfulness: How Innocent Words Can Destroy People’s Lives!

Whatever you say and think is funny, other person’s subconscious mind will take as a new reality. Mindfulness has no moral judgment, and it may work both in constructive and destructive mode. Episode #175:  
12/02/20162 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

174 - Reality Check: Who Cares About How Much You Know?

I’ve learned a couple of things along the way. And one of them is the statement that people don’t care how much I know until they know how much I care. And that comes dow to a famous acronym WIIFM, which stands for “What’s In It For Me?”  Episode 174:  
11/02/20162 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

173 - Mindful Parenting: Are You Making or Breaking Your Kids?

Remember the story about Ugly Duckling. How do our kids form their belief system? From their immediate environment, their parents first of all. Episode 173:  
10/02/20162 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

172 - Second Chance: One Moment in Life Your Future Depends On

I’ve heard many times people talking about the Second Chance in life. Somebody might’ve screwed up in life really bad, and now they have a chance to make things right. They say, “I’ve got the second chance”. I know quite a few people who’ve been through some really tough times. I’ve been through some really tough times. Oh yeah, I can write a book about that. However, I don’t believe in second chances. Let me explain what I mean.
09/02/20162 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

171 - Successful Failing: The Most Important Thing About Failure

It took me a while to learn the difference between excellence and perfection. And here’s one thing I’d like to mention today. Did you know that a flying missile is off about 95% of the time? That’s right! The missile that has a very precise target is 95% failing! Episode 171 -  
08/02/20162 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

170 - The Ultimate Planner: There’s No Detail Too Small to Plan

We are known as analytical, self-disciplined, and very organized. We follow instructions. And we are very compliant, in most of the cases at least. We like to plan everything, and there’s no detail too small to be given a considerable amount of time for planning. Episode 170 - 
05/02/20162 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

169 - Steady Walker: You Can’t Stop a Man Who Doesn’t Stop

Phlegmatics are known as steady personality. We may be a bit slow, so please stop running circles around us waiting for the answer. It may take a while before we give it to you, but it will be well thought out. Episode #169 -
04/02/20162 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

168 - Inspiring Hearts: Life is a Big Party Every Day

Fast paced and people oriented are those we call sanguine. They love having fun, and they love to party. If there’s no party around, they will make one. They are very easy to communicate with. They don’t know the word “stranger”.  Episode 168 -   
03/02/20162 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

167 - Dominant Player: PROs and CONs of Explosive Personality

if we know strengths and weaknesses of people we are dealing with, we can give them roles where they can maximize the use of their strength. It will benefit you, and most important, it will benefit them. Episode 167:  
02/02/20162 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

166 - True Human Love: A Precious Gift to Give, Not to Talk About

My friend, I meet so many people talking about love, forgiveness, acceptance of the past. And that sounds so wonderful, until… they have to give somebody gift of love at their own expense. What happens to their graciousness then? Episode 166: 
01/02/20162 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

165 - Mindful Journey: The Hardest Step to Success You’ll Ever Take

As I said before, I’ve been in martial arts, yoga and similar studies for over 3 decades. I used to jog years ago, and sometimes I go to the gym. Besides that I’ve owned several businesses along the way, and have embarked on numerous projects. So I qualify to talk on this subject, but also I observed and listened to other people, and I read some books about that. I believe, the hardest step you’ll ever take on your Mindful Journey is... Episode #165
29/01/20162 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

164 - Lifetime Journey: Are You Taking Advantage of the Inevitable?

I remember my teacher said, 10 years later you will be 10 years older whether you practice or not. Today, looking back at those years, I can assure you, that 33 years later I am 33 years older. So my teacher was right, ha ha!  One thing that helps me to keep going with training is a mindset that...   Episode #164 - 
28/01/20162 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

163 - Art of Reprimand: 6 Rules to Make You a Better Parent or Boss

Have you ever been reprimanded by somebody? Like your parents or boss? Have you ever had to reprimand somebody? I’ve been on both sides of the fence. And I’ll be honest, I don’t like either one. But I’ve also seen people who could hit you really hard, but it was almost pleasant. Like a massage for the ego. So today I will talk about the art of reprimand. Episode 163:  
27/01/20162 minutes 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

162 - Changing paradigm: How to Achieve Impossible Goals

My coach told me, “Stop asking yourself a question, Can I do it?” Because our brain may answer not in a way that will benefit us. Instead, I am asking myself a question, “How can I do it?”  Episode 162:
26/01/20162 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

161 - When in Rome, Or the Other Side of the Famous Quote

I am sure most of you have heard a saying, “When in Rome, Do as Romans Do.” In Russian we have a saying, when living with wolves, howl like one. It basically means the same: blend in with traditions of the place where you live. But have you thought about the flip side of this famous statement?.. Episode 161 -   
25/01/20162 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

160 - Develop Your Best Conversation Skill: Become a Master of Communication

Communication is so crucial for any business and for personal life. So unless you plan to move to the desert island, I’d suggest you learn how to to connect to people. And here’s a skill I found to be the most crucial when I am talking to people. That skill is…   Episode 160 -
22/01/20162 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

159 - Communication Rule: Am I As Important As I Think I Am?

Last time I started talking about communication mistakes I’ve made. Today we have another one, and it’s a biggie. Oh yeah! The question is, how important am I? Especially if I study a lot, get more degrees than a thermometer. Gosh, I’m smart. For sure I have to be leading the conversation. Right? Not quite.   Episode 159 -  
21/01/20162 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

158 - Communication Mistake Number 1: Don’t you hear what I say?

When I was growing up, I had never been a popular kid. Total introvert, homebody, a certifiable nerd. I won’t go into full story today, but you can imagine that even in such a slow pace 20th century, relating to people was the hardest thing for me. I had straight “A’s” at school, and I read every book I could find in the library on a subject I was studying at the university. But I did not have any friends. Do you know anybody like that? Episode 158:
20/01/20162 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

157 - Prerequisite for Success: What do You See in the Mirror?

To become successful, I need to grow myself, but I need to have a self esteem before I invest into my education, but self esteem comes out of success. You see how it circles around? Not easy to break out! Trust me, I’ve been there too!..
19/01/20162 minutes 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

156 - Achieving Success: How to Excel in Any Area of Your Life

I was listening to John Maxwell, and later I bought his book, called “15 Invaluable Laws of Growth”. In this book he’s talking about number one law responsible for any kind of success, whether financial, business, spiritual or personal. That is the Law of... Episode 156
18/01/20162 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

155 - Successful Business Plan: Secret Formula and 3 Vital Components

As my coach told us, “set the strict rules, but develop a soft implementation plan.”  It works for setting goals, for developing business systems, for communicating with a team, etc. We have to develop flexibility, whether we are driving in the car or moving towards our goals.
15/01/20162 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

154 - Core Values: Importance of Predictable Moves in Unpredictable Environment

I read a great book by Terri Savelle Foy called “The Leader’s Checklist”. She is talking about setting core values. She’s talking about acronym TIES: Timeliness, Integrity, Excellence and Smiles. Those are her core values. Do you have yours? Episode 154:
14/01/20162 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

153 - The Hardest Life Saving Lesson we Can Learn from the Worst Enemy

We forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness, but because we deserve peace.
13/01/20162 minutes 5 seconds
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152 - 5 Essential Life Skills I Wish I Could Borrow From a Cat

Have you noticed that cats don’t waste their energy? They like having a good time, all right, but if they don’t like something, they’ll ignore you and whatever you have to offer. Animals can teach us many things.. well, I’m talking about myself here. Just got to be smart enough to learn. 
12/01/20162 minutes 8 seconds
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151 - 2 Very Important Lessons about Life I learned from the Nature

I have this tendency to trust people, to give them a chance. And unfortunately I’ve been stung by those who I thought were close friends. Almost drowning in the River of Life, I’d think, WHY? And the answer is in the fable: because this was their Nature.
11/01/20162 minutes 11 seconds
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150 - Mindful Goals: 3 Crucial Steps on the Way to Great Success

Do you know what you really want? I met so many people who can talk about their goals, but that’s not what they are looking for. Let’s say for example, I set goal to make more money. Why? To buy a new car. Why? I can’t care less about cars! I just need to get from point A to point B faster and safer. Why? And this can go on and on, until we get to the bottom of it. Find your real reasons behind what you do.
08/01/20162 minutes 5 seconds
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149 - Deceptive Mindfulness: How to Avoid Costly Mistakes in Life and Business

I made some decisions that later I looked at thinking, “where did that come from?” It came from the delusion, programming caused by the environment, close friends, media, whatever, Matrix perhaps. And our mind can rationalize anything we do, because at the moment we think of that idea as the greatest thing in the Universe. Is it? 
07/01/20162 minutes 15 seconds
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148 - Mindful Planning: 3 Simple Steps to Make Your Day Mo