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Morning Medical Update

English, Health / Medicine, 308 seasons, 177 episodes, 4 days 28 minutes
Medical experts from The University of Kansas Health System discuss current health events and advances in medicine.
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Seasonal Affective Disorder

As the days grow shorter, the winter blues can hit harder. Fighting Seasonal Affective Disorder. How can we protect the emotional warmth in ourselves, and our loved ones?
01/12/202336 minutes 57 seconds
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Partnership with Kansas City Current

28/11/202332 minutes 42 seconds
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Menopause and Bone Density

At a certain age, your bones get weaker, and for women, menopause can make the weakness worse. Protecting your bones, in the lower back especially, thanks to new research into hormones.
27/11/202331 minutes 22 seconds
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Thyroid Cancer

When Jennifer Osorio went for an elective surgery surgeons spotted something concerning inside her. Discovering cancer, just by chance! Plus the treatment that had Jennifer swallowing radiation.
27/11/202330 minutes 5 seconds
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Morning Medical Update - Olivia Strong

A party for a princess- 3-year-old Olivia is hoping to put cancer treatment behind her. The rare tumor that first showed up as a gut infection. And the urgent treatment giving her the best shot at a bright future.
27/11/202330 minutes 51 seconds
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Morning Medical Update Cancer: Choices, Hope and Science - Blood Cancers

A brother and sister's bond is amplified when he donates his bone marrow to save her life. Watch all episode - Morning Medical Update Cancer: Choices, Hope and Science   
14/11/202328 minutes
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Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer experts have new tests and treatments at their fingertips, but by the time most patients show symptoms, it could be too late for most treatments. The best way to catch lung cancer early and the growing options to treat it, plus the first change in screening guidelines this decade.
13/11/202338 minutes 40 seconds
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Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Jim Dayton's symptoms started as a stuffy nose. When his arms started swelling, he realized he needed more than a decongestant. The sneaky first signs of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and the urgency that started Jim's treatment, and helped save his life.
10/11/202327 minutes 11 seconds
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PSA Levels

Gary Shorman loves his Harley and the open road. His message is simple. Stay "Alive To Ride". The cancer survivor shares what he did and what he wants every man to do that likely saved his life.
07/11/202329 minutes 42 seconds
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Power of a Second Opinion - Prostate Cancer

Patrick Lanphier had his prostate removed but it wasn't enough to keep cancer at bay. Why he decided to switch doctors. Plus, the precision therapy he chose with minimal side effects.
06/11/202329 minutes 28 seconds
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3 Year Old's Stroke

03/11/202328 minutes 57 seconds
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Accepting Your Body After Cancer

Accepting your new body while fighting breast cancer, or after surviving it can be a battle in itself. Our patients share the emotional journey and how the care teams here guided them.
31/10/202330 minutes 25 seconds
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Claudia Hubbard Breast Cancer Survivor

Her life's work, giving parents and their children comfort in the face of devastating news. But then, this Children's Mercy Hospital Chaplain faced her own frightening diagnosis.
30/10/202331 minutes
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Breast Cancer Support

Healing means more than medical care. See some of the amazing resources and support groups ready to help the millions of breast cancer patients and survivors.
27/10/202330 minutes 25 seconds
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Mother Donates Kidney to Son

24/10/202326 minutes 57 seconds
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Dense Breast Screenings

23/10/202325 minutes 29 seconds
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New Partnership with Liberty Hospital, plus Cancer and Fertility

20/10/202329 minutes 28 seconds
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17/10/202325 minutes 31 seconds
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Road Trip Mammograms

16/10/202328 minutes 52 seconds
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Mother and Daughter Breast Cancer Journey

13/10/202329 minutes 1 second
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Breast Cancer Mural

10/10/202331 minutes 23 seconds
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Second Opinion -Cancer and Pregnancy

She was 7 months pregnant, and something didn't feel right. Meet the woman who ignored doctors who said it was typical and got a second opinion that saved her life.
09/10/202329 minutes 35 seconds
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Male Breast Cancer

06/10/202329 minutes 28 seconds
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Where Are They Now - Cynthia Newsome

03/10/202331 minutes 57 seconds
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02/10/202327 minutes 27 seconds
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Breast Cancer Patient Diagnosed with a Second Cancer Shares the Importance of a Second Opinion

Patient Yolanda Irvin is a strong believer in getting a second opinion. She shares how she came to receive her care at the University of Kansas Cancer Center as well as her new mission in life. Guests include Dr. Anup Kasi, Dr. Mazin Al-Kasspooles and Dr. Jamie Wagner.
19/05/202333 minutes 23 seconds
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New FDA Test Helps Mom Bypass Chemotherapy During COVID

One mom committed to chemotherapy, until COVID complicated her treatment plan. We’ll show you how an FDA approved test allowed her to ditch her chemo. Guests include hematologist and medical oncologist at The University of Kansas Cancer Center Dr. Anup Kasi.
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Rare Triple Diagnosis Patient Overcomes the Odds

Learn how treatment for rare face cancer led to a devastating colon diagnosis and then the lungs for a resilient patient who is now in the clear. Guests include Dr. Raed Al-Rajabi and Dr. Mazin Al-Kasspooles.
29/11/202236 minutes 1 second