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More Than A Crown 2.0

English, Education, 2 seasons, 35 episodes, 21 hours, 11 minutes
A place for commuters, gym goers, and busy-bees to learn, be encouraged, and feel understood along side believer, child advocate, ice cream lover, and former Miss USA - Sarah Rose Summers.
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Transforming From Relationship Trauma with Dating Expert, Kait Warman

Are you feeling lost in the confusing world of dating as a Christian? From transforming from the trauma from an abusive relationship to creating to Heart Of Dating platform, dating expert, former self-proclaimed “love-addict”, author and podcaster, Kait Warman is here for you to help you take control of your dating life. Want to hear more of Kait’s wisdom? Check out her podcast here and book here.
10/11/202148 minutes, 44 seconds
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Mental Health in Marriage with Conner Combs

Talking about things to say/not to say in regard to anxiety, types of stress, and the importance of communication in this episode with Sarah Rose's husband, Conner Combs. 
9/27/202128 minutes, 9 seconds
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Strut Into A Conversation On Diversity with Sydni Dion Bennett

Sydni Dion Bennett was the first African American Miss Illinois Teen USA in 2018 and is now a model, current Miss Illinois USA, and entrepreneur. From spray painting dance shoes and heels in her garage, because ""nude" for one person isn't the same for the next," to founding her own inclusive shoe brand, Diverse Style, she's here to remind you that you are more than any obstacle you may face. 
9/8/202128 minutes, 15 seconds
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Say goodbye to the shame of your past and stop procrastinating facing it, alongside Sarah Rose as she unpacks her Miss Universe 2018 journey. Sarah Rose is diving into the drama of being canceled overnight and what she's learned from the experience. We are not defined by our past, we are prepared by our past…we just have to figure out what for and how to make it happen.
9/1/202124 minutes, 7 seconds
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Mental Health Hiatus

Ask yourself, what’s something that you have said or done that you're not proud of that doesn’t represent who you are? Have you said the wrong thing (maybe just in the wrong tone) and hurt someone’s feelings? You’re more than that mistake. More Than A Crown 2.0 isn’t only about being more than our greatest achievements, it’s about being more than our biggest failures. The pandemic (like it did for many) forced Sarah Rose to slow down and sort through lingering thoughts and feelings that had been subconsciously weighing her down. In this intro episode to season 2, Sarah Rose opens up about how the last year has impacted her mental health and why she decided to hit pause on the podcast. 
9/1/20218 minutes, 24 seconds