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Montessori Education with Jesse McCarthy

English, Children-Kids, 1 season, 113 episodes, 2 days, 21 hours, 28 minutes
A Montessori podcast for parents and teachers about raising children and educating students while bettering ourselves alongside them
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For Toddler Parents | with Claudia Alvarez

"You don't have to go Instagram worthy to raise a child. That is a lie." A Montessori OG, Claudia Alvarez, speaks to today’s moms and dads...
5/21/202430 minutes, 28 seconds
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Kennedy and the Plant - Masters of the House

Permission not needed. I asked my wife, “Did you tell Kennedy to do that??” Nope. -from The Montessori Education Podcast with Jesse McCarthy |
4/24/202413 minutes, 30 seconds
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Lower Your Voice

One little change can have an impact.
3/6/202411 minutes, 41 seconds
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Montessori - Entrepreneurs in the Making

Jeff Bezos was a Montessori child -- and became one of the most successful entrepreneurs in history. Is there a connection between early Montessori education and later success in business? Our guest today, the ed-tech entrepreneur William Kelly, thinks there can be, if an individual chooses such a career path for his or her life. And Will himself is proof, being a former Montessori child who now attributes much of his success as an adult to his Montessori schooling. from The Montessori Eduction Podcast with Jesse McCarthy, #montessori #life
2/6/20241 hour, 4 minutes, 20 seconds
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What is RIE? with Janet Lansbury

Interview with Janet Lansbury, author of 'No Bad Kids: Toddler Discipline Without Shame', host of 'Respectful Parenting - Unruffled Podcast', mother of three grown children, and great advocate of Magda Gerber’s Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE).
1/2/20241 hour, 6 minutes, 43 seconds
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Ragnar (19 mos) at the Zoo | Jesse McCarthy

An example of how I interact with my toddler son #montessori #toddlers #freedom  -The Montessori Education Podcast | -The Montessori Club |
11/30/202316 minutes, 58 seconds
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New Montessori Research

On the show today are Angeline Lillard and Justus Randolph, two research professors who recently found some impressive results for children in Montessori school vs traditional school.
11/7/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 8 seconds
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Education as a Help to Life - Maria Montessori

In the aftermath of the atrocities of WWII, Maria Montessori gave a speech. Given the current state of the world, especially with the recent horrific attack on Israel -- really on all civilized human beings -- her talk is well worth hearing. "... the monster does not come to life all of a sudden. It is not created in one moment, in one hour, in one week, even in one year."
10/11/202316 minutes, 24 seconds
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Screen time, Montessori at home, and one more

No-nonsense answers to three Montessori parent questions from a live Q&A with Ginni Sackett and Jesse McCarthy: -How much screen time should young children have, if any? -What happens after Montessori school? -How do we do Montessori at home?
9/12/202326 minutes, 16 seconds
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Dropped Stitches - Montessori

“The real preparation for education is a study of one’s self.” Maria Montessori Gaining big from Maria Montessori’s story about Granny..
8/22/202316 minutes, 8 seconds
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Stop Playing The Game - Gordon McNeill, Elite Educator

Former Dean of Students, Head of School and President of the ultra selective $50,000 a year Sage Hill high school talks education and parenting.
6/20/202358 minutes, 41 seconds
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Parent Questions: Independence and Anxiety

One child is "too independent," the other has "high anxiety." What to do? Clip from a parent Q&A at a recent live event..
5/23/202310 minutes, 39 seconds
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Fantasy and Children

Is fantasy accepted in Montessori, or is it frowned upon, or is it welcomed with open arms? The wonderful returning guest Ms. Ginni Sackett joins us as we dive into fantasy, imagination, pretend play and more in Montessori schools, homes, and beyond.
5/2/202359 minutes, 40 seconds
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60 Years in Montessori - Mrs. Beverley McGhee

A conversation with one of the most experienced Montessorians alive today. Mrs. Beverley McGhee is 94 years young and began in Montessori in the 1960s, when she and her husband started Alexander Montessori School in Miami, Florida.
3/21/202349 minutes, 58 seconds
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Are Playpens Montessori?

Good, bad, in the middle, maybe even horrible ...
3/7/202330 minutes, 27 seconds
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The Reality of Public School (vs Montessori)

“I always thought I’d send my kids to public school. But I’m probably not going to do that now.” Andrew, who understandably didn’t want to share his last name for this discussion, has been an elementary school teacher for the past 10 years. But he’s recently started to question if what he and his public-school colleagues are doing is actually helping students — or holding them back. With his own two young children (a toddler and a 5-year-old) now in Montessori school, and their showing incredible growth in it, Andrew believes he just might have found a successful alternative to America’s traditional system which, ironically, he is still a part of.
2/7/202352 minutes, 19 seconds
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Montessori Pushback

Taking on critical questions and feedback... -Can children be too confident? Should we be encouraging humility instead? -Are Montessori children stronger academically and socially and emotionally, etc. because they come from higher SES (socio economic status), i.e. from richer families? -Is it better to drill kids in school or allow them to follow their interests? -And more... From The Montessori Education Podcast with Jesse McCarthy |
1/17/202332 minutes, 35 seconds
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Montessori Learning with Amukta Mahapatra

"The Montessori child is a constructor, not a consumer ... he’s not waiting to be told things." Get ready for a wonderful discussion with the incredibly experienced Amukta Mahapatra -- 50 years in education -- about how children learn in Montessori environments.
1/3/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 49 seconds
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Montessori Toy Story

"This is officer Johnston. Everything is alright, but I have your son in my car." Unwavering confidence — the child who decided to go shopping ALONE Contact: Contribute:
12/13/202220 minutes, 21 seconds
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Montessori "Academics" with Sandra Girlato

"What's important for us is not to meet the needs of the curriculum. It's to meet the needs of your child." A deep dive into what learning is all about in Montessori school, with trainer Sandra Girlato...
11/22/202248 minutes, 3 seconds
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Interview with Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori talks about her Montessori schools: play vs. work, mixed ages, freedom and discipline -- and more. from The Montessori Education Podcast with Jesse McCarthy | transcript and references at
11/1/202227 minutes, 29 seconds
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Montessori School - Why Is My Child Washing Dishes All Day?!

A popular TV personality talked trash about Montessori. I decided to answer his complaint.. To watch the video,
10/11/20222 minutes, 25 seconds
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Calm in Chaos

What do you do when things get crazy or seemingly out of control with children, whether in school or at home? Long-time Montessori parent, teacher and teacher-trainer Ginni Sackett shares her decades of experience to help bring the calm when all around seems to be chaos.
9/20/202249 minutes, 46 seconds
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Montessori - an Origin Story

One chance day over a century ago, a young doctor named Maria Montessori was sitting in a classroom when she observed a child doing something very unusual. What followed would change the world forever.. “I think my never-to-be-forgotten impression was that experienced by one who has made a discovery.” Maria Montessori
8/30/202213 minutes, 48 seconds
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The Inner Being with Montessori Trainer Zarin Malva

Currently guiding teachers and parents in India (Mumbai), Zarin Malva has been working in Montessori education since her early 20s. She is now in her 80s. She has A LOT of wisdom to share about children. A few topics in the discussion: observation; obedience and discipline; freedom within limits; saying sorry; lying.
8/9/202256 minutes, 1 second
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The Scientist, The Mountaineer, The Athenian (and La Casa)

Two examples of when things didn't go so well with children, and one when they did. (And a secret.)
7/20/202222 minutes, 46 seconds
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Montessori for Ages 0-3 | with Trainer Gabriela Velazquez

Montessori babies - Montessori infants - Montessori toddlers. What is Montessori for the earliest -- and most developmentally important -- years of life.
6/28/20221 hour, 1 minute, 51 seconds
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Zero Kisses! Montessori Spindle Box

The joy of learning math in Montessori
6/7/202221 minutes, 36 seconds
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Reading and Writing in Montessori

A deep dive into reading and writing in a Montessori classroom, as well as some tips for home. A few questions covered in this discussion with 50-year-veteran Montessorian Mary Ellen Maunz: -Are academics even considered important in Montessori? -How are reading and writing taught in a Montessori classroom? -How does Montessori compare to traditional school in reading and writing? -Is there anything parents can do with their children at home to excel in reading and writing?
5/17/202242 minutes, 23 seconds
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Montessori and My Newborn

Knowledge is power and a fear alleviator.
4/26/202222 minutes, 5 seconds
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Montessori Adolescence (Teenagers), with Paula Lillard Preschlack

What is Montessori like for teenagers (~ages 12 to 18), in middle school and high school?
4/5/202255 minutes, 23 seconds
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Mistakes and their Correction, by Maria Montessori

How do we correct children? Maria Montessori has an answer.
3/15/202226 minutes, 44 seconds
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Former Inmate Big Herc Talks Prison, Childhood, and Race

Meet Marcus ‘Big Herc’ Timmons, armed robber turned upright mentor.. “I committed a bank robbery, broad daylight, with guns and ski masks.” Herc was eventually caught and locked up for nine years, and the experience changed his life forever — and for the better. During his time in jail Herc found purpose, eventually recreating himself into the man he is today. In this interview, Herc talks about his growth and shares his take on a few issues that are relevant for all of us: parents, teachers, human beings.
2/23/20221 hour, 17 minutes, 17 seconds
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Meet Rachel

A disorganized girl, and how she became organized
2/2/20227 minutes, 29 seconds
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Montessori Births

Follow the mother.
1/12/20222 hours, 2 minutes, 59 seconds
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A Merry Montessori Christmas

Let's all chill and enjoy this holiday season with children..
12/14/202115 minutes, 14 seconds
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HISTORY with Professor Daileader

"When you're teaching there's nothing but teaching: you're in there, and it's you, and it's history, and it's students -- and everything else falls away." Meet Philip Daileader, star presenter at The Great Courses and lively history professor at William & Mary college
11/23/202149 minutes, 34 seconds
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The Montessori Spider

You ever get annoyed at a child?
11/2/20219 minutes, 50 seconds
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Normalization with Ginni Sackett

If you're a Montessori teacher who is having challenges in the classroom -- say you have a disruptive child, or a loud child, or maybe a room full of disruptive, loud children -- then this episode is for you. (And if you're just a curious parent, you'll gain some too.)
10/5/20211 hour, 1 minute, 32 seconds
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Montessori Color Box

"We must open our eyes." Maria Montessori Taking a closer look at the Color Box or Color Tablets, a fascinating materials for preschool and kindergarten-aged children in the Montessori classroom
9/7/202119 minutes, 54 seconds
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Parenting Comparisons

"Before I had my own children I was always saying, 'I will never do that! I will never be a parent like that, I will never scream.' But of course life plans it a different way.” A conversation about comparing parenting styles with Lucie Tamasova, a Montessori parent and educator who’s seen A LOT, having lived and worked in Europe, Africa and America
8/17/202152 minutes, 55 seconds
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Have you ever pushed your beliefs on a child? I definitely have..
8/3/202139 minutes, 46 seconds
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The Montessori Giant

Have you felt this kind of humiliation? A short story about giants, by Maria Montessori, with related guidance for parents and teachers on how to better prepare children's surroundings for independence, not dependence
6/1/202122 minutes, 57 seconds
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Messy Montessori

A mom & dad team, Amanda and Nathan Davis, share how according to them they “half ass” Montessori at home :-) Episode page at
5/11/202147 minutes, 35 seconds
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Put your child to work

Society today is filled with fake kitchens and fake tools for children at home, and with meaningless busywork and bubble tests for students in school. It's time for a shift in our values.
4/27/202135 minutes, 24 seconds
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How to Raise Successful People with Esther Wojcicki

"I had this goal: I wanted my kids to be independent." Esther Wojcicki Meet Esther, the star teacher known as "Woj" to her loving students in Palo Alto and the mom of three very successful children: Susan, CEO of YouTube; Anne, Cofounder/CEO of 23andMe; and Janet, an anthropologist and associate professor of pediatrics. Esther is also a big fan of Montessori. The Montessori Education Podcast with Jesse McCarthy |
4/12/202151 minutes, 18 seconds
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Who said it?

Some very famous people went to Montessori school as children, and they actually talk pretty highly about its impact on their lives. I wanted to share a few of these individuals with you but thought I’d do it in a different way, by playing a little game, if you’re up for it... Episode page:
3/30/202119 minutes, 51 seconds
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Music in Montessori with Sanford Jones

The talented, sweet-hearted Mr. Sanford Jones discusses all things music and Montessori — from his 50+ years in education — while also playing songs on the piano live for us all. If you’re a parent or a Montessori teacher who loves music or who is even just curious about it in children’s (and our own) lives, you won’t want to miss this discussion. See episode page for notes and photos:
3/16/202148 minutes, 57 seconds
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Independence - Could Your Child Ride This Subway?

Giving children and students a bit more space to be independent, at whatever age...
3/2/20217 minutes, 17 seconds
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Is Montessori just for little kids? A close look at Montessori elementary

50-year-veteran teacher Debby Thompson shares her insights into Montessori elementary. Topics range from academics and “Cosmic education” to independence and rules in the Montessori elementary classroom, with many challenging questions answered along the way: -What is the difference between Montessori preschool / kindergarten and Montessori elementary? -How do Montessori elementary teachers get children to do work? -What happens in Montessori elementary if/when a child is bored? -What happens with children who didn’t have Montessori in preschool and kindergarten?
2/16/202142 minutes, 31 seconds
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Parenting and Teaching - Observation

“Look at the child.” Maria Montessori Episode page:
2/3/202113 minutes, 36 seconds
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It’s time to say “No”

A growing number of parents and teachers believe you should never tell a child “No.” Do you agree? Conversation about toddler boundaries with Claudia Alvarez, Montessori guide of 25+ years... Episode page:
1/20/20211 hour, 9 minutes, 5 seconds
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Out in the World with a Montessori Parent

A conversation with father-of-two Troy Rivas about exploring nature, parenting with purpose, expressing our emotions around children, gaining from Montessori, and more Episode page: | Troy's Instagram: @troymulous
12/7/202046 minutes, 7 seconds
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4 funny and meaningful Montessori quotes

A peek into Maria Montessori's silly side Episode page with sources:
11/23/202011 minutes, 12 seconds
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The Science of Montessori with Professor Angeline Lillard

What does the research say about Montessori school? A conversation with Professor Angeline Lillard, author of 'Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius' and well-known researcher of Montessori education For research mentioned during the episode, visit
11/10/202056 minutes, 21 seconds
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Color Competition - Montessori Peace and Politics

"Within the child lies the fate of the future.” Maria Montessori
11/3/202025 minutes, 48 seconds
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What are Montessori Materials? with Ginni Sackett

A deep-dive conversation with the independent-minded and hugely experienced Ginni Sackett, Director of Pedagogy at Association Montessori Internationale (AMI)
10/13/20201 hour, 10 minutes, 25 seconds
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Spilled juice and a Montessori secret

Letting children have their own little adventures | for parents and teachers who want to help raise unique individuals #parenting #teaching #growing
9/29/202025 minutes, 28 seconds
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Pandemic Pods and Montessori Micro-Schools

"You are saving our sanity ... even our marriages!" Micro-school mom to her child's in-home teacher Curious about options outside of "normal" online schooling and in-person classrooms? This discussion with Alejandra Tryon — Montessori teacher, consultant, and micro-school master — is for you.
9/15/202046 minutes, 34 seconds
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Montessori Discipline

"I have myself, sometimes, been too severe with a child." -Dr. Maria Montessori How to get your child to listen, by choice |
9/2/202028 minutes, 13 seconds
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Montessori - Getting to the Heart of It

"In these Montessori classrooms, their souls are rejoicing." Ruchira Fernando To some, these words might sound a little overdramatic. But for those who know Montessori, they’re not at all. So what really is Montessori education? If you’re interested in getting at the heart of it all, so what Montessori actually looks and feels like in a very personal way — versus the traditional, old-school approach to learning — you'll want to listen in to this fascinating conversation with Ruchira Fernando, longtime Montessori teacher of children from preschool through elementary.
8/18/20201 hour, 30 seconds
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Education for Life, with Montessori Trainer Ann Velasco

Meet Ann Velasco... a former Montessori child; a parent of a now-grown Montessori daughter; a former Montessori teacher of 3- to 9-year-olds; and, since 2014, a Montessori trainer of future teachers. Ann is the real deal. Topics include independence and confidence, being better observers of and models for children, implementing an awesome technique for handling conflict, and more.
8/4/202037 minutes, 56 seconds
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Take a Break

Three ways to lessen the stress and better enjoy the now...
7/14/202023 minutes, 49 seconds
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How do we slow down, with children ourselves? A conversation with Jennifer Rogers — a Montessori teacher of over two decades, a mother of three children (age 18, 15, 11), and a writer of popular parenting and teaching articles (and a book), including Why Wait. Episode page:
6/30/202043 minutes, 18 seconds
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Hold On To The Good

How do I cut through all the craziness in our culture — among the peer pressure of tribal sides and simplistic hashtags — to find my own voice? Seeking justice and speaking up in a not-so-simple society...
6/16/202032 minutes, 44 seconds
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To Structure Or Not To Structure?

Montessori-ish Mom Christina Clemer on how to Montessori at home with younger children |
6/2/202027 minutes, 36 seconds
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The School of the Future

When schools finally reopen, which one will you be sending your child to? Episode page:
5/19/202022 minutes, 33 seconds
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Cold soup, a Montessori story

Back in 1915, Maria Montessori shared a short but powerful experience. Show episode, with links:
5/5/202014 minutes, 24 seconds
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Success and Acton Academy with Jeff Sandefer

"Grit beats IQ every time." Jeff Sandefer, co-founder of the Acton network of 270+ schools Jesse McCarthy | Jeff Sandefer |
4/28/20201 hour, 2 minutes, 35 seconds
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Montessori at Home for Working Parents

"Having a routine saves your life." Listen in as Daniela Monteiro -- longtime Montessori teacher and parent of two, a 9-month-old and an almost 3-year-old -- shares her experiences and insights as a working parent at home with the children. The Montessori Education Podcast with Jesse McCarthy, Daniela Monteiro,
4/21/202037 minutes, 53 seconds
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Montessori School Insights from Hong Kong

"We just completed our ninth week of school closures..." Meet Karin Ann, co-founder of the International Montessori School of Hong Kong (IMS), a community of four campuses with ~1,000 children from ages 2 to 12 Episode page | IMS |
4/14/202043 minutes, 41 seconds
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What’s Really Going On? Coronavirus (COVID-19) with Dr. Amesh Adalja

“You might see a headline that says, ‘Deaths Double In This Town’, and they really just went up from two to four. ... It’s important to go beyond the headlines.” Open conversation with Johns Hopkins’ Dr. Amesh Adalja, an expert on infectious diseases and pandemics who has recently been making the rounds on all the major news networks, from CNN to MSNBC to FOX. -from the Montessori Education Podcast with Jesse McCarthy |
4/7/202028 minutes, 19 seconds
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Learning at Home, Montessori Style: Practical Life

Short and sweet guidance for parents during these strange stuck-at-home times... Jesse McCarthy | Links: -For more on washing a table at home, Montessori style, visit -For more on practical life generally, visit
3/31/202010 minutes, 29 seconds
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The Voice of Students (stuck at home)

With school closed and social distancing in effect, students share their experience and advice
3/22/202056 minutes, 21 seconds
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Coronavirus and Children (with Mystery Doug)

A discussion on the Coronavirus with children’s science idol and Montessori parent, Doug Peltz What is coronavirus in simple terms? How do I talk with children about it? What do I do at home given schools are closed? Jesse McCarthy | Doug Peltz |
3/15/202040 minutes, 18 seconds
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Montessori, Toddlers — and Simone Davies

Stories and guidance from Simone's 15+ years of experience as a Montessori parent of two and teacher of thousands...
2/26/202046 minutes, 42 seconds
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Montessori and The White House

Montessori vs. Traditional ... and the consequences
2/19/202026 minutes, 41 seconds
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3 Stories from a Montessori Teacher

Alessandra Aristimuno offers a peek into her mixed-age Montessori classroom, with children from ~3 to 6 years old, and shares some guidance for parents and fellow Montessori teachers.
1/28/202037 minutes, 45 seconds
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Montessori at Home

Four suggestions on being more Montessori at home (without turning your living room into a classroom)
1/15/202024 minutes, 21 seconds
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Being with Children | Silvia Dubovoy

Seeing the child, and ourselves, with clear eyes
12/21/201932 minutes, 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

Too Independent?

How to handle the strong-willed child
12/11/201919 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

Play | Peter Gray

Do children need more play — without adults around?
11/25/201947 minutes, 25 seconds
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Mr. Rogers, a role model

"There’s no person in the whole world like you." Mr. Rogers A thank you to Mr. Fred Rogers for what he’s done for children, and for us all...
11/13/201911 minutes, 51 seconds
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Does Montessori School Make A Difference?

William Kelly talks about how his Montessori schooling, from preschool to junior high, helped him develop into a successful educational-technology entrepreneur and a flourishing human being.
10/28/201941 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

Acknowledging Emotions

The importance and how-to of mirroring feelings
10/17/201922 minutes, 8 seconds
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The Spirit of Montessori | Sanford Jones

What if you could learn from an individual with literally a half century of experience in Montessori? Meet Sanford Jones.
9/26/201944 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Crying Boy & The Montessori Witch

The first time I visited a Montessori school, what I saw made me sick.
9/16/201912 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

A Dad’s Perspective: Parenting Values

"How do I deal with each day-to-day issue that comes up with my children, while also helping to instill values that last?"
8/28/201940 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

Tyranny of the Should

Ever feel like you *should* be doing better?
8/16/201920 minutes, 58 seconds
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Real-Life Montessori | Simone Davies

Exploring sometimes challenging topics in Montessori, both at school and in the home
7/30/201958 minutes, 50 seconds
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Instead of "Good Job"

“I get that I shouldn’t say ‘good job’ all the time, but then *what do I say*?”
7/18/201913 minutes, 41 seconds
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A Montessori Mom Of Two

“I haven’t made a school lunch since they were 6,” says Heike Larson, parent of now 10-year-old Henrik and 12-year-old Karina. Heike shares her experience and insight from about a decade in Montessori, both as a leader of a nationwide group of Montessori schools and as a Montessori mom of two fun-loving, industrious children.
6/27/201952 minutes, 44 seconds
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Are All Montessori Schools The Same?

Some “Montessori” schools are not what you might think, and this recording offers a few things to look out for.
6/14/201914 minutes, 14 seconds
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Free-Range Kids & Culture | Lenore Skenazy

Are you an overprotective parent? or maybe we’re all becoming an overly protective society? A discussion with Free-Range Kids author Lenore Skenazy about regaining confidence in children and in ourselves.
5/28/201958 minutes, 38 seconds
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The Wandering Montessori Child

This episode is for parents and teachers who understandably wonder why children “wander” in Montessori classrooms — or, put more bluntly, it’s for those who’ve asked some form of the question “Why is that child, or my child, doing *nothing* in here?”
5/16/201926 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Importance of Mothers

This episode is for all the independent, hard-working mothers out there — like my own wonderful and loving mom, Monica LePort, who helped raise me and my brother during the ‘80s and ‘90s in California, at at time when spanking was normal, parents were concerned about stalkers on the street, and kids like me were acting up and getting injured just as they’ve probably been doing throughout time.
5/1/20191 hour, 11 minutes, 55 seconds
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How Do I Become A Montessori Teacher?

Have you ever considered making Montessori a profession? Hear insights about the journey to becoming a great Montessori teacher.
4/16/201923 minutes, 32 seconds
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What Happens *After* Montessori?

A discussion with former Montessori child Meredith Narrowe about transitioning out of Montessori into public school and the larger world Jesse McCarthy |
3/29/201956 minutes, 57 seconds
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Do You Ever Get Mad At A Child?

There’s a lot out there on how to help children with their strong emotions, but how do we deal with our own? Today I go over a listener’s question about this and then offer 3 steps to handling anger and stress.
3/16/201919 minutes, 58 seconds
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Montessori Lingo

What do all these strange Montessori terms, like “Practical Life,” “Prepared Environment,” and "work," actually mean? Today, with the Montessori teacher Marissa Poole, we discuss some of the lingo that can confuse parents and teachers who are new to Montessori education.
2/25/201936 minutes, 12 seconds
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Questions about Montessori

1) Is Montessori for every child? 2) How do I best introduce Montessori materials to children at home? 3) Why does my child’s teacher keep calling herself a “guide”?
2/14/201922 minutes, 15 seconds
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Self-Discipline in Montessori

It is the little things in life that over time add up to character. How do children develop self-discipline, and how can we aid in that process? Today we discuss these questions and more — including some related hot-topic cultural issues (like the incident of the MAGA kids and the Native American man) — with longtime Montessori parent and educator Gretchen Hall.
1/25/20191 hour, 16 minutes, 18 seconds
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Connecting Montessori Teachers & Parents

How can Montessori teachers and parents connect more for the betterment of their children — and of themselves? How do Montessorians effectively communicate what’s going on inside the classroom? Can parents apply Montessori ideas at home? Today we discuss these questions and more with Transparent Classroom founder Jeremy Lightsmith and one of his newest team members, Liz Strong.
12/20/201843 minutes, 46 seconds
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Montessori Elementary

What actually goes on inside a Montessori Elementary classroom? Many parents have this question yet few ever hear a clear answer to it. Today we speak with Kelly Nastasi, a Montessori elementary teacher who’s been working with 1st - 6th graders for over 15 years. Kelly offers a peek into her classroom and discusses what Montessori elementary is really like.
11/17/201842 minutes, 47 seconds
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Montessori Math

In this episode we talk with Kristin Kintanar, Montessori teacher and math enthusiast, to get a clear sense of what exactly children do with math inside Montessori classrooms and how it all differs from traditional schooling.
10/25/201832 minutes, 32 seconds
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Montessori Myths & Misconceptions

Montessori is easily misunderstood. There are all sorts of myths and misconceptions about it. In this episode we talk with Amy Kwong — a veteran Montessori teacher, parent and head of school — to untangle a few of the biggest confusions.
9/24/201829 minutes, 59 seconds
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Self-Esteem in Children

Have you ever felt that you’re not good enough, that maybe there's something wrong with you? With me to discuss how we develop self-esteem growing up — and what parents can do to help or hinder that process in their own child — is psychology Professor Eddie Brummelman from the University of Amsterdam.
8/23/201856 minutes, 20 seconds
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Episode 6 - What is baby wearing?

An interview with Stacey Dee, experienced infant & toddler teacher who offers new parents (and all of us) some tips on attachment
7/25/201823 minutes, 23 seconds
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Is Montessori School Worth The Money?

An interview with Ben Messelbeck*, a thoughtful & no-nonsense father who asks the tough questions on many parents’ minds *Ben actually composed the musical intro to this podcast. His work can be found at
6/25/201839 minutes, 9 seconds
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Want World Peace? | Grab a Mirror

Most people desire peace, and nearly all parents want their child to become a good person who, as the line goes, “doesn’t wind up in jail.” But it’s not always so easy to raise peaceful children, especially if we’re not yet peaceful ourselves as adults. In this episode, we discuss some ideas around peace education with Claudia Lee, a Montessori teacher of 3- to 6-year-olds who has a unique perspective on the topic.
5/24/201832 minutes, 33 seconds
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Becoming a Montessori Parent

Understanding Montessori education as a parent — and applying some of it in the home — is not always so simple. In this episode, I speak with Erin and Andrew Ranallo about their experimental journey from basically zero knowledge about Montessori, to effectively using Montessori ideas and practices with their own children, Steggie (age 4) and Elon (18 months).
4/26/201826 minutes, 38 seconds
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Infants & Toddlers | from Womb to the World

In this episode, we have a discussion with Berenice Saint-Saens, a Montessori educator who works with children from birth to 3 years, in both the classroom and the home.
4/10/201822 minutes, 25 seconds
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Episode 1 - A brief intro & jumping right into Montessori!

In our first episode, we have a brief intro about the podcast and then jump right into a conversation about Montessori teaching and parenting with Alessandra Aristimuño, a teacher who works at the Montessori Primary or Casa level, i.e. in a mixed-ages classroom with children ~3 to 6 years old.
3/27/201834 minutes, 48 seconds