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Monocle 24: The Big Interview

English, Interview, 1 seasons, 118 episodes, 2 days 9 hours 30 minutes
Long-form conversations about the lives and careers of the world's leading and most exciting names from the worlds of art, design, literature, politics, business and food. We hear from the masters themselves, about their art, their craft, their secrets and successes.
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Tim Peake

The British astronaut sits down with Andrew Mueller to discuss his remarkable career, the future of space exploration and his new book ‘Space: The Human Story’.
08/12/202329 minutes 42 seconds
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Madhur Jaffrey

The culinary legend and actress sits down with Robert Bound to discuss her cookbooks, which span the flavours of India, and how she unintentionally became a household name for anyone with a taste for South Asian cuisine.
30/11/202333 minutes 39 seconds
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Malcolm Gladwell

Best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell sits down with Georgina Godwin to discuss his life, career and gripping podcast series, ‘Revisionist History’.
24/11/202325 minutes 9 seconds
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Bob Brown

The former Australian senator sits down with Andrew Mueller to reflect on the highlights of his political career and how he became leader of the world’s first Green party.
17/11/202329 minutes 15 seconds
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Margaret MacMillan

The celebrated Canadian historian sits down with Andrew Mueller to discuss her bestselling books, the history of warfare and the challenge that Vladimir Putin poses to the world order. 
10/11/202330 minutes 24 seconds
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Chinese dissident artist Badiucao sits down with Georgina Godwin to discuss his life in self-imposed exile and how he uses his art to challenge censorship and human-rights abuses in China.
03/11/202331 minutes 37 seconds
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Rhiannon Giddens

The Grammy award-winning American singer sits down with Andrew Mueller to discuss her remarkable career and mission to highlight the untold stories of people who have contributed to musical history in the US.
27/10/202331 minutes 59 seconds
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Steve Earle

Steve Earle, one of the most acclaimed singer-songwriters of his generation, joins Andrew Mueller to discuss his new tour, play and why his enduring hit ‘Copperhead Road’ is the newest state song of Tennessee, where marijuana remains illegal.
14/07/202330 minutes 55 seconds
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Erna Solberg

The former prime minister of Norway sits down with Andrew Mueller to discuss her political career and the future of Europe’s relationship with Russia.
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Chuck D

Andrew Mueller sits down with the ground-breaking hip-hop pioneer and revolutionary activist to discuss his extraordinary career and his new illustrated memoir, ‘Livin’ Loud: ARTitation’.
30/06/202326 minutes 29 seconds
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Jason Rezaian

Journalist Jason Rezaian of ‘The Washington Post’ discusses his 544 days in an Iranian prison, what it took to get him out and what he believes should be done to help other journalists who have been wrongfully detained.  
23/06/202326 minutes 43 seconds
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Carla Hayden

The first African American and female Librarian of Congress, Carla Hayden, joins Christopher Cermak to discuss the role of libraries as a cornerstone of democracy and her efforts to spread the word about their wonders.
16/06/202330 minutes 53 seconds
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Angélique Kidjo

Five-time Grammy winner Angélique Kidjojoins Emma Searle to discuss her unstoppable career and genre-defying repertoire.
09/06/202334 minutes 31 seconds
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James Olson

The former chief of counterintelligence for the CIA, looks back on his 30-year career with the agency and discusses how he coped with the moral dilemmas of spying.
02/06/202319 minutes 10 seconds
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Nathan Law

Trailblazing pro-democracy activist Nathan Law joins Andrew Mueller to discuss his new memoir and how he went from being Hong Kong’s youngest legislator to living in political exile in the UK. 
26/05/202326 minutes 52 seconds
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Hella Pick

Veteran journalist Hella Pick reflects on her remarkable life, from arriving in the UK on a Kindertransport in 1938 to becoming a trailblazer for women in journalism. 
19/05/202328 minutes 19 seconds
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Mubin Shaikh

Former counterterrorism operative Mubin Shaikh joins Andrew Mueller to explain how he went from being a supporter of Islamist extremism to working undercover for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service inside the “Toronto 18” terrorist group.
19/05/202333 minutes 30 seconds
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Bill Browder

Hedge-fund manager and political activist Bill Browder shares his insights on Russia’s war in Ukraine and how he became Vladimir Putin’s enemy.
10/05/202331 minutes 44 seconds
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Marjorie Margolies

The former US congresswoman, Emmy award-winning journalist and women’s-rights activist sits down with Christopher Cermak to discuss motherhood and the arc of her remarkable career in politics.
10/02/202328 minutes 9 seconds
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Dmytro Kuleba

Ukraine’s minister of foreign affairs, Dmytro Kuleba, speaks to Carlota Rebelo about his country’s fight for freedom and how he manages to keep hope alive.
02/12/202227 minutes 2 seconds
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M aka Michael Chow

The painter and restaurateur discusses his remarkable life and new London show with Robert Bound.
25/11/202230 minutes
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Karl Jenkins

The man behind ‘The Armed Man’ and ‘Adiemus’ speaks to Emma Nelson about his remarkable life and career as one of Britain’s greatest and most versatile composers.
04/11/202230 minutes
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Yana Peel

Chanel’s global head of arts and culture sits down with Robert Bound to share her take on the evolving international art market, and how the brand endeavours to champion trailblazing artists.
01/11/202224 minutes 9 seconds
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Tony Cragg

The Turner Prize-winning British sculptor speaks to Robert Bound about his creative process and his fascination with the emotional qualities of materials.
28/10/202230 minutes
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Aleksander Kwaśniewski

Former president of Poland Aleksander Kwaśniewski meets Andrew Mueller in Warsaw to discuss his remarkable political career, why he decided to lead Poland into the EU and Nato, and what it was like to sit across a table from Vladimir Putin.
21/10/202232 minutes 23 seconds
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Marin Alsop

Internationally renowned conductor Marin Alsop sits down with Emma Searle to discuss the joys and challenges of leading an orchestra and how, despite rejections and being told, “Girls can’t do that,” she persisted to become the first woman to lead major orchestras in Europe, South America and the US.
14/10/202230 minutes
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Mellissa Fung

The Canadian journalist sits down with Emma Nelson to discuss her career as a war correspondent, being abducted on assignment in Afghanistan and how this trauma refuelled her mission to tell the stories of those caught in conflict.
07/10/202230 minutes
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Firooz Zahedi

Photographer Firooz Zahedi sits down with Rob Bound to discuss his special friendship with Elizabeth Taylor and how he went from growing up in conservative Iran to capturing Hollywood glamour.
30/09/202230 minutes
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Alexander Stubb

The former prime minister of Finland sits down with Markus Hippi to discuss his remarkable political career, Finland's decision to join NATO, and the war in Ukraine.
23/09/202230 minutes
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Edward Enninful

Edward Enninful: the editor in chief of British ‘Vogue’ sits down with Sophie Grove to discuss his new memoir, ‘A Visible Man’, growing up in Ghana and what it was like working with some of the most iconic fashion trailblazers, including Kate Moss, Anna Wintour and Naomi Campbell.
16/09/202230 minutes
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The award-winning photographer has turned his camera on political figures and global superstars, including the Obamas, Prince and Muammar Gaddafi. He sits down with Charlie Filmer-Court to discuss his life’s work and what it was like to be an inch away from Vladimir Putin as he captured his photograph.
08/07/202230 minutes
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Vitali Shkliarov

The Belarusian-American democratic activist and political strategist sits down with Christopher Cermak to discuss what it was like to work on Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaigns, his imprisonment in Belarus and his lifelong goal to help opposition politicians challenge authoritarian regimes in eastern Europe.
01/07/202230 minutes
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Poppy Northcutt

The women’s rights attorney and former Nasa engineer speaks to Emma Nelson about working on the male-dominated space programme in the 1960s, what it was like to help retrieve the Apollo 13 astronauts after their mid-flight disaster and why she’s concerned about the threat to Roe vs Wade.
24/06/202230 minutes
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Vikas Swarup

Vikas Swarup, the Indian author and former diplomat, tells Georgina Godwin about his postings across the world, pivoting to writing after a decades-long diplomatic career and his international best-selling book ‘Q&A’, which was adapted into the hit film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.
17/06/202230 minutes
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Shukria Barakzai

Georgina Godwin meets the Afghan politician, journalist and women’s rights activist to discuss the US’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban government and her criticisms of Western involvement in her country.
10/06/202230 minutes
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Katharine Hayhoe

Katharine Hayhoe, the Canadian atmospheric scientist, sits down with Andrew Mueller to discuss the climate crisis and her new book ‘Saving Us: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World’.
03/06/202230 minutes
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Jack Barsky

How did a young scientist in East Germany become a spy for the KGB, live a secret double life as an undercover agent in the US and, years later, get American citizenship? The former Soviet spook tells Andrew Mueller about his extraordinary life.
27/05/202230 minutes
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Kristin Hersh

The US singer-songwriter sits down with Andrew Mueller to discuss her musical career fronting alternative rock bands Throwing Muses and 50FootWave, her solo albums, and her new book ‘Seeing Sideways: A Memoir of Music and Motherhood’.
20/05/202230 minutes
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Kateryna Yushchenko

The former first lady of Ukraine sits down with Emma Nelson to discuss her upbringing in Chicago, her husband’s poisoning during his election campaign and what it was like to meet Russian president Vladimir Putin.
13/05/202230 minutes
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Astronaut series: Naoko Yamazaki

The second Japanese woman in space talks to Georgina Godwin about the International Space Station’s robotic arm, adjusting to life back on Earth and what the war in Ukraine could mean for space exploration.
06/05/202230 minutes
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Astronaut series: Soyeon Yi

Soyeon Yi, South Korea’s first and only astronaut, speaks to Georgina Godwin about her trip to space, the view from the International Space Station and a complicated return to Earth in which she landed among nomads in Kazakhstan – and inspiring the next generation of Stem leaders.
29/04/202230 minutes
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Astronaut series: Susan Kilrain

The astronaut and engineer speaks with Andrew Mueller about working in space, her previous life as a fighter pilot and the toughest job she’s had: being a mother.
22/04/202230 minutes
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Astronaut series: Sian Proctor

Astronaut, geologist and science communicator Sian Proctor joins Andrew Mueller to discuss making space more accessible, overcoming setbacks and being the first African American woman to pilot a spacecraft.
15/04/202230 minutes
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Astronaut series: Nicole Stott

Veteran Nasa astronaut Nicole Stott sits down with Andrew Mueller to discuss her time on the International Space Station and what life in Earth’s orbit taught her about solving challenges on the planet.
08/04/202230 minutes
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Tony Leon

The politician and former South African ambassador to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay looks back on his career and shares the lessons he learned while working with Nelson Mandela.
01/04/202230 minutes
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Tarja Halonen

Finland’s first-ever female head of state looks back on her remarkable career in public service and shares her take on the prospect of Finland joining Nato.
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Judit Polgar

The best female chess player of all time sits down with Andrew Mueller to discuss her remarkable life and career.
18/03/202230 minutes
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Toomas Hendrik Ilves

The former president of Estonia speaks to Andrew Mueller about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and what this means for Estonia and other Baltic nations.
11/03/202230 minutes
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Michael Holding

The West Indies cricket legend looks back on his time as a fast bowler in the 1970s and 1980s and shares why he decided to write a deeply personal book about prejudice he faced both on and off the pitch.
03/12/202130 minutes
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Janina Kugel

The CV of German board-management expert, Janina Kugel, reads like a vertical line pointing upwards. In this edition, Monocle’s Emma Nelson sits down with the former chief human resources manager of Siemens to discuss leadership and the future of work.
26/11/202130 minutes
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Dirk Boll

President of Christie’s in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Dirk Boll, sits down with Monocle’s Robert Bound to discuss what it takes to oversee one of the world’s most prestigious auction houses.
19/11/202127 minutes 35 seconds
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Albie Sachs

South African freedom fighter and former Constitutional Court Justice Albie Sachs sits down with Monocle’s Andrew Mueller to discuss his influential role in the anti-apartheid struggle, and how he managed to resist the impulse to take revenge against the bomber who cost him his right arm.
12/11/202130 minutes
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Juan Manuel Santos

Former president of Colombia and Nobel Peace prize winner, Juan Manuel Santos, speaks to Monocle’s Andrew Mueller about his efforts to end more than 50 years of civil war in his country.
05/11/202130 minutes
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Tyler Mitchell

Groundbreaking photographer Tyler Mitchell speaks to Robert Bound about his meteoric rise after shooting both Beyonce and vice-president Kamala Harris for the cover of ‘Vogue’.
29/10/202130 minutes
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Chris Hadfield

The Canadian former astronaut speaks to Andrew Mueller about his storied career as a space station commander, and the sheer pressure of dealing with dangerous situations in space.
22/10/202130 minutes
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Jung Chang

The fearless author of ‘Wild Swans’ speaks to Monocle’s Georgina Godwin about her award-winning books and experience growing up inside Mao Zedong’s communist China.
15/10/202130 minutes
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Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya

Belarus’s exiled opposition leader speaks to Monocle’s Tomos Lewis about the state of the resistance movement and her hopes for the country’s future.
08/10/202130 minutes
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Benjamin Zander

We kick off a new season of The Big Interview with something magically different. Monocle’s Emma Nelson speaks to world-renowned conductor Benjamin Zander, the founder of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, about the transformative power of classical music.
01/10/202130 minutes
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Theaster Gates

In our final episode of a special series of conversations ahead of the US elections, Chicago-born visual artist and urban planner Theaster Gates talks to Tomos Lewis about making art, redeeming spaces that have been left behind and the ongoing existence of racial violence in the US.
30/10/202030 minutes
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Jane Fonda

The Academy Award-winning actor and legendary campaigner talks to Tomos Lewis about the importance of protest, using her celebrity platform for social change and why she is inspired by a new generation of activists.
23/10/202030 minutes
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Charlie Sykes

The former radio host and founder of the conservative news website The Bulwark talks to Chris Cermak about a career of two halves: before and after the rise of Trump, losing listeners to Trumpism and how to win them back over to the moderate fold.
16/10/202030 minutes
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Karen Donfried

In the third episode of our US election series, Karen Donfried, the president of the German Marshall Fund of the United States, talks to Chris Cermak about the challenges for the transatlantic relationship and how to get the alliance back on track, regardless of who takes the White House in November.
09/10/202030 minutes
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Chris Wallace

The veteran Fox News anchor was the man tasked with moderating the fractious first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. In our second episode in our special US election series, Tomos Lewis speaks with Wallace about the state of US media, what makes a good question and why after a long career in journalism, moderating a presidential debate is still a nerve-wrecking event.
02/10/202030 minutes
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Ben Rhodes

In our first episode of a special series on the US election, Monocle’s Tomos Lewis sits down with Ben Rhodes, the former speechwriter, foreign-policy adviser and deputy national security adviser to President Barack Obama. He talks about how the US has changed since the Obama years and about his new podcast “Missing America”.
25/09/202030 minutes
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Michel Comte

For more than 40 years, the Swiss artist and photographer has worked for all the major fashion houses and publications including ‘Vogue’ and ‘Vanity Fair’. The subject of his forthcoming book is his grandfather, Alfred Comte, a legendary Swiss aviation pioneer. He sits down with Tyler Brûlé to reflect on the golden age of commercial air travel and on the extraordinary life and achievements of his grandfather.
11/09/202030 minutes
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Masha Gessen

Now a columnist for ‘The New Yorker’, the prize-winning journalist and author spent over two decades covering the resurgence of totalitarianism in Russia. Gessen’s latest book ‘Surviving Autocracy’, turns a lens on the US. Andrew Mueller spoke to Gessen about meeting Putin, Donald Trump’s America and how to find the tools, and the language, to recognise an autocracy, and survive it.
04/09/202030 minutes
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Adam Goodes

One of the greatest ever players of Australian Rules football, former Sydney Swans captain Adam Goodes was also named Australian of the Year in 2014 for his advocacy for his fellow Indigenous Australians. In a rare interview, he talks to Andrew Mueller about connecting with his aboriginal roots, confronting racism on and off the football field and about changing things for the better for future generations.
28/08/202030 minutes
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AC Grayling

Philosopher and author AC Grayling is one of the foremost thinkers of our time. He is founder of and master at the New College of the Humanities and has written and edited more than 30 books. He sat down with Monocle’s Georgina Godwin to talk religion, humanism and the role ethics can play in our lives, electoral reform and more. All of which are discussed in his latest book, ‘The Good State: On the Principles of Democracy’.
21/08/202030 minutes
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Kevin Rudd

The twice former prime minister of Australia speaks to Andrew Mueller about his life in politics – the stakes, the achievements and how precarious the job of PM can be.
14/08/202030 minutes
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Anne-Sophie Mutter

Violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter is one of the world’s pre-eminent classical soloists. For 40 years the German performer has collaborated with distinguished composers and musicians, winning numerous awards. She talks to Monocle’s Robert Bound about Beethoven, her Stradivarius and sending biscuits to John Williams.
07/08/202030 minutes
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The Chiefs Edition: Bernd Bauer

Monocle editor in chief Tyler Brûlé asks leading drivers of change what challenges and opportunities lie ahead. In this week’s episode, Bernd Bauer, CEO of Swiss premium leisure carrier, Edelweiss Air, discusses risk mitigation as we take to the skies again and how to get the aviation industry’s optimism back.
03/07/202030 minutes
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The Chiefs Edition: Peter Maurer

President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Peter Maurer, joins Tyler Brûlé to discuss the shifting funding models for international institutions, the importance of brand on the frontline and reshaping humanitarian aid and diplomacy in a post-coronavirus world.
26/06/202030 minutes
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The Chiefs Edition: Sarah McNally

Monocle editor in chief Tyler Brûlé asks leading drivers of change what challenges and opportunities lie ahead. In this episode, Sarah McNally, founder of McNally Jackson bookshops, discusses the latest challenge to the publishing industry and why New Yorkers’ steely resilience could save independent retail.
23/06/202030 minutes
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The Chiefs Edition: David Miliband

Monocle editor in chief Tyler Brûlé asks leading drivers of change what challenges and opportunities lie ahead. In this episode, David Milband, CEO of the International Rescue Committee and former UK foreign secretary, discusses how to fix the vacuum in global leadership and why public trust – not hospitals – is the real key to fighting coronavirus.
19/06/202030 minutes
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The Chiefs Edition: Andrew Cogan

Monocle’s editor in chief Tyler Brûlé asks some of the world’s leading drivers of change what challenges and opportunities lie ahead as we exit the current crisis. In this episode, CEO of office-design firm Knoll, Andrew Cogan, discusses the changing nature of the way we work and the importance of workplace culture, ergonomics and sustainability in the workplaces of the future.
16/06/202030 minutes
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The Chiefs Edition: Jeremy King

Monocle editor in chief Tyler Brûlé asks leading drivers of change what challenges and opportunities lie ahead. In this episode, celebrated restaurateur Jeremy King discusses the fate of the UK hospitality industry – and tells us why the socially distanced restaurant is a myth.
12/06/202030 minutes
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The Chiefs Edition: Emma Tucker

Monocle’s editor in chief, Tyler Brûlé, meets Emma Tucker, the editor of ‘The Sunday Times’, to discuss what it’s like to cover a global pandemic, the importance of Sunday journalism and how digital can complement, not replace, print media.
05/06/202030 minutes
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The Chiefs Edition: Jens Henriksson

Monocle’s editor in chief, Tyler Brûlé, meets Jens Henriksson, the CEO of Nordic financial services giant Swedbank, who talks about supporting SMEs, the path to economic recovery and how best to approach the challenges that lie ahead.
29/05/202030 minutes
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The Chiefs Edition: Scott Malkin

Monocle’s editor in chief, Tyler Brûlé, talks to the CEO of Value Retail, Scott Malkin, about the luxury fashion industry’s response to coronavirus, changing consumer habits and how disruption might be an opportunity to fix physical retail’s enduring problems.
22/05/202030 minutes
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The Chiefs Edition: Sergio Ermotti

Monocle’s editor in chief, Tyler Brûlé, is joined by Sergio Ermotti, the CEO of Swiss multinational investment bank and financial services giant UBS, to discuss how to help small and medium-sized business through the crisis, the resilience of the Swiss economy and what next for global leadership and cooperation in a post-coronavirus world.
15/05/202030 minutes
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The Chiefs Edition: Vas Narasimhan

Monocle’s editor in chief, Tyler Brûlé, joins some of the world’s leading business figures to ask how we get to the other side of the crisis – and what that might look like. First up is Vas Narasimhan, CEO of Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis, who talks crisis management, the search for a vaccine and the importance of the spaces that we work in.
08/05/202030 minutes
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John Waters

Film director John Waters, aka the Pope of Trash, is known for his 1972 film ‘Pink Flamingos’ and 1988’s ‘Hairspray’, later a hit Broadway musical. Today he writes books and performs standup. He spoke to Monocle’s Daphne Karnezis about building a career on bad reviews and how Trump ruined the word ‘ugly’.
24/11/201930 minutes
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Samantha Power

From 2013 to 2017 Samantha Power served in Barack Obama’s cabinet and as US ambassador to the UN. Starting out as a journalist, she won the Pulitzer prize in 2003 and has now written a memoir, ‘The Education of an Idealist’. Andrew Mueller asks her about her journey to the White House, playing football with the Latin American ambassadors and what it’s like at the centre of a media storm.
17/11/201930 minutes
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François Ozon

The French director received international acclaim for his 2002 musical-comedy-drama ‘8 Women’, starring Catherine Deneuve and Isabelle Huppert; ‘Swimming Pool’ (2003) starring Charlotte Rampling; and the psychosexual thriller ‘L’Amant Double’ in 2017. With his latest film, ‘By the Grace of God’, Ozon again is taking viewers into new territory. He talks to Monocle’s Ben Rylan about playing with different genres and telling difficult stories.
10/11/201930 minutes
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Nicholas Britell

The Academy Award-nominated composer and pianist is the musical brain behind the scores of Barry Jenkins’ Oscar-winning film ‘Moonlight’ and ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’, as well as Adam McKay’s ‘Vice’ and ‘The Big Short’. Most recently he scored the Netflix film ‘The King’ and won an Emmy for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme for the HBO series ‘Succession’. He talks to Monocle’s Ben Rylan about the art of the opening sequence and composing music for moving images.
03/11/201930 minutes
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Jill Tarter

The award-winning astrophysicist is a pioneer in the field known as Seti (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). For more than four decades she has been leading the way in attempting to answer the age-old human question, “Are we alone?” She speaks to Monocle’s Carlota Rebelo about what it’s like to devote your life to working on a problem that you might never see solved.
27/10/201930 minutes
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Darina Allen

For more than three decades, Darina Allen has been tempting would-be chefs from around the world to her renowned cookery school, Ballymaloe. With 19 cookbooks and numerous TV shows to her name, she has gone on to become the face, voice and energy behind a culinary revolution. In conversation with Monocle’s Josh Fehnert, she talks about the importance of farm-fresh produce and why it all starts with a few inches of healthy soil.
20/10/201930 minutes
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Imelda Staunton

Despite popular film credits including the Harry Potter series and an Oscar-nominated turn in 2004’s ‘Vera Drake’, Imelda Staunton has never strayed far from the stage. She’s won four Olivier awards, most recently for her much acclaimed portrayal of Madame Rose in Stephen Sondheim’s classic musical ‘Gypsy’. Monocle 24’s Ben Rylan asks Staunton about her career highlights and the secrets of good stage acting.
13/10/201930 minutes
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James Ellroy

Known as the demon dog of American literature, Ellroy has won numerous awards for his Los Angeles Quartet novels, ‘The Black Dahlia’, ‘The Big Nowhere’, ‘LA Confidential’ and ‘White Jazz’. Now he has returned to LA with a new quartet; ‘This Storm’, the second novel in his latest series, was released earlier this year. He sits down with Augustin Macellari to talk corruption and collusion, the LA of his past, and why he writes.
06/10/201928 minutes 52 seconds
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Carla Sozzani

Sozzani, a luminary of the fashion industry, founded Milan’s 10 Corso Como in 1991. This union of culture and commerce – with photography, fashion, design, music and cuisine under one roof – marked the beginning of a new concept experience: slow shopping. Sozzani talks to Monocle’s Sophie Grove about growing up with art, beauty and design and why getting fired from *Elle* was a good thing.
23/06/201930 minutes
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Jared Diamond

Jared Diamond’s 1997 book ‘Guns, Germs And Steel’ is one of the most influential non-fiction books of our time. It won a Pulitzer prize and influenced presidents and prime ministers. His latest book, ‘Upheaval: How Nations Cope With Crisis and Change’, takes a similarly sweeping view of history. The bestselling historian talks to Andrew Mueller about how nations recover from crisis and why the UK might currently find itself in a bigger crisis than the US.
16/06/201930 minutes
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Sebastián Lelio

The Chilean writer-director has made critically acclaimed films such as ‘Disobedience’ and ‘A Fantastic Woman’ (the latter won best foreign language film at the Academy awards in 2018). His latest film is ‘Gloria Bell’, a remake of his 2013 breakthrough film ‘Gloria’. He tells us about the power of cinema, working with Julianne Moore and the importance of a good soundtrack.
09/06/201930 minutes
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Dame Patricia Routledge

The legendary sitcom ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ became one of the UK’s most successful international productions. While Hyacinth Bucket is certainly Routledge’s most famous role, it’s just one of the 90-year-old actor’s many achievements in a career that’s spanned nearly 70 years. In conversation with Ben Rylan, she talks about her love for the stage and being grateful to Hyacinth.
02/06/201930 minutes
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Sir Terry Farrell

Architect Sir Terry Farrell’s postmodern pastiche of styles include the MI6 building and the Breakfast Television Centre in London. His six-decade career has veered from masterplanning city blocks to building train stations in China. He talks to Josh Fehnert about his life before architecture, the buildings he remembers most fondly and living in a former Spitfire factory.
26/05/201930 minutes
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Ottessa Moshfegh

The acclaimed American writer’s short stories first appeared in ‘The Paris Review’, ‘The New Yorker’, ‘Granta’ and others. She went on to publish her first novella ‘McGlue’ in 2014 and won the PEN/Hemingway Award for her second novel, ‘Eileen’. Her writing is whip-smart and bleakly funny. In conversation with Monocle’s Chloë Ashby she talks about her third novel 'My Year of Rest and Relaxation', New York in the early 2000s, and why she writes.
19/05/201930 minutes
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Fatima Bhutto

The author is the niece of former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto and part of the Pakistani political dynasty. In her memoir ‘Songs of Blood and Sword’, she tells the story of a turbulent and tragic family history. Her latest book, ‘The Runaways’, is a story about radicalism, belonging and muslim identity. She talks to Georgina Godwin about growing up in exile, Islamophobia and K-pop.
12/05/201930 minutes
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Tamara Rojo

As the principal dancer of the Royal Ballet in London, Tamara Rojo has played all the main parts in the ballet canon. Yet it is as artistic director of the English National Ballet that she has made the most impact on the world of dance. Monocle’s Chiara Rimella sat down with her to discuss everything from Brexit and its effect on the arts to the need for different voices in front – and behind – the curtain and why staging ‘The Nutcracker’ still matters.
05/05/201930 minutes
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Pipilotti Rist

Rist’s video and installation art is known across the world for its bold, resonant and often funny style. With a major retrospective of her work open at Copenhagen’s Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Monocle’s Augustin Macellari sat down with the Swiss artist to discuss everything from colour and collectivism to austere white walls in contemporary homes and galleries, and the importance of a good music collection.
28/04/201930 minutes
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Chiwetel Ejiofor

The English actor has had a successful career in film as well as on stage – and earlier this year he launched his career as a writer and director with critically acclaimed debut ‘The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind’. Ben Rylan sat down with him to talk about the craft of acting, writing and directing.
21/04/201930 minutes
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Steve McQueen

For our season finale, we sit down with the British Turner prize-winning artist and Oscar-winning director of ‘12 Years a Slave’, ‘Shame’ and ‘Hunger’. He talks to Robert Bound about his latest film ‘Widows’ and focusing on the work, not the accolades.
16/12/201830 minutes
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Christine and the Queens

The French singer’s first album ‘Chaleur Humaine’ launched in 2015 and topped the charts in France and beyond. Since then, Christine and the Queens has travelled the world, performed with Elton John and famously got spanked on stage by Madonna in Paris. Her new release ‘Chris’ is a funk-filled record full of sexual references and plays on androgyny. Ahead of her tour, the singer sits down with Monocle’s Chiara Rimella to discuss her record, her evolving persona and gender boundaries.
09/12/201830 minutes
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Barry Jenkins

The director of ‘Moonlight’, which won the Oscar for best picture in 2017, has been on an extraordinary journey to Hollywood. In conversation with Monocle’s Ben Rylan, he talks about everything from getting into filmmaking while growing up in a rough neighbourhood, to adapting James Baldwin to the screen in his new drama ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’, and the responsibility that comes with having a voice.
02/12/201830 minutes
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Jane Mayer

Investigative journalist Mayer became the first female Washington correspondent for ‘The Wall Street Journal’ in 1984 and had been a staff writer at ‘The New Yorker’ since 1995; she has also published numerous non-fiction books. She talks about corruption in Washington, increasing press hostility and her determination to expose the truth.
25/11/201830 minutes
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Mary-Kay Wilmers

Wilmers has been the editor of the ‘London Review of Books’, Europe’s legendary literary journal, since 1992. She’s also the author of non-fiction work ‘The Eitingons: A Twentieth-Century Story’ and, more recently, ‘Human Relations and Other Difficulties’, a collection of essays on women’s experiences. She talks to Monocle’s Megan Gibson about the joy of a good sentence and retracing the history of her Russian ancestors.
18/11/201830 minutes
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Sally Field

She won an Oscar for best actress in ‘Norma Rae’ in 1980 and another in 1985 for ‘Places in the Heart’. She appeared in numerous sitcoms and Hollywood box-office hits: ‘Smokey and the Bandit’, ‘Forrest Gump’, ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ and ‘Lincoln’, to name a few. She has now written a memoir, ‘In Pieces’, and talks to Georgina Godwin about childhood trauma and losing herself in acting.
11/11/201826 minutes 2 seconds
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Esa-Pekka Salonen

The lauded Finnish composer and conductor, currently principal conductor for London’s Philharmonia and conductor laureate for the Los Angeles Philharmonic, has spent his career tearing down the elitist labels associated with classical music. He experiments with VR and shaking up the classical-concert format to make orchestras and music more accessible. In a lyrical conversation with Monocle’s Robert Bound he muses over the idea of danger in classical music, pushing virtuosos’ comfort zones and giving back to the system.
04/11/201830 minutes
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Agnès Varda

French film director Agnès Varda was a key protagonist in the new wave of French cinema in the 1960s. Her signature films include ‘Cleo from 5-7’, ‘Vagabond’ and ‘The Gleaners and I’. At age 90, ‘Faces Places’ is her latest documentary about a road trip to rural France with world-renowned artist JR. She talks to Robert Bound about bringing attention to the ordinary, using cinema to build bridges and her trademark two-coloured haircut.
28/10/201827 minutes 28 seconds
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Mary Robinson

The former president of Ireland and ex-UN high commissioner for human rights devoted her life to standing up for gender equality and social justice around the world. Today, she is an outspoken climate-change campaigner. In conversation with Tom Edwards, she talks about her podcast ‘Mothers of invention’ and how she’s retained a positive outlook.
21/10/201830 minutes
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Kerry James Marshall

The celebrated Chicago-based artist, known for his figurative paintings depicting black figures using his signature black paint, sits down with Augustin Macellari to reflect on his early passion for painting, the influence of the European masters and the invisibility of black bodies in the western canon of art.
14/10/201828 minutes 6 seconds
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David Sedaris

The American humorist and bestselling author joins Georgina Godwin to discuss his latest book, ‘Calypso’. He muses over everything from family dynamics and awkward social situations to the boundaries of humour and the role of entertainment in a time of troubling politics.
07/10/201830 minutes
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Ian Bremmer

For our season finale we sit down with Bremmer, president and founder of Eurasia Group. He is one of the world’s leading political-risk experts, specialising in US foreign policy, states in transition and global political risk. He talks to Tom Edwards about his new book ‘Us vs Them: The Failure of Globalism’, which explains the rise of populist leaders and why we shouldn’t blame their supporters.
06/05/201830 minutes
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The chefs

Ahead of the publication of Monocle’s inaugural ‘Drinking & Dining Directory’, we hear from some of the great chefs and restaurateurs who have featured on past episodes of ‘The Big Interview’. Join Tom Edwards for a tasty mix of insights from the likes of Massimo Bottura, Ruth Rogers, Bill Granger and Jeremy King.
29/04/201830 minutes
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Robert Harris

The author of numerous bestsellers, including ‘Fatherland’, ‘The Fear Index’ and ‘An Officer and a Spy’, sits down with Robert Bound to talk about his new novel ‘Munich’, as well as themes ranging from ancient Rome to contemporary politics and why it’s difficult to write political fiction in the modern world.
22/04/201830 minutes
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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

The Nigerian novelist known for critically acclaimed titles such as ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ and ‘Americanah’ joins Monocle foreign editor Megan Gibson to talk about being black in America, becoming a global feminist icon, Nigerian fashion and the challenges facing the Left.
15/04/201830 minutes
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Matthew Rolston

Celebrities from Oprah Winfrey to Prince and Beyonce have all appeared in front of Matthew Rolston’s lens. His glamorous photographs have appeared on the covers of ‘Rolling Stone’, ‘Harper’s Bazaar’, ‘Vogue’, ‘GQ’ and many more. Through the use of his signature lighting, he has become an icon of Hollywood photography. He met up with Ed Stocker to talk about his latest exhibition “Hollywood Royal”, a retrospective of his 1980s photography, and to reflect on his extensive career.
08/04/201830 minutes
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Vik Muniz

The acclaimed Brazilian visual artist and photographer Vik Muniz is best known for his bold and layered recreations of canonical artworks using a range of media. In conversation with Monocle’s Robert Bound, Muniz muses on the role of art, his fascination with illusion and image and his influences, which range from Andy Warhol and Joseph Beuys to his grandmother and his childhood in 1970s Brazil.
01/04/201830 minutes
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Dame Jane Goodall

Renowned primatologist Dame Jane Goodall has spent nearly six decades researching our closest non-human relatives. Since her first trip to Tanzania in 1960 her work has vastly expanded our comprehension of chimpanzees. She talks to Andrew Mueller about her groundbreaking discoveries, chimpanzees’ sense of humour and the work still ahead.
25/03/201830 minutes
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Sir Kenneth Grange

Sir Kenneth Grange is known as the godfather of UK product design. He is the man behind quintessentially British everyday products for brands such as Kenwood, Parker, Kodak and Anglepoise – but also behind the InterCity 125 train, the regional Royal Mail postbox and the latest London black cab. Grange is one of the founding members of the famous interdisciplinary design consultancy Pentagram and during his more than half a century of work he has come to define, change and modernise British design.
18/03/201830 minutes