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English, Religion, 5 seasons, 268 episodes, 1 day 4 hours 34 minutes
Mommying While Muslim is a one of a kind podcast where two American born and bred Muslim moms share their experiences to raise second generation kids. Having experienced both pre and post 9/11 America, they're acutely aware of the unique challenges their families face on top of the regular messes that all moms share. Mommying While Muslim is a space to take back their stories, and tell those no one will air on the news or portray fully or fairly in the media. Zaiba Hasan and Uzma Jafri are moms first, careerwomen second, and global citizens at heart. They meet taboo topics head on because they weren't allowed to do it growing up, not at home or at school and work. They aim to better their immediate households, communities, and their momsisterhood the world over by telling the truths sometimes people don't want to face or to hear. Not everyone has the privileges they have and they are eager to learn, more than they are to share their own experiences. Always looking to give back, they find women and families who need a mic because no one needs a voice; they just need an opportunity to speak. Besides tough social issues, they also tackle political ones because when laws affect their kids, they're coming for them as well as the ones who make them! There's no lane that doesn't get taken here. Along the way, they recruit momallies for Muslim Americans who have been inordinately targeted for the last 20 years. True moms know that ALL our children deserve to be safe, loved, and happy, and we bust every yellow brick on the Islamaphobic road to make sure they all are. If you like good trouble, this one's for you!
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Medical Missions for Moms

Dr. Nour Akhras is a pediatrician infectious disease specialist who has gone on multiple medical missions during her career, even while pregnant! And then she wrote a book about it. That definitely kicks a$$ for our series this month!Listen to her medical mission journey, from the life-changing first trip to now, and how she was able to put that into words. Publishing a book is hard, too, so she describes all the hard things she had to face that helped her write it. It’s hard to say it now given the state of the world, but so timely. We can all do hard things because all of us have kicka$$ in us. Let’s find Allah and our peace now.Tune in at 6pm EST on your podcast apps or check out our website to land on the latest episode.Links:1. Dr. Akhras on IG: Purchase Just One: A journey
09/11/202344 minutes 45 seconds
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Replay: Muslim Moms & Neonatal Loss

Trigger warning!Listen again to Abeeha Hassan's experience of stillbirth after her IVF journey. All that heartbreak, anticipation and work to come home empty-handed.  Early on in her recovery, she wanted us to broadcast normalizing grief. In this episode, she taught us sabr (patience), shukr (gratitude), and tawwakul (unshaking faith in Allah SWT). Her process of closure may seem familiar to someone else who has gone this journey alone, and we are so touched that Abeeha chose to share her story with us. We pray a momsister finds comfort in knowing there’s someone sharing her story of loss and is available to talk about it. Say her name: "Jannah."Tune in at 6pm EST for this important replay wherever you listen to podcasts, or head to our website (link in bio).Note: 1)    Miscarriage-pregnancy loss before 20 weeks1)    Stillbirth-pregnancy loss after 20 weeks (intrauterine fetal demise)2)    Neonatal death-de
06/05/20231 hour 20 minutes 28 seconds
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Building New Islands

When we asked Joy Turner, mom of 3 adults ●      How do we conduct ourselves when adult kids don’t practice or act according to what we expect?●      How do we retire the red panic button?●      What keeps a mom from going nuclear?we didn’t expect to end up in tears. Joy threw us a curveball on this one because y’all know we like to end on a laugh, but instead we shared happy snot. “Just love them.” Thank you for bringing back joy, Joy. We pray that mommying these adult kids will build far better than what we shared before. Allahuma ameen.  Tune in at 6pm EST on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, ask Alexa, or land on our website where the ‘Listen’ button will take you to all of our episodes, starting with this one. Tell us what you think by leaving a review, a new feature on Spotify! Links:Watch with the kids! Inside Out:
13/01/202250 minutes 38 seconds