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English, Education, 1 season, 95 episodes, 14 hours, 50 minutes
Mohanji provides food for thought to assist and engage in self discovery, scan through layers of emotional blankets and through deep contemplation on each aspect get a deep understanding of yourself which leads to self attainment. It will also hold a true mirror to the world around you. Welcome to YOUR world -
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MS95 - From Hypocrisy to Reality

In this episode, we explore Mohanji's reflections on the recent tragic shootings in Serbia, and the steps we can take to create a more harmonious society and cultivate our children's well-being. Join us as we delve into some of today's realities and contemplate ways to promote greater peace and understanding in our world.
5/6/202322 minutes, 10 seconds
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MS94 - Our Deadly Enemy

In this fresh episode of the Mohanji Speaks podcast, Mohanji addresses an issue of the current times, speaking about the most deadly enemy and addiction of today, that often goes unnoticed. He shares thought-provoking insight on some of the realities of our World and how to stay stable through the turbulent times we are cruising in.  To know more, listen to this enriching episode.
4/27/20236 minutes, 37 seconds
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MS93 - How to deal with the world today?

Welcome to a new episode of Mohanji Speaks, where Mohanji answers questions on how to navigate different personalities and maintain a stable existence while practicing ahimsa and purity in a world filled with excesses and negativity. Drawing from the ancient teachings of the Mahabharat, Mohanji sheds light on the different types of people that exist and offers insights on accepting these differences with grace, and how to remain steadfast in the face of adversity. Join us for this insightful episode, and don't forget to subscribe and share with your friends and loved ones.
4/23/202313 minutes, 17 seconds
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MS92 - is the Earth made for humans?

In this podcast, as a reaction to a question he received after the previous episode, Mohanji speaks about the relevance of a human existence on the planet Earth and why this world is not made for humans exclusively, giving insights on what our net worth is and how to shift the man kind to kind men.
4/2/20228 minutes, 45 seconds
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MS91 - Act Now

In this podcast, Mohanji shares his reflexions and observations on the conflicts in Ukraine and the inhumanities resulting from it, inviting each and everyone to Act Now because it is Today that we can make a change for Tomorrow. 
4/1/202210 minutes, 57 seconds
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MS90 - New Year Message 2022

Mohanji gives his message for the year 2022 with a focus on flexibility, minimizing our lifestyles and using this time as an opportunity for redefinition of ourselves. We only use a small portion of our potential and this time is given to expand our capacities and connect with what's truly important in life. Contentment, happiness, and living with highest human values.
1/9/202212 minutes, 22 seconds
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MS89 - Avoid Judgement & Respect Relationships

There are always stories behind stories. Everyone has a karmic history which shaped their outlook and expression. It's not always easy to discern a victory from a failure. A deliberate, purposeful action born from awareness, may be perceived as failure, but lead ultimately to success. It is better to preserve and respect a worthwhile relationship than to express an expectation or egoistic judgement. It is essential to see beyond the immediate and the obvious and to remain humble and accepting. 
6/14/20219 minutes, 28 seconds
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MS88 - Moral Bankruptcy

Moral bankruptcy, or perhaps more accurately, moral degeneracy is mainly due to a selfish, negative detachment from nature resulting in violent, non-consensual use of animals and resources, corruption, and objectification of people. Man-made barriers such as bigotry and speciesism, feelings of a shrunken, limited existence, and a compromised conscience are its signs. Restriction is not morality. Acceptance, kindness, unconditional love and non-violence are what constitute real morality.
6/5/20218 minutes, 7 seconds
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MS87 - Believe in your Mission & Have no Doubts

When we have clarity about our purpose, and about how an endeavor or project can benefit the world, then we must continue to pursue it with full application and intensity. We should believe in our mission. We must defend our inner space from negative input and not allow even the smallest amount of doubt, or fear of failure to enter into us. We must take action today, based on the conviction that we will do something great and that we have the capacity, resources, and support to make it happen.
6/1/20218 minutes, 20 seconds
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MS86 - Follow your Heart, Follow your Conscience

It takes determination to move from doing repetitive, unfulfilling work, to doing something which yields deeper, more lasting satisfaction. Many people will neither understand nor approve of such a decision and one of the biggest consequences of doing it is that a lot of professional and situational relationships will disappear. We should respect and honor our past, but remember that as long as our conscience remains intact, nothing is lost in plunging into the unknown with good intentions.
5/27/20218 minutes, 47 seconds
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MS85 - Happiness is Found in Meaningful Relationships

Pleasure and happiness are different things. Happiness is perpetual and has to happen now, not later. Rather than money or material possessions, relationships are what bring happiness. Virtual relationships are artificial and fall short. Meaningful, fruitful relationships require the investment of time and energy, and the attitude of acceptance of everyone is essential, regardless of failures or successes. Here, quality supersedes quantity, and true wealth lies in well nurtured relationships.
5/20/20218 minutes, 9 seconds
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MS84 - Degeneracy or Rejuvenation - It is our Attitude

The most essential element for avoiding degeneracy and deterioration is being alert and present to every aspect of our lives at every moment. This kind of alertness takes a lot of work and effort. Criticism, jealousy, anger, judgement and dwelling on the past are degenerative. Having a clear, positive purpose to work towards and focus on, along with acceptance, appreciation, and compassion are rejuvenating. We can decide what to emphasize; to be either reactive or proactive. Our attitude makes all the difference.
5/17/20218 minutes, 5 seconds
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MS83 - Developing a Positive Attitude

One of the best things we can do in this time of restriction and loss, due to the COVID epidemic, as a remedy to our anxiety, is look back at all the situations that we've experienced until now, and remember that they were all temporary; we've passed through them, they are over. We can emphasize positivity, as opposed to negativity and realize that whatever our current situation and resources may be, we always have the capacity to do positive work; plant a fruit tree, or say a kind word.
5/14/20218 minutes, 27 seconds
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MS82 - The 3 Aspects of Existence

Everyone has 3 dimensions. The physical, the personality which we express and the inner, which is constant and isn't always visible to the world. Every aspect of existence has 3 dimensions. Past, present, and future. Creation, maintenance, and dissolution etc. Each of the 3 is available for exploration, but the best one to concentrate on is the current dimension, the present. That is how we nurture purpose, focus, and clarity, which create a great life and a great future.
5/10/20217 minutes, 51 seconds
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MS81 - The Real and The Unreal (How to know your connection with Mohanji)

We live in an age of confusion, when the unreal appears real and visa versa. It is difficult to discern one from the other. Many believe that they are connecting to Mohanji's consciousness and have spoken in his name, when they are projecting their own minds or manipulations. This causes upheaval and further confusion. In such cases, the best thing to do is to double check via official channels. The benchmark for authentic connectivity will always be tangible, life-changing transformation.
5/7/20218 minutes, 13 seconds
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MS80 - Setting and Achieving Goals

Having goals is important and the best goals are the ones which are effortless and in accord with our innate nature and also add value to the world. Getting there requires a clear and detailed vision, which means knowing exactly what we want to achieve, knowing where we stand and what the intervening steps between here and there are. Seeking input from trusted advisors and building solid relationships help a lot. Determination, perseverance and flexibility are the indispensable prerequisites.
5/6/20218 minutes, 30 seconds
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MS79 - Be Aware, Be Positive, Be Proactive

Our reality is determined by what we focus on. Collective reality, the situation we find ourselves in today, restriction and fear related to COVID, are at the forefront of our collective mind. Being aware of our thoughts, making a determined effort to discard external, negative input, cultivating a genuinely positive attitude, knowing that we have all that we need to make a positive difference, acting on that basis, without regard for the size of our contribution, is the best thing we can do.
5/3/20219 minutes, 52 seconds
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MS78 - To stand by the helpless is to be human

When we stand by those who are helpless, we become human. This is the thought which Mohanji shares with real-life experience. When he worked in the shipping industry, a new ferry service wanted to sail from his port, but passengers' security standards were very bad, people would have died. Despite all pressures, accusations and attempts by the owners to make the ship sail, he stood his ground and refused. We must stand by the helpless and do what is right.
4/10/202111 minutes, 58 seconds
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MS77 - We must speak because they cannot

Many beings that we share this world with have a mouth but they do not have a voice. They are subjected to torture and murder for the sake of human progress and taste. Similarly, many acts take place where people are silenced. We can have a more human world where all beings are treated with respect. For this, we must speak for those who cannot. We must speak the truth, in the right places and in the right manner respectfully.
3/28/20217 minutes, 31 seconds
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MS76 - 10 pillars of a Great Personality

How to develop a great personality? It's a question that is worth contemplation as our personality defines how we interact with the world. Mohanji shares ten pillars that can be taken as qualities of a great personality. These are useful measures for contemplation on how we would like our own personality to be.
1/20/20217 minutes, 4 seconds
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MS75 - An attitude of Kindness

The situation that we live in creates tremendous anxiety inside people and situations are even reaching suicide. Today, more than meditations, more than yoga, and more than philosophies what people need is kindness. If we can develop an attitude of kindness, we can alleviate those around us from anxiety and stress. Many people only need to know that someone is there for them. We can develop an attitude of kindness and begin to knit more people together.  
1/13/20215 minutes, 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS74 - Simplicity = Better life

Our life has no rehearsals, and in this podcast, Mohanji asks the question “How can we live a simple but effective life”. Many people live incredibly complex lives, but they have less and less contentment or satisfaction. The great masters of India lived very simple lives, and whilst they all had their weaknesses, they made the most of their strengths, leading to greatness. Fewer complexities, a better life. Simplicity is one of the most potent traits for an effective life. 
1/6/202114 minutes, 24 seconds
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MS73 - New Year Message 2021

As 2020 comes to an end and we look ahead to 2021. We can use the year to re-invent ourselves. We can remain flexible, take initiative, take time to make decisions and build meaningful friendships through companionship. This will bring our own betterment and to those around us, especially the helpless. We can cultivate meaningful relationships and we can be there for others, especially the helpless. 2020 was a year we couldn’t have expected and going into 2021 we can be better prepared to keep moving, whatever life brings. 
12/31/202011 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS72 - We all have the Success Factor

We all have the success factor in our lives and a time for it to manifest. But why do people not reach there? It is because they stop halfway. They don’t persevere and see their goals through to the end for many reasons. We always find obstacles in life, but it’s our determination that will give us success. Colonel Sanders found success at 65. Mohanji tells this story as an example. 
12/29/202015 minutes, 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS71 - It is your attitude which makes you a King

Have you ever wondered why the lion is considered the king of the jungle? The lion isn’t the fastest or the smartest animal, but it is the king. One reason. Attitude. We can learn from this. Our attitude shapes us, our attitude shapes who we are and what we can achieve in the world.
12/16/20207 minutes, 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS70 - Success is Contentment

Success is an individual measure. What one person considers success is not the same for another. For Mohanji, the ultimate success is contentment. Where you are content no matter what the situation, you are successful because this demonstrates stability, which brings lasting happiness.
12/2/20209 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS69 - Q&A Do animals have karma?

This podcast is based on the question from a listener who asked about karma in relation to animals; whether animals experience karma and what could cause them to be born into extreme suffering. Mohanji provides his answer.  
11/25/20208 minutes, 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS68 - Why are we (Humans) special?

We have a unique opportunity as humans to connect to the permanent aspect inside us, and when we do, it brings peace, calm, and we enjoy life as the experience it is. When we are stuck with possessions, positions and ever-changing relationships, we experience stresses, strains and frustrations. Mohanji shares great insight into what we are as humans.
11/18/202010 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS67 - True spirituality is experiential

Mohanji shares the true path of spirituality is experiential spiritually and that only what is permanent is real. Many people acquire knowledge, opinions and concepts and these can take us away from experiencing true spiritual ecstasy. He also shares the story of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa who had temporary states of ecstasy with Mother Kali. It was only when he slew her with a sword, he merged in unity consciousness and attained permanent spiritual ecstasy. 
11/11/202010 minutes
Episode Artwork

MS66 - The causes of addictions

Many of us do not know or realize that we have addictions which come from the need to create comfort zones. These addictions come from our insecurities and to cover them up we develop addictions. Even compulsive shopping is an addiction. Most of these are to cover up boredom, insecurities or deficiencies. Why do we go through all this? Mohanji speaks about this in today's podcast. 
10/17/20208 minutes, 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS65 - Is the world an illusion?

In this podcast Mohanji speaks about the world of illusions. We see the world only as we are, not as it is. When we are happy, our world blooms and when we are sad, our world becomes gloomy. This relative world is just our honest reflection. We are not seeing reality. Reality can only be seen when we completely merge with the supreme consciousness. Once we merge with that brightness, there is no illusion anymore. In that mode our operating platform will be unconditional love, happiness and peace within.
10/14/20206 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS64 - Limiting beliefs

We all have our limiting beliefs and we carry these our whole lives. We shy from many things in life and we fail to achieve our goals only because of our limiting beliefs. This is the truth. Aside from these limiting beliefs, we are wild, strong and fearless. Mohanji illustrates this powerful message with a story and invites us to drop our limiting beliefs. Life has got to be lived, life has got to be experienced. Live a full life.
9/26/20209 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS63 - Q&A Power of Purity meditation - Signs of 'unhooking'

Power of Purity is a guided meditation that has brought transformation to thousands of people across the world. Mohanji speaks in more detail about this powerful meditation which unhooks us from past emotions, burdens and negative experiences leaving us free and lighter.
9/16/202013 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS62 - The only time we have is now

Mohanji gives his view of the moral of the story about the King Harishchandra who became a pauper and a graveyard keeper. Our time on earth is limited. Whatever time creates, time erases as well. So instead of pursuing appreciations and accolades that we can put on the wall, we should ask ourselves what we can give to the world today. Is it really worth running after possessions and positions in this short life? What will remain after us is only what we have delivered to the world. 
9/12/20209 minutes, 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS61 - Paying the price for gossip

Mohanji speaks about our love and curiosity for gossips and scandals. We are attracted to it, but it comes at a price which is the contamination of our mind. Because whatever we consume leaves an impact in our system. When we take in negativity, we become that. However, when we think positive, talk positively and do positive action in the world, we are purified.
9/9/202010 minutes, 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS60 - Human Refinement

Mohanji talks about his philosophy for handling the various negative situations we face in society today and the two main options we have available - acceptance or resistance. Rather than resistance or activism he chooses acceptance because through this transformation is possible. Transformation to the highest of human refinement - compassion, kindness and love.
9/5/202019 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS59 - Importance of Lineage

Mohanji speaks about the importance of gratitude towards our lineage and our responsibilities towards Mother and Father. Pitru Paksha is now being celebrated in India which is the time to honor our ancestors and family lineage, a great time for purification by feeding the hunger of all beings in their name. 
9/3/202015 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS58 - Truth - Quote from Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda has a famous quote: ''We can forsake anything in the world for the sake of truth, but we should not forsake truth for the sake of anything.'' Mohanji speaks about this and the deeper and profound meaning behind this statement.
9/2/20206 minutes, 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS57 - 16 signs of an Avatar

Mohanji speaks about 16 signs mentioned in the scriptures which describe the qualities of an Avatar. 
8/30/202010 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS56 - Declutter your mind

Mohanji speaks about how to declutter our mind, how to prioritize and how to balance ourselves in society.
8/26/202012 minutes, 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS55 - In memory of Ammu - Loss transformed into something positive

Today on the 20th death anniversary of his daughter Ammu, Mohanji speaks about the day of her death and positive action that reverberates across the world inspired by her love. The founding of Ammucare and ACT Foundation, that today are touching hearts of many in the same way Ammu touched his.  
8/23/202014 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS54 - Greatness is displayed with humility - Ode to 2 Maestros

Mohanji speaks about two great Maestros that touched his heart – U. Srinivas and Pandit Jasraj.
8/19/202016 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS53 - How people connect to Mohanji

Mohanji speaks about different aspects of connection with a Master. When we realize what is our orientation and constitution, and if we connect accordingly, we will have a stable and peaceful connection. 
8/16/202015 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS52 - Q&A Fear at the time of death

Mohanji answers the listener's question about the fear at the time of death. The secret for a fearless existence is a deep connection to our inner brightness. Once we know what is the source of fear, we can easily come out of it.
8/9/20206 minutes, 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS51 - Personal effectiveness

Mohanji speaks about personal effectiveness. Criticism, comparison and competition take a lot of our time away and affect our self-esteem. Instead, that time can be used for actualization – means coming closer to ourselves, exploring our authenticity, uniqueness and originality.
8/5/20208 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS50 - Inertia

Mohanji speaks about inertia and suggests the methods for overcoming it. Self-motivation, clarity of purpose, determination and discipline are the antidote for inertia.
8/1/202010 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS49 - Go beyond ordinary realities

Mohanji speaks about going beyond our ordinary realities and settling where time is vertical. Here we see parallel realities.
7/29/20208 minutes, 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS48 - Accept Yourself, Trust Yourself

Mohanji speaks about accepting and trusting ourselves, and he shares a story from his personal life. Whatever we think we are, that is exactly what we are experiencing. So, how to make a difference? Find yourself and accept yourself. This is today's 'food for thought', digest well.
7/25/202013 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS47 - Invest in awareness

Mohanji speaks about investing in awareness. When we continuously invest in awareness, our life will not only be fulfilling, but we will have immense contentment each moment.
7/22/202010 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS46 - Q&A How can we best raise our children in these difficult times

As we continue with the Q&A session, today's question that comes from the listener is ''How can we best raise our children in these difficult times?'' Mohanji provides his answer.  
7/18/202011 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS45 - Q&A When to express myself? No sensual activity for enlightenment?

In today's podcast, Mohanji answers the listeners questions ''When to express myself? No sensual activity for enlightenment?''
7/15/202010 minutes, 1 second
Episode Artwork

MS44 - Q&A Is it possible to be totally unselfish

Today's question that comes from the listener is "Is it possible to be totally unselfish?" Mohanji provides his answer.
7/11/20206 minutes, 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS43 - Q&A How do we deal with envy

As we continue with the Q&A session, today's question that comes from the listener is 'How do we deal with envy, experienced by both oneself and by others towards us? This is for both materialistic and spiritual envy.' Mohanji provides his answer.
7/8/20208 minutes, 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS42 - Q&A Unconditional Love Part 3

In today's podcast, Mohanji continues with his reply to the question ''What is unconditional love of a master?''
7/5/20208 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS41 - Q&A Unconditional Love Part 2

Today we continue with the topic of unconditional love. In this part, Mohanji answers the specific question ''What is unconditional love of a master?''
7/2/202010 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS40 - Q&A Unconditional Love Part 1

Today's question that comes from the listener is "When is true unconditional love possible?" Mohanji provides his answer.
6/29/20209 minutes, 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS39 - Q&A How do I motivate my children

As we continue with the Q&A session, today's question that comes from the listener is "How do I motivate my children?" Mohanji provides his answer. 
6/27/20206 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS38 - Q&A How do I spend more time at the being level

Mohanji answers the listener's question "How to stay in the 'being' level?" This is being in our natural state and also recognizing the other dimensions of life which exist. Beingness means being aware of your words, actions and your existence in all planes. 
6/25/20208 minutes, 16 seconds
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MS37 - Q&A Overcoming Health Issues, Keeping Faith

A listener who is in pain with ill health asks "How do we keep faith and stay strong when going through health issues?" Mohanji provides his answer.
6/23/20208 minutes, 31 seconds
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MS36 - Depression

Mohanji speaks about a very relevant topic today, depression. He shares depression has its roots in unfulfilled expectations and the disappointment that come with that. By reducing our external expectations and coming inside we can find stability and peace. This is today's 'food for thought'.
6/21/202011 minutes, 17 seconds
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MS35 - Change your life, change your attitude, be powerful

Mohanji speaks about the frustrations that are currently building for people causing violence at home. By readjusting our understanding of life, our attitudes we can become powerful people and bring stability to ourselves and those around us. This is today's 'food for thought'.
6/19/202013 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS34 - Behind Smiles and Frustrations

Mohanji speaks about the frustrations and hidden effects of the Covid situation. Domestic violence, depression and suicides are on the increase. We have a role to play during these times. He poses a question as today's 'food for thought', ''How can we improve the attitude that we express to the people around us?''
6/17/20209 minutes, 6 seconds
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MS33 - Integrity, The story of Tom Smith

Mohanji speaks about integrity and shares the story of Tom Smith. Unconditional love and integrity are the only medicine to have a regret-free life. What we leave behind should make us live in the hearts of many. The goodness that we deliver to the world will live long even after our death. This is today's 'food for thought'.      
6/16/202010 minutes, 28 seconds
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MS32 - Spirituality v Religion

Mohanji shares a writing which someone sent to him on the difference between spirituality and religion. For example 'religion divides between us and then, spirituality unites'. This difference, between religion and spirituality, is today's 'food for thought'. 
6/15/20205 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS31 - Look into the eyes of fear

Mohanji speaks about fear and many different dimensions of it. Fear cripples us while freedom from fears leads to liberation. In the path of liberation, there is no room for fear. ''How to overcome our fears?'' This is today's 'food for thought'.  
6/14/202012 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS30 - Enemies

Mohanji speaks about enemies and shares a story from his personal life. Enmity happens in life, it is part of existence. The best medicine to cure it is to remain as love, kindness and compassion. ''What we should do with our enmities?'' This is today's 'food for thought'.  
6/13/20208 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS29 - Are you an angel or are you a vulture?

Mohanji speaks about the goodness factor. We all have the capacity of being an angel, helping the helpless, being kind and compassionate and prioritizing it at all times. That's where humanity comes and the goodness factor is displayed. ''Are we an angel or a vulture?'' This is today's 'food for thought'.  
6/12/20205 minutes, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS28 - Be authentic, be yourself

Mohanji speaks about being authentic and being ourselves unapologetically. This is our flavor we add to the world and our disposition is how people will accept us. Being kind and compassionate and being totally authentic will make us well accepted. 
6/11/20205 minutes, 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS27 - We are the world

As human beings, we are an integral part of this existence. We are the world and each of us has a role to play in deciding how we want it to be. Mohanji shares his view that the greatest contribution we can make is to cultivate qualities of harmony, humanity and non-violence. However, this can only happen if we fully invest ourselves and have conviction in our thoughts, actions and expressions. 
6/10/20208 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS26 - Nature

There are two aspects of nature that are connected to each other - our inherent nature that defines us, and the outside nature that sustains us. Our continued existence as a species depends heavily on the outside nature and it is therefore important to live in harmony with it. Our actions not only affect us but also the survival of other species. We must cultivate our inherent nature in such a way that it leads to compassion, selflessness and kindness. We can only be sustained if we sustain the nature around us.
6/9/20207 minutes, 40 seconds
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MS25 - Children

Mohanji speaks about children and shares his views on how we can help them in more meaningful ways. It is important to nurture and take care of them because they are the future. There are many children in need of basic necessities such as food, water, education, and are often vulnerable to abuse. What can we do to make a difference in their lives? This forms today's food for thought.
6/8/20205 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS24 - Real freedom

Today's food for thought revolves around the question - what is real freedom? It is often thought of as the ability to freely pursue our desires. We tend to identify with our senses, our body, and our mind. But attaining real freedom is about freeing ourselves from these aspects and realizing that our happiness does not depend on external things. As long as we are bound by our desires and the need to fulfill sensory satisfaction, we cannot call ourselves free. 
6/7/20206 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS23 - Spaces

How do we peacefully coexist with each other? Mohanji speaks about how conflicts arise when we try to encroach on another person's space. Our desire to acquire more should not come at the expense of somebody else. It is important to accept that everybody has a right to their own space and to recognize that we do not own our spaces forever.
6/6/20205 minutes, 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS22 - World Environment Day. Be sensitive. Be loving.

Human insensitivity continues to cause the destruction of the environment and the species that inhabit it. On the eve of World Environment Day, Mohanji shares a tragic event to highlight this. We cannot call ourselves a refined species if we lack compassion. In this era of human degeneracy and indiscriminate violence, it is important to educate future generations to cultivate non-violence and be sensitive and loving to every being around us. 
6/5/20208 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS21 - Keep growing, look within

The biggest hurdle to personal growth is our ego, and Mohanji illustrates this point through a short story. The minute we think we know everything and are content with external validation, we stop growing. It is important to constantly push the boundaries of what we think we know and maintain a curious mind. There is much more to a human life than what is experienced by our five senses. Developing this awareness is essential to keep progressing.
6/4/20205 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS20 - Wake up to who we are

Growing unrest in America and around the world has once again highlighted deep divisions prevalent amongst people everywhere. What can we do to stem this tide of hatred and violence? Mohanji shares that it is time for us, as humans, to wake up to who we are. It is time for us to listen to each other. Transformation can only happen if we realize that there is no religion greater than humanity, no law greater than non-violence, no medicine greater than unconditional love and no education greater than compassion. A peaceful existence is possible only when there is peace inside us.  
6/2/202017 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS19 - Depth of illusion

What is the nature of illusion (Maya)? Mohanji shares a story to explain the depth of illusion and how we cannot comprehend it by using our logic or our intellect. Trying to understand the different dimensions of Maya is not a trivial task since it only exists relative to our mind. We only experience things as we are. So what are we and how do we go about exploring it? This forms today's food for thought.  
6/1/202010 minutes, 47 seconds
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MS18 - Rise early and soar (Early Birds Club)

Imagine living in a harmonious society filled with people who are rooted in compassion and have the energy to transform the world. This is the vision of the 'Early Birds Club'. Creating well-rounded individuals needs a solid foundation. According to Mohanji, this begins by waking up early. Consistently putting this into practice helps us achieve stability, improves our overall well being and makes us feel more alive. 
5/31/20207 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

MS17 - Health

What does it mean to be healthy? We often think of health only in terms of our physical well being. Mohanji shares his view that being healthy is to have every aspect of our life in balance. Our overall health and wellness is affected by many external and environmental factors. We can achieve physical and mental stability by making certain changes to our lifestyle and by using a holistic approach to our health.
5/30/20207 minutes, 46 seconds
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MS16 - Living consciously

Most of us experience our lives unconsciously and fail to develop a deeper understanding of what life is about. We go through each stage in life in a mechanical manner and tend to experience life only on the surface. Mohanji shares his view that conscious living starts with us. We must ask ourselves this fundamental question - what are we made up of? This forms today's food for thought.
5/29/20208 minutes, 26 seconds
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MS15 - Take your motivation from within

We usually look for motivation on the outside, but do not realize that it is only temporary. A more sustained source of motivation can be found within us, and Mohanji illustrates this point by sharing a personal story. Rather than giving in to adversity, we can use it to cultivate self-motivation. There is nothing more powerful than this and being able to tap into this source is necessary if we want to inspire others and make a difference in their lives.
5/28/20206 minutes, 15 seconds
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MS14 - Success against all odds

Mohanji offers his perspective on failure and how success can be achieved when all odds are stacked against us. Is it really a failure if things do not go the way we expect them to go? It is not a failure if we have the right attitude. The key to success is developing this healthy perspective. We can always redefine our goals and approach them differently. It is important to realize that we cannot control every situation and to keep going even when things do not look good. If we put in a sincere effort without giving up, success will follow.
5/27/20207 minutes, 38 seconds
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MS13 - The real wealth in life is YOU

Today's food for thought revolves around this question: what is real wealth and how do we obtain it? People often equate material success with wealth and they spend their whole lives chasing it. However, satisfaction and contentment is not achieved this way. Mohanji offers his view that the real wealth lies inside all of us. We are the real wealth. Finding happiness in the simple things and applying what we learn to make a difference in this world is the key to living a contented and peaceful life.
5/26/20206 minutes, 28 seconds
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MS12 - Small steps, big success (Kaizen)

Mohanji speaks about a Japanese technique called 'Kaizen' that can help us achieve our goals and has the potential to transform our lives. We all have the strength to overcome challenges but it is only possible if we learn how to use it well. The idea behind this technique is to consistently take small but steady steps each day. Even the smallest of improvements done constantly can eventually lead to great results.
5/25/20206 minutes, 43 seconds
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MS11 - This question is a game changer

Mohanji offers today's food for thought in the form of the following question - who am I? This game changing question is one we all ask at some point in our lives, usually in times of despair and discontentment. If we want to truly understand who we are and find our purpose, it is important to contemplate on this question. This path of self-discovery eventually leads to a mastery over self, which is the highest possible achievement in our life.  
5/24/20205 minutes, 2 seconds
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MS10 - Knowledge and clarity

Mohanji speaks on the subject of knowledge and the importance of decluttering our mind. If our mind is cluttered with information, we lose clarity in life. It is important to ascertain how much of the information we receive is good and needed, while discarding what we do not need. This forms today's food for thought.
5/23/20207 minutes, 14 seconds
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MS9 - Which are you? Fixed or flexible mindset

Mohanji speaks about fixed and flexible mindsets and gives us guidance on how to analyze where we stand. While fixed minds are rigid and set in their ways, people with flexible minds are always seeking to improve themselves, embrace challenges and every failure is seen as a lesson. Today's food for thought revolves around the question - where do we stand? 
5/22/202010 minutes, 58 seconds
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MS8 - These podcasts are to transform you

Mohanji speaks about the purpose of this podcast series. It is not about giving us answers, but to give us questions, or food for thought. A good teacher shows us where to look and not what to see. These seeds of thought enable us to create understandings that eventually transform us. 
5/21/20205 minutes, 58 seconds
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MS7 - A contented life is a successful life

Mohanji talks about how contentment is a measure of a successful life and how we can maintain satisfaction in life. It is important to reach a level of maturity wherein our fulfillment is not dependent on external things. It relies solely on being content. This is today's food for thought.
5/20/20205 minutes, 58 seconds
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MS6 - What we resist, persists

Mohanji speaks on the subject of resistance. We experience them everyday in our lives. They can either be a roadblock to our progress or be used as inspiration to turn our lives around if handled correctly. Knowing how much to resist and how much to accept is important. The more we resist something, the longer it stays in our lives. These ideas form today's food for thought.
5/19/20206 minutes, 54 seconds
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MS5 - Appreciation

Mohanji speaks on the subject of appreciation and how we can make our life fueled with a child-like wonder. Our lives are a collection of many events and until we learn to appreciate every aspect of it, we will not fully experience life. The more we give to the world, the more we get back. How much do we really appreciate our life, and the people around us? This is today's food for thought.
5/18/20205 minutes, 46 seconds
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MS4 - Why do we fail to help others?

Mohanji offers his perspective on what makes us want to help others and why some of us fail to do it. When we are stable and content with life, the desire to be helpful happens spontaneously.  The way we handle the world is a reflection of how we handle ourselves. This leads to today's food for thought - why do we fail to help others? And what makes us compare and compete with others?
5/17/20209 minutes, 21 seconds
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MS3 - Making the most of your time

Mohanji answers the question - "Everybody has 24hrs in the day but you seem to have 48hrs, how is that possible?". We can all make the most of our time by simply planning our days well. Having a clear purpose and the clarity about what to do can make 24hrs seem like 48hrs. These ideas form today's food for thought.
5/13/20207 minutes, 34 seconds
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MS2 - Every sinner can become a saint

Mohanji speaks about the intellectual and emotional attributes in people and reminds us that there is an inherent saintly quality in every person regardless of their predominant attribute. Every sinner has a future and every saint has a past. These simple truths form today's food for thought.  
5/9/20207 minutes, 25 seconds