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English, Fashion, 1 season, 57 episodes, 1 day, 15 hours, 30 minutes
Model Student, hosted by Alexandra Rain, is an exploration of the fashion industry.
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Super (!!!) Model Kit Costello

On this episode: the origin story of a lifetime (farm, all boys school, mom’s communion dress), becoming a model, coming of age, submitting to agencies, “overnight success,” ego and persona, not getting booked, gender identity, supportive friendship, the give and take of the fashion industry, and a modeling 101 pep talk  Kit's Instagram Kit's TikTok Thank you for listening! Xo
4/18/20231 hour, 8 seconds
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Literally Model Student w/ Bryll Bautista

On this episode: finding the right agent, working as a freelance model, trusting your gut, advocating for yourself, knowing your values, how to take digitals, taking care of mental health, affirmations, imposter syndrome, and a play by play for Pleasing  Bryll's Instagram Thank you for listening! Xo.
4/11/202332 minutes, 52 seconds
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Access to Cute Clothes? w/ Victoria Holmes

Joined by the owner of Shop Penny: a vintage shop that caters to sizes 14-26. On the episode: personal style development, forever 21 and the row, adapting trends to your closet, comfort dressing, the ethics of reselling thrifted clothes, the skill of thrifting, sustainability, changing the world through clothes, and where are all of the TikTok girlies irl?  Model Student Yearbook One Shop Penny Shop Penny Instagram Victoria's Instagram Victoria's TikTok THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! Xo. PS: The book I wrote
3/21/202339 minutes, 25 seconds
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Glenn Ellis Teaches Me Work/Life Balance

Joined by celebrity hairstylist Glenn Ellis! On this episode: hobbies, work life balance, moving to New York “impulsively at age 19,” treating people with respect, 90s mentality, resilience and opportunities, moving back to LA, salon and set work, fangirling, financial stability vs creative liberty, and wholehearted advice. Model Student Yearbook One Glenn's Instagram Thank you for listening! Don't forget to leave a rating and review. Xo. 
3/14/202332 minutes, 10 seconds
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Mattie Niles, My First NYFW Friend

On this episode: joined by model Mattie Niles, NYFW recap, taking care of mental health amidst the fashion week chaos, comparison on social media, what to wear to castings, finding success and identity. Model Student Yearbook One Mattie's Instagram THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LISTENING! Xo.
2/28/202339 minutes, 21 seconds
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Shelby’s Skin Care Routine

On this episode: joined by master esthetician Shelby Elsworth St John LME!, working at a med spa, result given skincare, continuing education, acne, skincare recommendations, and the recovering perfectionist journey continues Model Student Yearbook One Shelby's Instagram Thank you for listening, xo!
2/21/202335 minutes, 27 seconds
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Confidence Crash Course w/ Samantha Ortiz

On this episode: commercial modeling and what Sam has learned during her experience so far, the “miss new york” pageant, listening to intuition, coco roacha modeling camp, taking risks, business mindset, handling rejection, imposter syndrome, and self love practices Model Student Yearbook One Sam's Instagram Sam's Blog
2/14/202334 minutes, 51 seconds
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The LinkedIn Experience w/ Brittney Demello

On this episode: playing with bratz dolls to working in fashion pipeline, studying business, postgrad, personal brand and nourishing creativity, Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day!, finding a design mentor, networking, production and styling internships, working with Law Roach and Zoe Costello, luck and connections Thank you for listening! Xo Model Student Yearbook One  Brittney's Instagram
2/7/202338 minutes, 11 seconds
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Mourning ManRepeller w/ Liz Love

On this episode: friend of the pod joins, ignorance and the fashion industry, the “reckoning,” the obsession with individualism, the successors of the tongue in cheek “anti cool girl” cool girl fashion, New York girl bosses, overdressing and personal style development, social context, “off line” THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! Xo The podcast episode I made Liz listen to Model Student Yearbook One
1/31/202345 minutes, 16 seconds
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Put The Straightener Down! w/ Naina Maile

On this episode (chopping it up about): shooting an editorial magazine spread, embarrassing myself by not knowing geography, studying abroad, getting signed to an agency, seeing yourself on the model board, confidence chat, growing up in ut as ~women of color~, ethnically ambiguous bag, maintaining self esteem within the modeling (rejection based) industry, waiting for emails References: You’re Not Ugly, You’re Just a POC in a Predominantly White State (I WROTE THIS!!!!) read here When The Black Gaze Expires (video essay) watch here THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! Xo Model Student Yearbook One Naina's Instagram 
1/24/202338 minutes, 12 seconds
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The S in STEM is for Sewing (and other FIT things) w/ Wajeeha Hassan

On this episode: immigrating to the United States at 13 and becoming a fashion student at FIT, fantasy vs reality of working in fashion, Indian culture and traditional wear, handmade apparel, having confidence in your dreams, the first sewing machine, building a portfolio, design and creative process, sizing, and sustainability Thank you for listening! Xo Model Student Yearbook One Wajeeha's Instagram
1/17/202338 minutes, 28 seconds
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POV: Sofia Malik

On this episode: going viral, content celebrity community (loves an alliteration), pop culture, staying authentic online, early 2000s icons, “this could happen” opportunities and hopes, making your mark, manifesting?!?!?!?!?, shifting?!!!!???!, behind the scenes work, being vulnerable about your dreams, and ignoring the haters (12 year olds on TikTok) THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! xoxo Model Student Yearbook One Sofia's Tik Tok Sofia's Instagram
1/10/202339 minutes, 48 seconds
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My First Magazine Feature

Written by yours truly, read here: The book I wrote: To our corner of the world, xo.
12/6/202219 minutes, 22 seconds
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The Array of Ava Williams

On this episode: studying photography at FIT, personal style development, the dynamic of online shopping vs going to the mall and having more references for fashion, the trend cycle, how the algorithm impacts creativity, finding a sense of self, creating art, and advice for artists Ava's Website Ava's Instagram  Ava's Second Instagram Ava's TikTok ARE YOU WATCHING? Model Student Youtube Channel Yearbook One Instagram TikTok Personal Instagram The book I wrote My history project Thank you for listening, don't forget to leave a rating and review! Xo
11/29/202238 minutes, 5 seconds
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Curation, Costumes, and Career w/ Ammaarah Jalal

On this episode: not limiting yourself to niches, Adam Sandler core, sending a dm to start a fashion career, work ethic, working on set as a costume designer PA, starting an ethical womenswear brand, and the actual most inspiring advice in the history of all time ever ever ever Ammaarah's Instagram ARE YOU WATCHING? Model Student Youtube Channel Yearbook One Instagram TikTok Personal Instagram The book I wrote My history project Thank you for listening, don't forget to leave a rating and review! Xo
11/22/202241 minutes, 8 seconds
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Will you sign my yearbook?  Order your copy here.  Watch the trailer here. Thank you for listening, don't forget to leave a rating and review! Xo
11/15/20229 minutes, 51 seconds
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Textiles, Knitwear, Fashion Week Across the Pond! w/ Olivia

On this episode: interning at London Fashion Week with Patrick McDowell, attending the London Fashion School, knitwear, textiles, fangirling over Simone Rocha and Djerf Avenue, acting on ideas, creative processes, all or nothing mentality, career goals and ambitions, and embarrassing myself by asking very silly questions (“do you have project runway in London?”) Lily Grace by Olivia Yearbook One Instagram TikTok Model Student Youtube Channel Personal Instagram The book I wrote My history project Thank you for listening, don't forget to leave a rating and review! Xo
11/8/202236 minutes, 59 seconds
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Becoming Your Own w/ Bea

On this episode: what questions to ask modeling agents, the wanting to pick out your own outfit as a kid to model fashion girl pipeline, interning for Proenza Shouler, studying at FIT, style development, security and confidence, womanhood, and individual experiences influencing personal style Watch this interview here!  Bea's Instagram The book I wrote My history project Instagram Contact: [email protected]
10/25/202237 minutes, 46 seconds
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Syd Walker in Paris! #epicprank

On this episode: processing New York and Paris fashion week, luck in the fashion industry, allowing yourself to feel excited and disappointed, a handful of Hunger Games references, callbacks, having an agent that believes in you, personality hire, #romanticizing your life, and staying grounded with Syd <3 Watch this interview here! Syd's Instagram  The book I wrote My history project Instagram
10/18/202240 minutes, 45 seconds
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Feeling The Fear (and doing it) w/ Anastasia Furrow

On this episode: healing and health, having a day job while pursuing your dream, getting into modeling, fear of success, insecurity to superpower, working on set, doing things in spite, learning to pose and feel confident, body image, self esteem, the body positivity community, respecting each other’s bodies, and a cute little Henry David Thoreau reference + a sprinkle of existentialism. Anastasia's Instagram Anastasia's TikTok ARE YOU WATCHING? *model student youtube channel* The book I wrote My history project Instagram
10/11/20221 hour, 5 minutes, 42 seconds
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Delusional but not Dumb w/ Jada Jones

On this episode: moving to New York and LA, attracting the experiences you want, theater vs screen acting, not limiting yourself (hi, Jada jones, triple threat), the audition process, how to sustain being in this industry, creating a space for creatives (BLVD&CO), acting on an idea (it’s a disservice not to!), being a POC in this industry, micro influencing, the “celebrity” discourse, overnight success, becoming a brand, consumerism, and the philosophy of going for it. Jada Jones IG  Jada Jones YouTube Jada Jones TikTok ARE YOU WATCHING? *model student YouTube channel*  The book I wrote My history project Instagram
10/4/20221 hour, 1 minute, 5 seconds
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Maiya Brought a Camera To Recess

On this episode: documenting (“I just want to remember everything”), bringing a camera to recess, photographer parents, developing skill and style, creative process, getting made fun of, being perceived!?!???????, being a WOC in this industry, accessibility (or lack thereof) in the arts, the artist impulse, having a second job as an artist, setting rates, talent and luck, and taking risks. Maiya's Instagram  ARE YOU WATCHING? *model student channel*  The book I wrote My history project Instagram
9/27/20221 hour, 11 minutes, 25 seconds
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Mrs. Hannah Goes To NYFW

On this episode: who deserves to be at NYFW?, Hannah’s first NYFW experience, getting invited, a healthy dose of The Devil Wears Prada references, rewearing clothes, online to irl, and how Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris got Hannah to NYFW. ARE YOU WATCHING? *model student youtube channel* Hannah's Instagram Hannah's TikTok The book I wrote My history project Instagram
9/23/202240 minutes, 15 seconds
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Vogue's World or Natalie's World?

On this episode: Vogue World as a photographer, Bella Hadid telling Natalie the photo she got of her from the Met Gala is one of her favorite photos of herself, an expansive niche, paparazzi reform, New York ambiance, my managing career, when is it okay to sneak in? (respectfully), creating opportunities, and creative processes vs social media Natalie's Instagram Natalie's TikTok ARE YOU WATCHING? The book I wrote My history project Instagram
9/21/202259 minutes, 54 seconds
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NYFW '22 Recap

On this episode: NYFW recap, selling a lifestyle, honesty > aesthetics, mental health, not crying after castings, living in New York, and overall reflections. Resources for eating disorders: ARE YOU WATCHING? The book I wrote My history project Instagram
9/20/202243 minutes, 25 seconds
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On this episode: 1 year of Model Student (this Wednesday!) and expanding the Model Student universe.  Watch NYFW DREAMSTATE here: The book I wrote: My history project: Instagram:
9/19/20223 minutes, 58 seconds
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BAKE Talent Management *sizzling in your oven*

With the lovely Michael Cheung! On this episode: getting into the fashion industry, mentorships, street style v editorial, styling, scouting models, month long scouting process on instagram, launching a mother agency, building a brand, stability within the industry, and more <3 BAKE: MICHAEL: YOURS TRULY: The book I wrote: My history project: Instagram:
8/16/20221 hour, 5 minutes, 33 seconds
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Thomasina Myresa Is My Role Model

On this episode: working with homeless youth in the night vs modeling in the day, auditioning again and again, toughening up and staying grounded within the fashion industry, working with a runway coach, how to believe in yourself, instability within freelancing, moving to nyc, and more! THOMASINA: YOURS TRULY: The book I wrote: My history project: Instagram:
8/9/202236 minutes, 33 seconds
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Chloe In Letters *writer, muse, irl cool girl*

On this episode: literary sweetheart (the fact that I followed Chloe on Tumblr back in the day?!?!), the romantic and mundane, optimism, the Joan Didion phenomenon (New York made Didion cry too), cool girl syndrome, taste outside of aesthetics, stars aligning <3 Affilate links: Use the code alexndrarain for 20% off CHLOE IN LETTERS: YOURS TRULY: The book I wrote: My history project: Instagram:
8/2/20221 hour, 14 minutes, 5 seconds
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Fashion Tips and Fits Extraordinaire Denzel

In 2000s-2010s we had What Not To Wear (with Stacy and Clinton <3) — today we have Denzel! Denzel is a fashion tips and fits Tik Tok extraordinaire. On this episode: epidemiology (surprise!), social media’s impact on the fashion industry, genderless fashion, finding your style, fashion vs style, and plenty more! DENZEL: YOURS TRULY: LOST HISTORY:
7/19/202233 minutes, 32 seconds
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Ethical Fashion w Emma Rothkopf

Welcome back!  On this episode: owning a small business, ethical practices, sustainability providing a voice and perspective to clothing, what is a small batch clothing line?, handmade <3333 clothing <3333 club <3333, what staples and essentials in your closet should you have?, why are ethical fashion brand soooo expensive?!?, community > competition Emma Rothkopf: YOURS TRULY: LOST HISTORY:
7/12/202237 minutes
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Steph Kirk, Mystery No More

Steph Kirk has a ~moody~ photography style but she isn't a ~mystery manic pixie dream girl!~ on today's episode: turning your hobby into career, influencer ut culture, how social media impacts photography/art/creativity, mystery manic pixie dream girl niche misunderstanding, belief systems, manifesting, opening a studio, how to get clients, commercial photography, and more! STEPH KIRK: YOURS TRULY:
6/28/20221 hour, 9 minutes
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Lauren Still Gets Dressed

*TW: there is a baby crying three minutes in to the episode, it lasts about 40 seconds!* on today’s episode: sewing, identity crisis?, buying vs making, creative processes, the fashion industry vs individual style, accessibility, fashion ecosystem, getting dressed (obvi), manrepeller, modesty (lauren puts it well), being perceived?!?! — enjoy. LAUREN: YOURS TRULY: LOST HISTORY:
6/21/202238 minutes, 28 seconds
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Empathy Over Ego w Tony Redmer

Round of applause for Tony Redmer! *clap, clap, clap, clap!!!*  on today's episode: a near death experience, a changing industry, ethical retouching, body positivity, and model development. TONY REDMER: YOURS TRULY: LOST HISTORY:
6/14/202242 minutes, 41 seconds
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Lights Up Summer?!

solo episode featuring a surprise guest at the end! on today's episode: moving to la, comparison, manifestation and maslow, life themes via harry styles' songs, and a sprinkle (or two) of trauma.  re: analyzing harry styles' lights up music video for a university final:   YOURS TRULY: LOST HISTORY:
6/11/202243 minutes, 15 seconds
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Reneé Maudlena Noe believes in YOU!

Reneé is a model, an athlete (hi 3 marathons in 1 year?), and your new bff.  RENEÉ: YOURS TRULY: LOST HISTORY:
6/7/202233 minutes, 47 seconds
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Extruding the Vibes w Jordyn Edgerton

extruding vibes, bestdressed, blueprint and style dna, justice tanks on depop?!?!?, thrifting, extruding vibes, style evolution and identity crisis (2018 core), fashion school — happy june 2nd to those who celebrate <3 JORDYN: YOURS TRULY: LOST HISTORY:
6/2/202237 minutes, 4 seconds
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@ Me Next Time w Natalie J

If anyone asks, Natalie does social media for Vogue. In this episode: creative impulses, sneaking into the met gala (sorry Anna Wintour!), the importance of tagging photographers, being reposted by Simone Ashley, mental health, and photography x 3000.  NATALIE: YOURS TRULY: LOST HISTORY:
5/24/20221 hour, 10 minutes, 2 seconds
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If You Can't Join Them, Judge Them

not invited to the met yet, so in the meantime... *2022 met gala review, with gracie mae and gretchen ingrid* YOURS TRULY: LOST HISTORY:
5/5/20221 hour, 12 minutes, 26 seconds
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Model Syd Walker Tells All

no gatekeeping here! SYD WALKER: YOURS TRULY: LOST HISTORY: WRITING: Growing Pains: Opinion:
4/5/202251 minutes, 17 seconds
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Model and Actor: Willow Blythe Corner

No because I was actually speechless when I met Willow. And I still kind of am speechless right now writing this description... what to say? Willow is a star. Willow has the warmest energy of anyone I've met ever. Willow is meant to be on the silver screens. Willow gives the best advice for aspiring actors and models (and it's beyond "get your ass up and work!) -- she's amazing.  WILLOW: YOURS TRULY: LOST HISTORY: Newsletter: Socials: WRITING: Growing Pains: Opinion:
3/29/202245 minutes, 29 seconds
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Master Esthetician (aka Hair & Skin Angel): Syd Cutty

Sydney is my Pinterest boards come to life. She's an angel and your fairy godmother when it comes to haircare and skincare. Syd has a no bullshit approach when it comes to taking care of yourself and prioritizes low maintenance beauty. She's a facials focused on acne and healing, as well as an enhanced hair colorist and stylist. What a dream girl!  SYDNEY: From Yours Truly: LOST HISTORY: Newsletter: Socials: WRITING: Growing Pains: Opinion:
3/16/202245 minutes, 1 second
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Supreme Model: Linnea Turner

Linnea Turner, the one and only. Chances are you've seen her on your TikTok for you page, on the Free People website, or Vogue Runway. She's a star! We talk about what makes a good agent, her experience with NYFW, moving to New York, and modeling advice. Hope you enjoy! xo  LINNEA TURNER: LOST HISTORY: Newsletter: Socials: WRITING: Growing Pains: Opinion:
3/8/202235 minutes, 2 seconds
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Stetts Model: Ashley Kim

Ashley Kim on carving space in the modeling industry, why representation that extends beyond stereotypes matters, healing her innerchild, mantras, and beyond! I'm quite fond of this episode and proud of the conversation we shared. I hope you enjoy, xo.  ASHLEY KIM:  Stetts Portfolio Instagram  MORE FROM YOURS TRULY: Growing Pains; a collection of poetry and prose 
12/1/202135 minutes, 5 seconds
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Pinterest Dream Girl: Lex

1000% promise you've seen Lex on your Pinterest feed before and 1000% promise you'll enjoy this episode. Lex and I discuss the influence of social media on trends, finding personal style, thrifting, and beyond. She's truly the coolest girl and I was so excited to talk to her! Enjoy, xo. LEX: MORE FROM YOURS TRULY: @modelstudentalex: Growing Pains, a collection of poetry and prose:
11/22/202125 minutes, 56 seconds
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Photographer & Movement Director: Marissa Mooney

My guest is especially special today because Marissa Mooney is the first photographer I ever worked with! Literally! I shot with them before I even signed to an agency so this is a proper full circle moment for me. Marissa and I discuss a range of subjects, from gender identity and presentation to the differences in working with celebrities/models/dancers to developing photography style/skill and beyond. Thank you for listening, enjoy! xo MARISSA: MORE WORK FROM YOURS TRULY: Growing Pains:
11/15/202154 minutes, 47 seconds
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Tress Founder & Model: Laticia Rolle

My big sister and role model x 3000, drum roll please... LATICIA ROLLE! Laticia is an actor, model, and founder of Tress. We discuss Laticia's journey to modeling, what she has learned throughout, and how to empower and find yourself. Beyond that, we discuss Tress. Tress is a hat company dedicated to nourishing and protecting curly hair. Their satin lined products are functional, sophisticated, and innovative. I hope you enjoy Laticia's grounded energy as much as I do! xo LATICIA: TRESS: MORE FROM YOURS TRULY: Growing Pains:
11/10/202148 minutes, 17 seconds
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Refugee to Runway Model: Jean Mpalomby

Round of applause for our first man on Model Student, welcome Jean Mpalomby! We discuss Jean's personal history: coming to America as a refugee and journey as a model. Jean has worked with Yves Saint Laurent, Open Ceremony, Moschino, Coco and Breezy, James Street Co, Taft, and beyond. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did! xo JEAN: MORE FROM YOURS TRULY: Growing Pains:
11/1/202125 minutes, 13 seconds
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Multi-texture Hairstylist: Tenesha Luckett

Tenesha Luckett was the first hairstylist I ever worked with and now the first hairstylist on Model Student! Tenesha and I talk about the importance of being able to work with multiple hair textures, salon vs set experience, how to connect and network, traveling to LA for work, being on set for the Savage x Fenty show, and beyond! I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I do.  TENESHA: MORE WORK FROM YOURS TRULY: Growing Pains:
10/25/202125 minutes, 12 seconds
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SOBRIQUET Artist: Chloe Bruderer

Today my guest is the one, the only, the darling Chloe Bruderer! A shining star like none other and my #1 inspo forever and always. Chloe and I gab about personal style, the Olsens, rebranding, creativity, confidence, and beyond. Special thank you to Chloe, not only for being my guest, but also designing the Model Student podcast art! xo SOBRIQUET & CHLOE: MORE WORK FROM YOURS TRULY: Growing Pains:
10/21/202135 minutes, 58 seconds
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Wilhelmina Model: Reneé Maudlena Noe

Reneé has always given me the best advice when it comes to modeling, so it was a no-brainer to have her on as a guest! We discuss how Reneė began modeling, moving to LA, working with Good American, how to build connections with agents and casting directors, building confidence, and beyond.  RENEE MAUDLENA NOE: MORE WORK: Growing Pains; a collection of poetry and prose:
10/12/202123 minutes, 12 seconds
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Editorial & Not Studios: Kendal Walker

I can't stop gushing over Kendal Walker! Kendal is the co-owner of Not Studios and editorial photographer. We discuss the wedding to editorial pipeline, how to direct a shoot, the differences between digital and film, the process of opening a studio and more! I hope you enjoy listening to Kendal as much as I did.  KENDAL WALKER: NOT STUDIOS: MORE WORK: Growing Pains; a collection of poetry and prose:
10/7/202141 minutes, 16 seconds
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The Forgotten Supermodel: Donyale Luna

In this episode, Model Student celebrates the first Black supermodel: Donyale Luna! Listen to learn about Luna's legacy as well as personal commentary on being called "exotic."  SOURCES:
10/5/202111 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

And I Get Dressed: Hannah Ruth Zander

I'm joined today with instagram's sweetheart, Hannah Ruth Zander aka Hannah Fashionista! What inspired Hannah's newsletter: And I Get Dressed? What is Hannah's relationship to vintage and everything that encompasses it? How has the internet changed the discourse of fashion? What is the future of fashion, especially how it relates to the digital space? What is Hannah's advice for people trying to find their own personal style? Listen to find out!  *if you like this episode, leave a review!* Special thanks to the darling Hannah! Hannah Ruth Zander: And I Get Dressed Newsletter: MORE MODEL STUDENT GALORE: MORE WORK:  Growing Pains; a collection of poetry and prose:
10/1/202144 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

Fashion School BFF: Gretchen Ingrid

Over the moon to share this episode with my best friend, Gretchen. We have a proper gab, from style icons to the experience of being a fashion student. How did a Pinterest board get Gretch an internship? What's the difference between knits and wovens? How are fabrics made? Are Princess Diana and the mom from the Parent Trap the same person? Listen to find out!  Special thanks to the lovely Gretchen!  Gretchen Ingrid Paulsen: MORE MODEL STUDENT GALORE: MORE WORK:  Growing Pains; a collection of poetry and prose: Letters From Rain:
9/28/20211 hour, 2 minutes, 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Beauty Expert: Omayma Ramzy

What is like studying makeup at a British university? What's the importance of having a clean, vegan, and organic skincare line? What was it like being featured in Vogue? What is beauty? Listen to find out!  Special thanks to the brilliant Omayma Ramzy! Omayma Ramzy: Omayma Skin: Omayma Skin Vogue article: MORE MODEL STUDENT GALORE: MORE WORK: Growing Pains; a collection of poetry and prose:
9/24/202146 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

NYFW, Thanks Eleanor!

This is my first step to becoming a big time magazine editor. More importantly, this first episode reflects on my first NYFW. Who is Eleanor? What are castings like? What is the importance of fashion week and why have I always been fascinated in it? Listen to find out!  Special thanks to the Snow Xue Gao team, Crawford Models, and NIYA.  SOURCES: MORE WORK:  Growing Pains; a collection of poetry and prose:
9/21/202115 minutes, 22 seconds