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English, Chat, 1 seasons, 141 episodes, 4 days 6 hours 22 minutes
The Model Citizen Podcast is hosted by models Hunter and Michaela Mcgrady, sisters living in New York and Los Angeles respectively. The girls chat unfiltered about anything and everything including their lives and experiences in the modeling industry, beauty, fashion, dating, sex, marriage, family, politics and pop culture. The girls hope to provide a lighthearted but much needed outlet for those looking for inclusivity, diversity and a safe space to tune in every week to hear about the world's most talked about topics and feel that sense of sisterhood and family.
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The Unicorn Of The Sea, Rating Classic RomComs, and Hunter Finally Comes Online

On this week's episode, the girls practically become a history/zoology podcast! They delve into wild phobias, real history facts that blow their minds and Hunter comes to some serious realizations. They also properly rate the three greatest films of all time, talk Anne Hathaway love or hate and Hunter schools her husband on what some are calling "The Unicorn Of The Sea."
07/12/202342 minutes 26 seconds
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Holiday Survival Guide: Handling Unwanted Comments

On this week's episode, the girls explore the reasons behind Hunter frantically taking pregnancy tests, delve into the disappointing event that brought Michael to tears, plus they give you advice on how to handle unwanted comments during the holidays! We're looking at you, Aunt Jan! You too, Grandma! 
30/11/202345 minutes 19 seconds
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A Been Through Sh*t Body

This week on the podcast, the girls are breaking down their body types, diving into the tiers of grief, spilling the tea on why Matt Rife's got the boys all worked up, hitting you with a fresh round of "I don’t like that," and sharing their top picks from the Goop Holiday Gift guide—affordable, of course!
23/11/202339 minutes 13 seconds
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Hunter Fell For A Scam!!

On this week's episode, the girls discuss the biggest scam of all time that Hunter ended up falling for, why Southern California is so dramatic, and how Hunter and Michaela are going to be rewriting and singing all of the Christmas classics! Plus, an all new round of “I Dont Like That!” featuring Logan Paul!
16/11/202345 minutes 20 seconds
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The Real Housewife of Stowe, VT

In this week's episode Michaela is back from her luxury brand trip and she's a different person. Perhaps even more insufferable! She shares the highs of her trip and the low of the worst flight attendant she's ever encountered. We unveil who is the Mariah Carey of fall and also touch on asking our husbands if they still love us even though our bodies have changed (it's not what you think). We also share our I Don't Like That's for the week!
09/11/202347 minutes 55 seconds
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Facial Fads, Britney Spears, and Unexpected Deliveries!!

On this weeks episode the girls discuss facial feature fads, the beauty hack that Michaela has been doing on her facial hair, getting botox on their traps, Britney Spears’ quickly bestselling book, why they miss homecoming gowns, and the thing that Hunters son ordered to their home after using her phone!    
02/11/202352 minutes 24 seconds
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Hockey Hunks, Glizzies, and Bullies!

On this week's episode Michaela shares what sport she’s currently riding for, she explains what a “glizzy” is and no.. it’s actually not a sexual act! They also talk about the one thing people do when they move that gets under both of their skin, Michaela has a DMV fiasco and comes out on top, and the way Hunter's high school handled her bullies!
26/10/202347 minutes 46 seconds
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Girl With Gerd and Death By Chicken Cesar Wrap

In today's episode we discuss the girl with Gerd (Hunter), how Michaela’s hyper fixation over a certain food almost cost her her life, how much a marital argument is worth in dollars and why Hunter got into one with her husband. We also stack up which West Coast v. East Coast chips reign supreme!
19/10/202345 minutes 5 seconds
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Hunters New Family Member, Julia Fox, Pamela Anderson, and The Golden Bachelor!

On this weeks episode the girls discuss the hunk of wood that has integrated itself into Hunters family and how they are accepting it, the real way Julia Fox and Kanye west met, how refreshing Pamela Anderson and The Golden Bachelor is, and they introduce a new segment called “I don’t like it” 
12/10/202342 minutes 5 seconds
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Mental Loads, Arm Wrestling, and Swifties Take the NFL

On todays podcast the girls discuss who manages the household “mental load”, if a big purchase should be discussed in a marriage, why they arm wrestled and who won, why Taylor swift is now the entire NFL, and which math equations make sense and which ones are uncomfy. 
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Mental Loads, Arm Wrestling, and Swifties Take the NFL

On todays podcast the girls discuss who manages the household “mental load”, if a big purchase should be discussed in a marriage, why they arm wrestled and who won, why Taylor swift is now the entire NFL, and which math equations make sense and which ones are uncomfy. 
05/10/202352 minutes 38 seconds
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Celebrity Rendezvous, Relationship Icks, and Food Dilemmas!

On todays episode the girls discuss their hot take on the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce rendezvous, Hunter reveals what her husband did that gave her the Ick which then snowballs into a game of “Would You Rather”, and Michaela has a burning question regarding Hunters questionable plane eating habits.
28/09/202346 minutes 6 seconds
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Fear and Loathing In New Jersey

On todays episode the girls discuss why Hunter is afraid of her toddler, a very special shoutout, the most inclusive fashion show Hunter has ever been to, Michaela’s new business venture as an American Picker, and top tips on how to know if someone is suspicious (which is everyone according to Michaela) 
21/09/202349 minutes 46 seconds
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What the F*ck is the US Open

In today's episode, the ladies are back, diving into their usual shenanigans. They delve into the world of heart-pounding naps, what exactly the US Open is and why everyone is all of a sudden a tennis fan, planning a roast for Michaela, and unraveling Hunter's husband's peculiar belief that he is in fact part of the Eagles football team.
14/09/202347 minutes 20 seconds
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We’re Surviving, Not Thriving!

On this weeks episode the girls discuss how they are surviving not thriving, Michaela’s run at comedy with her gastro and getting life alert, hot Lumberjack tik tok, Hunter rebukes some things as usual, and they and they answer a voicemail!
07/09/202345 minutes 25 seconds
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Grindr, Girl Math, and Gigantic Life Decisions!

On this weeks episode the girls answer a voicemail from a caller and give their thoughts on what they would do if they found out their husband was on Grindr, and they justify some big purchases using “girl math” like spending $5k on an untrained horse! 
31/08/202349 minutes 54 seconds
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The Hurriquake Heard Around The World, Hunter's Social Media Shift, and Stepping Into Our Feminine Energy

In this weeks episode the girls discuss the Hurriquake that took Southern California by storm (literally), Hunters toddler learns how to use Alexa which put a wrench in their routine, a significant decision Hunter made regarding her children and social media, and how Michaela is stepping into her feminine energy.
24/08/202356 minutes 59 seconds
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Unsettling Deliveries, Recycled Ex Pet Names and Panic Attacks

In this episode, the girls unravel the adoption story or lack thereof of Michael Oher. They delve into the world of recycled pet names among ex-partners, explore the chilling story of Michaela's unsettling perfume delivery that calls back to a previous episode, and how Michaela dealt with an extreme recent panic attacks. Also, Hunter shares her journey with a full body MRI and what the results were. 
17/08/202352 minutes 43 seconds
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Let’s unpack that: Lizzo Allegations, Bella Hadid, and Sisterly Advice Pt 1!

On this week’s podcast the girls discuss *those* Lizzo allegations and their thoughts on it, why Bella Hadid sharing her health journey is a good thing, and they answer all your burning questions for another round of advice from your older sisters! They talk sex, dating, friendships and more!
10/08/202345 minutes 22 seconds
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Moods, Movies, Money: Unfiltered Chats with the Girlies!

In this week‘s episode the girls discuss why Michaela is in a MOOD, why Barbie is the perfect movie, how much money they would take to live life as a dog, and their take on the Ariana Grande/ Ethan Slater infidelity! 
03/08/202346 minutes 27 seconds
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Celebrity Wet Dreams, Girl Dinner and Cancelling Miranda Lambert

On this week's episode the girls discuss the unexpected controversy stirred by country superstar Miranda Lambert who recently called out girls taking selfies and discover why her remarks gave them the “ick.” Next, they delve into the curious phenomenon of dream-induced attraction. They share their own personal experiences of dreaming about someone they’ve never considered attractive, only to wake up with INSANE crushes??? They also discuss what it would take for them to jump on a plane tomorrow and fly anywhere. And FINALLY Hunter gets her Harry Potter hat finally sorted after years of unanswered questions—Hufflepuff? Slytherin? Does she even know these words? Tune in to find out!
27/07/202344 minutes 18 seconds
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Secrets Unleashed: Hunter’s Unbelievable Confession and YOUR Wild Dating Stories

On this week’s episode the girls discuss Hunter's journey as a self appointed community leader, as well as sharing a secret about her husband that will forever stay within the podcast's vault. And brace yourself for a wild story as they share a jaw-dropping voice note recounting a date that took an unexpected turn involving a flog and a vibrator necklace
20/07/202346 minutes 24 seconds
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The Empowered Evolution: Manifesting Your Highest Self

On this weeks episode we discuss the empowering perspective on becoming your highest self and ways to achieve this! We also touch on Hunter's glow-up, the best compliment you can get, Michaela's hard time quitting something and the one thing Hunter only lets Michaela do
13/07/202336 minutes 33 seconds
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The Sweet & Salty Chronicles: Getting Banned, Gluten Wars, Cat Coincidences, and Ex-Talk

On this weeks episode the girls discuss the next Scandoval: Flourless Chocolate cake at every single restaurant and the gluten free community coming for Hunter. Michaela’s neighbor getting a cat and naming it the exact same name as her deceased former tenant, why Michaela got fired from a job—STEALING!! And they touch on how much they tell their partners about their exes!
06/07/202334 minutes 31 seconds
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The Retro Rewind: Josie and The Pussycats, TRL Nostalgia, Pricey Presents, and the SubmersOVAL

On this week's episode, the girls delve into the magic of the movie 'Josie and The Pussycats,' and reflect on why Gen Z will never experience the phenomenon of TRL. They also share insights about a VERY expensive Christmas gift received by Hunter from a family member, which was low-key shade towards Michaela... The girls also showcase their journalistic prowess by skillfully connecting the Submersible to SCANDOVAL and share their thoughts on both events!
29/06/202335 minutes 36 seconds
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If You Don’t Laugh You’ll Cry

On this week's episode we are just off the heels of Michaela’s whirlwind week of being a sub for Hunter’s nanny! We talk about the high highs and the low lows. Everything from our trek strawberry picking and baby blow outs to illegal activity all in the name of calming a baby down. AND we find out...did this change Michaela's mind on having kids or sway her the other way? You’ll have to listen to find out!
22/06/202342 minutes 43 seconds
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Astro Explorations with Sheera pt. 1!!!

In this week's episode, we are joined by Astrocartographer Sheera who helps us delve into the fascinating realm of astrocartography, and exploring our cosmic maps, astrological compositions, with of course, Michaela as the rare triple Sagittarius. Astrocartography, often referred to as locational astrology, explores how the celestial positions at the time of an individual's birth influence their life experiences in different geographical locations. Join us as we chat all things  cosmic adventure, unraveling the celestial tapestry woven within our natal charts! Our minds were BLOWN! Where to find Sheera: Instagram + TikTok: @worldlyastrology Her website and place for bookings: (
16/06/20231 hour 14 minutes 17 seconds
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Mass., Mayflower, Mansions and Ghost Hunting!!

On this weeks episode the girls discuss Michaela’s trip to Massachusetts, seeing the Newport mansions that no one actually lives in, why museums always lead you back to the Metazoic era, everyone in Boston being caked up, plus we learn Hunter literally doesn’t know any History or what the Mayflower is! The girls also touch on Michaelas tour in Salem which included ghost stories, witch hunts, and a lot of stuff that Hunter would be rebuking. 
08/06/202340 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

Mosh Pits, Telehealth Mishaps, and Fitting Room anxiety!

On this weeks episode the girls discuss Michaela’s latest run in with a mash pit as well as being a fly on the wall for her Telehealth doctors visit, which was nearly taken live on air, guys who flail their arms when they run—is this a make or break? Anxiety surrounding changing room attendants and returning things that don’t fit, and we plug in MCP to Chat GPT for some very unnerving content!
01/06/202332 minutes 54 seconds
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Toxic Traits, Delusional Men and Rock Paper Scissors!

In this episode, the girls kick things off with a discussion about the true rules of rock, paper, scissors. They also share an exciting announcement that Michaela will be stepping into a new role in Hunter’s family dynamic, explore the realities of being alone with children and the power of the “mom voice”. They delve into the ruinous hellhole that is Facebook and the unexpected attention Michaela’s viral photo received, sparking some controversial comments and highlighting the male gaze. They examine the delusions and gaslighting tactics used by men who believe they shared intimate moments with the Michaela, even when it's clear they didn't. The girls also discuss some questionable hygiene practices and explore their followers’ stories revealing their most toxic traits while also discussing their own. From being invited to events we don't want to attend to leaving half-drunk water bottles scattered around the house, they explore the absurdity of their own behaviors. Grab your favor
25/05/202348 minutes 24 seconds
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Sedona Girl Eras and Sexual Awakenings

On this weeks episode the girls discuss why Hunter's son has a very “goat” heavy childhood, why every girl has a “Sedona girl Era” and how to spot it. They talk flushing tampons, why hotel sex hits the hardest and they chat about scenes from movies that  traumatized them and those that became their sexual awakening!! (Max Goof, eyes are on you). Grab you popcorn and embark on the cinematic journey that is this week's episode #flairforthetheatrics 
18/05/202347 minutes 44 seconds
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Covert Mission-We Threw Hunter a Surprise Party!!

On today's episode we recount all the things that happened during Hunter’s 30th birthday which included: a Korean day spa, a Yoni steam, nudity, espionage, and a huge surprise birthday party that Michaela and Hunter's hubby had been planning for months. Did she know? Was she tipped off? How did they pull it off? Was someone’s Yoni steamed?? Tune in to find out, Citizens!
11/05/202344 minutes 34 seconds
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The Reason We Declined The MET Gala

On this weeks episode the girls discuss Hunter turning 30!! She touches on what this means for the next phase of her life and why seasonal allergies are for gorgeous girls only (but guys aren’t allowed). They also chat about why people hyping Michaela up while she takes pics in public makes her uncomfortable and why Hunter is the contrary opinion. They also discuss the off putting theme from The Met Gala- which was the ONLY reason they did not attend…….. and hope they don’t revoke any future invitations in the future!! Please???
04/05/202344 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

Rag Mags Made Me Do It!!!!

On this weeks episode the girls discuss  Michaela igniting her inner Karen and getting her dogs into pageantry. They also talk about all the things they grew up reading in Cosmo mag like using ice for the best blow job, and they take their own Cosmo quiz to find out if they are “bad girls” a-la-2009!! 
27/04/202349 minutes 56 seconds
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A Hoe Never Gets Cold with Roxanne Nai’a

On today’s episode the girls have a bonafide intellectual on the podcast in the form of Roxanne Nai'a! Roxanne is a social psychology PhD candidate at the University of South Florida who studies how women are impacted by patriarchal structures, and specifically how these processes play out, and are exacerbated in, virtual spaces. They touch on the Tiktik that brought Roxanne to them where she warns of the dangers of antiquated findings that “men are more sexual than women” and why it’s wholly inaccurate based on current research. Roxanne dives into objectification theory and why inter-sectionalism in research is so important to avoid data bias. She talks about her most viral videos and her article in The New York Post titled “A Hoe Never Gets Cold”, famously said by Cardi B. Roxanne also shed light on how zoom has had serious impacts on mental health f
20/04/202357 minutes 24 seconds
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We heart Wellbutrin! Michaela’s Struggle w/ Depression

In this week's episode the girls discuss Hunter’s biggest “cringe” and talk about if men should even be allowed to walk alone in the park. They also catch up on the shows they are binging (and you should too!) and most importantly Michaela gets real and honest about where she stands with her mental health. She talks about the realization that led her to discovering she had to address her mental health in a more serious manner and the steps she is taking to get the help she needs. They also dive into the importance of de-stigmatizing the conversation surrounding mental health, depression, and medication!
13/04/202335 minutes 46 seconds
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The Things That Shaped Us!

In this week's episode we are DEEP diving into the things, people, music, and inspirations that made us who we are. So blame them!!! We touch on Hilary Duff's influence, the Olsen Twins fashion sense, TRL, Hunter's biggest career inspirations and the teacher that changed Michaela's life. All of this and more!
06/04/202339 minutes 14 seconds
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There’s No Winning When Bodies Become Trends

On this week's episode the girls discuss how mad you can be at your husband for sleeping well, Hunter gives her son a choppy haircut after a traumatizing try at the hair salon. The girls also speak at length about the lack of diversity present in this year's Fashion Week, why it is detrimental not just to the fashion industry but to our culture and future generations and calls out the brands who have pulled extended sizes from their stores. 
30/03/202333 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hunter’s Birth Story (Beauty, Trauma and Everything In-between)

We're back this week with an episode that will always be near and dear- talking all about Hunter's birth story with her baby girl!! We do a speedy update on Michaela's experience changing her medication and how it has improved her mental health, plus some life updates! Then we get into Hunter's whirlwind multi-day, unmedicated (unplanned), turbulent labor, some iportant tips for any and all soon to be mamas, and her first time meeting baby Ava
23/03/202354 minutes 42 seconds
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100th Episode Special!! Trends: Let 'em Die or Please Revive!

On this weeks episode we are celebrating 100 episodes of MCP!!! The girls invite in a very special guest to talk the trends we want to see die forever (we’re looking at you, bedazzled crocs) and the ones we want to come back (gold foil tattoos, a cheers for you!) this episode will have you either commiserating with us or yelling at the phone in disagreement!
16/03/202353 minutes 45 seconds
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Lotion-Gate, Scandoval and Never Have I Ever!

On this weeks episode the girls discuss "Lotion Gate" which happened during Michaelas high profile casting, the absolute drama behind the Vanderpump Rules cheating scandal, plus a racy game of "Never Have I Ever"
09/03/202342 minutes 20 seconds
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Lets Get Drunk, Girlies!

This week the girls discuss their drunkest nights stories, which includes Hunters husband confessing his undying love for most beautiful woman in the world, Heather Graham. Plus, a visit from Michaela’s husband where he retells being found in the back of a pickup truck. 
02/03/202333 minutes 51 seconds
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Almond Moms and Charcuterie Qualms

On this weeks episode the girls discuss how men get the “man flu” and how it is disrespectful for them to get sick while women are sick. They chat about how Hunter got a close encounter with hell on Earth AKA The American Dream Mall, they share their absolute gripe on charcuterie boards laying silly on your moms counter! Plus, they touch on "Almond Moms" and how triggering but relatable the trend is, and how at the end of the day this podcast is very French! Michaela also discusses why on earth its called Throat Coat tea and her qualms with charcuterie boards!
23/02/202340 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

Control The Uncontrollable!

In this weeks episode Hunter is right off the heels of having a menty B, the girls discuss the insanely gorgeous baby shower that Michaela surprised Hunter with, the weekend spent with 8 people living under one roof, and the absolute chaos that was Super Bowl sunday which involves Michaela bailing in a chair and Hunter upchucking everything she had for dinner all in the name of *Attention* 
16/02/202339 minutes 32 seconds
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In today's episode the girls discuss the “new rules” for being a member in society according to the viral The Cut article. Like, is canceling on people ok? Should we ever wake up our sig other, even if it means there’s a psychopathic murderer in the house? Who pays if you’re drinking? Plus, Hunter recounts the time 50 Cent hit on her. Was he a gentleman or...listen in to find out!
09/02/202348 minutes 42 seconds
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Strawberry Banana Flavored Placenta

On this weeks episode the girls discuss 90s nostalgia like TV dinners, bath beads, and why guys in every 90s show broke in through the window. They also chat about celebrating Hunters husbands birthday at Chuck E. Cheese whom may or may not be a skater zaddy now and the thoughts behind eating your placenta in a smoothie. Jamba Juice could never. 
02/02/202333 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

Scandal in the Suburbs

This week the girls discuss how Hunter's strongly worded email to a childrens gym has her stirring up all the drama within the suburban mom community, and how she has another email brewing!!! SCATHING! Michaela has a medical scare by a dramatic doctor, how all the girlies are thirsting for Joe Burrow, and they dive deep on how they would spend 5 minutes Supermarket Sweep style inside Target! 
26/01/202346 minutes 40 seconds
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Have you been hearing phrases like "high value man" while scrolling TikTok and Instagram? Have you ever wondered wtf that even means? Same!! In today's episode we discuss Hunter's head-to-head with an online matchmaker claiming that the (antiquated) BMI scale directly impacts a woman's ability to find this mythical "high value man", we put in our 2 cents (because its OUR PODCAST) and we get to the crux of this issue and remind our listeners of their power, their worth and how none of it is tied to weight or outward appearance!
19/01/202341 minutes 43 seconds
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The Plus Size Experience (Thin People Would Be Shaking!)

In this episode the girls discuss the plus size experiences that would send thinner women into an absolute tailspin! They touch on everything from doctors visits,toilet seat covers, airplane seats, the absolute luxury that is shopping at ZARA, and more!!
12/01/202343 minutes 30 seconds
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New Year, New Us: We're Gonna Be Worse

On this weeks episode the girls recap the Holiday season (at least the parts Michaela was awake for!) plus, they share their goals ahead of the new year, and one of the girls may be making a big move!!!
05/01/202342 minutes 48 seconds
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Who Knows Hunter Better? Michaela Vs. Brian!

Since you guys loved our last installment of "Who Knows Me Better?" We brought in Hunters husband, Brian to play a round for himself! Different questions like, "When did Hunter lose her virginity?" and "Who was Hunter's first romantic relationship?" Hunter and Brian's marriage is on the line!!! This episode is the epitome of a silly goose time!! 
29/12/202244 minutes 6 seconds
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25 Things I Learned Before 35!!

As we are in the midst of Michaela's birthday week, the girls discuss what 25 things she has learned in her 35 years on Earth! This list is good, thorough, and you will definitely want to get your pen and paper out to refer back to!! This episode tops the list for the girls' "favorites" of 2022!!
22/12/202256 minutes 8 seconds
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Who Knows Michaela Better? Husband V. Sister

In this weeks episode we welcome for the very first time Michaela's Husband, Martin!! We play a juicy game of "Who Knows Me Better" where Hunter and Martin go head to head in one of the greatest battles of our generation. Hunter gets cocky and judges Michaelas answers about herself and the winner has to buy Michaela something...
15/12/202244 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

Silly Goose University!!

In this weeks episode the girls reveal the sex of Hunter's baby!! They discuss their $50 million Christmas wishlist, Hunter's reaction to the babies gender and how the family responded. Michaela forces zero gravity chairs upon Hunter, and the girls welcome a newcomer to Silly Goose University! 
08/12/202244 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Balenciaga Horror and Spending Xmas with our Fave Celebs

In this weeks episode the girls discuss bad Christmas decor timing, Hunters gripe with germs, the Balenciaga horror, and a fun game of "Would You Rather" 
01/12/202241 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Thanksgiving Drama and Saucy Q&A's

The ladies are here to keep you company this Thanksgiving whether you're cooking in the kitchen, or avoiding *that* family member. The girls discuss the pressure of the holidays, why Hunter insists on spoiling Secret Santa, and we answer some questions from our listeners like, how to get over dating a guy whose never been kissed to our worst date ever and weighing more than your partner!
24/11/202239 minutes 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

Becoming Unapologetically Yourself with Kamie Crawford

In todays episode the ladies chat with ultimate boss babe, Kamie Crawford. The girls discuss catfishing and how to catch a catfish, who Kamie was catfished by, the pageant world, how Kamie went from pageant girl to model to host to entrepeneur. She also dishes some tea on her recent relationship and past breakups!
17/11/202257 minutes 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

Our Bodies Are NOT a trend!!!!

In this episode the girls discuss Michaela's case of tinselitis, the horrific reprecussions of the New York Post's "heroin-chic" article and why our bodies AREN'T TRENDS, why Hunter is Momzilla and is single handedly taking on the pharmeceudical companies, and why the girls have BEEF with Swifties!!
10/11/202242 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

Entering Into Our Villain Era

The ladies are back together with an "In Your Lap" podcast episode! They discuss Hunter's bedroom having a very distinct smell, entering their villain era at Target, how their mom gave Michaela's car away for FREE, and getting bamboozled at malls!
03/11/202238 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Model Citizen Trailer

Check out Model Citizen, hosted by Hunter and Michalea McGrady - coming to Dear Media on April 15th! 
08/04/20211 minute 16 seconds