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English, Cultural, 1 seasons, 34 episodes, 12 hours 47 minutes
from modeling, mental health, relationships, fitness, personal stories, advice, and everything in between, Model Behavior with Bentley Mescall covers all the bases. after starting her modeling career at 11 years old, Bentley has forged her own path. now she wants to sit down and share her stories and experiences with, well... everyone! Instagram- @bentleymescall Tiktok- @bentleymescall.2 https://www.tiktok.c (
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my recent experiences and advice on dating
13/11/202317 minutes 36 seconds
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pros and cons of modeling

the best and worst parts of the modeling industry
06/11/202318 minutes 57 seconds
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q&a (relationships, recovery, and coming out)

a little q&a / advice session about relationships, recovery, coming out, sexuality, and just life in general
30/10/202322 minutes 36 seconds
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managing ptsd and dissociation

all about how I've learned to deal with dissociation and heal my cptsd. live love trauma!
16/10/202322 minutes 13 seconds
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story time! the promoter industry

the story of my very sketchy Australian promoter / sugar daddy and my thoughts and opinions on the promoter industry as a whole.
09/10/202319 minutes 14 seconds
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alone but not lonely

my journey of learning to love being alone and getting to know myself
02/10/202319 minutes 22 seconds
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special guest: Matea (college, living abroad, NYC)

introducing my dearest friend Matea! we chat about her college experience, living abroad, moving to NYC, processing breakups, making friends in new cities, and fresh starts!
25/09/202328 minutes 22 seconds
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let's catch up - life updates

from a breakup, a psych ward, and new beginnings- let's catch up!
18/09/202319 minutes 2 seconds
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navigating life your 20s

some of the biggest lessons i've learned in the first two years of my 20s! big changes are coming and i'm so excited for new beginnings! and happy fashion week!
11/09/202320 minutes 54 seconds
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extreme hunger in recovery

talking all things extreme hunger! what it is, how it works, how long it lasts, and how to get through it!
04/09/202321 minutes 38 seconds
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my fitness journey: things I wish I knew before i started

my biggest tips for starting your fitness journey and things I wish I knew when I started my own
28/08/202320 minutes 45 seconds
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back to school guide

it's that time of year! here's some of my best advice on organization, grades, bullying, and drama
21/08/202325 minutes 9 seconds
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self love and confidence

sharing my self care journey, current routines, and confidence and friendship tips :)
14/08/202322 minutes 17 seconds
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advice (modeling/ED recovery/sex)

I always love doing these advice sessions and answering your questions :) today I talk about sexual expression, relationships, fashion week, and ED recovery
23/07/202322 minutes 21 seconds
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my current obsessions

i feel like i've been talking about a lot of heavy and serious topics lately so here's a little episode about all the things i'm currently obsessed with
17/07/202319 minutes 17 seconds
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toxicity in the fitness / wellness industry

from orthorexia disguised as "recovery plans" to creepy personal trainers touching my butt... we have a lot to unpack here.
10/07/202323 minutes 48 seconds
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my first year in recovery

i have now reached the one year mark in my recovery! woohoo! here are some of the biggest lessons i've learned about myself and my ED in my first year of recovery.
03/07/202322 minutes 5 seconds
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healing my inner teenager

TW: I talk about experiences with grooming, physical abuse, and sexual trauma in this episode. healing your inner teenager can be one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. i'm learning how to give my younger self the love, compassion, and guidance she has always deserved.
26/06/202320 minutes 48 seconds
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embodying divine feminine energy

sharing my tips on embodying the divine feminine, balancing masculine energy, and healing the wounded feminine.
19/06/202324 minutes 6 seconds
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weight gain in recovery

weight gain can be one of the biggest and most uncomfortable challenges in recovery. in this episode i give some tips and encouragement and talk about body checking, breaking old habits, and self-acceptance.
12/06/202317 minutes 36 seconds
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am i the problem (owning my shit)

a conversation about recognizing toxic behaviors, taking accountability, having self awareness, and owning your shit!
05/06/202323 minutes 52 seconds
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how i manifested my entire life

no gatekeeping here! I'm sharing exactly how I manifested my career, my dream relationship, and becoming a Victoria's Secret model!
31/05/202325 minutes 21 seconds
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overcoming food guilt (vacation anxiety, overeating, bloating)

Food and exercise guilt can be big struggles in recovery. Bentley gives her best advice on how to deal with negative body image, bloating, overeating, and allowing yourself well deserved and guilt-free relaxation on vacation.
22/05/202320 minutes
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how to have a hot and healthy girl summer

Hot Girl Summer is quickly approaching and Bentley wants to give you her best advice on how to find balance between hot girl and healthy girl lifestyles. She gives tips about dating, hookup culture, body image, drinking, and keeping up with your physical and mental health while still living your best life.
08/05/202319 minutes
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surviving (AND THRIVING) after an abusive relationship

Bentley shares how she's healed from her past abusive relationship and the steps she's taken to regain her independence. Domestic Violence Hotline 800-799-7233 One Love Foundation,prevention%20education%20to%20their%20communities. Book: The Body Keeps the Score Information / Resources
24/04/202332 minutes 36 seconds
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how I healed my relationship with food / my recovery journey

Eating disorder recovery is tough. That's why Bentley is here to share the tips and tricks that helped her the most throughout her own journey. Below are links to her favorite podcasts and episodes that have helped her navigate recovery. Shows: Episodes:
17/04/202321 minutes 26 seconds
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fashion anxiety and finding my personal style

in this episode, bentley opens up about her struggles with trying to fit in and how she's finding her own style and leaving the anxiety behind
27/03/202324 minutes 29 seconds
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going off birth control, getting my period back, and cycle syncing

bentley talks about her experience going on and off birth control, dealing with a miscarriage at 16, learning about her cycle and how to cycle sync, and her experience with, quite possibly, the most unprofessional doctor in the world.
20/03/202331 minutes 50 seconds
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did this actually even happen because i'm really not sure (queen of dissociation)

bentley recalls the first time she met her boyfriend's family, under some very chaotic circumstances
13/03/202320 minutes 45 seconds
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8 lessons I learned at 21

just a few days away from turning 22, Bentley reflects on her experiences over the past year
06/03/202325 minutes 48 seconds
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welcome to model behavior

welcome :) bentley introduces her new podcast that she is very excited to finally be starting. she chats about some life updates like moving in with her boyfriend, new york fashion week, and modeling for Victoria's Secret PINK. stay tuned for more episodes coming very soon.
01/03/20239 minutes 57 seconds