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imothy Pope explores how the world sees and talks about China. This time we look at an insightful new podcast called Face-Off: The U.S. vs China.Timothy Pope has been a journalist for more than 15 years, and has spent the last decade in China's financial capital, Shanghai. In that time he's been a business reporter and anchor for International Channel Shanghai (ICS) and is now Financal Correspondent for SMG International and CGTN.During that time he's covered the major stories which have shaped the Chinese economy and business landscape. He's interviewed local and global business leaders, regulators, officials and analysts to try and explain how these complex issues affect us all.Tim has interests beyond the stock markets and the latest GDP data. He's an avid walker, hiker, sportsman and video gamer, and a keen reader of history and science fiction. 
6/17/20249 minutes, 7 seconds
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01/17 TOP NEWS|李强在达沃斯世界经济论坛发表特别致辞

NEWS ON 01/17CHINESE PREMIER LI QIANG TALKS ECONOMY AND AI AT DAVOS 2024李强在达沃斯世界经济论坛发表特别致辞-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦------------CHINESE PREMIER LI QIANG TALKS ECONOMY AND AI AT DAVOS 2024李强在达沃斯世界经济论坛发表特别致辞Hi - I'm Tim Pope. This is China Buzzwords. Continuing our look at the 2024 World Economic Forum in Davos - which attracts the rich and powerful from around the world.嗨,我是蒂姆·波普。这里是中国流行语。继续和我们一起关注2024年达沃斯世界经济论坛,该论坛吸引了来自世界各地的有钱有势的人。China's Premier Li Qiang is there this year leading a pretty big delegation. He's the most high profile Chinese leader to visit the WEF since President Xi Jinping went in 2017. And a lot of people are keen to talk to and hear from Li Qiang this year because China's economic recovery is on the ropes, and also because China is seen as key to helping facilitate an end to the current major conflicts.中国总理李强今年率领了庞大的代表团出席了会议。今年,很多人都渴望与李强交谈并听取他的意见,因为中国的经济复苏面临挑战,也因为中国被视为帮助结束当前重大冲突的关键。In his speech to the forum today, Li touched on the Chinese economy, saying GDP growth for 2023 is expected to be 5.2 percent -- a little above the government's target. And he got a little poetic.在今天的论坛演讲中,李强谈到了中国经济,他说2023年的国内生产总值增长率预计为5.2%,略高于政府的目标。他有些诗意。Li Qiang, Chinese Premier 中国总理李强A European friend once told me that to appreciate the grandeur of the Alps, one must broaden their perspective and look into the distance. Similarly, understanding the Chinese economy requires a panoramic view and in-depth observation. Only by opening up a comprehensive perspective can one achieve objectivity, comprehend the entirety and the overall picture, and truly understand the current state and long-term trends of the Chinese economy.阿尔卑斯山群峰巍峨,连绵不绝。有欧洲朋友告诉我,想要领略阿尔卑斯山雄浑壮阔之美,一定要把视野放宽、把目光投远一些。看待中国经济也同样如此,只有打开视野的纵深,进行全景式观察,才能做到客观和全面,看到整体和全貌,真正了解中国经济的当下之形与长远之势。China's also going to be key to determining global attitudes to AI governance. Making sure AI is a force for good. Li said the technology should not be used to contain countries; and that it's important to make sure it's being used ethically. 中国也将成为决定全球对人工智能治理态度的关键。确保人工智能是一股向善的力量。李强说,这项技术不应该被用来遏制国家;确保它被合乎道德地使用是很重要的。Li Qiang, Chinese Premier 中国总理李强The World AI Conference has set up two expert committees, one is focusing on the strategic planning, and the other is for AI ethics, which means that on the one hand, it is important to focus on development, and on the other hand, it is important to focus on governance, and it is necessary to use it well, but also to manage it well.世界人工智能大会还成立了两个专家委员会,一个是战略规划专家委员会,另外一个就是人工智能伦理专家委员会,也就是说一边抓发展,另外一边就是要抓治理,既要用好它,更要管好它。And Li issued an open invitation to the Davos participants to come to Shanghai's World AI Conference in July, to see how China does things.李强还向达沃斯论坛的与会者发出公开邀请,邀请他们参加7月在上海举行的世界人工智能大会,看看中国在做些什么。And the stakes for getting AI governance right are high. The International Monetary Fund released a report on Tuesday - timed to coincide with Davos. It concludes that 40 percent of jobs around the world will be impacted by AI ... in some cases jobs will change, but some jobs will be entirely replaced. Emerging markets low-income economies meanwhile, will struggle to reap the benefits of the new technology, potentially widening the global equality gap.人工智能治理的正确性事关重大。国际货币基金组织周二发布了一份报告,时间恰逢达沃斯。它得出的结论是,全球40%的工作岗位将受到人工智能的影响。在某些情况下,工作岗位会发生变化,但有些工作岗位会被完全取代。与此同时,新兴市场作为低收入经济体,将难以从新技术中获益,这可能会扩大全球平等差距。We'll be continuing our coverage of the World Economic Forum for the rest of the week. My colleagues in Davos have got some great interviews and perspectives on the ground in snowy Switzerland - so make sure you check those out too. See you next time.本周,我们将继续报道世界经济论坛。参与达沃斯的同事们在白雪皑皑的瑞士也有很棒的采访和观点,请一定要看看。下次见。#热词加油站Buzzword 流行语Delegation 代表团Ethic 伦理Coverage 报道订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大师访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
1/18/20243 minutes, 10 seconds
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01/15 TOP NEWS|习近平主席在达沃斯论坛的演讲和致辞深刻启迪世界

NEWS ON 01/15DAVOS: China's Premier to deliver aspecial address as world leaders and big business seek to rebuild trust破解时代之问 引领发展之路——习近平主席在达沃斯论坛的演讲和致辞深刻启迪世界-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------DAVOS: China's Premier to deliver aspecial address as world leaders and big business seek to rebuild trust破解时代之问 引领发展之路——习近平主席在达沃斯论坛的演讲和致辞深刻启迪世界Hi andwelcome to another China Buzzwords - I'm Timothy Pope.嗨,欢迎收看China Buzzwords,我是Timothy PopeThe 54thWorld Economic Forum is getting under way in the luxurious Swiss ski resort ofDavos. And we're going to bring you a couple of videos this week examining thisannual event.第 54 届世界经济论坛正在瑞士滑雪胜地达沃斯举行。本周,我们将为您带来几段视频,探讨这一年度盛事。The themeof this year's WEF is 'Rebuilding Trust'. It's an interesting theme since manyof those attending are the ones whose trust rating among ordinary people hasplunged so sharply in recent years. Trust in leaders who have presided overslowing global growth. Trust in billionaires perceived as exploiting andexpanding global inequality. Trust that both these groups can work together tomake the future better for everyone.今年世界经济论坛的主题是 "重建信任"。这是个有趣的主题,因为许多与会者都是近年来在民众中信任度急剧下降的人,那些导致全球经济增长放缓的领导人的信任,被认为利用和扩大全球不平等的亿万富翁的信任。相信他们能够携手合作,为每个人创造更美好的未来。Buildingthat kind of trust is a tall order.建立这种信任是一项艰巨的任务。Securingeconomic growth has always been one of the WEF's aims, but it says it'slaunching a campaign to balance growth with social and environmental prioritiestoo. One of the forum's recent studies of 107 global economies found that mostof them are not growing in socially inclusive or environmentally sustainableways. It's also identified misinformation and disinformation【虚假信息】as the most severe global risk in the shortterm as it's been the most significant factor in the erosion of public trust.确保经济增长一直是世界经济论坛的目标之一,不过该论坛也表示,它正在发起一场运动,以平衡经济增长与社会和环境优先事项之间的关系。世界经济论坛最近对全球107个经济体进行的一项研究发现,大多数经济体并没有以社会包容或环境可持续的方式实现增长。该论坛还将错误信息和虚假信息确定为短期内最严重的全球风险,因为这是导致公众信任度下降的最重要因素。The WEF-- the people at the top of global society -- seems to be acknowledging thatthey need to rebuild the public's trust that they're still a force willing andcapable of making the world a better place.世界经济论坛--全球社会的顶尖人士--似乎承认,他们需要重建公众对他们的信任,相信他们仍然是愿意并有能力让世界变得更美好的力量。Anotherthing that's going to be up for plenty of discussion is economic and monetarypolicy. Financial markets remain completely obsessed with interest rates, andwhen major central banks like the US Fed and the ECB might start to bring themdown. Many consider this a key step towards shifting back to global growth.另一个将引起广泛讨论的问题是经济和货币政策。金融市场仍然完全沉迷于利率,以及美国联邦储备委员会和欧洲央行等主要央行何时可能开始降低利率,许多人认为这是转向全球增长的关键一步。Therewill also be sideline meetings trying to deal with issues ranging from the conflicts in Gazaand Ukraine. With high-level delegations【代表团】 from China, the United States, Ukraine, Israel and several MiddleEastern countries, discussions on these wars are going to loom large over thewhole forum.此外,还将举行会外会议,试图解决加沙和乌克兰冲突等问题。来自中国、美国、乌克兰、以色列和几个中东国家的高级代表团将出席会议,有关这些战争的讨论将成为整个论坛的重中之重。But noteverything that happens at Davos is high-minded and idealistic. There are fancydinners and lavish【奢华的】parties that most people can't getinto. And a lot of people are there to make money and do deals. Either fortheir company or their country. Government representatives want to attractinvestment, businesses want opportunities to grow and boost their profits; andwe will see many deals inked this week.但是,达沃斯论坛上并非都是高谈阔论和理想主义。这里有大多数人进不去的豪华晚宴和奢华派对。很多人在那里是为了赚钱和做交易。要么是为了自己的公司,要么是为了自己的国家。政府代表希望吸引投资,企业希望获得增长和提高利润的机会;因此,本周我们将看到许多交易签约。Staytuned as the World Economic Forum continues this week. We'll break down andexplain it for you here, and do check out coverage by other SMG Internationalreporters who are in Davos for the conference - they're going to have somegreat stories and interviews for you too.世界经济论坛本周将继续举行,敬请关注。我们将在这里为您进行分析和解释,同时请关注在达沃斯参加会议的其他SMG国际记者的报道--他们也将为您提供精彩的报道和采访。#热词加油站disinformation /ˌdɪs.ɪn.fəˈmeɪ.ʃən/【虚假信息】delegations /ˌdel.ɪˈɡeɪ.ʃən/【代表团】lavish /ˈlæv.ɪʃ/【奢华的】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
1/16/20243 minutes, 12 seconds
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01/09 TOP NEWS|比亚迪夺得全球新能源车销冠

NEWS ON 01/10BYD BECOMES TOP SELLING EV MAKER, TAKING TESLA'S CROWN比亚迪夺得全球新能源车销冠-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------BYD BECOMES TOP SELLING EV MAKER, TAKING TESLA'S CROWN比亚迪夺得全球新能源车销冠BYD has claimed the title of World's Best-Selling EV maker in a hard-fought battle with Tesla.比亚迪在与特斯拉的激烈竞争中夺得了全球最畅销电动汽车制造商的称号。Now that 2023 results are in for both companies we can see just how fierce a race it was. Both companies beat analyst estimates for the numbers of EVs they sold in the final three months of last year, and both benefitted from cutting prices on their vehicles in a bid to grab market share.如今,两家公司2023年的业绩已经出炉,我们可以看到这场竞争有多么激烈。去年最后三个月,两家公司的电动汽车销量都超过了分析师的预期,而且两家公司都通过降低汽车价格来抢占市场份额。Let's look at the numbers first. BYD sold a little over 3 million vehicles last year -- mostly in China. More than half were pure electric, and the rest were plug-in hybrid EVs. That puts annual sales up by 62 percent compared to 2022.我们先来看看数据。比亚迪去年的汽车销量略高于300万辆,主要集中在中国。其中一半以上为纯电动汽车,其余为插电式混合动力电动汽车。与2022年相比,年销量增长了62%。Tesla sold 1.8 million vehicles -- falling just short of CEO Elon Musk's target of 2 million, but still beating analyst estimates.特斯拉售出了180万辆汽车--略低于首席执行官埃隆-马斯克的200万辆目标,但仍超过了分析师的预期。And in the most recent quarter? ... Tesla delivered 484,507 pure EVs between October and December, while BYD sold 526,409. 最近一个季度呢?…特斯拉在10月至12月间交付了484,507辆纯电动汽车,而比亚迪则售出了526,409辆。So how did BYD overtake Tesla before the year-end finish line?那么,比亚迪是如何在年底前超越特斯拉的呢?Partly it's the price war which has been going on in the EV sector -- particularly here in China -- for the last 12 months. Tesla started it last January by slashing【大量削减】prices on several models and every other automaker followed suit.部分原因是过去12个月电动车行业,尤其在中国的价格战。去年1月,特斯拉率先对多款车型降价,其他汽车制造商纷纷效仿。But it quickly became obvious that Tesla wasn't going to win that price war. Even with generous discounts, its cars are just more expensive. Each model is a premium product. And while BYD has high-end models of its own, it also has cheaper ones. And with most of the world dealing with high interest rates, a cheaper car, which requires a smaller loan from the bank, can look at lot more attractive. And some analysts have said that tax credits in the US may have pushed some Tesla-buyers to get their cars in 2023 instead of 2024.但很快,特斯拉显然无法赢得这场价格战。即使有丰厚的折扣,特斯拉汽车的价格还是更贵。每款车型都是高端产品。比亚迪虽然也有自己的高端车型,但它有更便宜的车型。在全球大多数国家都面临高利率的情况下,一辆需要向银行申请较少贷款的廉价汽车看起来更有吸引力。一些分析师表示,美国的税收减免政策可能促使一些特斯拉买家在2023年而非2024年购买汽车。BYD is also just a generally better recognised brand these days. Tesla might still be a by-word for pure electric cars, but all over the world, more and more BYDs are popping up on the roads. For big chunks of last year BYD models were the best-selling EVs in Thailand, Israel, New Zealand and Singapore. During a trip back to Australia recently, I was shocked when my family started discussing the brand over Christmas dinner.比亚迪如今也是知名度普遍较高的品牌。特斯拉可能仍然是纯电动汽车的代名词,但在世界各地,越来越多的比亚迪汽车出现在道路上。去年,在泰国、以色列、新西兰和新加坡,比亚迪的大部分车型都是最畅销的电动汽车。最近一次回澳大利亚,当我的家人在圣诞节晚餐上讨论这个品牌时,我感到非常震惊。That aside, BYD's position on top of the EV market right now is still due to sales here in China. Roughly 90 percent of its cars are made and sold here where its market share jumped from 21 to 27 percent this year. According to the China Passenger Car Association, Tesla's market share in China is 12 percent.撇开这一点不谈,比亚迪目前在电动车市场上的领先地位仍然要归功于中国国内的销量。比亚迪约90%的汽车都在中国生产和销售,今年的市场份额从21%跃升至27%。根据中国汽车协会的数据,特斯拉在中国的市场份额为12%。The two also have very different sales strategies. BYD is quite traditional: selling through dealerships【经销公司】. In fact BYD has said it's going to be paying out a total of 2 billion yuan in bonuses to Chinese dealerships this year for meeting their sales targets.两者的销售策略也大相径庭。比亚迪非常传统:通过经销商销售。比亚迪已经表示,今年将向完成销售目标的中国经销商支付总计20亿元人民币的奖金。Tesla does things differently. If you want to buy one, you can only buy it from Tesla. And their staff seem to do a much better job of selling the product. According to data from China Merchants Bank, in China, Tesla sells more than twice as many cars per store as BYD does. BYD just has considerably more stores.特斯拉则不同。如果你想买特斯拉,只能从专卖店购买。而且他们的员工似乎在销售产品方面做得更好。根据招商银行的数据,在中国,特斯拉每家店的汽车销量是比亚迪的两倍多。比亚迪只是拥有更多的门店。BYD's China-centered dominance【主导地位】could start to shift once the company gets planned European factories up and running. There's also the risk the EU could raise the currently low tariffs on imported Chinese EVs. 一旦比亚迪计划在欧洲建厂并投入运营,该公司以中国为中心的主导地位可能会开始转变。欧盟也有可能提高目前对进口中国电动车的低关税。But the electric vehicle industry is still a growing one -- one in which both BYD and Tesla have left traditional automakers far behind......但电动汽车行业仍在不断发展壮大,比亚迪和特斯拉已经把传统汽车制造商远远甩在了后面......Oh.. and in case you're wondering, there's one number that Tesla didn't give us yet... sales numbers for its new Cybertruck. The design of this truck might politely be described as "unique" ... so the silence on those sales numbers probably tells us all we need to know.哦......如果你想知道,其实特斯拉还有一个数据没有告诉我们......那就是其新型车Cybertruck 的销售数据。这款卡车的设计可以不客气地形容为 "独一无二"......而对于销售数据的沉默可能已经告诉了我们一切。#热词加油站 slash /slæʃ/【大量削减】dealerships /ˈdiː.lə.ʃɪp/【经销公司】dominance /ˈdɒm.ɪ.nəns/【主导地位】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
1/11/20244 minutes, 24 seconds
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01/05 TOP NEWS|2024年仍像2023年 投资者情绪低迷

NEWS ON 01/051.       2024 STILL FEELS LIKE2023 WITH LOW INVESTOR SENTIMENT2024年仍然像2023年,投资者情绪低迷-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦------------2024 STILL FEELS LIKE 2023 WITH LOWINVESTOR SENTIMENT2024年仍然像2023年,投资者情绪低迷The first trading week of the new yearhasn't exactly been great. Chinese Mainland markets continued to trade lower asinvestors wait for sentiment to recover. But even the better looking data wesaw this week for China's services sector wasn't enough to get things moving.The Shanghai Composite Index was down 0.9 percent on Friday and theShenzhen Component was off more than 1 percent.新年的第一个交易周并不太好。中国大陆股市继续走低,投资者等待市场情绪回升。但即使我们本周看到的中国服务业的数据看起来更好,也不足以推动事态发展。上周五,上证综指下跌0.9%,深证成分股跌幅超过1%。The vast bulk of sectors were downtoday led by losses for tech, healthcare and industrials; while financialstocks just about broke even. 今天绝大多数板块下跌,科技、医疗保健和工业板块领跌;而金融股几乎实现盈亏平衡。Investors are also still waiting to see anyserious payoff from the launch of the new CSI A50 index on Tuesday. This is asmaller, more select index of blue chip stocks than the CSI 300, but it's alsofar more diverse in terms of the kinds of sectors it covers. And whilethere's been strong early interest from funds looking to set up ETFs trackingthe A50, that's going to take a while to translate into gains, and the index isending its maiden week down more than 3 percent.投资者仍在等待周二推出的新中证A50指数带来的任何重大回报。与沪深300相比,这是一个规模更小、更具选择性的蓝筹股指数,但它所涵盖的行业种类也要多样化得多。尽管希望建立跟踪A50的ETF的基金早期有强烈的兴趣,但这需要一段时间才能转化为收益,该指数在首周结束时下跌了3%以上。There was a bit of gloom on other regionalmarkets today now that investors feel sharp and quick US Fed rate cuts are lesslikely. That obsession with when rate cuts will begin also makes the release ofUS jobs data tonight a big event for the markets. But on the whole, fewertraders now think there'll be cuts by March, and that dented growth stocksaround the region. The Hang Seng was 0.7 percent lower at the close.今天,其他地区市场出现了一些悲观情绪,因为投资者认为美联储大幅快速降息的可能性较小。对何时开始降息的痴迷也使今晚美国就业数据的发布成为市场的一件大事。但总的来说,现在认为到3月会减产的交易员越来越少,这削弱了该地区的增长股。恒生指数收盘时下跌0.7%。Alibaba, Lenovo, chip maker SMIC ... alltraded down in Hong Kong. Energy stocks provided a little relief as oil pricesclimbed, with CNOOC and PetroChina among the leading gainers.阿里巴巴、联想、芯片制造商中芯国际。。。香港股市全部下跌。随着油价攀升,能源股略有缓解,中海油和中石油涨幅居前。Japan provided a bit of a contrast today asthe Nikkei 225 rose a quarter of one percent. That was due almost entirely to aweaker yen boosting exporter stocks. As usual that means gains forJapanese automakers - Toyota rose 2.5 percent, but there were gains for banksand brokerages as well.今天,日本日经225指数上涨了四分之一,形成了鲜明对比。这几乎完全是由于日元走弱提振了出口股。和往常一样,这意味着日本汽车制造商的涨幅——丰田上涨了2.5%,但银行和券商也有所上涨。So at the end of the first week of 2024,the new year still feels much like the old one.因此,在2024年的第一周结束时,新的一年感觉仍然很像旧的一年。#热词加油站Index 指数Sector 部门Diverse 多种多样的Exporter 出口商订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大师访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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01/03 TOP NEWS|中国新股指数引发ETF热议

NEWS ON 01/031. CHINA’S NEW STOCK INDEX CAUSES ETF EXCITEMENT中国新股指数引发ETF热议-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦------------CHINA’S NEW STOCK INDEX CAUSES ETF EXCITEMENT中国新股指数引发ETF热议The Shanghai Composite Index was one of the few Asian markets to inch higher today as a general sense of gloom persists among equity investors. It managed to climb a bit less than a fifth of one percent, while the Shenzhen Component declined three quarters of a percent. Investors are still waiting for signs of a solid economic recovery, according to market watchers.由于股票投资者普遍感到悲观,上海综合指数是今天为数不多的小幅上涨的亚洲市场之一。它设法攀升了不到1%的五分之一,而深圳板块下跌了四分之三。市场观察人士表示,投资者仍在等待经济稳步复苏的迹象。One thing getting a lot of interest was the new index launched yesterday for Chinese A-shares -- the CSI A50 Index. This tracks some of the most well-known companies on the mainland markets, but unlike the CSI 300, doesn't include so many from traditional industries. It's being billed as better representing the modern Chinese economy, and the sectors the government wants to focus on. We have some expected big names on the index including China's most expensive stock - the liquor maker Kweichow Moutai. There's also the electric vehicle battery maker CATL, security system maker Hikvision, Ping'An Insurance, and the drug maker Wuxi Apptec. 有一件事引起了很多人的兴趣,那就是昨天为中国a股推出的新指数——中证A50指数。这追踪了大陆市场上一些最知名的公司,但与沪深300不同的是,它不包括那么多传统行业的公司。它被宣传为更能代表现代中国经济,以及政府希望关注的行业。我们预计该指数上会有一些大人物,包括中国最昂贵的股票——白酒制造商贵州茅台。还有电动汽车电池制造商CATL、安全系统制造商海康威视、平安保险和药品制造商无锡药明康德。According to the regulators, they've received applications from at least seven mutual funds wanting to create ETFs tracking the A50 in the first 24 hours after its launch.... the A50 itself closed today a little lower however.据监管机构称,他们已经收到了至少七家共同基金的申请,希望在A50推出后的前24小时内创建跟踪其的ETF… 然而,A50今天收盘时略有下跌。Automaker BYD -- also on the A50 by the way -- edged higher after being confirmed as the top selling maker of pure electric vehicles in the world - knocking Tesla off its pedestal. BYD shares rose a third of one percent, and financial journal Yicai has reported the company is planning big cash bonuses to Chinese car dealerships for hitting sales targets... bonuses that are expected to total 2 billion yuan.汽车制造商比亚迪(BYD)——顺便说一句,也在A50上——在被确认为世界上最畅销的纯电动汽车制造商后小幅走高,将特斯拉(Tesla)推下了巅峰。比亚迪股价上涨了三分之一,金融杂志《第一财经》报道称,该公司正计划向达到销售目标的中国汽车经销商发放巨额现金奖金。。。奖金总额预计为20亿元。More broadly, Asian stock markets were pretty grim on Wednesday as hopes faded of deep and early cuts to interest rates by the US Federal Reserve. The markets are waiting on both the latest Fed minutes and US jobs data. But that prompted a slide in tech stocks, which left the Hang Seng 0.9 percent lower. PC maker Lenovo was down 4.5 percent.更广泛地说,亚洲股市周三相当严峻,因为对美联储提前大幅降息的希望消退。市场正在等待美联储最新会议纪要和美国就业数据。但这促使科技股下跌,导致恒生指数下跌0.9%。个人电脑制造商联想股价下跌4.5%。But there was some reprieve for Chinese video game stocks after reported personnel changes at the Chinese gaming regulator. New proposed rules designed to reduce spending on video games had sent the sector into a bit of a spin, but gaming giant Tencent rose 1.3 percent while rival Netease was up almost 1 percent.但在中国游戏监管机构公布人事变动后,中国电子游戏股出现了一些喘息之机。旨在减少电子游戏支出的新规则使该行业出现了一些混乱,但游戏巨头腾讯上涨了1.3%,而竞争对手网易上涨了近1%。The tech-inspired market slide today was felt heavily in South Korea too, where the KOSPI 200 shed 2.6 percent -- the biggest fall for that index since late October. Shares in Samsung Electronic were down 3.3 percent.韩国股市今天也感受到了科技股的暴跌,韩国综合股价指数200下跌2.6%,这是该指数自10月下旬以来的最大跌幅。三星电子股价下跌3.3%。Japanese markets will be back from their new year holiday tomorrow.日本股市明天将结束新年假期。#热词加油站ComponentVehicleSlideElectronic订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大师访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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01/02 TOP NEWS|2024年股市开局走低 数据好坏参半

NEWS ON 01/02MARKETSSTART 2024 LOWER AFTER MIXED DATA2024年股市开局走低,数据好坏参半-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------MARKETSSTART 2024 LOWER AFTER MIXED DATA2024年股市开局走低,数据好坏参半The markets came back to trade for 2024with a couple of conflicting sets of data to digest【消化】. The first was the official manufacturing sector PMI, which wasreleased at the weekend, and Caixin's private survey of the sector which cameout this morning. Both focus on different portions of the industry - theofficial figures look at larger state-owned firms and the Caixin PMI coversmedium and smaller sized private firms. The official PMI showed the sectorshrinking at a faster pace in December, while the Caixin numbers pointed tomore orders and a faster expansion for the private sector. But with businessconfidence still lacking the markets fell today. The Shanghai Composite Indexshed 0.4 percent while the Shenzhen Component was 1.3 percent lower.2024年股市恢复交易,要消化几组相互矛盾的数据。首先是周末公布的官方制造业采购经理人指数(PMI),以及今天上午公布的财新中国制造业PMI。二者关注的都是该行业的不同部分--官方数据关注的是大型国有企业,而财新的PMI则涵盖了中小型私营企业。官方PMI指数显示,中国制造业12月份萎缩速度加快,而财新的数据则显示,私营企业的订单增加,扩张速度加快。由于商业信心仍然不足,今天股市下跌。上证综指下跌0.4%,深证成指下跌 1.3%。There were losses for tech, consumer, real estate,healthcare and financial stocks.科技股、消费股、房地产股、医疗保健股和金融股均下跌。Automaker BYD also declined despite thelatest sales numbers that show it likely to overtake Tesla as the world'sbiggest seller of pure electric vehicles. BYD posted a 62 percent jump in 2023sales -- with a record 526 thousand pure EVs sold in the fourth quarter of theyear alone. If Tesla wants to keep the crown【王冠】, it's going toneed similarly strong sales in the fourth quarter... well ahead of whatanalysts are expecting.汽车制造商比亚迪的股票同样下跌,尽管最新的销售数据显示它有可能超过特斯拉成为全球最大的纯电动汽车销售商。比亚迪2023年的销量猛增了62%--仅今年第四季度就售出了创纪录的52.6万辆纯电动汽车。如果特斯拉想保住桂冠,它需要在第四季度获得同样强劲的销量......远超分析师的预期。For the Hong Kong markets, it's a new year,but not much has changed. The Hang Seng was off 1.5 percent today.对于港股而言,新的一年到来了,但变化并不大。恒生指数今天下跌了1.5%。Real estate stocks continue to be a serious drag【拖累】as sentiment remains weak. An index trackingmainland developers listed in Hong Kong was down more than 4.5 percent. LongforGroup was one of the biggest decliners, shedding 7 percent. 由于市场情绪依然疲软,房地产股继续严重拖累股市。追踪在香港上市的内地开发商的指数下跌超过 4.5%。龙湖集团跌幅最大,下跌了7%。Japanese markets are closed today andtomorrow for a market holiday. But other Asian markets were doing ok today.Australia's ASX 200 advanced half of one percent and South Korea's KOSPI 200was up 0.7 percent. 日本股市今明两天因假期休市。其他亚洲市场今天表现尚可。澳大利亚ASX 200 指数上涨了半个百分点,韩国KOSPI 200 指数上涨了0.7%。#热词加油站digest /daɪˈdʒest/【消化】crown /kraʊn/【王冠】drag /dræɡ/【拖累】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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12/28 TOP NEWS|元旦假期预计每日跨境旅行156万人次/大雾橙色预警

NEWS ON 12/281. 1.56 MLN DAILY CROSS-BORDER TRIPSEXPECTED DURING NEW YEAR HOLIDAY元旦假期预计每日跨境旅行156万人次2. ORANGE ALERT FOR THICK FOG大雾橙色预警-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦------------1.56 MLN DAILY CROSS-BORDER TRIPSEXPECTED DURING NEW YEAR HOLIDAY元旦假期预计每日跨境旅行156万人次The National Immigration Administrationestimated that an average of 1.56 million trips will be made in and out of theChinese mainland each day over the 2024 New Year holiday, five times more thanlast year. Zhang Hong tells us more. 国家移民管理局估计,2024年元旦假期,平均每天将有156万人次进出中国大陆,是去年的五倍。记者张泓带来更多报道。According to travel agency, popular destinations include Harbin, Koktokay geopark in Xinjiang,and Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia. B&B bookings in Harbin are 27 times higherthan the same period last year, when COVID-19 was sweeping across the country.Inbound trips have also increased. Data from shows that bookings byinbound tourists increased more than 200% compared to the same period in2019.        据旅行社网站去哪儿网报道,热门目的地包括哈尔滨、新疆可可托凯地质公园和内蒙古呼伦贝尔。哈尔滨的民宿预订量是去年同期的27倍,当时新冠肺炎正在席卷全国。入境旅行也有所增加。携程网的数据显示,与2019年同期相比,入境游客的预订量增长了200%以上。Some travelers started their trip today atBeijing Capital International Airport.一些旅客今天在北京首都国际机场开始了他们的旅行。PassengerI'm going to Xinjiang. I want to take atrip there during the holiday.旅客1我准备要去新疆##//趁现在(即将)放假##所以我就去那边旅游一下##///】PassengerI'm heading for Chongqing. I want to getaround as I came back to China during the holiday.旅客2我要去重庆。放假回国,我想溜达溜达。An airport employee said they will bebusiest tomorrow and on January 1st. 一名机场员工表示,明天和1月1日将是机场最繁忙的时候。Hou Yuze, Operation ManagerBeijing Capital International AirportThere will be 169,000 in-bound andout-bound passenger trips on December 29th. On January 1st, there will be156,000 trips through the airport. 侯羽泽 首都机场运行控制中心运行管理业务经理节前旅客高峰和航班高峰均出现12月29日##当日首都机场预计进出港旅客16.9万人次##////1月1日元旦当天首都机场##进出港旅客人数达到15.6万人次##//】The National Immigration Administration said the average daily number of people passing through customs at both BeijingCapital International Airport and Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport isexpected to reach 33,000, while they predict it will be 68,000 at ShanghaiPudong International Airport. People can call 12367 if they encounter anyproblems while clearing customs. 国家移民局表示,北京首都国际机场和广州白云国际机场的日均通关人数预计将达到3.3万人,而上海浦东国际机场预计将达到6.8万人。如果人们在清关时遇到任何问题,可以拨打12367。ORANGE ALERT FOR THICK FOG大雾橙色预警The national weather observatory today renewed an orange alert for thick fog in some parts of the country,including the provinces of Anhui and Jiangsu. In Shanghai, visibility wasreduced to less than 200 meters this morning. Zhang Yue has the story. 国家气象台今天再次发布包括安徽省和江苏省在内的部分地区大雾橙色预警。今天早上,上海的能见度降至200米以下。记者张乐带来更多报道。Shanghai's Meteorological Bureauissued a yellow alert for heavy fog at 8:30pm yesterday. The city's emergencymanagement bureau reminded local departments to prepare response teams for thefoggy weather.昨天晚上8点30分,上海市气象局发布大雾黄色预警。该市应急管理局提醒当地部门为大雾天气准备应急小组。Drivers on the Outer Ring Road were seendriving at slower speeds during this morning's rush hours. On sections ofhighway bordering Zhejiang, police from both jurisdictions ensured trafficsafety. 在今天早上的高峰时段,人们看到外环路上的司机以较慢的速度行驶。在与浙江接壤的高速公路路段,两地警方确保了交通安全。Pan GuoqiangJinshan Traffic PoliceWe had about a third more traffic policeofficers on duty today during the foggy weather. We reduced the speed limit onthe expressway according to visibility.潘国强 金山交警支队高速大队 大队长根据今天迷雾天气黄色预警 我们外勤大队都提前上岗 增加了三分之一的警力 \\ 根据道路能见度的具体情况我们对高速公路进行了限速About 60 flights were delayed at ShanghaiHongqiao International Airport this morning due to poor visibility amid thefog. Arrivals and departures were not affected at Shanghai Pudong InternationalAirport. The orange alert for thick fog remains in effect for Baoshan District,while a yellow alert continues for Chongming Island. 今天上午,由于大雾中能见度低,上海虹桥国际机场约有60架次航班延误。抵达和离开上海浦东国际机场的航班没有受到影响。宝山区的大雾橙色预警仍然有效,而崇明岛的黄色预警仍在继续。Heavy fog is forecast in parts ofShandong, Jiangsu and Anhui until Saturday. 据预测,山东、江苏和安徽的部分地区将有大雾,直至周六。#热词加油站AdministrationMeteorologicalObservatoryForecast订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大师访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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01/01 TOP NEWS|数万人元旦假期出行/上海亮灯迎新年/外国人可开A股账户/2023股市收官

NEWS ON 12/291.TENS OF MILLIONS TRALLING FOR NEW YEAR HOLIDAY数万人元旦假期出行2. SHANGHAI LIGHTS UP FOR THE NEW YEAR上海“亮灯”迎新年3.FOREIGNERS WITH PRP CAN OPEN A-SHARE TRADING ACCOUNTS ONLINE持新版永久居留证的外国人可在线开A股账户4.HEADWINDS HOLD BACK A-SHARES WHILE TOKYO STOCKS SURGE IN 20232023股市收官:A股受阻低迷东京股市大涨----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1.TENS OF MILLIONS TRALLING FOR NEW YEAR HOLIDAY数万人元旦假期出行Train stations across the country were busier than usual today as tens of millions are traveling for the New Year Day holiday. 63 million passenger trips nationwide are expected to be taken in the next 5 days. The national railway authority estimated that tomorrow will be the busiest with around 15 million travelers. Many will be heading to northeastern China during the holiday as winter scenery has been trending on social media.由于数千万人在元旦假期出行,今天全国各地的火车站比往常更加繁忙。预计未来 5 天全国将有 6300 万人次出行。国家铁路局预计,明天(12/30)将是最繁忙的一天,将有约 1500 万人次出行。许多人将在假期中前往东北地区,因为冬景成为了社交媒体上的热门话题。2. SHANGHAI LIGHTS UP FOR THE NEW YEAR上海“亮灯”迎新年Downtown areas in Shanghai have a little extra sparkle just in time for 2024. Brighten your New Year holiday in the Xujiahui commercial area with several landscape lighting shows each day between 5 and 10pm until January 1st. Each show will last 7 minutes. On Huaihai Road, a magnolia flower inspired lighting scheme【方案、布局】has been installed and blue lights illuminate【照亮】 the trees along West Nanjing Road. A Shanghai Landscaping & City Appearance Administrative Bureau official said they want to improve the consumer experience and promote spending at night.2024 年到来之际,上海的市中心又多了几分璀璨。在1月 1 日之前,每天下午5点到晚上10 点,徐家汇商业区都会上演多场景观灯光秀,点亮您的新年假期。每场表演将持续 7 分钟。淮海路上安装了以玉兰花为灵感的节庆灯饰,南京西路沿线的树木也被蓝色灯光照亮。上海市绿化和市容管理局的一位官员说,他们希望改善消费者体验,促进夜间消费。3.FOREIGNERS WITH PRP CAN OPEN A-SHARE TRADING ACCOUNTS ONLINE持新版永久居留证的外国人可在线开A股账户Foreigners holding the new version of China’s permanent residence permit can now open accounts online to trade Chinese mainland-listed shares. And Securities Times reported today that many Chinese brokers have officially launched online account registration services. Previously, foreigners with the new Chinese permanent residence permit could only open A-share accounts in offline brokerage offices, according to the China Securities Regulatory Commission.持有新版中国永久居留证的外国人现在可以在网上开户交易中国大陆上市的股票。据《证券时报》今天报道,许多中国券商已正式推出网上账户注册服务。据中国证券监督管理委员会称,此前,持有新版中国永久居留证的外国人只能在线下券商处开设 A 股账户。4.HEADWINDS HOLD BACK A-SHARES WHILE TOKYO STOCKS SURGE IN 20232023股市收官:A股受阻低迷东京股市大涨And now it’s time to take a look at how the Asian stock markets wrapped up - not just the last trading day of the month, but 2023 as a whole....现在我们来看看亚洲股市的收盘情况--不仅仅是本月最后一个交易日,而是整个 2023 年。While the Chinese mainland markets ticked higher on their last day of trade for 2023; it was an upbeat end to a difficult year.在 2023 年的最后一个交易日,中国内地股市走高,为艰难的一年画上了一个圆满的句号。Both the major Shanghai and Shenzhen indices are ending the year below key psychological levels. The Shanghai Composite below 3,000 points, and the Shenzhen Component below 10 thousand. These are levels the markets have been fighting to maintain in the second half of the year, when China’s post-covid economic recovery started showing signs of being a long, drawn out process. The CSI 300, which tracks China’s blue chip stocks, was one of the worst performing global indexes this year, shedding【去除】11.4 percent over the course of 2023.沪深两市的主要指数在年底都低于市场关键价。沪综指低于3000点,深成指低于万点。今年下半年,市场一直在努力维持这些水平,当时中国的后伏特经济复苏开始显现出漫长、拖沓的迹象。追踪中国蓝筹股的沪深 300 指数是今年全球表现最差的指数之一,在 2023 年期间下跌了 11.4%。International investors have been hesitant to buy Chinese A-shares, with net buying on the stock connect links totalling only around 44 billion yuan -- or 6.2 billion US dollars. Sounds like a lot, but it’s the smallest annual inflow since 2015, dented【削弱】by heavy selling in the second half of the year.国际投资者一直对购买中国A股犹豫不决,股票联通净买入总额只有约440亿元人民币,约合62亿美元。听起来很多,但这是自2015年以来最小的年度流入量,今年下半年的大量抛售削弱了这一流入量。But that’s not to say there have been no winners among the traditional sectors and the new. Chinese oil giant PetroChina has seen the benefits as turmoil【混乱】in Ukraine and the Middle East pushed crude prices higher. Its stock ends 2023 up more than 40 percent.但这并不是说传统行业和新兴行业中没有赢家。随着乌克兰和中东地区的动荡局势推动原油价格走高,中国石油行业巨头“中石油”也从中获益。该公司股票在 2023 年底的涨幅超过 40%。It’s also been a year of tech tension between China and the United States, as Washington has sought to restrict China’s access to high end semiconductors -- particularly those that can be used to develop and train AI. That will leave Chinese chip makers to fill the void, and their stocks have been rising. Shares in China's biggest chip producer - SMIC - are up almost 30 percent this year.今年也是中美科技关系紧张的一年,因为华盛顿方试图限制中国获得高端半导体,特别是那些可用于开发和训练人工智能的半导体。这使得中国芯片制造商填补空白,而它们的股票一路高涨。中国最大的芯片生产商“中芯国际”的股票今年上涨了近30%。Hong Kong’s Hang Seng was the world’s worst performing stock index this year, and finished the last trading day flat. It’s followed a similar trajectory【轨道】to the Chinese Mainland markets, and it’s big-name tech listings have suffered due to persistently high inflation and interest rates around the world. Tech stocks and other so-called ‘growth stocks’ tend to be far more interest rate sensitive than traditional sectors ... and if you like low interest rates, this hasn’t been your year.香港恒生指数是今年全球表现最差的股指,在最后一个交易日以持平收盘。恒生指数的走势与中国内地市场类似,由于全球通胀和利率居高不下,恒生指数中的大牌科技股也受到了影响。科技股和其他所谓的“成长股”对利率的敏感度往往远高于传统行业……如果你喜欢低利率,今年就不适合你。If you were tracking the Nikkei 225 it definitely was your year. The Japanese markets put on a stellar performance in 2023 with the Nikkei 225 gaining 28.2 percent - its best year in a decade. We saw the index repeatedly hit 33 year highs, as Japan’s long-running problem of low inflation seemed to finally be conquered, and speculation rose about an end to the BOJ’s ultra-loose monetary policy. Japanese markets were also helped along by a fairly weak yen. Many Japanese listed firms make a fair amount of money outside of the country, and need to repatriate【把(资金)调回本国】 that income. If the yen is low, those yen-denominated profits look even better. And there were even some high-profile statements of confidence in Japanese business - most notably Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway moving to increase its stake in Japanese firms.如果你追踪的是日经225指数,那么今年绝对是你的好年份。2023 年,日本市场表现抢眼,日经 225 指数上涨了28.2%,是十年来涨幅最大的一年。随着日本长期存在的低通胀问题似乎终于得到解决,以及对日本央行结束超宽松货币政策的猜测升温,日经 225 指数屡创 33 年新高。日元相对疲软也对日本市场有所帮助。许多日本上市公司在国外赚取了相当多的钱,需要将这些收入汇回国内。如果日元走低,这些以日元计价的利润就会更好。甚至还出现了一些对日本企业充满信心的高调表态,其中最引人注目的是沃伦·巴菲特(Warren Buffet)的伯克希尔·哈撒韦公司(Berkshire Hathaway)开始增持日本公司的股份。So it’s been a year with some very clear winners and losers. And Chinese and Hong Kong markets are certainly ripe for a rebound in 2024.因此,这一年的赢家和输家都非常明显。2024 年,中国和香港市场反弹的时机无疑已经成熟。#热词加油站scheme/skiːm/【方案、布局】illuminate/ɪˈluːmɪneɪt/【照亮】shed/ʃed/【去除】dent/dent/【削弱】turmoil/ˈtɜːmɔɪl/【混乱】trajectory/trəˈdʒektəri/【轨道】repatriate/ˌriːˈpætrieɪt/【把(资金)调回本国】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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12/27 TOP NEWS|世界最大重吊船交付/新高铁全线贯通运营/11月工业企业利润增长29.5%

NEWS ON 12/271. WORLD'S LARGEST DEADWEIGHT MULTI-PURPOSE HEAVY-LIFT SHIP DELIVERED世界最大载重吨多用途重吊船命名交付2. NEW HIGH-SPEED RAILWAY PAVES WAY FOR SEAMLESS TOURISM IN EASTERN CHINA杭州至南昌高铁全线贯通运营 串起世界级黄金旅游线3. INDUSTRIAL PROFITS SURGE 29.5% IN NOV11月规模以上工业企业实现利润同比增长29.5%-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. WORLD'S LARGEST DEADWEIGHT MULTI-PURPOSE HEAVY-LIFT SHIP DELIVERED世界最大载重吨多用途重吊船命名交付Chinese-Polish Joint Stock Shipping Company accepted delivery today of the world's largest deadweight【重负】multi-purpose heavy-lift ship. Yu An's maiden voyage will be along the Eurasian route. Sun Siqi has波兰联合航运公司今天交付了世界上载重量最大的多用途重吊船。“裕安”轮的首航将沿欧亚航线进行。记者孙思奇带来更多报道。Yu An has a length of nearly 200 meters, molded beam of more than 32 meters, molded depth of 19.3 meters and a maximum draft of 13.5 meters. The vessel is equipped with 5 cargo holds, as well as 4 heavy lift cranes【起重机】.“裕安”轮长近200米,型宽32.26米、型深19.3米,满载吃水13.5米。该船配有5个货舱和4台重吊。It's the fifth multi-purpose heavy lift ship operated by Chinese-Polish Joint Stock Shipping Company. From 2021 to 2022, the other 4 were used to ship wind-power equipment, machines for a vaccine factory in Africa, and train engines.这是中波联合航运公司运营的第五艘多用途重吊船。从2021年到2022年,其他4艘用于运输风力发电设备、非洲一家疫苗工厂的机器和火车发动机。But Yu An has more cargo space and a heavier-lift capacity.但“裕安”轮的载货空间更大,起重能力更强。Zhu Dezhang, Party Secretary & General ManagerChinese-Polish Joint Stock Shipping Company朱德章 中波轮船股份公司党委书记、总经理“The lifting weight of the vessel has been increased from 80 to 150 tons. It can also carry twice as much container weight.”“原来这个我们从80吨的吊重##提高到150吨##我们的舱台的面积进一步扩大##特别是我们这个船底##我们也加大了强度##所以从多用途船角度来讲##这条船的集装箱载重量也会增加一倍”After being delivered, it's first voyage will ship 16 pieces of wind-power equipment from Indonesia to Estonia.交付后,它的第一个航程将是把16台风力发电设备从印度尼西亚运往爱沙尼亚。2. NEW HIGH-SPEED RAILWAY PAVES WAY FOR SEAMLESS TOURISM IN EASTERN CHINA杭州至南昌高铁全线贯通运营 串起世界级黄金旅游线Full operations began today on a new high-speed railway connecting a series of popular tourist attractions.The 560 kilometer railway runs from Hangzhou to Nanchang and is now fully operational after the section connecting Huangshan黄山 City in Anhui Province and Nanchang南昌 City in Jiangxi Province opened. The Hangzhou-Huangshan section has a designed speed of 250 km per hour, while the Huangshan-Nanchang section boasts a designed speed of 350 km per hour. The railway route passes through a region featuring scenic lakes, mountains, ancient villages, tea plantation and areas known for making fine porcelain【瓷】.在连接安徽省黄山市和江西省南昌市的黄山至南昌段开通后,这条全长560公里、连接杭州至南昌的新高速铁路已全面投入运营。杭州至黄山段的预计时速为250公里,黄山至南昌段的预计时速为350公里。铁路沿线经过的地区包括风景秀丽的湖泊、山脉、古村落、茶园和著名的瓷器产区。3. INDUSTRIAL PROFITS SURGE 29.5% IN NOV11月规模以上工业企业实现利润同比增长29.5%Industrial profits soared in November due to a raft【大量】of stimulus measures in 2023, the National Bureau of Statistics reported today.国家统计局今日发布报告称,由于2023年的一系列刺激措施,11月份工业利润大幅增长。Profits of the country's major industrial firms with annual core business revenue of at least 20 million yuan increased 29.5 percent year-on-year in November. In the first 11 months of the year, the total profits of major industrial firms reached 6.98 trillion yuan, down 4.4 percent year on year, with the pace of decline narrowing from that in the first 10 months. The statistics bureau said more macro policies went into effect and gradually recovering domestic demand has contributed to the rebound in industrial production and improving industrial profits. It also said the central government will continue to prioritize stronger domestic demand and promote new industrialization to accelerate the recovery of the industrial economy.在11月份,年核心业务收入不低于2000万元的全国重点工业企业利润同比增长29.5%。今年前11个月,主要工业企业实现利润总额6.98万亿元,同比下降4.4%,降幅比前10个月有所收窄。统计局称,更多的宏观政策开始实施,国内需求逐步恢复,促进了工业生产的回升和工业利润的改善。统计局还表示,中央政府将继续把扩大内需和推进新型工业化放在优先位置,以加快工业经济的复苏。#热词加油站 deadweight /ˌded'weɪt/【重负】cranes /kreɪn/【起重机】porcelain /ˈpɔːsəlɪn/【瓷】raft /rɑːft/【大量】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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12/26 TOP NEWS|百年历史的广州火车站翻修后重新开放/上海将向公众开放更多绿地

NEWS ON 12/261. CENTURY-OLD GUANGZHOU RAILWAY STATION REOPENS AFTER RENOVATIONS百年历史的广州火车站翻修后重新开放2. SHANGHAI TO OPEN MORE PUBLIC GREEN SPACES上海将向公众开放更多绿地-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-------------CENTURY-OLD GUANGZHOU RAILWAY STATION REOPENS AFTER RENOVATIONS百年历史的广州火车站翻修后重新开放Guangzhou Baiyun Railway Station reopened this morning after being closed more than three years for renovations. It will serve as another transportation hub in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Zhang Hong has more.广州白云火车站在关闭三年多进行翻修后,于今天上午重新开放。它将成为广东-香港-澳门大湾区的另一个交通枢纽。请张泓带来更多咨询。The first train departed from Guangzhou Baiyun Station at 8:35am today and arrived more than 2 hours later in Shantou City. The new station is an upgrade and expansion of Tangxi Station, which was built in 1916. The station has been redesigned to resemble a blooming kapok, the city flower of Guangzhou.首班列车于今天上午8时35分从广州白云站开出,2个多小时后抵达汕头市。新站是建于1916年的棠溪站的升级扩建。车站经过重新设计,看起来像盛开的木棉花,广州的市花。Voice of Liu Jun, Chief EngineerBaiyun Station ProjectEach steel beam weighs 90 tons. The longest one is 28 meters. We used building information modeling and 3D laser scanning technologies to install the steel structures precisely.刘俊 中铁建工集团白云站项目总工程师单个花瓣钢结构重量达90吨##最大悬挑长度有28米 弯曲度很高##我们通过运用BIM(建筑信息模型)技术##三维激光扫描技术等一系列##数字化建造技术的运用##成功实现这个花瓣钢结构的精准定位和吊装##The 7-story railway station has a 40,000-square-meter waiting hall that can accommodate up to 15,000 people. With 24 inbound and outbound lines and 21 passenger platforms, the railway station will handle 18 passenger trains per day during its initial reopening stage. It will serve many major routes including the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway, Beijing-Guangzhou railway, Guangzhou-Meizhou梅州-Shantou railway, and Guangzhou-Maoming railway. 这座7层楼高的火车站有一个40000平方米的候车大厅,最多可容纳15000人。该火车站有24条进出站线路和21个客运站台,在重新开放初期,每天将处理18列客运列车。它将服务于许多主要路线,包括京广高铁、京广铁路、广州-梅州梅州-汕头铁路和广州茂名铁路。SHANGHAI TO OPEN MORE PUBLIC GREEN SPACES上海将向公众开放更多绿地A small garden area at 457 North Shaanxi Road is now open to the public after being closed several months for renovations. The green space also has some history to it as the office of the Shanghai Dictionary Publishing House was built here in 1928. It's now classified as an outstanding historical building. Reporter Zhang Yue finds out more.陕西北路457号的一个小花园区在关闭数月进行翻修后,现已向公众开放。这片绿地也有一些历史,因为1928年上海辞书出版社的办公室就建在这里。它现在被列为上海优秀历史建筑。记者张乐了解更多。Egyptian expat George has lived in Shanghai for seven years. He loves to take a walk with his family in this area on North Shaanxi Road. It was closed off to the public in the past, but now people are able to see old magnolias trees, plants, a pond, benches, and pergolas. 埃及的乔治已经在上海生活了七年。他喜欢和家人在陕西北路的这个地区散步。它过去不对公众开放,但现在人们可以看到古老的木兰树、植物、池塘、长椅和凉棚。GeorgeExpat from Egypt乔治,埃及人I didn't expect it to happen this way and it's pretty well done like in the beginning when they started the construction. I didn't know it's going to be open for public and it's going to be done in pretty nice ways such as happening.我没想到会这样,而且像刚开始施工时一样做得很好。我不知道它会对公众开放,而且会以非常好的方式进行,比如现在发生的这样。The main building is a neoclassical style garden house designed by Hungarian architect László Hudec. The entire area covers 10,000 square meters, of which nearly a third is a garden.主楼是一座新古典主义风格的花园住宅,由匈牙利建筑师LászlóHudec设计。整个区域占地10000平方米,其中近三分之一是花园。I've seen a lot of improvements about that like you can see it in so many places. You can tell that there is a lot of hard work going into that to make it pretty well designed as well.我已经看到了很多改进,就像你在很多地方看到的那样。你可以看出,要使它设计得很好,还需要付出很多艰苦的工作。What makes George even happier is that he was named a Citizen Forest Chief. Jing'an District officials introduced the idea last year to encourage more residents to use their free time to participate in voluntary forest patrols and environmental protection activities in nearby parks and green spaces.让乔治更高兴的是,他被任命为公民市民林长。静安区官员去年提出了这一想法,鼓励更多居民利用空闲时间参加附近公园和绿地的森林义务巡逻和环保活动。Gong Mingjun, Deputy DirectorJing'an Landscaping & City Appearance Admin. BureauThe 1,000 square-meter green space along the street is open to the public around the clock. The other 2,000 square meters inside can be adjusted to accommodate various demands. The garden will be available for fashion shows and art performances in the future.宫明军 静安区绿化和市容管理局副局长考虑到办公的需求 这个草坪将来还有一些文化演艺 或者走秀的使用功能外面一千平米左右的花园 是24小时全天候对外开放 整个面积三千(平方米) 里面两千(平方米)左右是可开可合的 兼顾各方需求。花园绿地在开放方式上采取分区开放模式,其中沿街的千平绿地花园将向市民全天候开放;艺术文化产业园区运营的花园绿地,按园区活动需求采取可开可闭的模式,既确保文化产业园区的特色,又实现了开放共享的社会价值。Last year, 21 government and public institutions across Jing'an have piloted the opening and sharing of green spaces, with approximately 190,000 square meters of open green space and 9 pocket parks transformed. By the end of 2025, about 1 million square meters of space is expected to be converted into more than 35 pocket parks.去年,静安21家政府和公共机构试点开放共享绿地,改造开放绿地约19万平方米,改造口袋公园9个。到2025年底,预计将有约100万平方米的空间改造成35个以上的袖珍公园。#热词加油站Expat 外派人员 [ˌeksˈpæt]Institution 机构 [ˌɪnstɪˈtjuːʃn]Patrol 巡逻 [pəˈtrəʊl]Resemble 像 [rɪˈzembl]订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大师访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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12/25 TOP NEWS|甘肃积石山举行地震遇难同胞悼念活动/内地股市收平 游戏板块延续跌势

NEWS ON 12/251. GANSU MOURNS EARTHQUAKE VICTIMS甘肃积石山举行地震遇难同胞悼念活动2. MAINLAND SHARES CLOSE FLAT, WITH GAMING SHARES EXTENDING SLUMP  内地股市收平,游戏板块延续跌势-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. GANSU MOURNS EARTHQUAKE VICTIMS甘肃积石山举行地震遇难同胞悼念活动The death toll from the earthquake that jolted parts of northwestern China on December 18th has risen to 117 in Gansu Province and 32 in Qinghai Province. Two people are still listed as missing as search and rescue work continued. A service for the victims was held this morning in Jishishan County, Gansu. According to the local housing and urban-rural development authority, 12,000 prefab【预制建筑】houses will be built by Wednesday. More than 3,500 had already been completed as of Saturday night. The quake destroyed almost 15,000 houses.12月18日,中国西北部分地区发生地震,已造成甘肃省117人遇难,青海省32人遇难。今天上午,甘肃积石山县举行了遇难同胞悼念活动。据当地住房和城乡建设主管部门称,到本周三,将建成12,000套预制房屋。截至周六晚,已建成3500多套。地震摧毁了近15,000 所房屋。2. MAINLAND SHARES CLOSE FLAT, WITH GAMING SHARES EXTENDING SLUMP  内地股市收平,游戏板块延续跌势Let's take a look at the performance of the Asian stock markets now. 我们来看看亚洲股市今日的表现。Things started well for the Chinese mainland markets today. The Shanghai Composite opened higher, but soon lost its early energy and spent most of the day in negative territory, but managed to close 0.14 percent higher. The Shenzhen Component was up 0.38 percent and the ChiNext board closed one-third of a percent higher.今天,中国内地股市开局良好。上证综指高开,但很快就失去了早盘的活力,全天大部分时间处于下跌,不过收盘时还是上涨了0.14%。深成指上涨0.38%,创业板收盘上涨0.3%。Online gaming shares extended losses from Friday as China's new rules to curb spending on video games dented sentiment despite regulators' latest efforts to soothe investor concerns. The weak sentiment towards the sector persisted despite a statement fromregulators【监管者】on Saturday that they would make improvements to the proposed rules after "earnestly studying" public views on them. China's CSI Anime Comic Game Index slumped 4.9%, extending a 10% tumble【暴跌】from the previous session. Shares in gaming companies like Giant Network Group and Kingnet Network were down the 10% daily limit. The proposed rules aim at curbing money and time spent on video games. Stocks in the media sector tumbled 2.6%, while defense shares gained 1.6%. 网游股延续了上周五的跌势,因为尽管监管机构最近努力缓解投资者的担忧,但中国抑制视频游戏消费的新规定还是打击了市场情绪。尽管监管机构周六发表声明称,他们将在征求公众意见后对拟议规则进行改进,但市场对该行业的疲软情绪依然存在。中证动漫游戏指数下跌4.9%,延续了上一交易日10%的跌幅。巨人网络集团和恺英网络等游戏公司的股价跌幅超过了10%的日幅限制。拟议中的规则旨在限制在网游上消耗的金钱和时间。媒体股下跌2.6%,国防股上涨1.6%。The Hong Kong market was closed for Christmas. In Japan, the Nikkei share average ended higher, underpinned【巩固】by prospects for U.S. rate cuts, although shipping company shares fell on expectations a resumption in Red Sea shipping would weigh on freight rates. The Nikkei 225 rose 0.26%, while the broader Topix inched up 0.04%. While the markets were mixed, the only obvious trend was the decline in shipping firms. The Japanese shipping shares index fell 6.51% on Monday and was the worst-performing sector among the Tokyo Stock Exchange's 33 industry sub-indexes. Kawasaki Kisen fell 8.6% to become the worst performer on the Nikkei. On the flipside, Fast Retailing rose 0.62%, giving the biggest boost to the Nikkei among individual shares. 香港市场因圣诞节休市。在日本,日经平均指数收盘上涨,受美国降息前景支撑,不过航运公司股价下跌,因预期红海航运恢复将拖累运费。日经225指数上涨0.26%,东证指数上涨 0.04%。虽然市场涨跌不一,但唯一明显的趋势是航运公司的下跌。 日本航运股指数周一下跌6.51%,是东京证券交易所33个行业分指数中表现最差的板块。川崎汽船下跌8.6%,是日经指数中下跌最多的股票。相反,迅销公司则上涨了0.62%,在个股中对日经指数的提振作用最大。 #热词加油站 prefab /ˈpriːfæb/【预制建筑】 regulators /ˈreɡjuleɪtə(r) /【监管者】tumble /ˈtʌmbl/【暴跌】underpinned /ˌʌndəˈpɪn/【巩固】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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12/22 TOP NEWS|静安要把苏河湾改造成文化中心/向中国西北地震灾区运送救援物资

NEWS ON 12/221.     JING’AN LOOKS TO TRANSFORM SUHEWAN A CULTURAL HUB静安要把苏河湾改造成文化中心2.     RELIEF SUPPLIES DELIVERED TO QUAKE ZONE IN N.W. CHINA向中国西北地震灾区运送救援物资-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-------------JING’AN LOOKS TO TRANSFORM SUHEWAN A CULTURAL HUB静安要把苏河湾改造成文化中心Jing'an District said it is trying to create a new cultural center in Shanghai at Suhewan, a 4.2 square kilometer area near Suzhou Creek. Reporter Zhang Yue has more.静安区表示,他们正试图在苏州河附近4.2平方公里的苏河湾创建一个新的文化中心。记者张乐带来报道。At the newly opened TBCA Culture and Art Center on Qufu Road, Rafael Kao is displaying one of his latest creations, a three-meter tall painting made of silk and wool fabric. 在曲阜路新开张的TBCA文化艺术中心,高健维在展出他的最新作品之一,一幅三米高的丝绸和羊毛织物画。Raphael KaoArtistChinese wood-carving techniques and ink painting was used, as well as some western painting techniques. Shanghai has gradually become the center of design and art in China, with the development of a permanent regional art center.高健维 艺术家结合中国木雕的手法,结合西方的绘画技巧,当然也有一些水墨技巧。上海已经慢慢成为中国的艺术和设计中心,汇聚了非常多的能量,打造区域生态是非常重要的,常态性的力量,艺术应该是丰富我们生活,渗透到日常,而不是一个短暂的展览就结束了。The exhibition is called 'Invisible Form' and was organized by the center and Design Spring, a China based contemporary home decor design fair. Many of the exhibits are being displayed for the first time in China, after being presented at Paris Design Week in September.该展览名为“看不见的形式”,由该中心和中国当代家居装饰设计博览会Design Spring组织。许多展品在9月的巴黎设计周上展出后,首次在中国展出。The center will be used for media exhibitions, artistic content creation, and design planning.该中心将用于媒体展览、艺术内容创作和设计规划。Wang Ke, Deputy DirectorSino-French School, Central Academy of Fine ArtsA workshop will be set up here at the center for school filled trips for our students, who will make contributions to some urban planning projects, such as renovating old neighborhoods. They'll also have the chance to exhibit their artwork here. 王可 中央美术学院(中法)艺术与设计管理学院副院长我们会放一个空间设计研究工作坊,在这个空间,未来会在每周每个月派我们大量的学生,实地过来进行一些考察研究,不仅仅是对老的建筑线条进行一些数据的归纳,也会对一些新项目进行参与和提升。 空间需要更好的内容和专业的支持,我相信我们多方资源的联手,包括静安区政府的加持,这个平台未来会呈现高水准的专业空间展示。There are 17 historical neighborhoods in the Suhewan area. Some of the heritage buildings have been refit and are now home to some high-end art institutions such as Sotheby's, Fotografiska and UCCA Edge. 苏河湾地区有17个历史街区。一些遗产建筑已经翻新,现在是一些高端艺术机构的所在地,如苏富比、Fotografiska和UCCA Edge。Huang Jiancheng, ProfessorCentral Academy of Fine ArtsThe area around Suzhou Creek is ideal to develop the media and art industry. We will have regular activities and permanent exhibitions, which will help to cultivate younger artists. We are also planning to produce a reality show, focusing on urban renewal and rural revitalization.黄建成 湖南电广文新文化有限公司董事长、中央美术学院二级教授这一块的整个的氛围调性非常符合我们想做的艺术加传媒加产业这么一个体系,我们要致力于把艺术源头的创意和通过传媒的手段推广到社会服务社会的终端,艺术中心的常设展览和主题的展览的不断推出,致力于推动新乐艺术家,还有生活方式的艺术活动。同时设计中心还要与湖南广电打造"设计新生"的真人秀节目,这个节目就是推动新锐设计师和社会的品牌直接推动城市更新和乡村振兴。第三个我们将来还想打造亚洲潮流艺术节,会联动北京、上海、广州,包括湖南,来推动整个潮流艺术的一种生活方式。Huang said a fashion design week will be held at the center, attracting artists from Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai.黄建成说,中心将举办时装设计周,吸引来自北京、广州和上海的艺术家。RELIEF SUPPLIES DELIVERED TO QUAKE ZONE IN N.W. CHINA向中国西北地震灾区运送救援物资As of last night, the recent magnitude 6.2 earthquake in Gansu's Jishishan积石山 County has killed 113 people in Gansu and 22 in Qinghai, while another 12 people were still listed is missing. Sun Siqi has more.截至昨晚,甘肃积石山最近发生6.2级地震积石山该县已造成甘肃113人死亡,青海22人死亡,另有12人失踪。孙思奇带来更多报道。Gansu authorities said their focus has shifted to treating injuries, relocating residents and clearing debris and rubble. And for water and electricity, 5 villages in Jishishan have had the services restored. The expressways, side roads and rural highways have generally resumed operation. Several lanes have been closed to traffic on some of Qinghai's expressways to allow for disaster relief to get into the quake zone.甘肃省有关部门表示,他们的工作重点已转移到救治伤员、安置居民和清理废墟上。在水电方面,积石山的5个村庄已经恢复了供水和供电。高速公路、支路和农村公路已基本恢复运营。青海的一些高速公路已经关闭了几条车道,以便救灾人员进入灾区。Ma Jianguo, Traffic Police Gansu Linxia Public Security BureauWe have assembled all the police force on the road, for the quake relief materials to arrive smoothly.马建国 甘肃省临夏州公安局交警支队高速公路大队副大队长调集所有的能够调集的一些警力##全部上路执勤##保通保畅##保障社会救援力量顺利到达##To prevent the possible occurrence of secondary disasters, a comprehensive inspection of the houses in Jishishan's 12 townships in is also underway and it is expected to be completed before the end of the week.为了防止可能发生的次生灾害,对积石山12个乡镇的房屋进行的全面检查也在进行中,预计本周末前完成。Relief materials from are currently being delivered to the quake-hit areas. Local authorities have also issued a subsistence allowance for families affected by the disaster.目前正在向地震灾区运送来自的救援物资。地方当局还为受灾家庭发放了生活津贴。So far, a total of 784 people were reported as injured in Gansu, the hospitals in the province have been busy treating these victims. 19 medical relief sites and 1 mobile hospital have been set up in Jinshishan. 21 mobile medical teams have also been dispatched, along with more than 100,000 basic medical kits that contain cold and flu medicine, as well as supplies for the treatment of minor wounds.到目前为止,甘肃共有784人受伤,该省的医院一直在忙于治疗这些受害者。在金石山设立了19个医疗救助点和1个流动医院。还派遣了21个流动医疗队,以及10多万个基本医疗包,其中包括感冒和流感药物,以及治疗轻伤的用品。Hundreds of aftershocks have been registered in the Jinshishan area since Monday night's magnitude 6.2 quake, the strongest aftershock so far, a magnitude 4.1, occurred at 4AM today.自从星期一晚上的6.2级地震以来,金石山地区已经记录了数百次余震。今天凌晨4点发生了迄今为止最强的4.1级余震。#热词加油站Allowance  [əˈlaʊəns]  津贴Expressway  [ɪkˈspresweɪ]  高速公路Contemporary  [kənˈtemprəri]  属同时期的Renovate  [ˈrenəveɪt]  修复订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大师访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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12/15 TOP NEWS|市场期待更激进的GDP增长目标

NEWS ON 12/15MARKET EXPECTS MORE ECONOMIC STIMULUS市场期待更激进的GDP增长目标-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-------------MARKET EXPECTS MORE ECONOMIC STIMULUS市场期待更激进的GDP增长目标The recently-concluded Central EconomicWork Conference also noted that China's economy has achieved a recovery, withsolid progress made in high-quality development in 2023. Our reporters havespoken to 5 economists from leading financial institutions to get their take onthe conference and the signals it's sent. In today's interview, our reporterZhang Shixuan spoke to Wang Dan, the Chief Economist at Hang Seng Bank China.最近结束的中央经济工作会议也提到,中国经济正在复苏,2023年高质量发展扎实推进。我们的记者采访了来自5家领头金融机构的经济学家,谈一谈他们对会议所传达的信号的解读。在今天的采访中,本报记者张诗旋采访了恒生银行(中国)首席经济学家王丹。What signal have you received from the justconcluded Central Economic Work Conference? Is stimulus going to be effectivein getting back the country's economic momentum?刚刚结束的中央经济工作会议,你收到了什么信号?刺激计划能有效地恢复国家的经济势头吗?The previous meetings, including the politburo meeting has sent out a signal that the government will implement biggerstimulus in 2024 than the past two years. This is quite necessary for many ofthe domestic producers. They're trying to find new markets, not just domesticmarkets, but also overseas market. Their production capacity has exceeded whatChinese mainland market can absorb. So there is a need to find new projects,new market to basically use up their production capacity.包括政治局会议在内的前几次会议发出了一个信号,即政府将在2024年实施比过去两年更大的刺激措施。这对许多国内生产商来说是非常必要的。他们正在努力寻找新市场,不仅是国内市场,还有海外市场。他们的生产能力已经超过了中国大陆市场的消化能力。所以有必要找到新的项目,新的市场来消化他们的产能。How important is this year's CentralEconomic Work Conference, given the headwinds faced by the Chineseeconomy at the moment?考虑到目前中国经济面临的不利因素,今年的中央经济工作会议有多重要?We're looking to the new GDP target in theCentral Work Economic Conference. It will be quite essential for businesscommunity to make their plan for the next year. Because this year, theinvestment mood is quite tamed. But next year, many people expect a turnaround.The biggest problem for Chinese economy is still a lack of confidence. It's notjust for consumers, but also investors. And that means for the GDP target in2024, it has to be a little bit more ambitious than just based on fundamentals.So we're expecting more government-led projects, especially in the new energyindustry, supply chain and water projects in central and western China, cityrenovation projects. So a lot of the fiscal expansion has to take place. Andfor domestic consumers, they're expecting faster income growth and that dependson the job market security. In order to achieve that, we also need thegovernment to take a more relaxed stance in both monetary policy and fiscalpolicy. So the Central Economic Work Conference is the foundation for business communityand also it can significantly improve the market sentiment.我们关注中央工作经济工作会议提出新的GDP目标。对于商界来说,制定明年的计划是非常重要的。因为今年,投资情绪相当温和。但明年,许多人预计情况会好转。中国经济面临的最大问题仍然是缺乏信心。这不仅适用于消费者,也适用于投资者。这意味着,对于2024年的GDP目标来说,它必须比仅仅基于基本面的目标更雄心勃勃。因此,我们预计会有更多政府主导的项目,特别是在中国中西部的新能源产业、供应链和水利项目、城市改造项目方面。所以必须进行大量的财政扩张。对于国内消费者来说,他们预计收入增长会更快,这取决于就业市场的安全性。为了实现这一目标,我们还需要政府在货币政策和财政政策方面采取更加宽松的立场。因此,中央经济工作会议是企业界的基础,也可以显著改善市场情绪。How do you view the economic situation thisyear in China? 你如何看待今年中国的经济形势?2023 is indeed a year of deep adjustment.And we have seen this real turnaround for consumer market because last year thebase was too low. So just by a natural rebounding consumer market, we have seena 7% to 8% of growth in retail market for most Chinese cities. And when we lookat the GDP growth for different sectors, it is quite uplifting. But there is agap between the macro data and micro perception. The main reason for that isthis year's growth was still mostly driven by government projects and that ismostly turned into stock building, capital formation as well as manufacturinginvestment. Those things don't necessarily turn into people's income and that'swhy on the micro level, a lot of individuals feel that their wage hasn't grownas fast as before. I would say this year the official target will be metwithout a doubt on the 5% GDP target. There's no doubt we can achieve that. Butin the months to come, there has to be more targeted measures trying to improvethe quality of life and that includes income growth as well as job security.2023年确实是深度调整的一年。我们已经看到了消费市场的真正转变,因为去年的基数太低了。因此,仅凭消费市场的自然反弹,我们就可以看到中国大多数城市的零售市场增长了7%至8%。当我们看到其它产业的GDP增长时,这是非常令人振奋的。但宏观数据和微观感知之间存在差距。主要原因是今年的增长仍然主要由政府项目推动,而这些项目大多转化为建设存量、资本形成和制造业投资。这些东西不一定会转化为人们的收入,这就是为什么在微观层面上,很多人觉得他们的工资没有以前增长得那么快。我想说,今年的官方设定的5%的GDP目标毫无疑问将实现。但在未来几个月里,必须采取更有针对性的措施,努力提高生活质量,其中包括收入增长和工作保障。#热词加油站Politburo  [ˈpɒlɪtbjʊərəʊ]  政治局Adjustment  [əˈdʒʌstmənt]  调整Fundamental  [ˌfʌndəˈmentl]  基本的Headwind  [ˈhedwɪnd]  逆风订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大师访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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12/21 TOP NEWS|更多重点领域激励政策有望出台

NEWS ON 12/20ECONOMIST PREDICTS STIMULUS MEASURES IN 2024更多重点领域激励政策有望出台-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------ECONOMIST PREDICTS STIMULUS MEASURES IN 2024更多重点领域激励政策有望出台Expectations are high for China's economic recovery to continue in 2024. Our reporter Timothy Pope spoke to Zhou Hao, Chief Economist of Guotai Juan International, to find out his take on the country's economic growth and what we can expect next year.人们高度期待中国经济在2024年继续复苏。本台记者Timothy Pope采访了国泰君安国际的首席经济学家周浩,分享对中国明年经济增长的看法以及我们能期待哪些。Zhou Hao, thanks for making the time to talk to us today. 周浩,感谢你今天抽空接受我们的采访。Hi. 你好。How important is the Central Economic Work Conference this year, given the headwinds【逆风】that are currently facing the Chinese economy?鉴于中国经济目前面临的不利因素,今年的中央经济工作会议有多重要?Well, I think it's very clear that the market has been expecting a kind of very big stimulus package from China for long. And also, in the meantime, we have seen that the property market has been slowing down. Overall speaking, the economy has been somehow a bit kind of battling or even kind of struggling with this kind of headwinds. The Central Economic Work Conference is definitely one of the most important policy meetings in China, and it will set the policy agenda and terms for next year. From this kind of perspective, the market definitely wants to know more and gets more insights about the policy framework for the coming year.我认为很明显的一点是市场长期以来一直在期待中国出台非常大的经济刺激计划。同时,我们也看到房地产市场已经放缓。总体而言,经济在某种程度上一直在与这种不利因素作斗争。中央经济工作会议无疑是中国最重要的政策会议之一,它将确定明年的政策议程和条款。从这个角度来看,市场肯定希望对来年的政策框架有更多的了解和认识。There have been some pretty clear signals that the Chinese government is not gonna turn on the fiscal【财政】fire hose next year and really pump money into the economy. But might we see some more targeted measures, perhaps special bonds, for example, similar to those that we saw issued back in 2020?已经有一些非常明确的信号表明,中国政府明年不会打开财政“水龙头”,真正地向经济注入资金。但是,我们是否会看到一些更有针对性的措施,比如2020年发行的特别国债?We have to acknowledge that the overall policy stimulus will be still kind of targeted, or even moderated in the next few quarters. But the targeted policy also means that the sectors that will be supported by the physical policy will get more kind of support or boost from the policy and also all kind of get more kind of attention from the investors.我们必须承认,未来几个季度的整体政策刺激仍将是有针对性和适度的。但有针对性的政策也意味着,受实体政策支持的行业将从政策中获得更多的支持或推动,同时也会得到投资者更多的关注。So I think for China, there are two different kinds of perspectives when we look at the policy support for next year. One is that the government will continue to provide support to boost the potential or kind of productivity. And in the meantime, the government will provide support to improve the people's livelihood【生计】.因此,对中国而言,明年的政策支持有两种不同的角度。一是政府将继续提供支持,以提高生产潜力或生产率。与此同时,政府还将为改善民生提供支持。What do you expect from the Chinese economy in 2024? What's your outlook?您对2024年中国经济有何预期?前景如何?Overall speaking, if you look at the growth projection for 2024, basically we're looking around like 5%. This is there's no little doubt that China was to deliver a decent growth for next year. But on the other hand, first half of the year, we're still have to be kind of patient to see the economic momentum sentiment【情绪】and also the confidence to gradually build up. I think the hope will be that the overall economic kind of a growth will be consolidated in the first half of next year. And for the second half of next year, overall speaking, the risk will be can somehow contained, especially in both the property sector and also the local government debt related staff. And basically, that will pave ways for good kind of returns in both the bond market as well as the stock market for next year. And first half of the year, we're looking at so called the risk management. And for the second half of the year, I think there will be kind of a good returns or decent returns from a specific sector as well.总的来说,关于2024年的增长预测,我们的基本预期是5%左右。毫无疑问,中国明年会有不错的增长。但另一方面,明年上半年,我们仍需耐心等待经济势头和信心的逐步增强。我认为,整体经济增长的希望能在明年上半年得到巩固。明年下半年,总体而言,风险将在某种程度上得到控制,尤其是在房地产行业和地方政府债务相关方面。基本上,这将为明年债券市场和股票市场的良好回报铺平道路。明年上半年,我们将关注所谓的风险管理。至于下半年,我认为某些行业也会有不错的回报。So there's going to be a lot to watch in 2024. Thanks for sharing your insights, Zhouhao.所以,2024年将有很多事情值得关注。感谢您分享的见解,周浩。Thank you very much.非常感谢。#热词加油站 headwinds /ˈhedwɪnd/【逆风】fiscal /ˈfɪskl/【财政】livelihood /ˈlaɪvlihʊd/【生计】sentiment /ˈsentɪmənt/【情绪】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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12/20 TOP NEWS|中国经济内外部可控

NEWS ON 12/191. CHINA CAN SURMOUNT THECURRENT ECONOMIC CHALLENGES中国经济内外部可控-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-------------CHINA CAN SURMOUNT THECURRENT ECONOMIC CHALLENGES中国经济内外部可控After a bumpy 2023, there are high expectations for China's economic recovery in 2024. In the wake of the agenda-setting Central Economic Work Conference, our reporter Timothy Pope sat down with Bruce Pang, Chief Economist at the global real estate services company JLL Greater China, to get his take on how the country's challenges can be met.中国经济经历了持续承压的2023后,人们对2024年中国经济复苏寄予厚望。在定基调的中央经济工作会议之后,我们的记者Timothy Pope与全球知名房地产咨询机构仲量联行大中华区首席经济学家庞溟交谈,了解中国如何应对挑战。How important is this year's Central Economic Work Conference in really setting the tone for 2024?今年的中央经济工作会议在为2024年定下基调方面有多重要?Yes, in term of the external environment, actually a recent data shows the potential risk of slowdown in global economy as well as in many macro economies. The softening external demand actually isn't completely favorable has posed challenges for China's growth momentum and is worthy to be addressed and responded to in the top-level meeting. And domestic wise, the market expected some progress policies to complement and bear fruits, which have not yet been effectively translated into near term growth due to the constrained policy transmission and business confidence. 是的,就外部环境而言,实际上最近的数据显示了全球经济以及许多宏观经济体放缓的潜在风险。外部需求的疲软实际上并不完全有利,这对中国的增长势头构成了挑战,值得在高层会议上加以解决和回应。就国内而言,市场预计一些鼓励政策将相辅相成并取得成果,但由于政策传导和商业信心受到限制,这些政策尚未在短期内有效转化为增长。And economy’s indeed facing some structural issues together with local governments’ debt risk, distress in the housing market, etc. So a fairly supportive measures have proven mostly beneficial, raising some pressures on authorities to roll out more stimulus. My opinion is that work conference reaffirms the importance and lays a concrete foundations of stabilizing the expectations and setting up confidence.经济确实面临着一些结构性问题,以及地方政府的债务风险、房地产市场的困境等。因此,政府主导刺激措施大多数被证明是有益的,市场期待政府能推出更多刺激措施。我的看法是,工作会议重申了这一重要性,并为稳定预期和奠定信心奠定了基础。You talked about effective transmission of policy. How much new policy and how much new stimulus is the economy going to need?你谈到了政策的有效传递。中国经济需要多少新政策和新刺激?First, there will be supportive measures at all front and pragmatic strategies to revive recovery and to reengine grows for China together with solid progress in high quality development. The second step, the policymakers pledge to boost domestic demands and store the business confidence to take steps to reorient the economy towards household consumptions and market oriented allocation of resources. And the third one is that the central governments not only recognize the achievement and momentum of China's economy, also identify some specific issues and a few factors and challenges to tackle.首先,政府需要在各个方面采取支持措施,制定务实战略,重振复苏,同时在高质量发展方面取得坚实进展。第二步,政策制定者承诺提高国内需求,并储备商业信心,以采取措施将经济动力转向家庭消费和市场导向的资源配置。第三,中央政府不仅认识到中国经济的成就和势头,还确定了一些具体方面以及一些需要解决的因素和挑战。The property sector is obviously a major area of concern and has been for a while. What can be done there both to promote the sector as a whole, but also just to bring home buyers back to the market. Is this an issue of confidence, one of affordability or is it a combination of factors?房地产行业显然是人们关注的一个主要领域,而且已经有一段时间了。对于房地产领域可以做些什么,既能促进整个行业的发展,又能让购房者重返市场。这是信心问题、负担能力问题还是多种因素的结合?I think the top priority would be to break to potential virtuous cycle in and downward cycle. And some argue that ensuring the delivery of residential buildings is one of top priorities but I don't agree because it's not only priority. The language of housing for the central economical conference was a little change from previous statements. So the key would be to better implementations, executions of existing policies for the property sector to break the potential virtuous cycle, not introducing the new remedies.我认为当务之急是促进房地产业良性循环。一些人认为,确保住宅楼的交付是首要任务之一,但我不同意,因为这不是唯一的优先事项。中央经济会议的住房措辞与之前的声明略有不同。因此,关键是更好地实施和执行房地产行业的现有政策,以促进良性循环,而不是引入新的补救措施。And what's your outlook for the Chinese economy in 2024? 你对2024年中国经济的展望是什么?There will be two major growth drivers for 2024. First will be making good use of policy room. And second will be a synergy between consumption and investment as mentioned by the Work Conference so that there will be better collaborations and strong synergy across different policies include physical monetary size, technology, industrial policies, etc. Among others, the strengthen innovations and coordinations policy tools could also be seen which are positive stabilize expectation sentiment to promote to transition of growth model and structural adjustments. And demand, especially as a domestic demand is the key. So consumption and investments two wings of China's growth. And I think the virtuous cycle, the positive effect from both investments and consumptions, could also be a very important catalyst to further boost China's growth and development next year.2024年将有两大增长动力。首先是充分利用政策空间。第二,正如工作会议所提到的,消费和投资之间的协同作用,从而使不同政策(包括实物货币规模、技术、产业政策等)之间有更好的合作和强大的协同作用,强化创新与协调政策工具对稳定预期情绪,促进增长模式转型和结构调整也有积极作用。而需求,尤其是国内需求是关键。因此,消费和投资是中国经济增长的两翼。我认为,这种良性循环,即投资和消费的积极影响,也可能是明年进一步推动中国增长和发展的一个非常重要的催化剂。Fascinating insights! Bruce Pang, thank you so much for joining us. Thank you.引人入胜的见解!庞溟,非常感谢你的加入。谢谢你。#热词加油站Coordinations [kəʊˌɔːdɪˈneɪʃn]协调Monetary [ˈmʌnɪtri]货币的Residential [ˌrezɪˈdenʃl]住宅的Momentum [məˈmentəm]势头订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大师访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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12/19 TOP NEWS|科技创新正成为中国经济增长新引擎

NEWS ON 12/18CHINA’S ECONOMIC RECOVERY RELIES ON INNOVATION科技创新正成为中国经济增长新引擎-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------CHINA’S ECONOMIC RECOVERY RELIES ON INNOVATION科技创新正成为中国经济增长新引擎Zhang Shixuan Reporter张诗旋 记者The Central Economic Work Conference had a couple of highlights. One of them is a new term in Chinese we call it “xianlihoupo”, which literally means we fix it and then break it. How do you interpret these new terms?中央经济工作会议有几个亮点。其中有个新词是“先立后破”,字面意思是先打破旧有的固定模式,才能创造出新的。您如何理解这些新词?Hong Hao chief economist of GROW Investment Group洪灏 思睿集团首席经济学家It is a new term. Normally in Chinese we say we break it first and then fix it, right? So we break the existing model first and then we'll fix it and re-jig it. This time around, we're talking about steady the shift first and then develop. So I think stability is the key. I think the management is trying to keep a stable, steady domestic environment for the economic re-engineering processing.这是一个新词。在中文里,我们通常说先破后立,对吧?先打破现有的模式,再重新调整它。这次,我们说的是先稳后变,再发展。所以稳定是关键。管理层正在努力为国内经济再造过程保持一个稳定、平稳的环境。Zhang Shixuan Reporter张诗旋 记者How important is this year’s Central Economic Work Conference? Have you seen any progress made from the conference?您认为今年的中央经济工作会议有多重要?会议取得了哪些进展?Hong Hao chief economist of GROW Investment Group洪灏 思睿集团首席经济学家This year, we’ve seen new messages coming out of this meeting. For example, we're gonna use a new technology development to develop new types of productivity and to propel【推进】 economic growth going forward. And back then, I think last year, for example, we're emphasizing on boosting domestic demand to help the economy to recover. But I think going forward, that is still important because that is also being discussed in the conferences as well. But the role of technologically development is becoming increasingly more important. And I think it's the first time that we're putting science and technology development in the center of economic growth model going forward.我们从今年这次会议中看到了新的信息。比如说,我们要利用新技术来发展新型生产力,推动经济向前发展。而去年,比如说,我们强调要促进内需,帮助经济复苏。在未来,这一点仍然很重要,因为会议上也讨论了这个问题。不过技术发展的作用正变得越来越重要。我认为这是我们第一次把科技发展放在未来经济增长模式的中心位置。Zhang Shixuan Reporter张诗旋 记者What do you think is the dominant trend for the overall economic growth in China this year? 您认为今年中国整体经济增长的主要趋势是什么?Hong Hao chief economist of GROW Investment Group洪灏 思睿集团首席经济学家The Chinese economy is going into a new phase, is trying to switch away from growth model that is driven by property investment growth and going into a high tech manufacturing driven growth. Property sector is important, but it shouldn't be one and only sector that matters to the Chinese economy. And also in a new environment where rivalry【竞争】between countries assign the heating up in terms of who gets to take the lead or even dominate the tech sector. That is probably the crucial success, the crucial battle that China has to (face).中国经济正进入一个新阶段,试图从以房地产投资增长为驱动力的增长模式转向以高科技制造业为驱动力的增长模式。房地产业固然重要,但它不应是中国经济的唯一支柱产业。同时,在新的环境下,国家之间的竞争日趋白热化,谁能在科技领域占据领先甚至是主导地位,这可能是中国必须(面对)的成功关键和关键挑战。Obviously this year, we've seen some initial attempts and end results already. The GDP coming from the property sector in terms of percentage has decreased substantially. But at the same time, investment in other areas and also some new and emerging industries are developing substantially faster than the traditional industries. I would say that this year people are starting see and feel the change of the development model. I'm just hoping that going forward, more and more people come around to this camp and see property as part of the necessary that the consumer discretionary【自由决定的】sector that is helping consumption while the investment that used to be set assign invested in the property center and it will be being used to develop the high tech sector in the manufacturing sector of the Chinese economy.今年我们已经明显看到了一些初步尝试和结果。房地产行业的GDP占比大幅下降。但与此同时,其他领域的投资以及一些新兴产业的发展速度大大快于传统产业。今年人们开始看到并感受到发展模式的变化。希望在未来,越来越多的人能够加入,把房地产看成是帮助消费的可支配消费领域的必要组成部分,而过去分配给房地产中心的投资,将被用来发展中国经济制造业中的高科技领域。Zhang Shixuan Reporter张诗旋 记者Well, this trend, which you refer to as a restructuring process continue in the year to come? Will be able to see some effects from the change?您所说的这种重组趋势在来年是否会继续?这种变化是否会产生某些影响?Hong Hao chief economist of GROW Investment Group洪灏 思睿集团首席经济学家As time goes by, you're seeing the embryo of the new development structure clearer and clearer, while the old development model is sort of receding into the background. Nothing that is probably more likely that we're gonna see an experience in the next couple of years. And China is developing a very substantial comparative advantage relative to the other nations, for example, the EV sectors. I think China now is the largest EV exporter of the world, etc. So things are gradually changing. It's an emerging process that we need to manage well. But obviously we're feeling more and more palpable【明显的】. The change is coming our way. 随着时间的推移,你会看到新发展结构的雏形越来越清晰,而旧的发展模式则逐渐隐退。在未来几年里,我们更有可能看到这样的情况。与其他国家相比,中国正在形成非常大的优势,例如在电动汽车领域。中国现在是世界上最大的电动汽车出口国,等等。因此,情况正在逐渐发生变化。这是一个新兴的过程,我们需要好好把握。我们的感觉越来越明显,变化正在向我们走来。Now we're at about 300% to GDP-debt leverage ratio and that has to be change. I think this year we're probably gonna see for example, restructuring of local government debt, also more assistance for real estate developers who may have short term cash flow problems. There are many things to do but one has to keep in mind that solving the real estate challenge and also solving the local government bond issues, it's a long term issue. We probably took more than a decade to get to where we're now, and probably take at least a couple of years to clean it up.现在,我们的债务杠杆率约为国内生产总值的300%,这必须改变。今年我们可能会看到地方政府债务的重组,以及对可能有短期现金流问题的房地产开发商的更多援助。要做的事情有很多,但我们必须牢记,解决房地产挑战和解决地方政府债券问题是一个长期问题。我们花了十多年的时间才走到今天这一步,可能至少还需要几年的时间来收拾残局。#热词加油站propel /prəˈpel/【推进】rivalry /ˈraɪvlri/【竞争】discretionary /dɪˈskreʃənəri/【自由决定的】palpable /ˈpælpəbl/【明显的】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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12/18 TOP NEWS|惠誉上调2023年中国经济增速预期至5.3%

NEWS ON 12/15FITCHRATINGSRAISEDCHINA 2023 GROWTHFORECASTTO 5.3%惠誉上调2023年中国经济增速预期至5.3%----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------FITCHRATINGSRAISEDCHINA 2023 GROWTHFORECASTTO 5.3%惠誉上调2023年中国经济增速预期至5.3%Fitch Ratings last Friday raised its 2023 economic growth forecast for China by 0.5 percentage points to 5.3%. Our reporter Zhang Shixuan spoke to Jeremy Zook, Director of Asia-Pacific Sovereign Ratings at Fitch Ratings to learnmore about his take on economic health in China.国际知名评级公司惠誉上周五将2023年中国经济增长预测上调0.5个百分点至5.3%。本台记者张诗旋采访了惠誉评级亚太区主权评级董事杰瑞米·祖克(Jeremy Zook),了解他对中国经济状况的看法。Zhang Shixuan, reporter张诗旋 本台记者The Central Economic Work Conference has assessed this year’s achievements and set a tone for economic development for next year. Which statements from the conference may have a big impact on growth in 2024?中央经济工作会议总结了今年的成就,为明年的经济发展奠定了基调。会议的哪些声明可能会对2024年的经济增长产生重大影响?Jeremy Zook, Director of Asia-Pacific Sovereign Ratings, Fitch Ratings杰瑞米·祖克 惠誉评级亚太区主权评级董事The statement from the conference about using progress to promote stability, we think implies that some of these efforts that the government has made so far this year will be stepped up into next year. So, on the monetary policy side, we think that this kind of signals that there will be a bit more in the way of modest monetary policy easing. But I think the more interesting takeaway is on the fiscal【财政的】side, where the discussion of proactive【积极主动的】fiscal policy being intensified. But I think in terms of the overall message, it’s still not one of a large degree of stimulus. It’s more about keeping growth stable and by sort of managing some of the downside risks in the economy rather than giving a major boost to the growth outlook.我们认为,会议关于“以进促稳”的声明意味着,政府今年迄今所做的一些努力将在明年得到加强。因此,在货币政策方面,我们认为这是一种信号,表明将有更多适度宽松的货币政策。但我认为更有趣的是财政方面,关于积极财政政策的讨论正在加强。但我认为,就总体信息而言,这仍然不是一个大规模的刺激政策。它更多地是为了保持经济增长的稳定,并通过管理经济中的一些下行风险,而不是对经济增长前景进行大幅提振。Zhang Shixuan, reporter张诗旋 本台记者What’s your take on the economic situation this year in China?您如何看待今年中国的经济形势?Jeremy Zook, Director of Asia-Pacific Sovereign Ratings, Fitch Ratings杰瑞米·祖克 惠誉评级亚太区主权评级董事In terms of our outlook for this year, we actually just revised【修改】up on Friday our growth forecast for 2023 from 4.8% to 5.3%. So, I think, what is influencing this upward revision and growth is that the third quarter came out a bit more stable and a bit stronger than what we had and anticipated.关于今年的展望,实际上我们刚刚在周五将2023年的增长预测从4.8%上调至5.3%。因此,我认为,影响此次上调和增长的原因是,第三季度的情况比我们的预期更稳定、更强劲一些。In comparison, though, China’s economy is still growing at a relatively strong pace compared to the rest of the world, but emerging markets this year have come under a bit of pressure as well, and advanced economies have also seen quite a lot of economic challenges given higher interest and rising interest rates.相比之下,中国经济的增长速度与世界其他国家相比仍然相对强劲,但新兴市场今年也面临着一些压力,而发达经济体由于较高且不断上升的利率,也面临着不少经济挑战。It’s very clear that the government wants to move the driver of growth away from the property sector to what it views as a more sustainable model, relying on new manufacturing sector, such as electric vehicles, batteries, renewable energy, as well as more reliance on consumption growth rather than in investment.很明显,政府希望把经济增长的驱动力从房地产行业转移到它认为更可持续的模式上,依靠新的制造业,如电动汽车、电池、可再生能源,以及更多地依靠消费拉动经济增长而不是投资。Zhang Shixuan, reporter张诗旋 本台记者You mentioned that a country is now shifting its driving force for economic growth from property sector while also battling other headwinds【逆风】. Do you think now is the right time to make the transition? And what happens if we don’t do it?您提到,中国目前正在将经济增长的驱动力从房地产行业转向其他行业,同时也在与其他不利因素作斗争。您认为现在是转型的合适时机吗?如果不转型会发生什么?Jeremy Zook, Director of Asia-Pacific Sovereign Ratings, Fitch Ratings杰瑞米·祖克 惠誉评级亚太区主权评级董事This is certainly a policy priority. And we did see quite a lot of imbalances built up in the property sector. There were questions about how sort of sustainable and desirable such credit driven growth where for the Chinese economy. So certainly, reducing the risk coming from property itself, it does help to promote stability. But the question is managing this transition between the property sector driven growth and this new growth model. How does the government sort of manage that? And I think that’s the challenge that we’re facing, that China is facing right now.这当然是政策重点。我们确实看到房地产行业出现了很多失衡现象。有人质疑这种信贷驱动的增长对中国经济的可持续性和可取性。因此,降低来自房地产本身的风险,确实有助于促进稳定。但问题是如何管理房地产行业驱动的增长与这种新增长模式之间的过渡。政府该如何管理?我认为这是我们面临的挑战,也是中国目前面临的挑战。We do think that a lot of the trends that we saw in 2023 will continue. So we see a bit more downside in the property sector, especially in the first half of the year. On the external demand front, we do see a bit of recovery in exports for next year, although we think it will be only a very gradual recovery because growth in advanced economies and the global growth just is a bit weaker in our forecast going into 2024. And this is where the degree of policy support will come into play, we do think and underlying our forecasts is an assumption that the government will utilize again, monetary policy and more significantly fiscal policy to help support more stable growth next year.我们确实认为,在 2023 年看到的许多趋势将继续下去。因此,我们认为房地产行业的下行空间会更大一些,尤其是在明年上半年。在外部需求方面,我们认为明年的出口会有所复苏,尽管我们认为这只是一个非常平缓的复苏,因为在我们的预测中,发达经济体和全球经济增长在2024年会略显疲软。这就是政策支持的作用所在,我们确实认为,我们预测的基础是政府将再次利用货币政策和更重要的财政政策来帮助支持明年更稳定的增长。#热词加油站fiscal/ˈfɪsk(ə)l/【财政的】proactive/ˌprəʊˈæktɪv/【积极主动的】revise/rɪˈvaɪz/【修改】headwind/ˈhedwɪnd/【逆风】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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12/15 TOP NEWS|中国经济11月出现反弹

NEWS ON 12/151.     CHINESE ECONOMY REBOUNDS IN NOVEMBER中国经济11月出现反弹-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-------------CHINESE ECONOMY REBOUNDS IN NOVEMBER中国经济11月出现反弹The recently-concluded Central Economic Work Conference also noted that China's economy has achieved a recovery, with solid progress made in high-quality development in 2023. Our reporters have spoken to 5 economists from leading financial institutions to get their take on the conference and the signals it's sent. In today's interview, our reporter Zhang Shixuan spoke to Wang Dan, the Chief Economist at Hang Seng Bank China.最近结束的中央经济工作会议也提到,中国经济正在复苏,2023年高质量发展扎实推进。我们的记者采访了来自5家领头金融机构的经济学家,谈一谈他们对会议所传达的信号的解读。在今天的采访中,本台记者张诗旋采访了恒生银行(中国)首席经济学家王丹。What signal have you received from the just concluded Central Economic Work Conference? Is stimulus going to be effective in getting back the country's economic momentum?刚刚结束的中央经济工作会议,你收到了什么信号?刺激计划能有效地恢复国家的经济势头吗?The previous meetings, including the politburo meeting has sent out a signal that the government will implement bigger stimulus in 2024 than the past two years. This is quite necessary for many of the domestic producers. They're trying to find new markets, not just domestic markets, but also overseas market. Their production capacity has exceeded what Chinese mainland market can absorb. So there is a need to find new projects, new market to basically use up their production capacity.包括政治局会议在内的前几次会议发出了一个信号,即政府将在2024年实施比过去两年更大的刺激措施。这对许多国内生产商来说是非常必要的。他们正在努力寻找新市场,不仅是国内市场,还有海外市场。他们的生产能力已经超过了中国大陆市场的消化能力。所以有必要找到新的项目,新的市场来消化他们的产能。How important is this year's Central Economic Work Conference, given the headwinds faced by the Chinese economy at the moment?考虑到目前中国经济面临的不利因素,今年的中央经济工作会议有多重要?We're looking to the new GDP target in the Central Work Economic Conference. It will be quite essential for business community to make their plan for the next year. Because this year, the investment mood is quite tamed. But next year, many people expect a turnaround. The biggest problem for Chinese economy is still a lack of confidence. It's not just for consumers, but also investors. And that means for the GDP target in 2024, it has to be a little bit more ambitious than just based on fundamentals. So we're expecting more government-led projects, especially in the new energy industry, supply chain and water projects in central and western China, city renovation projects. So a lot of the fiscal expansion has to take place. And for domestic consumers, they're expecting faster income growth and that depends on the job market security. In order to achieve that, we also need the government to take a more relaxed stance in both monetary policy and fiscal policy. So the Central Economic Work Conference is the foundation for business community and also it can significantly improve the market sentiment.我们关注中央工作经济工作会议提出新的GDP目标。对于商界来说,制定明年的计划是非常重要的。因为今年,投资情绪相当温和。但明年,许多人预计情况会好转。中国经济面临的最大问题仍然是缺乏信心。这不仅适用于消费者,也适用于投资者。这意味着,对于2024年的GDP目标来说,它必须比仅仅基于基本面的目标更雄心勃勃。因此,我们预计会有更多政府主导的项目,特别是在中国中西部的新能源产业、供应链和水利项目、城市改造项目方面。所以必须进行大量的财政扩张。对于国内消费者来说,他们预计收入增长会更快,这取决于就业市场的安全性。为了实现这一目标,我们还需要政府在货币政策和财政政策方面采取更加宽松的立场。因此,中央经济工作会议是企业界的基础,也可以显著改善市场情绪。How do you view the economic situation this year in China? 你如何看待今年中国的经济形势?2023 is indeed a year of deep adjustment. And we have seen this real turnaround for consumer market because last year the base was too low. So just by a natural rebounding consumer market, we have seen a 7% to 8% of growth in retail market for most Chinese cities. And when we look at the GDP growth for different sectors, it is quite uplifting. But there is a gap between the macro data and micro perception. The main reason for that is this year's growth was still mostly driven by government projects and that is mostly turned into stock building, capital formation as well as manufacturing investment. Those things don't necessarily turn into people's income and that's why on the micro level, a lot of individuals feel that their wage hasn't grown as fast as before. I would say this year the official target will be met without a doubt on the 5% GDP target. There's no doubt we can achieve that. But in the months to come, there has to be more targeted measures trying to improve the quality of life and that includes income growth as well as job security.2023年确实是深度调整的一年。我们已经看到了消费市场的真正转变,因为去年的基数太低了。因此,仅凭消费市场的自然反弹,我们就可以看到中国大多数城市的零售市场增长了7%至8%。当我们看到其它产业的GDP增长时,这是非常令人振奋的。但宏观数据和微观感知之间存在差距。主要原因是今年的增长仍然主要由政府项目推动,而这些项目大多转化为建设存量、资本形成和制造业投资。这些东西不一定会转化为人们的收入,这就是为什么在微观层面上,很多人觉得他们的工资没有以前增长得那么快。我想说,今年的官方设定的5%的GDP目标毫无疑问将实现。但在未来几个月里,必须采取更有针对性的措施,努力提高生活质量,其中包括收入增长和工作保障。#热词加油站Politburo  [ˈpɒlɪtbjʊərəʊ]  政治局Adjustment  [əˈdʒʌstmənt]  调整Fundamental  [ˌfʌndəˈmentl]  基本的Headwind  [ˈhedwɪnd]  逆风订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大师访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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12/13 TOP NEWS|冰雪袭击中国北方/虹桥CBD规划呼吁促进电子商务

NEWS ON 12/131. SNOW AND ICE HIT NORTHERN CHINA冰雪袭击中国北方2. PLAN FOR HONGQIAO CBD CALLS FOR BOOSTING E-COMMERCE虹桥CBD规划呼吁促进电子商务-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-------------1.SNOW AND ICE HIT NORTHERN CHINA冰雪袭击中国北方Central regions of the country can expect more rain, snow or icy weather in the days ahead as temperatures may plummet to record lows in parts of northern China. Sun Siqi tell us more. 由于中国北部部分地区的气温可能骤降至历史新低,预计未来几天中国中部地区将出现更多雨雪冰冻天气。孙思琪告诉我们更多。Moderate to heavy snow has fallen in most of northwestern, northern and central China since the weekend. In Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia the temperature dropped to minus 40 degrees yesterday, with it dropping to minus 47.8 at one weather station. In Genhe City, Hulunbuir, traffic and pedestrians edged along slowly in an icy fog. 自上周末以来,中国西北部、北部和中部的大部地区降下了中到大雪。昨天,内蒙古呼伦贝尔的气温降至零下40度,一个气象站的气温降至47.8度。在呼伦贝尔根河市,车辆和行人在冰雾中缓慢前行。It's way too cold. It's like walking in a freezer. The tofu is frozen in 5 minutes. 【内蒙古 呼伦贝尔市市民:太冷了 棉袄里套羽绒服##这是行走在"天然大冰柜"里##豆腐五分钟就冻了##】In Daxing'anling Prefecture, Heilongjiang Province temperatures dropped to minus 41 degrees yesterday. This weather will persist for another 3 days. Heating centers have dialed up boiler temperatures to pump hot water into residential radiators. 黑龙江省大兴安岭地区昨日气温降至零下41度。这种天气还会持续三天。供暖中心已经调高了锅炉温度,将热水泵入住宅散热器。Man Hongbin from Huzhong District Heating CenterWater leaving the boiler is now at 83 degrees, the returning water is 57 degrees. 【满洪滨 黑龙江大兴安岭呼中区房产维修与供暖中心工作人员:我们启用了应对措施##提高锅炉的效能跟温度##现在我们的温度##供水温度是83度##回水温度57度】In Shanxi Province a yellow warning for icy roads will remain in effect until tomorrow. Multiple highways in the province were closed in addition to a few scenic sites. 山西省道路结冰黄色预警将持续到明天。除了一些景点外,该省的多条高速公路也被关闭。In Beijing, 158 bus routes were still suspended as of 3pm today after 5 centimeters of snow blanketed the capital. 在北京,由于5厘米厚的雪覆盖了首都,截至今天下午3点,158条公交线路仍处于停运状态。Drivers were reminded to check for road warnings and drive with caution in places with snow or ice. Police officers said to be even more careful on bridges as road surfaces tend to ice over easier.驾驶员被提醒检查道路警告,并在有雪或冰的地方小心驾驶。警方表示,在桥梁上要更加小心,因为路面往往更容易结冰。2.PLAN FOR HONGQIAO CBD CALLS FOR BOOSTING E-COMMERCE虹桥CBD规划呼吁促进电子商务A three-year plan was issued today to boost e-commerce in the Hongqiao International central business district. It set out 15 tasks and came after the State Council approved the establishment of a pilot zone for Silk Road e-commerce cooperation in Shanghai. Zhang Hong tells us more about what's going in the area. 今天发布了一项为期三年的计划,旨在促进虹桥国际中心商务区的电子商务发展。它列出了15项任务,是在国务院批准在上海建立丝绸之路电子商务合作试验区之后发布的。张红告诉我们更多关于这个地区的情况。A host from Russia was busy this morning at a livestreaming base in Hongqiao Pinhui. She has worked as a host since 2021. Covering a range of food and beverage products, sales shot up.今天上午,一位来自俄罗斯的主持人在虹桥品汇的直播基地忙碌着。她自2021年起担任主持人。涵盖一系列食品和饮料产品,销售额激增。Livestreaming HostProducts are sold quickly online because there're are a lot of people watching livestreams. We have warehouses in northeastern China, Changshu, and all over China. 主播 刘莎莎 3518 //线上卖得快 你直播的时候很多人过来看你 3538 全中国都有(仓库)啊 我们的仓库在东北那边,在常熟这边//)The base opened last November. Foreign hosts sell products like black tea from Sri Lanka, essential oils from Iran and honey from New Zealand. Total sales have exceeded 100 million yuan.该基地于去年11月启用。外国东道主出售斯里兰卡红茶、伊朗精油和新西兰蜂蜜等产品。总销售额已超过1亿元。Zhu Jing, Deputy General ManagerHongqiao PinhuiWe have done livestreams to sell products from over 20 countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative.虹桥品汇副总经理 朱菁 4250 在我们这个平台上,已经为20多个(共建)"一带一路"国家做过直播 //)A superintendent from the Hongqiao Bonded Logistics Center said cross-border e-commerce orders have almost doubled. The center has a maximum capacity for 4 million packages. It now contains over 1.8 million, of which about 70% are from countries with deals under the Belt and Road Initiative. 虹桥保税物流中心的一位负责人表示,跨境电子商务订单几乎翻了一番。该中心的最大容量为400万个包裹。它现在包含180多万,其中约70%来自根据“一带一路”倡议达成协议的国家。Wang Yanjie, Cross-border E-CommerceHongqiao Int'l CBD Bonded Logistics Center BIn terms of categories, we only had personal care products last year. This year, we have food and cosmetics. We're expecting products from more countries. There will be honey from Brazil. New products from Argentina and Spain will also arrive soon. 虹桥国际中央商务区B保跨境电商业务负责人 王彦杰 2500 种类的话,去年只有个护,今年增加了食品和美妆 2520 我们现在在准备引进的一些新的国家,像巴西他们有蜂蜜 阿根廷和西班牙的新的产品会到我们的仓库)The Hongqiao International CBD is also home to many e-commerce companies that help those from abroad enter the Chinese market.虹桥国际CBD也是许多电子商务公司的所在地,这些公司帮助来自国外的人进入中国市场。Li Yi, PRBuy QuicklyWe offer services to over 10 companies from the participating countries. We help them open a store, run the store and do surveys on customers and pricing.百秋公共关系负责人 李艺 5230//我们现在服务的十多个品牌都是涵盖(共建)"一带一路"国家的 5140//给他们提供专业化的服务 比如说开店,店铺运营,研究消费者 5158 定价怎么来定)According to the plan released today, by 2025, the area will have Shanghai's highest average growth rate in e-commerce trade with countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative.    根据今天发布的计划,到2025年,该地区将成为上海与“一带一路”倡议国家电子商务贸易平均增长率最高的地区。#热词加油站Plummet [ˈkɒmɜːs] 暴跌Initiative [ɪˈnɪʃətɪv] 倡议Remind [rɪˈmaɪnd]提醒Commerce [ˈkɒmɜːs]商业订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大师访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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12/12 TOP NEWS|投资者摆脱低迷的通胀数据/达·芬奇及文艺复兴时代作品抵达上海博物馆

NEWS ON 12/111. INVESTORS SHRUG OFF SLUGGISH INFLATION DATA投资者摆脱低迷的通胀数据2. SHANGHAI MUSEUM PRESENTS DA VINCI ALONGSIDE CHINESE ARTISTS OF SAME ERA18幅达·芬奇及文艺复兴时代作品抵达上海博物馆-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. INVESTORS SHRUG OFF SLUGGISH INFLATION DATA投资者摆脱低迷的通胀数据Chinese A-shares rebounded this afternoon, shrugging off weaker economic data published at the weekend. Here's Timothy Pope with a look at the day's trading action.A股今天(12/11)下午出现反弹,摆脱了周末公布的疲软经济数据的影响。记者Timothy Pope带来对今天市场交易情况的分析。Chinese Mainland markets started the day sharply lower as investors reacted to the Saturday's sluggish【行动迟缓的】consumer and producer inflation numbers. But with the CPI falling at the fastest pace in three years, and both measures of inflation coming under increasing pressure, it does boost the case for some form of stimulus measures to come out of the Chinese Government's Central Economic Work Conference. That agenda-setting meeting is expected to be held this week. The Shanghai Composite gained sharply after the lunch time trading break to close 0.7 percent higher. The Shenzhen Component ended the day 0.8 percent higher.投资者对周六消费者和生产者低迷的通胀数据作出了反应,中国内地市场开盘大幅走低。但是,随着消费者物价指数以三年来最快的速度下降,这两项通胀指标都面临着越来越大的压力,有助于中国政府在中央经济工作会议上出台的刺激措施,该会议将于本周召开。上证综指在午间休市后大幅上涨,收盘上涨0.7%。深成指收盘上涨0.8%。Real Estate stocks didn't really participate in the late rally【回升】, and remained the biggest drag on the mainland markets. A sub-index tracking them ended 1.5 percent lower. 房地产股并未真正参与尾盘的反弹,仍然是拖累内地市场的最大因素。房地产股的分指数收盘下跌1.5%。Zhengzhou Coal Mining led gains among energy stocks -- rising 5.7 percent after announcing a 300 to 600 million yuan share buyback plan over the next 12 months. 郑煤机在能源股中涨幅居前——在宣布未来12个月3-6亿元的股票回购计划后,上涨了 5.7%。Hong Kong's markets traded lower all day as consumer and tech shares dragged down the Hang Seng. The main index was off 0.8 percent while the Tech Index was 0.4 percent lower.由于消费股和科技股拖累了恒生指数,香港股市全天走低。恒生指数下跌0.8%,科技股指数下跌0.4%。 was one of the day's biggest decliners, shedding 6.3 percent alongside other tech names including Baidu and Meituan.京东是今天跌幅最大的股票之一,下跌了 6.3%,百度和美团等其他科技股也都下降。Li Ning was the biggest loser on the Hang Seng though, slumping 14.3 percent to a more than 3 and a half year low. Those falls could be related to the company's decision to buy a new Hong Kong headquarters building. The 22-storey commercial and retail building in Hong Kong's North Point is going to cost Li Ning more than 280 million US dollars. 李宁是恒生指数的最大输家,暴跌14.3%,创逾三年半新低。下跌可能与该公司决定购买一座新的香港总部大楼有关。这座位于香港北角的22层商业零售大楼将花费李宁超过2.8亿美元。And in Japan the Nikkei 225 rebounded off Friday's one month low, rising 1.5 percent. The Japanese yen had been at a four month high against the US dollar, which prompted a sell-off of stocks in Tokyo late last week. Today there was a correction【回调】in the yen, slipping back to more than 145.6 per dollar, which was good news for much of the country's export oriented stocks. Nissan added 2.5 percent while Nintendo rose 1.4 percent.在日本市场,日经225指数从上周五的月低点反弹,上涨了1.5%。日元对美元汇率曾创下四个月来的新高,这促使东京股市在上周末出现抛售。今天,日元汇率出现回调,回落到1 美元兑145.6日元以上,这对该国大部分出口导向型股票来说是个好消息。日产汽车上涨了2.5%,任天堂上涨了1.4%。2. SHANGHAI MUSEUM PRESENTS DA VINCI ALONGSIDE CHINESE ARTISTS OF SAME ERA18幅达·芬奇及文艺复兴时代作品抵达上海博物馆Shanghai Museum reopened yesterday after being closed two months for renovations. The "Who is Leonardo da Vinci?" exhibition has quickly attracted attention as it's based on a dialogue between Renaissance masters, led by da Vinci, and Chinese artists from the 15th and 16th centuries. Sun Siqi has more.上海博物馆在闭馆整修两个月后于昨天重新开放。“对话达•芬奇——文艺复兴与东方美学艺术特展”以达-芬奇为首的文艺复兴大师与15、16世纪中国艺术家之间的对话为主题,迅速引起了人们的关注。记者孙思奇带来更多报道。Da Vinci's painting "La Scapigliata", or "The Lady with Disheveled Hair" from the collection of the National Gallery of Parma is unquestionably the exhibition's highlight. The gallery only loans it outside of Italy once every five years. A 2019 exhibition at the Louvre Museum in Paris was the last time it was outside of Italy.帕尔马国家美术馆收藏的达-芬奇画作《La Scapigliata》,即《头发飘逸的女子》,无疑是本次展览的亮点。帕尔马国家美术馆每五年才将这幅画借出意大利一次。2019年在巴黎卢浮宫博物馆举办的展览是它最后一次走出意大利。"La Scapigliata" is an unfinished oil painting with umber and white lead pigments【颜料】 on a small poplar wood panel. It is the outline of a young woman, face gently angled downward, disheveled hair flowing behind her with half-closed eyes and ambiguous smile. It's frequently compared to the Mona Lisa.《头发飘逸的女子》是一幅未完成的油画作品,用黄褐色和铅白颜料在橡木板上所绘。其描绘了一位头发飘逸的年轻女性,双目低垂,轻轻颔首,脸上带着一抹若有似无的微笑。这幅画经常被拿来与《蒙娜丽莎》相比较。Italian art historians found a frame for this masterpiece since it didn't originally have a frame to protect it. 意大利艺术史学家为这幅杰作找到了一个画框,因为它原本没有画框保护。Chu Xin, Deputy Director Exhibition Department, SH Museum上海博物馆展览部副主任 褚馨“The frame and the painting were delivered to us separately in two boxes. The frame contains several settings to make sure that the painting can be kept at a perfect temperature and humidity【湿度】. We'll also record the data and send it to the Italian gallery every two weeks to keep them updated. It's the first time for us to exhibit a painting in such a traditional yet professional way. We've learned a lot from the Italian side in terms of how to protect a masterpiece. ”“这个画框是单独和这幅油画一起运过来,运过来之后是分两个箱子画框有多种设置,以确保画作能保持在最佳的温度和湿度下。我们还将记录数据,每两周发送给意大利画廊一次,以便随时更新。这是我们第一次以如此传统而专业的方式展出画作。在如何保护杰作方面,我们从意大利方面学到了很多。”Francesco D'Arelli Exhibition Curato意大利驻沪总领事馆官员、意方策展人 达仁利“This exhibition could be the starting point of a different approach of the cultural dialogue and so Shanghai Museum is a very excellent museum in the eastern China. Shanghai museum could be the door, the window for this new approach in displaying what are the treasures of our both civilizations. ”“上海博物馆是华东地区非常出色的博物馆。上海博物馆可以成为展示我们两种文明瑰宝的新途径的大门和窗口。”The exhibition features 18 treasured Renaissance artworks from Italy, as well as 18 ancient Chinese paintings from Shanghai Museum's collection. Also on display are pieces by other Renaissance masters including two sketches by Michelangelo, and paintings by pupils of da Vinci.展览展出了18件来自意大利的文艺复兴时期珍贵艺术品,以及上海博物馆收藏的18件中国古代绘画作品。此外,还展出了文艺复兴时期其他艺术大师的作品,包括米开朗基罗的两幅素描和达-芬奇学生的画作。Shanghai Museum has selected 18 paintings from its collection of Chinese art as part of an artistic dialogue with the Renaissance masters. The most famous one is arguably Tang Yin's "Lady With Fan in the Autumn Breeze". Also known as Tang Bohu, Tang Yin of the Ming Dynasty is a household name in China, and this painting is regarded as one of his most famous even though it has been 25 years since it was last on public display at the museum.上海博物馆从其中国艺术藏品中精选了18幅画作,作为与文艺复兴大师进行艺术对话的一部分。其中最有名的是唐寅的《秋风纨扇图》。在明代时期,唐寅又名唐伯虎,在中国家喻户晓。这幅画是他最著名的作品之一,它上次在博物馆公开展出已是25年前。Chu Xin, Deputy Director Exhibition Department, SH Museum上海博物馆展览部副主任 褚馨“Our exhibit designer used an arch and traditional Chinese window to break the boundaries between different topics. For example, while visitors are gazing upon da Vinci's painting, they will also be able to see the works of Chinese artists through a window. I think it is quite interesting and full of artistic value, giving people time and space to stop and think. ”“这次设计师用了这个西式的这个拱门和中式的这个花窗与园林的花窗,通过这样的一种布景和这样的一种打破这个空间和空间之间的隔断。比如,参观者在欣赏达芬奇画作的同时,还能透过窗户看到中国艺术家的作品。我认为这非常有趣,充满了艺术价值,让人们有时间和空间停下来思考。”The exhibition includes 11 pages from the Codex Atlanticus, a set of drawings and texts, that are being shown in China for the first time. The manuscript covers a wide range of subjects, including studies and sketches of paintings, mechanics, mathematics, astronomy as well as inventions such as the parachute【降落伞】, war machines and hydraulic pumps.此次展览还包括首次在中国展出的《大西洋古抄本》中的11页手稿,这是一套图画和文字手稿。手稿内容广泛,包括绘画、机械、数学、天文学以及降落伞、战争机器和液压泵等发明的研究和草图。#热词加油站sluggish /ˈslʌɡɪʃ/【行动迟缓的】rally /ˈræli/【回升】correction /kəˈrekʃn/【回调】pigments /ˈpɪɡmənt/【颜料】humidity /hjuːˈmɪdəti/【湿度】parachute /ˈpærəʃuːt/【降落伞】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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12/11 TOP NEWS|上海自贸区新任务:打造制度型开放示范区/记得带伞!上海本周迎来降雨

NEWS ON 12/081.CENTRAL GOVERNMENT ISSUES NEW GUIDELINES FOR FTZ国务院印发总体方案推进上海自贸试验区高水平制度型开放2.SHANGHAI FORECAST SHOWING RAIN FOR SUNDAY AND MONDAY出行记得带伞!上海天气预报显示将迎来降雨----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1.CENTRAL GOVERNMENT ISSUES NEW GUIDELINES FOR FTZ国务院印发总体方案推进上海自贸试验区高水平制度型开放China’s State Council has issued new guidelines to expand the Shanghai Free Trade Zone into a demonstration area for what it calls “institutional【制度的】opening-up”. Sun Siqi tells us more about what it means.国务院印发了推动上海自由贸易试验区打造“制度性开放”示范区的新方案。本台记者孙思奇为我们详细介绍这一战略举措的意义。Officials said during the past ten years, the Shanghai Free Trade Zone has accumulated abundant experience for deeper opening-up. Among the 302 regulatory innovations that developed across all of the FTZs in China, 145 came from Shanghai. And in the future, the central government envisions【预想】 a more systemic opening-up for the Shanghai FTZ.官方表示,过去十年,上海自贸区为深化对外开放积累了丰富经验。国家层面复制推广的302项自贸试验区改革试点经验中,源自上海自贸区的有145项。未来,中央政府计划对上海自贸区进行更系统的开放。Hua Yuan, Vice Mayor of Shanghai华源上海市人民政府副市长“这次《总体方案》在自贸试验区制度创新成效的基础上,对‘边境’管理制度改革和‘边境后’管理制度改革都提出了更高标准。比如在货物贸易方面,我们将围绕提高国际贸易效率、降低国际贸易成本的目标,不断提高贸易便利化和贸易数字化水平。”“On the basis of what we achieved at the FTZ, the guidelines have specified stronger reforms in regulations on border control. For example, in cross-border trade, regulations will be changed to increase trade efficiency, lower trade costs and digitalize Customs procedures related to cross-border trade.” Another highlight is a push to increase openness in the financial sector. The guidelines are expected to assist Shanghai in putting regulations in place that are similar to those in the world’s most open markets.方案的另一个亮点是推动金融业的进一步开放。该方案有望使上海自贸区全面对接国际高标准经贸规则。Zhu Min, Director of Shanghai Commission of Commerce朱民上海市商务委员会主任“拓宽数字金融服务在国际经贸往来中的应用场景,主要是加强前沿技术在电子支付、跨境资产管理等领域的具体运用。通过优化跨国公司跨境资金、集中运营管理政策,提升自由贸易账户系统功能,进一步优化上海总部经济跨境投融资服务水平。”“Digital financial services will have wider applications in international economic exchanges, in areas including electronic payment and cross-border asset management. We’ll optimize policies that govern cross-border capital of multi-national corporations, and elevate the ability for corporate headquarters to invest and finance across the border.”Once the guidelines have been implemented【执行】, officials say they believe Shanghai will begin to attract more foreign financial institutions.官方表示,一旦方案得以实施,相信上海将开始吸引更多的外国金融机构。2.SHANGHAI FORECAST SHOWING RAIN FOR SUNDAY AND MONDAY出行记得带伞!上海天气预报显示将迎来降雨It was warm and sunny in Shanghai today with daytime highs reaching 21 degrees at the Xujiahui Meteorological【气象学的】Station.今天(12/08)上海天气晴暖,徐家汇气象站白天最高气温达到21摄氏度。The western suburbs were even warmer today, with a station in Qingpu registering a high 23.6 degrees in the early afternoon. Forecasters say the warm and sunny weather will continue tomorrow, but cloudier skies and rain is expected on Sunday and Monday, ahead of a cold front. The cooler air behind the front will push temperatures down to a high of only 11 degrees on Tuesday, before climbing back in the neighborhood of the low 20s by the end of the week.今日西郊地区气温更为温暖,青浦一气象站在下午早些时候记录到23.6摄氏度的高温。气象学家表示,明天将继续保持晴朗温暖的天气,但在周日和下周一,在冷锋来临之前,预计会出现多云和降雨天气。冷锋后的冷空气将导致周二最高气温降至11摄氏度,然后在本周末回升至20摄氏度左右。#热词加油站institutional/ˌɪnstɪˈtjuːʃənl/【制度的】envisions/ɪnˈvɪʒ(ə)n/【预想】implemented/ˈɪmplɪment/【执行】meteorological/ˌmiːtiərəˈlɒdʒɪk(ə)l/【气象学的】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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12/08 TOP NEWS|中国和新加坡将30天互免签证/科学家将更深层次研究/A股仍深陷泥潭

NEWS ON 12/081.CHINA, SINGAPORE PLAN RECIPROCAL 30-DAY VISA-FREE ENTRY中国和新加坡计划互惠30天无签证入境2.SCIENTISTS TAKE RESEARCH TO A DEEPER LEVEL科学家将研究提升到更深层次3. A-SHARES REMAIN MIRED BELOW KEY LEVELSA股仍深陷关键水平以下的泥潭-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-------------1.CHINA, SINGAPORE PLAN RECIPROCAL 30-DAY VISA-FREE ENTRY中国和新加坡计划互惠30天无签证入境Deputy Prime of Singapore Minister Lawrence Wong said China and Singapore will work out the implementation details of the 30-day mutual visa exemption agreement early next year. Wong made the announcement at the 19th meeting of the China-Singapore Joint Council for Bilateral Cooperation in Tianjin today. Since the second half of this year, countries including Thailand, Sri Lanka and Malaysia granted visa-free travel for Chinese citizens. China granted visa-free entry for travelers holding ordinary passports of France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Malaysia starting this month. 新加坡副总理黄循财表示,中新两国将于明年初制定为期30天的互免签证协议的实施细节。黄循财是今天在天津举行的中新双边合作联合理事会第十九次会议上宣布这一消息的。今年下半年以来,泰国、斯里兰卡、马来西亚等国给予中国公民免签证旅行。从本月开始,中国对持有法国、德国、意大利、荷兰、西班牙和马来西亚普通护照的游客实行免签证入境。2.SCIENTISTS TAKE RESEARCH TO A DEEPER LEVEL科学家将研究提升到更深层次Experiments are ready to commence at the world's deepest and largest underground laboratory in Sichuan Province after construction and installation wrapped up today. Sun Siqi takes a look at the new facility that may prove essential to frontier research in dark matter and other space particles. 在今天施工和安装结束后,位于四川省的世界上最深、最大的地下实验室准备开始实验。记者孙思奇带我们来看这个可能对暗物质和其他太空粒子的前沿研究至关重要的新设备。The lab space is 2,400 meters underground. At that depth, the flux of cosmic radiation, which exists everywhere in the universe, is only one hundred-millionth the level of what it is on the earth's surface. 实验室位于地下2400米处。在那个深度,宇宙中无处不在的宇宙辐射通量只有地球表面的一亿分之一。This ultra-low-radiation environment is essential for scientists attempting to detect and study dark matter. 这种超低辐射环境对试图探测和研究暗物质的科学家来说至关重要。10 research teams from a slew of universities including Tsinghua and Shanghai Jiao Tong have already moved in. 来自清华大学和上海交通大学等多所大学的10个研究团队已经进驻。Li Yuanjing, Deputy Chief Director of Construction of Jinping Underground Lab Facility李元景,锦屏地下实验室建设副总指挥The facility provides excellent conditions for experiments on the study of dark matter, the measurement of neutrinos and research in nuclear astrophysics. In addition, it can also help researchers that study Deep Earth physics. This could become a world-class multi-disciplinary research center. 该设施为暗物质研究、中微子测量和核天体物理学研究的实验提供了良好的条件。此外,它还可以帮助研究地球深处物理的研究人员。这将成为世界级的多学科研究中心。The first phase of the project opened in 2010, multiple achievements in dark matter research were made by Chinese scientist working in the underground lab. Phase 2, which officially opened today, is part of China's 14th Five-Year Plan, and is almost 80 times the size of the phase 1, providing researchers with more than enough lab space to take their experiments to the next level.该项目的第一阶段于2010年启动,在地下实验室工作的中国科学家在暗物质研究方面取得了多项成就。第二阶段于今天正式启动,是中国“十四五”规划的一部分,几乎是第一阶段的80倍,为研究人员提供了足够的实验室空间,将他们的实验提升到一个新的水平。3. A-SHARES REMAIN MIRED BELOW KEY LEVELSA股仍深陷关键水平以下的泥潭Chinese mainland investors today shrugged off news of another Moody's credit outlook cut, this time for the country's banks. Timothy Pope has a rundown of the trading action.中国内地投资者今天对穆迪再次下调信贷前景的消息不屑一顾,这次下调的是中国的银行。记者Timothy Pope简要介绍了交易行为。China's A-share market remained tepid today despite the news of November's export growth. The figures were a big turn-around from October and beat most estimates, but didn't prompt a turn-around for the stock markets. The Shanghai Composite closed less than a tenth of one percent lower, seemingly stuck below the key 3000 point level. Likewise the Shenzhen Component remains below its psychologically important 10 thousand point mark.尽管有11月出口增长的消息,中国A股市场今天仍然不温不火。这些数据与10月份相比有了很大的转变,超出了大多数人的预期,但并没有促使股市出现转变。上证综合指数收盘下跌不到0.1%,似乎一直徘徊在关键的3000点以下。同样,深圳板块仍低于其心理上重要的1万点大关。The Chinese Ministry of Finance's announcement late yesterday of draft rules that would allow the huge National Social Security Fund more leeway in its stock market investments, and be allowed to invest in stock futures, should have given a boost to sentiment. The pension fund has more than 400 billion US dollars worth of assets under management, and the changes would allow it to allocate as much as 40 percent of that to stocks. But these are still just proposals open to market feedback until early January.中国财政部昨天晚些时候宣布的规则草案将允许庞大的国家社会保障基金在股市投资中有更多的回旋余地,并允许投资股票期货,这本应提振市场情绪。该养老基金管理着价值4000多亿美元的资产,这些变化将使其能够将其中40%的资产分配给股票。但在1月初之前,这些仍只是向市场反馈的建议。And ratings agency Moody's either cut the outlook for, or put downgrade warnings on, more Chinese state-owned companies - including banks and insurers - late yesterday. But mainland investors didn't seem too concerned. ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China and Bank of China all rose, as did many insurance firms.评级机构穆迪昨日晚些时候下调了包括银行和保险公司在内的更多中国国有企业的前景,或对其发出降级警告。但大陆投资者似乎并不太担心。中国工商银行、中国农业银行和中国银行都上涨了,许多保险公司也上涨了。Several of the most well known Chinese companies, which are listed in Hong Kong, had their outlooks changed to negative by Moody's yesterday. That dragged the Hang Seng 0.7 percent lower.穆迪昨日将在香港上市的几家最知名的中国公司的前景改为负面。这拖累恒生指数下跌0.7%。Alibaba was one of the firms which had its outlook downgraded to negative. Its shares sank to a 13 month low this morning once investors got a chance to react to the news, but recovered some of that ground during the session and ended 0.6 percent lower. It was a similar story for Tencent, China Mobile, CNOOC, and Dongfeng Motor.阿里巴巴是前景被下调为负面的公司之一。一旦投资者有机会对这一消息做出反应,其股价今天上午跌至13个月低点,但在交易日收复了部分失地,收盘下跌0.6%。腾讯、中国移动、中海油和东风汽车的情况也类似。EV maker NIO managed to lock in another session of gains though after reports that the firm is considering spinning off its battery business. NIO has been talking a lot lately about cutting costs, trying to bring more manufacturing in-house and improving efficiency in order to get the company making a profit. Its stock added 2.1 percent.电动汽车制造商蔚来设法锁定了另一个交易日的涨幅,尽管此前有报道称该公司正在考虑剥离其电池业务。蔚来最近一直在谈论削减成本,试图引入更多的内部制造,提高效率,以使公司盈利。其股价上涨2.1%。Tokyo's Nikkei 225 retreated in the shadow of upcoming US jobs data. The markets will be watching that data for clues as to when the US Federal Reserve will start cutting interest rates. According to market watchers, there just weren't many excuses for investors to buy, especially after a poor session on Wall Street overnight and the Nikkei shed 1.8 percent.在即将公布的美国就业数据的阴影下,日经225指数下跌。市场将关注这些数据,以寻找美联储何时开始降息的线索。据市场观察人士称,投资者没有太多理由购买,尤其是在华尔街隔夜表现不佳,日经指数下跌1.8%之后。Energy companies took the biggest hit after crude oil prices sank to six month lows. They rebounded off that a little bit today, but it was too late for refiner Eneos' shares, which lost 2.3 percent, and extractor Inpex, which shed almost 3 percent.在原油价格跌至六个月低点后,能源公司受到的打击最大。他们今天略有反弹,但炼油商Eneos的股价下跌2.3%,采掘商Inpex的股价下跌近3%,为时已晚。#热词加油站Deputy [ˈdepjuti] 副手Shrug [ʃrʌɡ] 耸肩Radiation [ˌreɪdiˈeɪʃn] 辐射Leeway [ˈliːweɪ] 自由活动的空间订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大师访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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12/07 TOP NEWS|发改委:经济长期稳定发展/首座第四代核电站商运投产/黄金价格创新高

NEWS ON 12/061. CHINA ACHIEVES SOLID ECONOMIC GROWTH:NDRC国家发改委:有信心更有能力实现经济长期稳定发展2. WORLD'S FIRST 4TH-GENERATION NUCLEAR POWER PLANT BEGINS OPERATION IN CHINA全球首座第四代核电站商运投产3. GOLD PRICE REACHES NEW HIGH, AFFECTED BY US ECONOMIC SENTIMENT美国经济数据糟糕 黄金价格屡创新高-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. CHINA ACHIEVES SOLID ECONOMIC GROWTH:NDRC国家发改委:有信心更有能力实现经济长期稳定发展China's top economic planner said today that China's economy has shown strong resilience【恢复力】during the year. And the long-term positive fundamentals of the country's economy have not changed.The National Development and Reform Commission said that China's economic recovery is a "wave-like" and tortuous【曲折的】 process. It reported that in the first three quarters of 2023, China's GDP grew by 5.2 percent year-on-year, the conusmer inflation during the first ten months edged up by 0.4 percent. The NDRC also added that the economy will further recover in the fourth quarter and contribute more than 30 percent of global growth this year.国家发改委今天(12/06)表示,中国经济在今年表现出强劲的韧性。中国经济长期向好的基本面没有改变。国家发改委还表示,中国经济复苏是一个“波浪式”的曲折过程。据报道,2023年前三季度,中国国内生产总值同比增长5.2%,前10个月的消费膨胀率小幅上升0.4%。国家发改委补充说,经济将在第四季度进一步复苏,今年对全球经济增长的贡献将超过30%。2. WORLD'S FIRST 4TH-GENERATION NUCLEAR POWER PLANT BEGINS OPERATION IN CHINA全球首座第四代核电站商运投产The Shidaowan high-temperature, gas-cooled nuclear power plant, officially went into commercial operation in Rongcheng County, Shandong Province today.山东荣成的华能石岛湾高温气冷堆核电站于今日(12/06)正式投入商业运行。The facility is considered to be the world's first fourth generation nuclear power plant. The technology behind it was developed domestically by the China Hua'neng Group, Tsinghua University and China National Nuclear Corporation. The power plant has an installed capacity of 200,000 kilowatts. After passing a 168-hour stable operation test, the project was officially put into commercial operation to continuously deliver clean and stable power to the grid【网格】. 该核电站被认为是世界上第一座第四代核电站,由中国华能集团、清华大学和中国核工业集团公司共同开发。电站装机容量为20万千瓦。在通过168小时稳定运行测试后,该项目正式投入商业运营,持续向电网输送清洁稳定的电力。3. GOLD PRICE REACHES NEW HIGH, AFFECTED BY US ECONOMIC SENTIMENT美国经济数据糟糕 黄金价格屡创新高Prices of gold futures set new record this Monday at exchanges around the world, driving retail gold prices to a new highs as well. That's dampening the usual consumption surge at the end of the year, as Lei Shuran reports...本周一,黄金期货价格在全球交易所创下新纪录,带动黄金零售价格也创下新高,这抑制了年底通常会出现的消费激增,记者雷舒然带来报道。In-store records show that since the beginning of September, the price of gold has been above 600 yuan per gram. In November, the price was again on the upswing, and this week it reached a new high of 627 yuan per gram. Many customers who had planned to buy large quantities of gold jewelry have changed their minds. 店内记录显示,自9月初以来,黄金价格一直在每克600元以上。进入11月,金价再次上扬,本周更是创下了每克627元的新高。许多原本计划大量购买黄金首饰的顾客改变了主意。上海市民“I'm planning to buy only 50 to 60 grams. The price has risen to more than 600 yuan per gram, it's too high.”“准备买五六十克的吧 现在600多(元一克)了 太厉害了”Experts say that gold prices may rise further on a possible slowdown in the US economy as well as anticipated US rate cuts early next year, which could pave the way for an upward trend in gold prices and gold-related equities. Spot gold crossed 2,100 dollars per ounce to hit a record high in early Asian trade on Monday, and stood above 2,000 dollars per ounce today. 专家称,由于美国经济可能放缓,以及预计明年初美国降息,金价可能会进一步上涨,这可能会为金价和黄金相关股票的上涨趋势铺平道路。周一亚洲市场早盘,现货黄金突破每盎司2100美元,创下历史新高,今天又突破每盎司2000美元。Liu Shiyao, Researcher ZJTF Futures Research Institute刘诗瑶紫金天风期货研究所贵金属研究员“Monday's sharp rise was also a continuation of last week's negative view about the U.S. market. Excessive pessimism【悲观】 about the U.S. economy caused gold prices to reach new highs.”“周一的大幅度上涨也是延续了上周 对于(美国)市场相当悲观的这样一个情形 对于美国经济的过于悲观 使得金价达到了新高”Despite the price rises, experts believe that gold demand will continue to increase in China as economic and geopolitical uncertainties may drive up purchases of safe-haven assets.   尽管价格上涨,但专家认为,中国的黄金需求将继续增加,因为经济和地缘政治的不确定性可能会推动人们购买避险资产。#热词加油站resilience /rɪˈzɪliəns/【恢复力】tortuous /ˈtɔːtʃuəs/【曲折的】grid /ɡrɪd/【网格】pessimism /ˈpesɪmɪzəm/【悲观】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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12/06 TOP NEWS|中国快递业务量超过1200亿件/外国投资者加码高端设备

NEWS ON 12/061.     EXPRESS DELIVERY VOLUMN IN CHINA SURPASSES 120 BILLION PARCELS中国快递业务量超过1200亿件2.FOREIGN INVESTORS BULLISH【看涨】 ON HIGH-END MANUFACTURING外国投资者加码高端设备-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-------------1.     EXPRESS DELIVERY VOLUMN IN CHINA SURPASSES 120 BILLION PARCELS中国快递业务量超过1200亿件Official data from the State Post Bureau showed today that this year's 120 billionth parcel was delivered, setting a new record for its annual express delivery volume【容量】. The historic parcel consisted of flowers sent from Kunming, Yunnan Province yesterday. The parcel was loaded onto a high-speed train and delivered to the receiver by a Shunfeng courier in Chengdu, Sichuan Province this afternoon. Express deliveries in China have exceeded 10 billion parcels a month since March, with an average business income over 90 billion yuan. The busiest time of year for courier companies begins in November with the annual Double-11 online shopping spree. During this year's Double-11, an average of 430 million deliveries were processed every day.国家邮政局的官方数据今日显示,今年的第1200亿个包裹被递送,创下了其年度快递量的新纪录。这个具有历史意义的包裹是昨天从云南昆明寄来的鲜花。今天下午,这个包裹被装上了一列高铁,由四川成都的顺丰快递员送到收件人手中。自3月份以来,中国的快递业务量每月超过100亿件,平均业务收入超过900亿元。对于快递公司来说,一年中最忙的时候从每年的11月双十一网上购物狂欢开始。今年双11期间,平均每天处理4.3亿件快递。2. FOREIGN INVESTORS BULLISH ON HIGH-END MANUFACTURING外国投资者加码高端设备Foreign investment in China’s manufacturing sector rose almost 2 percent year-on-year during the first 10 months of 2023, according to the latest data. The growth for high tech manufacturing logged an increased of 9.5 percent. Our reporter Zhang Shixuan visited two manufacturing facilities in Shanghai to look at how that investment is being deployed.根据最新数据,2023年前10个月,中国制造业实际使用外资同比增长近2%。高技术制造业增长9.5%。我们的记者张诗旋参观了上海的两家制造工厂,去看这些投资是如何部署的。This 20-year-old plant, manufactures【生产】 the most modern automotive glazing - roughly 2 million sets a year.这家拥有20年历史的工厂每年生产大约200万套最现代化的汽车玻璃。Eloi Guenet, General Manager of Sekurit Asia, Saint-Gobain埃洛伊·盖内,圣戈班安库里特亚洲总经理Today Shanghai plant is one of the largest plants in our footprint worldwide. We call it the Gigafactory in our group.今天,上海工厂是我们全球最大的工厂之一。在我们集团里,我们称之为“超级工厂”。We have been producing more than 100 million parts since this plant was launched 20 years ago.自从这个工厂20年前投产以来,我们已经生产了1亿多个零件。Meanwhile, more than half a million items come off production lines at this cosmetics factory each day.与此同时,这家化妆品工厂每天有50多万件产品下线。Lei Kaiting, Corporate Affairs General Manager of Beiersdorf China雷开婷,拜尔斯道夫中国公司事务总经理15 years ago, it only supported Chinese mainland, but now it also can cover Taiwan region and also the Asian markets, for about 10% of capacity.15年前,它只支持中国大陆,但现在它也可以覆盖台湾地区和其他亚洲市场,容量约为10%。It could be the global hub for our hairstyling centers. It means the products here can also be export to European market. It is very important.它可以成为我们美发中心的全球中心。这意味着这里的产品也可以出口到欧洲市场。这是非常重要的。Most factories which have attracted foreign investment have both efficient and larger scale production. That's what brought French industrial giant Saint-Gobain to Shanghai to invest in this glazing plant.大多数吸引外资的工厂生产效率高,规模大。这就是法国工业巨头圣戈班来上海投资这家玻璃工厂的原因。 Eloi Guenet, General Manager of Sekurit Asia, Saint-Gobain埃洛伊·盖内,圣戈班安库里特亚洲总经理We are entering now our lamination workshop where we can produce large windshield for automotive. Let's go.我们现在进入我们的层压车间,我们可以生产大型汽车挡风玻璃。我们走吧。Here is the beginning of the line of the laminated path. So you can see that we are going to take one by one - very thin sheets of glass, and we'll start the processing along the line. We have basically four main steps. Pre-processing, bending, assembly and finishing line. This line can produce roughly 1 million per year glass which will be looking like this.这里是层压路径线的起点。所以你可以看到,我们要一个接一个,非常薄的玻璃片,我们将沿着这条线开始加工。我们基本上有四个主要步骤。前加工、折弯、装配、精加工。这条线每年可以生产大约100万个玻璃,看起来像这样。And this will go to the next step. This is exactly the design requested by our customer to mount on their car. Not in a regular shape.这将进入下一步。这正是我们的客户要求安装在他们的汽车的设计。不是一个规则的形状。Most of the tasks on the production line are now handled by robots.大部分生产线上的任务都由机器人处理 Eloi Guenet, General Manager of Sekurit Asia, Saint-Gobain埃洛伊·盖内,圣戈班安库里特亚洲总经理In this workshop, we have three lines. This is the latest line that we have in Shanghai. It was actually installed last year. And the first glass was produced in June 2022. And this is the first last week came out of this line.在这个车间,我们有三条生产线。这是我们在上海的最新款式。它实际上是去年安装的。第一块玻璃是在2022年6月生产的。这是上周从这条线出来的第一个。This bottling line at the plant owned by German cosmetics group Beiersdorf has also been moving rapidly towards full automation. All the filling and packaging is done by machines.德国化妆品集团拜尔斯道夫(Beiersdorf)旗下工厂的这条装瓶生产线也在迅速向全自动方向发展。所有的灌装和包装都是由机器完成的。Lei Kaiting, Corporate Affairs General Manager of Beiersdorf China雷开婷,拜尔斯道夫中国公司事务总经理We first build this production center and we have a distribution center of course and then we add on this innovation center. The ideas come from the innovation center. You can see that as some kind of samples pieces, and will be sent to the pilot lab that in the third floor of this production center. Once it could be industrialized, it will be approved by our process and it will be finally produced in this first and 2nd floors workshop.我们首先建立了这个生产中心,当然我们还有一个配送中心,然后我们增加了这个创新中心。创意来自创新中心。你可以看到这是一些样品,将被送到这个生产中心三楼的试验实验室。一旦可以工业化,它将通过我们的流程,最终将在一楼和二楼的车间生产。The multinationals are setting ambitious growth targets.这些跨国公司正在制定雄心勃勃的增长计划。Lei Kaiting, Corporate Affairs General Manager of Beiersdorf China雷开婷,拜尔斯道夫中国公司事务总经理In the next five years, we're going to have to accumulate 150 million RMB investment here for this plant only. Speed definitely matters. It always. Besides speed we also have a very matured supply chain. We have seen lots of the innovation in package etc. coming from China.在未来的五年里,我们将在工厂投资积累1.5亿元人民币。速度当然很重要。它总是如此。除了速度,我们还有非常成熟的供应链。我们已经看到很多来自中国的包装等方面的创新。#热词加油站Volume / ˈvɒljuːm/ 【容量】Accumulate / əˈkjuːmjəleɪt/ 【积累】Bullish / ˈbʊlɪʃ/ 【看涨】Manufacture / ˌmænjuˈfæktʃə(r)/ 【制造】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大师访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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12/05 TOP NEWS|50位外籍人士获白玉兰奖/2023电竞上海大师赛开幕

NEWS ON 12/041. 50 EXPATS IN SHANGHAI HONORED WITH MAGNOLIA SILVER AWARD50位外籍人士获白玉兰奖2. ESPORTS SHANGHAI MASTERS OPENS WITH COMPETITIONS ON 5 GAMES 2023电竞上海大师赛开幕-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. 50 EXPATS IN SHANGHAI HONORED WITH MAGNOLIA SILVER AWARD50位外籍人士获白玉兰奖Fifty expatriates from 15 countries received the Magnolia Silver Award yesterday, in recognition of their contributions to Shanghai's development. Reporter Zhang Hong spoke with some of them and brings us their stories...昨天(12/03),来自15个国家的50名外籍人士荣获“白玉兰银奖”,以表彰他们为上海发展所作出的贡献。记者张泓采访了其中几位,为我们带来他们的故事。Linda Painan is from Singapore, she has lived in Shanghai for 27 years. She is the chairperson of "The Expatriate Center", a non-profit organization that helps foreign nationals settle down in Shanghai, and encourages expatriates to give back to the community. 许菱娜来自新加坡,在上海生活了27年。她是上海爱满家家庭服务中心外籍人士中心的项目会长,这是一个帮助外籍人士在上海安家落户,并鼓励外籍人士回馈社会的非营利组织。Linda Painan, Chairperson The Expatriate Center许菱娜 上海爱满家家庭服务中心外籍人士中心项目会长“I've not heard of any organization that is called people's association for friendship with foreign countries. And I believe that's unique here to China. It's an inclusive city and that it really encompasses all the foreigners here in Shanghai. So we're foreigners, but we're not outsiders.”“我没听说过哪个组织叫人民对外友好协会。我相信这是中国独有的。这是一座包容性很强的城市,它确实涵盖了所有在上海的外国人。所以,我们是外国人,但我们不是局外人。”Manuel Kauf from Germany is the CFO of Merck China, a pharmaceutical【制药的】, life science and electronics company. 来自德国的Manuel Kauf是制药、生命科学和电子公司默克(中国)的首席财务官。Manuel Kauf, CFO Merck ChinaManuel Kauf 默克(中国)首席财务官“I think it's a perfect place to headquarters your company for China business. Well, I think it's very supportive for new technologies, for the innovation and to have a very good collaboration across all the Asian countries. So that means you have very easy access, right? So I think Shanghai is there in a very good position.”“这里是贵公司在中国开展业务的理想总部所在地。这里非常支持新技术和创新,并能与所有亚洲国家开展良好的合作。这意味着可以很容易地进入,所以,我认为上海的地理位置非常好。”Aldo Cibic is an Italian professor at Tongji University. He has been working on upcoming exhibitions at Museum of Art Pudong and the Shanghai Museum as well as a project in Jiading, which he describes as the realization of something he has been researching for years. Aldo Cibic 是同济大学的意大利籍教授。他一直在筹备即将在浦东美术馆和上海博物馆举办的展览,以及在嘉定的一个项目。Aldo Cibic, Professor College of Design & Innovation, Tongji UniversityAldo Cibic 同济大学设计创意学院教授“There's still a lot of curiosity that in other part of the world that they're not anymore. So is this curiosity that is very stimulating for me to propose new things. I wanted to make a book now on pictures, on showing what Shanghai is. Italians, they don't know so much about China and Shanghai. And I'm very happy if I can be useful to build more this communication.”“在世界其他地方,人们仍然有很多好奇心,但现在已经没有了。因此,这种好奇心会刺激我提出新的想法。我现在想做一本关于图片的书,展示上海是什么样的。意大利人对中国和上海了解不多。我很高兴自己能为建立更多的交流做出贡献。”Jiang Qionger founded the luxury lifestyle brand Shang Xia in 2010 in partnership with the French fashion house Hermès Group, with an aim of promoting Chinese culture and heritage to the world. She said she is now working on a project in Paris. 2024 marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic【外交的】 relations between China and France.2010年,蒋琼耳与法国时尚品牌爱马仕集团合作创立了中国生活方式品牌“上下”,旨在向世界推广中国文化和传统。她说自己目前正在巴黎开展一个项目。而2024年是中法建交60 周年。Jiang Qionger, Co-founder & Director Shang Xia蒋琼耳 “上下”品牌首席执行官兼艺术总监“Next year you will see I'm doing a huge art installation on the old facade of Musée~Guimet, //the most important Asian art national museum in France and in Europe. And so before there's a joke, we say you get onto the terrace of Musée~Guimet and you watch the Eiffel Tower because they are just close. And next year you will get onto the Eiffel Tower and watch the Musée~Guimet and watch China. I try to bring an angle to show to the world what the contemporary China is.”“明年,你会看到我在吉美博物馆(Musée~Guimet)--法国乃至欧洲最重要的亚洲艺术国家博物馆--的旧外墙做了一个巨大的艺术装置。因此,在开玩笑之前,建议您到吉美博物馆的露台上观看埃菲尔铁塔,因为它们近在咫尺。明年,你登上埃菲尔铁塔,看着吉美博物馆,看着中国。我试图从一个角度向世界展示当代中国。”The Shanghai government set up the Magnolia Award over three decades ago, the award gets its name from the city's official flower, the white magnolia【木兰】. Over the years, a total of 1,827 expatriates have received the award. 上海市政府早在三十多年前就设立了“白玉兰奖”,该奖项的名称来源于上海市的市花--白玉兰。多年来,有1827名外籍人士获此殊荣。2. ESPORTS SHANGHAI MASTERS OPENS WITH COMPETITIONS ON 5 GAMES 2023电竞上海大师赛开幕The 2023 Esports Shanghai Masters opened last Friday. Our reporter Zhang Shixuan was at the tournament and finds out more.2023电竞上海大师赛于上周五开幕。本台记者张诗旋在现场带来更多报道。Zeng Zhuojun is the first champion of this year's event.曾卓君是本届赛事的首位冠军。It's been more than 2 decades since he won his first competition. And the past few years have witnessed explosive growth in E-sports, from game development and the number of players to the organization of international events.从他赢得第一次比赛到现在,已经过去了二十多年。在过去的几年里,从游戏开发、玩家数量到国际赛事的组织,电子竞技都取得了爆炸式的增长。Zeng Zhuojun, Player /// Street Fighter曾卓君 街头霸王选手“The development of E-sports requires players of different games. It's not enough to have just a single combat game. We now also have League of Legends and Honor of Kings. Players have been getting global attention, and more people are watching the games. The audience numbers are comparable to that of basketball and football matches. I'm very proud of that. As other games are thriving, e-sports have been gaining more recognition.”“我觉得离不开各位电竞选手在每一个项目的努力,单单我一个格斗项目我觉得也不行,现在有英雄联盟、吃鸡,然后各种的世界冠军在国际的舞台发扬光大,这个也确实很多人看,甚至可以跟篮球、足球这种大项目对比一下人数,我觉得这是个很骄傲的事情。也因为其他的电竞在崛起了,在国际舞台也取得成绩,所以电子竞技越来越被重视。”The five-day event includes competitions for four games -- League of Legends, Honor of Kings, DOTA2 and Identity -- as well as one exhibition Street Fighter event. Some of these also had their own events in the Asian Games for the first time this year.为期五天的比赛包括《英雄联盟》、《王者荣耀》、《DOTA2》和《Identity》四款游戏的比赛,以及一场《街头霸王》表演赛。其中一些电竞游戏还在今年的亚运会上首次举办了自己的赛事。Zhu Qinqin, Secretary General Shanghai E-sports Association朱沁沁 上海电子竞技运动协会的秘书长“Esports development has met some bottlenecks【瓶颈】 during the past 2 years. But especially after the Asian Games this year, people have required a new model for a tournament held by a third party organizer. So the Esports Shanghai Masters held by the government can be a sample for that. We can introduce our Shanghai Model. And we are still looking for better ways to combine the government and industry associations with businesses.”“近两年,电竞发展遇到了一些瓶颈。但尤其是在今年亚运会之后,人们需要一种新的由第三方主办的赛事模式。因此,由政府举办的电竞上海大师赛可以成为一个样本。我们可以引进我们的 "上海模式"。我们还在寻找更好的方式,把政府、行业协会和企业结合起来。”The annual Esports Shanghai Masters was first held in 2019. It is the first comprehensive esports tournament in China that has been named after a city, and organized by the government.一年一度的电竞上海大师赛于2019年首次举办。这是中国首个以城市命名、由政府主办的综合性电竞赛事。#热词加油站pharmaceutical /ˌfɑ:rməˈsu:tɪkl/【制药的】diplomatic /ˌdɪpləˈmætɪk/【外交的】magnolia /mæɡˈnəʊliə/【木兰】bottlenecks /ˈbɒtlnɛks/【瓶颈】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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12/04 TOP NEWS|2023上海国际友好城市合作论坛举行/中国对六国试行单方面免签政策

NEWS ON 12/011. SISTER CITY LEADERS GATHER IN SHANGHAI TO INCREASE COOPERATION深化合作,共促发展!2023上海国际友好城市合作论坛在沪举行2.CHINA TO TRIAL 15-DAY VISA-FREE POLICY FOR 6 COUNTRIES中国对六国试行单方面免签政策----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. SISTER CITY LEADERS GATHER IN SHANGHAI TO INCREASE COOPERATION深化合作,共促发展!2023上海国际友好城市合作论坛在沪举行The 2023 Shanghai International Friendship Cities Cooperation Forum was held today. Delegations from 13 cities in 12 countries discussed future cooperation with Shanghai. Reporter Zhang Hong takes a look.2023上海国际友好城市合作论坛今天(12/01)举行。来自12个国家13个城市的代表团就未来与上海的合作进行了探讨交流。本台记者张泓带来详细报道。The city of Dunedin in New Zealand has been a sister city with Shanghai since 1994. The two cities have worked extensively on culture, education, science, technology and trade.新西兰的达尼丁市自 1994 年起与上海结为友好城市。两座城市在文化、教育、科技和贸易方面开展了广泛的合作。Jules Radich, Mayor of Dunedin, New Zealand朱尔斯·莱迪新西兰达尼丁市市长“We have signed several MOUs during our time here. Two with universities. We have also signed with the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce and the Shanghai Art Film Federation. We have direct air connections now from Auckland to Shanghai, so many New Zealanders will come to visit China now that the airlines are flying again.”“在此期间我们签署了几份合作备忘录。两份是与大学签署的。我们还与上海商会和上海艺术电影联盟签署了合作备忘录。现在,我们有了从奥克兰直飞上海的航线,随着航空公司开通航班,许多新西兰人都打算来中国旅游。”The governor of Carabobo State in Venezuela said he just signed a document today for a sister-city relationship with Shanghai. He said Carabobo is one of the most important industrial regions with the biggest port in Venezuela. And he is looking forward on cooperation in terms of infrastructure, ports and sports.委内瑞拉卡拉沃沃州州长说,他今天刚与上海签订了友好城市关系意向书。他说,卡拉沃沃是委内瑞拉最重要的工业区之一,拥有委内瑞拉最大的港口。他期待在基础设施、港口和体育方面与上海开展更多合作。Rafael Lacava, Governor of Carabobo State, Venezuela拉卡瓦委内瑞拉卡拉沃沃州州长“I just spoke to the vice mayor at the lunch that we have. There’s also collaborations with the Valencian subway. The subway of our city that needs to be finish and then we will have some consulting from the Shanghai subway. We just signed yesterday a letter of intent in order to have a big machinery plant being stored in Valencia, which is the capital of the region of Carabobo. I'm very optimistic.”“我刚刚在午餐会上与副市长进行了交谈。(上海)与巴伦西亚地铁将有合作。我们城市的地铁需要完工,我们将从上海地铁获得一些咨询。昨天,我们刚刚签署了一份意向书,希望在卡拉沃沃大区首府巴伦西亚建立一个大型机械厂。我对此非常乐观。”A delegate from Los Angeles expressed hope that technology and its partnership with Shanghai can be used to tackle【解决】common problems.一位来自洛杉矶的代表表示,希望能够利用技术及与上海的伙伴关系来解决全球性共同问题。Wajenda Chambeshi, Director of Int'l Relations, Policy & Protocol of L.A., U.S.瓦金达·昌贝希,美国洛杉矶市政府国际关系政策和礼宾主任“We have a 2030 goal between the city of Los Angeles and Shanghai to decarbonize the entire fleet 【船队】that goes through the Pacific Sea. We are committed to making sure that we use that technology to decarbonize fleets so that we can make our ships more sustainable and also save the environment.”“洛杉矶市和上海市有一个 2030 年的目标,使经过太平洋的船队实现全生命周期零碳排放。我们致力于确保利用技术实现船队的低碳化,从而使我们的船只更具可持续性,同时促进保护环境。”The Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Shanghai agreed in September to build the LA-Shanghai route, a maritime【海上的】route where zero-emission solutions are supported and demonstrated.洛杉矶港和上海港于今年 9 月同意建设上海港——洛杉矶港绿色航运走廊,这是一条支持和示范零排放解决方案的海运航线。2.CHINA TO TRIAL 15-DAY VISA-FREE POLICY FOR 6 COUNTRIES中国对六国试行单方面免签政策Starting today, China will grant【授予】 unilateral【单方面的】 visa-free entry for up to 15 days to travelers holding ordinary passports of France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Malaysia. Our reporter Zhang Shixuan talked to 2 foreign-invested firms in China, and finds out how the new policy has brought new business prospects with it.从今天(12/01)起,中国将对法国、德国、意大利、荷兰、西班牙和马来西亚6个国家持普通护照的旅客实行单方面免签入境政策,本台记者张诗旋采访了两家在华外资企业,了解新政策将带来的全新商业前景。Citizens of the five European countries and Malaysia will now be able to enter China without a visa for business, tourism, family visits and transit purposes. The trial policy will be in effect for one year, until Nov 30, 2024. This has promising prospects for this German-headquartered consulting firm.欧洲五国和马来西亚公民现在可以免签入境来华经商、旅游观光、探亲访友和过境。该试行政策有效期为一年,至 2024 年 11 月 30 日。这对这家总部位于德国的咨询公司带来了光明的前景。Jiang Hao, Partner Roland Berger江浩罗兰贝格大中华区全球合伙人“Before. If you wanna come to China, no matter you’re in Germany or France, you first have the get an invitation letter and then you have to fill the online forms, schedule time, then you have to spend half day go to the consulate for face-to-face interview. So that takes a lot of effort. Now it’s so convenient. You can just make your travel decision anytime, then buy your ticket, then come to China. Especially for our colleagues in other countries, it’s very important for them to have a face-to-face meeting not only with the colleagues in China, but also to visit client in China as well. So, they can have the first-hand information and also have a more direct feelings about how China economy is improving after pandemic. For Roland Berger, China market is always one of the most important countries around the globe. And sometimes we even have our global training and also global seminar held in Shanghai and Beijing. So global colleagues come to here as well to see the first-hand information about the new situation in China.”“之前如果你想来中国,不管你是在德国还是法国,首先你需要拿到邀请函,然后要在网上填表、安排时间,最后还要花半天时间去领事馆面谈,所以要花费很多精力。现在就方便多了。你可以随时做出出行决定,然后买票,然后来到中国。特别是对于我们在其他国家的同事来说,不仅能与中国的同事面对面交流,还能拜访中国的客户,这对他们来说非常重要。这样,他们就能获得一手信息,也能对新冠疫情后中国经济的好转情况有更直观的感受。对于罗兰贝格来说,中国市场一直是全球最重要的市场之一。有时,我们甚至会在上海和北京举办全球培训和全球研讨会。因此,全球的同事也会来这里了解中国新形势的第一手信息。”Jiang also expressed hopes about the resumption of more cross-border flights, which would lower travelling costs.江浩还表示希望恢复更多的跨境航班,以降低出行成本。This German industrial company in Shanghai’s Lingang Special Area is also optimistic about the new policy.这家位于上海临港新区的德国工业企业也对新政策持乐观态度。Shu Wei, VP Finance, Lenze Drive Systems (Shanghai)舒炜伦茨(上海)传动系统有限公司、伦茨中国财务副总裁“I have talked with some of my German colleagues, they’re also excited and they also believe this is very good change a very good policy that will be very good for a better communication between headquarters and their branch companies in China. That is very important even though we are also developing the local expertise for all the know-hows for our product and for our applications. But in our headquarter we do have more experts they have more experience so the support from headquarter is very important for our success in China market. So we do need more and more efficient communication from our headquarter to have more and stronger support to grow our business in China.”“我和一些德国同事聊过,他们也很兴奋,也认为这是一个非常好的改变,一个非常好的政策,利于总部和中国分公司之间更好地沟通。这一点非常重要,尽管我们也在为我们的产品和应用开发本地的专业技术知识。但是,在我们的总部,我们有更多的专家,他们有更多的经验,因此总部的支持对我们在中国市场取得成功非常重要。因此,我们确实需要与总部进行更多更有效的沟通,以获得更多更有力的支持,从而发展我们在中国的业务。”This is China’s latest effort to improve its visa policies. Earlier this month, it expanded its visa-free transit policy to 54 countries to include Norwegian passport holders.这是中国改进签证政策的最新举措。本月早些时候,中国将过境免签政策扩大到54个国家,其中包括挪威护照持有者。#热词加油站tackle/ˈtæk(ə)l/【解决】fleet/fliːt/【船队】maritime/ˈmærɪtaɪm/【海上的】grant/ɡrɑːnt/【授予】unilateral/ˌjuːnɪˈlætrəl/【单方面的】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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11/30 TOP NEWS|商务部批准镓锗等物出口/上海地铁呈现西班牙现实主义画展

NEWS ON 11/301. CHINA APPROVES CERTAIN EXPORT APPLICATIONS FOR GALLIUM, GERMANIUM商务部:已批准了符合规定的若干镓、锗相关物项的出口申请2. SPANISH REALIST ART WORKS GRACE METRO STATION地铁站内看画展,西班牙现实主义画作首次在上海公共空间呈现-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. CHINA APPROVES CERTAIN EXPORT APPLICATIONS FOR GALLIUM, GERMANIUM商务部:已批准了符合规定的若干镓、锗相关物项的出口申请China has approved some companies' export applications for gallium and germanium products that comply with relevant regulations, the Ministry of Commerce told at today's regular briefing.商务部在今天的例行发布会上表示,中国已经批准了部分企业符合相关规定的镓和锗产品出口申请。The export controls took effect from this August. Industrial products and materials containing gallium and germanium are generally considered critical raw materials in the semiconductor industry. The commerce ministry said it will continue to review other license applications and make decisions in accordance【符合】 with legal procedures. Also at the briefing, the ministry said that China will conduct a review on the anti-dumping and countervailing【抵消】 measures applicable to imported wine originating from Australia.出口管制从今年8月起生效。含镓和锗的工业产品和材料通常被视为半导体工业的关键原材料。商务部表示,将继续审查其他许可证申请,并根据法律程序作出决定。商务部还公告,决定对原产于澳大利亚的进口相关葡萄酒所适用反倾销措施和反补贴措施进行复审。2. SPANISH REALIST ART WORKS GRACE METRO STATION地铁站内看画展,西班牙现实主义画作首次在上海公共空间呈现A hall within Middle Longhua龙华 Road Metro Station in Xuhui District has once again become a temporary art gallery. This is the first time Spanish realist paintings have been presented in a public space in Shanghai. Sun Siqi has more. 徐汇龙华中路地铁站内的大厅再次成为临时美术馆。这是西班牙现实主义绘画首次在上海的公共空间展出。记者孙思奇带来更多报道。The exhibition features 46 paintings of Spanish masters of realism including some by Antonio Lopez Garcia. Life and their surroundings are the main themes of their paintings.展览展出了46幅西班牙现实主义绘画大师的作品,其中包括安东尼奥-洛佩斯-加西亚的一些作品。生活和周围环境是他们绘画的主题。Inma Gonzalez Puy, DirectorCultural Section of the Consulate General of Spain in ShanghaiInma Gonzalez Puy 西班牙驻上海总领事馆文化处主任“We couldn't bring the originals in the Metro station. But with a reproduction ratio of 1:1, the replicas【复制品】 are exactly the same as the originals. The exhibition also mimics the decorative layout inside art museums, including the frames, lighting and colors on the walls.”“我们没办法把原作带过来,但是通过这种复刻,1: 1 的,感受感、视觉感都是跟原作一模一样,包括它的那个框,框架、画框、灯光什么的,所以包括那个墙上的颜色,我们都是复刻了一个这种就是美术馆里面的这种气氛。”Resident居民“I think the exhibition could accelerate the integration of the world as people will better understand art from other countries. The most important point is that people will know art is very close to everyone, and it will help us cultivate a sense of beauty.”“(画展可以)加速这个世界的融合,让我们普通的市民也能够了解这个世界的艺术。最重要的一点就是让大家知道,艺术这个东西跟普通人其实是很近的,也有助于凭培养我们普通市民的美感。”The exhibition will run until March 31st, 2024. It follows two other exhibitions of replicas in the same station -- one featuring Spanish artist Salvador Dali, the other a series of paintings selected from Prado Museum in Madrid. 展览将持续到2024年3月31日。在此之前,此站还举办过两次复制品展览——一次是西班牙艺术家萨尔瓦多-达利的作品展,另一次是从马德里普拉多博物馆精选的一系列绘画作品展。It's also part of the China Shanghai International Arts Festival's educational program this year. Teenagers are welcome to visit the exhibition and sketch【草图】 the artworks on site. The works can be submitted to LittleStar's Wechat account. 这也是今年中国上海国际艺术节教育项目的一部分。欢迎青少年参观展览并现场写生。作品可以提交到小荧星的微信号上。Chen Chen, Director of Marketing DepartmentShanghai Little Star, SMG陈晨 小荧星品牌中心市场部主任“Some of the paintings are very brightly colored. Children are attracted to bright colors that are very close to life. Our contest is open to all young people who love to create art.“有些画作色彩非常鲜艳。鲜艳的色彩非常贴近生活,对孩子们很有吸引力。我们的比赛面向所有热爱艺术创作的年轻人。”The top submissions will be selected and displayed in the Metro station at the end of the exhibition. Plans are being made to show the best ones overseas. 展览结束后,将评选出优秀作品并在地铁站展出。目前正在计划将最好的作品在海外展出。#热词加油站countervailing /ˈkaʊntəveɪl/【抵消】replicas /ˈreplɪkə/【复制品】sketch /sketʃ/【草图】accordance /əˈkɔːdns/【符合】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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11/29 TOP NEWS|专家建议支原体肺炎早期发现合理用药/中国将加强氢燃料电池产业化发展

NEWS ON 11/291.NATIONAL HEALTH COMMISSION EXPERT OFFERS ADVICE ON TREATING MYCOPLASMA PNEUMONIA国家卫健委专家建议支原体肺炎早期发现 合理用药2. CHINA TO STEP UP HYDROGEN FUEL CELLS DEVELOPMENT中国将加强氢燃料电池产业化发展-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1.NATIONAL HEALTH COMMISSION EXPERT OFFERS ADVICE ON TREATING MYCOPLASMA PNEUMONIA国家卫健委专家建议支原体肺炎早期发现 合理用药Fever clinics in Shanghai are recording a large number of pediatric patients infected with mycoplasma pneumonia. A National Health Commission expert shares suggestions on early detection and medication. Zhang Hong has more.上海的发热门诊记录了大量感染支原体肺炎的儿童患者。国家卫生健康委员会的专家分享了关于早期发现和药物治疗的建议。记者张泓带来更多报道。Lu Quan, a pediatric【小儿科的】 medications consultant for the National Health Commission, said self-test kits may not be accurate for children with mycoplasma pneumonia. 国家卫健委合理用药专家委员会儿科用药顾问陆权说,自我检测试剂盒对支原体肺炎患儿的检测可能并不准确。Lu Quan, Pediatric Medications ConsultantNational Health Commission陆权 国家卫健委合理用药专家委员会抗菌药物专业组委员、儿童用药专业组顾问“Children less than 6 months old may not generate enough antibodies. Children aged 6 months or above may not generate antibodies if they are sick for less than 7 days. For early detection, we suggest a nucleic【核酸】acid test. It is the most effective way to diagnose mycoplasma pneumonia.”  “6月龄以内的孩子抗体产生的能力不够 6 个月或以上的儿童如果生病少于 7 天 可能不会产生抗体 为了及早发现支原体肺炎我们建议进行核酸检测 这是诊断支原体肺炎最有效的方法”Lu said nationwide, the bacterium's resistance rate to the antibiotics【抗生素】erythromycin and azithromycin is around 80%. He suggested clinics do drug resistance tests so that an alternative medication is prescribed as soon as possible.陆权说,全国范围内,该细菌对抗生素红霉素和阿奇霉素的耐药率约为80%。他建议诊所进行耐药性测试,以便尽快开出替代药物。Lu Quan, Pediatric Medications ConsultantNational Health Commission陆权 国家卫健委合理用药专家委员会抗菌药物专业组委员、儿童用药专业组顾问“It has high resistance to erythromycin and azithromycin, but it doesn't have resistance to minocycline and doxycycline. I think hospitals need to do a rapid test of drug resistance gene tests.”“你看它(红霉素、阿奇霉素等)这个是高度耐药的 但是 米诺(环素)和多西(环素)它不耐药 我觉得医院需要做 快速的耐药基因的检测”Lu added that parents should only give their child azithromycin after consulting a doctor. He reminded parents to take their child to hospital if a fever persists for more than 72 hours.陆权补充道,家长应在咨询医生后才给孩子服用阿奇霉素。他提醒家长,如果孩子持续发烧超过72小时,应带孩子去医院就诊。2.CHINA TO STEP UP HYDROGEN FUEL CELLS DEVELOPMENT中国将加强氢燃料电池产业化发展China a nation R&D center aimed at perfecting hydrogen fuel cells - not just for use in cars, but across every industry. Zhang Shixuan has the story.中国成立了一个国家级研发中心,旨在完善氢燃料电池——不仅用于汽车,还用于各行各业。记者张诗旋带来报道。Hydrogen is a clean fuel that can be extracted from water, and when consumed to generate power, water is the only biproduct. No fossil fuels, no pollution. It is regarded as one of the cleanest energy options, with potential for use even in aviation and shipping. But a couple of issues have so far slowed the widespread adoption of hydrogen power. The first is cost.氢气是一种清洁燃料,可以从水中提取,消耗氢气发电时,水是唯一的副产品。没有化石燃料,没有污染。它被认为是最清洁的能源之一,甚至有可能用于航空和航运。但迄今为止,有几个问题阻碍了氢能的广泛应用。首先是成本问题。Lu Bingbing, General Manager  Shanghai Hydrogen Propulsion Technology卢兵兵 上海捷氢科技总经理“The cost for hydrogen fuel cells have been lowered from 20,000 yuan per kilowatt in 2015, to 3,500 yuan now. And the usage cost across the fuel cells' entire lifecycle is still higher than that in fossil fuel and pure electric ones. We should work on both hardware and the cost for hydrogen itself, including the production and transportation of hydrogen. When the cost for hydrogen reaches 25 yuan per kilograms, and the cost for fuel cells reaches 1,000 yuan per kilowatt, it can will be ready for large-scale commercial applications.”“从2015年16年的2万块钱每千瓦,现在已经到了基本上3500块钱每千瓦这个水平。当然我们燃料电池现在全生命周期的使用成本还是比燃油,或者比纯电的要贵一些。我们应该在硬件和氢本身的成本上下功夫,包括氢的生产和运输。当氢气成本达到每公斤 25 元,燃料电池成本达到每千瓦 1000 元时,就可以进行大规模商业应用了。”Lu says, to lower the costs, the industry should work on the key materials in battery stacks. And that will be one of the main tasks for the national level R&D center. 13 companies, institutions and research institutes signed agreements to join the center.卢兵兵说,为了降低成本,产业界应该在电池组的关键材料上下功夫。这将是国家级研发中心的主要任务之一。13家公司、机构和研究机构签署了加入该中心的协议。Sun Shigang, Academician Chinese Academy of Sciences孙世刚 中国科学院院士“The hydrogen fuel cells nowadays require platinum【铂】 as a catalyst. This is a limited resource - 90% of it comes from South Africa. Only 0.4% is found in China. So, it's important for us to develop a new generation of catalysts【催化剂】. China is required to reach its carbon emissions peak and carbon neutrality in a shorter time compared with developed nations. So, we need big changes in our in energy structure. We have to accelerate our development of new technologies and businesses.”“现在的氢燃料电池需要铂作为催化剂。铂是一种有限的资源,其中90%来自南非。只有 0.4%产自中国。因此,开发新一代催化剂对我们来说非常重要。与发达国家相比,中国需要在更短的时间内达到碳排放峰值,实现碳中和。因此,我们需要对能源结构进行重大变革。我们必须加快新技术和新业务的发展。”In 2021, China announced the first batch of demonstration cities for hydrogen powered vehicle development. Cities in the Yangtze River Delta Region including Shanghai, Suzhou, Nantong and Jiaxing were on the list. Shanghai's Jiading District, where the R&D center was announced, has been in the field for more than 2 decades. It created the first fuel cell industry park in China, gathering more than 80 hydrogen energy firms. In 2021, its revenue already topped more than 10 billion yuan.2021年,中国公布了首批氢动力汽车发展示范城市名单。包括上海、苏州、南通和嘉兴在内的长三角地区城市榜上有名。宣布成立研发中心的上海嘉定在这一领域已有20多年的历史。它创建了中国首个燃料电池产业园,聚集了80多家氢能企业。2021年,其营业收入已超过100亿元。#热词加油站pediatric /ˌpi:dɪ'ætrɪk/【小儿科的】nucleic /njuːˈkleɪɪk/【核酸】 antibiotics /ˌæntɪbaɪˈɒtɪks/【抗生素】catalysts /ˈkætəlɪsts/【催化剂】platinum /ˈplætɪnəm/【铂】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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11/28 TOP NEWS|上海学校帮助学生度过传染病多发季节/我国绿色能源产品向海外进发

NEWS ON 11/281. SCHOOLS IN SHANGHAI HELP STUDENTS GET THROUGH FLU SEASON上海学校帮助学生度过传染病多发季节2. GREEN ENERGY PRODUCTS SUPPORT CHINA'S EXPORTS我国绿色能源产品向海外进发-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. SCHOOLS IN SHANGHAI HELP STUDENTS GET THROUGH FLU SEASON上海学校帮助学生度过传染病多发季节Schools in Shanghai are working to deal with a rising number of flu infections. Zhang Hong has more. 上海的学校正在努力应对不断上升的流感感染人数。记者张泓带来更多报道。Flu cases peaked last week at Huangpu Experimental Primary School Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University.上周,上海交通大学附属黄浦实验小学的流感病例达到高峰。Sheng Kaiyan, School Physician Huangpu Experimental Primary School Affiliated to SH Jiao Tong Univ.盛开颜 上海交通大学附属黄浦实验小学卫生保健老师“It's getting better this week with students in only two classes showing influenza A symptoms. Students have returned to school gradually. ”“这一周情况明显好转 只剩下两个班级存在甲流症状的学生 其他学生都已经陆陆续续复课返校”The school has separate rooms for smaller groups of students during flu season and teachers will help those who are sick to catch up. 在流感季节,学校为人数较少的学生准备了单独的教室,老师会帮助生病的学生补课。Zhang Jian, TeacherHuangpu Experimental Primary School Affiliated to SH Jiao Tong Univ.张健 上海交通大学附属黄浦实验小学体卫艺科负责老师“Students who are ill at home can choose to do their homework based on their condition. When they return, their class teacher will help them catch up. There's no mandatory【强制性的】 requirements on homework. ”“因病在家的同学 可以根据自己的自身的情况(完成)如果已经回到学校了 班主任会每天 慢慢把作业补齐 对我们同学的作业没有强制性的要求”Zhongshan School Affiliated to Shanghai Huangpu Institute of Education has designed individualized physical education guidance for students. 上海市黄浦区教育学院附属中山学校为学生设计了个性化的体育教育指导。Sun Jin, PE TeacherZhongshan School Affiliated to SH Huangpu Institute of Education孙瑾 上海市黄浦区教育学院附属中山学校体育教研组长“They do a variety of exercises to boost their immunity. We have individualized events planned for recovered students returning to school. They will be doing light exercise like jogging. ”“通过各种活动 来提高他们的免疫力 对于有些孩子返校复学以后 进行个性化的指导 从慢跑开始 健身操 或者简单的一些运动项目开始 逐步逐步恢复到他们原来的机体状况”The Ministry of Education posted an article on its WeChat account stating that children with mild symptoms【症状】 don't need to be hospitalized and infected students are encouraged to stay home. It also reminded students to get enough sleep and eat healthy meals. 教育部在微信公众号上发布了一篇文章,称症状轻微的儿童无需住院治疗,鼓励受感染的学生留在家中。教育部还提醒学生保持充足睡眠和健康饮食。2. GREEN ENERGY PRODUCTS SUPPORT CHINA'S EXPORTS我国绿色能源产品向海外进发As most of the world increasingly embraces a green energy transition to reduce the effects of climate change, many Chinese companies have become global market leaders in the carbon-free energy sector, owing to government support and the nation's vast manufacturing capacity. The new energy products are gradually becoming a major segment of the country's exports. Lei Shuran has more.随着世界大多数国家越来越多地向绿色能源转型,以减少气候变化的影响,许多中国公司凭借政府的支持和我国庞大的制造能力,已成为全球无碳能源领域的市场领导者。新能源产品正逐渐成为中国出口的主要部分。记者雷舒然带来更多报道。China's new energy sector, driven by strong global demand and enhanced product competitiveness, is propelling the country's exports. That includes electric vehicles, lithium-ion batteries, and solar cells. Latest customs data shows that in the first three quarters of the year, China's outbound shipment value of the three products rocketed by more than 40-percent, to nearly 800-billion yuan. That accounts for 4.5-percent of the country's total exports during the period. JinkoSolar, a major solar module provider, exemplifies this trend, with over 80-percent of its business now derived from exports.  The company says its global module shipments exceeded 150 giga-watts by the end of the first quarter, making it the world's first solar module provider to achieve that level.在全球需求强劲和产品竞争力增强的推动下,中国的新能源产业正在推动中国的出口。其中包括电动汽车、锂离子电池和太阳能电池。海关最新数据显示,今年前三季度,中国这三种产品的出境货运价值猛增40%以上,达到近8000亿元人民币,这占同期中国出口总额的 4.5%。晶科能源是太阳能组件的主要供应商,也是这一趋势的典型代表,目前其业务的80% 以上来自出口。该公司表示,截至第一季度末,其全球组件出货量已超过1.5亿瓦,成为全球首家达到这一水平的太阳能组件供应商。Qian Jing, Vice President JinkoSolar钱晶 晶科能源副总裁“The main reasons behind that include the strong demand driven by the carbon neutrality【中立】 goals of most countries, they have adopted increasingly regulations of limits. Secondly, in supply side, the increasing competitiveness of our products in terms of technology performance and costs, we are far beyond our foreign competitors in these fields. It's manufacturing excellence which can transimitted the latest and advanced technology from laboratories to the mass productuion lines at the lowest costs.”“这背后的主要原因包括,大多数国家在碳中和目标的驱动下需求旺盛,它们采取了越来越多的限制法规。其次,在供应方面,我们的产品在技术性能和成本方面的竞争力不断增强,在这些领域我们远远超越了国外竞争对手。这就是卓越的制造能力,它能以最低的成本将最新的先进技术从实验室转移到大规模生产线上。”The rising demand for solar panels also benefits upstream companies, such as a silicon【硅】 maker in Suzhou, experiencing increased demand for its products due to the popularity of Chinese solar panel products globally over the past few years.太阳能电池板需求的增长也使上游企业受益,例如苏州的一家硅料生产商,由于过去几年中国太阳能电池板产品在全球受到欢迎,对其产品的需求有所增加。Song Hao, Assistant Vice President (Securities) GCL Technology Holdings宋昊 协鑫科技控股有限公司助理副总裁“All of our clients now have export businesses. So, the growing overseas demand for their products is also encouraging us to increase our production. In the next few years, we expect the demand to grow by 10 to 20 percent annually. To us, that means there will be a yearly demand of over 200,000 tonnes of polysilicon.”“我们所有的客户现在都有出口业务。因此,海外市场对其产品日益增长的需求也促使我们提高产量。未来几年,我们预计每年的需求量将增长10%到20%。对我们来说,这意味着每年多晶硅的需求量将超过200,000吨。”Despite the sector's success, experts caution that future market share might be influenced by external factors, urging sustained efforts to continue export momentum. 尽管该部门取得了成功,但专家们提醒说,未来的市场份额可能会受到外部因素的影响,因此他们将继续努力,保持出口势头。Cheng Xin, Partner Bain & Company成鑫 贝恩公司合伙人“In some of the European markets, there is a big inventory of China products in the warehouse, which may take months to absorb. So, this give a very strong signal to all the Chinese players that they need to seriously consider the differentiation versus the other competitors given this significant oversupply situation and before they make extra investment decision. Some of the countries have push out local production encouragement. So, all of these signals, are pushing Chinese company to seriously consider a more sustainable global footprint to support the long term growth.”“在欧洲市场,仓库里有大量的中国产品库存,可能需要几个月的时间才能消化。这向所有中国企业发出了一个非常强烈的信号,即在严重供过于求的情况下,他们需要认真考虑与其他竞争对手的差异化,然后再做出额外的投资决定。一些国家已经开始鼓励本地生产。因此,这些所有的信号都在促使中国企业认真考虑更可持续的全球布局,以支持长期增长。”According to Natixis, a French corporate and investment bank, China has nearly monopolized【垄断】 global solar cell exports, accounting for 80-percent of the total last year, while also holding significant shares in lithium-ion battery and electric vehicle exports.法国外贸银行,即一家法国企业与投资银行的数据显示,中国几乎垄断了全球太阳能电池出口,去年占全球出口总量的80%,同时在锂离子电池和电动汽车出口方面也占有相当大的份额。#热词加油站mandatory /ˈmændətəri/【强制性的】symptoms /ˈsɪmptəm/【症状】neutrality /njuːˈtræləti/【中立】monopolized /məˈnɒpəlaɪzd/【垄断】silicon /ˈsɪlɪkən/【硅】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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11/27 TOP NEWS|数据标的物将推动形成新一轮资产化创新

NEWS ON 11/27CHINA'S INFO BROKERS ARE TURNING DATA INTO PROFIT数据标的物将推动形成新一轮资产化创新-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1.     CHINA'S INFO BROKERS ARE TURNING DATA INTO PROFIT数据标的物将推动形成新一轮资产化创新Last year, data trading in China accounted for 13.4% of the world's total. Many companies active in the sector gathered in Shanghai at the weekend for the Global Data Ecosystem Conference. Our reporter Zhang Shixuan was there to find out what kind of data is being bought and sold, and whether the data trade in China is secure.去年,中国的数据交易量占全球总量的13.4%。本周末,许多活跃在数据交易领域的公司齐聚上海,参加全球数据生态系统大会。记者张诗旋在现场了解了数据买卖的种类,以及中国的数据交易是否安全。Where we go; What we buy; Who we are⋯ To someone, we're data.我们去哪里;我们买什么;我们是谁......对某些人来说,我们就是数据。“We need data. Data is the oil in the 21st century. ”“我们需要数据。数据就是21世纪的石油。”If it's regarded as critical as crude - it's going to be valuable, and serve as a foundation for a wide variety of businesses. Just as oil needs to be refined; data needs to be collected, sifted【筛选】 and analysed for it to be worth something. And in a country like China - with 1.4 billion people - there's a mountain of data out there. Let's start with a look at the nation's vast road transport network.如果数据像石油一样重要,那么它就很有价值,并成为各种业务的基础。就像石油需要提炼一样,数据也需要经过收集、筛选和分析才能发挥价值。而在中国这样一个拥有14亿人口的国家,数据堆积如山。我们先来看看中国庞大的公路运输网。Xu Saihua, Chairman & CEO /// Shanghai Jinron Digits Technology徐赛花 上海金润联汇数字科技有限公司董事长兼首席执行官“When a car passes by an ETC on the expressway, there's the information on the plate, the owner, the mileage, the time, the direction and the traffic fee.”“当一辆车过了ETC上高速,这辆车的车牌,车主,行驶的行程里程数,经过时间,行驶方向以及通行费的信息都有了。”ETC, or Electronic Toll Collection forms an online system which allows nonstop passage of freight vehicles. As of the end of 2019, there already nearly 200 million cars equipped with an ETC device. But who would want data from road toll gates?ETC即电子收费系统,是一种允许货运车辆不停车通行的线上系统。截至2019年底,已有近2亿辆汽车安装了ETC。但谁会想要公路收费站的数据呢?Xu Saihua, Chairman & CEO /// Shanghai Jinron Digits Technology徐赛花 上海金润联汇数字科技有限公司董事长兼首席执行官“In the past, traditional financial institutions were hesitant to enter the road cargo transport industry. They think it's of high risks. There were internet platforms offering loans with annual interest rate as high as more than 30%. Now, we some banks are cooperating with us. They can get logistics operation information, and get data support after loan issuance【发行】. They are providing a less than 5% interest rate.”“以前传统金融机构根本就不敢进入货运行业,因为觉得这个风险高。现在我们合作的几家银行开始能够获得比如说这些物流的经营信息,及时地跟踪,他还贷中、贷后还能够有一些数据提供。他们的企业资金成本都在5%以内。”There have also been data products that can help insurance companies decide a reasonable price for different vehicles' insurance. These were first listed on the Shanghai Data Exchange last year.此外,还有一些数据产品可以帮助保险公司决定不同车辆保险的合理价格。去年,这些产品首次在上海数据交易所上市。Zhang Shixuan Reporter张诗旋 记者“The annual trading volume of data products at the Shanghai Data Exchange exceeded 100 million yuan last year, and this year's on-exchange trading volume is expected to exceed 1 billion yuan. But where is all this growth coming from?”“去年,上海数据交易所的数据产品年交易额超过1亿元,今年的场内交易额预计将超过10亿元。不过,这些增长从何而来?”Tang Qifeng, General Manager /// Shanghai Data Exchange汤奇峰 上海数据交易所总经理“China goes through unique ways quite different with the other countries typically quite different with the US and Europe. In the US you can find a lot of things is organized by a commercial company. But in China we take the data product like a data asset, so a lot of the market function should play by like us. They have the asset, they can use the asset using different roles. In the history, you use the cash to invest a company, but in this area, you can use your data asset to invest a company. Also data asset is very interesting since it goes to the securities areas. ”“中国采取了与其他国家,通常是与美国和欧洲迥然不同的独特方式。在美国,你会发现很多事情都是由商业公司组织的。但在中国,我们将数据产品视为数据资产,因此很多市场功能都应像我们一样发挥作用。他们拥有资产,他们可以用不同的角色来使用资产。在过去,你用现金投资一家公司,但在这个领域,你可以用你的数据资产来投资一家公司。数据资产也非常有趣,因为它涉及证券领域。”Whenever data collection is mentioned, the questions of privacy and security are raised. It's a subject the industry is vocal about.每当提到数据收集,隐私和安全问题就会被提出来。这也是业界热议的话题。Zhao Xingxing, Vice President /// Shanghai Jinron Digits Technology赵星星 上海金润联汇数字科技有限公司副总裁“All the data products are not allowed for cache【缓存】. Banks send a requirement to the API connector, and enter a firewall to access the intranet【内联网】, where the database gives the bank a credit score. And the score will get to the bank after crossing another firewall.”“所有的数据产品是不允许它进行缓存的。银行会发送一个请求,这个请求通过数据API接口的形式,然后要通过一个互联网跟内网的防火墙进去之后,我在我的结果库里面进行搜寻到这个人所对应的信用分数,这个地方我们又要跨一层防火墙,把这个结果返回给银行。”Jinron Digits Technology says its data products have been accessed more than 20 million times this year, and each instance is recorded to guard against illegal use. At this weekend's Global Data Ecosystem Conference in Shanghai, security and data sovereignty【主权】 were high on the agenda.上海金润联汇数字科技有限公司表示,其数据产品今年已被访问超过2000万次,每次访问都会被记录下来,以防止非法使用。本周末于上海举行的全球数据生态系统大会上,安全和数据主权被列为重要议题。Lars B?umann, China Ambassador /// International Data Spaces AssociationLars Bäumann IDSA国际数据空间协会驻中国大使“The concept of data sovereignty means that you can decide what you share, how long you share, and also what not to share, and also to say what is allowed to do with my data and what is not allowed. And I feel that also China is very interested in that because people are afraid to put their data on some data platform and then the data stays there forever. There is really fast progress. It's really China speed like we say in Germany.”“数据主权的概念意味着,你可以决定分享什么、分享多久、不分享什么,也可以决定允许用我的数据做什么、不允许做什么。我觉得中国对此也非常感兴趣,因为人们害怕把自己的数据放到某个数据平台上,然后数据就永远留在那里了。进步真的很快。就像我们在德国说的那样,这真的是中国速度。”These data experts want more effort to be made to encourage institutions and companies to share their data.这些数据专家希望做出更多努力,鼓励机构和公司共享数据。Piero Scaruffi, Dean and founder of Silicon Valley Institute of Artificial Intelligence, USA皮埃罗·斯加鲁菲 美国硅谷人工智能研究院院长、创始人“It would be nice to have an international institution, part of the United Nations or not, that talks to governments and finds out which data are not sensitive, which data we should be sharing.”“如果能有一个国际机构,无论是不是联合国的一部分,能与各国政府对话,找出哪些数据不敏感,哪些数据我们应该共享,那该多好。”A trading chain was formed between 7 provincial level data exchanges in China on Saturday, when Shanghai also announced the first batch of data product brands, covering finance, manufacturing, transport, sports and technology.上周六,中国7家省级数据交易所之间形成了交易链条,同时上海也公布了首批数据产品品牌,涵盖金融、制造、交通、体育和科技等领域。#热词加油站sift /sɪft/【筛选】issuance /ˈɪʃu(ː)əns/【发行】intranet /ˈɪntrənet/【内联网】cache /kæʃ/【缓存】sovereignty /ˈsɒvrənti/【主权】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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11/27 TOP NEWS|世界中国学大会·上海论坛举办/百老汇沉浸式音乐剧“大彗星”降临上海

NEWS ON 11/241.EXPERTS IN CHINA STUDIES GATHER IN SHANGHAI TO DISCUSS CHINA'S PAST & PRESENT世界中国学大会·上海论坛在沪举办2.THE GREAT COMET MUSICAL WILL MAKE ITS ASIAN DEBUT IN SHANGHAI NEXT YEAR亚洲首演!百老汇沉浸式音乐剧《大彗星》明年降临上海----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1.EXPERTS IN CHINA STUDIES GATHER IN SHANGHAI TO DISCUSS CHINA'S PAST & PRESENT世界中国学大会·上海论坛在沪举办Around 400 scholars from home and abroad shared their interpretation of China’s past and present at the World Conference on China Studies Shanghai Forum today. Reporter Zhang Hong takes a look.在今天(11/24)举行的世界中国学大会·上海论坛上,400余位海内外知名专家学者分享了他们对中国过去和现在的解读。本台记者张泓带来详细报道。Three scholars were given the Distinguished Contribution to China Studies award at today’s opening ceremony. Canadian historian Timothy Brook was one of them. In addition to serving as the general editor of Harvard University Press “History of Imperial China”, he has published extensively on China in the world with a major focus on the Ming dynasty.在今天的开幕式上,三位学者被授予“中国学贡献奖”。加拿大历史学家卜正民(Timothy Brook)是其中之一。除了担任哈佛大学出版社《哈佛中国史》丛书的总编辑,他还在世界范围内发表了大量关于中国的著作,其中以明朝为主要研究对象。Timothy Brook, Professor Emeritus of Dept. of History, University of British Columbia卜正民 加拿大不列颠哥伦比亚大学历史学荣休教授“I think the importance of getting foreigners to understand Chinese history is to make Chinese history not appear to be something that is far away and strange and different. Whether this has an impact on how we understand each other today, I think it does because if you can reduce the ignorance Chinese have of the world and the world has of China, then you reduce the animosity【敌意】 that can arise between people outside China and Chinese people.”“我认为,让外国人了解中国历史的重要性在于让中国历史不再显得遥远、陌生和与众不同。我认为这会对我们今天如何相互理解产生影响,因为如果能减少中国人对世界和世界对中国的无知,那么就能减少中国以外的人和中国人之间可能产生的敌意。”Academic Zhang Weiwei talked about modern Chinese civilization.学者张维为以“中华文明的现代性”为题发表了主旨演讲。Zhang Weiwei, Distinguished Professor & Dean of China Institute, Fudan University张维为 复旦大学特聘教授、中国研究院院长“It’s the combination of tradition and modernity that makes China rise and China civilization tick. This concept of ‘minben zhuyi’, people’s livelihood first, is very traditional, very Confucius. It’s contained in the ‘Shangshu’, which was 2,500 years ago. We look at China performing today. China has eradicated【根除】 extreme poverty. China has equated world’s largest middle class, 400 million. All these have to do with the government’s policy focusing on people’s livelihood first.”“正是传统与现代的结合,让中国崛起,让中华文明熠熠生辉。民本主义的理念非常传统,非常孔子。它载于 2500 年前的《尚书》。我们看看今天中国的表现。中国消除了极端贫困。中国拥有世界上最大的 4 亿中等收入群体。这一切都与政府民生优先的政策有关。”Rachel Murphy, a professor from the University of Oxford, has been looking at labor migration in China since the late 1990s.牛津大学教授雷切尔·墨菲(Rachel Murphy)自 20 世纪 90 年代末以来一直在研究中国的农民工话题。Rachel Murphy, Professorn of Chinese Development & Society, University of Oxford雷切尔·墨菲 英国牛津大学中国发展与社会研究教授“There’s many aspects of social change and transformation in China that echoes or resonates with experiences in other countries. But then there’s also unique aspects of the Chinese context that affect how this plays out and how this affects people. And that is part of the value of Chinese studies and area studies, because the emphasis is on context, on multifaceted【多层面的】 context, on looking at the society, the culture, the politics, the demography altogether in order to understand what’s going on.”“中国社会变革和转型的许多方面都与其他国家的经验相呼应或产生共鸣。但中国的国情也有其独特之处,影响着这一切的发生,影响着中国人民。这也是中国研究和地区研究的价值所在,因为研究的重点在于背景,在于多方面的背景,在于从社会、文化、政治、人口学等多方面来理解正在发生的事情。”Professor Murphy also noted that in the past, Chinese studies was very dominated by western scholarship, but now she sees more scholars from different parts of the world who are contributing to the English language global dialogue about what China is, how China is changing the world and how the world is changing China.墨菲教授还指出,过去的中国研究主要由西方学者主导,但现在她看到更多来自世界不同地区的学者在用英语开展全球对话,探讨中国是什么、中国如何改变世界以及世界如何改变中国。2.THE GREAT COMET MUSICAL WILL MAKE ITS ASIAN DEBUT IN SHANGHAI NEXT YEAR亚洲首演!百老汇沉浸式音乐剧《大彗星》明年降临上海The Broadway musical “Natasha, Pierre and The Great Comet of 1812” will make its Asian debut at the New Bund 31 Performing Arts Center in Pudong on January 13th. The shows feature new costume designs highlighting fashion and modernity. Sun Siqi has more.百老汇音乐剧《娜塔莎、皮埃尔和1812年的大彗星》将于1月13日在浦东前滩31演艺中心大剧场开启亚洲首演。演出采用全新的服装设计,突出时尚和现代感。本台记者孙思奇带来详细报道。The musical is an adaptation of a 70-page segment from Leo Tolstoy’s 1869 epic novel “War and Peace”, it focuses on Natasha’s romance with Anatole, and Pierre’s search for meaning in his life.音乐剧改编自列夫·托尔斯泰 1869 年的史诗小说《战争与和平》中 70 页的片段,主要讲述娜塔莎与阿纳托尔的爱情,以及皮埃尔寻找人生意义的故事。The cast of consists 28 international performers who were recruited【招募】from auditions held in both Shanghai and New York. Every character has a theme song, and the opening song, titled “Prologue”, introduces the characters.演员阵容集结了28 名从上海和纽约的试演中招募的国际演员,每个角色都有一首主题曲,名为“序幕”的开场曲介绍了各个角色。Or Matias, Music Supervisor of Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812奥尔·马蒂亚斯《大彗星》音乐总监“The other thing that is kind of a cornerstone【基石】of the piece is how the piece incorporates【包含】so many different styles of music. So, there’s classical and Jazz and rock, hip hop, pop, so any kind of possible music that you can imagine made it into the score and that’s what makes it so interesting.”“还有一点也是这部作品的基石,那就是这部作品融合了多种不同的音乐风格。其中有古典音乐、爵士乐、摇滚乐、嘻哈音乐、流行音乐,你能想象到的任何一种音乐都被融入到了乐谱中,这也是(这部作品)如此有趣的原因。”Award-winning South Korean stage designer Pilyoung Oh had 400 seats removed from the theater’s front row, and added four ring-shape audience pools to the stage, turning it into a more immersive space for audiences to watch the Russian court dances.屡获殊荣的韩国舞台设计师吴弼泳(Pilyoung Oh)从剧院前排移走了400个座位,并在舞台上增设了四个环形观众池座,使观众沉浸式观看俄罗斯宫廷舞蹈。Zhou Xiaowei, Co-director of Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812周笑微《大彗星》中方导演“It’s an immersive show performed in a grand theater, which allows the audience to get very close, just like how we’re talking with each other right now. In some segments, performers even invite spectators to join them on stage.”“它其实是沉浸式和大剧场呈现的综合体,这在全世界也是首例这是非常近距离的体验,近到差不多咱们俩之间的距离,甚至有些桥段演员会拉观众们来加入舞会、狂欢,参与到其中。”Unlike other introduced musical productions, “Natasha, Pierre and The Great Comet of 1812” is not a copy-paste version from Broadway. It’s an updated, localized version that contains many fresh elements.与其他引进的音乐剧不同,《娜塔莎、皮埃尔和 1812 年的大彗星》不是百老汇版本的复制粘贴。它是一个更新的本地化版本,包含了许多新鲜元素。Zhang Xiaoding, General Manager of Shanghai Grand Theater张笑丁上海大剧院总经理“This time it’s us, the Chinese side, that lead the whole production and the Broadway team offered us a lot of help. We’ve spent nearly 20 years to learn and explore, including introducing a lot of original western shows and created a Chinese version. And now, I believe it’s time for us deliver our achievement to the public.”“这次是完全是以我们为主导的,而且百老汇的这样一个团队也是给了我们一个非常大的一个支撑,除了音乐和唱词没有变之外,其他的我们都做了升级版。我们觉得是时候我们来做一个创新融合的作品的时候,那这个过程其实我们用了20多年的时间,那这20多年我们用引进剧目和中文版剧目,包括原创剧目都在是一个学习和探索的过程,现在是要交一份答卷,给大家呈现一个剧目的成果的时候。”The musical “Natasha, Pierre and The Great Comet of 1812” made its off-Broadway debut in 2012, and hit the Broadway stage in 2016. It was nominated for 12 Tony Awards in 2017, and won two. The show will play at the New Bund 31 Performing Arts Center in Pudong until March 3.音乐剧《娜塔莎、皮埃尔和 1812 年的大彗星》于 2012 年在百老汇外首演,2016 年登上百老汇舞台。该剧在2017年获得托尼奖12项提名,并赢得两项大奖。该剧将在浦东前滩31号演艺中心上演至明年3月3日。#热词加油站animosity/ˌænɪˈmɒsəti/【敌意】eradicate/ɪˈrædɪkeɪt/【根除】multifaceted/ˌmʌltiˈfæsɪtɪd/【多层面的】recruit/rɪˈkruːt/【招募】cornerstone/ˈkɔːnəstəʊn/【基石】incorporate/ɪnˈkɔːpəreɪt/【包含】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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11/23 TOP NEWS|百老汇音乐剧《音乐之声》上海开演/2023上海虚拟体育公开赛总决赛落幕

NEWS ON 11/221. 'THE SOUND OF MUSIC' BEGINS 2ND LEG OF ITS INT'L TOUR IN SHANGHAI百老汇音乐剧《音乐之声》上海开演2. 2023 SHANGHAI VIRTUAL SPORTS OPEN CONCLUDES IN HUANGPU DISTRICT2023赛季上海虚拟体育公开赛总决赛落幕-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. 'THE SOUND OF MUSIC' BEGINS 2ND LEG OF ITS INT'L TOUR IN SHANGHAI百老汇音乐剧《音乐之声》上海开演As one of the most popular Broadway musicals in the international market, "The Sound of Music" is a feast for the ears and eyes at the New Bund 31 Performing Arts Center until December 10. Sun Siqi has more. 作为国际市场上最受欢迎的百老汇音乐剧之一,《音乐之声》将于12月10日在新外滩31号演艺中心上演一场视听盛宴。记者孙思奇带来更多报道。The version performed in China was directed by three time Tony award winner Jack O'Brien, the cast is the Broadway North American troupe【剧团】, which has been touring around the world for one year. Shanghai is the first stop on the second round of it's international tour.在中国演出的版本由三届托尼奖得主杰克·奥布莱恩执导,演员阵容由百老汇北美剧团组成,该剧团已在全球巡演一年。上海是该剧第二轮国际巡演的首站。Based on the true story of the Von Trapp Family Singers, "The Sound of Music" tells the tale of young Maria Rainer, whose free spirit has trouble fitting into the rules and regulations of Nonnberg Abbey. Commissioned by the Mother Abbess to serve as the governess【家庭女教师】 for seven motherless children, Maria transforms the Von Trapp family home from a place of dour rules and regulations to one filled with joy, with laughter, and with music.  《音乐之声》根据冯·特拉普家族歌手的真实故事改编,讲述了年轻的玛丽亚·雷纳的故事。玛丽亚受修道院院长的委托,担任七个没有母亲的孩子的家庭教师,她将冯·特拉普家从一个沉闷的、条条框框的地方变成了一个充满欢乐、笑声和音乐的地方。Simone Genatt, Chairperson & Co-Founder Broadway Asia & Broadway Int'l GroupSimone Genatt 百老汇亚洲国际有限责任公司董事长、联合创始人“Well, I think that the most important part of this production is that the way that it was directed by Jack O'Brien,it has a very contemporary sense of the way people communicate and the celebration of the performers and// what makes this production terrific and special is definitely the design elements which are very very very current and contemporary as well as the way that it was directed. ”“我认为,这部作品最重要的部分是杰克·奥布莱恩的导演方式,它对人们的交流方式和表演者的庆祝活动都非常具有现代感。”This is the third time this classic musical has been performed in China. The first time the show came to China was in 2004, and generated nearly 17 million yuan at the box office. This year, it'll be on stage in Shanghai for three weeks before moving on to other cities in China, including Tianjin, Hangzhou, Suzhou, and Guangzhou. 这是这部经典音乐剧第三次在中国演出。2004年,该剧首次来到中国,创造了近1700万元的票房收入。今年,该剧将在上海演出三周,然后前往天津、杭州、苏州和广州等中国其他城市演出。Zhao Chenlin, Vice President SMG Live赵晨琳 上海文广演艺集团副总裁“While introducing a number of international original performances, we are hoping to boost the market and cultivate more theater-goers with the top level shows, and we are also hoping to train our crew members, including the backstage staff, performers, and technical teams, we hope to identify where we need to work and improve from the experience. ”“在引进多场国际原创演出的同时,我们希望用高水平的演出来带动市场,培养更多的戏剧观众,同时也希望对我们的工作人员进行培训,包括后台工作人员、演员、技术团队等,我们希望从这些经验中发现我们需要努力和改进的地方。”First performed in 1959, "The Sound of Music" will celebrate its 65th anniversary next year. To date, it has been performed over 4,000 times on Broadway in New York and in London's West End, setting a Guinness record for the most people watching a show in a week. "The Sound of Music" has created memories for generations of audiences around the world. The stage shows, musical albums, films, and TV specials have won Tonys, Grammys, Oscars and Emmys. 《音乐之声》首演于1959年,明年将迎来65周年纪念。迄今为止,该剧已在纽约百老汇和伦敦西区演出4000多场,创造了一周内观看演出人数最多的吉尼斯纪录。《音乐之声》为全世界几代观众留下了美好的回忆。其舞台剧、音乐专辑、电影和电视特别节目赢得了托尼奖、格莱美奖、奥斯卡奖和艾美奖。2.2023 SHANGHAI VIRTUAL SPORTS OPEN CONCLUDES IN HUANGPU DISTRICT2023赛季上海虚拟体育公开赛总决赛落幕The finals for the 2023 Shanghai Virtual Sports Open concluded last night in Huangpu District. Over the last 7 months, hundreds of participants got to experience how technology can make sports more accessible. Zhang Yue brings us more.2023赛季上海虚拟体育公开赛总决赛昨晚在上海黄浦落下帷幕。在过去的7个月里,数百名参赛选手体验了科技如何让体育变得更加普及。记者张乐带来更多报道。Virtual rowing may look similar of what people normally do at the gym, but the large screen showing the race on the water makes the competition more intense and real. 虚拟赛艇看起来可能与人们通常在健身房进行的比赛相似,但大屏幕上显示的水上比赛让比赛更加激烈和真实。Roann Liew Virtual Rowing ContestantRoann Liew 虚拟赛艇参赛者“For rowing, it's quite nice to be able to see everyone going to the finish line on the screen.//everyone is so busy. So even though my preference is rowing, I actually don't go on the earth very much, but when we're busy, we can go on the machine and we can track our time.”“对于赛艇运动来说,能够在屏幕上看到每个人都冲向终点线是一件非常惬意的事情。因此,尽管我更喜欢划船,但实际上我并不经常上地球,但当我们忙的时候,我们可以上划船机,并跟踪我们的时间。”On the other side of the venue, 12 virtual motorsport racers were competing in a 20-minute race on the Shanghai F1 International Circuit. 在会场的另一侧,12名虚拟赛车手在上海F1国际赛车场上进行了一场20分钟的比赛。In virtual cycling, participants had make their way up a six-kilometer gentle slope【斜坡】, then cycle another 8-kilometers of bumpy【颠簸的】 roads, which required a quick response from the riders.在虚拟自行车赛中,参赛选手需要先爬上6公里长的缓坡,然后再骑行8公里长的颠簸路面,这就要求车手必须快速反应。Dai Luo Virtual Cycling Contestant戴珞 虚拟自行车选手“It simulates cycling on real roads, but we don't need to worry about getting injured. we can also compete with people basically anywhere, no matter you are in Europe, or the United States.”“它是模拟在真实道路上骑车,我们不必担心受伤。我们还可以与任何地方的人竞争,无论是欧洲还是美国。”This year was the second edition of the event, the schedule, prize money incentives, and gaming software was updated. The number of sports expanded from 5 to 7, and featured 36 events. 今年是第二届赛事,赛程、奖金奖励和游戏软件都进行了更新。比赛项目从5个增加到7个,共设36个比赛项目。Zhang Jiyue, Tournament Director Juss Intellisports张继悦 上海久事智慧体育有限公司赛事总监“Virtual sports is definitely an easier way for people, especially like I said the city people to access to all different kinds of sports like in auto racing. it's very hard for people to do it daily. But getting a simulator is much easier and faster way for people to keep pick up this kind of sports and for rowing as well.”“对于人们来说,虚拟体育无疑是一种更简单的方式,尤其是像我说的,城市里的人们可以接触到各种不同的体育运动,比如赛车。但是,通过模拟器,人们可以更方便、更快捷地学习这类运动和赛艇运动。”Virtual sports have been gaining a lot of traction【拖拉】, in June this year, Singapore hosted the Olympic Esports Week, featuring virtual forms of motorsport, rowing, and sailing.今年6月,新加坡举办了“奥林匹克电子竞技周”,展示了虚拟形式的赛车、赛艇和帆船运动。#热词加油站troupe /truːp/【剧团】governess /ˈɡʌvənəs/【家庭女教师】slope /sləʊp/【斜坡】bumpy /ˈbʌmpi/【颠簸的】traction /ˈtrækʃn/【拖拉】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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11/22 TOP NEWS|梅兰芳特展在上海开幕/中国投资者期待新的财政刺激措施

NEWS ON 11/221. EXHIBITION ON PEKING OPERA MASTER MEI LANFANG' S LIFE IN SHANGHAI梅兰芳特展开幕 纪念110年前大师首次在上海登台2. CHINESE INVESTORS AWAIT FRESH STIMULUS MEASURES中国投资者期待新的财政刺激措施-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. EXHIBITION ON PEKING OPERA MASTER MEI LANFANG' S LIFE IN SHANGHAI梅兰芳特展开幕 纪念110年前大师首次在上海登台Mei Lanfang was one of Chinese modern theater's most famous Peking opera stars. He was born in Beijing in 1894, but he moved to Shanghai in 1932, and lived here for about two decades. Mei's first visit to Shanghai was for a performance in 1913. He recalled his days in Shanghai as being greatly influential to his career.梅兰芳是中国现代戏剧最著名的京剧大师之一。他于1894年出生于北京,1932年移居上海,并在此生活了约二十年。梅兰芳第一次来上海是1913年的一次演出。他回忆说,在上海的日子对他的艺术生涯影响很大。Ding Jiarong, Associate Researcher Shanghai History Museum丁佳荣 上海市历史博物馆助理研究员“This is a model of a new type of stage at that time. It's different from the traditional opera stage as it is circular. There's an area in the center that can rotate. We also have a playbill here. You can see they put on Peking Operas adapted from La Traviata. Mei Lanfang wrote in his retrospect that he was inspired by the new stage and the operas, so he made revisions to the Peking Opera stage when he returned to Beijing.”“这个模型就是当时新舞台的样子,它除了有弧形的台唇之外,最大的特点是舞台上是可以旋转的。这里有一张戏单,是20世纪《茶花女》改编的京剧。梅兰芳先生在他的《舞台生活40年》里面,他受了新舞台的戏曲的启发,回到北京以后,对京剧的舞台进行了一些革新。”191 exhibits related to Mei's life are on display at the Shanghai History Museum. One of them is an almost-8-meter-long scroll that contains a stage prop that was painted by Mei.上海历史博物馆展出了191件与梅兰芳生平有关的展品。其中有一幅近8米的长卷,内有梅兰芳绘制的舞台道具。观众“Mei Lanfang put on a revised Peking Opera version of "A Dream of the Red Mansions" after returning from Shanghai. This is the surface of a folding fan that was used as a prop. Mei painted the peony【牡丹】. The fan was torn as the plot went on. Mei's friend Xu Boming put the two pieces together onto a scroll【纸卷】and asked calligrapher Wu Changshuo, who is also a fan of Mei, to write a title for it.”“从上海回来后,梅兰芳上演了一出经过改编的京剧《红楼梦》。这是用作道具的折扇的扇面。梅兰芳画的是牡丹。随着剧情的发展,折扇被撕坏了。梅兰芳的朋友许伯明将两片扇面拼接成一幅手卷,并请书法家吴昌朔先生为其题写书名,因为吴昌朔先生也是一个大梅党。”Mei was among the first to bring Peking Opera abroad, and for the first time, a video of an overseas performance is on display.梅兰芳是最早将京剧带出国门的人之一,这是首次展出海外演出的视频。Zhou Qunhua, Director Shanghai History Museum周群华 上海市历史博物馆馆长“Mei Lanfang visited the Soviet Union in 1935 and later, went on to the United States, where he introduced this traditional Chinese art to overseas audiences. We are very happy to present this footage【镜头】 to the public after 88 years. While foreign audiences couldn't understand Chinese, I believe they still got a taste of the charm of this art form. ”“梅先生曾于1935年访问苏联,后续去美国出访,向海外观众介绍了中国传统艺术。我们很高兴能在 88 年后向公众展示这段视频。虽然外国观众听不懂中文,但我相信他们还是领略到了这种艺术形式的魅力。”The exhibition will run through February 25th.         展览将持续到2月25日。2.CHINESE INVESTORS AWAIT FRESH STIMULUS MEASURES中国投资者期待新的财政刺激措施The Chinese mainland markets retreated today. Investors appear to be hanging on for more signs of concrete stimulus from the Chinese Government. But we're not likely to see much on that front until after the Central Economic Work Conference meeting next month in Beijing. The Shanghai Composite Index declined 0.8 percent today while the Shenzhen Component was down 1.4 percent.今天,中国大陆股市出现回落。投资者似乎在等待中国政府出台更多具体财政刺激措施的迹象。不过,要等到下个月在北京召开中央经济工作会议之后,才可能看到这方面的迹象。上证综指今天下跌了0.8%,深证成指下跌了1.4%。New energy stocks were among those under the most pressure. Blue chip solar stock LONGi Green Energy was down more than 2 percent. And in Shenzhen, China's EV battery maker stocks were in retreat as well, with CATL slipping 2 percent and Eve Energy off 2.5 percent.新能源股是压力最大的股票之一。太阳能蓝筹股隆基绿能跌幅超2%。在深圳,中国电动汽车电池生产商的股票也出现回落,宁德时代下跌2%,亿纬锂能下跌2.5%。Real estate stocks also pulled back after yesterday's gains, with investors locking in quick profits. There were also falls for materials, industrials and consumer shares.房地产股在昨日上涨后也有所回落,投资者锁定快速获利。材料股、工业股和消费股也都出现下跌。Around the region, sentiment remained weak in Hong Kong with the Hang Seng ending flat, despite some strong performances based on results. Healthcare, industrials and financials stocks offset those gains.尽管有一些基于业绩的强劲表现,香港股市依然处于疲弱状态,恒生指数收盘持平。医疗保健、工业和金融股抵消了涨幅。Baidu though was up 4.5 percent -- hitting a 5 week high this afternoon - as third quarter revenue beat estimates, rising 6 perceent to 34.5 billion yuan -- or 4.7 billion US dollars. Baidu also said it has a sufficient stockpile【囤聚的物资】 of AI chips to support app and service development for now, and US restrictions on exporting chips to China will have little impact on the company in the short term. But CEO Robin Li says the restrictions will eventually lead to a consolidation among Chinese large language model AIs, of which he says there are currently more than 230.百度第三季度营收超出预期,达到345亿元人民币(约合47亿美元),同比增长6%,今天下午创下5周新高,上涨4.5%。百度还表示,公司目前有足够的人工智能芯片储备来支持应用和服务的开发,美国对中国出口芯片的限制在短期内对公司影响不大。但首席执行官李彦宏说,这些限制最终将导致中国大型语言模型人工智能的整合,他说目前中国有230多家人工智能公司。Short video app Kuaishou also reported results last night and its stock added 2.9 percent today. The latest quarterly results showed Kuaishou turned a more than 2 billion yuan net profit, compared to a 2.7 billion yuan loss during the same period last year.短视频应用快手也于昨晚公布了财报,其股价今天上涨了2.9%。最新季度财报显示,快手实现了超过20亿元的净利润,而去年同期则亏损了27亿元。And over in Japan the Nikkei 225 rebounded after two sessions of declines, adding 0.3 percent. It's still not back to its 33 year high, but today got some support from a dip in the Japanese yen which took pressure off exporter stocks and saw some investors buy back into companies like automakers and Japanese shipping stocks. Nippon Yusen added 1.3 percent, while on the auto front Mazda added 1.4 percent.在日本,日经225在连续两个交易日下跌后出现反弹,上涨了0.3%。虽然日经225仍未回到33年来的高点,但今天得到了日元下跌的一些支撑,日元下跌减轻了出口股的压力,一些投资者重新买入汽车制造商和日本航运股。日本邮船上涨了1.3%,马自达汽车上涨了1.4%。#热词加油站scroll /skrəʊl/【纸卷】peony /ˈpiːəni/【牡丹】footage /ˈfʊtɪdʒ/【镜头】stockpile /ˈstɒkpaɪl/【囤聚的物资】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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11/21 TOP NEWS|加快外商投资绿色低碳升级/近300件马蒂斯真迹来沪展出

NEWS ON 11/211. FOREIGN-INVESTED FIRMS STEPPING UP GREEN TRANSFORMATION加快外商投资绿色低碳升级2. HENRI MATISSE EXHIBITION COMES TO SHANGHAI近300件马蒂斯真迹来沪展出-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. FOREIGN-INVESTED FIRMS STEPPING UP GREEN TRANSFORMATION加快外商投资绿色低碳升级An action plan released by the Shanghai government calls for the city to have 150 demonstration green manufacturing firms by 2025. Our reporter Zhang Shixuan talked to 2 foreign industrial giants and finds out more about their green solutions.上海市政府发布了一项计划,即到 2025年,上海将拥有150家绿色制造示范企业。记者张诗旋采访了两家外国工业巨头,了解它们的绿色转型方案。The 13 buildings at this factory in Shanghai's Minhang District bring a combined rooftop area of almost 46,000 square meters. They provide a natural advantage for green transformation for the pump manufacturer housed here, to install photovoltaic【光伏的】 panels. The first phase of the installation project was completed in September - more than 7,000 photovoltaic panels have been installed, all from a local supplier. They were put into use last week.位于上海闵行区的这家工厂拥有13栋建筑,屋顶面积总计近46,000平方米。为这家水泵制造商提供了绿色转型的天然优势,即安装光伏电池板。安装项目的第一阶段已于9月完成,共安装了7000多块光伏板,全部由当地供应商提供。它们已于上周投入使用。Stephan Timmermann, Chairman of the Executive Board KSB GroupStephan Timmermann 凯士比集团首席执行官“We are absolute specialists for pumps, for valves and of course for service. We are no specialist for green technology solar panels. And here in China, the partner who helped us to build the solar panales on the roof here in our Shanghai plant, he's just an expert. And we benefit from this expertise in a win-win situation. And I must say the job that was done is absolutely amazing.”“我们绝对是泵、阀门、服务领域的专家。我们不是绿色技术太阳能电池板方面的专家。而在中国,帮助我们在上海工厂的屋顶上建造太阳能电池板的合作伙伴是一位专家,我们从他的专业知识中获益,实现了双赢。他们所做的工作绝对令人惊叹。”By 2025, the company estimates the solar panels will be responsible for 50% of the electricity consumption at the factory. KSB is not alone. foreign pharmaceutical companies are also stepping up their green transformation. With its production lines running non-stop throughout the year, pharmaceutical【制药的】 giant Boehringer Ingelheim now has a zero carbon certificate from the Shanghai Government for its factory in Shanghai's Zhangjiang Science City. Much of the factory's air conditioning system has now been upgraded. The company has introduced new equipment like heat pumps and heat pipes to recycle the heat, as well as a new carbon emission management system.该公司预计,到 2025 年,太阳能电池板的用电量将占工厂用电量的 50%。 不仅是凯士比,国外制药公司也在加紧绿色转型。制药巨头勃林格殷格翰位于上海张江科学城的工厂全年不间断生产,现已获得上海市政府颁发的零碳证书。工厂的大部分空调系统现已升级。该公司引进了热泵和热管等新设备来回收热量,并采用了新的碳排放管理系统。Yin Xuelin, General Manager Boehringer Ingelheim Shanghai Pharmaceuticals殷雪林 勃林格殷格翰总经理“Our heat pipes have the highest investment return rate. We got our costs back in just a few months. For those with slower investment returns like photovoltaic panels, we made our investment back in 6 or 7 years, but they can be used for more than 20 years, which means that after we get our costs back we can be operating at no cost but only saving money for more than ten years.”“我们的三维热管是投资回报率是最高的,大概几个月就收回成本了。像投资回报率比较低的,比如说光伏、屋顶光伏,那我们基本上也是6-7年可以收回我们的投资,它的寿命至少在20年以上。也就是说我6-7年收回投资以后,我后面的十几年其实它就是没有成本在运营,只会给我产生效益。”As of 2021 the factory had already saved 31 million yuan in energy costs, more than 4 times the money spent on its upgrades.   截至 2021 年,该工厂已节约能源成本3100万元,是升级改造费用的4倍多。2.HENRI MATISSE EXHIBITION COMES TO SHANGHAI近300件马蒂斯真迹来沪展出Matisse by Matisse, an exhibition of French modern art master Henri Matisse is now on display at the UCCA Edge gallery in Shanghai, bringing together more than 280 works by Matisse, along with other objects he collected. Reporter Zhang Yue spoke to the exhibition's curator【馆长】 to learn more...法国现代艺术大师亨利·马蒂斯的作品展“马蒂斯的马蒂斯”正在上海UCCA Edge画廊展出,展览汇集了马蒂斯的280多件作品以及他收藏的其他物品。记者张乐采访了此次展览的策展人,带来更多信息。The 11 part exhibit invites visitors to explore how Matisse began as an artist, how he invented Fauvism, and the inspiration he gained from his voyage to Tahiti in the 1930s. All of the exhibits, including the oil paintings, sculptures, and prints, were brought by the Matisse Museum in Le Cateau, the museum is in the artist's hometown in Northern France, and houses one of the world's largest collections of Matisse's works, alongside the Matisse Museum in Nice and the Baltimore Museum of Art in the Unites States. 展览共分11个部分,参观者可以探索马蒂斯如何开始成为一名艺术家、他如何发明野兽派以及他在20世纪30年代塔希提岛之旅中获得的灵感。包括油画、雕塑和版画在内的所有展品均由勒卡托·康布雷齐的马蒂斯美术馆带来,该博物馆位于艺术家的故乡法国北部,是世界上收藏马蒂斯作品最多的博物馆之一,与尼斯马蒂斯博物馆和美国巴尔的摩艺术博物馆齐名。Sophie Le Flamanc, deputy director of Musée Matisse in Le Cateau, said 'Collioure, Sun Street' is one of her favorites.马蒂斯美术馆副馆长 Sophie Le Flamanc 说,《科利乌尔,太阳街》是她最喜欢的作品之一。Sophie Le Flamanc, Deputy Director Musée MatisseSophie Le Flamanc马蒂斯美术馆副馆长“It was the first discovery of the sunlight because Matisse was born in the north of France, and the weather is not very fine. When the first time he went to the south of France in summer, it was a discovery with the color with the light and it changes completely his way of painting, his technique of painting.”“这是第一次发现阳光,因为马蒂斯出生在法国北部,那里的天气不是很好。当他第一次在夏天去法国南部时,他发现了阳光下的色彩,这彻底改变了他的绘画方式和技巧。”Born into a textile family that had been in the business for over 300 years, Matisse studied law in Paris and after gaining his qualification he became a court administrator in his hometown. In 1889, he took to painting while recuperating【康复】from appendicitis.马蒂斯出生于一个有300多年历史的纺织世家,他曾在巴黎学习法律,获得资格后成为家乡的一名法院行政官。1889年,他在阑尾炎休养期间开始画画。Philip Tinari, Director UCCA Center for Contemporary Art田霏宇 尤伦斯当代艺术中心馆长“He's just constantly experimenting, trying new things and finding and he was always in bad health. He had multiple health problems who's in a wheelchair and he's still making these paper cuts when he's well into his 80s.”“他不断尝试新的东西和新的发现,而且他的身体一直不好。他有多种健康问题,现在坐在轮椅上,80多岁了还在做这些剪纸作品。”Matisse's paper cut-outs, were part of work in the later years of his artistic career, is another highlight. This exhibition is the first time that this collection has left the museum and been shipped abroad from France. Before coming to Shanghai, the exhibition was very well received in Beijing earlier this year. 马蒂斯的剪纸作品是其艺术生涯晚期作品的一部分,也是另一大亮点。此次展览是这些藏品首次离开博物馆,从法国运往国外。在来上海之前,该展览于今年早些时候在北京举办,反响强烈。观众“We're just so excited because Matisse is such an important artist, but for so many reasons, he's never really had a comprehensive show in China before and certainly in shanghai. And yet 100 years ago there were modern artists in shanghai discussing the work of Matisse. So he has this very long history in this city even compared with Beijing.”“我们感到非常兴奋,因为马蒂斯是一位如此重要的艺术家,但由于种种原因,他从未在中国举办过真正意义上的全面展览,当然也从未在上海举办过。然而100年前,上海就有现代艺术家在讨论马蒂斯的作品。因此,与北京相比,他在这座城市的历史更加悠久。”The influence of Matisse on China's modern art is also a big highlight. Through works and archival materials by artists including Liu Haisu and Guan Liang, visitors will be able to trace how Matisse's influence spread to China, and its effect on artists in China between the 1920s and 1940s. 马蒂斯对中国现代艺术的影响也是一大亮点。通过刘海粟和关良等艺术家的作品和档案资料,参观者可以追溯马蒂斯的影响如何传播到中国,以及马蒂斯在20世纪20年代至40年代对中国艺术家的影响。The exhibition will run to February 18th next year.展览将持续到明年2月18日。#热词加油站photovoltaic /ˌfəʊtəʊvɒlˈteɪɪk/【光伏的】pharmaceutical /ˌfɑːməˈsuːtɪkl/【制药的】curator /kjʊəˈreɪtə(r) /【馆长】recuperating /rɪˈkuːpəreɪt/【康复】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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11/20 TOP NEWS|上海国际艺术节闭幕式/渣打上海10公里开跑/央行维持利率稳定 股市上涨

NEWS ON 11/201. CHINA SHANGHAI INT'L ARTS FESTIVAL ENDS WITH 'RELATIVE CALM'中国上海国际艺术节闭幕式演出《相对平静》上演2. SHANGHAI STANDARD CHARTERED 10K MARATHON RETURNS渣打上海10公里鸣笛开跑,数千跑者欢聚前滩3. SHANGHAI STOCKS RISE AS PBOC HOLDS RATES STEADY央行维持利率稳定,股市上涨-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. CHINA SHANGHAI INT'L ARTS FESTIVAL ENDS WITH 'RELATIVE CALM'中国上海国际艺术节闭幕式演出《相对平静》上演"Relative Calm", a heavyweight project co-created by theatrical masters Robert Wilson and Lucinda Childs took the stage last night for the closing performance of this year's China Shanghai International Arts Festival. Sun Siqi has more. 昨晚,由戏剧大师罗伯特-威尔逊和露辛达-蔡尔兹共同创作的重量级作品《相对平静》登上了今年中国上海国际艺术节闭幕演出的舞台。记者孙思奇带来更多报道。Choreographed by Robert Wilson with music by Jon Gibson, the show consists of four parts: "Rise", "Race", "Reach" and "Return". The show hit the stage for the first time in 1981. This new version of "Relative Calm" has been revised by both artists, and includes fresh musical, visual and dance elements. 该剧由罗伯特-威尔逊编舞,乔恩-吉布森作曲,由四个部分组成:“上升”、“角逐”、“实现”以及“归还”。该剧于1981年首次登上舞台。新版《相对平静》经过两位艺术家的修改,加入了全新的音乐、视觉和舞蹈元素。Franco Laera, Producer, Relative Calm弗朗科·拉埃拉《相对平静》制作人“It's not the first time I collaborate with the festival. We have a long friendship, I think it's the most important art event in China. Because it connecting the past with the future, just like what the dance production "Relative Calm" has been featured to the audiences. ”“这不是我第一次参加艺术节了,我和艺术节建立了很长时间的友情,我觉得艺术节是中国非常重要的文化事件,因为它承接着过去和未来, 这个作品正是未来与过去相联系的形象体现。”The one-month festival included 72 performances. 60 percent of them are overseas productions. In addition to performances, new productions were provided with an opportunity to reach potential partners and investors from around the world during the festival's Performing Arts Fair. The fair was an important part of this year's festival, attracting representatives from nearly 560 theatrical【戏剧化的】organizations from more than 40 countries and regions.为期一个月的艺术节包括72场演出。其中60%是海外作品。除演出外,在艺术节演出交易会上,新剧目还有机会接触到来自世界各地的潜在合作伙伴和投资者。艺术节演出交易是本届艺术节的重要组成部分,吸引了来自40多个国家和地区的近560家戏剧机构的代表参加。Yang Jialu, Vice President, The Center for China SH Int'l Arts Festival杨佳露 中国上海国际艺术节中心副总裁 “This year, over 10 percent of the audiences came from other cities or from overseas. These people witnessed the charm and cultural influence of this city. Also, this year's festival laid the foundations for us to get engaged in more international communication to help coordinate future arts festivals. ”“今年艺术节超过10%的观众打着飞的,拉着行李箱,从外地和国外到上海,纷至沓来,欣赏艺术节的表演,也充分表现了上海这座城市在文化上的吸引里和影响力。今年艺术节的举办也为以后艺术节的模式,对外沟通交流的平台搭建以及新老朋友的汇集,都会产生非常重要的作用。”Established in 1999, the annual festival has grown into a significant event for cultural exchanges and one of the world's leading arts festivals.上海国际艺术节创办于1999年,现已发展成为一项重要的文化交流活动和世界领先的艺术节之一。2. SHANGHAI STANDARD CHARTERED 10K MARATHON RETURNS渣打上海10公里鸣笛开跑,数千跑者欢聚前滩Running enthusiasts in Shanghai had no shortage of activities over the weekend, as several running events were held across the city. Reporter Zhang Yue went to two of them and spoke with some of the participants...上周末,上海的跑步爱好者们的活动不断,全市各地举办了多场跑步赛事。记者张乐前往其中两场活动现场,采访了一些参与者。Saturday morning along Huangpu River in Pudong may have been a bit chilly【寒冷的】, but the runners were ready to get sweaty by running the Standard Chartered Shanghai 10k Race. Approximately 3,000 runners ran the event.周六上午,浦东黄浦江畔有些寒冷,但选手们已准备好在渣打银行上海10公里跑比赛中挥洒汗水。约有3,000名选手参加了比赛。Runner“I got to get some exercise while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the park and the riverfront. How cool is that!”“我一边锻炼身体,一边欣赏公园和河岸的美景。这多棒啊”After a five-year hiatus, the Standard Chartered Shanghai 10k Race made its return with a new route, which starts and ends at Qiantan Youcheng Park. Parents and children also got to participate the shorter 2-kilometer race.时隔五年之后,渣打银行上海十公里赛以全新的路线回归,起点和终点均设在前滩友城公园。家长和孩子们还可以参加较短的2公里赛程。Jerry Zhang, Executive Vice Chairman & CEO Standard Chartered China张晓蕾 渣打银行(中国)行长、总裁“It's a lot easier for for everybody to collaborate and achieve the common goal. So I think you know while running on the 10k you feel the same right? So we just wanted to promote that kind of collaboration spirit together with our partners, with our clients, with our staff and with the community we operate in.”“这样大家就更容易合作,实现共同目标。大家在参加 10 公里跑时也会有同样的感受,是吧?因此,我们希望与我们的合作伙伴、客户、员工以及我们所在的社区一起发扬这种协作精神。”The top three male and female finishers of the 10k race received direct invitations to the 2024 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon.10公里赛的男女前三名获得了2024年渣打香港马拉松赛的直接邀请。Also in Pudong, runners signed up to run 'high' at the 2023 Shanghai Tower Vertical Marathon in Lujiazui. 2,000 participants raced up nearly 3,400 steps to a height of 552 meters. 同样在浦东,选手们报名参加了在陆家嘴举行的2023上海中心垂直马拉松赛。2,000名参赛者沿着近3,400级台阶跑上552米的高空。Piotr Lobodzinski, Poland Champion of Men's TeamPiotr Lobodzinski 波兰 国际组男子冠军“The longest staircase【楼梯】in the world, really tough really tough race, but I'm happy with my result around 18 minutes. So you can fight it and hope to be back next year to improve my time.”“这是全球最长的阶梯,比赛非常艰难,但我对自己18分钟左右的成绩感到满意。可以拼一把,希望明年能再来提高我的成绩。”Wai Ching Soh MalaysiaSoh Wai Ching(苏为庆) 马来西亚“This year I think already 4 times to Shanghai, and about many times to China because other cities have many competitions as well like Shenzhen and Guangzhou so I will be back again.”“今年我已经来上海4次了,以及来中国很多很多次了,因为其他城市也有很多比赛,比如深圳和广州,所以我还会再来的。”Vertical marathons have been gaining global traction. They are much easier to coordinate as the event happens inside of a building, and streets don't need to be closed to provide a route. Additionally, because these races are almost always indoors, they can be run in any kind of weather at any time of day.垂直马拉松在全球范围内受到越来越多的关注。由于比赛在建筑物内进行,因此更容易协调,街道也不需要封闭来提供路线。此外,由于这些比赛几乎都在室内进行,因此可以在任何天气、任何时间进行。Daniel Cecetka, President Towerrunning World AssociationDaniel Cecetka世界高塔联合会副执行主任“You have so many high rise building here. Everybody is using lift all the time, but maybe to skip the lift at least twice a week and do the stairs is gonna help you not to be a professional but to be a healthier and happier person. ”“这里有那么多高楼大厦。每个人都一直在使用电梯,也许每周至少两次不乘电梯,而是走楼梯,这不仅能帮助你成为一名专业者,还能让你成为一个更健康、更快乐的人。”The Shanghai Tower Vertical Marathon began in 2017 and has been recognized by the Tower Running World Association as the world's highest.上海铁塔垂直马拉松始于2017年,被世界铁塔跑协会认定为全球最高垂直马拉松赛事。3. SHANGHAI STOCKS RISE AS PBOC HOLDS RATES STEADY央行维持利率稳定,股市上涨Stock markets rose on the Chinese Mainland and in Hong Kong today as sentiment shifted. Timothy Pope has a look at the day's trading action around the region.随着市场变化,中国内地和香港股市今日上涨。记者Timothy Pope来介绍当天的市场交易情况。Chinese mainland markets were on the rise today. The People's Bank of China's decision to hold the benchmark interest rates - the LPR - steady was in line with market expecations. The Shanghai Composite and Shenzhen Component each advanced a little less than half of one percent. 今天,中国内地股市上涨。央行决定维持基准利率不变,符合市场预期。上证指数和深证成指分别上涨了不到半个百分点。The rates move saw major banking stocks advancing cautiously. ICBC - China's biggest lender - rose 0.6 percent, while China's Merchants Bank was up 0.8 percent as rate cuts would impact their bottom lines. 主要的银行股在利率变动中略微上扬。中国最大的银行——中国工商银行上涨了0.6%,而中国招商银行上涨了0.8%,因为降息将影响它们的底线。Oil stocks also gained after media reports that OPEC+ is considering making further cuts to supplies in order to keep prices up. Crude prices extended their run of gains and PetroChina added almost 1 percent, Sinopec was up as well.在媒体报道欧佩克+正在考虑进一步削减供应以维持油价之后,石油股也有所上涨。原油价格延续涨势,中国石油上涨近1%,中国石化也有所上涨。There was also a general boost to sentiment from investor perceptions of tensions easing following the meeting between the Chinese and US presidents last week. That may have helped turn the tide in foriegn investment into the Chinese stock markets. Earlier today there was a net inflow of funds via the stock connect links after several weeks of net outflows.上周中美元首会晤后,投资者都认为紧张局势有所缓解,这也普遍提振了市场情绪。这可能有助于扭转外国投资进入中国股市的趋势。在连续几周的资金净流出之后,今天早些时候通过股票联通的资金出现了净流入。Markets in Hong Kong also rose, benefitting from the general change in sentiment.香港股市也因受到影响而上涨。The Hang Seng was up 1.9 percent.恒生指数上涨了1.9%。It was announced today that two new companies will be added to the Hang Seng in the next couple of weeks. The drug maker Wuxi AppTec, and the EV maker Li Auto. Both of those stocks rose in anticipation【期待】of their entry to the benchmark index, which is scheduled for December 4th. Both have shown strong performance so far this year - particularly Li Auto, which is up 105 percent.今日有消息称,未来几周内将有两家新公司加入港股。一家是药企药明康德,另一家是电动汽车企业理想汽车。这两只股票都因预计将于12月4日加入而上涨。迄今为止,这两只股票都表现强劲,尤其是理想汽车,涨幅高达105%。Shares in property developer Sunac jumped 5.9 percent as the company's 9 billion US dollar offshore debt restructuring formally got underway. The company won approval from a Hong Kong court for the plan back in August, and it will see debts swapped intoconvertible【可转换的】bonds backed by its Hong Kong listed shares. This is a good sign for the Chinese property sector as Sunac is one of the few distressed developers to strike a working deal with offshore creditors.房地产开发商融创的股价大涨5.9%,因为该公司90亿美元的海外债务重组正式启动。该公司早在8月份就获得了香港法院对该计划的批准,债务将被转换成由香港上市股票支持的可转换债券。这对中国房地产行业来说是一个好兆头,因为融创是少数几家与海外债权人达成工作协议的受困开发商之一。In Japan, the Nikkei 225 hit a fresh 33 year high in early trade today before reversing course and closing lower. The Index was down 0.6 percent by the end of the session. 在日本,日经225指数今天早盘创下33年来新高,随后反转并收低。截至收盘,其下跌 0.6%。#热词加油站 theatrical /θiˈætrɪkl/【戏剧化的】chilly /ˈtʃɪli/ 【寒冷的】staircase /ˈsteəkeɪs/【楼梯】anticipation /ænˌtɪsɪˈpeɪʃn/【期待】convertible /kənˈvɜːtəbl/【可转换的】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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11/17 TOP NEWS|习近平:中美关系的未来是由人民创造的/国足2-1/新加坡旅游局宣传活动

NEWS ON 11/171. XI STRESSES ROLE OF PEOPLE IN CHINA-US RELATIONS习近平:中美关系的未来是由人民创造的2. CHINA DEFEATS THAILAND IN MEN'S WORLD CUP QUALIFIER国足2-1战胜泰国,世界杯预选赛开门红3. SINGAPORE LAUNCHING GLOBAL TOURISM CAMPAIGN IN CHINA新加坡旅游局推出“就在新加坡”全球品牌活动-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. XI STRESSES ROLE OF PEOPLE IN CHINA-US RELATIONS习近平:中美关系的未来是由人民创造的President Xi Jinping addressed guests at a welcome dinner hosted by friendly organizations on Wednesday in San Francisco. The event was attended by 400 people, including US business leaders, citizens and a Flying Tigers veteran. Sun Siqi takes a look. 周三,国家主席习近平在美国旧金山出席美国友好团体联合举行的欢迎宴会,并发表重要演讲。包括美国工商界及社会各界代表,以及飞虎队老兵在内的400人出席了此次活动。记者孙思奇带来报道。Xi underlined the significance of people-to-people exchanges when addressing the guests. He said it is wrong to view China, which is committed to peaceful development, as a threat and to play a zero-sum game against it. 习近平主席在演讲中强调了人文交流的重要意义。他说,把坚持和平发展的中国视为威胁,搞你输我赢、你兴我衰的零和博弈是走偏了方向。He said just as mutual respect is a basic code of conduct for individuals, it is also fundamental to China-US relations. Both countries have a different path, but are the choice of their people and thus should be respected. 他说,相互尊重是人与人打交道的基本礼数,也是中美两国相处的起码准则。中美各自走的发展道路不同,但都是人民的选择,都应该得到尊重。Xi said peaceful coexistence【共存】is a basic norm in international relations, and one that China and the United States should hold on to. 习近平说,和平共处是国际关系基本准则,更是中美两个大国必须守住的底线。Also yesterday, Xi said at a working lunch during the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting that sustainable development is the "golden key" to solving current global problems.同样在昨天,习近平在在APEC领导人第二阶段非正式会议和中午的领导人工作午餐上表示,可持续发展是破解当前全球性问题的“金钥匙”。He underlined the importance of consensus in global sustainable development. 他强调了凝聚共识在全球可持续发展中的重要性。Xi proposed accelerating the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, forging a path of transformation for green development to address climate change. 习近平建议加快落实联合国2030年可持续发展议程,打造绿色发展转型新路径,应对气候变化。The president added his government has been promoting a low-carbon transformation for its economy. China is ready to work with all parties, he said, to make contributions to a cleaner world.他还说,中国政府一直在推动经济低碳转型。他说,中国愿同各方一道携手努力,为打造清洁美丽世界作出更大贡献。2. CHINA DEFEATS THAILAND IN MEN'S WORLD CUP QUALIFIER国足2-1战胜泰国,世界杯预选赛开门红The Chinese men's football team registered a victory as it came from behind to defeat Thailand 2-1 in a 2026 World Cup qualifier yesterday. Zhang Yue has the details.在昨天进行的一场2026年世界杯预选赛中,中国男足在落后的情况下以 2-1 击败泰国队,取得了一场胜利。记者张乐带来详细报道。Thailand jumped into the lead after Sarach Yooyen scored in the 23rd minute, but China's captain Wu Lei武磊 equaled six minutes later. Wang Shangyuan王上源 completed the turnaround for China in the second half by scoring in the 74th minute.泰国队在第23分钟由沙拉奇·尤延破门,但中国队队长武磊在6分钟后将比分扳平。王上源在第74分钟的进球为中国队在下半场完成逆转。Wu Lei, China's Men's National Football Team Player武磊 中国男足队员“And in terms of the next match, South Korea is a strong team in Asia. We need to have the underdog【弱者】mentality【心态】, and we need to fight as hard as possible. It will be a home game and we need to try our best to give a satisfying result to all our fans.”“韩国队现在已经不仅是亚洲强队了,在世界上也是非常好的一支队伍。所以说我们抱着一个放低的姿态去拼拼他们,然后主场作战,希望能够每一个人尽全力,把这个比赛打好”Aleksandar Jankovic, Head Coach, China's Men's National Football Team扬科维奇 中国队主教练“I am satisfied. Also we got some answers as you see, our subs in the second half is a level of quality, solved some technical problems, and finally brought the winning goal, that's always a big satisfaction for a coach.”“我很满意,我们也得到了一些答案,我们下半场发挥出高质量水平,解决了一些技术问题并最终带来了致胜的进球,这对于教练来说是很大的满足”Wang Shangyuan, China's Men's National Football Team Player王上源 中国男足队员“I know there is still a long way to go. We aim to move into the World Cup. After the celebrations tonight we will focus on the South Korea game. ”“我知道我们的路还长,我们的目标是争取进入世界杯的决赛圈,明天开始我们就要忘掉今天的胜利,从明天开始准备下一场和韩国队的比赛”In an earlier fixture, South Korea crushed Singapore 5-0. China will host South Korea on November 21st in Shenzhen.在此前的一场比赛中,韩国队以5-0击败新加坡队。中国队将于11月21日在深圳主场迎战韩国队。The top two finishers in each group will advance to the third round of the FIFA World Cup qualifiers, and book their places at the 2027 AFC Asian Cup in Saudi Arabia.        每个小组的前两名将晋级世界杯预选赛第三轮,并获得参加 2027 年沙特阿拉伯亚洲杯的资格。3. SINGAPORE LAUNCHING GLOBAL TOURISM CAMPAIGN IN CHINA新加坡旅游局推出“就在新加坡”全球品牌活动The Singapore Tourism Board unveiled a global campaign in September to attract more travelers. On Wednesday, the campaign came to China for the first time, specifically targetting tourists from the Chinese Mainland. Zhang Shixuan has more.为吸引更多游客,新加坡旅游局于9月推出了一项全球宣传活动。本周三,该活动首次来到中国,专门针对中国大陆游客。记者张诗旋带来更多报道。The new campaign the Singapore Tourism Board brought to China introduces not just the iconic【标志性的】well-known destinations, but also some hidden gems, and the stories behind them.新加坡旅游局为中国带来的新宣传活动不仅介绍了著名的标志性旅游景点,还介绍了一些不为人知的瑰宝,以及它们背后的故事。Juliana Kua, Assistant Chief Executive /// International Group, Singapore Tourism BoardJuliana Kua新加坡旅游局助理行政总裁“Since China's outbound tourism resumed in February, the number of Chinese tourists in Singapore has been increasing. In July, China has already been the largest tourist resource for Singapore. Tourist numbers during the October golden week was already 53% that of the same period in 2019. And we have also seen a new trend among Chinese consumers. They favor more in-depth traveling, with more experience.”“从中国出境游2月份的时候开始复苏,我们中国游客前访新加坡的轮次也是一直在增加,在7月份的时候,中国已经是成为新加坡的第一大客源国。那除此以外,我们在10月黄金周的时候,2019年的同样黄金周对比,已经是达到53%的恢复率了,我们也是观察到出境游开始复苏之后,我们的中国的消费者也是有新的趋势,那其中一个新的趋势就是他们喜欢深度,有喜欢有更多的体验”In the first 9 months of the year, some 1 million Chinese tourists went to Singapore, recovering to 35% pre-pandemic numbers.今年前9个月,约有100万中国游客前往新加坡,人数恢复到疫情前的35%。#热词加油站 coexistence /ˌkəʊɪɡˈzɪstəns/【共存】kidnapping /ˈkɪdnæp/【绑架】iconic /aɪˈkɒnɪk/【标志性的】mentality /menˈtæləti/【心态】underdog /ˈʌndədɒɡ/【弱者】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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11/16 TOP NEWS|习近平抵达旧金山/金融支持向民营企业延伸/上音成立多明戈大师工作室

NEWS ON 11/151.1.XI ARRIVES IN SAN FRANCISCO FOR TALKS WITH BIDEN习近平抵达旧金山举行中美元首会晤2.FINANCIAL SUPPORTS TO BE FURTHER EXTENDED TO PRIVATE COMPANIES多措并举!加大力度金融支持民营企业高质量发展3. DOMINGO NAMED HONORARY PRESIDENT OF SHANGYIN OPERA HOUSE“歌剧之王”多明戈重返上海设立大师工作室----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1.XI ARRIVES IN SAN FRANCISCO FOR TALKS WITH BIDEN习近平抵达旧金山举行中美元首会晤President Xi Jinping yesterday arrived in San Francisco for a summit with US President Joe Biden and attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Leaders’ Week. Sun Siqi has more.国家主席习近平昨日(11/14)抵达美国旧金山,应邀同美国总统拜登举行中美元首会晤,同时应邀出席亚太经合组织第三十次领导人非正式会议。本台记者孙思奇带来详细报道。California Governor Gavin Newsom, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and other US representatives welcomed Xi upon his arrival at San Francisco International Airport.习近平乘坐专机抵达旧金山国际机场时,受到美国加利福尼亚州州长纽森、财政部长耶伦等美方代表热情迎接。Before departing for San Francisco, Biden said his goal is simply to get US-Chinese communications back on stable ground.在启程前往旧金山之前,拜登表示,他的目标就是恢复中美两国之间的正常沟通交流。Joe Biden, US President拜登美国总统“We're not trying to decouple from China, but what we're trying to do is change the relationship for the better.”“我们不寻求与中国脱钩,我们要做的是改变这种关系,使其变得更好。”London Nicole Breed, Mayor of San Francisco伦敦·布里德旧金山市市长“We're looking forward to building bridges and a better relationship so that we can continue to see our economy thrive.”“我们期待着架起桥梁,建立更好的关系,继续助力经济蓬勃发展。”The upcoming talks are the first meeting between Xi and Biden since their vis-a-vis【面对面的】sit-down in Bali, Indonesia, a year ago. During their Bali talks, the two leaders reached a series of important understandings.这次会晤是习近平和拜登自一年前在印尼巴厘岛举行会谈以来的首次会晤。在巴厘岛会谈期间,两国领导人达成了一系列重要共识。2.FINANCIAL SUPPORTS TO BE FURTHER EXTENDED TO PRIVATE COMPANIES多措并举!加大力度金融支持民营企业高质量发展The People's Bank of China's Shanghai Head Office on Monday held its fourth quarter press conference, saying that as of the end of September, yuan-denominated【为..命名】corporate【公司的】loan balance in the city rose by 9.6% from a year ago - the highest growth rate among all loan categories. Zhang Shixuan has more.中国人民银行上海总部周一(11/13)召开第四季度新闻发布会称,截至9月末,上海以人民币计价的企业贷款余额同比增长9.6%,增速居各类贷款之首。本台记者张诗旋带来详细报道。The Bank of Communications Shanghai Branch this year has issued loans worth 100 billion yuan to private companies. Efforts have been made to lower the cost for loan appliers and extend the financial support to benefit more companies.交通银行上海分行今年已向民营企业发放贷款 1000 亿元。努力降低贷款申请人的成本,扩大金融支持范围,让更多企业受益。Yu Qifang, Deputy General Manager of Inclusive Finance Department, Bank of Communications Shanghai Branch於屺牥交通银行上海市分行普惠部副总经理“We tried to offer more long term facilities and some credit loans to private companies to fulfill their business requirement. And the interest rate, has been further lowered since last year. And besides, we connect with lots of business channels such as some government institutions and some commerce chamber and some industry association. In this way, we just hope we can get in contact with more and more private companies. And actually we really did it.”“我们试图向民营企业提供更多的长期贷款和一些信用贷款,以满足他们的业务需求。自去年以来,利率进一步下调。此外,我们还与许多商业渠道建立了联系,如一些政府机构、商会和行业协会。这样,我们就希望能接触到越来越多的民营企业。事实上,我们真的做到了。”The People's Bank of China's Shanghai Head Office announced that as of the end of October, special loans and other financial support for local tech firms had ammounted to more than 25 billion yuan, covering more than 3,300 tech and innovation firms. The weighted average interest rate for the special tech loans stood at 3.72% - almost 0.4 percentage points lower than the rate of inclusive loans to micro and small companies in October.中国人民银行上海总部宣布,截至 10 月末,对本地科技企业的专项贷款和其他金融支持已超过 250 亿元,覆盖 3300 多家科技创新企业。科技专项贷款加权平均利率为 3.72%,比 10 月份小微企业普惠贷款利率低近 0.4 个百分点。Lyu Jinzhong, Director of Investigation & Statistical Research Dept., PBOC Shanghai Head Office吕进中中国人民银行上海总部调查统计研究部主任“9月份,我们全市新发放贷款的加权平均利率为3.38%,要比去年同期下降39个bp。我们在上海这块,我们的金融机构,特别是我们的银行,应该是做得非常好的。3.38%的个人均平均利率加减平均利率,持续维护、维持在历史的低位,也是全国最低的。”“In September, the weighted average interest rate for newly-issued loans in Shanghai stood at 3.38%. That was 39 basis points lower than the same period last year. Financial institutions especially banks in Shanghai have been doing really well in this field. That rate is kept at the lowest position in history, and also among the lowest across China.”The central financial work conference held at the end of last month has brought more fresh signals for commercial banks in China to extend their support for private companies.上月底召开的中央金融工作会议为中国的商业银行扩大对民营企业的支持带来了更多新的信号。Yu Qifang, Deputy General Manager of Inclusive Finance Department, Bank of Communications Shanghai Branch於屺牥交通银行上海市分行普惠部副总经理“First is science and technology areas. Last year it was placed at the second place, but this year it has become the first one. And also the green economy also goes up to one place. This time is at a second because both of them are chords with the high quality development concept. So obviously this would be our first priority to support. And second, the small and micro companies, but this year it was replaced by medium small micro companies. So you can see that the scope【范围】 has been broadened.”“首先是科技领域。去年它排在第二位,但今年它成为了第一位。另外,绿色经济也上升了一位。这次是第二位,因为这两个领域都与高质量发展理念相吻合。因此,这显然是我们要优先支持的。其次是小型和微型公司,但今年被中型小微企业所取代。所以你可以看到,范围已经扩大。”Latest data from the People's Bank of China showed that as of the end of September, outstanding yuan-denominated loans issued by financial institutions totaled almost 235 trillion yuan, up 11 percent year-on-year. Loans to areas including green development, science and innovation enterprises, and inclusive finance increased relatively fast.中国人民银行最新数据显示,截至9月末,金融机构累计发放人民币贷款近235万亿元,同比增长11%。绿色发展、科创企业、普惠金融等领域贷款增长较快。3.DOMINGO NAMED HONORARY PRESIDENT OF SHANGYIN OPERA HOUSE“歌剧之王”多明戈重返上海设立大师工作室Placido Domingo visited the Shanghai Conservatory of Music yesterday afternoon. At the age of 82, one of the most influential singers in the history of opera was made an honorary professor of the Conservatory【音乐学校】 and honorary president of Shangyin Opera House. Reporter Zhang Yue has more. 昨天(15/14)下午,普拉西多·多明戈访问了上海音乐学院。这位歌剧史上最具影响力的歌唱家之一,以82岁高龄被聘请成为上海音乐学院名誉教授和上音歌剧院名誉院长。本台记者张乐带来详细报道。On his 4th visit to Shanghai, Domingo promised to guide more Chinese vocalists after Maestro Placido Domingo’s Studio was established at the conservatory. The Spaniard toured the campus and opera house with his old acquaintance Liao Changyong, the president of the conservatory. Back in 1997, baritone Liao won first prize at the Placido Domingo Operalia, an international competition for opera singers.这是多明戈第四次来到上海,多明戈承诺,在上音成立普拉西多·多明戈大师工作室后,他将指导更多的中国歌唱家。这位西班牙大师与他的老熟人、音乐学院院长廖昌永一起参观了校园和歌剧院。早在 1997 年,男中音廖昌永就在国际歌剧演员比赛多明戈世界歌剧歌唱比赛(Placido Domingo Operalia)中获得了一等奖。Liao Changyong, President of Shanghai Conservatory of Music廖昌永上海音乐学院院长“当时我获第一名,大师问我在哪里学习的,他说你在意大利的一个学校?我说我在中国,他说只是在中国吗?我说对!100% Made in China! 所以当时说他说你们中国有世界上最好的声乐教育、音乐教育。”“When I won first place, the master asked where I studied. He said: ‘You must have studied in an Italian school.’ I said I studied in China. He said: ‘Only in China?’ I said:‘Yes! 100% Made in China!’ He said China must have the best vocal and music education in the world.”In his new role, Domingo will be lending his status to assist the conservatory’s students.在新的岗位上,多明戈将以他的身份给予音乐学院的学生支持与指导。There are still many possibilities in the future, including opera concerts, full-length productions of operas, masterclasses, opera competitions, and so on.未来还有很多合作的可能,包括歌剧音乐会、歌剧全剧演出、声乐大师班、歌剧比赛等。A day before the event, Domingo performed at the New Bund 31 Performing Arts Center, his first performance in the city in over two decades. He has portrayed more than 100 different roles on the opera stage and won 12 Grammy Awards in a career that started in 1958.活动前一天,多明戈在新外滩 31 号表演艺术中心演出,这是他二十多年来首次在上海市演出。他曾在歌剧舞台上塑造过 100 多个不同的角色,在他1958年开始的职业生涯中,共获得过12项格莱美奖。#热词加油站vis-a-vis/ˌviːz ɑː ˈviː/【面对面的】denominate/dɪˈnɒmɪneɪt/【为..命名】corporate/ˈkɔːpərət/【公司的】scope/skəʊp/【范围】conservatory/kənˈsɜːvətri/【音乐学校】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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11/15 TOP NEWS|中美直飞增至每周70班/中国首个倾旋旋翼电动飞机首飞

NEWS ON 11/141.CHINA-U.S. DIRECT FLIGHTS SET TO REACH 70 PER WEEK中美直飞客运航班量将增至每周70班2. ELECTRIC eVTOL AIRCRAFT COMPLETE CHINA TEST FLIGHTS中国首个倾旋旋翼电动飞机实现首飞-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. CHINA-U.S. DIRECT FLIGHTS SET TO REACH 70 PER WEEK中美直飞客运航班量将增至每周70班The number of direct flights between China and the United States has been climbing since the beginning of this year. Last night, Air China became the first domestic carrier【载体】to operate a direct flight from Beijing to San Francisco since the two countries announced a flight increase effective November 9th. Sun Siqi has more. 自今年年初以来,中美之间的直航航班数量一直在攀升。昨晚,中国国际航空公司成为自两国宣布自11月9日起增加航班以来首家开通北京至旧金山直飞航班的国内航空公司。记者孙思奇带来报道。The Air China flight departed from Beijing with more than 200 passengers. 国航航班从北京起飞,载有200多名乘客。The flight increase followed previous agreements to increase passenger flights. The total number of round-trip flights per week has climbed from 18 in January to 24 in May and then to 48 in October. As of November 9th, the weekly flight number cap has been increased to 70. 在此之前,国航已就增加客运航班达成了协议。每周往返航班总数从1月份的18个增加到5月份的24个,10月份又增加到48个。截至11月9日,每周航班数量上限已增至70 个。And ticket prices have decreased -- a round-trip ticket from Shanghai to Los Angeles has dropped from up to 15,000 yuan in January to 7,000 yuan or less. 机票价格也有所下降--从上海到洛杉矶的往返机票已从1月份的高15,000元降7,000元或更低。Qin Ling Aviation Correspondent秦岭 航空领域资深评论员“Before the pandemic, total flights between China and the United States was about 300 per week. So there's still significant room for more. ”“在2019年就是疫情之前,中美之间每周的航班量其实是最多的时候达到每周300班,那么现在其实即使恢复到70班这么一个数据,其实需求的这个差距还是很大的。”At the same time, flights to other countries have also been increasing. The Civil Aviation Administration said in the upcoming winter-spring season, 116 carriers have received approval to operate 13,000 weekly flights to 65 countries, which is roughly 70 percent of the total in the same period in 2019. 与此同时,飞往其他国家的航班也在不断增加。民航局表示,在即将到来的冬春航季,116家航空公司已获准每周运营1.3万个航班,飞往65个国家,约占2019年同期总数的70%。Between October 16th and 22nd, more than 3,800 international passenger flights were carried out, which is more than 50 percent of the pre-pandemic level. Flight numbers to 22 countries including the United Kingdom, Italy and the UAE have approached or even exceeded pre-pandemic levels. 10月16日至22日期间,共执行了3800多个国际客运航班,超过疫情前水平的50%。飞往英国、意大利和阿联酋等22个国家的航班数量已接近甚至超过疫情发生前的水平。2. ELECTRIC eVTOL AIRCRAFT COMPLETE CHINA TEST FLIGHTS中国首个倾旋旋翼电动飞机实现首飞An electric vertical take-off and landing air-craft, or e-VTOL inde'pendently developed by a Chinese start-up has just completed its first round of flight tests. As Lei Shuran reports, it is China's first tilt-rotor elec'tric passenger air-plane.电动垂直起降飞机,或称e-VTOL,由中国一家初创企业独立研发,刚刚完成了第一轮飞行测试。据记者雷舒然报道,这是中国第一架倾转旋翼电动飞机。Its rotors begin turning, and the little plane is off the ground in seconds - no runway needed.  It can operate from just about anywhere.As the first domestic company to make a breakthrough in tilt-rotor technology for eVTOLs, TCab's E20 electric aircraft weighs about 2.4 tons and is more like a bus shuttling【往返运送】between destinations. 它的旋翼开始转动,小飞机在几秒钟内离开地面——不需要跑道。它几乎可以在任何地方操作。作为国内第一家在eVTOL 倾斜旋翼技术上取得突破的企业,TCab的E20电动飞机重约2.4吨,更像是一辆穿梭于目的地之间的公共汽车。YON WUI NG, Founder & CEO /// Shanghai TCab Technology黄雍威 上海时的科技有限公司创始人&首席执行官“If you think about ride sharing business, we can see that for 20 km or below, is mainly using taxi. However, for something between 20 and 50 km as we see the city expands, we are gonna be requiring different ways for transportation. In China, we are gonna be hitting maybe 10 million size of population, almost 20 or 30 cities is going to be hitting this population. ”“如果你考虑拼车业务,我们可以看到,对于20公里或以下,主要是使用出租车。然而,在20到50公里的范围内,随着城市的扩张,我们将需要不同的交通方式。在中国,我们将达到1000万的人口规模,大约有20到30个城市将达到这个人口规模。”The TCab E20 can carry a pilot and up to four passengers, has a payload of 450 kilograms, a cruising speed of 260 kilometers per hour and a top speed of 320. That's five times faster than a taxi, and of course it won't have to stop for the lights. In the future, it could address the demand for short-distance air travel within and between cities.TCab E20可搭载一名飞行员和最多四名乘客,有效载荷为450公斤,巡航速度为每小时260公里,最高时速为320公里。这比出租车快五倍,当然,它不必因为红灯而停下来。未来,它可以满足城市内部和城市之间短途航空旅行的需求。TCab Technology is not the only Chinese firm in the field, despite the higher security and performance requirements of carrying human passengers. Another startup Vertaxi has also just completed the first test flight of its two-ton eVTOL. The model will be unveiled to the public at the upcoming CIIE in Shanghai.尽管搭载人类乘客的安全性和性能要求更高,但TCab科技并不是该领域唯一的中国公司。另一家初创企业上海御风未来航空科技有限公司也刚刚完成了其两吨eVTOL的首次试飞。该模型将在上海举行的中国国际进口博览会上向公众展示。The technology is applicable to more than just a taxi service, and has attracted international interest. Just last month, AutoFlight released its world's first firefighting eVTOL. With more than 95 percent of its components made domestically, a stable supply chain has been an important part of the company's success. 这项技术不仅适用于出租车服务,还引起了国际社会的兴趣。就在上个月,AutoFlight发布了世界上第一个消防eVTOL。该公司95%以上的零部件都是在国内制造的,稳定的供应链是该公司成功的重要组成部分。Xie Jia, Senior Vice President /// Autoflight Aviation Technology谢嘉 上海峰飞航空科技有限公司高级副总裁“The Yangtze Delta area, actually this capacity for the supply chain has been really helpful. And then because we have lots of small components that we can easily get access from the other companies surrounding in this area. Now because the border is open, so we have many plans to go out and visit them. We are targeting Eastern Europe, West Europe and then also US market as well. We're going to have a large existence in the US market.”“在长三角地区,这种供应链能力真的很有帮助。然后因为我们有很多小部件我们可以很容易地从这个地区的其他公司获得。现在因为边境是开放的,所以我们有很多计划去拜访他们。我们的目标是东欧、西欧以及美国市场。我们将在美国市场占有很大的份额。”On October 10th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and four other departments jointly released an outline for the development of China's green aviation【航空】 manufacturing, putting forward a clear timetable. By 2025, there will be electric airplanes in commercial use, there will be eVTOL trial flights, and a feasibility study into hydrogen【氢】 powered airplanes will be completed. That's got some investors excited. 10月10日,工业和信息化部等四部门联合发布了《中国绿色航空制造发展纲要》,提出了明确的时间表。到2025年,将有商业用途的电动飞机,将进行eVTOL试飞,并完成氢动力飞机的可行性研究。这让一些投资者感到兴奋。Warren Zhou, Senior Investment Manager /// Decent Capital周华林 德迅投资投资总监“We believe there is bigger market in China since we have bigger population. So we think eVTOL will have great opportunity in China in the next 5 to 10 years, there will be 8 or 10 thousand eVTOL in the market. ”“我们相信中国有更大的市场,因为我们有更多的人口。所以我们认为未来5到10年eVTOL在中国会有很大的机会,市场上会有8到1万辆eVTOL。”Also last month the world's first eVTOL route was launched between city of Shenzhen and Zhuhai. It takes 30 minutes for a round-trip, with a total flight distance of more than 80 kilometers. Countries such as France, Japan and the US have also joined the trend, with vertiports and flight route networks under construction.同样在上个月,世界上第一条eVTOL航线在深圳和珠海之间开通。往返需要30分钟,总飞行距离超过80公里。法国、日本和美国等国家也加入了这一趋势,正在建设垂直机场和航线网络。#热词加油站 carrier /ˈkæriə(r) /【载体】hydrogen /ˈhaɪdrədʒən/【氢】 shuttling /ˈʃʌtlɪŋ/【往返运送】aviation /ˌeɪviˈeɪʃn/【航空】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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11/14 TOP NEWS|雪龙2号救援落难渔船/“弗拉门戈”演奏/亚洲股市上涨

NEWS ON 11/131.XUELONG 2 RESCUES FISHING BOAT IN SOUTHWESTERN PACIFIC OCEAN雪龙2号赤道33小时成功救援落难外国渔船2. FLAMENCO GUITARIST PERFORMS AT JZ CLUB“弗拉门戈”吉他演奏家在JZ俱乐部演奏3. ASIAN STOCK MARKETS RISE AHEAD OF XI-BIDEN MEETING中美元首会晤前亚洲股市上涨-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. XUELONG 2 RESCUES FISHING BOAT IN SOUTHWESTERN PACIFIC OCEAN雪龙2号赤道33小时成功救援落难外国渔船The icebreaker Xuelong 2 rescued a fishing boat and its four crew members in the open ocean near the equator【赤道】on Saturday while on route to Antarctica on another research expedition. Sun Siqi has more.周六,雪龙2号破冰船在前往南极洲进行科考的途中,在赤道附近的公海救起了一艘渔船及其四名船员。记者孙思奇带来更多报道。Officers on the icebreaker heard a distress signal from a fishing boat in the waters off Papua New Guinea and went to its rescue. The four on board were fishermen from Papua New Guinea. Their boat had been adrift for nearly nine hours after running out of fuel and electricity.破冰船上的人员听到巴布亚新几内亚附近海域一艘渔船发出的求救信号后前往救援。船上四人是来自巴布亚新几内亚的渔民。他们的渔船在燃料和电力耗尽后漂流了近九个小时。Xiao Zhimin Captain of Xuelong 2肖志民 "雪龙2"号船长“Both their high-frequency telecommunication and automatic identification systems were not functioning. So, the boat seemingly lost power. Rescuing people is a legal obligation. We must rescue them.”“因为他现在高频也不能用 AIS自动识别系统也找不到 所以他们现在应该是没电的状态 救援这是法定义务 我们救是必须救的”The expedition team aboard Xuelong 2 offered the fishermen food and diesel fuel, charged their batteries, and contacted the China Maritime Search and Rescue Center, Papua New Guinea Maritime Rescue Coordination Center and the families of the crew members. As there were no local rescue ships available, the team decided to lift the boat aboard the icebreaker and take it to designated waters. After 33 hours, the stranded fishing boat and its crew were brought to a rendezvous【会合】 point safely and handed over to a waiting local vessel on Saturday. China's 40th Antarctic expedition team set sail from Shanghai on November 1st, starting a mission expected to last over five months. The expedition also includes Xuelong 1 and a cargo vessel.雪龙2号的考察队员为渔民提供了食物和柴油,为他们的电池充电,并联系了中国海上搜救中心、巴布亚新几内亚海上救援协调中心和船员家属。由于当地没有救援船只,救援队决定将渔船吊上破冰船,送往指定水域。33个小时后,获救渔船及其船员被安全送达会合点,并于周六移交给等待的当地船只。中国第40次南极考察队于11月1日从上海起航,开始了为期5个多月的考察任务。考察队还包括雪龙1号和一艘货船。2.FLAMENCO GUITARIST PERFORMS AT JZ CLUB“弗拉门戈”吉他演奏家在JZ俱乐部演奏International musicians gave several jazz performances over the weekend. As part of the 19th Jazz Festival, Spanish guitarist Juan Gomez "Chicuelo" played at JZ club on Saturday and Sunday. Sun Siqi brings us more.周末,国际音乐家们带来了多场爵士乐演出。作为第19届爵士音乐节的一部分,西班牙吉他演奏家胡安·戈麦斯(Juan Gomez)于周六和周日在JZ俱乐部演奏《Caminos》。记者孙思奇带来更多报道。Gomez performed his latest album "Caminos".戈麦斯演唱了他的最新专辑《Caminos》。Juan Gomez 'Chicuelo' Guitar胡安·戈麦斯 Chicuelo吉他手“I would say it's a fusion of styles because I'm from the flamingo background and we have a member who plays cello, and he brings a classic style. We also have one who plays percussion and it's more African-Brazilian culture. Also we have a dancer, a flamingo dancer who's from Mexico and she does a contemporary dance that builds on the whole show. So everyone is playing a different style and it's definitely fusion【融合】. It's world music.”“这是风格的融合,因为有火烈鸟的背景,我们有一位成员拉大提琴,带来的是古典风格。还有一位演奏打击乐的成员,他带来的是非洲-巴西文化。此外,来自墨西哥的火烈鸟舞者跳了一段现代舞,为整场演出奠定了基础。因此,每个人都在演奏不同的风格,这绝对是一种融合。这是世界性音乐。”Audience member观众“I felt the passion of this flamenco guitar, which has an exotic charm. It seems like I saw the seaside. It's very special.” “感受到了这个弗拉明戈吉他的热情的感觉,就很有异域的腔调。好像看到了海边,然后感受到了夏天的感觉,就是很不一样,很特别。”“I usually listen to music at home, and this is the first time I have seen a live jazz performance. The enthusiasm of the musicians, including the dancer, is very infectious.”“平时还是在家里也听各种各样的音乐,但这样看这样的 live 还是第一次。我觉得就是看这个乐手们包括这个舞者在台上的状态,觉得很有感染力。”Jazz performance in another bar⋯另一个酒吧里的爵士乐表演⋯⋯Various jazz performances take place in Shanghai every week. Grammy-winning musician and world-renowned harmonica【口琴】maestro Sugar Blue is at Blue Note Jazz Bar in Hongkou District.上海每周都有各种爵士乐演出。格莱美获奖音乐家、世界著名口琴大师Sugar Blue在虹口区的Blue Note爵士酒吧演出。3.ASIAN STOCK MARKETS RISE AHEAD OF XI-BIDEN MEETING中美元首会晤前亚洲股市上涨Asian stock markets started off the week looking stronger. Timothy Pope has a look at the trading action around the region.本周伊始,亚洲股市表现强劲。记者Timothy Pope对该地区的交易情况进行了分析。Chinese mainland markets managed to lock in gains today as investors reacted positively to the news of a meeting this week between President Xi Jinping and his US counterpart Joe Biden in San Francisco. The Shanghai Composite Index added a quarter of one percent. The Shenzhen Component added only a tenth of one percent.由于投资者们对国家主席习近平和美国总统拜登本周将在旧金山会晤的消息反应积极,中国内地股市今日涨幅明显。上证指数上涨了0.25%。深证成指上涨了0.1%。Financial stocks were hogging the spotlight today. ICBC shares sank, and then pared losses in the wake of the ransomware【勒索软件】attack on its US trading unit, which left it owing Bank of New York Mellon 9 billion US dollars for un-settled trades. The attack was reportedly so severe that staff were locked out of everything including their email accounts. ICBC has injected capital into its US unit it order to help pay BNY Mellon, and hired cybersecurity experts. Its shares ended the day down a little under half of one percent.金融股成为今日焦点。中国工商银行股价先是下跌,后因其美国的交易部门遭受勒索软件攻击而收窄跌幅,该公司因未结算交易而拖欠纽约梅隆银行90亿美元。据报道,这次攻击非常严重,员工包括电子邮件账户在内的一切都被锁定,无法使用。中国工商银行向其美国部门注资,以帮助支付纽约梅隆银行,并聘请了网络安全专家。工行股价在当天收盘时下跌了不到0.5%。China Galaxy Securities was also a headline stock after it dismissed market rumours it was going to merge with China International Capital Corporation. The company said neither of its controlling shareholders have plans to merge the brokerage【经纪业务】 with CICC, one of China's top investment banks. Galaxy Securities shares fell more than 3 percent after the announcement, but managed to recover late in the session to close fractionally higher.中国银河证券在驳斥了市场关于其将与中国国际金融有限公司合并的传言后,也成为头条股。该公司表示,其控股股东都没有将该券商与中国顶级投资银行之一的中金公司合并的计划。公告发布后,银河证券股价下跌超过3%,但在尾盘有所回升,收盘小幅上涨。Hong Kong's markets had a rollercoaster session with a strong opening, losses at lunchtime, and then the Hand Seng closing 1.3 percent higher. Optimism over the Chinese and US Presidents' meeting was also at play here. So was a strong close for Wall Street on Friday with the Nasdaq posted its biggest one-day gain since late May.香港市场经历了过山车式的交易时段,开盘时表现强劲,午盘时有所回落,随后恒生指数收盘上涨1.3%。中美两国总统会晤的乐观情绪也在此发挥作用,华尔街周五收盘也表现强劲,纳斯达克指数创下5月底以来最大单日涨幅。That pushed Hong Kong tech stocks higher. Baidu gained 3.3 percent. E-commerce giant Alibaba was up 1.3 percent despite a lacklustre Double 11 shopping festival this year.这推动了香港科技股走高。百度上涨了3.3%。电子商务巨头阿里巴巴上涨了1.3%,尽管今年的双十一购物节乏善可陈。And Country Garden stocks fell after Fitch said this morning that it will withdraw all its ratings for the real estate developer's property services unit for commercial reasons. Last week Fitch downgraded those ratings and put Country Garden Services on a negative watch list. Both the unit and the developer's stocks lost more than 1 percent today.碧桂园股票下跌,因为惠誉今早表示,出于商业原因,将撤销对该房地产开发商旗下物业服务部门的所有评级。惠誉上周下调了碧桂园物业服务的评级,并将其列入负面观察名单。今天,碧桂园服务和开发商的股票都下跌了1%以上。And in Japan the Nikkei 225 retreated from early gains to close flat, although Tokyo tech stocks were also mirroring gains on the Nasdaq.在日本,尽管东京科技股也反映了纳斯达克指数的涨势,日经225从早盘的涨势中回落,收盘持平。Cosmetics company Shiseido was the biggest drag on the markets -- shedding more than 14 percent after the firm made significant cuts to its annual profit forecasts.化妆品公司资生堂是拖累市场的最大因素--在该公司大幅下调年度利润预期后,其股票下跌超过14%。#热词加油站 equator /ɪˈkweɪtə(r) /【赤道】rendezvous /ˈrɒndɪvuː/【会合】 fusion /ˈfjuːʒn/【融合】harmonica /hɑːˈmɒnɪkə/【口琴】ransomware /ˈrænsəmweə(r) /【勒索软件】brokerage /ˈbrəʊkərɪdʒ/【经纪业务】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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11/13 TOP NEWS|首艘国产大型邮轮“爱达·魔都号”双十一受热捧

NEWS ON 11/101ST MADE-IN-CHINA CRUISE SHIP PROVES COMMERCIAL SUCCESS首艘国产大型邮轮“爱达·魔都号”双十一受热捧-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------Early this month, China's shipbuilding industry marked a new milestone - the delivery of first domestically-built large cruise ship. And if this year's Double Eleven shopping festial is anything to go by, the vessel is set to be a commercial success. As Zhang Shixuan reports, a special livestream was held to sell cruise tickets, and it yielded one quite surprising result.本月初,中国造船业迎来了一个新的里程碑——首艘国产大型邮轮交付。要和今年双十一关联起来的话,那就是这艘邮轮取得了商业上的成功。据记者张诗旋的报道,为销售邮轮船票,企业举行了一场特别的现场直播,并取得了令人惊喜的结果。Nearly 3,000 rooms were handed over to the crew in batchesMore than 70 kitchens of different functions.And more than 50 refrigerated【使冷却】units.To spread our culture, and bring our achievements out.将近三千间房间向船员开放超70几间不同功能的厨房和50几个大小的冷库把我们的文化和成就带出去In less than 2 months, this ship will begin its first commercial journey, which means it will become a home away from home for its first batch of passengers, a place where they can relax, eat and be entertained. All inside this large vessel!在不到两个月的时间里,这艘邮轮将开始其首次商业航行,这意味着它将成为首批乘客的居所,一个可以放松、用餐和娱乐的地方。一切都在这艘邮轮里!There are almost 10 dining places, where passengers can enjoy a buffet, western cuisine and some special Chinese-style food - like hot pot!这里有将近10个餐饮场所,乘客可以在这里享用自助餐、西餐和一些特色中餐——比如火锅!People can even play Mahjong here.人们甚至可以在这里打麻将。Chen Jianwei, General Manager Assistant  Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding, CSSC陈剑威 大型邮轮项目建造总监、外高桥造船总经理助理兼邮轮项目部部长“It's entertainment favored by Chinese people. For example, the theater on the ship is cooperating with Mahua Fun Age, tailored to Chinese people's interests.”“这些是中国人喜欢的娱乐方式。比如,邮轮的剧场与开心麻花合作,针对中国人的兴趣爱好量身定制。"The trimmings【装饰材料】on board the ship will certainly be familiar to locals, but this vessel's interior designer believes it'll be popular with people, even if they aren't familiar with traditional Chinese culture and style.邮轮上的装饰肯定是当地人所熟悉的,但这艘邮轮的室内设计师认为,即使不熟悉中国传统文化和风格的人也会喜欢。Jari Mikeal Kauttonen, Cruise Ship Interior Decoration Specialist SH Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding, CSSCJari Mikeal Kauttonen 外高桥造船的邮轮内装专家“European and US people, basically, the old ships is a little bit like same. We don't have hot pot in the European ships. So, it's small things they are anxious to see - what is the cabin, how it looks like, the design, everything, because people have different opinions about the Chinese. They're so old then and historical country that everything look like.”“欧美的老式轮船有点像。欧洲邮轮上没有火锅。所以,他们急于看到的都是一些小东西——船舱是什么样的、外观、设计等等,因为人们对中国人有不同的看法。它是看起来是如此古老和历史悠久的国家。”Zhang Shixuan, Reporter张诗旋 本台记者China's first domestically built large cruise ship. Let's put it right here...... Where it's easy to see.中国首艘国产大型邮轮。把它放在这里...... 容易看到的地方。For the past decade, China has been a world leader in the shipbuilding industry. But cruise ships, are extremely complicated, so they weren't part of the original development of the industry in China. The segment is dominated by the western world. China has recently taken its first steps into building cruise ships, and it certainly won't be the last. It's a crystallization【结晶】 of the cooperation between companies from home and abroad - a process of learning and adapting.近十年来,中国造船业一直处于世界领先地位。但邮轮极为复杂,因此并不属于中国造船业最初的发展范畴。这一领域一直由西方国家主导。中国最近迈出了建造邮轮的第一步,当然这也不会是最后一步。这是国内外企业合作的结晶,是一个学习和适应的过程。Jari Mikeal Kauttonen, Cruise Ship Interior Decoration Specialist SH Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding, CSSCJari Mikeal Kauttonen 外高桥造船的邮轮内装专家“It has been amazing - the process, the different way how they work. And they have learned how we work in the Europe. It's like mixing the cultures together. For example we had a little bit steel issues in the beginning, and how fast they fix those - it was amazing see that, because in Finland, it's totally different.”“他们的工作过程和工作方式都令人惊叹。他们学到了我们在欧洲的工作方式。这就像把两种文化融合在一起。例如,一开始我们遇到了一些钢铁方面的问题,而他们解决这些问题的速度之快令人惊叹,与在芬兰是完全不同的。”Wu Xiaoyuan, Production Director Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding, CSSC吴晓源 大型邮轮项目界面总监、外高桥造船生产总监兼邮轮内装部部长“At the beginning of the project, we contacted almost all Chinese suppliers for luxury Ro-Ro passenger ships and Ro-Pax ships, gathering together to build this cruise ship with us. Chinese suppliers have been participating in all areas' construction. We have 30 to 40 local suppliers joining the ship's secondary project, management and construction. Major first-tier suppliers are from overseas - who directly signed contracts with us. By cooperating with these first-tier suppliers, local companies can more easily improve their project management capabilities. For the cruise ship's interior decorations, all things require project management - the 40,000-square-meter work area, the 40,000-square-meter cabin and the 10,000-square-meter kitchens and refrigerated areas.”“项目伊始,我们就联系了几乎所有的中国豪华客船和载人渡轮供应商,聚集在一起与我们共同建造这艘邮轮。中国供应商参与了所有领域的建造。我们有30到40家本地供应商参与了邮轮的二级项目、管理和建造。主要的一级供应商来自海外——他们直接与我们签订合同。通过与这些一级供应商合作,本地公司可以更容易地提高项目管理能力。对于邮轮的内部装饰——4万平方米的工作区、4万平方米的船舱以及1万平方米的厨房和冷藏区。”If the mega booking made during this year's Double Eleven Shopping Festival is anything to go by, the new vessel will be a commercial success. A single 20-million-yuan order was secured at a livestream on October 24th, booking the entire ship for a 5-day cruise.如果今年“双十一”购物节期间的超大型预订情况属实,那么这艘新邮轮将取得商业上的成功。在10月24日的现场直播中,一单就获得了2000万元的订单,预订了整艘邮轮为期 5天的航行。Gu Pengcheng, Board Secretary CSSC Cruise Technology Development顾鹏程 中船邮轮董事会秘书、战略管理部主任“It is very exciting to see the results from the sales parts. It's warmly welcomed by our Chinese customers, Chinese guests. They're excited about the first Chinese-built cruise. And we have decided that Adora Magic City is going to sail from Shanghai Jan. 1st next year. We're going to start from Shanghai for the 5-night journeys to South Korea and Japan. But it's within our radar that we're going to set those long itineraries【行程】that are going to go through the Maritime Silk Road - itineries to cover different countries. Recently we worked with Taobao and we participated in the Double Eleven event, which is a great success for us. Over 10 million viewers participated.”“看到销售部取得的成果,我感到非常兴奋。它受到了中国客户和中国客人的热烈欢迎。他们对第一艘中国制造的邮轮感到非常兴奋。我们已经决定,“爱达·魔都号”将于明年1月1日从上海启航。我们将从上海出发,进行为期5晚的韩国和日本之旅。不过,我们也在考虑制定穿越海上丝绸之路的长航线——覆盖不同国家的航线。最近,我们与淘宝合作,参加了双十一活动。超过1000万观众参与了活动。”Zhang Shixuan, Reporter张诗旋 本台记者“A new sector creates a new ecosystem of industrial supply chains, which in turn leads to more job opportunites and contriutes to the countries' overall economic growth. In Europe - one of the most developed cruise shipbuilding markets - almost quarter of jobs come from the suppliers in the manufacturing sector. But another question remains, Is anyone willing to buy a Large Cruise Ship built in China?”“新行业创造了新的工业供应链生态系统,反过来又带来了更多的就业机会,促进了国家的整体经济增长。在欧洲——最发达的邮轮制造市场之一——近四分之一的工作机会来自制造业的供应商。但另一个问题依然存在,是否有人愿意购买中国制造的大型邮轮?”Jari Mikeal Kauttonen, Cruise Ship Interior Decoration Specialist  SH Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding, CSSCJari Mikeal Kauttonen 外高桥造船的邮轮内装专家“The global, you know, Caribbean, everybody from USA have been seen that one. Now they are heading in a Mediterranean Europe cruise soon. They want to come to Asia, China, Japan, whatever we have over here. Coastline of the China - how long is that one? How many ports? You have beautiful places, ancient history. So people want to come over here. If you keep doing these cruise ships, it will be like 5 or 10 years maybe when you get a little bit bigger market. If you can get it cheaper over here, if you can get it faster over here, they will come over here. In the future, (Chinese shipbuilders will become) one of the priorities.”“每个美国人都见过的皇家加勒比海游轮,现在,他们很快就要去欧洲地中海巡游了。他们想来亚洲、中国、日本。中国的海岸线有多长?有多少港口?中国有美丽的景点,古老的历史。所以人们想来这里。如果你们继续运营邮轮,也许5年或10年后,市场会更大。如果能在这里买到更便宜的邮轮,买到更快的邮轮,他们就会来这里。未来,(中国造船企业将成为)他们优先考虑的对象之一。”Zhang Shixuan, Reporter张诗旋 本台记者“Cheaper, faster and more advanced... The shipbuilders here seem well prepared. The second cruise ship is already under construction at the shipyard in Shanghai.”“更便宜、更快速、更先进... 这里的造船厂似乎早有准备。第二艘油轮已经在上海造船厂开工建造。”Chen Jianwei, General Manager Assistant Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding, CSSC 陈剑威 大型邮轮项目建造总监、外高桥造船总经理助理兼邮轮项目部部长“For the first cruise ship, we have taken in some of the technology from abroad. And we also learned about some of their problems. So, when building the first ship, we have made many adjustments and modifications. For the second cruise ship, we can enhance efficiency by 20%. The second vessel has an added segment, and is 17 meters larger than the first. ”“对于第一艘邮轮,我们吸收了国外的一些技术。我们也了解了他们的一些问题。因此,在建造第一艘邮轮时,我们做了很多调整和修改。对于第二艘邮轮,我们可以提高20%效率。第二艘邮轮增加了一个舱段,比第一艘大17米。”Zhang Shixuan, Reporter张诗旋 本台记者“Chinese ship builders have proved they are more than capable of building a large cruise ship. Current projections show that value of the cruise economy could be valued at 500 billion yuan by 2035. Are you ready to set sail?”“事实证明,中国的造船企业完全有能力建造大型邮轮。目前的预测显示,到2035年,邮轮经济的产值将达到5000亿元。您准备好启航了吗?”#热词加油站refrigerated /rɪˈfrɪdʒəreɪtɪd/【使冷却】trimmings /ˈtrɪmɪŋ/【装饰材料】crystallization /ˌkrɪstəlaɪ'zeɪʃn/【结晶】itineraries /aɪˈtɪnərəriz/【行程】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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11/09 TOP NEWS|10月CPI再度转负、PPI同比降幅扩大/进博会跨国企业盛赞中国发展

NEWS ON 11/091.CHINA’S CONSUMER INFLATION RETURNS TO NEGATIVE GROWTH10月CPI再度转负、PPI同比降幅扩大2. MULTI-NATIONALS SPEAK HIGHLY OF CHINA'S DEVELOPMENT进博会:参展跨国企业盛赞中国发展----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1.CHINA’S CONSUMER INFLATION RETURNS TO NEGATIVE GROWTH10月CPI再度转负、PPI同比降幅扩大China’s consumer prices dropped for the second time this year, the National Bureau of Statistics reported today, while factory-gate prices declined at a faster pace.国家统计局今天(11/09)发布数据表明,全国居民消费价格指数(CPI)今年第二次转负,出厂价格降幅加快。Official data showed that China's consumer price index, a main gauge of inflation, dipped by 0.2 percent year-on-year in October, after a flat reading in September, marking the second decline this year. The statistics bureau attributed the decrease to an ample supply of food thanks to good weather and falling consumer demand after the combined Mid-Autumn and National Day holiday.官方数据显示,衡量通货膨胀的主要指标——全国居民消费价格指数继9月份持平后,10月份同比下降了0.2%,这是今年以来的第二次下降。国家统计局将CPI下降归因于天气晴好农产品供应充足、中秋国庆长假后消费需求回落等因素。Meanwhile, China's producer price index, which gauges【衡量】factory-gate prices, dropped 2.6 percent from a year ago last month, following a fall of 2.5 percent in the previous month. The statistics bureau said the international prices of crude oil and nonferrous metal fluctuated while last year’s high comparison base contributed to the wider PPI decline.与此同时,衡量出厂价格的工业生产者价格指数(PPI)继上月下降2.5%之后,又比去年同期下降了2.6%。国家统计局称,国际原油、有色金属价格波动及上年同期对比基数走高等因素是PPI降幅扩大的原因。2.MULTI-NATIONALS SPEAK HIGHLY OF CHINA'S DEVELOPMENT进博会:参展跨国企业盛赞中国发展It's been six years since the first China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai. And this year, the exhibition area is more than twice as big as it was at the first expo in 2018. CIIE has been continously luring【引诱】new exhibitors and retaining old partners. Our reporter Zhang Shixuan talked to several executives at multinational companies from different industries about their confidence in the market here.距首届中国国际进口博览会在上海举办已经六年了。今年的展览面积是2018年首届进博会的两倍多。进博会不断吸引着新的参展商,也留住了老伙伴。本报记者张诗旋采访了几位来自不同行业的跨国公司高管,了解他们对中国市场的信心。An exhibition area spanning more than 360,000 square meters, featuring 6 main sections - This is the 6th China International Import Expo. But it's the first for Adeline Franger Chouraqui, the Greater China CEO of the French shipping giant.展览面积超过 36 万平方米,设有 6 大展区——这是第六届中国国际进口博览会。但对于法国航运巨头大中华区首席执行官方艾琳( Adeline Franger Chouraqui )而言,这是第一次。Adeline Franger Chouraqui,CMA CGM Greater China CEO方艾琳 法国达飞海运集团大中华区首席执行官“Very nice to meet you. Thank you so much.”“很高兴见到你。非常感谢。”“It is my first time visiting CIIE. I have been to many expos in other countries. And I have been most impressed with the dynamism. I went to the consumer goods area I went to the automobile area, high tech. We’re here in the trade service section.”“这是我第一次参加进博会。我在其他国家参加过许多博览会。这里的活力给我留下了深刻印象。我去了消费品区,汽车区,高科技区。我们在贸易服务展区。”“I understand that there are over 3,000 exhibitors from 150 countries. And I have been to many shows overseas in the past. And none of them had the scale and the variety that I have seen here at CIIE. So mostly impressed.”“据我所知,有来自 150 个国家的 3000 多家参展商。我过去参加过许多海外展会。但没有一个像中国进博会这样规模宏大、种类繁多,令人印象最为深刻。”The company has been a consistent presence since the first CIIE in 2018.自2018年首届进博览会举办以来,该公司一直持续参展。Adeline Franger Chouraqui, CMA CGM Greater China CEO方艾琳 法国达飞海运集团大中华区首席执行官“You can see our LNG-powered vessel that came out of a shipyard from Shanghai in the end of 2020. This is a 23,000 TEU vessel. So these are our largest vessel, one of the largest in the world. And they are deployed【部署】between China and North Europe.”“我们的液化天然气动力系船舶于2020年底从上海的造船厂驶出。这是一艘23000 TEU的船。这是我们最大的船,也是世界上最大的船之一。它们被部署投入在连接中国和北欧的航线。”Adeline - like all the multi-national CEOs at the event - is packing a lot into her CIIE schedule.方艾琳和所有与会的跨国公司首席执行官一样,在参加进博会的日程中安排了大量工作。Adeline Franger Chouraqui, CMA CGM Greater China CEO方艾琳 法国达飞海运集团大中华区首席执行官“We valued the China market as one of our most important and strategic markets. So we value enormously the engagement that we can have with our customers here. Essentially People value the dynamism and the exchanges that can happen at CIIE. Business is back, business is open. And so we value tremendously the exchanges between China and France and China and the world.”“我们将中国市场视为最重要的战略市场之一。因此,我们非常重视在这里与客户的交流。从本质上说,人们看重的是进博会的活力和交流。(进博会彰显了中国)商业回归,商业开放(的合作态度)。因此,我们非常重视中国与法国、中国与世界之间的交流。“Manufacturing, import, agricultural goods. I was just speaking to a customer before, and we can also see our partners in the port industry.”“制造业、进口、农产品。我之前刚刚与一位客户交谈过,我们也可以看到我们在港口行业的合作伙伴。”“I had a chance on November 6th to participate to the Pudong Forum and I was able to share our journey to decarbonization. So the level of the discussion was really high. We are taking concrete action to decarbonize【碳减排】our activity and how we can join the forces with our customers to decarbonize their transportation and their shipping and logistics activity.”11 月 6 日,我有幸参加了浦东论坛,并分享了我们(达飞集团)的去碳化历程。该论坛的讨论水平非常高。我们正在采取具体行动来实现活动的低碳化,以及如何与我们的客户联手实现他们的运输、航运和物流活动的低碳化。Green development is a topic under discussion almost everywhere across the exhibition area this year - as China has been an ideal place to develop new green solutions. German optical tech developer ZEISS, also attending its 6th CIIE, has been sharing successful case studies for localisation and innovation.绿色发展几乎是今年整个进博会都在讨论的话题——因为中国一直是开发新的绿色解决方案的理想之地。德国光学技术开发商蔡司也参加了第六届进博会,并分享了本土化和创新的成功案例。Maximilian Foerst, President & CEO of ZEISS Greater China马克西米利安·福斯特蔡司大中华区总裁兼首席执行官“China is the largest single market for the CarlZeiss group. And we clearly see a bright future in China. China is growing with a lot of the markets of tomorrow. We're talking about sustainability. If you look in sustainable power and energy, China is leading globally. If you look in new energy vehicles, China is leading globally. China is really becoming an innovation hub in industrial terms and also in research and development. So here we are entering a lot of cooperation with Chinese companies. Some of them are our customers where we are developing new applications for them, and even going globalism. Others are with smaller startup companies where we are investing or co-investing or actually taking over the distribution and integrating into our products.”“中国是卡尔蔡司集团最大的单一市场。我们清楚地看到中国的光明前景。中国正在与许多未来市场共同成长。我们正在谈论可持续发展。在可持续电力和能源方面,中国处于全球领先地位。在新能源汽车领域,中国也处于全球领先地位。在工业和研发方面,中国正真正成为创新中心。因此,我们正在与中国公司开展大量合作。其中一些是我们的客户,我们正在为他们开发新的应用,甚至走向全球化。还有一些是小型的创业公司,我们对其进行投资或联合投资,或实际接管其分销业务,并将其整合到我们的产品中。”Pharma giant Roche signed several agreeements during the expo with Chinese companies and associations to strengthen its local supply chain.制药巨头罗氏制药在进博会期间与中国企业和协会签署了多项协议,以加强其本地供应链。Vivian Bian, CEO of Roche Pharma China边欣罗氏制药中国总裁“从94年进入到中国之后,罗氏是第一家其实实现了全产业线布局的生物科技高科技公司。在未来我们会不断地在新的技术方面引进中国,持续地深化我们的布局。我们在不断地推出这样的一些创新的产品,其实很多时候已经实现了跟国际的零差。中国地大物博,其实患者分布非常的广泛,那在这个方面其实还有很大的工作和空间可以去深挖。”“Since we entered the China market in 1994, we have become the first bio-tech firm that has arranged the full production line here. In the future, we will constantly introduce new technologies to China, and launching innovative products. China has a vast population, so we still have room to dig deeper.”The Business Exhibition of the CIIE this year features a record-high 289 of the world's top 500 enterprises and industry giants.今年的中国国际进口博览会汇聚了289家世界500强企业和行业巨头,创历史新高。#热词加油站gauge/ɡeɪdʒ/【衡量】lure/lʊə(r)/【引诱】deploy/dɪˈplɔɪ/【部署】decarbonize/ˌdiːˈkɑːbənaɪz/【碳减排】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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11/09 TOP NEWS|第六届世界顶尖科学家论坛在沪落幕/进博会消费品展区首发新品齐亮

NEWS ON 11/081. WORLD LAUREATES FORUM WRAPS UP第六届世界顶尖科学家论坛在沪落幕!2. CONSUMER GOODS BRANDS MAKING NEW PRODUCT DEBUTS AT THE CIIE首发新品齐亮相,进博会展现中国消费市场大潜力----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1.WORLD LAUREATES FORUM WRAPS UP第六届世界顶尖科学家论坛在沪落幕!The 6th World Laureates【荣誉获得者】Forum concluded today in Lingang Area, Pudong. As an important part of the “Mobius Forum”, 60 top scientists, including 16 Nobel Prize laureates, weighed in on the value of science education. Sun Siqi has the story.第六届世界顶尖科学家论坛今天(11/08)在上海浦东临港新片区落下帷幕。作为“莫比乌斯论坛”的重要组成部分,包括16位诺奖得主在内的60余位全球顶尖科学家就科学教育的价值展开了讨论。本台记者孙思奇带来详细报道。Scientists agreed that a solid scientific education is quintessential to the future of humanity, where the younger generation is trained to think scientifically, and learn to persist until the problem is solved like researchers do.科学家们一致认为,扎实的科学教育对人类的未来至关重要,要培养年轻一代的科学思维,让他们学会像科研人员那样坚持不懈地解决问题。Dmitriy Ponkratov, Technical Director of Royal Institution of Naval Architects德米特里·庞克拉托夫英国皇家造船师学会技术总监“We should be very open-minded and see what’s actually happening in other industries because the ideas might actually come from there.”“(我们应该)以更加开放包容的心态去接受新知识,去看到各行各业发展的前景,因为往往解决问题的点子,就藏在不同学科之中。”Over the 3-day World Laureates Forum, more than 300 scientists were able to make new connections. 57 scientists were involved in a 3-day relay speech that covered a dozen areas including physics, chemistry and biology.在为期 3 天的世界获奖者论坛上,300多名科学家联结了新的合作纽带。57位顶尖科学家开展了连续3天的接力演讲,涉及物理学、化学、生物学等十多个领域的前沿研究成果。John Hardy, University College London, 2016 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences Laureate约翰·哈迪 2016年生命科学突破奖得主伦敦大学学院讲席教授“I’m already getting lots of questions from young scientists, and that makes it worthwhile coming to a meeting like this.”“此次参会,我接触到了一批潜心研究阿尔兹海默症相关问题的中国年轻科学家。”Randy Schekman, 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine Laureate兰迪·谢克曼 2013年诺贝尔生理学或医学奖得主“The hope is that as this continues to grow in influence, that it will cement【加强】a long-term stable collaborative collegial interaction between the East and West.”“我们希望随着世界顶尖科学家论坛不断扩大影响力,它能成为中西方之间交流、合作、互动的一个长期、稳定的平台。”About 5,000 visitors also attended the forum. Scientists called on society to remain enthusiastic about basic science, which broadens the frontier of knowledge before it can be applied in the real world.本届论坛参会人次超过5000人。科学家们呼吁社会保持对基础科学的热情,在其应用于现实世界之前,拓宽知识前沿。2.CONSUMER GOODS BRANDS MAKING NEW PRODUCT DEBUTS AT THE CIIE首发新品齐亮相,进博会展现中国消费市场大潜力While the world is facing some down-turn pressure on economic growth, consumer brands at the CIIE are all optimistic about the growth potential in the China market, choosing the country as a major destination to launch new products. Zhang Shixuan has more.尽管全球经济增长面临一定的下行压力,但参加中国国际进口博览会的消费品牌都看好中国市场的增长潜力,纷纷选择中国作为新品发布地。本台记者张诗旋带来详细报道。The colorful bricks have once again been under the spotlight at the expo this year, where more new possibilities have been figured out with more typical Chinese styles. The LEGO Group debuted 4 new toy sets at its booth - where people can find familiar characters from the Chinese famous literature Journey to the West, the Chinese zodiac and symbols of good fortune like the Dragon, among others.今年,五颜六色的乐高积木再次凭借与中国传统文化的全新碰撞成为进博会的焦点。乐高集团在其展台上正式发布了4款全新玩具套装,人们能从其中找到中国著名文学作品《西游记》中的人物、十二生肖以及象征吉祥的龙等中国元素。Stella Shen, VP of China Marketing of the LEGO Group沈明岚乐高集团中国区市场部副总裁“One of our products is like a city shopping mall. Actually, there’s a lot of elements in this model. There’s a noodle shop in the shopping mall and also the bubble tea shop in the shopping mall. These are also very Chinese culture. And we want to bring these elements to the global portfolio, which we can have our Chinese culture to influence more international consumers.”"我们其中的一个产品就像一个城市购物中心。实际上,这个模型里有很多元素。商场里有一家面馆,还有一家奶茶店。这些也都非常具有中国文化特色。我们希望把这些元素带到全球的产品组合中,让我们的中国文化影响更多的国际消费者。Zhang Shixuan, Reporter张诗旋本台记者LEGO has been launching products featuring Chinese elements at CIIE for 6 years now. So, drawing on Chinese culture and traditions for its modern toys isn’t just a one-off【一次性事物】. It’s turned out to be a real business, not just in China, but also worldwide.乐高已经连续 6 年在进博会上推出具有中国元素的产品。因此,从中国文化和传统汲取灵感创作现代玩具并非一朝一夕的事。不仅在中国,在全球范围内,这已经成为一项实实在在的业务。Stella Shen, VP of China Marketing of the LEGO Group沈明岚乐高集团中国区市场部副总裁“Actually they are more excited than we expected. For example, like Monkie Kid actually sold very well in US market. Actually this is a tailor made for China product line and we launched 4 years ago. And also these Chinese elements - actually bubble tea is also very popular in the Europe Market. They also very love this kind of elements that they see it and they can feel it and they can view it.”“事实上,他们比我们预期的还要兴奋。例如,像悟空小侠系列其实在美国市场卖得很好。实际上,这是我们为中国量身定做的产品系列,我们在4 年前就推出了。还有这些中国元素——其实奶茶在欧洲市场也很受欢迎。他们也非常喜欢这种元素,他们看得见、摸得着。”As the only series developed from a single country’s culture and stories, the series is to celebrate its 5th anniversary next year. The company also held a seminar at its booth, where the design master of the group and the company’s first designer from the Chinese mainland shared details about the series.作为唯一以一个国家的文化和故事为基础开发的系列,该系列将于明年迎来五周年。该公司还在展位上举办了一场研讨会,该集团的设计大师和该公司首位来自中国大陆的设计师分享了有关该系列的细节。Zhang Shixuan, Reporter张诗旋本台记者Since China announced the goal of reaching peak carbon emissions by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060, green development has been among consumer brands’ top priorities. This year, clothing, cosmetics and sporting brands are all showing off their latest eco-friendly initiatives.自中国宣布 2030 年达到碳排放峰值、2060 年实现碳中和的目标以来,绿色发展一直是消费品牌的首要任务。今年,服装、化妆品和运动品牌都展示了其最新的环保举措。Japanese sporting brand ASICS made the China debut of a pair of running shoes at the expo, whose shoe midsoles use an eco-friendly material that helps reduce the carbon footprint of the whole production process.日本运动品牌亚瑟士(ASICS)在进博会上进行了一款跑鞋的中国首秀,其鞋垫使用了环保材料,有助于减少整个生产过程的碳足迹。Tsuyoshi Nishiwaki, Senior Managing Director of ASICS Greater China西胁刚史亚瑟士大中华区资深董事总经理“We started the local production from 2020. So that means China specific products for the Chinese market, and specific services. Basketball, volleyball, tennis and table tennis and badminton. So by introducing our specific technology and our specific material, we produce high functionality product for Chinese consumer.”"我们从 2020 年开始本土化生产。这就意味着要为中国市场提供特定的产品和特定的服务。篮球、排球、网球、乒乓球和羽毛球。因此,通过引进我们特定的技术和特定的材料,我们为中国消费者生产高功能的产品。"Japanese cosmetics group Shiseido is making the first appearance of its latest move in sustainable development outside Japan - a new technology takes helps make the bottle of one of its iconic products 100% recycable.日本化妆品集团资生堂(Shiseido)首次在日本境外展示其可持续发展方面的最新举措——一项有助于使其标志性产品之一的瓶子实现 100% 可回收的新技术。Toshinobu Umetsu, President & CEO of Shiseido China梅津利信资生堂中国区总裁兼首席执行官“After being exhibited in the CIIE, we plan to launch these services at the Pudong department store in Shanghai. Of course, we are recognized little bit of changes in the market in the short term but we are strongly believe that China market is strong to further grow. We have a determine to invest with the confidence to China markets.”“在中国国际进口博览会上展出之后,我们计划在上海浦东百货商店推出这些服务。当然,我们也意识到市场在短期内会发生一些变化,但我们坚信中国市场的发展潜力巨大。我们对投资中国市场充满信心。”And Canadian apparel【服装】maker Canada Goose was also among the many brands showcasing their iconic products at this year’s event.加拿大服装制造商加拿大鹅(Canada Goose)也是在今年活动中展示其标志性产品的众多品牌之一。Dani Reiss, CEO of Canada Goose丹尼·瑞斯加拿大鹅首席执行官“We’ve been in China for five years. We’ve opened close to 30 stores now. China as a percentage of our sales has become a material part of our sales. Last quarter China grew 60% over the last year quarter on quarter. And I think it’s very important for international brands to attend conferences like that and to be a part of the ecosystem here in China.”“我们进入中国市场已经五年了。我们现在已经开设了近 30 家门店。中国市场占我们销售额的比例已成为我们销售额的重要组成部分。上个季度,中国的销售额比去年同期增长了 60%。我认为国际品牌参加这样的博览会并成为中国生态系统的一部分非常重要。”In June the company announced its collaboration with the Sanjiangyuan National Park in Qinghai Province to work on preserving ecological and biological diversity, which is its first ever Corporate Social Responsibility programme outside North America.6 月,该公司宣布与青海省三江源国家公园合作,致力于保护生态和生物多样性,这是该公司在北美以外地区开展的首个企业社会责任项目。#热词加油站laureate/ˈlɒriət/【荣誉获得者】cement /sɪˈment/【加强】one-off/ˌwʌn ˈɒf/【一次性事物】apparel/əˈpærəl/【服装】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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11/07 TOP NEWS|习近平会见古巴塞尔维亚澳大利亚总理/奢侈品牌齐聚进博/拉法口岸开放

NEWS ON 11/071. XI MEETS LEADERS OF CUBA, SEBIA AND AUSTRALIA习近平分别会见古巴总理、塞尔维亚总理、澳大利亚总理2. LUXURY BRANDS TAPPING INTO LOCAL DESIGNERS' TALENT奢侈品牌齐聚进博,纷纷强调“中国元素”3.RAFAH CROSSING REOPENS TO WOUNDED AND FOREIGN PASSPORT HOLDERS拉法口岸对伤者和外国护照持有者恢复开放-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. XI MEETS LEADERS OF CUBA, SEBIA AND AUSTRALIA习近平分别会见古巴总理、塞尔维亚总理、澳大利亚总理President Xi Jinping yesterday met the prime ministers of Cuba, Serbia and Australia at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Sun Siqi has more.国家主席习近平昨日在人民大会堂分别会见了古巴总理、塞尔维亚总理和澳大利亚总理。记者孙思奇带来更多报道。While meeting Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz, Xi noted China and Cuba are good friends, comrades【同志】, and brothers. Xi said China welcomed strengthening bilateral cooperation, especially in the fields of agriculture, tourism, health, science and technology, information and communication.在会见古巴总理曼努埃尔·马雷罗·克鲁斯时,习近平指出,中国和古巴是好朋友、好同志、好兄弟。习近平表示,中方欢迎加强双边合作,特别是农业、旅游、卫生、科技、信息通信等领域合作。Marrero said Cuba is willing to work with China on the Belt and Road Initiative, deepen practical cooperation in various fields, as well as strengthen communication and coordination in international and regional affairs. 马雷罗表示,古巴愿同中方共同推进“一带一路”倡议,深化各领域务实合作,加强在国际和地区事务中的沟通协调。While meeting Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, Xi said China and Serbia are "iron friends" who have stood together through thick and thin. He called on the two nations to build and operate major projects, as well as promote the early start of the China-Serbia free trade agreement. 在会见塞尔维亚总理阿娜·布尔纳比奇时,习近平说,中塞是风雨同舟的铁杆朋友。他呼吁两国建设和运营好重大项目,并推动中塞自由贸易协定早日启动。Brnabic said China had become Serbia's largest investment partner, noting Serbia looks forward to continuing mutual support with China, and deepening cooperation in science, technology, culture and other fields.  布尔纳比奇说,中国已成为塞尔维亚最大的投资伙伴,塞尔维亚期待同中国继续相互支持,深化科技、文化等领域合作。While meeting Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Xi said China and Australia have resumed exchanges in various fields and embarked on the right path of improving relations thanks to work on both sides. Xi said in the Asia-Pacific region, China does not engage in exclusive cliques, bloc politics, or camp confrontation【对抗】. And China is ready to carry out more trilateral and multilateral cooperation with Australia to support South Pacific countries in maintaining peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region through openness and inclusiveness【包容性】.  在会见澳大利亚总理安东尼·阿尔巴尼斯时,习近平说,中澳两国恢复了各领域交流,并在双方努力下走上了改善关系的正确道路。习近平说,中国在亚太地区不搞排他性小圈子,不搞集团政治,不搞阵营对抗。中方愿同澳方开展更多三边和多边合作,以开放包容的姿态支持南太平洋国家维护亚太地区和平稳定。Albanese said as Australia and China have different political systems, it is normal for differences to occur, but these should not be allowed to define the relationship. Australia and China share extensive common interests, and dialogue and cooperation is the right choice.阿尔巴尼斯说,澳中两国政治体制不同,出现分歧是正常的,但不应因此而影响两国关系。他补充道,澳中两国拥有广泛的共同利益,对话与合作是正确的选择。2.LUXURY BRANDS TAPPING INTO LOCAL DESIGNERS' TALENT奢侈品牌齐聚进博,纷纷强调“中国元素”Luxury brands facing pressure from the global economic situation are using the CIIE to push deeper into the Chinese market. Zhang Shixiuan reports. 面临全球经济形势压力的奢侈品牌正利用中国国际进口博览会深入中国市场。记者张诗旋带来报道。This year bringing 12 of its brands, LVMH is participating at the China International Import Expo for the 4th time. 2 of its brands are joining for the first time. Some of them feature products with a distinctly Chinese style, created in partership with local artists.今年,LVMH集团携旗下12个品牌第四次参加中国国际进口博览会。有2个品牌是首次参展。其中一些品牌的产品具有鲜明的中国风格,是与当地艺术家合作创作的。Ludovic Watine-Arnault, Chief of Delegation for CIIE 2023, LVMHLudovic Watine-Arnault 2023年进博会路威酩轩集团代表“We value very much the relationship that we have with our Chinese client and our Chinese partners. Chinese consumers are one of the more discerning【敏锐的】 and the more well educated about luxury in general and our brand. So in terms of future strategy, we will continue to invest on local events. We want to continue to deploy specially made experiences through product, exhibitions, shows, as well as infrastructure. In a few years, DFS will open what will likely be one of the most beautiful malls in Hainan in Ha Long Bay.”“我们非常重视与中国客户和中国合作伙伴的关系。中国消费者的眼光比较独到,对奢侈品和我们的品牌也比较了解。因此,就未来战略而言,我们将继续投资于本地活动。我们希望继续通过产品、展览、演出以及基础设施来打造特别的体验。几年后,将在海南最漂亮的购物中心之一开设DFS。”The multinational conglomerate【企业集团】 now has more than 1,300 stores in China, covering 46 individual brands.这家跨国企业集团目前在中国拥有1300多家门店,涵盖46个独立品牌。Zhang Shixuan, Reporter张诗旋 记者“The China luxury market had been surging, with the market doubling between 2019 and 2021. That's according to a report released by Bain & Company. But that growth streak ended in 2022 when the personal luxury market contracted 10% year-on-year. In 2022, nearly every luxury category and most brands experienced their first major decline in five years. But the report says, 2022 was a reset, not a the start of a major downturn. Growth will resume in this year now that China has lifted all its travel restrictions.”“中国奢侈品市场一直在飙升,2019年至2021年间市场规模将翻一番,根据贝恩公司发布的报告显示。但这一增长势头在2022年终止,个人奢侈品市场同比萎缩了10%。2022年,几乎所有奢侈品类别和大多数品牌都经历了五年来的首次大幅下滑。但报告称,2022年是重启,而不是大衰退的开始。现在中国已经取消了所有的旅行限制,今年将恢复增长。”Yann Bozec, President and CEO, Coach China杨葆焱 Coach中国区总裁兼首席执行官“We've been with a coach brand for the Tapestry Group in China for more than two decades. We have experienced ups and down and we know that it will be like that. We don't see China only as a market. We see China first as a source of inspiration as it was exemplified, many collaboration that we're doing with Chinese designer and Chinese artist. Now the market may be a little bit more soft, but we're still very optimistic about the continuous growth.We discuss and we disclose last year that we committed to open 100 store over the next three years. And I'm very pleased to recall now that for the fiscal year, Tapestry opened 37 stores. So we are very well on track and we continue to have a very strong optimism for the Chinese economy.”“我们与中国泰佩思琦集团的Coach品牌已经合作了二十多年。经历了起起伏伏,我们知道未来也会如此。我们不仅仅将中国视为一个市场。我们首先将中国视为灵感的源泉,我们与中国设计师和中国艺术家的许多合作就是例证。现在市场可能有点疲软,但我们对持续增长仍然非常乐观。去年,我们讨论并透露,我们承诺在未来三年内开设100家门店。我很高兴地告诉大家,在本财年,泰佩思琦已经开设了37家门店。因此,我们的发展非常顺利,我们对中国经济依然非常乐观。”Tapestry brought new spin-off brand to the import expo for the first time this year, with all products made from recyclable materials to highlight its committment to green development. Yann said that the company is also engaged in finding new partners, including more from China.   今年,泰佩思琦集团首次在进口博览会上带来了新的衍生品牌,所有产品均由可回收材料制成,以彰显其对绿色发展的承诺。杨葆焱表示,公司还在寻找新的合作伙伴,包括更多来自中国的合作伙伴。3. RAFAH CROSSING REOPENS TO WOUNDED AND FOREIGN PASSPORT HOLDERS拉法口岸对伤者和外国护照持有者恢复开放The transfer of wounded Palestinians from Gaza to Egypt for medical treatment as well as the exit of foreign nationals, resumed on Monday after being suspended for three days. Stephen Rancourt tells us more.将受伤的巴勒斯坦人从加沙转移到埃及接受治疗以及外国公民出境的工作在暂停三天后于周一恢复。记者Stephen Rancourt带来更多报道。Earlier on Monday, the government media office in Gaza said that any efforts to take convoys of wounded to the Rafah crossing and into Egypt must be accompanied by Red Cross and United Nations vehicles, to ensure their protection and safety.周一早时,加沙政府媒体办公室表示,任何将伤员送往拉法过境点和埃及的车队都必须由红十字会和联合国车辆陪同,以确保伤员的保护和安全。It took four failed attempts before Suzan Beseiso was able to get through the crossing and escape the aerial bombardment of the Gaza Strip. The 31-year-old Palestinian American, is just one of several hundred foreign passport holders allowed to leave the enclave through the Rafah crossing. 经过四次失败的尝试,苏珊·贝塞苏才得以通过过境点,逃离对加沙地带的空中轰炸。这位31岁的巴勒斯坦裔美国人是获准通过拉法口岸离开的数百名外国护照持有者之一。Suzan Beseido, Palestinian American贝赛苏 美国籍巴勒斯坦人“I just got my passport stamped from the Palestinian side and waiting to board on the bus to be evacuated on the Egyptian side. This is one of the toughest days of my life to be leaving my family, my friends and my hometown. ”“我刚刚在护照上敲好了章等着上车前往埃及一侧,这是我一生中最艰难的一天,我要离开家人、朋友和故乡了”Israeli warplanes on Friday struck an ambulance convoy carrying wounded Palestinians to the Rafah border crossing, killing 6 people. The Israeli military said the ambulance was being used by Hamas fighters to transport militants and weapons, adding that several Hamas fighters were killed in the operation. 以色列战机周五袭击了一个运送巴勒斯坦伤员前往拉法边境口岸的救护车车队,造成6人死亡。以色列军方称,这辆救护车被哈马斯战士用来运送武装分子和武器,并补充说有几名哈马斯战士在这次行动中丧生。The exit of the wounded as well as foreign passport holders out of Gaza was suspended following the incident.  事件发生后,伤员和外国护照持有者暂停离开加沙。The Israeli military said today that it has taken control of a Hamas military stronghold in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. The IDF reported they had struck two cells as well as a number of militants in a building adjacent to the al-Quds hospital. 以色列军方今天说,他们已经控制了哈马斯在加沙地带北部的一个军事据点。以色列国防军报告说,他们击中了两个小组以及圣城医院附近一栋建筑中的一些武装分子。UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Monday that the unfolding catastrophe in Gaza makes a humanitarian cease-fire more urgent with every passing hour. 联合国秘书长安东尼奥·古特雷斯(Antonio Guterres)周一表示,加沙正在发生的灾难使得人道主义停火愈发迫切。Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General古特雷斯 联合国秘书长“Gaza is becoming a graveyard【墓地】 for children. Hundreds of girls and boys are reportedly being killed or injured every day. The way forward is clear. A humanitarian ceasefire, now. All parties respecting all their obligations under international humanitarian law, now. ”“加沙正在成为儿童坟场。据报道,每天都有数百名儿童伤亡,前进的道路是明确的,立刻实现人道主义停火,各方立刻遵守国际人道主义法规定的所有义务”Both Israel and Hamas have rebuffed mounting calls for a halt in the fighting. Israel says the hostages must be released first. Hamas says it will not free any hostages or stop fighting while Gaza is under attack. 以色列和哈马斯都拒绝了越来越多要求停止战斗的呼吁。以色列说,必须首先释放人质。哈马斯则表示,在加沙受到攻击的情况下,它不会释放任何人质,也不会停止战斗。Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister内塔尼亚胡 以色列总理“There'll be no ceasefire, no general ceasefire in Gaza without the release of our hostages 【人质】. As far as tactical little pauses, an hour here, an hour there, we've had them before, I suppose we'll check the circumstances in order to enable goods, humanitarian goods to come in or individual hostages to leave. ”“不释放我们的人质就不会有停火,加沙地带不会有全面停火,至于战术上的小停顿,这里一小时 那里一小时,我们以前实施过,我想我们会根据情况以便人道主义物资进入,或者个别人质离开”Netanyahu also said that he anticipates Israel will have "the overall security responsibility in Gaza" after the war ends. 内塔尼亚胡还说,他预计以色列将在战争结束后“全面负责加沙的安全”。#热词加油站comrades /ˈkɒmrɪdz/【同志】confrontation /ˌkɒnfrʌnˈteɪʃn/【对抗】inclusiveness /ɪnˈkluːsɪvnəs/【包容性】discerning /dɪˈsɜːnɪŋ/【敏锐的】conglomerate /kənˈɡlɒmərət/【企业集团】graveyard /ˈɡreɪvjɑːd/【墓地】hostages /ˈhɒstɪdʒɪz/【人质】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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11/06 TOP NEWS|跨国药企在进博/澳总理访华/进博会为新西兰出口商提供重要平台

NEWS ON 11/061.PHARMACEUTICAL FIRMS SHOWCASE DIGITAL HEALTH MANAGEMENT TOOLS AT CIIE数字化、智能化、本土化、进博会上,全球药械企业重押中国2.AUSTRALIAN PM VISITS CHINA, CALLS FOR COOPERATION澳总理访华,多谈合作才是正确方向3.CIIE: A GO-TO PLACE FOR NEW ZEALAND EXPORTERS进博会为新西兰出口商提供重要平台-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. PHARMACEUTICAL FIRMS SHOWCASE DIGITAL HEALTH MANAGEMENT TOOLS AT CIIE数字化、智能化、本土化、进博会上,全球药械企业重押中国Central precocious【早熟的】 puberty【青春期】 is a condition where a child's body begins changing into an adult's too soon. It can cause a child to stop growing at an early age. Recent studies show this condition is increasing in China, affecting up to 1 percent of children. 中枢性性早熟是指儿童的身体过早开始向成人变化。它会导致儿童过早停止生长。最近的研究表明,这种疾病在中国呈上升趋势,受影响儿童的比例高达1%。Takeda has an app that when combined with its urine test strip can help parents check whether their kids may be at risk for precocious puberty, or monitor their kids' hormone【激素】levels if their kids are already being treated. 武田制药推出了一款应用程序,如果与尿液试纸结合使用,可以帮助家长检查孩子是否有性早熟的风险,或者孩子已经接受治疗,app可以监测孩子的激素水平。Owen Gu, Head of Data, Digital & Tech Takeda China顾青 武田中国数字化科技团队负责人“In traditional healthcare, this would mean many hospital visits for a young patient and their family. With this, one can visualize the process of their treatment at home. We expect the app to undergo assessment by China's medical regulator next year. ”“在传统的医疗保健中,这意味着年轻的病人及其家人需要多次到医院就诊。有了这款软件,人们就可以在家里直观地了解治疗过程。我们预计,这款应用将于明年接受中国医疗监管机构的评估。”Years ago at the CIIE, Takeda showcased computer software for doctors of hemophilia A patients to calculate how much blood clotting agent a patient should be inject with and the frequency. Today, the drugmaker unveiled a new version in the form of a smartphone app that the patient can download and calculate for themselves.多年前,武田制药曾在进博会展示过一款电脑软件,供A型血友病患者的医生计算患者应注射多少凝血剂以及注射频率。今天,这家药企推出了新版本的手机应用程序,患者可以下载并自行计算。Danish company Novo Nordisk developed an insulin pen and app for diabetes patients. Place the pen's sensor near the smartphone, and the app notes the amount of insulin in this injection and the time. Also input exercise and blood sugar measurements over the day, and it generates a curve that helps the patient visualize and manage their blood sugar levels. 丹麦的诺和诺德公司为糖尿病患者开发了茵诺胰岛素笔APP。将笔的传感器放在手机附近,应用程序就会记录下这次注射的胰岛素量和时间。同时输入一天中的运动量和血糖测量值,它就会生成一条曲线,帮助患者直观地了解和管理自己的血糖水平。Zhou Xiaping, President, Novo Nordisk China周霞萍 诺和诺德全球高级副总裁兼中国区总裁“We understand the China market as the leader of innovations in digital healthcare. We'd like to work out more digital healthcare solutions that are most needed in this market. ”“中国已成为数字科技的全球创新引领者 希望借力进博合作强磁场 与更多伙伴共同打造中国定制、全球领先的数字化健康解决方案。”Pharmaceutical【制药的】 companies say the goal of these tools is to reduce hospital visits, and eventually be able to conduct some tests at home and have the app interpret the result. 制药公司表示,这些工具的目标是减少医院就诊次数,最终能够在家里进行一些测试,并由app解释结果。2.AUSTRALIAN PM VISITS CHINA, CALLS FOR COOPERATION澳总理访华,多谈合作才是正确方向Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is now on a four-day visit to China. He's the first Australian prime minister to visit China in seven years, as the two nations look to shore up relations. Ying Junyi has more.澳大利亚总理安东尼·阿尔巴尼斯正在对中国进行为期四天的访问。他是七年来首位访华的澳大利亚总理,两国正寻求巩固关系。记者应俊一带来更多报道。During his visit, the two countries are set to "have an in-depth exchange of views on bilateral issues as well as on international and regional issues of common concern." Albanese attended the opening ceremony of the CIIE, and several business events are being held on the sidelines as well. He says he is looking forward to "constructive economic engagement" between the two countries. Tourism is one aspect of it. 访问期间,两国将“就双边关系及共同关心的国际和地区问题深入交换意见”。阿尔巴尼斯总理出席了中国国际进口博览会”开幕式,博览会期间还将举办多项商务活动。他表示,期待着两国之间“建设性的经济交往”。旅游业是其中的一个方面。Anthony Albanese, Prime Minister of Australia安东尼·阿尔巴尼斯 澳大利亚总理“In 2019, China was Australia's number one tourism market. With travel between China and Australia resuming this year, we are so excited about the return of Chinese travelers. That is why we launched our global tourism campaign right here.”“2019年,中国成为澳大利亚第一大旅游市场。今年,中澳两国之间的旅游重新恢复,我们对中国游客的回归感到非常兴奋。因此,我们在这里启动了全球旅游宣传活动。”It's also about foreign trade. Traded goods and services have rocketed between the two countries since the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement came into force in 2015. Also, more than 250 Australian companies are attending this year's CIIE, presenting products from seafood and beef to wine and iron ore. 两国交往也与对外贸易有关。自《中澳自由贸易协定》于2015年生效以来,两国之间的货物和服务贸易额激增。此外,250多家澳大利亚公司将参加今年的中国国际进口博览会,展示从海鲜和牛肉到葡萄酒和铁矿石等产品。Anthony Albanese, Prime Minister of Australia安东尼·阿尔巴尼斯 澳大利亚总理“China is our largest trading partner and will remain so for the foreseeable future, even as we like all countries seek to diversify our trade. Since the free trade agreement came into force, Australian exports to China have more than doubled, while Chinese exports to Australia have increased by almost 80 percent, benefiting consumers and businesses in both countries.”“中国是我们最大的贸易伙伴,在可预见的未来仍将如此。尽管我们和所有国家一样,都在努力实现贸易多元化。自《自由贸易协定生效》以来,澳大利亚对中国的出口增长了一倍多,而中国对澳大利亚的出口增长了近80%,两国的消费者和企业都从中受益。”During the visit, the two countries have also discussed cooperating on dealing with climate change and other challenges including those in the agricultural and art sectors. 在访问期间,两国还讨论了合作应对气候变化和其他挑战的问题,包括农业和艺术领域的挑战。3. CIIE: A GO-TO PLACE FOR NEW ZEALAND EXPORTERS进博会为新西兰出口商提供重要平台At the 6th China International Import Expo, some New Zealand companies are showing from their specialities here, and building on their previous expo achievements. Zhang Shixuan reports. 在第六届中国国际进口博览会上,一些新西兰公司展示了自己的特色产品,并在上届进博会取得的成绩基础上再接再厉。记者张诗旋带来报道。Well known cute and gentle nature, alpacas are loved by many people. And while you might expect to see them in the highlands of South America, you can also find them grazing on Shanghai's Chongming Island. Opened just this year, it's the first urban alpaca-themed ranch in China - a cooperation between a Chinese alpaca keeper from the Inner Mongolia and a New Zealand firm羊驼天性温顺可爱,深受人们喜爱。虽然您可能会在南美洲的高原上看到它们,但在上海崇明岛,也能看到它们吃草的身影。这是中国首个以羊驼为主题的城市牧场,由来自内蒙古的中国羊驼饲养者和新西兰的一家公司合作建成。Zhang Shixuan, Reporter张诗旋 记者“Look how cute the alpaca toy is! I'm at the consumer goods pavilion at the CIIE. This booth is all about alpaca fibre【纤维】 products - from the New Zealand partner of that alpaca farm in Shanghai's Chongming District.”“看,多可爱的羊驼玩具!我在中国国际进口博览会的消费品展馆。这个展台展示的都是羊驼纤维产品——来自上海崇明区羊驼农场的新西兰合作伙伴。”Duvets, blankets, and coats... All made with alpaca wool from New Zealand.羽绒被、毛毯和大衣…全部采用新西兰羊驼毛制成。Eric Geng, Executive Director , Pacific Alpacas Hometex Group耿聪 太平洋羊驼家纺集团(新西兰)“During these two years, we have set up a number of offline stores either in Shanghai and Shandong province and also Hainan Province. And also we have some cooperation with the local distributors in China market.”“这两年,我们在上海、山东和海南省建立了多家线下门店。此外,我们还与中国市场的当地经销商开展了一些合作。”And they are not just simply importing the alpaca wool. They are accelerating the pace of local manufacturing.他们不仅进口羊驼毛。它们正在加快本地制造的步伐。Dmitri Prokopenko, Operation Director, Pacific Alpacas德米特里·波普科 新西兰太平洋羊驼集团品牌联合创始人、品牌运营总监“Before it was a hundred percent New Zealand production right now we bring in part of production to China so it's probably like 30 to 70% comparison. And we wish to bring more fiber and produce in China because we can speed up and scale it way bigger here in China. Definitely China production, it's top one in the world. You cannot scale so much in New Zealand. The amount of people in New Zealand is very limited. So it's more professional. Everything happening way faster here than in New Zealand. ”“以前,我们百分之百在新西兰生产,现在,我们将部分产品引入中国,因此,与新西兰相比,中国占30% 至70%。我们希望在中国生产更多的纤维,因为我们可以在中国加快生产速度,扩大生产规模。中国的产量绝对是世界第一。在新西兰,你不可能扩大这么大的规模。新西兰的人口数量非常有限。所以这里更专业。这里的一切都比新西兰快得多。”Zhang Shixuan, Reporter张诗旋 记者The company's business seems pretty diverse now. But things weren't like this 2 years ago, when the tourism industry in New Zealand suffered from the pandemic. Attending the CIIE has been a turning point - entering into the China market. 现在,公司的业务非常多样化。但两年前的情况并非如此,当时新西兰的旅游业受到了疫情影响。参加中国国际进口博览会是一个转折点——进入中国市场。Eric Geng, Executive Director , Pacific Alpacas Hometex Group耿聪 太平洋羊驼家纺集团(新西兰)“It's very over our expectation because at the first year when we join CIIE, we only have 9 square meters in here. But during three days, we sold out all our products in just 3 days. And this year we have independent store, which is 36 square meters in CIIE this year. New Zealand is a very small country and it's also export oriented market. But for China is a big consumer market. So we see this is a huge potential opportunity for the New Zealand company who want to enter China market, who want to explore more consumers in the China market.”“这超出了我们的预期,因为第一年参加进博会时,我们在这里只有9平方米。但在三天时间里,我们的产品就销售一空。今年,我们在进博会有一家独立店,面积有36平方米。新西兰是一个很小的国家,也是一个出口导向型市场。但中国是一个很大的消费市场。因此,我们认为这对于想进入中国市场、想在中国市场开拓更多消费者的新西兰公司来说,是一个巨大的潜在机会。”In just 3 years, half of the company's business already comes from China. And it aims to increase that to 70 percent after this year's CIIE. Embracing the achievements from the import expo and highlighting the importance of the China market, the company has brought several paintings, illustrating the friendship between China and New Zealand to this year's expo. 在短短三年时间里,该公司已有一半的业务来自中国。该公司的目标是在今年的进博会后将这一比例提高到70%。为了迎接进博会的成果,突出中国市场的重要性,该公司在今年的博览会上带来了几幅展现中新友谊的画作。Some more well known New Zealand companies have been regular participants at the event, where Dairy giant Fonterra will bring 2 brand new products to China at this year's expo.一些知名的新西兰公司也经常参加本次进博会,其中乳制品巨头恒天然集团将在本届博览会上为中国带来两款全新产品。Teh-han Chow, Chief Executive Officer, Greater China , Fonterra周德汉 恒天然大中华区首席执行官“we can see that consumer sales have grown in the market, generally speaking, nearly 7%. Obviously, we have benefited from a lot from the free trade agreement that China and New Zealand signed many years ago and we will see many of our products become duty free come January one of 2024. So I think that the more trade agreements and the more economic cooperation that we can see amongst nations will benefit all of us in terms of being able to bring new products to consumers that they need and that they want.”“我们可以看到,市场上的消费者销售额普遍增长了近7%。显然,我们从中国和新西兰多年前签署的《自由贸易协定》中获益良多,我们将看到我们的许多产品在2024年1月1日成为免税产品。因此,我认为,贸易协定越多,国家之间的经济合作越多,我们就越能为消费者带来他们需要和想要的新产品,这对所有人都有好处。”Since 2014, Fonterra has opened application centres in China including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Shenzhen, as part of its localization strategy.自2014年以来,恒天然在中国上海、北京、广州、成都和深圳等地开设了应用中心,这是其本地化战略的一部分。China has become the largest export market and source of imports for New Zealand, with bilateral trade volume reaching 25 billion US dollars in 2022. This year, China and New Zealand have agreed to scale up bilateral【双方的】 trade and bolster cooperation in e-commerce, trade in services, the green economy and establish a dialogue mechanism for new energy vehicles. 中国已成为新西兰最大的出口市场和进口来源国,2022年双边贸易额将达到250亿美元。今年,中新双方同意扩大双边贸易规模,加强在电子商务、服务贸易、绿色经济等领域的合作,并建立新能源汽车对话机制。#热词加油站puberty /ˈpjuːbəti/【青春期】precocious /prɪˈkəʊʃəs/【早熟的】hormone /ˈhɔːməʊn/【激素】Pharmaceutical /ˌfɑːməˈsuːtɪkl/【制药的】fibre /ˈfaɪbə(r) /【纤维】bilateral /ˌbaɪˈlætərəl/【双方的】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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11/05 TOP NEWS|进博会布展完成/贺绿汀120周年诞辰活动/本地进口商受益于进博会

NEWS ON 11/031.EXHIBITORS BUSY FINETUNING THEIR EXHIBITS FOR 6TH CIIE展品总体完成布设,第六届进博会“整装待发”2.EXHIBITION PROVIDES A GLIMPSE OF MUSICIAN HE LUTING'S LIFE “纪念贺绿汀120周年诞辰特展”系列活动在沪揭幕3.LOCAL IMPORTERS BENEFITED FROM CIIE本地进口商受益于中国进博会-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. EXHIBITORS BUSY FINETUNING THEIR EXHIBITS FOR 6TH CIIE展品总体完成布设,第六届进博会“整装待发”Some exhibitors are fine tuning their displays across the various display sections at the CIIE, which officially opens on Sunday. Sun Siqi has more...第六届中国国际进口博览会将于本周日正式开幕,一些参展商正在对各个展区的展品进行布置。记者孙思奇带来更多报道。At the venue's center square, the Shanghai pavilion【看台】is ready to open again with 90 local brands, including time-honored names, in cosmetics, chinaware and traditional Chinese medicine. The center square is usually reserved for pavilions from Chinese provincial regions, where local businesses display their specialties. But this year's Shanghai pavilion will add international purchase section. 在国家会展中心的中央广场,上海馆已准备就绪,将再次开放90个本地品牌,包括化妆品、瓷器和中药等老字号。中央广场通常留给中国各省区的展馆,当地企业在此展示自己的特色产品。但今年的上海馆将增加“国际采购”展区。The floor and wall covers around the booths had been removed at the automobile section, though the car covers are still there, including on this "Mission X" model by Porsche. Almost all major automakers brought their new electric models. Most of them feature smart driving capabilities. 在汽车展区,展台周围的地板和墙壁上的遮盖物已经被拆除,但汽车的遮盖物还在,包括保时捷Mission X概念车。几乎所有汽车制造商都带来了自己的新型电动车型。其中大部分都具有智能驾驶功能。Zhang Shipeng, Public Affairs Director, Mobis张世鹏 摩比斯公共事务总监“It's our 4th CIIE. We're showing a collection of our latest technologies, including our Mixed Reality display system. Our components will be in future driverless vehicles. ”“我们第四次参加进博会,它主要集成了摩比斯今年开发的主要的新技术,混合现实显示系统,这些新技术主要用于搭载在无人驾驶的车辆上”Lego, which hasn't missed a single CIIE, is going to be greeting visitors with a gigantic 110,000-block heart. 乐高集团从未缺席过任何一届进博会,今年它将用一颗11万块乐高颗粒拼出的“玩乐之心”迎接参观者。Luo Yue, 3D Model Designer,LEGO Group Jiaxing Factory罗悦 乐高集团嘉兴工厂3D模型设计师“This was created by 18 block builders from China and Czech Republic. It's 4.6 meters high, it's the tallest sculpture we've ever displayed at the CIIE, it was particularly challenging to construct.” “18位来自中国嘉兴和捷克的拼搭师共同设计完成的。难度在于它特别高,高达4.6米,是我们从第一届(进博会)开始到现在搭的最高的一次乐高模型”In the incubation【孵化】section for fledgling businesses, the Northern Europe Innovation Center brought 50 companies, a significant improvement from less than 10 when they attended the CIIE for the first time. The trade group decided to host a "University Startup World Cup" final at their booth during this year's Import Expo. A Swiss air-purifier company will showcase its new air purifier that was updated from a product that it has presented at last CIIE. 在创新孵化专区部,北欧创新中心有50家公司。与首次参加中国进博会时的不足10家相比,有了显著提高。该行业组织决定在今年的进口博览会期间在其展位上举办“大学生创业世界杯”决赛。一家瑞士空气净化器公司将展示其在上届中国国际进口博览会上推出的新款空气净化器。Last but not the least, a variety of fruit finally arrived at the site right before the expo opens to ensure freshness. Benin's sugarloaf pineapple that just received import approval in September will make its first appearance in China at the CIIE.最后,各种水果在进博会开幕前运抵现场,以确保新鲜。今年9月刚刚获得进口许可的贝宁鲜食菠萝将在中国国际进口博览会上首次亮相。2.EXHIBITION PROVIDES A GLIMPSE OF MUSICIAN HE LUTING'S LIFE “纪念贺绿汀120周年诞辰特展”系列活动在沪揭幕An exhibition commemorating the 120th Anniversary of the acclaimed musician He Luting opened today at Shanghai Library's Pudong branch, offering a glimpse into the life of the respected composer and educator. Reporter Zhang Yue takes a look.纪念著名音乐家贺绿汀诞120周年展览今天在上海图书馆浦东分馆开幕,让人们一睹这位令人尊敬的作曲家和教育家的生平。记者张乐带您一探究竟。Music scores, records, and furniture from different periods of He's life are on display at the exhibition. Video and books also show the life of the musician and his artistic achievements. By scanning this QR code, visitors will be able to hear "Buffalo Boy's Flute", a piano song created by He in 1934. 展览展出了贺绿汀不同时期的乐谱、唱片和家具。视频和书籍也展示了这位音乐家的生平及其艺术成就。扫描这个二维码,参观者就能听到贺绿汀于1934年创作的钢琴曲《牧童短笛》。With this song, He became the first Chinese composer to gain fame globally by winning a contest sponsored【赞助】 and judged by the Russian composer Alexander Tcherepnin. Born in Hunan Province, He started composing music for Chinese movies in the 1930s. 在俄罗斯作曲家亚历山大·特切列普宁主办并担任评委的比赛中,贺绿汀凭借这首歌曲一举夺魁,成为第一位蜚声国际的中国作曲家。贺绿汀出生于湖南,20 世纪30年代开始为中国电影作曲。Cai Yuan, Student, SH Conservatory of Music蔡元 上海音乐学院学生 “My classmates and I just went to visit He's hometown in summer. As a student vocalist, his spirit of pursuing music and art until his death is an inspiration.”“我们在学校组织的暑期实践中,我们去了韶东的故居,我就是非常有感触的是乘风破浪的精神,不懈的坚持努力。”A concert was also held by teachers and students from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music to commemorate【纪念】He, who was appointed director of the university in 1949, he kept the post until his retirement in 1984. The main concert hall at the university, the oldest of its kind in China, is named after him.上海音乐学院的师生们还举办了一场音乐会,纪念1949年被任命为上海音乐学院院长的贺绿汀。上海音乐学院的主音乐厅是中国最古老的音乐厅,以他的名字命名。Changyong, President,SH Conservatory of Music廖昌永 上海音乐学院 院长“Art and music are not only for professionals, but for the public and all of society. This is why music composition has to be easy to understand, as it is going to arouse people's emotions more easily. This is why we have opened our campus to the public last year, so that people can walk into the university to feel the charm of music. ”“我们的音乐创作,音乐表演不只是给专业观众看的,其实我们的音乐作品是服务于社会,让大家都能听得懂,激发起大家的共同情感。所以在我们去年上海音乐学院对外开放,校园开放其实也是本着这样一个理念,让人们走进大学,感受音乐的魅力。”The exhibition's name "Truth", comes from the Chinese 'Bao Zhen' 抱真, the alias that He gave to himself, representing a spirit of chasing truth his whole life. He's best-known work includes "Song of the Four Seasons" and "The Wandering Songstress," both composed for the 1937 movie "Street Angel" and sung by Zhou Xuan.展览的名称“真理”来自中文“包真”,包真是贺绿汀给自己起的别名,代表了他一生追求真理的精神。他最著名的作品包括《四季歌》和《天涯歌女》,这两首歌都是为 1937 年的电影《马路天使》而作,由周璇演唱。3. LOCAL IMPORTERS BENEFITED FROM CIIE本地进口商受益于中国进博会The 6th China International Import Expo is just 2 days away. While international companies and brands have been obvious beneficiaries from the expo, some local importers have also been making some gains. Zhang Shixuan has more.还有两天,第六届中国国际进口博览会就要开幕了。在国际企业和品牌成为博览会明显受益者的同时,一些本土进口商也有所收获。记者张诗旋带来更多报道。A foreign trade business specialist for 3 decades, Pan Qi had her professional career dominated by textile exports until 6 years ago. But since the 1st China International Import Expo held in Shanghai in 2018, things have changed—from an export to an import business.潘琦是一名从事了30年外贸业务的专家,6年前,她的职业生涯一直以纺织品出口为主。但自2018年首届中国国际进口博览会在上海举办以来,情况发生了变化——从出口业务变成了进口业务。Pan Qi, Marketing Manager, Orient Enterprise 潘琦 东方伟业有限公司市场部经理“As domestic costs increase, the profit for traditional general trading has become lower. So a large batch of foreign trade business staff had to adapt. And the CIIE is a good opportunity for us to shift from export to import.”“国内的成本高了以后,我们一般的传统贸易可能会利润空间越来越小,我们大家一大批老的外贸业务员,我们要转型,那进博会就是我们一个很好的一个转型的契机,我们就从出口做进口了。”Her imports have been expanding from just food at the 1st CIIE, to toys, healthcare products and medical equipment, she's even bringing in children's football training services this year - an expansion from general trading to service trading. The countriesshe trades with have expanded from Japan to also include European countries.她的进口产品从第一届进博会上的食品扩展到玩具、保健产品和医疗设备,今年(进博会)她甚至引进了儿童足球训练服务——从一般贸易扩展到服务贸易。与她有贸易往来的国家也从日本扩展到了欧洲国家。Pan Qi, Marketing Manager,Orient Enterprise潘琦 东方伟业有限公司市场部经理“Many foreign companies have been interested in the China market for some time. But they didn't have an entry point. Now more customers have been reaching out to us, sometimes we even have too many to deal with.”“很多外国的客户,他们对我们中国的市场很有兴趣,但是他们就是抓不到这一个切入点。到现在就是我们越来越大,然后我们就是没有时间去招待这些客人。”This year, Pan's overseas client numbers are 5 times that of last year. The import volume has doubled or trippled compared to 6 years ago. Foreign companies are now more willing to cooperate with local importers.今年,潘琦的海外客户数量是去年的5倍。与6年前相比,进口量翻了两三倍。现在,外国公司更愿意与本地进口商合作。Shang Chen, CEO , Anti-Aging Group尚忱 中国总代安璟汇集团执行总裁“Importers are reliable and have good reputations in the local market. So that makes it easier for us to reach out to the local families and the market. We also want to cooperate with Orient International to enter into China's elderly care sector.”“进口商是可靠的,并且是有知誉度的。这样的话更容易去深入我们的家庭和我们的市场。我们也特别愿意跟东方国际去联手进入更多的康养行业,中国的养老行业。”Some companies are also taking advantage of the expo to import high-end medical equipment, and then, work to localize it. At past expos, Fosun Pharma have been exhibiting a surgery robot from the United States. This year the company has made it possible for the robot to be manufactured in China.一些公司还利用世博会进口高端医疗设备,将其本土化。复星医药在往届世博会上展出了一款来自美国的手术机器人。今年,该公司实现了该机器人在中国的生产。Zhang Shixuan, Reporter张诗旋 记者“It's been 6 years since the first CIIE was held in Shanghai. Numerous exhibits have turned into products for sale. And it's not just industrial equipment; retail goods from the show have become more common in China. Some of them have become exceedingly【非常】popular on e-commerce sites.”“进博会在上海举办至今已有6年。众多展品已成为销售产品。不仅是工业设备,展会上的零售商品在中国也越来越常见。其中一些产品在电子商务网站上非常受欢迎”Mandy Zhang, Busienss Manager, Pinduoduo张曼迪 拼多多业务经理“As an e-commerce platform starting from agriculture business, Pinduoduo has reached almost 900 million consumers with the imported agriculture products from the CIIE, such as cherries from Chili, red shrimp from Argentina, Steak from Australia, and Salmon from Norway. This year's first batch of cherries from Chili just went on pre-sale on the Pinduoduo app. Sales have risen more than 80% from a year ago.”“作为以农业起家的电商平台,拼多多也通过进博会加速全球优质进口农产品与近9亿消费者的直连,像智利车厘子、纽仕兰乳制品、阿根廷红虾、澳大利亚牛排、挪威三文鱼等等。最近今年首批智利车厘子在拼多多首发预售,销量同比增长超80%。”For this year's CIIE, Pinduoduo also plans to host special livestreams, to sell goods from countries that participate in the Belt and Road initiative and from companies attending the import expo.在今年的进博会上,拼多多还计划举办特别直播,销售来自“一带一路”倡议参与国和进口博览会参展企业的商品。#热词加油站 pavilion /pəˈvɪliən/【看台】incubation /ˌɪŋkjuˈbeɪʃn/【孵化】sponsored /ˈspɒnsə(r) /【赞助】commemorate /kəˈmeməreɪt/【纪念】exceedingly /ɪkˈsiːdɪŋli/【非常】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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11/03 TOP NEWS|女足战平韩国无缘巴黎/进博会聚焦高科技和制药公司/中方呼吁巴以停火

NEWS ON 11/021.WOMEN’S FOOTBALL TEAM FAILS TO QUALIFY FOR PARIS OLYMPICS奥预赛:女足1-1憾平韩国无缘巴黎奥运2. HIGH-TECH & PHARMA COMPANIES MUCH ANTICIPATED FOR CIIE进博会:高科技和制药公司备受瞩目3. CHINA CALLS FOR END TO HOSTILITIES IN ISRAEL-HAMAS CONFLICT“破坏容易重建难”中方呼吁巴以冲突方停止一切敌对行动----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. WOMEN’S FOOTBALL TEAM FAILS TO QUALIFY FOR PARIS OLYMPICS奥预赛:女足1-1憾平韩国无缘巴黎奥运China drew 1-1 with South Korea last night in an Asian women’s football qualifier match for the 2024 Paris Olympics, a result that left both teams failing to qualify. The match was held in Xiamen, Fujian Province. Zhang Yue has more.在昨晚(11/01)的 2024 年巴黎奥运会女足亚洲区预选赛中,中国队以 1-1 战平韩国队,两队均无缘出线。该场比赛在福建厦门举行。本台记者张乐带来详细报道。South Korea had its best scoring opportunity of the first half in stoppage time, when Ji Souyun hit the post in a counterattack after receiving a through ball from Phair Casey. The away team broke the deadlock in the 63rd minute as Shim Seo-Yoen headed home from a free kick. 15 minutes later, Wang Shanshan's header leveled for China after a precise cross from Yan Jinjin. China almost scored a winner in the 85th minute, but Yan's one-on-one shot in the penalty area went just wide.韩国队在上半场补时阶段打出一脚极具威胁的射门,池笑然在反击中接到凯西·费尔的传球射门,击中立柱弹出。客场作战的韩国队在比赛第63分钟打破僵局,沈藇妍利用任意球机会头球破门。15分钟后,闫锦锦精准传中,王珊珊头球为中国队扳平比分。第85分钟,闫锦锦单刀机会将球射偏,中国女足错失反超比分良机。Shui Qingxia, Head Coach Chinese National Women's Football Team水庆霞中国国家女子足球队主教练“其实从内心来讲,我也是蛮难过的,也比较心疼这些姑娘,我们有很多差距,尤其青训方面,但是我觉得如果说我们清醒认识到我们的差距和很多的不足,真的静下心来去处理一些细节上面的东西,我想今后的中国女足还会往正确的方向去走。”“I feel sorry that we didn't win the match. I want to thank my players for trying their best. We wanted to improve our match, but it didn't work out. We have to learn from all the losses and find the right path in the future.”Australia, the DPRK and Japan qualified as group winners, while Uzbekistan also advanced to the final stage of Asian qualifiers. Two of those four teams will qualify for the Paris Olympics.澳大利亚、朝鲜和日本队以小组第一的身份晋级,乌兹别克斯坦队也晋级亚洲区预选赛决赛。四支队伍将两两对阵,两支获胜的球队将获得巴黎奥运会门票。2.HIGH-TECH & PHARMA COMPANIES MUCH ANTICIPATED FOR CIIE进博会:高科技和制药公司备受瞩目High-tech and pharmaceutical【制药的】companies are once again highly-anticipated exhibitors at the upcoming import expo, bringing advanced technologies and striking deals with local firms. Our reporter Zhang Shixuan talked to two of them and finds out what’s new about this year’s event.在即将举行的第六届中国国际进口博览会(以下简称“进博会”)上,高科技和制药公司再次成为备受瞩目的参展商,他们将带来先进技术,并与本地企业进行交易。本台记者张诗旋采访了其中两家企业,了解今年展会的新情况。We all think of glass as fragile. But as one company at CIIE is proving, it doesn't have to be. This piece of glass ceramic【陶瓷制品】is tough and resistant to extreme temperatures. It’s a crucial component in the new Mozi telescrope opened in China’s Qinghai province in September-- the largest of its kind in the Northern Hemisphere. German high-tech developer SCHOTT will for the first time bring its astronomy materials, including its glass ceramics to the import expo.我们都认为玻璃易碎。但正如进博会的一家公司证明那样,玻璃并不一定如此。这块玻璃陶瓷坚固耐用,可以抵御极端温度。它是今年 9 月在中国青海省启用的墨子巡天望远镜的关键基材,该望远镜是目前北半球最大的同类望远镜。德国高科技开发商肖特集团将在此届进博会上首次展出包括玻璃陶瓷在内的天文特种材料。Salvatore Ruggiero, Vice President of Marketing & Communication, SCHOTT AG萨尔瓦多·罗杰,肖特集团全球市场营销和传播副总裁“Astronomy is a mega trend. And as we know, also in China, they are coming up with a lot of projects in astronomy areas. So, we want to show our products and our applications to the audience. We did a lot of investments in the last five years. For example, 170 million euro we invested here in China in different areas. But now we will not stop with this investment in China and we will invest a lot in China also for this astronomy application.”“天文学是一个大趋势。我们知道,中国也在天文学领域开展了很多项目。因此,我们希望向观众展示我们的产品和应用。过去五年,我们进行了大量投资。例如,我们在中国不同领域投资了 1.7 亿欧元。但现在,我们不会停止在中国的投资,我们还将为天文学应用在中国投入大量资金。”The company’s material is now also used on the world’s largest optical【光学的】telescope currently under construction, the Extremely Large Telescope. It allows the telescope to receive 100 million times more light than the human eye. Technology and pharmaceutical companies aren’t just here to show off their latest products though, they're also looking to cooperate with local firms.该公司的材料还被使用在目前世界上最大的光学望远镜欧洲极大望远镜ELT(在建)上,作使ELT能够比人眼接收多一亿倍的光。科技和制药公司不仅仅是为了在进博会展示他们的最新产品,他们还希望与当地企业进行合作。Jean-Christophe Pointeau, President of Pfizer China彭振科辉瑞全球生物制药商业集团中国区总裁“China is already the second largest healthcare market in the world. It's not only an investment but is also collaborating with the local pharmaceutical industry, innovative product best in class or first in class in specialty care in unmet medical need such as together we could launch not only in China for China, but to bridge all these innovative products which are discovered in China for the rest of the world. We decided with the Hangzhou city to develop a Pfizer Innovation Center where we will take the best of the health care which is the best of Hangzhou with IT digital together to develop health care digital solution.”“中国已经是世界第二大医疗保健市场。这不仅是一项投资,还是与当地制药行业合作的举措,致力于在特殊医疗领域提供最佳或首创的创新产品,满足医疗领域未被满足的需求。我们不仅可以在中国推出这些产品,还可以架起连接中国研发的创新产品与全球其他地方的桥梁。我们决定与杭州市合作开发一个辉瑞创新中心,在这里,我们将把杭州最好的医疗保健与IT数字化结合起来,共同开发医疗保健数字化解决方案。”Pfizer is attending the import expo for the 4th year in a row. Pointeau said he has witnessed the rapid growth in the healthcare sector in China, especially an acceleration of administration. That has made it possible for pharmaceutical companies to launch a new drug in China at the same time as the US or Europe.辉瑞集团已连续四年参加进口博览会。彭振科说,他见证了中国医疗保健行业的快速发展,尤其是行政管理的加速。这使得制药公司可以在中国与美国或欧洲同时推出新药。3.CHINA CALLS FOR END TO HOSTILITIES IN ISRAEL-HAMAS CONFLICT“破坏容易重建难”中方呼吁巴以冲突方停止一切敌对行动China’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Zhang Jun yesterday said the situation in Palestine and Israel is at the top of the Security Council’s agenda this month, and it’s imperative【紧急的】to promote a ceasefire and halt the fighting. Lei Shuran has more.中国常驻联合国代表张军昨天(11/01)表示,巴以局势是本月安理会议程上最重要的工作。巴勒斯坦和以色列局势是安理会本月的首要议题,当务之急是推动停火止战。本台记者雷舒然带来详细报道。Speaking to reporters at U.N. Headquarters in New York City, as China began its presidency of the Security Council in November, Zhang said that the parties concerned must abide by international humanitarian law, take concrete actions to stop bombing civilian targets and allow the delivery of humanitarian aid supplies. 11 月起中国担任联合国安理会轮值主席国,张军在纽约联合国总部对记者说,中方呼吁冲突各方遵守国际人道法,采取具体行动停止袭击平民设施,并允许人道主义援助物资的运送。Zhang also show the gifts that he gave to the committee members to the reporters.张军还向记者展示了他送给安理会成员的礼物。Zhang Jun, China’s Permanent Representative to the UN张军中国常驻联合国代表“这叫‘鲁班锁’,你很容易就能破坏它,只要拉出六块木头中的一块,它们就分开了,问题在于怎么把它重新组装起来。一旦和平被破坏,就很难重建,这也像是我们正在面临的严峻挑战,需要我们团结起来,彼此支撑,才能拥有更强大的力量解决问题。”“It’s called Luban lock. You can break it easily by putting out one of the six, and then they break. The problem is how to fix it? So once is broken, you cannot fix piece together easily. We may also take it as the serious challenges ahead of us, it needs our solidarity, it needs us to hold each other up together, and then we have more powerful strengths to tackle all the issues ahead of us.”The envoy called on the Security Council to strengthen unity, build consensus, and take responsible and meaningful actions as soon as possible.张军大使呼吁安理会加强团结,建立共识,及时采取负责任、有意义的行动。#热词加油站pharmaceutical/ˌfɑːməˈsuːtɪk(ə)l/【制药的】ceramic/səˈræmɪk/【陶瓷制品】optical/ˈɒptɪk(ə)l/【光学的】imperative/ɪmˈper.ə.tɪv/【紧急的】2订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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11/02 TOP NEWS|中央金融工作会议在京举行/SMG神户校园行宣传沪文化/加州山火紧急疏散

NEWS ON 11/011. TWO-DAY FINANCIAL WORK CONFERENCE HELD IN BEIJING中央金融工作会议在京举行2. SMG PROMOTES SHANGHAI CULTURE IN KOBE, JAPAN魔都新发现·日本校园行走进神户3. CALIFORNIA WILDFIRE EVACUATES 4,000 RESIDENTS美加州“高地大火”蔓延,约4000人被强制疏散----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1.TWO-DAY FINANCIAL WORK CONFERENCE HELD IN BEIJING为期两日中央金融工作会议在京举行The Central Financial Work Conference - which take place once every five years - was held in Beijing from Monday to Tuesday. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, delivered an important speech. Lei Shuran has more.本周一至周二(10/30-10/31),五年一次的中央金融工作会议在北京举行。中共中央总书记习近平发表了重要讲话。本台记者雷舒然带来详细报道。Noting that finance key to the national economy and an important part of the country’s core competitiveness, the meeting urged greater efforts to comprehensively step up financial supervision, optimize【使优化】 financial services and prevent and resolve risks to promote high-quality development of China’s financial sector.会议强调,金融是国民经济的血脉,是国家核心竞争力的重要组成部分,要全面加强金融监管,优化金融服务,防范化解风险,推动我国金融高质量发展。The meeting heard how China’s financial system has strongly supported the country’s overall economic and social development, but also still comes with risks, including corruption【贪污】and poor efficiency.会议指出了金融系统有力支撑经济社会发展大局,但经济金融风险隐患仍然较多,腐败问题屡禁不止,金融服务实体经济的质效不高。The conference delegates【代表】called for optimizing the use of financial resources and creating a market with unified rules and coordinated supervision so risks -- at financial institutions and in local government finances -- can be addressed in a timely manner.与会代表呼吁优化金融资源的使用,打造规则统一、监管协同的金融市场,以便及时应对金融机构和地方政府财政的风险。Zhang Liqun, Development Research Centre of the State Council张立群国务院发展研究中心宏观经济研究部研究员“最终来化解好这个地方政府债务。要有一个综合实测,有一个系统性的政策体系来统一支持,这个也包含着了对整个地方债的这样一个甄别。就是说你做了什么事情?你做的事情好不好?事情做得不好的话,这个钱怎么跑过来的?这里边其实也就包含着这个金融体制一些漏洞,要通过这样一个过程把它尽快的给堵住,把整个金融制度包括金融监管,把它全面的加强起来。”“To ultimately dissolve problems in local government debt, there needs to be a comprehensive measurement and a systematic policy system to offer support, which also includes the screening of local debt. That is, what have you done and how well did you do it? If things are not done well, how were the loans approved? There are financial loopholes in the debt issuance process which should be plugged as soon as possible using the screening process, so as to strengthen the financial system and supervision.”From 2014 to September 2023, China saw its outstanding yuan-denominated loans issued to the real economy shoot up from a little over 81 trillion yuan to more than 230 trillion yuan. The average annual debt growth was 10 percent, generally in line with nominal GDP growth, according to data from the People’s Bank of China.       从2014年到2023年9月,中国发放给实体经济的人民币贷款从81万亿元增加到了230多万亿元。根据中国人民银行的数据,平均年债务增长率为10%,与名义国内生产总值(GDP)增长相符。2.SMG PROMOTES SHANGHAI CULTURE IN KOBE, JAPAN魔都新发现·日本校园行走进神户Representatives from SMG News Center are now in Japan for a series activities to introduce some Shanghai and Chinese culture to local university students. The first stop was in Tokyo earlier this week, and now they are at their second stop, in Kobe. Zhang Yue has more.上海广播电视台(SMG)融媒体中心的节目组正在日本举办“魔都新发现!日本校园行”系列活动,向当地大学生介绍上海和中国文化。本周早些时候,他们已完成首站东京的活动,现在抵达第二站神户。本台记者张乐带来详细报道。Students from Kobe City University of Foreign Studies asked many questions about Shanghai and China at the event, ranging from day-to-day life in the city, to food, to study and work.神户市外国语大学的学生们在活动中提出了许多关于上海和中国的问题,从城市的日常生活到饮食、学习和工作。Student学生“Are there any differences between north and southern China?”“中国南北方有什么不同吗?”Student学生“When do people usually eat hairy crab?”"人们通常什么时候吃大闸蟹?"Student学生“What are the best colleges in China?”“中国最好的大学是哪几所?”Representatives from SMG news center used video presentations and pictures to answer their questions.SMG融媒体中心节目组通过视频展示和照片回答了他们的问题。Mao Danqing, Visiting Professor of Kobe City University of Foreign Studies毛丹青神户市内外国语大学客座教授“最重要就是面对面给他们感性的认识,提高肢体上的了解,比头脑更重要的是能看到对上海的解说,从上海来的气氛,多彩多姿应和了时代的要求。”“The most significant point is that students received a face-to-face introduction, which will improve their real understanding of Shanghai, the event was very engaging.”Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, built in 1946, is the only state-funded university of foreign studies in Japan. The students participating in the event are all majoring in Chinese literature. They all speak Mandarin fluently, many expressed their desire to continue their studies in Shanghai, or possibly working in tourism, as a guide for Japanese tourists in Shanghai.神户市外国语大学创办于1946年,是日本唯一的公立外国语大学。参加活动的学生全都来自中文系,能说一口流利的汉语。许多人表示希望前往上海留学深造,或者从事旅游工作,带日本游客去上海看看。Student学生“Previously I only knew that economic development was quite fast in Shanghai, and Shanghai was home to many Japanese people. After this activity, I learnt more about the city culture. It was a very worthwhile activity.”“以前我只知道上海的经济发展很快,上海是许多日本人的故乡。通过这次活动,我对上海的城市文化有了更多的了解。这是一次非常有意义的活动。”Just like they did in Tokyo, the SMG delegation donated two bilingual books to the university’s library, one introduces 50 life scenarios in Shanghai, the other talks about the Chinese 24 solar terms. Apart from students, local Kobe residents can also borrow the books from the university library.和在首站东京一样,SMG节目组向神户大学图书馆捐赠了两套双语图书,一本介绍了上海的50个日常生活场景,另一本讲述了中国的二十四节气。除在籍学生外,神户的常住市民也能申请办理借书证随时借阅。3.CALIFORNIA WILDFIRE EVACUATES 4,000 RESIDENTS美加州“高地大火”蔓延,约4000人被强制疏散Firefighters aided by aircraft are battling to contain a wind-driven wildfire that has damaged or destroyed at least nine buildings in rural Southern California and forced authorities to issue evacuation orders for 4,000 residents. Zhang Hong has more.在飞机的协助下,消防员正在奋力控制一场由风引起的野火,这场野火已经损坏或摧毁了南加州废墟地区的至少九栋建筑,迫使当局向 4000 名居民下达了疏散令。本台记者张泓带来详细报道。The Highland Fire is burning near the Riverside County hamlet of Aguanga. The fire broke out on Monday and is being spread by the Santa Ana winds over 3.5 square miles of brush.高地大火正在河滨郡阿关加小镇附近燃烧。大火于周一爆发,并在圣安娜强风的吹拂下蔓延至 3.5 平方英里的灌木丛。Resident当地居民“I find everything burned.”“我发现所有的东西都被烧焦了。”The Riverside County Fire Department ordered the evacuation of roughly 4,000 people, including the small town of Aguanga, where the fire started. Officials also opened one refugee center for people and another for animals, while those staying at a recreational vehicle park were directed to move their campers to a Walmart parking lot in Temecula about 15 miles away.河滨郡消防局下令疏散大约 4000 人,包括起火的阿瓜加小镇。地方政府为居民和动物各开设一所疏散中心,在休闲车度假村的游客需把露营车开到约25公里外的特曼库拉的沃尔玛(Walmart)停车场避灾。Barb Bommarito, Evacuee from Saint Louis巴巴·博马里托撤离居民“When I left, there were no flames right in our immediate vicinity. But I went back a couple hours later to take someone to get their medicine and there was, there were flames in our resort.”“我离开的时候,我们附近没有火苗,但几个小时后,我带人回去取药,我们的度假村就着火了。”Also, the bushfire danger period began across New South Wales in Australia, after the remaining nine local government areas on the southern border entered the statutory【法定】phase today.此外,在澳大利亚新南威尔士州各地也开始进入丛林火灾危险期,南部边境的九个地方政府辖区今天进入法定火险期。As of 5:45 p.m. local time today, there are 65 fires burning around New South Wales, 12 of them are listed as out of control. Up north in Queensland, wildfires have killed at least two people and destroyed dozens of homes along the state border with New South Wales. Residents were ordered to evacuate their homes today as bushfires burned out of control while firefighters, including those flown in from across the country and from neighboring New Zealand battled the blazes.截至当地时间今天(11/01)下午5点45,新南威尔士州周围共发生了65起火灾,其中12起被列为失控状态。在北部的昆士兰州,野火已造成至少两人死亡,并摧毁了与新南威尔士州接壤的州边界附近数十幢房屋。当地居民今天被下令撤离家园,因为森林大火失控,从全国各地和邻国新西兰飞来的消防员正在与这些大火作斗争。#热词加油站optimize/ˈɒptɪmaɪz/【充分利用】corruption/kəˈrʌpʃ(ə)n/【贪污】delegate/ˈdelɪɡət/【代表】statutory/ˈstætʃətri/【法定】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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10/31 TOP NEWS|香山论坛闭幕/神舟十六号载人飞船成功着陆/日央行微调货币政策

NEWS ON 10/311.10TH BEIJING XIANGSHAN FORUM CONCLUDES第十届北京香山论坛闭幕2.SHENZHOU-16 CREW RETURNS TO EARTH神舟十六号载人飞船返回舱成功着陆3.BANK OF JAPAN LOOSENS CONTROL OF BOND YIELDS 日央行放松对长期收益率的控制-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. 10TH BEIJING XIANGSHAN FORUM CONCLUDES第十届北京香山论坛闭幕The 10th Beijing Xiangshan Forum concluded today with about 1,800 security officials and scholars having in-depth discussions on common security and lasting peace. Zhang Yue has more.第十届北京香山论坛今天闭幕,约1800名国防官员和学者就共同安全与持久和平进行了深入讨论。记者张乐带来更多报道。During a speech this morning, Nong Rong农融, China's Assistant Foreign Minister, said since the outbreak of another conflict between Israel and Hamas, China has dispatched special envoys to regional countries, and provided humanitarian【人道主义】assistance to Palestinians in a timely manner.外交部部长助理农融在今天上午(10/31)的演讲中说,自以色列与哈马斯再次爆发冲突以来,中国向地区国家派遣了特使,并及时向巴勒斯坦提供了人道主义援助。Nong Rong, Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister农融 外交部部长助理“On the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, China will continue to promote an early ceasefire and an end to the war with all parties, stand firm, avoid humanitarian disasters, and push for the Palestinian issue back to the right track of the two-country solution, so as to achieve a comprehensive, just and lasting solution.”“在巴以冲突问题上,中方将继续积极推动有关方面尽快停火止战,避免人道灾难,推动巴勒斯坦问题重回"两国方案"正确轨道,得到全面公正持久解决。”In addressing the Ukrainian crisis, Nong said China will be committed to the right direction of promoting peace talks, calling on all parties to work for cessation【停止】of hostilities and de-escalation and create conditions for restarting talks, and strive persistently for peace. Nong stated that to further deepen, solidify, stabilize and expand the Global Security Initiative, and to grow international consensus on maintaining common security, China will continue to work with all parties for dialogue and exchanges on global security issues in various forms.针对乌克兰危机,农融表示,中方将坚持劝和促谈正确方向,呼吁各方推动停火降温,为重启谈判创造条件,持之以恒地争取和平。农融表示,为进一步深化、巩固、稳定以及扩展全球安全倡议,增进维护共同安全的国际共识,中方将继续与各方一道,就全球安全问题开展多种形式的对话与交流。Nong Rong, Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister农融 外交部部长助理“China will oppose the formation of small circles based on ideology and confrontation. China will hold high-level conferences on the Global Security Initiative at an appropriate time, and build more international consensus【共识】on jointly tackling challenges and safeguarding common security.”“中方将持续同各方围绕全球安全问题,开展多种形式的对话交流,反对以意识形态划线搞小圈子煽动分裂对抗。中方将适时举办以(全球安全)倡议,为主题的高级别活动,同各方加强理念交流,深化政策沟通,进一步凝聚国际社会合作,应对挑战,维护共同安全的共识。”After the speech, the third and fourth plenary sessions of the Xiangshan Forum were held, during which representatives from many countries and international organizations delivered speeches. Singapore's defense minister urged Asian countries to avoid a physical conflict, saying that Asia needs China and the United States to improve relations. 演讲结束后,香山论坛举行了第三、四次全体会议。来自多个国家和国际组织的代表发表了演讲。新加坡国防部长敦促亚洲各国避免实际冲突,并表示亚洲需要中国和美国改善关系。2.SHENZHOU-16 CREW RETURNS TO EARTH神舟十六号载人飞船返回舱成功着陆The Shenzhou-16 returned to Earth with three astronauts aboard at 8:11am at the Dongfeng Landing Site in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The China Manned Space Agency said all three are in good health and their mission was successful. Zhang Hong tells us more.上午8时11分(10/31),载有三名航天员的神舟十六号飞船在内蒙古自治区的东风着陆场成功着陆。中国载人航天工程办公室表示,三名航天员身体状况良好,任务圆满成功。记者张泓带来更多报道。The return capsule【太空舱】separated from Shenzhou-16's orbiting capsule at 7:21am. The brake engine then ignited and the return capsule separated from the propulsion capsule. The ground search team arrived at the landing site soon after the return capsule landed. All three crew had left the return capsule by 9:10am.上午7时21分,返回舱与神舟十六号载人飞船的轨道舱分离。制动发动机随后点火,返回舱与推进舱分离。返回舱着陆后,地面搜索队很快到达着陆点。上午9时10分,三名航天员全部离开返回舱。Jing Haipeng, Shenzhou-16 Astronaut景海鹏 神舟十六号航天员“I'm finally home, to my motherland after our five-month mission. All operations were carried out without any mistakes.”“我终于回家了,回到祖国母亲的怀抱。五个月的任务我们已经顺利完成了。所有操作,包括指令发送,没有出任何差错,零失误,零差错##。”Zhu Yangzhu, Shenzhou-16 Astronaut朱杨柱 神舟十六号航天员“We coordinated well in successfully completing various tasks and witnessed the glorious space station Tiangong, the country's national space laboratory. China's space station is always worth looking forward to.”“我们乘组一心,天地一心,圆满完成了各项任务,充分见证了我们中国“天宫”空间站的靓丽风采,中国空间站永远值得期待。”Gui Haichao, Shenzhou-16 Astronaut桂海潮 神舟十六号航天员“Everyday I spent in the space station was wonderful. I look forward to traveling to it again to explore more scientific mysteries.”“在空间站里的每一天都过得充实美妙,期待再次到中国空间站出差,探索更多的科学奥秘。”Jing Haipeng was the first Chinese astronaut to complete four space missions, which amounted to more than 200 days combined. Zhu Yangzhu was the country's first spaceflight engineer to go to space and Gui Haichao was the country's first civilian astronaut and first payload expert in space. 景海鹏是中国首位完成四次太空任务的航天员,四次任务总计超过200天。朱杨柱是中国首位进入太空的航天工程师,桂海潮是中国首位民用航天员和首位飞天的载荷专家。The China Manned Space Agency said it means the mission has laid a good foundation for the crewed spaceflight program and bigger experiments in space. 中国载人航天工程办公室表示,这次任务的成功为载人航天计划和更大规模的太空实验奠定了良好的基础。3. BANK OF JAPAN LOOSENS CONTROL OF BOND YIELDS 日央行放松对长期收益率的控制Japan's central bank's policy board announced today it has finally ended its years-long policy of capping long-term interest rates. Meaning the yields on the 10-year Japanese government bond are now allowed to rise above 1 percent. Sun Siqi has the story.日本央行政策委员会今天宣布,日本央行结束了长达多年的长期利率上限政策。10年期日本国债收益率现在可以超过1%。记者孙思奇带来报道。The Bank of Japan said the 1 percent ceiling would be seen as a reference, and that it has decided to increase the flexibility in its "yield curve control" policy, under which the bank has kept the 10-year bond yield at around 0 percent. 日本央行表示,1%的上限将被视为一个参考,该行已决定增加其“收益率曲线控制”政策的灵活性。根据该政策,该行已将10年期债券收益率保持在0%左右。The central bank kept its policy rate at minus 0.1 percent, maintaining the world's only negative interest rates. 日本央行将其政策利率维持在-0.1%,这是全球唯一的负利率央行。Despite the interest rate cap rise, it still significantly revised its inflation forecast upward, saying it expects 2.8 percent core inflation in the 2024 fiscal year, instead of its previous forecast of 1.9 percent.尽管利率上限上调,但日本央行仍大幅上调了通胀预期,其称预计2024财年核心通胀率为 2.8%,而不是之前预测的1.9%。Also in Japan, the operator of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant says five workers there may have been exposed to several liters of liquid containing radioactive substances, instead of the 100 milliliters that was reported shortly after the exposure occurred. 同样在日本,瘫痪了的福岛电站称,该核电站的五名工人可能接触了几升含有放射性物质的液体,而不是发生后不久报告的100毫升。The workers were accidentally splashed with the liquid last week when they were cleaning pipes for the plant's water purification【净化】system used to treat water accumulating at the plant. 上周,这些工人在清洗用于处理核电站积水的水净化系统的管道时,不慎被液体溅到。2 of the workers that were hospitalized for decontamination【去污】treatment have already been released. 其中2名住院接受净化治疗的工人已经出院。The third round of treated wastewater release will commence in 2 days. 第三轮处理后废水的排放将在两天后开始。A poll by a Japanese news network found support for Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has slid to 26.9 percent, the lowest since he took office 2 years ago. 全日本新闻网的民调结果显示,日本首相岸田文雄领导的内阁支持率跌至26.9%,为其就任首相两年以来新低。#热词加油站 humanitarian /hjuːˌmænɪˈteəriən/【人道主义】cessation /seˈseɪʃn/【停止】consensus /kənˈsensəs/【共识】capsule /ˈkæpsjuːl/【太空舱】purification /ˌpjʊərɪfɪ'keɪʃ(ə)n/【净化】decontamination /ˌdiːkənˌtæmɪˈneɪʃn/【去污】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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10/13 TOP NEWS|商务部回应欧盟对华钢铁企业反补贴调查/汇金增持四大行/加沙危机恶化

NEWS ON 10/121.COMMERCE MINISTRY: EU STEELMAKERS ANTI-SUBSIDY�PROBE DISRUPTS TRADE RULES商务部回应欧盟或宣布对华钢铁企业开展反补贴调查2. CENTRAL HUJIIN INCREASES STAKES IN FOUR MAJOR CHINESE BANKS国家队”出手!中央汇金斥资4.77亿元增持四大行股份3.GAZA CRISIS GROWS UNDER INTENSE BOMBARDMENT多地被炸成废墟加沙人道危机急剧恶化----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1.COMMERCE MINISTRY: EU STEELMAKERS ANTI-SUBSIDY�PROBE DISRUPTS TRADE RULES商务部回应欧盟或宣布对华钢铁企业开展反补贴调查The Ministry of Commerce said today that China firmly opposes unilateralism and trade protectionism that abuses trade remedies in response to a reporter's query over the European Union's plan to conduct an anti-subsidy probe into Chinese steelmakers. A spokesperson said such an approach would disrupt international trade rules, increase downstream manufacturing costs and harm the interests of consumers, which is detrimental【不利的】 to the stability of the global supply chain.商务部今日(10/12)就欧盟计划对中国钢铁企业开展反补贴调查答记者问时表示,中方坚决反对滥用贸易救济措施的单边主义和贸易保护主义。发言人表示,欧方上述做法扰乱国际贸易秩序,推高下游生产成本,影响消费者利益,无益于全球产业链供应链稳定。2. CENTRAL HUJIIN INCREASES STAKES IN FOUR MAJOR CHINESE BANKS国家队”出手!中央汇金斥资4.77亿元增持四大行股份Central Huijin Investment, an arm of China's sovereign wealth fund, has increased its stake in the country's four biggest commercial banks. Lei Shuran has more.中投公司的子公司中央汇金投资有限责任公司增持了中国四大商业银行的股份。本台记者雷舒然带来更多报道。According to the banks' announcements released yesterday, Central Huijin has bought shares in Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, together worth about 477 million yuan. It plans to further boost these investments in the coming six months, according to the disclosures【透露的秘闻】.根据各家银行昨天(10/11)发布的公告,中央汇金已购买了中国银行、中国农业银行、中国建设银行和中国工商银行的股票,总价值约为 4.77 亿元。根据披露的信息,汇金公司拟在未来六个月内进一步增持股份。Hong Hao Grow Investment Group洪灏,香港对冲基金负责人“虽然它(增持)的百分比非常小,但是更多的还是一个信号的作用,那市场很明显就get到了这个信号。这个也是对于现在市场估值非常低或者说非常便宜的一个肯定。”“Although the percentages of the stake increase were quite small, it's still a positive sign and the market clearly got it. It's also an affirmation that market valuations are very low right now.”The move encouraged trade to heat up in the A-share market today, with more than 3,200 stocks rising, and has also driven calls for the establishment of a stabilization fund.受此利好消息影响,今日 A 股市场交易升温,3200 多只股票上涨,同时也推动了建立平准基金的呼声。Zhang Chi, Sinolink Securities张弛国金证券首席策略分析师“当如果只看到增量资金往外面流出的话,市场是恐慌的,但如果当外资在往外流出的时候,非理性流出的情况下,然后基本面又是支持的,然后我们的估值也是比较偏低的情况下,这时候如果看到做多力量起来的话,那市场的信心实际上是会起来的。”“If there are only incremental【增加的】 outflows, the market will panic. But if the fundamentals get supported when irrational【非理性的】 outflows occur, and at the same time funds take long-term positions when valuations are low, then the market's confidence will increase accordingly.”Headquartered in Beijing, Central Huijin was established in 2003 and mandated【委托统治的】to exercise the rights and obligations of an investor in major state-owned financial enterprises.       中央汇金公司总部位于北京,成立于 2003 年,代表国家依法对国有重点金融企业行使出资人权利和履行出资人义务。3.GAZA CRISIS GROWS UNDER INTENSE BOMBARDMENT多地被炸成废墟加沙人道危机急剧恶化More than 2,400 have been killed on both sides and at least 8,700 more have been wounded in the Israel-Hamas conflict that has gone on for six days. Stephen Rancourt has the story.在已持续六天的巴以冲突中,双方已有 2400 多人丧生,至少 8700 多人受伤。Stephen Rancourt带来详细报道。Hamas militants continued to fire rockets at Israel, including a heavy barrage at the southern town of Ashkelon yesterday.哈马斯武装分子继续向以色列发射火箭弹,包括昨天对南部城镇阿什凯隆的猛烈袭击。Fierce Hamas-Israeli clashes have led to a massive flight cancellation at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv.激烈的巴以冲突导致以色列特拉维夫·本·古里安国际机场的大量航班取消。The Israeli military released video clips yesterday, showing airstrikes on the Islamic University of Gaza, which Israel says is an "important Hamas operational, political and military center".以色列军方昨天公布的视频片段显示,加沙伊斯兰大学遭到空袭,以色列称该大学是“哈马斯重要的行动、政治和军事中心”。Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was joined by a top political rival yesterday, to create an emergency government overseeing retribution for the attack by Hamas militants.昨天,以色列总理本雅明·内塔尼亚胡与反对党组建了一个紧急联合政府,负责监督哈马斯武装分子袭击事件的报复行动。Israel's President Isaac Herzog said today that there's no mercy for terror when describing his country's fight against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.以色列总统伊萨克·赫尔佐格今天在谈到以色列在加沙地带与哈马斯的冲突时说,对恐怖活动绝不手软。US Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived in Tel Aviv, today. Later, he will travel to Amman to meet King Abdullah II of Jordan. US President Joe Biden has pledged to send more munitions and military hardware to Israel, an aircraft carrying advanced armaments to southern Israel's Nevatim Airbase yesterday.美国国务卿安东尼·布林肯今天抵达特拉维夫。随后,他将前往安曼会见约旦国王阿卜杜拉二世。美国总统乔·拜登已承诺向以色列运送更多弹药和军事装备,一架载有先进武器的飞机已于昨天飞抵以色列南部的内瓦提姆空军基地。The United Nations said yesterday that at least 11 UN employees have been killed in Israeli airstrikes, and more than 330,000 people have been displaced in Gaza. Over two-thirds are taking shelter in UN-run schools.联合国昨天表示,至少有11名联合国雇员在以色列的空袭中丧生,加沙有超过33万人流离失所。超过三分之二的人在联合国开办的学校避难。Mohamed Elqura, Gazan加沙民众“Life has ended in Gaza. The Palestinian residents in Gaza are in UNRWA shelters but they have no water, no electricity, and no bread. And there are children, children who have no diapers, no milk and nothing of life's necessities.”“加沙的正常生活结束了,加沙的巴勒斯坦人在联合国近东救济处的避难所,但他们没有水、电和食物,孩子们没有尿布,也没有牛奶和其他一切生活必需品。”The Arab League convened an emergency meeting yesterday to discuss the intensifying Israeli aggression. The meeting underscored the necessity for international cooperation to halt the surge of violence and ensure aid reaches the impacted regions.阿拉伯联盟昨天召开紧急会议,讨论以色列不断加剧的攻击挑衅。会议强调了国际合作的必要性,以制止暴力的激增并确保援助送达受影响地区。#热词加油站detrimental/ˌdetrɪˈment(ə)l/【不利的】disclosures/dɪsˈkləʊʒə(r)/【透露的秘闻】incremental/ˌɪŋkrəˈment(ə)l/【增加的】irrational/ɪˈræʃən(ə)l/【非理性的】mandated/ˈmændeɪtɪd/【委托统治的】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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10/12 TOP NEWS|首批风电机组出口埃及/中欧班列-进博号满载展品抵沪/人权理事会改选

NEWS ON 10/111. FIRST WIND TURBINES READY TO SHIP TO EGYPT中国电建埃及500MW风电项目首批风电机组发运2. SHANGHAI WELCOMES CHINA-EUROPE FREIGHT TRAIN PACKED WITH CIIE GOODS今年首列“中欧班列—进博号”抵沪,货值逾1600万欧元3. 15 STATES ELECTED MEMBERS OF U.N. HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL中国连任!15国当选联合国人权理事会成员----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1.FIRST WIND TURBINES READY TO SHIP TO EGYPT中国电建埃及500MW风电项目首批风电机组发运In the 10 years since the Belt-and-Road Initiative was proposed, China has been shipping wind turbines【涡轮机】 to participating countries. Today, the parts of what will become the largest wind farm in Africa have been loaded onto a cargo ship. Once assembled, the wind turbines will provide electricity to almost 1 million residents in Cairo, Egypt. Sun Siqi has the story.自“一带一路”倡议提出以来的10年里,中国一直在向参与国家出口风电机组。今天(10/11),用以打造非洲最大风电场的部分零部件已被装上货船。组装完毕后,这些风力发电机将为埃及开罗市近100万居民供电。本台记者孙思齐带来详细报道。At the port of Lyusigang in Nantong, the first 7 wind turbines were being loaded.在南通市吕四港,第一批7台风电设备正在装载中。唐坤中波轮船股份公司货运技术中心港口船长“塔筒总共是28节、主机是7个。总共包括叶片21片。”“That is 28 tower parts, 7 turbines and 21 blades.”Each blade【叶片】 is 84 meters in length, or about the height of a 30-story building.每片叶片长84米,约相当于30层楼的高度。The port is being developed in the direction of a specialty dock for general cargo, like the parts being shipped this time.吕四港正致力于发展成普通货物专用码头,如这次运输的风电设备零部件。For this particular shipment, the port has made ample preparations.对于这次的装运,港口做好了充分的准备工作。Zhen Jie, Deputy GM of Nantong Tongyang Port Co.镇杰南通通洋港口有限公司常务副总经理“我们精心准备,包括这个重件的抬吊、包括超长叶片的起吊,双机抬吊协同作业等方面做了大量要求,确保这个船期能够及时(发运)。”“We have a step-by-step procedure on how to lift the heavy parts, how to load the oversized blades, and how to operate the twin cranes, all to make sure the ship sets sail on time.”Loading was completed this afternoon and the ship Dadanxia will sail tomorrow for Adabiya Port in Egypt. Another 5 ships will carry the remaining 35 turbines.装载工作已于今天下午完成,明天“大丹霞”号将驶往埃及阿达比亚港。另外。还有5艘船将运输剩下的35台风电设备。Once the turbines and booster stations are assembled and completed, the wind farm will produce electricity at an output of 500-megawatts. The project is part of the Egyptian government's plan to have renewable energy make up 42 percent of its total by 2035.风电机和升压站组装完成后,风电场的发电量将达到500兆瓦。该项目是埃及政府综合可持续能源战略计划中的一部分,到2035年,埃及42%的电力供应将来自可再生能源。2.SHANGHAI WELCOMES CHINA-EUROPE FREIGHT TRAIN PACKED WITH CIIE GOODS今年首列“中欧班列—进博号”抵沪,货值逾1600万欧元A freight train, which departed from Duisburg, Germany at the end of September, arrived in Shanghai this afternoon. This is the first freight train of the year to be exclusively【专门的】 carrying exhibits for the upcoming China International Import Expo next month. Reporter Zhang Yue brings us more.今天(10/11)下午,一列9月底从德国杜伊斯堡出发的货运列车抵达上海。这是今年首列专为下月即将举行的中国国际进口博览会运送展品的货运列车。本台记者张乐带来详细报道。The train entered China via the Alataw Pass, a major rail port in Xinjiang on October 6th, it arrived at Minhang District Freight Train Transportation Station this afternoon. Most of the transported goods are cosmetics, with a total value of about 16 million euros.这趟列车于10月6日经新疆重要铁路口岸阿拉塔图口岸进入中国,并于今天下午抵达闵行区货运列车运输站。运输的货物大部分是化妆品,总价值约1600万欧元。Tang Hao, Deputy General Manager of DB Cargo Transasia Co. Ltd.唐昊德铁承亚国际货运代理(上海)有限公司副总经理“这次整列的进博号上面所有的货物都是要参加今年的进博会的,一共有35个集装箱,部分商品先展示,会后,所有的商品就要在中国进行销售。”“There are a total of 35 containers on the train. All the exhibits will be sold in the China market, after they're displayed at the 6th CIIE.”This is the fourth time a freight train has arrived from Europe carrying goods exclusively for the China International Import Expo since the CIIE-Express line began operating last year.这是自去年进博会快线投入运营以来,第四列送抵的运输进博会参展展品的中欧班列。Zhang Yue, Reporter张乐本台记者Two more CIIE Express freight trains from Germany will arrive in Shanghai before the fair opens on November 5th. The two trains are hauling 210 standard containers. Their cargo is valued at more than 350 million yuan.在11月5日进博会开幕前,还将有两列德国始发的“中欧班列-进博号”抵达上海。这两列班列预计承运 210个标箱货物,货值超过3.5亿元人民币。Zhu Yi, Deputy President ofOrient International Group朱毅东方国际集团公司副总裁“总计货值大概在3.5亿人民币,主要的产品包括高端的消费品,主要是一些高档的化妆品以及一些高档的设备,人工(智能)AI的设备。”“The cargo is mainly high-end consumer products, mostly cosmetics, but there is also some equipment and components for the Artificial Intelligence industry.”Wei Wei,Shanghai Train Station Customs魏巍上海车站海关铁路监管科副科长“我们今年延续了以往的进博专窗和班列绿色窗口的模式,通过优化监管流程,今年实现了无需查验的货物轨边直提、需要查验的货物即查即放,确保货物高效通关。”“We have streamlined the whole customs clearance process for exhibits on the CIIE Express. Cargo that does not need examination can be unloaded directly.”For the first time, electronic bills of lading were put into use to speed up the the clearance procedure.值得一提的是,本次“进博号”列车实现了铁路电子提单的应用,,加快了清关程序。Li Chaoyang, Deputy GMof China Construction Bank, Shanghai Branch李朝阳中国建行上海市分行副行长“铁路电子提单通过特定平台实现全程线上流转,大大提升单据周转效率、降低交易成本,有效促进贸易便利化,未来还将改善铁路运输企业融资难等痛点问题。上海建行将继续践行新金融理念,金融赋能进博,全力服务上海五个中心建设和全市高质量发展。”“A railway electronic bill of lading improves efficiency and reduces transaction costs, promoting trade facilitation. Future improvements will address pain points such as financing difficulties for railway transportation companies.”The CIIE Express makes use of the China-Europe freight service line, during the past ten years, approximately 77,000 China-Europe freight trains have delivered goods to 217 cities in 25 European and Eurasian countries.在过去十年间,“进博号”所行驶的中欧货运铁路线上,约77,000列中欧货运班列将货物送达欧洲和欧亚大陆 25个国家的217个城市。3.15 STATES ELECTED MEMBERS OF U.N. HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL中国连任!15国当选联合国人权理事会成员The United Nations General Assembly elected 15 new countries yesterday, to serve on the Human Rights Council for a three-year term starting January 1, 2024. Stephen Rancourt has more.联合国大会昨天(10/10)选举产生了15个新的人权理事会成员国,任期将于2024年1月1日开始,为期3年。本台记者Stephen Rancourt带来详细报道。After the ballots【选票】 were cast and counted, Burundi, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Malawi, China, Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait; Albania, Bulgaria, Brazil, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, France and the Netherlands were elected.经过投票和计票,此次选出的联合国人权理事会成员为:布隆迪、科特迪瓦、加纳、马拉维、中国、印度尼西亚、日本、科威特、阿尔巴尼亚、保加利亚、巴西、古巴、多米尼加共和国、法国和荷兰。This is the sixth time that China has served as a member of the UN Human Rights Council, making it one of the countries with the most elections to this position.这是中国第六次担任联合国人权理事会成员,是当选次数最多的国家之一。Established in 2006, the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council is responsible for promoting and protecting human rights. About a third of its 47 members are replaced every year so that the council members serve staggered【错列的】 three-year terms for the sake of continuity.联合国人权理事会成立于2006年,负责促进和保护人权,总部设于瑞士日内瓦。理事会47名成员中每年更换约三分之一,因此理事会成员的三年任期交错排列,以保持连续性。Dai Bing, deputy permanent representative of China to the UN, said yesterday that the attempt of the United States to suppress developing countries by using human rights issues is doomed to fail. Dai made the remarks at an interactive dialog held by the third committee of the UN Human Rights Committee with the High Commissioner on Human Rights Volker Türk in Gevena.昨日,中国常驻联合国副代表戴兵在与联合国人权事务委员会第三委员会与人权事务高级专员福尔克尔·蒂尔克(Volker Türk)在日内瓦举行的互动对话上表示,美国利用人权问题压制发展中国家的企图注定要失败。Dai Bing, China's Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN戴兵中国常驻联合国副代表“凡是去过中国的人和任何不带偏见的人都知道,中国新疆各族人民和谐相处,西藏经济社会不断繁荣进步,香港各界民众依法享有广泛权利和自由,任何涉华谎言在事实面前都不攻自破。”“Anyone who has been to China and anyone without prejudice knows that people of all ethnic groups in China's Xinjiang live in harmony, Xizang has achieved economic and social prosperity and progress, and people in Hong Kong enjoy extensive rights and freedoms in accordance with the law. Any lies about China are self-defeating in the face of these facts.”Dai called on all parties to fully respect that all countries have the right to choose their own path of advancing human rights based on their own national conditions. He also called for the joint opposition to the politicization human rights in order to interfere in other countries' internal affairs, or in an attempt to contain other countries' development.戴兵呼吁各方充分尊重各国根据本国国情自主选择人权发展道路,共同反对将人权问题政治化,坚决反对以人权为借口干涉别国内政,围堵遏制别国发展。#热词加油站turbines /ˈtɜːbaɪn/【汽轮机】 blade /bleɪd/【(船或飞机螺旋桨的)桨叶】exclusively /ɪkˈskluːsɪvli/【专门的】ballot/ˈbælət/【选票】staggered/ˈstæɡəd/【错列的】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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10/11 TOP NEWS|《共建“一带一路”》白皮书/三季度发展指数回升/联合国:深感悲痛

NEWS ON 10/101.CHINA RELEASES WHITE PAPER ON BELT AND ROAD COOPERATION《共建“一带一路”:构建人类命运共同体的重大实践》白皮书发布2. CHINA'S SME DEVELOPMENT INDEX RISES IN THIRD QUARTER三季度中国中小企业发展指数回升3. U.N. AIRS CONCERNS FOR CIVILIANS AS ISRAEL STEPS UP MILITARY RESPONSE IN GAZA联合国秘书长:对以色列宣布全面围困加沙深感悲痛-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. CHINA RELEASES WHITE PAPER ON BELT AND ROAD COOPERATION《共建“一带一路”:构建人类命运共同体的重大实践》白皮书发布The State Council Information Office released a white paper today titled "The Belt and Road Initiative: A Key Pillar of the Global Community of Shared Future." The white paper said that over the past decade, China has signed deals with more than 150 countries and 30-plus international organizations under the Belt and Road Initiative. Zhang Yue has the story.国务院新闻办公室今日发表《共建“一带一路”:构建人类命运共同体的重大实践》。其中提出,十年来,中国在 "一带一路 "倡议下与150多个国家和30多个国际组织签署了合作协议。记者张乐带来报道。Cong Liang, the deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission said that ten years on, China has yielded tangible【实际的】 and substantial achievements with the participating countries of the Belt and Road Initiative. Cong said that a number of landmark infrastructure connectivity projects have been completed including the China-Laos Railway, the Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway, the Hungary-Serbia railway and the Piraeus Port.国家发改委副主任丛亮表示,十年来,中国与“一带一路”倡议参与国取得了实实在在的巨大成就。丛亮说,中国与“一带一路”沿线国家已经建成了一批具有里程碑意义的基础设施互联互通项目,包括中国—老挝铁路、雅加达—万隆高速铁路、匈牙利—塞尔维亚铁路和比雷埃夫斯港。Cong Liang, Deputy Director,National Development & Reform Commission丛亮 国家发展改革委副主任 “China-Europe freight trains have established a new logistics channel between Asia and Europe. An international shipping route network under "Silk Road Shipping" has spread all over the world. Based on a framework comprising "six corridors, six routes, and multiple countries and ports," a multi-tiered and multidimensional infrastructure【基础设施】 network is taking shape.”“中老铁路、雅万高铁、匈塞铁路、比雷埃夫斯港等一批标志性项目陆续建成并投运,中欧班列开辟了亚欧陆路运输新通道,"丝路海运"国际航线网络遍及全球,"六廊六路多国多港"的互联互通架构基本形成。”The official also said since the China-Laos Railway opened in December 2021, a total of over 20.9 million trips have been made and 25.36 million tons of cargo【货物】 has been transported via the railway as of early September. A total of 25 provinces in China have opened international freight trains on the China-Laos Railway that reaches Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore and other countries, significantly increasing economic and trade exchanges between China and ASEAN. 丛亮还表示,自2021年12月中老铁路开通以来,截至9月初,通过该铁路运输的货物已累计超过2090万车次,2536万吨。中国共有25个省份开通了中老铁路国际货运班列,通达老挝、泰国、缅甸、马来西亚、柬埔寨、新加坡等国家,大大增加了中国与东盟的经贸往来。Li Kexin, Director,Dept. of Int'l Economics Affairs, Chinese Foreign Ministry李克新 外交部国际经济司司长“Infrastructure plays an important role in promoting global economic growth and boosting development across every country. Since the initiative was proposed in 2013, Laos has been transformed from a landlocked country to a land-linked hub, the Maldives has its first cross-sea bridge, Indonesia has its first high-speed railway, and East Africa has its first cross-border electrified railway.”“基础设施对促进世界经济增长,推动各国民生发展具有重要的作用,老挝从"陆锁国"变成"陆联国",马尔代夫拥有了第一座跨海大桥,印度尼西亚迈入高铁时代,东非拥有了一条跨国电气化铁路亚吉铁路,当地人民生活得到了巨大改善。”Officials also said representatives from 130 countries as well as 30 international organizations will participate in the upcoming Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing this month. 他们还表示,来自130个国家和30个国际组织的代表将参加本月即将在北京举行的“一带一路”国际合作高峰论坛。2.CHINA'S SME DEVELOPMENT INDEX RISES IN THIRD QUARTER三季度中国中小企业发展指数回升According to latest industry data, the index that measures the operational health of Chinese small- and medium-sized companies rose during the third quarter of this year compared to the previous quarter, and a year earlier. Lei Shuran has more.根据最新的行业数据,今年第三季度衡量中国中小企业运营健康状况的指数与上一季度和去年同期相比均有所上升。记者雷舒然带来更多报道。The China Small and Medium Enterprises Development Index came in at 89.2 in the three months ending September 30th, showing some contraction but still up from 89 in the second quarter and 88.3 in the third quarter of 2022. The numbers are based on survey results, and announced yesterday by the China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises. A mark above 100 indicates expansion.截至9月30日的三个月内,中国中小企业发展指数为89.2,虽然有所收缩,但仍高于第二季度的89和2022年第三季度的88.3。中国中小企业协会昨天公布了这一调查数据。100分以上表示扩张。Xie Ji, Secretary General,CASME谢极 中国中小企业协会秘书长“With the introduction of a series of policies and their effects showing, the index returned to an upward trend in the third quarter, higher than that of the same period in 2022 and approaching the highest point in 2 years.”“随着一系列政策组合拳的出台##以及效果的不断显现,三季度(中国中小企业发展)指数重回上升区间,高于2022年同期水平,接近2年来最高点位”The macroeconomic sentiment【观点】 index, which reflects SMEs' confidence in future development, rose 0.5 point to 98.9 in the third quarter. 反映中小企业对未来发展信心的宏观经济景气指数在第三季度上升了0.5点,达到98.9。Liu Yuhang, Director,China Logistics Information Center刘宇航 中国物流信息中心主任“The demand from the e-commerce logistics segment shows an increase and it is maintaining rapid growth, this indicates that the willingness of residents to consume is gradually increasing.”“整个电商物流的板块的这种需求增速,也还保持了一个(快速)增长的状态,说明整个我们居民消费的意愿在逐步地增强”The association added that smaller businesses still face problems due to the complex economic environment, as a result of fierce market competition, rising business costs, declining efficiency and tight capital.该协会补充说,由于市场竞争激烈、商业成本上升、效率下降和资金紧张,小型企业仍然面临着复杂的经济环境问题。3. U.N. AIRS CONCERNS FOR CIVILIANS AS ISRAEL STEPS UP MILITARY RESPONSE IN GAZA联合国秘书长:对以色列宣布全面围困加沙深感悲痛The United Nations said yesterday that nearly 140,000 people in Gaza were now sheltering in sites run by an aid agency for Palestinians. The UN expressed growing concerns about humanitarian needs in Palestinian areas, as Israel ratchets up military its response and a complete blockade【封锁】 of Gaza. Zhang Yue has more.联合国昨日提出,加沙有近14万人目前在一个援助机构为巴勒斯坦人民管理的场所避难。联合国对巴勒斯坦地区的人道主义需求表示日益关切,因为以色列正在加紧军事行动,全面封锁加沙。记者张乐带来更多报道。Israel had announced a total blockade on Gaza, including a ban on admission of water, food, electricity and fuel. Gaza, as one of the world's most water-stressed regions, relies on Israel for nearly 50 percent of water resources and about two-thirds of its electricity. Experts say the bombing and destruction of Gaza's already weak infrastructure will make matters worse and more disease will follow.以色列宣布对加沙实行全面封锁,包括禁止输入水、食品、电力和燃料。加沙是世界上水资源最紧张的地区之一,近50%的水资源和约三分之二的电力都依赖以色列。专家说,轰炸和破坏加沙本已薄弱的基础设施将使情况变得更糟,更多的疾病也将随之而来。United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres yesterday expressed concerns over a complete siege【围困】 of the Gaza Strip, and called for humanitarian aid to be provided in the region.联合国秘书长安东尼奥·古特雷斯(Antonio Guterres)昨天对加沙地带遭到全面围困表示关切,并呼吁向该地区提供人道主义援助。Antonio Guterres,UN Secretary General古特雷斯 联合国秘书长“And I urge all sides and the relevant parties to allow United Nations access to deliver urgent humanitarian assistance to the Gaza Strip. ”“我呼吁各方保证联合国,能够向被困加沙地带的民众运送人道主义物资”Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan yesterday had a phone call with his Israeli counterpart Isaac (eet-zak) Herzog and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. He said Turkey would continue its efforts to end the conflicts and ensure permanent peace in the region. 土耳其总统雷杰普·塔伊普·埃尔多安昨天与以色列总统伊萨克·赫尔佐格和巴勒斯坦总统马哈茂德·阿巴斯通了电话。他说,土耳其将继续努力结束冲突,确保该地区的长期和平。Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met with head of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit yesterday. He said that the Palestinian problem should not be delayed further. Russia and the Arab League would work to "stop the blood-shed" in Israel and Gaza. 俄罗斯外交部长谢尔盖·拉夫罗夫昨天会见了阿拉伯联盟首脑艾哈迈德·阿布·盖特。他说,巴勒斯坦问题不应再拖延下去。俄罗斯和阿盟将努力“制止”以色列和加沙的 "血腥冲突"。#热词加油站 tangible /ˈtændʒəbl/【实际的】infrastructure /ˈɪnfrəstrʌktʃə(r) /【基础设施】cargo /ˈkɑːɡəʊ/【货物】sentiment /ˈsentɪmənt/【观点】blockade /blɒˈkeɪd/【封锁】siege /siːdʒ/【围困】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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10/10 TOP NEWS|杭州亚运会圆满闭幕/台风“小犬”登陆/“上海号”慕尼黑首列发车

NEWS ON 10/091. 19TH ASIAN GAMES CLOSE AS 'UNPRECEDENTED SUCCESS'杭州亚运会圆满闭幕2."KOINU" NOW A TROPICAL DEPRESSION, HEAVY RAIN CONTINUES IN GUANGDONG广东:台风“小犬”携风带雨 多地提升应急响应3.FIRST SHANGHAI-MUNICH FREIGHT TRAIN DEPARTS“中欧班列-上海号”慕尼黑首列发车-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. 19TH ASIAN GAMES CLOSE AS 'UNPRECEDENTED SUCCESS'杭州亚运会圆满闭幕The 19th Asian Games ended yesterday in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. The closing ceremony was themed "Enduring Memories of Hangzhou" and was used to highlight how sports have the power to unite people. Zhang Yue has the story. 昨天,第19届亚运会在浙江杭州落下帷幕。闭幕式主题是“最忆是杭州”,彰显了体育凝聚人心的力量。记者张乐带来报道。Premier Li Qiang attended the closing ceremony at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium. 国务院总理李强出席了在杭州奥体中心体育场举行的闭幕式。Over 16 days, around 12,000 athletes from 45 countries and regions shared unforgettable moments in Hangzhou. One could argue that the Asian Games be renamed the "China Games" after the host nation dominated the podium【讲台】once again. In the end, Chinaclinched【搂抱】201 golds, 111 silvers and 71 bronzes, finishing atop the medal tally for the 11th straight time since 1982. 在这16天里,来自45个国家和地区的约12000名运动员在杭州共度了难忘的时刻。有人说,在东道主再次称霸领奖台之后,亚运会更名为“中国运动会”。最终,中国将201 枚金牌、111枚银牌和71枚铜牌收入囊中,自1982年以来连续第11次蝉联亚运会奖牌榜榜首。Gao Zhidan高志丹, organizing committee president of the games, also president of the Chinese Olympic Committee, and Raja Randhir Singh, Olympic Council of Asia acting president spoke at the ceremony. Singh declared the games closed, and extended an invitation to the 20th Asian Games in 2026 in Nagoya, Japan.亚运会组委会主席、中国奥委会主席高志丹和亚奥理事会代理主席拉贾·兰迪尔·辛格在闭幕式上发言。辛格宣布运动会闭幕,并向2026年在日本名古屋举行的第20届亚运会发出邀请。Just like in the opening ceremony, a digital torchbearer was used for the closing ceremony. Following the extinguishing of the cauldron, the digital torchbearer stepped out and transformed into starlight that filled the night sky, passing on the flame【火焰】of sports and the spirit of the Asian Games. 与开幕式一样,闭幕式也使用了数字火炬手。随着大火炉的熄灭,数字火炬手走出火炉,化作星光洒满夜空,将体育之火和亚运精神传递下去。Earlier yesterday, athletes took one last chance to experience Hangzhou. They took in some of its culture and beautiful scenery before purchasing souvenirs. One Kyrgyz athlete bought silk products for his loved ones. Hangzhou has long been known as a prominent trading hub along the ancient Silk Road. 昨日早时,运动员们用最后一次机会体验了杭州。在购买纪念品之前,他们领略了杭州的文化和美景。一位吉尔吉斯斯坦运动员为他的亲人购买了丝绸制品。杭州一直是古丝绸之路上著名的贸易中心。Erbol,Kyrgyz Athlete厄尔布尔 吉尔吉斯斯坦运动员“I bought one for my mother, and we catch the Wi-fi and I asked my sisters if they wanted more, and yes, and I send them some pictures of bags, they have chosen, and I bought more for my sister too.”“我给妈妈买了一个包,我们连上了 Wifi,我问姐姐们是否还想要包,我给她们发了一些她们选中的包的照片,然后给她们买了更多的。”Aside from shopping, some athletes couldn't resist visiting museums and learning more about Chinese culture.除了购物,一些运动员还忍不住参观博物馆,了解更多中国文化。Najibullah Sekandar, Chairman,Afghan Taekwondo National Federation纳吉布拉-塞坎达尔 阿富汗跆拳道国家联盟主席“The tour was enjoyable, interesting, and historical things, and nice scene, nice weather, nice city, nice people.”“这次参观很愉快、很有趣、很有历史意义,而且景色不错、天气不错、城市不错、人也不错。”Although Hangzhou was the main site for the Asian Games, five other cities in Zhejiang hosted some of the sporting events. 虽然杭州是亚运会的主会场,不过浙江的其他五个城市也举办了部分体育赛事。2."KOINU" NOW A TROPICAL DEPRESSION, HEAVY RAIN CONTINUES IN GUANGDONG广东:台风“小犬”携风带雨 多地提升应急响应Tropical storm Koinu weakened to a tropical depression this morning, though parts of Guangdong and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area are still being hit with severe rainfall. The National Meteorological Center maintained a yellow warning for heavy rainfall today. Sun Siqi tells us more. 台风“小犬”今晨减弱为热带低压,但广东和粤港澳大湾区部分地区仍遭受强降雨袭击。中央气象中心今天继续发布暴雨黄色预警。记者孙思奇带来更多报道。Under the influence of both Koinu and a cold front, multiple cities in Guangdong Province have upgraded their emergency response for strong winds. The city of Zhuhai issued a red warning for heavy rainfall, all outdoor work was suspended, and all schools were closed. In the city of Shenzhen, multiple districts were hit with severe rainfall during the past 24 hours. 受“小犬”和冷锋的双重影响,广东省多个城市升级了大风应急响应。珠海市发布暴雨红色预警,所有户外作业暂停,所有学校停课。深圳市多区在过去 24 小时内遭遇强降雨袭击。24 trains continued to operate in the Guangzhou area, although they did take different routes to avoid the severe weather, while the 6 trains that cross the water were suspended.有24列火车继续在广州地区运行,它们采取了不同的路线以避开恶劣天气,而6列火车则停运。Hong Kong is also feeling the storm's effects-- though Koinu has moved to the west, the city was hit with heavy showers today. 29 people were reported as injured as a result of the rain and winds as of this morning. 27 temporary shelters have been set up, and all schools were closed for the day. 香港也感受到了暴风雨的影响——虽然“小犬”已经向西移动,但香港今天仍遭受了大阵雨的袭击。据报道,截至今天上午,共有29人在风雨中受伤。香港设立了27个临时庇护所,所有学校停课一天。The storm is now weakening and approaching Hainan at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour, with possibilities of making a second landfall there tomorrow. 风暴目前正在减弱,并以每小时 10 公里的速度向海南逼近,明天有可能第二次登陆海南。The island is bracing for rain and winds. A most basic typhoon alert was maintained today. All trains services to and from the island have been suspended, including those bound for Beijing, Shanghai and Harbin. 该岛正准备应对风雨。今天发布了台风蓝色预警。所有进出该岛的列车均已停运,包括开往北京、上海和哈尔滨的列车。Residents are expecting the heavy rainfall to continue until Wednesday. 居民们预计,强降雨将持续到周三。Hong Kong police are on patrol to make sure ships stay in the harbor and assisting boat crews with securing their vessels. 香港警方正在巡逻,以确保船只留在港口内,并协助船员保护船只。To the west, in Guangxi autonomous region, forecasters are calling for strong winds tomorrow and Wednesday, all ferry services have been suspended until the weather passes. 在西部的广西自治区,气象员称明天和周三将有强风,所有轮渡服务都已暂停,直到天气好转。3. FIRST SHANGHAI-MUNICH FREIGHT TRAIN DEPARTS“中欧班列-上海号”慕尼黑首列发车The first China-Europe cargo train connecting Shanghai and Munich, Germany, set off from the Minhang District Freight Transportation Station this afternoon. Our reporter Zhang Yue went to the staion to learn more about the train and what it is carrying.今天下午,上海到德国慕尼黑的首列中欧货运班列从闵行区货运站出发。记者张乐前往该站,详细报道这趟班列的开行情况和所运货物。The Shanghai Express' first freight train bound for Munich left the station today. In just 17 days the train will arrive in Munich, after passing through 6 countries and traveling 11,000 kilometers. The train's 55 containers are filled with equipment for seven high-end industrial production lines. 44 containers will stop in Munich and the remaining 11 will go on to Duisburg.“中欧班列-上海号”慕尼黑专列今日首次发车。在途经6个国家、行驶11,000公里之后,列车将在短短17天内抵达慕尼黑。列车上的55个集装箱装满了七条高端工业生产线的设备。其中44个集装箱将在慕尼黑停留,其余11个集装箱将前往杜伊斯堡。Shi Jiwei,Corporate Representative史继伟 企业代表“Compared to air transportation, we will save 50% in costs, and saves up to one month of travel time compared to transporting by sea.”“和空运相比我们这个费用能节省一半,在时间上跟海运相比的话我们节省一个月时间”The route is just one of many freight trains that carry goods from Shanghai to Europe and Eurasia, other destinations include Hamburg, Moscow, Malasevich, Atencoqi. 这条线路只是从上海运往欧洲和欧亚大陆的众多货运班列中的一条,其他目的地包括汉堡、莫斯科、马拉舍维奇和阿腾科奇。The China-Europe freight train has become a popular shipping choice for companies attending the 6th China International Import Expo, which will be held in Shanghai in less than a欧洲货运班列已成为参加将于不到一个月后在上海举行的第六届中国国际进口博览会的企业的热门运输选择。Zhang Yue, Reporter张乐 记者 “Since the first train departed Shanghai for Hamburg, Germany on September 28th, 2021, the Shanghai Express has operated more than 140 trains, transporting more than 4.5 billion yuan worth of goods between Europe and Asia. The first trains carried consumer products such as clothing, and car parts, but over time they gradually shifted to higher value-added products such as photovoltaic【光伏】modules【模块】, LCD panels, motorcycles, and elevators.”自2021年9月28日首趟列车从上海发往德国汉堡以来,上海号已开行了140多趟列车,在欧亚之间运送了价值超过45亿元的货物。首批列车运载的是服装、汽车配件等消费品,但随着时间的推移,逐渐转向光伏组件、液晶面板、摩托车和电梯等高附加值产品。In 2014, Shanghai Commission of Commerce launched a 'single window' policy to help boost cross-border trade and provide convenient services to international traders. 2014年,上海国际贸易“单一窗口”服务模式助推跨境贸易发展,为国际贸易提供便捷服务。Tang Jie,SH Branch, Bank of Communications唐捷 交通银行上海市分行国际业务部 交易银行部 总经理“For instance, the single window policy allows companies to make a reservation of their declarations in order to reduce waiting and inquiry times. Financial products to help companies on a tight budget were also developed.”“例如,“单一窗口政策”允许公司预约申报,以减少等待和查询时间。此外,还开发了帮助预算紧张的公司的金融产品。”Yang Yong, Deputy GM,Shanghai E&P International杨勇 上海亿通国际股份有限公司副总经理“Shanghai is at the core of the Yangtze River Delta region, and we hope the China-Europe freight train is going to further connect the Eurasian continent.”“上海是长江三角洲地区的核心,我们希望中欧货运班列能够进一步连接欧亚大陆。”The policy now services more than 600,000 companies, covering the whole process of customs clearance and trade supervision. The National Development and Reform Commission said that during the past ten years, approximately 77,000 China-Europe freight trains have made the trip, delivering goods to 217 cities in 25 European and Eurasian countries.该政策目前已服务60多万家企业,覆盖通关和贸易监管全过程。国家发改委表示,过去十年间,中欧货运班列已累计开行约7.7万列,将货物运抵欧洲和欧亚25个国家的217个城市。#热词加油站 podium /ˈpəʊdiəm/【讲台】clinched /klɪntʃ/【搂抱】flame /fleɪm/【火焰】photovoltaic /ˌfəʊtəʊvɒlˈteɪɪk/【光伏】modules /ˈmɒdjuːl/【模块】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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09/28 TOP NEWS|自贸区十年 商务部未来规划/双节火车出行高峰/东航开上海—土耳其航线

NEWS ON 09/271. COMMERCE MINISTRY ON WHAT'SNEXT FOR FREE TRADE ZONES自贸区十周年:商务部谈试点对接高标准经贸规则2. RAILWAY STATIONS PLAN FOR MASSEXODUS DURING HOLIDAY PERIOD放假倒计时!双节期间火车站迎来大量出行旅客3.CHINA EASTERN OPENS DIRECT FLIGHTS BETWEEN SHANGHAI AND ISTANBUL深耕“一带一路”中国东方航空开航“上海—伊斯坦布尔”直飞往返航线----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1.COMMERCE MINISTRY ON WHAT'SNEXT FOR FREE TRADE ZONES自贸区十周年:商务部谈试点对接高标准经贸规则President Xi Jinping stressed building more free trade zones that further improve access to the country’s market and push for modernization of the entire industrial chain. In a little over 10 years, 21 FTZs have been established in the country. Sun Siqi brings us a report from the Ministry of Commerce today on what's next. 习近平主席强调,要推动建设更多自贸试验区,进一步改善中国的市场准入,推动全产业链条现代化。过去十年来,我国已建立起21个自贸试验区。本台记者孙思奇带来报道,介绍新征程上商务部将如何开展自贸区的建设工作。The central government outlined【概述】 a set of measures in June to further open up FTZs in regions including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong, with faster customs clearance and greater freedom to do business. 今年六月,国务院印发了一系列措施,进一步推进北京、上海和广东等地区的自贸区制度型开放,加快通关速度,扩大贸易自由度。Ministry officials said since then 13 trial policies have been introduced. Businesses and their employees are already benefiting from these policies that extend the length of stay for foreign business experts, executives 【高管】and their family members. 商务部有关负责人表示,自上述政策实施以来,已有13项试点措施落地实施。这些措施延长了外资企业专家、高管及其配偶停居留期限,有关企业、个人已可以享受到实实在在的政策红利。A greater range of overseas professional certifications are now recognized. Air cargo clears customs in as little as 6 hours, while regular freight is given clearance in as little as 48 hours. 更多国际高标准经贸规则已得到对接。空运快运货物正常情况下在抵达后6小时内放行,对已抵达并提交通关所需全部信息的普通货物,尽可能在48小时内放行。At the same time, more trial policies are being worked out. 与此同时,更多的试点政策正在制订中。Sheng Qiuping, Vice Minister of Ministry of Commerce盛秋平 商务部副部长“对于备受关注的重点行业再制造产品进口试点,已经提出了试点方案和产品目录。商务部正会同有关部门加紧研究,将按要求在6个月内作出决定。对于暂时入境修理货物免关税、跨境购买境外金融服务等试点措施也正在加快制订。配套管理办法、细则、指引等,将尽快对外发布。”“We've already made a plan and list of products for a trial where businesses in several keymanufacturing sectors are allowed to import re-manufactured products. The Ministry of Commerce is now working with multiple government departments to be ready to launch the policy in 6 months. ”Another trial will be introduced to scrap【放弃】 customs duty on goods that need to temporarily enter the border for repair and allow cross-border purchases of overseas financial services. Officials said some of the policies will gradually be introduced in other FTZs, where stress tests will commence on how these policies work. In the first half of this year, the countrys 21 FTZs attracted about 18 percent of all foreign investment and a similar figure for imports and exports despite accounting for less than 0.4 percent of the country's area.此外还将试行暂时入境修理货物免关税、跨境购买境外金融服务等措施。相关负责人表示,具备条件的试点措施将会推广到其他自贸试验区,在更大范围内开展压力测试。今年上半年,21家自贸试验区以不到0.4%的国土面积,贡献了占全国18%的外商投资和几乎等额占比的进出口。2.RAILWAY STATIONS PLAN FOR MASSEXODUS DURING HOLIDAY PERIOD放假倒计时!双节期间火车站迎来大量出行旅客Special operations will be in place on the country's rail network between today and October 8th. Extra trains will be added to schedules and more employees will be on duty to keep things running smoothly during rush periods. 190 million people nationwide are expected to travel by train during the period as it includes the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays. In Shanghai, all three railway stations today opened their overnight waiting room. Sun Siqi has more.从今日(09/27)起至10月8日,全国铁路网将采取系列特别措施。铁路部门将增开列车,并在高峰期安排更多员工值班,以保证铁路系统平稳运行。中秋国庆双节假期期间,全国铁路预计发放旅客 1.9亿人次。今天起,铁路上海站三大站候车室将通宵开放。本台记者孙思奇将带来更多报道。In the departure area of Hongqiao Railway Station, a screen showed that nearly all tickets from Shanghai have been sold out between today and Friday, forcing some travelers to reschedule their trip. 虹桥火车站出发区的屏幕上显示:从今天到周五,从上海出发的车票几乎全部售罄。一些旅客不得不重新安排他们的出行计划。Traveler旅客”本来想在这儿玩一天再回去的,然后买不到28号的票,只能买27号的了。”“I planned to stay another day, but I couldn't get a ticket for tomorrow. So I'm leaving today.”Shanghai railway authorities said a total of 485,000 travelers departed from the three stations. That was with an additional 25 trains on the schedule. Most of them were destined for northwestern parts of the country, or north of Jiangsu Province. 上海铁路部门称,上海三大站预计发送旅客48.5万人次。其中包括新增的25趟列车。客流方向主要集中在我国西北地区或江苏省北部。Zhang Jianlin, Hongqiao Railway Station张建霖铁路虹桥站值班站长“我们根据整个国庆期间旅客出行需求,会进一步地采取列车的加挂、动车组的重联、以及增开临客的措施,进一步根据旅客需求加大运力。”“We will add more trains or carriages to expand capacity according to demand during the holiday.”Authorities said departures and arrivals in Shanghai will reach about 7 million during the holidays. The operating hours of Metro lines 2, 10 and 17 will be extended to help get people to and from the train stations. More free shuttle buses will be available and the stations will also set up more taxi stands. 铁路局表示,假期期间上海的客运量将达到约700万人次。地铁2号线、10号线和17号线将延长运营时间,便利旅客往返火车站。此外还将提供更多的免费穿梭巴士班次,各火车站也将设立更多的出租车站。As for weather during the holidays, forecasters say it will be largely good and suitable for outdoor activities. However, northern China can expect some showers, strong winds and a cold front. Strong wind is also forecast along the eastern and southern coasts. 据气象预报,大部分地区双节期间天气良好,适合进行户外活动。不过,华北地区可能会有阵雨、大风和冷锋天气。预计东部和南部沿海地区也将有大风气象。3.CHINA EASTERN OPENS DIRECT FLIGHTS BETWEEN SHANGHAI AND ISTANBUL深耕“一带一路”中国东方航空开航“上海—伊斯坦布尔”直飞往返航线China Eastern Airlines today announced the launch of direct flight service between Shanghai and the Turkish city of Istanbul, becoming the first Chinese airline to serve the route.  The first flight will depart from Shanghai in about 4 hours, and our reporter Zhang Shixuan was at the launch ceremony to find out the advantages the new service offers.  中国东方航空公司今天(09/27)宣布开通上海—土耳其伊斯坦布尔直飞航线,成为首家开通该航线的中国航空公司。首架航班将在约4小时后(新闻播报时间)从上海起飞,本台记者张诗旋在在启动仪式现场了解该项新航线服务的优势。Starting tomorrow, China Eastern will offer three direct round trip flights between Shanghai and Istanbul every week, the first departing at 1:30 am tomorrow and arriving in Istanbul in 12 hours. That will save up to half the previous air travel time between the two cities, as well as making the visa chores easier.从明天(09/28)起,东航将每周执行三班往返上海和伊斯坦布尔的直飞航班,首班航班将于明天凌晨1:30起飞,12小时后抵达伊斯坦布尔。航线开通后,两地间的空中旅行时间将比以往节省一半,签证手续也将更加便捷。Liu Yanan, GM Assistant, Network Transport Capacity of Commercial Committee, China Eastern Airlines刘亚楠东航商务委网络运力部总经理助理“在上海到伊斯坦布尔直飞开通以前,大部分时间,旅客想要从中国去土耳其的话需要在周边日韩、东南亚国家进行多次中转,大概的时间大概需要24-25小时左右,直飞航班把整个行程缩短了10-12个小时左右。”“Previously, most visitors wanting to go to Turkey had to make several tranfers through nearby countries, including Japan, the Republic of Korea or Southeast Asian countries. That would take 24 or 25 hours, but the direct flight cuts ten or twelve hours off that.”Liu notes that due to the travel frenzy during the upcoming long holidays, the first few flights during the National Day Holiday are almost sold out. The visit will be a new experience for many.刘亚楠指出,由于即将到来的长假旅游热潮,国庆假期的前几趟航班已经几乎售罄。对许多人来说,这次旅程将会是一次全新的体验。Chen Chao陈超“结合航线新开,打算办理签证后前往土耳其,还没去过。”“With the launch of the new route, I'm planning to get a visa to go to Turkey. I've never been there before.”Liu Yanan, GM Assistant, Network Transport Capacity of Commercial Committee, China Eastern Airlines刘亚楠东航商务委网络运力部总经理助理“在上海出发的时间我们安排在了凌晨1点左右,这样的话,国内包括周围日韩、东南亚国家的旅客可以通过浦东航班接上海到土耳其出发这一段。到达土耳其之后,是当地时间8:30,伊斯坦布尔作为国际性枢纽,方便接从土耳其到欧洲、非洲这些国家的旅客的后一段航班。”“The regular flights depart from Shanghai at around 1 am. So tourists from Japan, the Republic of Korea and Southeast Asian countries can first fly to Pudong, and then get on to the flight to Turkey. The flight arrives in Turkey at 8:30 am local time. As an international hub, Istanbul is also offers transfers to other destinations in Europe and Africa.”This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative【倡议】, and the new route is a fruit of China Eastern's service to the BRI nations.  The airline has upgraded its in-flight facilities as part of the new route's service.  今年是共建“一带一路”倡议提出十周年,而新航线的开通是东航服务“一带一路”沿线国家的硕果。作为新航线服务的一部分,东航对机上设施也进行了升级。Yan Jun, Deputy General Manager  of Customer Committee, China Eastern Airlines严峻东航客户委副总经理“104架双通道航班全部实现了空地互联,去年升级了离地即连,全程在线.““Our 104 double-aisle flights have installed wi-fi connections. Last year, we have upgraded our wi-fi services to make it possible to connect immediately after the plane takes off, and it remains connected for the entire trip.”During the past decade, China Eastern has carried more than 55 million passengers to almost 30 countries along the Belt and Road Initiative, and flights on the route have now recovered to around 70 percent of the level they had hit in 2019. 过去十年间,东航已为“一带一路”沿线近30个国家运送了超过5500万名旅客,目前沿线的航班量已恢复到2019年的70%左右。#热词加油站outline/ˈaʊtlaɪn/【概述】executives/ɪɡˈzekjətɪv/【高管】 scrap/skræp/【放弃】initiative/ɪˈnɪʃətɪv/【倡议】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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09/27 TOP NEWS|《携手构建人类命运共同体》/中国乒乓球女团夺金/上海新能源汽车发展

NEWS ON 09/261.CHINA ISSUES WHITE PAPER ON GLOBAL COMMUNITY FOR SHARED FUTURE《携手构建人类命运共同体:中国的倡议与行动》白皮书发布2.CHINESE WOMEN WIN TABLE TENNIS TEAM GOLD AT ASIAN GAMES中国队夺得杭州亚运会乒乓球女子团体金牌3.SHANGHAI CHIPS AWAY AT THE ELECTRIC VEHICLE MARKET上海抢占新能源汽车发展高地-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1.CHINA ISSUES WHITE PAPER ON GLOBAL COMMUNITY FOR SHARED FUTURE《携手构建人类命运共同体:中国的倡议与行动》白皮书发布The State Council Information Office today released a white paper titled "A Global Community of Shared Future: China's Proposals and Actions". Sun Siqi has the story. 国务院新闻办公室今日发表《携手构建人类命运共同体:中国的倡议与行动》白皮书。记者孙思奇带来报道。The white paper noted the world is undergoing change on a scale unseen in a century. No country can overcome global development challenges on its own. It is therefore of great significance to promote solidarity and cooperation among all countries and create a better future for humanity.白皮书指出,世界正在经历百年未遇的大规模变革。任何国家都无法独自战胜全球发展挑战。因此,促进各国团结合作,为人类创造更美好的未来具有重要意义。Wang Yi, Chinese Foreign Minister, Member of Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee王毅 中共中央政治局委员、外交部部长“We should boost confidence in common development. The key is to steer globalization in the right direction, oppose decoupling, cutting off supply chains and building small yards with high fences, as well as reject protectionism and unilateral sanctions, and work for a just equitable【公平的】 and transparent set of international economic and trade rules.”“我们要为共同发展注入更强信心,关键是引导维护全球化的正确方向,反对脱钩断链、"小院高墙",抵制保护主义、单边制裁,推动构建公正、合理、透明的国际经贸规则体系”China will hold the 3rd Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation next month. Cong Liang丛亮, Deputy Director of the National Development and Reform Commission, said all Belt and Road Initiative projects are being carried out in accordance with the principle of mutual consultation, co-building and shared benefits. He said in the face of tangible construction achievements, all naysayers who slander【诽谤】 and smear the green Silk Road are not worth refuting. 中国将于下月举办第三届 "一带一路 "国际合作高峰论坛。国家发改委副主任丛亮表示,所有 "一带一路 "倡议项目都是按照共商、共建、共享原则开展的。他说,在实实在在的建设成果面前,诬蔑、抹黑绿色丝绸之路的杂音不值一驳。Cong Liang, Deputy Director, National Development and Reform Commission丛亮 国家发展改革委副主任“We are committed to making green development a defining feature of projects under the Belt and Road Initiative. In terms of policy framework, policy documents have been issued to promote green construction, ecological conservation, energy cooperation, and the cessation【停止】of new overseas coal-fired power projects.”“我们坚持把绿色作为共建"一带一路"的底色,在政策体系方面,出台推出了绿色"一带一路"建设,以及生态环保、能源合作,不再新建境外煤电项目等政策文件”Zhao Fengtao赵峰涛, deputy director of the China International Development Cooperation Agency, said eliminating poverty is not only a shared human aspiration, but also the primary goal of the United Nations' 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 国家国际发展合作署副署长赵峰涛说,消除贫困不仅是人类的共同愿望,也是联合国2030年可持续发展议程的首要目标。Zhao Fengtao Deputy Director, China International Development Cooperation Agency赵峰涛 国家国际发展合作署副署长“China has helped other developing countries implement more than 6,000 livelihood projects, effectively enhancing local capacity for sustainable development. Its poverty reduction cooperation projects have paved the way for impoverished rural areas to achieve prosperity.”“中方帮助广大发展中国家,实施了6000多个民生项目,有效提升了当地可持续发展能力,减贫示范合作项目,让贫困农村走上了致富之路”Zhao said over the past decade, the Belt and Road Initiative has generated nearly 1 trillion US dollars in investment and lifted 40 million people out of poverty. 赵峰涛说,过去十年间,"一带一路 "倡议带来了近1万亿美元的投资,使4000万人摆脱了贫困。2. CHINESE WOMEN WIN TABLE TENNIS TEAM GOLD AT ASIAN GAMES中国队夺得杭州亚运会乒乓球女子团体金牌At the Asian Games, China defeated South Korea’s three mile moments ago to win men’s table tennis team gold-medal. And Earlier in the day, the Chinese women's table tennis team defeated Japan to win the gold medal. Sun Siqi has this Asian Games round-up. 在今天的亚运会上,中国队三度战胜韩国队,夺得乒乓球男子团体金牌。今天早些时候,中国女子乒乓球队击败日本队,夺得金牌。记者孙思奇带来有关亚运会报道。World No.1 Sun Yingsha opened the first match against Hayata Hina of Japan. Sun took the first 2 games but lost the third. She fell behind early in the fourth game before regaining her form and winning the match 3-1. 世界排名第一的孙颖莎首战日本的早田希娜。孙颖莎拿下前两局,但输掉了第三局。她在第四局早早落后,随后找回状态,以3-1赢得比赛。In the next match, Chen Meng had to go the distance, but persevered to beat Hirano Miu 3-2. 在下一场比赛中,陈梦虽然经历了长时比赛,但还是坚持不懈地以3-2击败了平野美宇。Wang Manyu topped Harimoto Miwa 3-1 to sweep all three matches for China. 王曼昱以3-1击败张本美,为中国队横扫全部三场比赛。Also today, young shooters Sheng Lihao and Huang Yuting took gold in the 10-meter air rifle mixed team event. 今天,青年射击运动员盛李豪和黄雨婷还在10米气步枪混合团体赛中摘得金牌。Chinese cyclists broke an Asian record in the women's team sprint final to claim another gold, while Ma Zhenzhao finished atop the podium in women's judo in the 78-kilogram class. 中国队在场地自行车女子团体竞速赛打破亚洲纪录,再夺一金;马振昭在女子柔道78公斤级比赛中夺冠,登上领奖台。Yesterday, Chinese swimmers took 4 gold, 6 silver and 2 bronze medals in sevent finals. Breaststroke specialist Qin Haiyang broke the Asian Games 100-meter breaststroke record twice in the same day, and took his first gold in Hangzhou with a time of 57.76 seconds in the final.昨天,中国游泳选手在单项决赛中摘得4金6银2铜。蛙泳名将覃海洋在一天内两次打破亚运会100米蛙泳纪录,并在决赛中以57秒76的成绩摘得他在杭州的首金。Qin Haiyang, Chinese Swimmer覃海洋 中国游泳队队员“I expected this. I guess I'm satisfied with how I did. ““能够有一个差不多的成绩,其实就在我预料之内,所以(表现)还可以我觉得”Wang Xue'er won the women's 50-meter backstroke【仰泳】final, while Yu Yiting and Ye Shiwen made it a one-two finish for China in the women's 200-meter individual medley【混合泳】 final. 汪雪儿在女子50米仰泳决赛中夺冠,余依婷和叶诗文在女子200米个人混合泳决赛中为中国队一举夺冠。Ye Shiwen, Chinese Swimmer叶诗文 中国游泳队队员“I wanted Yu to break my record because a record is made to be broken. ”“我也希望她(余依婷)早日打破我的纪录, 因为纪录就是用来被打破的”Also yesterday, Uzbekistan gymnast Oksana Chusovitina re-appeared at the Games and qualified for the vault final on Thursday. The 48-year-old is making headlines by competing at an elite level 34 years after her debut on the international stage when she was 14. The 8-time Olympian continued competing even after her then 2-year-old son was diagnosed with leukemia in 2002. Though her son has long recovered and is now an adult, Chusovitina continues to push herself to be the best athlete she can be.同样在昨天,乌兹别克斯坦体操运动员奥克萨娜-丘索维蒂娜再次亮相本届奥运会,并获得了周四跳马决赛的资格。现年48岁的奥克萨娜-丘索维蒂娜在14岁首次登上国际舞台的34年后再次参加精英赛,成为体操界的头条新闻。2002年,她两岁的儿子被诊断出患有白血病,这位八届奥运会冠军仍坚持参加比赛。虽然她的儿子早已康复并已成年,但丘索维蒂娜仍不断鞭策自己成为最好的运动员。3. SHANGHAI CHIPS AWAY AT THE ELECTRIC VEHICLE MARKET上海抢占新能源汽车发展高地Last year China accounted for more than half of the new Electric Vehicles sold worldwide. EVs made up approximately 25% of China's new car sales in 2022 as well. And as the vehicles get smarter, the market has an increasing demand for the computer chips that run them. Our reporter Zhang Shixuan talked to 2 companies in the industry and finds out the massive scale of the demand and how it is being met.    去年,中国的电动汽车销量占全球新车销量的一半以上。2022年,电动汽车也将占中国新车销量的25%左右。随着汽车越来越智能,市场对运行汽车的计算机芯片的需求也越来越大。本报记者张诗旋采访了两家业内公司,了解了这一需求的巨大规模以及如何满足这一需求。An ordinary modern car may be able to connect with Bluetooth, detect blind spots for the driver, automatically adjust seats and display videos - all at once, and all functions run by tiny semiconductor chips - the average car these days has hundreds of them. SmartSens Technology has been developing automotive image sensor chips since 2020. So far, it has launched 11 automotive-grade Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor or CMOS image sensors.一辆普通的现代汽车可以同时实现蓝牙连接、为驾驶员检测盲点、自动调节座椅和显示视频等功能,而所有这些功能都由微小的半导体芯片运行——现在的普通汽车拥有数百个这样的芯片。SmartSens Technology公司从2020年开始研发汽车图像传感器芯片。迄今为止,该公司已推出11款汽车级互补金属氧化物半导体或 CMOS 图像传感器。Zhang Peiling, Chief Marketing Officer SmartSens Technology章佩玲 思特威首席市场官“Intelligent driving functions have been advancing steadily, so there are more cameras needed on a car to provide clearer image information. Demand has increased for sensor chips for cameras and laser【激光】radars, processors, computing platforms such as GPUs as well as control units. We are continuing to focus on application scenarios for automotive viewing, sensing and in-cabin monitoring.”“目前,智能驾驶功能逐步向更高级别发展,推动单车搭载的摄像头数量逐渐增长。带动汽车市场对芯片和处理器的需求提升,比如像摄像头、激光雷达等各类型传感器芯片、处理器、GPU等计算平台和控制单元等等。思特威将继续聚焦车载影像类、感知类与舱内三大应用场景的发展”Zhang Shixuan, Reporter张诗旋 记者“It is estimated that this year, global NEV production will grow by 30%. That has brought an increased demand for the semiconductors that drive these electric systems on wheels. Given the chip shortage that interrupted car manufacturing in the past 3 years, companies have been paying close attention to strengthening local supply chains to get prepared for the growing demand. And there are some new opportunities in the market as well. ”“据估计,今年全球新能源汽车的产量将增长30%。这就增加了对驱动这些车轮上的电动系统的半导体的需求。过去三年,芯片短缺曾一度中断了汽车制造,因此各公司一直在密切关注如何加强本地供应链,为满足日益增长的需求做好准备。同时,市场上也出现了一些新的机遇。”Damien Tuleu, Head of Display Solutions Merck Electronics达米安·图勒乌 默克显示科技显示解决方案负责人“Automotive industry obviously is booming in China, EV especially. And with EV comes into a new era in terms of using display to become much more transformative in experiencing with the drivers. We see display becoming much more critical. We are definitely looking for partnering with our customers to get much more particularly in trend into automotive opportunities.”“中国的汽车行业显然正在蓬勃发展,电动汽车尤其如此。随着电动汽车进入一个新时代,显示屏在与驾驶者的互动体验方面将发生更大的变化。我们认为显示屏变得更加重要。我们肯定会寻求与我们的客户合作,以获得更多进入汽车行业的机会。”Shanghai has been a big promoter of automobile chip development. The city now has 8 auto makers and more than 600 auto part manufacturers, laying a good foundation for joint advances between automobile companies and chip makers. SAIC Motor has just set up a 6-billion-yuan investment fund, just for chip development.上海一直在大力推动汽车芯片的发展。上海目前有8家汽车制造商和600多家汽车零部件制造商,为汽车公司和芯片制造商的共同进步奠定了良好的基础。上汽集团刚刚设立了一个 60亿元的投资基金,专门用于芯片开发。#热词加油站 laser /ˈleɪzə(r) /【激光】backstroke /ˈbækstrəʊk/【仰泳】medley /ˈmedli/【混合泳】cessation /seˈseɪʃn/【停止】slander /ˈslɑːndə(r) /【诽谤】equitable /ˈekwɪtəb/【公平的】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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09/22 TOP NEWS|亚运会赛艇项目收官/上海旅游节客流量上升/泰国总理迎接免签中国游客

NEWS ON 09/251.CHINESE ROWERS FINISH WITH 11 GOLDS AT ASIAN GAMES杭州亚运会赛艇项目收官 中国队获11金2银2.TOURISM FESTIVAL TO PROMOTE FURTHER RISE IN VISITOR NUMBERS上海旅游节推动游客人数进一步上升3.THAILAND RECEIVES FIRST CHINESE VISITORS UNDER NEW VISA-FREE POLICY泰国总理赛塔赴机场 迎接首批免签入境中国游客-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. CHINESE ROWERS FINISH WITH 11 GOLDS AT ASIAN GAMES杭州亚运会赛艇项目收官 中国队获11金2银China bagged five gold and two silver medals on the final day of rowing at the Fuyang富阳 Water Sports Center today at the Asian Games in Hangzhou. In total, Chinese rowing teams won 11 gold and 2 silver medals. Lei Shuran has more.今天是杭州富阳水上运动中心举行的亚运会赛艇比赛最后一个比赛日,中国队包揽了五金两银。在本次亚运会,中国赛艇队共获得11枚金牌和2枚银牌。记者雷舒然带来更多报道。Zhang Liang张亮 secured his second gold medal in rowing today following another golden performance in the men's double sculls. He is now the most decorated male athlete in the history of rowing at the Asian Games with five career gold medals.今天,张亮在男子双人双桨比赛中再创佳绩,获得了他在赛艇项目上的第二枚金牌。目前,张亮以五枚金牌的成绩成为亚运会赛艇项目历史上获得金牌最多的男运动员。Chinese rowers maintained their form throughout the day, securing gold medals in the women's quadruple sculls, men's quadruple sculls, women's four without coxswain【舵手】 and women's eight with coxswain events.中国赛艇运动员全天保持良好状态,在女子四人双桨、男子四人双桨、女子四人无舵手和女子八人有舵手项目中均获得金牌。During the men's park final in skateboarding, Chen Ye陈烨 won gold, China's first gold medal in the sport at a world event.在男子公园滑板决赛中,陈烨夺得金牌,这是中国在世界大赛中获得的首枚滑板金牌。In the men's 10-meter air rifle individual final, Sheng Lihao盛李豪 broke the world record with a score of 253.3 points.在男子10米气步枪个人决赛中,盛李豪以253.3分的成绩打破世界纪录。Last night, Chinese swimmers won all seven gold medals available. Zhang Yufei张雨霏 won the women's 200-meter butterfly title, breaking the Asian Games record in a time of 2 minutes and 5.57 seconds.  Wang Shun汪顺, Li Bingjie李冰洁, Pan Zhanle潘展乐 and Xu Jiayu徐嘉余 were among those to win gold. Wang set an Asian record in the men's 200m individual medley, while Pan did likewise in the men's 100-meter freestyle. Not to be outdone, the Chinese women's 4x100-meter relay team set an Asian Games record to bring home another gold medal.昨晚,中国游泳选手包揽了全部七枚金牌。张雨霏以2分5秒57的成绩打破亚运会纪录,夺得女子200米蝶泳冠军。汪顺、李冰洁、潘展乐和徐嘉余也获得金牌。汪顺在男子200米个人混合泳中创造了亚洲纪录,潘展乐在男子100米自由泳中也取得了同样的成绩。中国女子4x100米接力队也不甘示弱,创造了亚运会纪录,将另一枚金牌收入囊中。Wang Shun, Chinese Swimmer汪顺 中国游泳运动员“I didn't imagine this before the competition. I only wanted to do my best in every part. I think I have done that.”“赛前没有想过夺冠,只是想要把每个地方做到最好,今晚我觉得我做到了”In table tennis, world No. 1 Fan Zhendong樊振东, veteran【老将】 Ma Long马龙 and Wang Chuqin王楚钦 defeated Singapore 3-0 in the quarterfinals.As of 7pm today, Chinese athletes have won 32 gold, 14 silver and 6 bronze medals, topping the medal tally at the Asian Games.在乒乓球项目比赛中,世界排名第一的樊振东、老将马龙和王楚钦在四分之一决赛中以3比0战胜新加坡队。截至今天下午7点,中国运动员共获得 32枚金牌、14枚银牌和6枚铜牌,位居本届亚运会奖牌榜首位。2. TOURISM FESTIVAL TO PROMOTE FURTHER RISE IN VISITOR NUMBERS上海旅游节推动游客人数进一步上升The 34th Shanghai Tourism Festival opened opened on the 16th, and will run for two more weeks, aimed at boosting consumer spending in the sector.  In many ways, things are already picking up, as Zhang Shixuan has been discovering.第34届上海旅游节已于16日开幕,并将持续两周,旨在促进旅游业的消费。记者张诗旋发现,在许多方面,情况都已有所好转。The hotels have been among the first to see the recovery in tourism, both international and domestic.  For US-headquartered hotel group Hilton, this year has already brought better-than-expected performance, especially since the summer vacation.酒店是最先看到国际和国内旅游业复苏的行业之一。对于总部在美国的希尔顿酒店集团来说,今年的业绩已经好于预期,尤其是自暑假以来。Qian Jin, President, Hilton Greater China and Mongolia“In August, we see that major cities like Chengdu, Beijing and Changsha, both performance and recovery of the occupancy is much better than we expected. And we see that family travel, individual friends travel is very high demand. Besides the normal travel, we see some of the cultural events happen such as Asian game and Belt and Road forum, and plus summer Davos. We facilitate some of the program such as intangible cultural heritage activities. We got a very much positive feedback from those customers.”“在8月份,我们看到成都、北京和长沙等主要城市的表现和入住率的恢复情况都比我们预期的要好得多。而且家庭游、朋友游的需求非常大。除了正常的旅游,还看到一些文化活动,比如亚洲运动会、"一带一路 "论坛,还有夏季达沃斯世界经济论坛。我们推动了一些项目,比如非物质文化遗产活动。我们从这些客户那里得到了非常积极的反馈。”Every year for the last 3 years, the group has been opening 100 new hotels in China.在过去3年中,该集团每年都会在中国新开100家酒店。Qian Jin, President, Hilton Greater China and Mongolia钱进 希尔顿大中华区及蒙古总裁We have a major milestones coming 600th hotels by the end of this year. China is such a large countries and reflect of different segmentation of customers. So in the near future, we're going to look at another new brand into China. We got destinations like resort hotel. But besides, on top of that, actually there's a lot of destinations and we would like to explore where our Chinese domestic travel is going to.今年年底,我们将迎来第600家酒店的重要里程碑。中国是一个非常辽阔的国家,有各种不同的客户群体。因此,在不久的将来,我们将考虑在中国推出另一个新品牌。我们有度假酒店这样的目的地。但除此之外,其实还有很多旅行地,我们希望探索中国国内旅游的目的地。Zhang Shixuan, ReporterChina's tourism sector has been witnessing a continued recovery during the third quarter. Data from the China Tourism Academy says that during the summer travel peak between June and August, the number of domestic trips topped more than 1.8 billion, generating revenue of 1.2 trillion yuan. The upcoming National Day Holiday is expected to bring another boost, more good news for foreign firms which provide things for the tourists to do once they get here.中国旅游业在第三季度持续复苏。中国旅游研究院的数据显示,在6月至8月的暑期旅游高峰期间,国内旅游人数超过18亿人次,实现旅游收入1.2万亿元。即将到来的国庆长假预计将再次推动旅游业的发展,这对那些为游客提供旅游服务的外资企业来说无疑是个好消息。Madame Tussauds' Asian flagship in downtown Shanghai saw more than a million visitors a year before 2020, and it's proving just as popular now.  It's just carried out an upgrade to some show areas to provide guests with more immersive【沉浸式虚拟现实的】experiences.位于上海市中心的杜莎夫人蜡像馆在2020年前每年接待游客超过100万人次,现在也同样受欢迎。杜莎夫人蜡像馆刚刚对部分展区进行了升级,为游客提供更加身临其境的体验。Fiona Yang, General Manager, Madame Tussauds Shanghai上海杜莎夫人蜡像馆总经理 杨丽君So far we have like many peak season, Mayday holiday, peak season like summer holiday actually we are recovery rate is around 60% compare with 2019. We have many guests from Jiangsu and Zhejiang province, also the Shanghai citizens. Meanwhile, the North China and East China, their guest number have been climbing up very much. We will see that many brands, more and more brands are choosing Shanghai. And we have seen many competitors in Shanghai. Now let's say many investor they are have confidence about Shanghai.到目前为止,我们有像很多旺季、五一假期、暑假这样的旺季,实际上我们的回收率比2019年要高60%左右。我们有很多来自江苏和浙江的客人,还有上海的市民。同时,华北和华东地区,他们的客人数量也在不断攀升。我们看到,越来越多的品牌选择上海,在上海也有很多竞争者。现在可以说很多投资者对上海充满信心。The company is continuing to launch new figures this year, the same number as in 2019 and an expansion which it intends to continue.  The Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism reports that in the first half of 2023, Shanghai received almost 140 million domestic visitors, generating tourism revenue of more than 155 billion yuan, an increase of more than 100 percent year on year.公司今年将继续达到新的流量,人数与 2019 年相同,并打算继续扩大。上海市文化和旅游局的报告显示,2023年上半年,上海接待国内游客近1.4亿人次,旅游收入超过1550亿元,同比增长超过100%。3. THAILAND RECEIVES FIRST CHINESE VISITORS UNDER NEW VISA-FREE POLICY泰国总理赛塔赴机场 迎接首批免签入境中国游客Thai officials welcomed hundreds of Chinese tourists today, the first day where they can enter the country without a visa for the next five months.  Officials in Thailand hope the initiative helps boost the country's tourism industry. Stephen Rancourt has more.今天,泰国官员欢迎数百名中国游客,这是中国游客在未来五个月内免签入境泰国的第一天。 泰国官员希望这一举措有助于促进泰国旅游业的发展。记者Stephen Rancourt带来更多报道。Starting today, Chinese travelers who want to visit Thailand will no longer need to get a visa in the next five months and they can stay in for up to 30 days.从今天起,中国游客在未来五个月内到泰国旅游将不再需要办理签证,并且可以在泰国逗留长达30天。This morning at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin handed out gifts and posed for pictures as his tourism minister and other VIPs greeted about 100 travelers who had arrived from Shanghai.今天上午,在素万那普机场,泰国总理素拉-他威信与泰国旅游部部长和其他贵宾一起向从上海抵达泰国的约100名游客分发礼物并合影留念。“In the past, you could get a visa-on-arrival, but you still needed to provide some mandatory【强制性的】documents. But now that it's visa-free, it's just like when I went through customs and the customs officer only had to stamp my passport and register my fingerprints, I think it's really efficient and convenient.”“之前落地签还是需要一些材料什么的,免签的话就是,因为我刚刚过海关,他给我只敲了一个章,然后只录了指纹,我觉得这个真的很快捷很方便”Addressing safety concerns among tourists, the prime minister said it is the top priority of authorities.总理在谈到游客的安全问题时说,这是当局的首要任务。Srettha Thavisin, Thai Prime Minister赛塔·他威信 泰国总理“On top of anything else, tourists entering Thailand must feel safe from the first day they set foot in our country until the last where they return home, and they must also be impressed by our hospitality【热情好客】.”“最重要的是让赴泰旅客感到安全,从入境泰国那一刻起直到离开。此外,游客们还将深深体会到泰国的热情好客”The free visa policy for Chinese is estimated to add 700,000 arrivals during the high season, according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand. The visa-free policy is also available to travelers from Kazakhstan. The Thai government aims to attract 40 million foreign visitors in 2024 to help tourism recover to pre-pandemic levels.据泰国旅游局称,中国游客免签政策预计将在旅游旺季期间增加70万人次。来自哈萨克斯坦的游客也可享受免签证政策。泰国政府的目标是在2024年吸引4000万外国游客,以帮助旅游业恢复到大流行前的水平。#热词加油站 coxswain /ˈkɒksn/【舵手】veteran /ˈvetərən/【老将】immersive /ɪˈmɜːsɪv/【沉浸式虚拟现实的】mandatory /ˈmændətəri/【强制性的】 hospitality /ˌhɒspɪˈtæləti/【热情好客】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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09/22 TOP NEWS|杭州亚运会开幕/第五届外滩金融峰会/2023上海马拉松十一月底开跑

NEWS ON 09/221.ASIAN GAMES TO OPEN TOMORROW第十九届亚洲运动会开幕式23日晚在浙江杭州举行2.WORLD FINANCE EXPERTS CONSIDER LIKELY FUTURE INTEREST RATES第五届外滩金融峰会:全球财经大咖热议“复苏与挑战”3.SHANGHAI MARATHON RETURNS AT FULL SCALE IN NOVEMBER2023上海马拉松11月底开跑-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. ASIAN GAMES TO OPEN TOMORROW第十九届亚洲运动会开幕式23日晚在浙江杭州举行President Xi Jinping will attend the opening ceremony of the 19th Asian Games tomorrow night in Hangzhou. Swimmer Qin Haiyang and women's basketball player Yang Liwei will carry the Chinese flag at the ceremony. Now Chen Xuan previews what to expect from Chinese athletes at the games.国家主席习近平将出席明晚在杭州举行的第19届亚运会开幕式。游泳运动员秦海洋和女篮运动员杨力维将在开幕式上举中国国旗。现在,陈璇带我们预览对于中国运动员在本届亚运会上表现的期待。All right, Bei...///// China has finished atop the medal standings at every Asian Games since 1982. This marks the third time China has hosted the event. 好的,贝。自 1982 年以来,中国在每届亚运会上都位居奖牌榜首位。今年是中国第三次举办亚运会。886 Chinese athletes will be competing in 407 events in 38 sports. Expect plenty of gold medals in table tennis, badminton, diving, shooting, weightlifting and artistic gymnastics.  886名中国运动员将参加38个项目的407场比赛。在乒乓球、羽毛球、跳水、射击、举重和艺术体操等项目中,金牌数量将十分可观。In table tennis, women's players Sun Yingsha and Chen Meng are both expected to medal, while Fan Zhendong and Ma Long are big favorites on the men's side. 在乒乓球比赛中,女子选手孙颖莎和陈梦都有望获得奖牌,而男子选手樊振东和马龙则是最大热门。Young Olympian Quan Hongchan is favored to dominate diving events. 年轻的奥运冠军全红婵被看好在跳水项目上独占鳌头。The men's football team trumped Myanmar 4-0 yesterday to qualify for the next round. The men's volleyball team defeated Kazakhstan to enter the Top 12.男足昨天以 4-0 大胜缅甸,晋级下一轮。男子排球队击败哈萨克斯坦队,进入12强。Esports and breaking are making their debut【首次亮相】 at the Asian Games this year. Some of China's top gamers and break dancers will be looking to make history by winning the first ever gold medals in these competitions. 电子竞技和霹雳舞首次亮相今年的亚运会。一些中国顶尖的电竞选手和霹雳舞选手有望在这些比赛中争得首枚金牌从而创造历史。The events will be held across 6 cities in Zhejiang Province. Organizers say they're creating the first carbon-neutral Asian Games. In addition to sports venues that run on renewable energy, the opening ceremony will not feature any real fireworks. Instead, organizers will present a digital fireworks display. 比赛将在浙江省的6个城市举行。主办方表示,他们将打造第一届碳中和亚运会。除了使用可再生能源的体育场馆外,开幕式上将不燃放烟花。取而代之的是,主办方将展示数字焰火表演。Yesterday, more athletes and support staff arrived in Hangzhou from 35 countries and regions. More than 3,200 delegates from countries including Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia and Indonesia arrived at Hangzhou's Xiaoshan Airport.昨天,来自35个国家和地区的更多运动员和后勤人员抵达杭州。来自泰国、菲律宾、柬埔寨和印度尼西亚等国家的3200多名代表已抵杭州萧山机场。The first group of more than 40 horses also arrived yesterday for the equestrian【马术的】 events. 马术比赛的超40多匹的第一批马也于昨天抵达。All 56 competition and 31 training venues passed inspections at the end of July.一共56个比赛场地和31个训练场地已于7月底通过验收。2. WORLD FINANCE EXPERTS CONSIDER LIKELY FUTURE INTEREST RATES第五届外滩金融峰会:全球财经大咖热议“复苏与挑战”The 2023 Bund Summit opened today in Shanghai, bringing together global financial leaders discussing paths towards economic recovery and growth. As the world grapples with geopolitical tensions and economic uncertainties, the fifth Bund Summit is addressing issues in global macro policies, the evolution of international supply chains and artificial intelligence. Zhang Shixuan explains.2023外滩金融峰会今天在上海开幕,全球财经大咖齐聚一堂,探讨经济复苏和增长之路。在全球努力应对地缘政治紧张局势和经济不确定性之际,第五届外滩峰会将探讨全球宏观政策、国际供应链演变和人工智能等问题。记者张诗旋带来更多报道。The first plenary【完全的】session today focused on the future of globalization. In the roundtable discussion, the experts focused on global monetary policies, which have been seeing aggresive moves by major foreign central banks to curb inflation.  This Wednesday, the US Federal Reserve left its key interest rate unchanged for the second time in its last three meetings while suggesting further increases could be coming.  Experts today said markets are now suggesting a higher neutural rate of interest, or R-star.今天的第一次全体会议重点讨论了全球化的未来。在圆桌讨论中,专家们重点讨论了全球货币政策,外国央行一直在采取积极举措抑制通胀。本周三,美国联邦储备委员会在过去三次会议中第二次维持主要利率不变,同时暗示可能会进一步加息。专家们今天表示,市场现在暗示着更高的中性利率。Nathan Sheets, Global Chief Economist, Citi内森·希茨 花旗集团全球首席经济学家 “I think I see a higher cyclical R-star. I don't know if it's as high as 4, but I can easily get my head around 3 or something a little bit higher, which is compared to the Fed docs, they're writing down 2 and a half. I see 50, 75 basis points pretty easy to justify. We have seen in the economy, it's ongoing, very robust pent-up demand for services and that spending has been relatively insensitive to policy price and many other economic parameters【参数】. And given that momentum in the economy, arguably, it has taken, it may continue to take somewhat more restraint for monetary policy to be able to bring things back into balance.”“我看到了更高的中性利率。我不知道它是否高达4,但我可以轻易理解为3左右或更高一点,比起美联储的政策——他们定为2.5。在我看来, 50、75个基点是很容易做到的。在经济中,对服务业的压抑需求非常强劲,而且这种支出对政策价格和许多其他经济参数相对不敏感。可以说,鉴于这种经济势头,货币政策可能需要继续采取更多的限制措施,才能使经济恢复平衡。”Other experts warned of some upward pressure on the neutral rate brought about by debt increases.其他专家警告债务增加会给中性利率带来一定的上升压力。Jason Furman, Former Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers of the White House贾森·弗曼 白宫经济顾问委员会前主席“Now we have a lot more debt than we had four years ago. That debt puts upward pressure on the neutral rate. If you forced me to pick a number, I would pick a number like 75 basis points, which is above what the Fed says. If you would force me four years ago, I would effect a number probably 25 basis points, which was below what the Fed was saying at the time. But I wouldn't be surprised if it was even higher than that. And it's something where you need to watch closely in the next few years.”现在,我们的债务比四年前多了很多。这些债务给中性利率带来了上升压力。如果你非要我选择一个数字,我会选择 75个基点,这个数字高于美联储所说的数字。如果你迫使我让我在四年前选择一个数字,我会选可能是 25个基点,这个数字低于美联储当时所说的数字。但如果比这更高,我也不会感到惊讶。这也是未来几年需要密切关注的问题。Consumer inflation in the US has dropped from a year-over-year peak of 9.1% in June 2022 to 3.7% last month, yet is still well above the Fed's 2% target, and Fed officials have signaled that they may well raise rates once more this year. This week the Bank of Japan and the Bank of England both decided to hold their interest rates steady for now.  At the plenary session today, Wang Yiming from the Monetary Policy Committee at the People's Bank of China noted that for the past three years, China has been holding its interest rates relatively steady, focusing on maintaining a consistent monetary policy.美国消费通胀率已从2022年6月的同比峰值9.1%降至上个月的3.7%,但仍远高于美联储 2%的目标,美联储官员已表示今年很可能再次加息。本周,日本央行和英国央行均决定暂时维持利率稳定。在今天的全体会议上,我国央行货币政策委员会的王一鸣指出,过去三年来,中国一直保持相对稳定的利率,重点是要保持货币政策的连贯性。3. SHANGHAI MARATHON RETURNS AT FULL SCALE IN NOVEMBER2023上海马拉松11月底开跑The Shanghai Marathon is back, 38,000 spots are available for runners to hit the streets on November 26. 20,000 for the full marathon, and 18 for the easier "fun run".上海马拉松赛又回来了,38,000位参赛员将于11月26日上路。20,000人参加全程马拉松,18人参加轻松的 "欢乐跑"。The starting line for the full 42 kilometer marathon will be, as it always has been, at the Bund, the finish line will be at Shanghai Stadium. The precise details for the fun run, including its length route and finish line are still being worked out. 全程42公里的马拉松赛起跑线将一如既往地设在外滩,终点设在上海体育场。欢乐跑的确切细节,包括其长度路线和终点线仍在制定中。Registration【注册】is open until September 26, and the results will be announced on October 13. The winner of the full marathon will receive a cash prize of 55,000 US dollars. This November will be the first full scale Shanghai Marathon since 2019.报名截止到9月26日,比赛结果将于10月13日公布。全程马拉松的优胜者将获得55,000 美元的现金奖励。今年11月将是自2019年以来首次举办的全程上海马拉松赛。#热词加油站 equestrian /ɪˈkwestriən/【马术的】debut /ˈdeɪbjuː/【首次亮相】plenary /ˈpliːnəri/【完全的】parameters /pəˈræmɪtə(r) /【参数】registration /ˌredʒɪˈstreɪʃn/【注册】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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09/21 TOP NEWS|“薪火”相传迎亚运/男足5-1击败印度/沪苏湖铁路引入虹桥/静安雕塑展

NEWS ON 09/201. TORCH RELAY STARTS FINAL LEG AS HANGZHOU PREPARES TO RAISE CURTAIN ON ASIAN GAMES“薪火”相传迎亚运!杭州亚运会火炬收官站2. CHINA DEFEATS INDIA 5-1 IN MEN'S FOOTBALL AT ASIAN GAMES中国亚运男足5比1击败印度队3. TRACKS FOR NEW SHANGHAI-SUZHOU-HUZHOU COMMUTER LINE INSTALLED AT HQ STATION沪昆铁路“腾挪移”为沪苏湖铁路引入上海虹桥站让位4.LOOSE YOURSELF IN THE JING'AN SCULPTURE PROJECT上海静安国际雕塑展:走进开放的公园美术馆----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1.TORCH RELAY STARTS FINAL LEG AS HANGZHOU PREPARES TO RAISE CURTAIN ON ASIAN GAMES“薪火”相传迎亚运!杭州亚运会火炬收官站With three days to go before the official opening of the 19th Asian Games, the torch【火炬】 relay today returned to host city Hangzhou. It started there on September 8th and has ventured to 11 cities including Huzhou and Jiaxing. Zhang Yue has more.距离第19届亚洲运动会正式开幕还有三天,今天(09/20)火炬传递回到了东道主城市杭州。火炬传递始于9月8日,途经湖州和嘉兴等11个城市。本台记者张乐带来详细报道。Nearly 200 torchbearers will complete the 11.4-kilometer relay with the 2020 Olympic gold medalist in women's badminton Chen Yufei running the first leg at 9:45am. Tennis star Wu Yibing吴易昺, the first male player from the Chinese mainland to secure an ATP Tour title in the open era, run the last leg.近200名火炬手将完成11.4公里的接力赛程,2020年奥运会女子羽毛球金牌得主陈雨菲将于上午9:45开始跑第一棒。网球明星吴易昺将作为最后一棒,他是中国大陆首位在公开赛年代获得ATP职业巡回赛冠军的男选手。2.CHINA DEFEATS INDIA 5-1 IN MEN'S FOOTBALL AT ASIAN GAMES中国亚运男足5比1击败印度队Four sports started yesterday. In men's football, China defeated India 5-1. Gao Tianyi scored from a corner in the 16th minute to open the scoring. India equalized just before half-time. Tao Qianglong scored twice, while Dai Weijun, and Fang Hao also scored in the second half to secure the victory. China's next match is versus Myanmar.昨天(09/19)有四项比赛开始。在男子足球比赛中,中国以5-1战胜了印度。高天意在第16分钟的角球中攻入一球,率先赢得比分。印度在半场结束前扳平比分。后陶强龙攻入两球,戴伟浚和方昊在下半场各打进一球,锁定了胜局。中国的下一场比赛将对阵缅甸。3.TRACKS FOR NEW SHANGHAI-SUZHOU-HUZHOU COMMUTER LINE INSTALLED AT HQ STATION沪昆铁路“腾挪移”为沪苏湖铁路引入上海虹桥站让位After a year of planning the track for the new Shanghai-Suzhou-Huzhou Railway was installed at Hongqiao Railway Station. A work-force of more than 2,000 people completed this project last night. Sun Siqi tells us more.经过一年的规划,上海——苏州——湖州新铁路的轨道在虹桥火车站安装完成。2000多人的施工队伍昨晚(09/19)完成了这项工程。。本台记者孙思奇带来报道。Just after 10 o'clock last night, more than 2,000 workers entered the site once the last train departed Hongqiao station for Kunshan.昨晚在10点过后,当虹桥站的最后一趟列车驶往昆山后,超过2,000名工人进入施工现场。8.5-kilometers of existing track had to be shifted by 11 meters to make way for the new track, and the work had to be completed within 2 and a half hours. Once the move was complete, the tracks for the new commuter line needed to be installed within 3 hours, before morning train services started. The project's engineers spent a year planning this night.为了给沪苏湖铁路建设引入上海虹桥站腾出场地,须将原有的8.5公里的轨道整体西移11米,这项工作必须在2个半小时内完成。移动完成后,新通勤线路的轨道必须在3 小时内安装完毕,以确保后续早班列车正常行驶。项目工程师们花了一年的时间来规划这一夜晚。Meng Fanhua, Project Manager of Shanghai Civil Engineering, China Railway孟凡华中国铁路上海局上海铁路枢纽工程建设指挥部指挥长“这是我们最难的一个工程,对施工预案是反复的预审、审核修改。每一个人、每一道工序都是清晰的。”“This was the most challenging part of the line's entire construction process. We made plans, we made changes, and we changed them again. We knew exactly what to do at each phase, and what each person should be doing.”The new tracks were down by 3 am today, and with the tracks at one of the new line's terminal stations installed work will begin on connecting all the segments of the route that are in various stages of completion.今天(09/20)凌晨 3 点,新轨道已经铺设完毕。随着沪苏湖铁路终点站之一上海轨道安装完毕,接下来继续将连接其余处于不同完工阶段的所有路段。Kang Xiongfei, Chief Engineer of Shanghai-Suzhou-Huzhou Railway Project康雄飞中铁一局沪苏湖项目总工程师“在这个过程中,首先确保营业线施工的安全这是重中之重。另外涉及到交通道路的施工保证交通道路畅通。”“It's very important to make sure trains in operation can run safely, and that we don't block regular city roads.”The railway is expected to open next year as connect Huzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai. The current travel time between Huzhou and Shanghai is nearly 2 hours, the new line will shorten that to 30 minutes.沪苏湖铁路预计将于明年开通,连接湖州、苏州和上海。目前湖州和上海之间的交通时间接近 2 小时,新线路开通后时间将缩短至30分钟。4.LOOSE YOURSELF IN THE JING'AN SCULPTURE PROJECT上海静安国际雕塑展:走进开放的公园美术馆42 installations by 28 artists are now on display as the 7th Shanghai Jing'an International Sculpture Project opens today. Reporter Zhang Yue finds-out that nine public venues across the district are taking part.第七届中国·上海静安国际雕塑展于今日(09/20)开幕,共有28位知名艺术家的42件展品参与展出。记者张乐了解到,该展览联动了该区九处公共场馆。Ram Katzir, an Israeli visual artist based in Amsterdam, is showcasing "Here" at Jing'an Sculpture Park. With both heads in the shape of a piece of cloud, a dog and a man are sitting together, enjoying a moment of peace.来自阿姆斯特丹的以色列视觉艺术家拉姆·卡齐尔(Ram Katzir)目前在静安雕塑公园展示作品《此时此地》(Here)。作品中,头部呈云朵状的一人一狗对坐,共享静谧时分。Ram Katzir, Artist from Netherlands拉姆·卡齐尔荷兰艺术家“Actually, I took part in an exhibition here in 12 years ago, actually 11 years ago in 2012. It's amazing how many more works are here. It is called visual art for a reason:it has to be something that attracts you and makes you want to look at it. Having so many eye-catchers here in the park, I think is a gift to the people of Shanghai.”“事实上,我曾在这里参加过一次展览,确切地说是在11年前的2012年。令人惊奇的是这里现在有更多的作品。它被称为视觉艺术是有原因的:它必须具有吸引力,让你愿意去欣赏。在这个公园里有这么多引人注目的作品,我认为这是送给上海市民的一份礼物。”"Cheese" is on the rooftop of a building and made by Gwon Osang of South Korea, while "Walkway" was created by Katinka Bock from Germany. In this installation, a tree was planted under a 6-meter bridge, and people are welcome to walk on the bridge to be part of it. Of course, the sculpture park serves as the main venue and some changes have been made to it.展品《芝士》(Cheese)位于一栋建筑的屋顶上,是由韩国艺术家权五常(Gwon Osang)创作的。展品《世界桥》(Walkway)则是由德国艺术家卡廷卡·博克(Katinka Bock)创作的。在这个装置中,一棵树被种植在一座6米高的桥下,人们可以走上桥成为装置的一部分。当然,作为主会场的静安雕塑公园也进行了一些改变。Zhang Yue, Reporter张诗旋本台记者A hedgerow running nearly 500 meters has been replaced with flowers, shrubs【灌木】, and benches to open up the sculpture park along West Beijing Road, and make it more accessible.一条长约500米的篱笆围墙已被鲜花、灌木和长凳取代,使得北京西路沿线的雕塑公园更加开放和易于进入。Zhou Yiran, Artist from China周一然中国艺术家“雕塑在这个城市里面在公园里面,它其实是一个城市的文化或者是城市精神的一种浓缩。在这种不同的艺术家的作品里面,其实可以透过艺术家不同的视角,然后你可以看到不一样的世界。现在的作品其实更多的是倾向于这种人与人之间的交互,然后科技人与科技人与未来的这样一种关系,这可能是现在的雕塑最核心的一种趋势。”“Artworks such as sculptures are a reflection of the cultural spirit of a city. You are able to see different worlds through the eyes of artists. Urban installations are often designed to really be a part of everyone's life.”Other venues in Jing'an include Da-ning Jiu-guang Center, Shixi High School, Zhen Ning Fresh Market, and Zhangyuan Garden.静安雕塑展的延伸展区还包括大宁久光中心、市西中学、镇宁菜市场和张园。"Great Elephant" is impossible to miss when passing by West Nanjing Road and Fengyang Road. It's from the mind of artist and architect Nadim Karam, who is from Lebanon. Karam's installations have appeared in Melboume, Prague, Dubai and Beirut, and he said he wants to leave a part of him in each city.当你经过南京西路和凤阳路时,映入眼帘的万象无形(Great Elephant)是一件不可错过的作品。这件作品出自黎巴嫩的艺术家和建筑师纳迪姆·卡拉姆(Nadim Karam)之手。卡拉姆的装置作品曾出现在墨尔本、布拉格、迪拜和贝鲁特等城市,他表示他希望在每个城市都留下自己的一部分。Nadim Karam, Artist & Architect from Lebanon纳迪姆·卡拉姆(Nadim Karam)黎巴嫩艺术家和建筑师。“What's interesting about this is that it reflects the city, the shapes that we have, the animal, flowers and humanoid and the objects everything is printed around this. In this case particularly it reflects Shanghai and all the buildings around in a beautiful way I think.”“这个作品的有趣之处在于它反映了这座城市,我们的形状、动物、花朵、人形和物体,一切都照映其上,美妙绝伦地反映了上海以及周围所有建筑,我认为这非常迷人。”Don't fret【烦恼】 about getting lost trying to find all 42 installations【设备】 as there is a digital map on a Wechat mini program to point you in the right direction. A bilingual audio guide has profiles of each artist. The festival runs through the end of the year.不用担心在寻找这42 件艺术作品时迷路,微信小程序上的电子地图会为你指明方向。此外还有一份关于每位艺术家简介的双语音频导览。该雕塑展将持续到年底。#热词加油站torch/tɔːtʃ/【火炬】shrub/ʃrʌb/【灌木】fret/fret/【烦恼】installation/ˌɪnstəˈleɪʃ(ə)n/【设备】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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09/20 TOP NEWS|十一假期车票已售超1亿张/黄金消费市场/爱因斯坦手稿 毕加索原作拍卖

NEWS ON 09/191. OVER 100 MLN TRAIN TICKETS FOR HOLIDAY SOLD NATIONWIDE全国铁路已售中秋国庆假期车票超1亿张2. GOOD OLD GOLD IN BRAND NEW STYLES BRINGS IN GOOD NEW CUSTOMERS黄金消费市场:消费者“越涨越买”3. PICASSO PAINTING, EINSTEIN MANUSCRIPTS UP FOR AUCTION爱因斯坦手稿 毕加索原作现身上海佳士得十年秋拍-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. OVER 100 MLN TRAIN TICKETS FOR HOLIDAY SOLD NATIONWIDE全国铁路已售中秋国庆假期车票超1亿张More than 100 million train tickets for the upcoming holiday have been sold nationwide as of yesterday, according to China Railway data. Tickets for the Mid-autumn Festival and National Day holidays went on sale about a week ago. Zhang Hong brings us the details.中国铁路数据显示,截至昨天,全国已售出即将到来的假期火车票超过1亿张。中秋节和国庆节假期的车票已于一周前开始发售。记者张泓带来详细报道。Railways across the country will be busiest between September 27th and October 8th. China Railway estimates nearly 16 million trips will be made each day during the holiday, doubling the number of trips during the Spring Festival. Authorities say more trains will be added to popular destinations. 9月27日至10月8日是全国铁路最繁忙的时段。国铁集团预计,节日期间每天将有近1600 万人次出行,比春节期间的出行人数翻一番。国铁集团表示,将在热门目的地增开更多列车。Wuhan, Xi'an and Changsha are the most popular destinations for departures out of Shanghai, while Zhengzhou and Wuhan are the most sought after tickets for people in Beijing. Hangzhou is expected to be among the top 10 destinations during the holiday.武汉、西安和长沙是上海出发的最热门目的地,而郑州和武汉则是北京人最抢手的车票目的地。杭州预计将跻身假期十大热门目的地之列。Ma Zhuang, Hangzhoudong Railway Station马壮 杭州东站客运值班员Based on the number of tickets sold so far, there will be more passengers during the Mid-autumn and National Day holidays than the Labor Day holiday. Train tickets for October 3rd went on sale today at 10:30am. Popular destinations include Beijing, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Jinan, Nanchang and Changsha.从目前售出车票数量来看,中秋、国庆小长假运输将超过五一假期运输,9月19日旅客就可以预购10月3日的火车票,从10:30开始的售票情况来看,热门方向主要集中在北京、郑州、武汉、济南、南昌、长沙等城市。Railway officials said to register on the waiting list as additional trains may be added to the schedule.国铁集团表示,由于列车时刻表可能会增加列车,因此建议在候车名单上登记。2. GOOD OLD GOLD IN BRAND NEW STYLES BRINGS IN GOOD NEW CUSTOMERS黄金消费市场:消费者“越涨越买”China's gold prices hit a new record last week, with central banks around the world having raised their gold stocks by 387 tons in the first six months of the year. That increased demand is being seen here as well in personal consumption of gold, driven by the younger generation, with a surge in their appetite for the precious metal. Our reporter Zhang Shixuan has found out that their demand is increasing whether they shop in the brick and mortar shops, or on the e-commerce sites.中国的黄金价格上周创下了新纪录,央行在今年前六个月增加了387吨黄金库存。这种需求的增长也体现在个人黄金消费上,年轻一代对贵金属的需求激增。本台记者张诗旋发现,无论是实体店,还是线上网购,他们对黄金的需求都在增加。Gold——The idea of it is often tied to a stereotype of old-fashioned wealth, but now its being turned into niche designs appealing to a wide range of younger purchasers. This store in Shanghai's Yuyuan Garden has found more than half of its clients are now young people - though heritage gold jewelry - gold products integrating traditional Chinese styles with modern designs - is turning out to be a major attraction.黄金——人们对它的概念往往与老式财富的刻板印象联系在一起,但现在,黄金正被转化为吸引众多年轻买家的小众设计。位于上海豫园的这家商店发现,现在一半以上的顾客都是年轻人——尽管是传统黄金首饰--融合了中国传统风格和现代设计的黄金产品——正成为一大亮点。“Heritage gold jewelry is unique. I like the craftsmanship【技艺】. It's now hard to find craftsman. I want to buy it to pay the respects to the crafts.”“我觉得古法会比较别致,老法,我也很喜欢那种工艺,现在很难找到师傅会那种工艺,所以会觉得买了也尊重工艺。”Zhang Shixuan, Reporter张诗旋 记者“This year has shown a strong demand for gold, both for jewelry and for investment. The World Gold Council reports that China's domestic gold jewelry demand increased by 17% year-on-year to 328 metric tons in the first six months. Many of the purchases came from the younger generation. Some buy the jewelry【珠宝】for daily wear. And some for weddings.”今年,无论是首饰还是投资,黄金需求都十分强劲。世界黄金协会报告称,上半年中国国内黄金首饰需求同比增长17%,达到328公吨。许多购买者来自年轻一代,他们购买首饰是为了日常佩戴,还有一些是为了结婚。Chen Mengyi, Regional Manager, Shanghai Yuyuan Garden Area, Laomiao陈梦逸 老庙上海豫园区区域经理 “Compared with what it was in the past, the per customer transaction has been rising significantly. For wedding scenarios, we have launched a new series catering to the diversified, fashionable and customized demand from Generation Z. The series has broken traditional wearing assumptions. It fits for the grand occasion of a wedding, while is also suitable for daily wear. ”“根据以往来比的话,现在客单价显著上升。根据婚礼场景,现在“Z世代”多元化时尚个性化需求,这个系列打破了传统的佩戴局限,不光满足于婚嫁当时的隆重场合,也可以融入日常的生活佩戴。”Online shoppers have proved increasingly keen on gold investments. Data from e-commerce site Pinduoduo show that during the Qixi Festival, China's Valentine's Day, which fell on August 22nd this year, people born between 1995 and 2000 put in more orders than women over 45, who in the past were the primary consumers of gold.  Male consumers aged between 18 and 25 accounted for the fastest growth in gold purchasing on the platform.事实证明,网上购物者越来越热衷于黄金投资。拼多多的数据显示,在今年8月22日中国情人节 "七夕节 "期间,1995年至2000年出生的人比45岁以上的女性下了更多的订单,而45岁以上的女性过去是黄金的主要消费者。18至25岁的男性消费者在该平台上的黄金购买量增长最快。Cao Jing, PR Director, Pinduoduo曹静 拼多多公共事务部总监 “Gold beads, gold bars, and pure gold have become hot search words for young people on Pinduoduo. Their gold purchasing objectives have shifted from pleasing themselves to investment. Many of the young people say they want good value for their money when buying gifts, but that a sense of formal significance is also important. And of course gold holds its value.”“现在金豆子、金条、足金已经成为了年轻人在拼多多平台上购买的搜索热词,悦己性消费逐渐转向为扫货式、投资式消费,我们接触到的很多年轻人也表示在购买礼品的时候性价比要有,也要有,购买黄金可以保值。”Gold prices have remained high this year, standing at around 600 yuan per gram today. To stimulate gold consumption, the e-commerce site has been offering promotional subsidies and group purchasing, and also making available cheaper prices to those who win a chance to buy limited-offer products.  今年以来,黄金价格一直居高不下,目前为每600元左右。为了刺激黄金消费,该线上平台一直在提供促销补贴和团购,还为赢得购买限量产品机会的人提供更便宜的价格。3. PICASSO PAINTING, EINSTEIN MANUSCRIPTS UP FOR AUCTION爱因斯坦手稿 毕加索原作现身上海佳士得十年秋拍Works by Pablo Picasso, Yayoi Kusama and Yoshitomo Nara are now at Christie's gallery as the auction house's Shanghai branch celebrates its 10th anniversary. Also, for the first time, the house is auctioning 'manu-scripts on the Chinese mainland -- this time, a set by 'Albert Einstein. Reporter Sun Siqi takes us there.在佳士得上海分部庆祝成立十周年之际,巴勃罗·毕加索、草间弥生和奈良美智的作品现身佳士得秋拍。此外,佳士得拍卖行还首次在中国大陆拍卖"手稿"—这次是阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦的一套手稿。记者孙思奇带我们了解详情。The exhibition opens with Picasso's oil-pastel-on-paper that's understood to be a self-portrait of the 20th century master as he entered his final years. The richly colored man is reminiscent of Spain's Golden Age, which is likely Picasso's self reflection as he looked back upon his prime years. 展览以毕加索的纸上油彩作品拉开帷幕,据了解,这是这位20世纪艺术大师步入晚年时的自画像。这个色彩丰富的人让人联想到西班牙的黄金时代,这很可能是毕加索在回顾他的黄金岁月时的自我反思。Also gaze into this enigmatic piece by Zao WouKi. An artist educated in China but matured in France, he used techniques that straddled【横跨】 both worlds, and his works are now arguably the most expensive in the world by an Asian painter.此外,您还可以欣赏赵无极的这件神秘的作品。赵无极在中国接受教育,在法国成长,他使用的技法横跨两个世界,他的作品现在可以说是世界上最昂贵的亚洲画家的作品。Yi Ziwei, Specialist, Christie's 20th/21st Century Art易紫薇 佳士得二十及二十一世纪艺术部专家“At the top of the work, you'll notice the oil was diluted【稀释】, creating an impression of Chinese water color painting. The middle of the work is packed with wide brush strokes with oil. It's a combination of Eastern and Western techniques.”“在作品的顶部,你会发现油彩被稀释了,给人一种中国水彩画的感觉。作品的中间部分则是用油彩描绘的宽笔触。这是东西方技法的结合。”The exhibition is ripe with the works of Yoshitomo Nara and Yayoi Kusama, two well-established modern artists. But a collector may find it refreshing that half of the collection are pieces created by younger artists in the 30-to-45 age bracket. With bright colors and eerie eyes, they paint their observation of chaos in the urban environment. 展览中不乏奈良美智和草间弥生这两位久负盛名的现代艺术家的作品。不过,让藏家耳目一新的是,其中一半藏品是30至45岁年轻艺术家的作品。他们用鲜艳的色彩和阴森的目光,描绘出他们对城市环境混乱的观察。Across 10 years, the value of purchases has doubled by collectors on the mainland. Collectors in their 30s and 40s make up half of all Chinese buyers and account for a third of sales value.10年间,大陆收藏家的购买价值翻了一番。三四十岁的收藏者占中国买家总数的一半,占销售额的三分之一。Francis Belin, President, Christie's Asia Pacific庞智锋 佳士得亚太区总裁“There's a perception that Millennial buyers would go for contemporary art. This is not what our numbers show. We see in the past few years very strong pickup amongst Millennial buyers for classic art, which I think is really interesting.”“有人认为,千禧一代的买家会选择当代艺术。但我们的数据显示并非如此。在过去几年中,我们发现千禧一代买家对古典艺术的购买力非常强劲,我认为这一点非常有趣。”With cautious optimism, Christie's brought manuscripts, a category new to Chinese collectors. It's a rare chance to read manuscripts by Albert Einstein as he explained the Theory of Relativity in German.本着谨慎乐观的态度,佳士得拍卖行带来了手稿这一中国藏家的新门类。这是一次难得的机会,可以阅读爱因斯坦用德语解释相对论时的手稿。Georgina Hilton, Head of Classic Art, Christie's Asia Pacific乔治亚·希尔顿 佳士得亚太区西方古典艺术部主管“So that could be a manuscript by Einstein, or it could be a manuscript by Issac Newton, or even, we can look at musical manuscripts【手稿】, like Mozart. That interest really stems back to the fact that our Chinese collectors are interested in things that teach them about humanity, about the past, about the future. ”“这可能是爱因斯坦的手稿,也可能是牛顿的手稿,甚至是音乐手稿,比如莫扎特的手稿。这种兴趣实际上源于这样一个事实,即我们的中国藏家对那些能让他们了解人类、了解过去、了解未来的东西感兴趣。”The exhibition will run from tomorrow until Saturday at Christie's gallery on the Bund. The auction takes place on Saturday evening.展览将从明天持续到周六,地点在外滩佳士得画廊。拍卖会将于周六晚上举行。#热词加油站 manuscripts /ˈmænjʊskrɪpts/【手稿】diluted /daɪˈluːt/【稀释】straddled /ˈstrædl/【横跨】jewelry /ˈdʒuːəlri/【珠宝】craftsmanship /ˈkrɑːftsmənʃɪp/【技艺】 订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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09/19 TOP NEWS|纪念抗战胜利78周年/普洱景迈山古茶林申遗成功/2023上海赛艇公开赛

NEWS ON 09/181.CHINA COMMEMORATES ANNIVERSARY OF WAR AGAINST JAPANESE AGGRESSION中国各地举办活动纪念抗战胜利78周年2.ANCIENT TEA FORESTS IN YUNNAN BECOME WORLD HERITAGE SITE“普洱景迈山古茶林文化景观”申遗成功3.RIVER REGATTA BRINGS INTERNATIONAL ROWERS TO SHANGHAI2023上海赛艇公开赛 国际顶尖选手竞速苏州河-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. CHINA COMMEMORATES ANNIVERSARY OF WAR AGAINST JAPANESE AGGRESSION中国各地举办活动纪念抗战胜利78周年As sirens sounded today in Shenyang, capital of Liaoning Province, pedestrians stood in silent tribute and vehicles honked their horns to commemorate the 92nd anniversary of the "September 18 Incident" that marked the start of Japan's invasion of China. Stephen Rancourt has more.  今天,在辽宁省省会沈阳,随着警报声响起,行人肃立默哀,车辆鸣笛致敬,纪念日本发动侵华战争的“九一八事变”92 周年。本台记者Stephen Rancourt为您带来更多报道。At the 9.18 Historical Museum in Shenyang, 14 people collectively rang a huge bell while people gathered for a ceremony to commemorate the September 18 Incident. The exhibits on display at the museum detail the Japanese army's long-brewing plan to invade China. 在辽宁省沈阳市九一八历史博物馆,14 人集体敲响了巨大的钟声,人们聚集在一起举行仪式纪念九一八事变。博物馆展出的展品详细介绍了日军酝酿已久的侵华计划。On the evening of Sept. 18, 1931, the Japanese army bombarded Chinese barracks near Shenyang, earlier in the day the Japanese blew up a section of railway under their control near Shenyang and accused Chinese troops of sabotage【破坏】as a pretext for the attack.1931年9月18日傍晚,日军轰炸了沈阳附近的中国军营。当天早些时候,日军炸毁了沈阳附近由其控制的一段铁路,并指责中国军队进行破坏,以此作为进攻的借口。The resistance efforts of the Chinese people after the September 18 Incident signaled the beginning of the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression.九一八事变后中国人民的抗战标志着中国人民抗日战争的开始。Li Mengmeng, Shenyang Student李萌萌 沈阳市28中学学生 “Those predecessors are great examples and we should learn something from those who sacrificed their lives. ”“我们的先辈们都是好的榜样,我们应该学习他们舍生取义的精神。”September 18th commemoration ceremonies were held across the country today. In Shanghai, this morning people gathered at Shanghai Songhu Memorial Hall in Baoshan District.今天,全国各地举行了九一八事变纪念仪式。在上海,人们今天上午聚集在位于宝山区的上海淞沪纪念馆。Ge Xuanzhu, Baoshan Fire Rescue Station葛烜铸 宝山区消防救援站 政治指导员“We'll work hard and do our best to protect the people and the country that the martyrs【烈士】sacrificed their lives for.”“作为宝山区消防救援队伍,我们会力所能及做好本职工作,将革命先烈用鲜血和生命换来的热土、保卫好、服务好。”Through historical photos, artifacts, electronic maps, scene restorations at the Shanghai Songhu Memorial Hall, visitors can revisit the history of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression.通过上海淞沪抗战纪念馆的历史照片、文物、电子地图和场景复原,游客可以重温抗日战争的历史。Wang Yufeng, Deputy Director, Shanghai Songhu Memorial Hall王玉峰 上海淞沪抗战纪念馆副馆长“We, together with China's other museums and memorial Halls for the War of Resistance against Japanese aggression, hope more people remember and reflect on history, so the nation may further boost development and maintain peace. ”“我们与全国各地的抗战类纪念馆、博物馆同步举行活动,就是为了警钟长鸣,国耻不容忘却,吾辈当自强。”Also, the Memorial Site of the 4th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in Shanghai opened an exhibition today on key historical moments during the War and how China's resistance became an important component of the Anti-Fascist War.此外,位于上海的中国共产党第四次全国代表大会纪念地今天也举办了展览,介绍抗战时期的重要历史时刻,以及中国的抗战如何成为反法西斯战争的重要组成部分。2.ANCIENT TEA FORESTS IN YUNNAN BECOME WORLD HERITAGE SITE“普洱景迈山古茶林文化景观”申遗成功The UNESCO World Heritage Committee yesterday added ancient tea plantations in Yunnan Province to its cultural heritage list. The area includes old villages and tea forests where farmers still follow growing practices that began in the 10th century. Now Ai Bei tells us more about what's special about the area...联合国教科文组织世界遗产委员会昨天中国“普洱景迈山古茶林文化景观”列入《世界遗产名录》。该地区包括古老的村落和茶林,那里的农民仍然沿用始于公元10世纪的种植方法。现在由爱新觉罗贝向我们详细介绍该地区的独特之处。The "Cultural Landscape of Old Tea Forests of Jingmai Mountain in Pu'er was added to UNESCO's list during its 45th session in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The tea plantations and its surrounding villages present an ancient model of tea growing developed 1,000 years ago by the Blang and Dai ethnic groups.在沙特阿拉伯利雅得召开的联合国教科文组织第45届世界遗产大会通过决议,将中国“普洱景迈山古茶林文化景观”列入《世界遗产名录》。普洱茶种植园及其周边村寨展示了 1000 年前由布朗族和傣族发展起来的古老茶叶种植模式。The indigenous communities in Yunnan's Lancang Lahu hù Autonomous County developed a mode of growing known as "understory cultivation", where growers plant tea shrubs under a forest canopy. Fallen foliage from the forest fertilizes【施肥】the soil for tea trees. The jungle's rich biodiversity offers natural pest control, and the forest helps regulate the amount of moisture essential to tea growth.云南澜沧拉祜族自治县的原住民发展了一种被称为“林下茶”的种植技术,种植者在林冠下种植茶叶灌木。森林中的落叶为茶树提供肥沃的土壤。丛林中丰富的生物多样性提供了天然的害虫控制,森林也有助于调节茶叶生长所需的水分。The site consists of 5 tea groves, 9 plantation villages and 3 protective forests. Locals still use the old ways to plant and harvest tea.“普洱景迈山古茶林文化景观”由5片古茶林,9个布朗族、傣族村寨以及3片分隔防护林共同构成。当地人至今仍然使用古老的方式种植和采摘茶叶。Though tea is one of the world's oldest beverages【饮料】, this is the world's first heritage site related to tea growing. Preparations to apply to become a World Heritage Site started in 2010. The application was submitted in 2021.虽然茶叶是世界上最古老的饮料之一,但这却是世界上第一个与茶叶种植相关的遗产地。世界遗产申报项目的准备工作始于2010 年,于 2021 年提交。 Li Qun, Director, China's National Cultural Heritage Administration李群 国家文物局局长“The Cultural Landscape of Old Tea Forests of Jingmai Mountain in Pu'er fills the gap in the theme of tea in the World Heritage List. It demonstrates the long history and outstanding achievements of Chinese tea culture, and highlights China's leading position in the birth, planting, trade and dissemination【传播】of tea drinking worldwide.”“普洱景迈山古茶林文化景观填补了《世界遗产名录》中茶主题项目的空白,生动展现了中国茶文化的悠久历史和杰出成就,彰显了中国在世界茶叶的起源、种植、贸易,以及茶文化领域传播的主导地位。”It's the country's 57th World Heritage Site, joining the Great Wall, the Forbidden Palace and Mogao Caves. UNESCO defines the site as a "cultural landscape", meaning a landscape designed and created intentionally by people.它是第 57 处中国世界遗产,与长城、故宫和莫高窟齐名。联合国教科文组织将该遗址定义为“文化景观”,即由人类有意设计和创造的景观。Chen Yaohua, Director, Peking University World Heritage Research Center陈耀华 北京大学世界遗产研究中心主任Jingmai Mountain is a tea culture landscape. It is a relatively secluded landscape unit, with very specific soil, climate and moisture【水分】levels. In this area, both the tea and its culture are preserved.景迈山是一个茶文化景观,有很多特定的自然因素,比如土壤条件、气候条件。另外它的水分条件。所以这些都是它特定的自然条件。在这个地方,茶还有文化传统能够被保留下来。3. RIVER REGATTA BRINGS INTERNATIONAL ROWERS TO SHANGHAI2023上海赛艇公开赛 国际顶尖选手竞速苏州河Suzhou Creek became a battle field for international rowers this weekend, at the 2023 Head of Shanghai River Regatta. The event brought together rowers from across China, as well as some of the world's best rowing squads from the UK and Australia. Reporter Zhang Yue was at the races and spoke with some of the visiting competitors.这周末,2023上海赛艇公开赛在苏州河上开桨。来自中国各地的赛艇选手,以及英国和澳大利亚的世界顶尖赛艇队汇聚一堂。本台记者张乐在比赛现场采访了一些选手。Rowing power houses from overseas dominated the event. The Cambridge University Boat Club won the men's 4.2 kilometer chase on Saturday, in just 12 minutes 38.43 seconds. They were followed by the Australian national team and Oxford Brookes University Boat Club.来自海外的赛艇强队在比赛中独占鳌头。剑桥大学赛艇俱乐部在周六的男子4.2公里追逐赛中以12分38.43秒的成绩夺冠。紧随其后的是澳大利亚国家队和牛津布鲁克斯大学赛艇俱乐部。Luca Ferraro, Student, Cambridge University Boat Club卢卡 法拉利 剑桥大学赛艇俱乐部学生“What an amazing course to race down, obviously a little bit tired of the moment. So take me a while to process it but what an experience racing through this beautiful city, thing we put together, a race that we're happy with. We'd hope to go off really aggressively set the tone at the start of our season to build on into the coming months.”比赛的赛道真是令人惊叹,很明显,我现在有点累了。我还需要一段时间来适应,但在这座美丽的城市里比赛,真是一次难忘的经历。我们希望能在赛季开始时就积极地为比赛定下基调,并在接下来的几个月里继续努力。Toby Lassened, Student, Oxford Brookes University Boat Club托比·拉塞德 牛津布鲁克斯大学划船俱乐部学生“It's a very tough race, especially with the corners and everything. It's very bouncy. It's good that they've got one minute gaps between each crew otherwise it would just be complete carnage【大屠杀】and it will be very horrible. But since they've done that and the organizer done such a good job to get all this up and all it running and amazing media and everything around, it's just a-mazing. So thank you very much for letting us be here and hopefully we can come again.”“这是一场非常艰苦的比赛,尤其是在弯道和其他地方。好在每个车组之间都有一分钟的间隔,否则比赛将是一场大屠杀,非常可怕。但是,由于主办方做得非常好,所有的一切都准备就绪,让所有的媒体和周围的一切都令人惊叹,这实在是太神奇了。非常感谢你们让我们来到这里,希望我们还能再来。”The Australian national team, Team Jiangsu, and Oxford Brookes University Boat Club topped the women's 4.2-kilometer race. The 500-meter race on Sunday was more intense, with the Australian national team winning both men's and women's elite groups.澳大利亚国家队、江苏队和牛津布鲁克斯大学赛艇俱乐部在女子4.2公里比赛中名列前茅。周日进行的 500 米比赛更加激烈,澳大利亚国家队在男子和女子精英组比赛中均夺冠。Zhang Yue, Reporter张乐 记者“Shanghai has a rich history in rowing, dating back to the mid-19th century. The Shanghai Rowing Club was founded in 1863, and was based out of the building behind me on South Suzhou Road. 150 years later, international athletes are gathering in the same place, to race on Suzhou Creek.”“上海的赛艇运动历史悠久,可追溯到19世纪中叶。上海赛艇俱乐部成立于1863年,总部就设在我身后的苏州南路上。150 年后的今天,国际赛艇运动员仍聚集在同一个地方,在苏州河上比赛。”The club hosted regular regattas and attracted participants from across the region back then. Before the race, the foreign teams spent some time getting to know the city.当时,该俱乐部定期举办帆船比赛,吸引了整个地区的参赛者。赛前,外国参赛队花了一些时间了解这座城市。Judith Ungemach, Coach, Australian Rowing Team朱迪斯 澳大利亚赛艇队教练“I said to the the girls before they went out for the first row to have a sightseeing tour and they were like 'oh my god, I wish I took my camera with me'. We trained in a center in Shanghai and we could see there the facilities are amazing so I'm not surprised that it's growing and it's getting better and faster.”“在她们第一排出去观光之前,我对她们说,'天哪,我要是带着相机就好了'。我们在上海的场地接受过训练,那里的设施非常棒,所以我对它发展地越来越好、越来越快并不感到惊讶。”The event also included club and university groups events, as well as individual races, attracting huge crowds along Suzhou Creek.本次活动还包括俱乐部和大学团体赛以及个人赛,吸引了苏州河沿岸的大量人群。#热词加油站 fertilizes /ˈfɜːtəlaɪz/【施肥】beverages /ˈbevərɪdʒ/【饮料】dissemination /dɪˌsemɪˈneɪʃn/【传播】moisture /ˈmɔɪstʃə(r) /【水分】 carnage /ˈkɑːnɪdʒ/【大屠杀】sabotage /ˈsæbətɑːʒ/【破坏】 martyrs /ˈmɑːtəz/【烈士】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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09/18 TOP NEWS |新版永居证“五星卡”来了/2023上海赛艇公开赛 /新政策提振沪房市

NEWS ON 09/151.CHINA TO UPDATE NEW FOREIGN PERMANENT RESIDENT ID CARD新元素、新技术!新版永居证“五星卡”来了2. STUDENTS TO MAKE A SPLASH ON SUZHOU CREEK2023上海赛艇公开赛:中学生在苏州河“荡起双桨”3.MARKET LIBERALIZATION BRINGS IMPROVEMENT IN HOUSING SALES HERE“认房不认贷”政策提振上海房地产市场----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1.CHINA TO UPDATE NEW FOREIGN PERMANENT RESIDENT ID CARD新元素、新技术!新版永居证“五星卡”来了The National Immigration Administration will be issuing a new version of the foreign permanent resident ID card starting December 1st. Sun Siqi has more.国家移民管理局将于今年12月1日起正式签发启用新版中华人民共和国外国人永久居留身份证(以下简称“永居证”)。本台记者孙思奇带来详细报道。The card will look different and have a new anti-counterfeit design with better data storage technologies.新版永居卡优化了版式布局,采用更为先进的防伪技术,改进提升了证件信息存储和应用管理服务手段。Chen Yongli, Director of IT Dept. of National Immigration Administration陈永利国家移民管理局信息科技司司长“(永居证)调整了证件号码,由15位调整到18位,这个也是这次证件改版调整的一个很重要的方面,编列了外国人标识码、国籍代码、申领地代码等信息码,一人一号,终身不变。”“The ID number is going to be changed from 15 digits to 18 digits. The number incorporates codes that represent the foreigner's nationality and where the card was issued. Once issued, the person will have the same number for life.”The foreign permanent resident ID card is a legal identification document issued by the National Immigration Administration to foreigners who meet the requirements for permanent residence in China. Cardholders can use it as a valid certificate when they apply for a bank card, go to school or a hospital, take a train or plane or check in at a hotel.外国永久居民身份证是国家移民管理局向符合在华永久居留条件的外国人签发的合法身份证件。持证人在办理银行卡、就学、就医、乘坐火车或飞机、入住酒店时,可将其作为有效证件使用。The administration also said old cards will remain valid until they expire. Applicants for permanent residency after December 1st will receive the new ID card.移民管理局还表示,旧版永居证身份证仍然有效,直至证件过期。12 月 1 日之后申请永久居留权的人将收到新版永居证。2.STUDENTS TO MAKE A SPLASH ON SUZHOU CREEK2023上海赛艇公开赛:中学生在苏州河“荡起双桨”The 2023 Head of Shanghai River Regatta【划船比赛】 begins tomorrow on Suzhou Creek【小溪】. For the first time, youth performance race has been added to the event. Reporter Zhang Yue spoke to some of the young participants, and learns what attracted them to take up the sport.2023上海赛艇公开赛将于明日(09/16)在苏州河上拉开帷幕。本届赛事首次设立青少年表演赛项目。记者张乐采访了几位青年参赛选手,了解是什么吸引他们参加这项运动。Coach Jiang Dahuan, a former professional, takes his rowing team to Shendi Rowing Center in Pudong every Friday afternoon to train. The Pinghe School rowing team only had a few members five years ago, but now there are over a hundred.江大欢教练,曾是赛艇专业选手,每周五下午都会带领他的赛艇队到浦东申迪城市赛艇中心训练。五年前,平和学校的赛艇队只有几名队员,但现在已经发展到一百多人。Jiang Dahuan, Head Coach of Pinghe School Rowing Team江大欢平和学校赛艇队主教练“(我们还在)其他时间(安排)队员们在学校划船机上完成核心力量和专项训练等内容。家长在一开始接触的时候会觉得不安全的,但是我们都会让学生们做一次体验日,让家长和学生们都过去感受。”“We also do core strength and specialized training on rowing machines most of the time. Parents felt unsafe at first, but we let the students have an experience day on the river before advanced training began to allow parents and students to feel it.”Beginners start in a four-person boat, and as they improve, they gradually transition【转变】to a two-person and then a single-person boat.初学者会从四人双桨学起,随着他们的进步,逐渐过渡到双人双桨,最终到单人双桨。Huang Xinran, Student of Shanghai Pinghe School黄欣然(音译)平和学校学生“It is really very different when you’re on the river. It doesn’t feel so safe like you only have a really thin boat and you don’t know if you’re going to tip over, but when you train for a long time, you are more confident about it.”“当你身处河上时感觉真的很不一样。坐在单薄的船上,感觉不太安全,你不知道是否会翻船。但是经过长时间的训练,你就会更有有信心了。”The team has won multiple awards in national youth competitions. One of the team members said that rowing helps her be a better person, even though training is harder than she expected.该赛艇队在全国青少年比赛中斩获了各种奖项。其中一名队员说,尽管训练比她想象的要艰苦,但赛艇运动帮助她成为一个更好的人。Xing Yixin, Student of Shanghai Pinghe School邢怡欣(音译)上海平和学校学生“Since we always need to like persevere【锲而不舍】, even when we get overly exhausted, and I also learned to challenge my limitations, trying to achieve the goals that I never expected that I could have accomplished. And most importantly, I learn to cooperate with my teammates, trust my friends, and these are all the important keys to success.”“因为即使在超常疲惫的情况下,我们也需要坚持不懈,我学会了挑战自己的极限,努力实现我从未想过自己可以完成的目标。最重要的是,我学会了与队友合作,信任我的朋友,这些都是成功的重要关键。”Zhou Zhi, Student of Shanghai Pinghe School周至(音译)上海平和学校学生“Rowing really needs you to pay 100% attentions in it because you need to get to how to roll the boat, how to cooperate with your teammates and to know which kind of right strokes you are going to roll.”“划船真的需要你百分之百地专注,因为你需要学会如何掌握划船的技巧,如何与队友合作,以及判断应该使用哪种正确的划桨动作。”The Shanghai High School International Division Rowing team is also among the five schools participating the four-person double sculls performance race. Every weekend, the team trains at the Oriental Land water training base in Qingpu. One teammate from the Australian National Rowing Team offered some encouragement to the younger participants.上海高级中学国际部划船队也是参加四人双桨表演赛的五所学校之一。每个周末,该队在青浦的东方乐园水上训练基地进行训练。来自澳大利亚国家赛艇队的一名队友为这些年轻的参与者提供了一些鼓励。Fraser Miscamble, Australian National Rowing Team弗雷泽·米斯坎布尔澳大利亚国家赛艇队“It’s a great sport combines being cooperate, cooperating with each other and working together as well as the strength into the net to be able to make the boat goes fast as possible.”“这是一项很好的的运动,它结合了相互合作、团队协作,以及整合力量以使船尽可能快地前进。”The organizing committee said the results for these middle school students is not the first priority, the focus is more on teaching the youngsters how to work together as a team.组委会表示,对于这些中学生来说,比赛结果并不是最重要的,重点更多地放在教导年轻人如何团队合作。3.MARKET LIBERALIZATION BRINGS IMPROVEMENT IN HOUSING SALES HERE“认房不认贷”政策提振上海房地产市场Shanghai’s housing and finance regulators jointly announced at the beginning of the month that people who themselves or their family members do not currently own residential properties in the city would be treated as first-time home buyers - regardless of properties they may own elsewhere - and so would be able to enjoy more favourable mortgage【抵押贷款】 terms. This has brought an immediate boost to the local property market, and our reporter Zhang Shixuan talked to real estate agencies and property developers here to find out more about how their business is improving.本月初,上海的住房和金融监管部门共同宣布,居民家庭申请贷款购买商品住房时,家庭成员在上海市名下无成套住房的,不论是否已利用贷款购买过住房,银行业金融机构均按首套住房执行住房信贷政策。这立即给上海的房地产市场带来了提振。本台记者张诗旋采访了上海的房地产中介和开发商,了解他们的业务是否得到改善。Real estate agencies were among the quickest to notice the effects of the new policy, because they’re busier this month. This agency in Shanghai’s Pudong New Area has been receiving 50% more customers than it had been before. That all came from the positive signals released by the new home purchase policy which took effect at the beginning of the month in the city. According to the new regulations, regardless of their previous home mortgage history, as long as members of families, including borrowers, spouses【配偶】and minor children applying for housing loans do not own an apartment in this city, they should be treated as first-time home buyers for the purpose of their mortgage application.房地产中介是最快注意到新政策影响的行业之一,因为他们这个月的业务更加繁忙。上海浦东新区的这家中介公司的客户数量比之前增加了50%。这一切都是源于上海市本月初生效的新购房政策释放出的积极信号。根据新的规定,不论他们以前的住房抵押贷款历史如何,只要家庭成员,包括借款人、配偶和未成年子女在申请住房贷款时在该市没有成套住房,他们应被视为首次购房者获得抵押贷款。Herry Li, Shop Manager of Shanghai Centaline Property Consultants李先生上海中原地产顾问公司店长“9月1号的认房不认贷之前,应该有接近7年政策的,在上海来讲,既认房又认贷。比如讲在外地有个贷款记录,在上海在买房的话,它是属于二套房的话,最低的首付也要达到50%,普遍在内环或中环,大部分这个地段来说的话,首付都要接近70%,这对于一般的购房者他这个压力是非常大。”“Before the new policy released on September 1st, the previous policy had been in effect for almost 7 years. In Shanghai, previously, only people who didn’t have a residential property and didn’t have a mortgage loan record could be treated as first-home buyers. For example, previously, those who had a mortgage loan record outside Shanghai, if they wanted to buy a house in Shanghai, it’s considered a second home, and they would face a minimum down payment 50% of the home price. And that proportion could approach 70% in the downtown area. This meant huge pressure for home buyers.”The new policy brought a huge reduction in down payments, Li says, as first home buyers are required to pay only 35% of the total home price as a down payment. He adds that there have also been more people willing to sell their homes this month.李先生表示,新政策大大降低了首付比例,因为首次购房者只需支付总房价的 35% 作为首付。他还说,本月愿意卖房的人也多了起来。Zhang Shixuan, Reporter张诗旋本台记者In the first 10 days since the new policy took effect, Shanghai’s commercial housing sales ranked top among first-tier cities. Second-hand home sales led the growth. Data from Zhuge shows that, sales of second-hand homes in Shanghai last week saw a month-on-month rise of more than 18%. And pre-sold new residential properties are also climbing.新政实施后的前 10 天,上海商品房销售量在一线城市中名列前茅。其中,二手房销量涨幅居首。来自诸葛找房的数据显示,上周上海二手房销量环比涨幅超过18%。而新建商品住宅的预售量也在攀升。This residential compound in Shanghai’s Pudong New Area finished its 5-day sales subscription on September 7th, right after the new policy took effect. The 147 apartments here received bids from more than 600 potential buyers, 20 or 30% more than had been expected by the property developer.位于上海浦东新区的这个住宅小区在新政策生效后,于9月 7 日结束了为期 5 天的销售认购。这里的 147 套公寓收到了 600 多位潜在买家的竞标,比房地产开发商的预期多出 20% 至 30%。Yuan Kun, Marketing Manager of CSCEC DongFu Shanghai袁昆中建东孚上海市场部经理“尤其是一些改善型的客户,之前他们的购房的预算,可能说比如说他的预算是在800到1000万左右,这样一个认房不认贷的这样的一个政策出来之后,他们把自己的意向房源的总价段,整个的额度是做了一个提升,比如说它可以把整个的一些目标的房源放到了这个1200万左右,这一点还是对客户还是有较大的一个影响的,可能直接会反馈在一些这种这个客户对于项目的一个热情。”“Especially for some clients that are looking for a new home to improve their living conditions, their budget has grown. For example, if previously, their budget was 8 to 10 million yuan, since the new policy was launched, their target prices have risen to around 12 million yuan. The clients are more excited about new housing projects.”To better meet housing demand and promote development of the property sector, China’s financial authorities has just eased mortgage policies. According to an official statement by the government, existing mortgages for first-home purchases will be lowered. And beginning Sept 25, banks and borrowers will also be encouraged to negotiate a rate change or a swap for a new loan.为了更好地满足住房需求,促进房地产业的发展,国家金融监督管理总局放宽了房贷政策。根据政府的官方声明,现有的首套住房贷款将下调。自 9 月 25 日起,还将鼓励银行和借款人协商调整利率或互换新贷款。#热词加油站counterfeit/ˈkaʊntəfɪt/【伪造的】regatta/rɪˈɡætə/【划船比赛】creek/kriːk/【小溪】transition /trænˈzɪʃ(ə)n/【转变】persevere/ˌpɜːsəˈvɪə(r)/【锲而不舍】mortgage /ˈmɔːɡɪdʒ/【抵押贷款】spouse/spaʊs/【配偶】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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09/15 TOP NEWS|商务部回应欧盟反补贴调查/上证微涨,深证下跌/印尼总统首乘雅万高铁

NEWS ON 09/141.MINISTRY OF COMMERCE CRITICIZES EU’S ANTI-SUBSIDY PROBE INTO CHINESE NEVS商务部回应欧盟宣布即将对中国电动汽车发起反补贴调查2.SHANGHAI RISES 0.11 PERCENT, BUT SHENZHEN RETREATS 0.57%上证综指微涨 0.11%,深圳成指跌0.57%3.INDONESIAN PRESIDENT TAKES RIDE ON JAKARTA-BANDUNG HIGH-SPEED RAILWAY印尼总统首乘雅万高铁列车:时速350公里时仍感觉很舒适----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1.MINISTRY OF COMMERCE CRITICIZES EU’S ANTI-SUBSIDY PROBE INTO CHINESE NEVS商务部回应欧盟宣布即将对中国电动汽车发起反补贴调查China has expressed serious concerns and strong dissatisfaction with the European Union’s decision to launch an anti-subsidy【补贴】 probe【调查】into Chinese electric vehicles, the Ministry of Commerce said today.商务部今日(09/14)回应称,中方对欧盟对中国电动汽车发起的反补贴调查表示高度关切和强烈不满。The ministry said the measures proposed by the European Union are a blatant【公然的】act of protectionism in the name of fair competition, which will severely disrupt and distort the global automotive supply chain. European automotive companies have invested and operated in China for many years, with the Chinese market becoming the largest overseas market for numerous EU-based car manufacturers. The ministry added that China will follow subsequent EU moves and protect the legitimate rights of Chinese companies.商务部发言人称,欧盟拟采取的调查措施是以“公平竞争”为名行保护自身产业之实,是赤裸裸的保护主义行为,将严重扰乱和扭曲全球汽车产业链供应链。欧盟汽车企业在中国投资经营多年,中国市场已成为众多欧盟车企最大的海外市场。中方将密切关注欧方保护主义倾向和后续行动,坚定维护中国企业的合法权益。2.SHANGHAI RISES 0.11 PERCENT, BUT SHENZHEN RETREATS 0.57%上证综指微涨 0.11%,深圳成指跌0.57%The markets were mixed today, but Shanghai did manage to rise just a bit. Timothy Pope has this report.今日(09/14)市场波动,但上证指数勉强上涨。本台记者 Timothy Pope 带来详细报道。The Chinese mainland markets were still fairly directionless today. The Shanghai Composite Index rose fractionally, but the Shenzhen Component fell more than half of one percent. Trade remains slow, as it’s been all week. Today of course the big story was the news that the European Commission is launching a probe into the Chinese Government’s electric vehicle subsidies. This announcement has been blasted by the Chinese Commerce Ministry as protectionist.今日中国内地市场仍相对无明确走向。上证指数微幅上涨,但深圳成指下跌超过0.5%。同本周一直以来的情况,交易依然缓慢。当然,今日重磅新闻是欧洲委员会将对对中国电动汽车发起反补贴调查。中国商务部对该调查进行了的抨击,称其为贸易保护主义行为。Many Chinese automaker stocks were unaffected by the news, but BYD - the country’s biggest EV producer - was down by 3 percent, as it has more European exposure than many of its peers. ChangAn Auto was down 1.7 percent. But EV maker Seres, which partners with Huawei, was up 10 percent, so there was by no means an even effect across the sector.多数中国汽车制造商的股票受到这一消息的影响不大,但中国最大的电动汽车生产商比亚迪(BYD)下跌了3%,因为其与欧洲的关联高于同行。长安汽车下跌了1.7%。但与华为合作的电动汽车制造商赛力斯汽车(Seres)上涨了10%,因此这一行业并没有受到均等影响。More broadly we saw energy companies continuing to rise alongside global fuel prices, while real estate and consumer stocks continued their declines.总体而言,能源公司继续随着全球燃油价格上涨而上涨,而房地产和消费类股票继续下跌。Asian markets were focused on the latest US inflation data which leaves room for the Fed to keep rates stable at its meeting next week. The 0.6 percent jump in the CPI in August was largely due to a surge in gas prices, with the Core CPI rise only 0.3 percent.亚洲市场密切关注着美国最新的通货膨胀数据,该数据为下周美联储维持利率稳定留下了空间。8月CPI上涨了0.6%,主要是由于天然气价格激增,核心CPI仅上涨了0.3%。That was enough to drag Hong Kong’s markets back into positive territory today -- although not by much. The Hang Seng added 0.2 percent.这足以使香港的市场今天重新进入了收涨,尽管增幅不大。恒生指数上涨了0.2%。Oil stocks were leading, but the other major notable was smartphone maker Xiaomi which was up by 2.7 percent. It’s settled a patent licencing dispute with Huawei, with the two tech companies agreeing to a deal which would cover technology including 5G.石油股领涨,但另一个重要的亮点是智能手机制造商小米,涨幅为2.7%。它已解决了与华为的专利许可争端,两家科技公司达成了一项涵盖5G等技术的协议。Tokyo’s markets responded even more robustly to the US CPI. The Nikkei 225 was up 1.4 percent to close back about 33 thousand points.东京市场对美国CPI的反应更为强烈。日经225指数上涨了1.4%,收于约33,000点。Optimism that US inflation and rates might be on the way down combined with hopes that Japanese inflation and rates might start going the other way, with a key BOJ meeting coming up next week too. All sectors were up in Tokyo today but there were big gains for a lot of the blue chips. Those included chip stocks like Tokyo Electron and Uniqlo owner Fast Retailing.市场对美国通货膨胀和利率可能走低感到乐观,同时希望日本的通货膨胀和利率可能开始朝相反的方向发展,尤其是考虑到下周即将召开的关键日本银行(BOJ)会议。今天,东京市场各个行业都表现良好,但许多蓝筹股取得了大幅增长。其中包括像东京电子和优衣库的母公司迅销集团(Fast Retailing)这样的芯片股。3.INDONESIAN PRESIDENT TAKES RIDE ON JAKARTA-BANDUNG HIGH-SPEED RAILWAY印尼总统首乘雅万高铁列车:时速350公里时仍感觉很舒适Indonesian President Joko Widodo took a ride on the Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway on Wednesday, the railway is a landmark Belt and Road Initiative project. Lei Shuran has more.印尼总统佐科·维多多(Joko Widodo)于周三乘坐雅加达-万隆高铁,这是“一带一路”倡议的标志性工程。本台记者雷舒然带来详细报道。Widodo examined the construction progress at Halim Station in the capital Jakarta and took the train to the Padalarang Station in West Java.维多多在雅加达的哈利姆车站检查了工程进展,并搭乘列车前往西爪哇的帕达拉朗车站。The Indonesian president described the ride experience as smooth and comfortable. He hoped that the Indonesian people will use public transportation more frequently in order to reduce road traffic congestion【拥塞】 between Jakarta and Bandung.印尼总统表示乘坐体验非常顺畅和舒适。他希望印尼民众能够更多使用公共交通工具,乘坐雅万高铁,以缓解雅加达到万隆之间的交通压力。Joko Widodo Indonesian President佐科印尼总统“I’ve made four inspections to this project and this is the first time I’ve taken a ride. It’s comfortable. Even when the speed reached 350 kilometers per hour, I didn’t feel bumpy, either standing or sitting. This is an advancement of civilization.”“我来雅万高铁视察过四次,这是我第一次乘坐列车。高铁非常舒服,在时速达到350公里时,我没感觉到任何的颠簸,无论是站着还是坐着。这就是文明的进步。”The Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway connects Indonesia’s capital Jakarta and West Java’s provincial capital Bandung. With a design speed of 350 kilometers per hour, the railway spanning 142.3 kilometers will cut the journey between the two cities from over three hours to around 40 minutes.雅加达-万隆高铁连接了印尼首都雅加达和西爪哇省会万隆。设计时速达到350公里,全长142.3公里的高铁将把两座城市之间的旅行时间从原来的三个多小时缩短到约40分钟。It is the first overseas high-speed railway project that fully uses Chinese railway systems, technology, and industrial components. The railway is expected to begin trial operations in October.这是首个完全使用中国铁路系统、技术和工业组件的海外高铁项目。高铁预计将在十月开始试运营。#热词加油站subsidy/ˈsʌbsədi/【补贴】probe/prəʊb/【调查】blatant/ˈbleɪt(ə)nt/【公然的】congestion/kənˈdʒestʃən/【拥塞】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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09/14 TOP NEWS|澳大利亚企业积极回应总理年内访华

NEWS ON 09/13Australian Business Very Excited, Injecting Energy Into Relations澳大利亚企业积极回应总理年内访华-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------Australian Prime MinisterAnthony Albanese has accepted an invitation to visit China later this year. He will be the first Australian leader to go to Beijing in seven years. And our reporter Timothy Pope sat down with the Chair of the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai Heidi Dugan, to discuss the business community’s hopes for the visit.澳大利亚总理阿尔巴尼斯称今年晚些时候访华。他将成为七年来首位访华的澳大利亚领导人。本台记者Timothy Pope与澳大利亚商会-上海的主席杜海蒂(Heidi Dugan)进行了会谈,探讨了商界对此次访华的期待。Tim:Heidi Dugan, welcome to the programme. Thanks for braving the weather to be with us. 杜海蒂,欢迎您,感谢您冒着风雨来参加本次访谈。Heidi:Thank you for having me. 感谢邀请我。Tim:First of all, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is upcoming visit to China as of course, diplomatically significant and it does show that relations between China and Australia have improved significantly. What is the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai hoping will come out of this visit? 首先,澳大利亚总理阿尔巴尼斯即将访华,这必然具有重要的外交意义,也表明中澳关系有了显著改善。澳大利亚商会-上海希望这次访华取得什么成果?Heidi:The whole thing is, is that we've had relations for 50 years now. So, like all relationships, they go up and down and I think this is just a really good sign that everyone's moving in the same direction. So, everyone from AustCham Shanghai is super excited about having a move here and that there is that sort of development of relationship and conversation. And I think that that whole concept of a thing 50 years and that there is the anniversary is a well thought up, you know, idea that now is the time to reinject sort of, you know, some energy into that relationship and to, you know, hope that it flourishes【繁荣】for another 50 years. 中澳建交已经有50年了。如同所有的关系一样,它时好时坏,我认为(访华)是一个非常好的迹象,表明所有人都在朝着同一个方向前进。因此,澳大利亚商会-上海的每个人都非常高兴能在这里开展活动,也非常高兴有好的关系发展和交流。我认为,“50周年纪念”这个概念的提出是经过深思熟虑的,现在正是时候为这种关系重新注入些活力,希望它能再蓬勃发展50年。Tim:As far as bilateral【双方的】trade goes there have been a number of sticking points, which has actually been overcome recently, of course, tariffs on several goods, including coal and barley imports from Australia to China. But some sticking points do still remain. Are you confident that those issues can be sorted out, and the business can go back to normal? 就双边贸易而言,存在着一些问题,在最近已经得到了解决,就是对产品征收关税,包括从澳大利亚进口到中国的煤炭和大麦。但有些问题依然存在。您对于解决这些问题,中澳贸易恢复正常是否有信心?Heidi:Well, first of all, we talked about the tariffs that have already passed. I mean, everyone's very excited and it just shows that again, we're moving in the right direction. Will the lobster and wine tariffs be lifted? I think that's the whole point in these conversations, it's finding an even ground where it benefits both countries, you know where supplying but then there's the consumer here that loves it and wants it. So, I think when there's a win situation, it will always end up moving in the right direction. 首先,我们谈到了关税已经通过。大家都非常兴奋,因为这再次表明我们正朝着正确的方向前进。龙虾和葡萄酒的关税是否会取消?我认为这就是交谈的关键所在——正在找一个对两国都有利的平衡点。因此,我认为当有一个双赢的局面,那最终总会朝着正确的方向发展。Tim:Education is of course another major Australian Export. And we have seen that you were also the represent, most of the major Australian universities here. There has been a bit of a rebound in Chinese student numbers returning to Australia. But are the Australian educational institutions back on the ground here in China, trying to sell the idea of an Australian education?教育,当然是澳大利亚的另一个主要出口源。我们看到,你们也是澳大利亚大多数主要大学在这里的代表。中国学生回到澳大利亚的人数有所回升。但是,澳大利亚教育机构是否回到中国,在努力输出澳大利亚的教育理念?Heidi:None of the universities left. They were here completely supporting like, for instance, the University of Sydney, they've got offices in Suzhou, and they were inviting all the students to come down to their office, to be able to continue their studies. For us, AustCham Shanghai, we really made sure that for the alumni【校友】, everyone that was trying to graduate that we can do graduation events for them, so you know that that has really just continued through the process. Will we push harder? Will we invite welcome the Chinese to come to Australia? Of course. It's such a beautiful relationship when we have students coming to Australia. They learn there, then they come back to China, and it again just strengthens the relationship between two countries. 没有大学离开过。例如,悉尼大学在苏州设有办事处,他们邀请所有学生到他们的办事处继续学习。对于澳大利亚商会-上海来说,我们真的确保了校友的学习,为每一个想要毕业的学生举办毕业活动,所以,整个过程一直都在继续。我们会加大力度吗?我们会欢迎中国人来澳大利亚吗?当然会。当我们将学生带到澳大利亚时,关系发展会变深厚。他们在那里学习,然后回到中国,这将又一次加强两国关系。Tim:And more broadly on foreign investment China's cabinet the State Council has issued its opinions on foreign investment and increasing it and has addressed issues, including competition, tax incentives, and research and development. Are these a confidence booster for Australian companies who do business here in China? 在更广泛的外商投资问题上,中国国务院发布了关于优化外商投资环境和加大外商投资力度的意见,并解决了包括竞争、税收优惠和研发在内的问题。对于在中国开展业务的澳大利亚企业来说,这些是否会增强信心?Heidi:Absolutely. I think for the Australians, the Australian businesses that are here, it's always encouraging to hear that the Chinese government is trying to find ways to support not only business but also life here. On the second level, I think it's really important for organisations like AustCham Shanghai to take that message back home, and to share that with Australian businesses who are thinking about coming into China. So, at the two different levels, I think it's important and it's really about how we get those messages out to the people here and also to the people back home. 当然。我认为对于在这里的澳大利亚人和澳大利亚企业而言,听到中国政府正在想方设法支持他们在这里的工作和生活,肯定是欢欣鼓舞的。其次,我认为像澳大利亚商会-上海这样的企业,将这一消息带回国,并与那些考虑进入中国的澳大利亚企业分享,也是非常重要的。因此,在这两个不同的层面上,我认为如何将这些信息传达给这里的人们以及家乡的人们都非常重要。Tim:Heidi Dugan, thank you so much for joining us. 杜海蒂,感谢参与这次会谈。Heidi:Thank you谢谢。#热词加油站flourish  /ˈflʌrɪʃ /【繁荣】bilateral  /ˌbaɪˈlætərəl /【双方的】alumni  /əˈlʌmnaɪ /【校友】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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09/13 TOP NEWS|天舟五号再入大气层/“爱达·魔都号”试航成功/“911”纪念活动

NEWS ON 09/121.TIANZHOU-5 CARGO SPACECRAFT RE-ENTERS, ATMOSPHERE AFTER COMPLETING MISSION天舟五号货运飞船已受控再入大气层2.SHANGHAI SHIP-BUILDING READY TO CRUISE INTO THE FUTURE中国首制大型邮轮“爱达·魔都号”试航圆满成功3. 9-11 MEMORIAL CEREMONIES, HELD ACROSS THE UNITED STATES美国各地举行“911”事件周年纪念活动-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. TIANZHOU-5 CARGO SPACECRAFT RE-ENTERS, ATMOSPHERE AFTER COMPLETING MISSION天舟五号货运飞船已受控再入大气层The Tianzhou-5 cargo spacecraft re-entered the atmosphere in a controlled manner at 9:13 am today, according to the China Manned Space Agency.据据中国载人航天工程办公室消息,天舟五号货运飞船于今天上午9时13分以受控再入大气层。Tianzhou-5 departed from the country's space station yesterday afternoon. Most of its components burned up during the re-entry, but a small amount of debris fell into the waters of the remote South Pacific. Tianzhou-5 was launched on November 12th, 2022 from the Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site. It transported goods, materials and propellant【推进剂】 to the space station, including essential supplies for the three Shenzhou-15 astronauts during their six-month stay. During its mission, Tianzhou-5 separated from the space station on May 5th, re-docked with it 33 days later and continued to carry out space technology experiments.昨天下午,天舟五号顺利撤离空间站。货运飞船绝大部分器件,在再入大气层过程中烧蚀销毁,少量残骸将落入南太平洋预定安全海域。天舟五号货运飞船于去年11月12日在文昌航天发射场发射入轨。装载了神舟十五号3名航天员6个月的在轨驻留消耗品、推进剂、应用实(试)验装置等物资。在轨飞行期间,天舟五号货运飞船曾于今年5月5日撤离空间站组合体,独立飞行33天后再次与空间站组合体进行交会对接,继续开展了相关空间技术试验。2. SHANGHAI SHIP-BUILDING READY TO CRUISE INTO THE FUTURE中国首制大型邮轮“爱达·魔都号”试航圆满成功China's first domestically made large cruise ship, Adora Magic City, finished its second and last sea trial today and returned to its dock in Shanghai. Our reporter Zhang Shixuan was there for the celebration and to learn more about the ship and its significance.今日(09/12),中国首艘国产大型邮轮“爱达·魔都号”第二次也是最后一次试航圆满完成,顺利靠泊上海码头。本台记者张诗旋在现场参加了庆祝活动,并进一步了解了这艘邮轮及本次试航意义。All of the more than 1,300 engineers and crew aboard were excited to return to Shanghai after the 6 days of sea trials that stretched 1,630 nautical miles. They completed 88 major trials on things like ship maneuverability【流动性】, automation tests, and safety and comfort, as well as checks on emission figures. All met the required standards and the ship has gotten final approvals from the shipowner and the maritime【海事的】classification society.经过6天共1630海里的试航,船上的1300多名工程师和船员在返回上海时都很兴奋。共完成试验项目88个,全面验证了船舶操纵性能、自动化水平、航行安全舒适性,以及排放数据检查。各项性能指标符合标准,全部通过船东和船级社的确认。Niklas Peterstam, Captain, Adora Magic City尼克拉斯·彼得斯坦 "爱达·魔都号"船长I'm the captain on board I will be the captain, so I have just been a more or less been a guest on board, make sure that every test has been done. The is beautiful, but the very successful second sea trial. The ship is doing what its supposed to do and even a little bit more. We managed all the test, the high speed test and all the endurance tests and it's a beautiful vessel.我将是船长,我目前只是邮轮上的客人,确保邮轮的各项试航任务都已完成。这艘邮轮很漂亮,第二次试航非常成功。这艘邮轮在做它该做的事情,甚至超额完成。我们完成了所有的测试、高速测试和耐力测试,这是一艘优秀的邮轮。These were the last sea trials required for the ship before it can begin sailing commercially.   这是该邮轮开始商业航行前所需的最后一次试航。Wei Shengsheng, Deputy Section Chief, Cruise Ship Project Dept, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding, CSSC韦胜圣 中国船舶外高桥造船邮轮项目部副部长 大型邮轮项目建造副经理“In the first trial, we completed tests of the ship's performance.  The second one just now primarily finished off all the navigation【导航】performance tests before the delivery. Now, we can say this ship is fully ready for sailing. After arrival at the port today, it will enter the dry dock again on September 13th, and will take its final inclination test on September 14th.”“我们在上一次试航是把船舶性能做完,通过这次试航,基本上把交船前的航行试验全部完成了,我们距离最终交船又迈进了一步,从现在来讲,我们这个船已经具备航行性能。我们今天靠码头以后,我们会在13号会再次进入到坞内,14号我们会进行最终的倾斜实验。”Zhang Shixuan, Reporter张诗旋 记者“The completion of both of its sea trials means, China's first domestically made large cruise ship is now pretty close to its delivery, which is scheduled in November, a much anticipated milestone in the country's shipbuilding industry. What experience or lessons is it passing on for the industry to learn from? And how will those help?”“中国首艘国产大型邮轮完成了两次试航,意味着该邮轮离交付日期越来越近,预计将于 11 月交付,这是中国造船业备受期待的一个里程碑。它有哪些经验或教训值得业界借鉴?这些有怎样的帮助?”Yi Guowei, Director of Cruise Ship Office,Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding, CSSC易国伟 中国船舶外高桥造船邮轮办公室主任、大型邮轮项目副经理“This ship has 24 million components, and had close to 600,000 planning targets. So after working on this first ship, we now have formed an engineering organization model for cruise ship building, including team building, tech solutions and industrial solutions. The second cruise ship will be much larger than the first one. We are very confident that when building the second cruise ship, we can reduce the error rate by 70 to 80%, and also reduce waste. It's our goal to enhance the efficiency by 25%.”“我们这条船有2400万个零件,接近底层有60万个计划节点,所以这样经过首座船的摸索以后,我们基本形成了这条船的工程组织的模式,团队、技术方案、工艺方案。二号船比一号船要大不少,我们非常有信心将我们之前的摸索中犯的错误进行一个极大的降低,这我们肯定要降低70%-80%的错误率,要降低各种各样的浪费。从效率的提升上来讲,我们相信25%以上是我们的目标。”Wei says ship building - especially for something as complicated as cruise liner construction - requires coordinated research and development across supply chain. The large team at the Shanghai-based shipbuilder has now solved many of these problems, and is ready for its next big task.韦胜圣说,造船—尤其是像邮轮这样复杂的建造—需要整个供应链的协调研发。这家总部位于上海的造船公司的庞大团队现已解决了其中的许多问题,并已准备好执行下一个重大任务。3. 9-11 MEMORIAL CEREMONIES, HELD ACROSS THE UNITED STATES美国各地举行“911”事件周年纪念活动On the 22nd anniversary yesterday of the September-11th attacks, multiple ceremonies in the United States commemorated【纪念】the nearly 3,000 lives lost on that day. Sun Siqi has the story.昨天,是美国"9·11"恐怖袭击事件22周年纪念日。当天,美国各地举行纪念活动,缅怀此次袭击中的近 3000 名遇难者。记者孙思奇带来报道。Bells rang and a moment of silence was held at Ground Zero in New York at 8:46 am, when the first plane crashed into the World Trade Center's North Tower. 上午8点46分,悼念的钟声在纽约世贸中心双子塔遗址响起。At a ceremony at the September-11th Memorial, relatives read the names of the 2,977 victims to thousands who had gathered, including Vice President Kamala Harris.在“911”事件纪念馆举行的仪式上,遇难者亲属代表向包括副总统卡马拉-哈里斯在内的数千名集会者依次宣读了所有2977名遇难者的姓名。“The median age of all the names I read was 37. These were people in the prime of their lives. They had a lot to live for, they simply went to work one day and never returned.”“我读到的遇难者的平均年龄才37岁,他们还风华正茂,还有很多的期许。他们只是正常去上班,却再也没有回来。”In addition to the death toll on 9-11, the World Trade Center attack exposed hundreds of thousands of people to toxic air and debris. Hundreds have since died from post-9/11 related illnesses. The New York City Fire Department added 43 new names to the memorial wall just last week. 除了"911 "事件造成的死亡人数外,世贸中心袭击事件还使数十万人暴露在有毒空气和碎片中。此后,又有数百人死于与 "9-11 "事件有关的疾病。就在上周,又有43名纽约消防员的名字被烙印在遗址公园的这面纪念墙上。Ceremonies were also held in Washington and Pennsylvania as solemn tributes unfolded around the United States. 华盛顿和宾夕法尼亚州也举行了仪式,美国各地展开了庄严的悼念活动。On September 11th, 2001, 2 hijacked planes flew into the World Trade Center's Twin Towers, one was flown into the Pentagon, and the fourth crashed into an open field in Pennsylvania. 2001年9月11号,恐怖分子劫持了民航客机,两架撞毁世贸中心双子塔,一架撞毁五角大楼一角,第四架在宾夕法尼亚州坠毁。The attacks prompted then-US-President George W. Bush to launch a "global war on terror" that included a military assault【攻击】on Afghanistan. This started a 20-year U.S. military presence in the country until the Biden administration's chaotic withdrawal in 2021.袭击事件促使时任美国总统乔治·沃克·布什发动了 "全球反恐战争",其中包括对阿富汗的军事进攻。美军在阿富汗长达20年,直到2021年拜登执政的美军撤离告终。#热词加油站 propellant /prəˈpelənt/【推进剂】maneuverability /məˌnuːvərəˈbɪlɪti/【流动性】maritime /ˈmærɪtaɪm/【海事的】navigation /ˌnævɪˈɡeɪʃn/【导航】commemorated /kəˈmeməreɪt/【纪念】assault /əˈsɔːlt/【攻击】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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09/12 TOP NEWS|浦江创新论坛/央行发声稳汇率/8月CPI同比由降转涨

NEWS ON 09/111.PUJIANG INNOVATION FORUM UNITES INTERNATIONAL EXPERTS, INVESTORS浦江创新论坛 科学家与企业家同频共振2.RMB RISES AS PBOC PLEDGES DECISIVE ACTION TO PREVENT OVERSHOOTING央行发声稳汇率 人民币在岸离岸汇率强势上涨3.CHINA'S AUGUST ANNUAL CONSUMER PRICES UP, PRODUCER INDEX EASES8月CPI同比由降转涨 PPI降幅收窄-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. PUJIANG INNOVATION FORUM UNITES INTERNATIONAL EXPERTS, INVESTORS浦江创新论坛 科学家与企业家同频共振The 16th Pujiang Innovation Forum opened in Shanghai yesterday with the theme "Open Innovation Ecosystem: Innovation for Global Connectivity." The three-day forum has attracted more than 300 experts and scholars from around the world to exchange ideas on how to strengthen international cooperation in a variety of scientific fields. Ying Junyi has more.第十六届浦江创新论坛昨天(09/09)在上海开幕,主题为“开放的创新生态:创新与全球链接”。为期三天的论坛吸引了来自世界各地的300多位专家学者,就如何加强各科学领域的国际合作进行交流。记者应俊一带来更多报道。This year's Pujiang Innovation Forum sees 40 percent of all its guests hailing from overseas, coming to share cutting-edge ideas, and boost international scientific and technical cooperation. The latest progress on projects including International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactors and China's self-developed large passenger aircraft were shared at the forum's opening ceremony. Guest speakers at the opening also discussed an international effort to study phenotypes, the biological traits of a living creature.今年,浦江创新论坛的境外嘉宾近40%,他们将分享前沿理念,促进国际科技合作。论坛开幕式上分享了国际热核聚变实验堆(ITER)计划、中国自主研发的大飞机等项目的最新进展。开幕式上,嘉宾还讨论了个体的深度表型组研究的国际共同努力。Jin Li, Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences金力 中国科学院院士“The International Human Phenome Project consists of scientists from 20 countries. Our final aim is to obtain a large amount of phenotype data to make connections and build a map of phenotype【表型】networks. That will contribute to biomedical【生物医学的】studies in the future.”“这是我们国际人类表型组研究协作组的成员,来自20个国家。我们的最终的目标是要建立表型和表型之间的关系。这将构成我们未来生物医学研究的导航图。”Sub-forums to build bridges between investors and startup projects is also part of the forum, primarily in three sectors -- biological medicine, artificial intelligence, and advanced manufacturing. Some 100 high-quality tech projects have been selected for demonstrations to have the opportunity to accelerate their fundraising and expansion.分论坛也是论坛的一部分,主要在生物医药、人工智能和先进制造三个领域为投资者和初创项目搭建桥梁。约有100个优质科技项目被选中展示,以获得加速筹资和扩张的机会。Yin Gang, Founder, Shushuang Tech (Shanghai)印刚 数双科技(上海)有限公司创始人“We can get in touch with some investing institutions here, and learn from some industry leaders. That will help us improve and upgrade our products.”“我们可以在这里接触一些投资机构,向一些行业领袖学习,这将有助于我们改进和升级产品。”Zhang Xiang, Founder, Shanghai PuNa Energy Technology张翔 上海璞钠能源科技有限公司创始人“That will definitely help us improve. We can be more clear about fundraising and other business patterns.”“能帮我们企业去合理地提升,一些融资规划和商业模式。”The forum released a report that more innovation is expected in China in five sectors -- brain chips, quantum information, synthetic biology, hydrogen production and blockchain.论坛发布的报告指出,中国有望在类脑芯片、量子信息、合成生物学、绿色制氢和区块链五大领域实现更多创新。 2. RMB RISES AS PBOC PLEDGES DECISIVE ACTION TO PREVENT OVERSHOOTING央行发声稳汇率 人民币在岸离岸汇率强势上涨The renminbi rebounded strongly against the US dollar today after the country's central bank emphasized its readiness to act decisively to forestall any exchange rate overshooting【突破】. Lei Shuran has the details.在央行强调坚决防范汇率超调之后,人民币兑美元汇率今天强劲反弹。记者雷舒然带来详细报道。The People's Bank of China said today in a statement following a meeting of the foreign exchange market self-discipline mechanism held by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, that there is a "solid foundation" for the renminbi exchange rate to remain generally stable as the country's economic momentum is gathering steam, with the consumer price index bottoming out and resuming growth on a yearly basis last month. The onshore renminbi jumped on the statement and hit 7.29 as of 5 pm, strengthening by more than 700 basis points compared with Friday's close. The PBOC emphasized in the statement that financial authorities won't hesitate to correct one-sided, procyclical behavior in the foreign exchange market and will deal firmly with any attempts to disrupt market order. 中国人民银行就日前召开的外汇市场自律机制会议发表声明,随着上月居民消费价格指数触底反弹并恢复环比增长,中国经济发展势头正在加快,人民币汇率保持总体稳定的"基础坚实"。声明发布后,在岸人民币汇率跳涨,截至下午5点触及7.29,与上周五收盘价相比升值超过700个基点。中国人民银行在声明中强调,金融管理当局将毫不犹豫地纠正外汇市场的片面、顺周期行为,并将坚决打击任何扰乱市场秩序的企图。Yang Yudong, Chief Editor, Yicai杨宇东 第一财经总编辑“When China's macro-economic fundamentals begin to stabilize, overall expectations begin to be stable, and people's expectations of the foreign exchange market begin to be optimistic, the RMB exchange rate will move relatively more smoothly. The long-term stability of the RMB is closely related to the domestic policy of stabilizing the economy and expectations.”“当中国的宏观经济基本面开始趋于稳定,总体的预期开始平稳,大家对外汇市场的预期开始乐观的时候,人民币的走势就会相对平稳一点。人民币的长期稳定还是跟国内经济的稳经济稳预期的政策密切相关。”Adding to signs that China's economic prospects are improving with demand recovering, the country's increment in aggregate【总数的】social financing - the total amount of financing to the real economy - came in at 3.12 trillion yuan in August, up by 631.6 billion yuan year-on-year, according to official data. At noon today the Central Bank released a raft of new positive data including the fact that new Renminbi loans in August came to 1.36 trillion yuan, a sharp increase from July.官方数据显示,随着需求的复苏,中国经济前景正在改善,8月份中国社会融资总量(即实体经济融资总额)为3.12万亿元,同比多增6316亿元。今天中午,央行公布了一系列新的积极数据,其中包括8月份新增人民币贷款1.36万亿元,比7月份大幅增加。Yang Yudong, Chief Editor, Yicai杨宇东 第一财经总编辑“The credit figure achieved positive growth on both a yearly and monthly basis. While this increase may not seem like much, it was realized from a base of historical peaks over the same period, so it helps to improve market expectations.”“首先体现在信贷的环比同比均是多增。虽然这个增幅看起来不多,但是在历史同期峰值基数上实现的,所以是有利于改善市场的预期。”Yang pointed out that, in general, the scale of social financing reflects the condition of the economy as a whole, and the sensitivity of the RMB exchange rate to the scale of social financing has also risen significantly over the past few years, and the correlation between the two is getting stronger.杨宇东认为,一般来说,社会融资规模反映了整个经济的状况,人民币汇率对社会融资规模的敏感度在过去几年也明显上升,两者之间的相关性越来越强。3. CHINA'S AUGUST ANNUAL CONSUMER PRICES UP, PRODUCER INDEX EASES8月CPI同比由降转涨 PPI降幅收窄Data from the National Bureau of Statistics show China's consumer inflation【通货膨胀】 returned to positive territory in August, while the factory-gate price decline moderated.国家统计局的数据显示,8月份中国居民消费价格指数重回正值,而全国工业生产者出厂价格指数降幅收窄。Official data released over the weekend showed the consumer price index, a main gauge of inflation, rose 0.1 percent year-on-year in August, re-bounding from a 0.3 percent decline in July. The CPI went up 0.3 percent in August from the previous month. The National Bureau of Statistics attributed the CPI rise to the continued improvement in China's consumer market. The producer price index, which measures costs for goods at the factory gate, fell 3 percent last month from a year ago, but the year-on-year decrease narrowed 1.4 percentage points from that recorded in July.周末公布的官方数据显示,衡量通货膨胀的主要指标--居民消费价格指数8月同比上涨了 0.1%,相比7月份下降的0.3%有所反弹。8月的CPI 环比上涨 0.3%。国家统计局将CPI上涨归因于中国消费市场的持续改善。全国工业生产者出厂价格指数,8月比去年同期下降3%,但同比降幅比7月收窄1.4个百分点。#热词加油站 phenotype /ˈfiːnətaɪp/【表型】biomedical /ˌbaɪəʊˈmedɪkl/【生物医学的】overshooting /ˌəʊvəˈʃuːtɪŋ/【突破】aggregate /ˈæɡrɪɡət/【总数的】inflation /ɪnˈfleɪʃn/【通货膨胀】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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09/09 TOP NEWS|珠三角现强降雨/上海旅游节文旅优惠/王辉宫廷珐琅彩作品展

NEWS ON 09/081.MONSOON AND COLD FRONT BRING EXTREME RAINFALL TO GUANGDONG珠三角多地现极端强降雨2.2023 SHANGHAI TOURISM FESTIVAL TO OPEN NEXT SATURDAY上海旅游节:70家景点门票半价文旅优惠活动多3.ARTS AND CRAFTS MASTER RESTORES, FURTHER DEVELOPS FALANGCAI WARES宫廷珐琅彩传承人王辉作品展在上海中心珐琅厅开幕-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. MONSOON AND COLD FRONT BRING EXTREME RAINFALL TO GUANGDONG珠三角多地现极端强降雨Multiple cities and counties in the Pearl River Delta have been hit with severe to extreme rain since yesterday, as the low pressure system that is the remnants of tropical storm “Haikui” was enhanced by the monsoon. Guangdong Province upgraded its flood control emergency response to its second highest level, and the China Meteorological Administration maintained a yellow warning for intense rainfall today. Here's Wang Yin with the latest.受季风影响,台风“海葵”增强,珠江三角洲多个市、县从昨天(09/07)开始遭受暴雨到特大暴雨袭击。广东省将防汛应急响应提升至二级,中央气象局今天继续发布强降雨黄色预警。由王吟带来最新报道。All right, Chen Xuan.好的,陈璇。More than 11,000 people in the southern suburbs of the city of Meizhou in eastern Guangdong were relocated. 200 people in an outlying town were trapped at home, as flood water levels exceeded 2 meters in some areas.广东东部梅州南郊的 11,000 多人被转移。但由于部分地区洪水水位超过2米,外围城镇的 200人被困家中。Severe rain triggered mud-slides in close to 400 highway and provincial road segments.暴雨引发近400处高速公路和省内公路现泥石流。Also in eastern Guangdong, low-lying towns surrounding the city of Jieyang were significantly flooded. 207 people were rescued or relocated. 同样在广东东部,揭阳市周边的低洼乡镇严重受淹。207人获救和被转移。In the city of Guangzhou, the provincial capital, multiple road segments were severely flooded. One Metro Line 3 station in the southern suburbs was closed, and schools were closed in multiple districts. More than 2,500 people were relocated across the city as of this morning. For the first time in 2 years, Guangzhou issued a city-wide red warning for heavy rainfall. 在省会广州市,多个路段严重受淹。南郊的地铁三号线停运,多个区的学校停课。截至今天上午(09/08),全市已有2500多人被转移。这是广州两年来首次发布全市暴雨红色预警。Shenzhen also issued a red warning in multiple districts. 7 districts recorded extreme amounts of accumulated rain. Water cascaded【倾泻】into a few subway stations. Some downtown subway segments were closed, and all schools and kindergartens were shut down today. 深圳的多个区也发布了暴雨红色预警。其中7个区累计雨量已达大暴雨。地铁站积水严重,市中心部分地铁线路停运,今日(09/08)全市学校和幼儿园停课。The province's flood control headquarters say risks are very high across Guangdong for mountain torrents, river floods and mud-slides. 54 intercity【城际的】or regular-speed trains were suspended, though high-speed trains are still in operation. 广东省防汛防旱防风总指挥部称,广东省发生山洪和地质灾害风险很高。城际54趟列车停运,高铁暂未受影响。In Hong Kong, the registered hourly rainfall at 11pm yesterday broke a nearly 140 year-old record, leading the city to issue its highest warning for severe rain.香港昨天中午11点(09/07)录得一小时降雨量打破了近140年来的记录,导致香港发出了最高级别的黑色暴雨警告。As of 2pm today, 110 people were reported as injured, 4 of them are in severe condition. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange was closed for the whole trading day today. 截至今天下午2点(09/08),共有 110 人受伤,其中 4 人伤势严重。香港证券交易所今天(09/08)全日停市。Meteorologists say "Haikui" didn't create this impact alone—the storm system was enhanced with south-western monsoon and a weak cold front from the East China Sea. Together, they created massive, growing convective【对流的】clouds that dropped an extraordinary amount of rain­—in roughly the same way "Doksuri" poured over northern China just over a month ago. 气象员称,"海葵"并非单独造成这种影响的——台风在移动过程中,与西南季风和来自东海的弱冷锋共同形成了巨大的、不断增长的对流云团,触发了强降雨——这与一个多月前台风“杜苏芮”在中国北部降雨的方式大致相同。Voice of Hu Xiao, Meteorologist, China Meteorological Administration胡啸中国天气网首席气象分析师“"Haikui" was a mere tropical storm when it made landfall, but it was replenished by inflow from the monsoon when it was traveling west. There was an abundance of water vapor, which condensed into massive rainfall when it came in contact with cold front from the north.”“台风“海葵”在上岸之后是一个相对较弱的热带风暴,但是它逐渐西行的过程当中有了充足的偏南偏西南的这种季风的支持,再加上北侧会有冷空气的参与,所以就会制造非常明显的降雨。”2. 2023 SHANGHAI TOURISM FESTIVAL TO OPEN NEXT SATURDAY上海旅游节:70家景点门票半价文旅优惠活动多The 34th Shanghai Tourism Festival will open next Saturday with various attractions in the city offering half-price admission during the event. Lei Shuran has more.第 34 届上海旅游节将于下周六开幕,活动期间全市各景点门票半价优惠。记者雷舒然带来更多报道。A total of 70 scenic spots, including Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai Wild Animal Park, Shanghai Natural and History Museum and Shanghai Disney Resort will offer discounts on tickets from September 16th to 22nd. Coupons for food, hotels and performances will be offered by some cultural attraction and tourism companies.9月16日至22日,东方明珠、上海野生动物园、上海自然博物馆、上海迪士尼度假区等70家景区将推出门票优惠。一些文化景点和旅游公司还将推出美食、酒店和演出优惠券。Mao Fang, Vice President, Meituan毛方美团公司副总裁We will distribute coupons worth 1.5 billion yuan to Shanghai residents covering thousands of stores, restaurants, hotels, transportation, tourist attractions and entertainment venues. In some cases, people can pay a deposit online to ensure they get a coupon【优惠券】.我们给上海市民带来了15亿的红包,联动"吃住行游购娱"的数十万商户。现在可以在线支付押金,确保获得优惠券。An online shopping event will also be held during the festival. Discounts on a variety of food, tickets and tours to popular places will be available.购物节期间还将举办网上购物活动。届时,各种美食、门票和热门景点的旅游线路都将打折。Yao Shuoye, Shanghai Culture and Tourism Bureau姚烁烨上海市文旅局重大活动办公室副主任“Many high-quality products will be sold during the livestreaming event.”“直播活动期间将出售许多优质产品。”The festival will run until October 6th. In the first half of this year, 139 million domestic travelers visited Shanghai. They spent about 155 billion yuan in the city during that period.旅游节将持续到 10 月 6 日。今年上半年,共有 1.39 亿国内游客来上海。在此期间,在上海共消费了约 1550 亿元人民币。3. ARTS AND CRAFTS MASTER RESTORES, FURTHER DEVELOPS FALANGCAI WARES宫廷珐琅彩传承人王辉作品展在上海中心珐琅厅开幕Dozens of new falangcai wares by master Wang Hui are on display in the Baoku Culture Center at Shanghai Tower. Fanglacai refers to overglazed enamel porcelain produced at the workshops of the Forbidden City. Reporter Zhang Hong spoke with master Wang to learn about how he replicated the ancient falangcai wares, and further developed a new material for an even better aesthetic【美的】.王辉大师的数十件珐琅彩新作在在上海中心珐琅厅正式开幕。珐琅彩是指紫禁城作坊生产的釉上彩瓷器。记者张泓采访了王辉大师,了解他如何复制古代的粉彩器皿,并进一步开发新材料使其更美。Falangcai are porcelain wares that were painted in the imperial workshops in Beijing during the Qing Dynasty with enamels introduced from the West. They were made exclusively for the imperial court and royal family. 珐琅彩是清代宫廷从西方引进的珐琅彩瓷器。这些瓷器专为宫廷和皇室而作。Xu Taosheng, Deputy Director, Jingdezhen China Ceramics Museum徐桃生中国陶瓷博物馆副馆长“White porcelain produced in Jingdezhen were transported to the imperial workshop and royal craftsman painted them withenamel【瓷器】. The production of Falangcai didn't last for a long time as the enamels were imported and very precious. Also the technique is difficult to master. The technique was lost after the Qianlong reign, but following the reforms of the early eighties, craftsmen were able to attempt a revival of the traditional techniques.”“从景德镇烧好瓷胎以后运往御用作坊,御用工匠在瓷器上绘制珐琅彩。珐琅料都是从国外进口,比较珍贵和稀少。到了乾隆后期,因为珐琅料、工艺的原因,一直失传。随着时代的进步,改革开放以后,很多工匠才恢复了珐琅彩传统的瓷胎画法。”It is estimated that there are only around 400 surviving pieces of falangcai around the world. Master Wang Hui from Tianjin brought his replicas of ancient falangcai wares. He is also showcasing a new material he developed called "bingci", or "Ice porcelain". The material allows enamel patterns to be even more vivid.据估计,全世界现存的法郎彩仅有 400 件左右。来自天津的王辉大师带来了他的古珐琅彩复制品。他还展示了自己研发的一种名为"冰瓷"的新材料。这种材料使珐琅彩图案更加生动。Wang Hui, Tianjin Arts and Crafts Master王辉,天津市工艺美术大师“My team members and I have been working on the new material for 7 years. Its major component is Aluminum Oxide. It was originally used in aviation materials. It needs to be heated at 1850 degrees, much higher than ordinary porcelain. It's also much harder. It's much transparent. But coloring it a more complicated process. The paint needs to be fired 7 to 9 times to be vivid.”“我和我的团队研发这个冰瓷是三氧化二铝为主要的成分,到现在研发7年,这个东西原来是用于航空材料的。他的烧制温度已经达到了1850度,烧制温度和硬度远远超过古代的陶瓷,透光度比较高。工艺要求比原来还要难度大,在冰瓷上要色彩,普通陶瓷上做一遍,我们可能要7到9遍烧制才能达到更好的效果。”Wang called the material "porcelain 2.0" as he regards it as a further development of the traditional technique. Wang said its jade-like texture makes it possible for more contemporary applications like watches and bracelets【手镯】.王辉大师将这种材料称为"瓷器 2.0",因为他认为这是对传统技术的进一步发展。他说,这种材料具有玉石般的质感,因此可以有更现代的用途,比如手表和手镯。#热词加油站cascade /kæˈskeɪd/【倾泻】intercity /ˌɪntəˈsɪti/【城际的】convective /kənˈvɛktɪv/【对流的】coupon /ˈkuːpɒn/【优惠券】aesthetic /iːsˈθetɪk/【美的】enamel /ɪˈnæml/【瓷器】bracelets /ˈbreɪslɪts/【手镯】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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09/06 TOP NEWS|台风“海葵”两次登陆/张园东区二期改造/郑钦文跻身女单八强

NEWS ON 09/051.HAIKUI MAKES LANDFALL IN CHINA TWICE台风“海葵”今晨两次登陆2.ENGINEERS BEGIN MOVING MORE BUILDINGS IN ZHANG YUAN COMPLEX上海张园推进东区二期改造开启最大规模组团式平移3. ZHENG QINWEN SECURES SPOT IN U.S. OPEN QUARTERFINAL中国选手郑钦文跻身美国网球公开赛女单八强-----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1. HAIKUI MAKES LANDFALL IN CHINA TWICE台风“海葵”今晨两次登陆Haikui, the 11th tropical cyclone【旋风】of this year made two landfalls in China this morning, after initially crossing Taiwan yesterday. The storm made landfall in Dongshan County, Fujian Province, at around 5:20 am, and then again in Raoping County, Guangdong Province an hour later. Now Bei has more details.今年第11号台风“海葵”昨天横穿台湾后,今晨(09/05)又两次登陆我国。在今早5点20分前后,它在福建省东山县登陆,一小时后又在广东省饶平县登陆。由爱新觉罗贝来提供更多详细内容。Of course, He Jian.好的,何健At the time of landfall Haikui had degraded into a tropical storm, bouts of heavy rainfall and floods was reported in Fujian and Guangdong yesterday. The China Meteorological Administration maintained a yellow warning for heavy rain this morning. Fujian relocated over 110,000 people residing in high risk areas. Firefighters had to pull several people out of a parking lot in Siming District, Xiamen, after they became trapped in a flash flood. Forecasters say Xiamen and other coastal cities are expected to receive from 150 to 300 millimeters of rain by Thursday. The cities of Fuzhou, Xiamen, Putian, Quanzhou closed kindergartens and schools today. A fire engine carrying 9 people was washed away by flood waters at 4:15 this morning in Yongtai County, Fuzhou. As of 4pm, 6 people were rescued, 1 was killed, and 2 were still missing.在登陆时,"海葵 "已降级为热带风暴,福建和广东昨天出现了暴雨和洪涝灾害。中央气象局今晨(09/05)继续发布暴雨黄色预警。福建紧急转移高危地区居民超过 11 万多人。厦门市思明区发生山洪暴发,数人被困一个停车场,被消防人员所救。气象员称,预计到本周四,厦门和其他沿海城市的降雨量将达到 150 至 300 毫米。今天(09/05),福州、厦门、莆田、泉州等城市的中小学和幼儿园停课。今晨4时15分,福州永泰县一辆载有9人的消防车被洪水冲走。截至下午4点,6人获救,1人遇难,2人失踪。Coastal cities in Guangdong Province, such as Chaozhou and Shantou also closed their schools today. Raoping County, Chaozhou launched a series of inspections on reservoirs【水库】, areas with a high risk of mudslides, and houses, to eliminate safety potential hazards【危险】.广东省潮州、汕头等沿海城市的学校也今日停课。潮州市饶平县对水库、泥石流高发区和民房等开展了一系列检查,以消除安全隐患。According to the national Railway Authority's Guangzhou Branch, nearly 400 trains along the Hangzhou-Shenzhen and Meizhou-Shantou routes suspended operations starting from 4pm yesterday. As the wind and rainfall weakened, some railway routes resumed operation this afternoon. The Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Emergency Management have allocated 200 million yuan for emergency disaster relief in five regions including Guangdong, Fujian, Guangxi and Hainan. 国家铁路局广州分局发布,从昨天下午4点开始,杭州-深圳线、梅州-汕头线的近400趟列车停运。随着风雨减弱,部分铁路线路于今天下午(09/05)恢复运行。财政部、应急管理部紧急预拨2亿元中央自然灾害救灾资金,支持广东、福建、广西、海南等5省做好防汛防台风应急救灾工作。Currently, Haikui has further weakened into a tropical depression and is now northwest of Jieyang in Guangdong. Forecasters expect it to move across Guangdong and Guangxi for the next 4 days while continuing to bring heavy rainfall to Fujian, and the south coast.目前,"海葵 "已减弱为热带低压,位于广东揭阳西北部。气象员预计,它将在未来4天横穿广东和广西,并继续给福建和南部沿海带来强降雨。National observatory said only 12 typhoons were registered in South China Sea and western Pacific this year, less than the same period during previous years, but they many of them had larger impacts. The observatory so far has issued two red alerts for typhoons, and they expect another tropical cyclone will affect China in late September.中国气象局发布,今年西北太平洋和南海共有12个台风生成,少于往年同期,但其中许多台风的影响较大。到目前为止,气象局已经发布了两次最高级别的台风红色预警,预计 9 月下旬将有另一个热带气旋影响中国。2. ENGINEERS BEGIN MOVING MORE BUILDINGS IN ZHANG YUAN COMPLEX上海张园推进东区二期改造开启最大规模组团式平移The renovation of the city's largest heritage complex on downtown West Nanjing Road hit a major mile-stone today as engineering teams began moving multiple buildings. Sun Siqi takes a look at how it's being done and how the project is adding a modern touch to the Zhang Yuan complex, while also keeping its roots.今天,随着建筑的平移正式启动,位于南京西路风貌保护区核心位置,本市规模最大、建筑风格最丰富的石库门建筑群的翻新工程迎来了重要的里程碑。记者孙思奇将带您了解翻新工程的进展情况,以及该工程如何为张园建筑群增添现代气息的同时保留其根基。Three buildings in the eastern section of this community of 26 shikumen style buildings have already been moved to their new locations. Now nine more are being moved, while the other 14 will remain in their original location.张园东区共有26幢石库门风格建筑,3栋老楼顺利抵达预定点位。今天启动平移的9栋建筑,剩下 14 栋将留在原址。The buildings have been strengthened and put on movable supports. They are moved in pairs or trios at a speed of 10 centimeters in 10 seconds since second-floor walkways connect them. The supports allow them to be moved in any direction at any angle.这些建筑已被加固,并安装在可移动的支架上。二楼的人行道将这些建筑连接起来,因此它们可以成对或三个一起移动,以每10秒0.1米的速度向前迈步。这些支架可以让它们以任何角度向任何方向移动。Liu Feng, Manager of Engineering, Jing'an Urban Renewal Construction Co.刘峰上海静安城市更新建设发展有限公司工程部经理“The supports are like human feet. They move and stop at small intervals【间隔】so the structure can be edged forward in a steady way.”“支架就像人的双脚,它们每隔一小段距离就会动和停,能保障建筑可以平稳地向前行走。”There wasn't much space in the original Zhang Yuan complex. So, changes were necessary when the government announced it would be converted into a mixed-use complex.张园本身空间比较局促。因此,当政府宣布将其改建为多功能综合体时,需要改变空间。Cao Jun, Deputy GM, Jing'an Urban Renewal Construction Co.曹俊上海静安城市更新建设发展有限公司副总经理“We also have to excavate the underground space while protecting the buildings above. There needs to be a garage, underground commercial space and walkways that link the major office buildings in the area.”“我们还要对地下空间进行开发,让张园东区具备地下停车、商业空间,甚至主要楼宇之间互联互通的人行道。”The remaining nine buildings will be moved by the end of this year, after which developers will begin constructing a three-story underground space. 其余9栋建筑预计在年底到达预定位置,之后开发商将开始建造一个三层高的地下空间。The first phase was completed last November following four years of renovations. The entire project is scheduled to be completed in 2026. It will include office and commercial space, residences, a hotel, an art gallery and a performing arts venue. 经过四年的翻修后,一期工程已于去年 11 月完工。整个项目计划于 2026 年完工。它将包括办公和商业空间、住宅、酒店、艺术画廊和表演艺术场地。3. ZHENG QINWEN SECURES SPOT IN U.S. OPEN QUARTERFINAL中国选手郑钦文跻身美国网球公开赛女单八强Chinese player Zheng Qinwen advanced to the U.S. Open quarter-finals on Monday, New York city, securing a 6-6 victory over fifth seed Ons Jabeur ofTunisia. This marked Zheng's first win against a top 10 player and her First time reaching the final 8 at a Grand Slam event. Stephen Rancourt has more.在周一的美国网球公开赛女单八分之一决赛中,中国选手郑钦文 2比0击败/赛会5号种子选手贾贝乌尔,职业生涯首次进军大满贯赛事八强。20岁的郑钦文也成为打入大满贯八强最年轻的中国金花。记者Stephen Rancourt带来更多报道。In her best Grand Slam performance to date, Zheng dominated the first set and kept the momentum going in the second by building up a substantial lead surging ahead 5-2. However, the Zheng's attempt to serve out the match met with a temporary setback【挫折】, and she encountered a missed match point at 5-3. It took Zheng three additional match points to secure the victory.郑钦文打出了她迄今为止在大满贯赛场上的最佳表现,她在首盘比赛中占尽优势,并在第二盘比赛中继续保持良好势头,以 5:2 领先。不过,郑钦文在发球胜赛局中遭遇了暂时的挫折,她在 5-3 时错失了一个赛点。郑钦文又连得三个赛点,才确保了胜利。Zheng Qinwen, Tennis Player郑钦文中国网球运动员“I feel this is like important win for me. Like you say, it's a breakthrough. Especially I got good tennis today.”“我觉得这是一场非常关键的胜利,是一次突破,我今天打得非常不错。”Into her first Grand Slam quarterfinal, 20-year-old Zheng Qinwen says Asia's first Grand Slam champion, Li Na was an inspiration for her major breakthrough. 首次进入大满贯四分之一决赛,20 岁的郑钦文表示,亚洲首位大满贯冠军李娜是她的突破目标。Zheng was also named the 2022 Newcomer of the Year by Women's Tennis Association after an incredible run at the French Open, where she stunned two-time Grand Slam champion Simona Halep and French No. 1 Alize Cornet on route to the last 16.在法国网球公开赛上,郑钦文击败了两届大满贯冠军得主西蒙娜-哈勒普和法国排名第一的阿莉兹-科内特,闯入16强,之后她还被国际女子职业网球协会评为2022年度最佳新人。Zheng Qinwen, Tennis Player郑钦文中国网球运动员“Well, I always believe that I'm able to beat everyone if I play the right tennis that I have to play. Of course, the opponent will also play good. There is going to be lot of competition inside. But I believe that if I'm really there fighting for every point, I mean, things are going to happen.”“我一直相信,只要我打出了该打的球,我就能战胜任何对手。当然,对手们也很强大,竞争会非常激烈。但是我会每球必争,竭尽全力去赢得比赛。”Zheng is set to face Aryna Sabalenka of Belarus on Wednesday for a semifinal spot after she defeated Daria Kasatkina of Russia 6-1, 6-3.郑钦文以 6-1 和 6-3 的比分战胜了俄罗斯的达里娅-卡萨特金娜,她将在周三与白俄罗斯的阿丽娜-萨巴伦卡争夺半决赛席位。#热词加油站 cyclone /ˈsaɪkləʊn/【旋风】hazards /ˈhæzəd/【危险】reservoir /ˈrezərvwɑːr/【水库】interval /ˈɪntəv/【间隔】setback /ˈsetbæk/【挫折】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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09/05 TOP NEWS |台风“海葵”将登陆/设立民营经济发展局/国际航线持续火热

NEWS ON 09/041.    STORM SYSTEM "HAIKUI" TO MAKE LANDFALL EARLY TOMORROW台风“海葵”预计于5日上午登陆2.TOP PLANNER SETS UP SPECIAL BUREAU TO BOLSTER PRIVATE SECTOR GROWTH国家发展改革委设立民营经济发展局3. INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS CONTINUE HOT, AS DO TICKET PRICES国际航线持续火热 航班价格明显上浮----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1.STORM SYSTEM "HAIKUI" TO MAKE LANDFALL EARLY TOMORROW台风“海葵”预计于5日上午登陆Typhoon Haikui crossed China's Taiwan region yesterday evening with central wind speeds of up 180 kilometers per hour. It has weakened to a Strong Tropical Storm as it makes way across the strait and towards the Mainland. Sun Siqi tells us more about its impact.台风“海葵”昨天傍晚穿过我国台湾地区,其中心风速高达每小时 180 公里。目前,它已减弱为强热带风暴级,正穿过海峡向大陆移动。记者孙思齐向我们介绍它带来的影响。In Taiwan's eastern city of Taitung, video shows a car being pushed backwards by strong winds.在“海葵”登陆的台湾东部城市台东,视频显示一辆汽车被强风吹倒。Severe rain in the southern city of Kaohsiung turned streets into creeks, the roads are lined with damaged vehicles.位于南部的高雄也降下暴雨,整条马路一片汪洋,过往车辆都抛锚熄了火。“Take a look at my home, you can swim in it. ”“你们看我家,这里都可以游泳了。”Up to 700 millimeters of rain fell in Hualien County on the east coast yesterday. A major road bridge was closed as the river flooded to dangerous levels. 昨天,东海岸的花莲县降雨量高达 700 毫米。由于溪水暴涨,花莲大桥被临时封闭。In the county's Xincheng Village, an apartment building for young adults opened just last year succumbed to the heavy rainfall and began leaking in several places. The elevator was turned into a mini waterfall. 新城乡一间刚交付一年多的青年住宅,在首次对抗台风登陆的较量中“败北”,不仅雨水灌进民众家里,就连电梯也漏水变成了小“水帘洞”。“The hillside part of the building is worse because that's the side with the windows. ”“山坡那边比较严重,因为他们靠窗。”The storm has triggered multiple mudslides【泥流】. At least 78 people were injured across Taiwan. Businesses and schools are closed in more than 10 counties or cities. More than 210,000 homes in Taitung lost power at one point. More than 200 flights were canceled across the island.“海葵”已经引发多地泥石流等地质灾害,至少造成了台湾岛内78人受伤。花莲、台东等十多个县市停工、停课,一度导致台东等地超过21万户停电,超200多架次飞机航班被取消。On the Mainland, the National Meteorological Center maintained the yellow warnings for typhoon and severe rain. Parts of Fujian and Guangdong are expecting heavy to severe rainfall until tomorrow, with strong winds and possible thundershowersin some areas. 在我国大陆,中央气象中心继续发布台风和暴雨黄色预警。预计,福建和广东的部分地区明天(09/05)将有大到暴雨,局地有雷雨大风等天气。The storm system is forecast to make landfall early tomorrow morning around the border of Fujian and Guangdong, with wind speeds of up to 100 kilometers an hour. 预计明天凌晨,“海葵”将在闽粤交界一带沿海上岸,风速达每小时100公里。In the coastal city of Shantou in Guangdong, some residential communities have turned their community centers into temporary shelters. 在广东沿海城市汕头,一些居民社区已将社区中心改为临时避难所。Wu Songhua, Deputy Director of Admin, Xiaogongyuan Subdistrict, Shantou吴松桦 广东省汕头市金平区小公园街道综合行政执法办副主任“There're plenty of supplies, instant noodles, water, first-aid kits. There are water pumps, power generators and rafts【橡皮艇】. The canteen and leisure space is on the first floor.”“今年台风“苏拉”、“海葵”来临之际,场所内物资充足,包含生活物资如方便面、矿泉水和医疗及应急抢险物资如发电机、抽水机、橡皮艇。避难场所一楼设置有居民活动场所和食堂。”Patrol staff are on duty 24 hours a day at the docks in the seaside county of Raoping to make sure no fishing boats go out to sea. 饶平县海边码头的巡逻人员 24 小时值班,以确保没有渔船出海。In Fujian, all ferry services and several train services have been suspended. Work has stopped at more than 2,700 construction sites. Close to 200 tourist attractions and leisure spots have been closed, and schools will also remain closed until the storm passes.在福建,所有轮渡和许多火车都已停运。2700 多个建筑工地停工。近 200 个旅游景点和休闲场所已经关闭,学校也将继续停课,直到台风过去。2. TOP PLANNER SETS UP SPECIAL BUREAU TO BOLSTER PRIVATE SECTOR GROWTH国家发展改革委设立民营经济发展局China's top economic planner annonuced today that it will set up a special internal bureau as part of broader efforts to help improve the vitality of the private economy. Lei Shuran has the story.  国家发改委今日(09/04)宣布,将在内部设立民营经济发展局,进一步激发民营经济发展活力。记者雷舒然带来报道。The National Development and Reform Commission told a news conference today that the specialized bureau was set up because stimulating development in the private sector covers a wide scope of activities, long policy chains, and many working processes. The primary responsibilities of the bureau will include tracking, studying and analyzing the development of the private economy, coordinating and organizing the formulation of policies to motivate the sector's growth, and formulating policies to stimulate private investment, the commission said.今日(09/04),国家发改委在新闻发布会上表示,内部设立民营经济发展局是因为促进民营经济发展壮大是一个系统工程,涉及范围广、政策链条长、工作环节多。据介绍,民营经济发展局的主要职责是:跟踪了解和分析研判民营经济发展状况,统筹协调、组织拟订促进民营经济发展的政策措施,拟订促进民间投资发展政策。Zhang Shixin, NDRC Deputy Secretary General张世昕 国家发改委副秘书长兼人事司司长“The tasks regarding the private economy are wide-ranging and policy-oriented, requiring close collaboration and cooperation among various departments to synergize【协同作用】efforts. The establishment of the Bureau for Private Economy Development in the NDRC mainly aims to better perform the functions of coordinating, synthesizing and promoting development.”“民营经济工作涉及面宽、政策性强,需要各个部门密切协作配合,形成工作合力。我委设立民营经济发展局,主要是立足于更好发挥统筹协调、综合施策、促进发展的功能。”The establishment of the bureau is the lastest step following guidelines released in July by the NDRC, which unveiled a series of detailed measures ranging from fair market access to stronger financial support and better government services designed to tackle prominent problems facing private enterprises and build their confidence. Also during today's news conference, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said it will carry out a national survey to ensure implementation of policies that benefit smaller companies, and reduce burdens on them.民营经济发展局的成立是继国家发改委七月份发布指导方针之后的最新举措。指导方针公布了一系列详细措施,从公平参与市场竞争到更有力的财政支持和更好的政府政策支持,旨在解决民营企业面临的突出问题并提振信心。工业和信息化部在今天(09/04)的新闻发布会上表示,接下来将开展全国减轻企业负担和促进中小企业发展综合督查,督促惠企政策落地见效。Xu Xiaolan, MIIT Vice Minister徐晓兰 工业和信息化部副部长“We will improve the service system, and build a nationwide integrated public service platform for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, so as to form a service model of direct policy application, direct handling of demands and direct service availability. We will also nurture about 100 new SME specialty clusters.”“我们将健全服务体系,建设全国一体化中小微企业公共服务平台,形成政策直享、诉求直办、服务直达的服务模式。我们还将新培育100家左右中小企业特色产业集群。”Official data shows that of the 178 million business firms in the country, 52.6 million were small and micro enterprises. Xu said that individual businesses and small and micro enterprises play an important role in stabilizing growth, promoting employment and benefiting people's livelihood.官方数据显示,我国1.78亿户的经营主体中,小微企业名录的小微企业有5262.9万户。徐晓兰说,个体工商户和小微企业在稳增长、促就业、惠民生等方面发挥着重要作用。3. INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS CONTINUE HOT, AS DO TICKET PRICES国际航线持续火热航班价格明显上浮During the past 2 months the city recorded more than 4.5 million inbound and outbound travelers, an almost 40% jump over the previous 2 months, according to a statement today from the Shanghai General Station of Immigration Inspection. Our reporter Zhang Shixuan went to Pudong International Airport this morning, to find out how the travel rush is going now.据上海边检机关统计,在过去的两个月(07/01-08/31),本市出入境旅客超过450万人次,同前两个月相比,猛增40%。本台记者张诗旋今天上午(09/04)前往浦东国际机场了解目前的高峰出行情况。From July to the end of August Shanghai airports handled 20,000 international passenger flights, with traveler numbers up almost 54% on the same period of 2019, according to the Shanghai General Station of Immigration Inspection. And though the summer season officially wrapped up last Thursday, some travelers are still taking advantage of the post-peak period to take off on their trips.据上海边检机关统计,7月至8月底,上海的机场共完成国际客运航班吞吐量2万架次,旅客人数较2019年同期增长近54%。虽然暑运已于上周四正式结束,但仍有部分旅客趁着后高峰期踏上了出游之路。“I'm going to stay in South Korea for 2 or 3 days. I went to Bangkok last month, for around 5 days.”“去韩国待两三天玩一下。上个月前我去了泰国曼谷玩了五六天。”“We are heading to Japan, for a 4-day trip. It's not peak time now, so there are fewer people. Children have started their new semester, and my kids are still little, so we want to take advantage of this opportunity and relax.”“我们要去日本玩四天。现在不是高峰期,所以人少一点。刚好孩子们已经开学,我的孩子还小,趁这个时间去放松一下。”“I'll be in Osaka for a week. This is my first international trip this year.”“我去大阪玩七天,今年还没有出国游过。”Shanghai's airport terminals are a key destination and departure site for international travelers in the city, accounting for more than 85% of the total, with China having now resumed【恢复】group tours to 138 countries and regions. According to the research institute of Tongcheng Travel, as outbound travel destinations and offerings increase, the market benefits of opening up outbound tourism are expected to be fully realized during the National Day holiday.上海的机场航站楼是本市国际游客的重要目的地和出发地,占总数的 85%以上,目前中国已恢复了 138 个国家和地区的团队游。据同程旅行报告,随着出境游目的地的增多和相关产品的持续丰富,出境游放开的市场红利还将持续得到释放,有望在国庆假期迎来全面爆发。Zhao Wenyan, Vice Captain, Team 3 at Shanghai Airport, Shanghai General Station of Immigration Inspection赵文嫣上海边检总站上海机场边检站执勤三队副队长“International travelers at the Pudong International Airport are now in a smooth transition【过渡】 period. Later, with the opening of the Hangzhou Asian Games, the Back-to-School season in Europe and the US as well as the summer-winter exhibition season, we expect tourist numbers will see a huge increase after this short adjustment period.”“当前来看,上海浦东机场出入境客流正处于平稳过渡阶段,但接下来伴随着杭州亚运会开幕、欧美开学季、秋冬展会季等叠加因素影响,客流短暂回落后仍将大幅回升。”Data from Tongcheng Travel show the average air ticket price of international flights should see remarkable growth starting September 25th. On the first day of the National Day Holiday, the average price is expected to be 72% higher than during the summer vacation period.同程旅行的数据显示,从9月25日开始,国际航线机票均价将出现明显增长。国庆假期首日,平均票价预计将比暑假期间上涨72%。#热词加油站mudslides /mʌdslaɪdz/【泥流】rafts /rɑːft/【橡皮艇】synergize /'sɪnədʒaɪz/【协同作用】resume /rɪˈzjuːm/【恢复】transition /trænˈzɪʃn/【过渡】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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09/04 TOP NEWS | 台风“苏拉”登陆广东 / 房贷利率降低 / 中小学生和幼儿迎新学期

NEWS ON 09/011.SUPER TYPHOON “SAOLA” TO CROSS GUANGDONG TONIGHT超强台风“苏拉”在广东沿海登陆2.CHINA EASES MORTGAGE POLICIES, CUTTING EXISTING RATES央行、国家金融监管总局:降低存量首套房贷利率3. KIDS HIT THE BOOKS AS IT’S BACK TO SCHOOL上海220万中小学生和幼儿迎新学期开学第一课各具特色----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1.SUPER TYPHOON “SAOLA” TO CROSS GUANGDONG TONIGHT超强台风“苏拉”在广东沿海登陆Super Typhoon Saola is hitting China's Guangdong Province head-on ... The National Meteorological Center renewed a red storm warning this morning. Multiple cities in Guangdong and Fujian have relocated people from high-risk areas. Sun Siqi has the details.超强台风“苏拉”正面袭击中国广东……国家气象中心今晨(09/01)再次发布暴雨红色预警。广东和福建的多个城市已将高风险区域人员转移。记者孙思奇为您详细报道。The city of Shanwei on the coast of Guangdong is now close enough to the storm center where wind speeds are up to 100 kilometers-per-hour. A level-one warning for strong winds has been activated.广东沿海的汕尾市目前离台风中心很近,中心附近风力可达每小时100 公里。全市已经进入防汛防台风一级应急响应状态。All businesses, construction sites, public transport networks and schools were closed this morning. Work has stopped at the city's close to 300 construction sites. 8,000 fishing boats were called into port. 从今天上午起,全市采取停业、停工、停产、停运、停课措施。近300个建筑工地停工,8000艘渔船被召回港口。Close to 10,000 people were relocated to 700 indoor shelters【避难所】.近一万人被转移到700个室内避难所。The city of Huizhou, which is farther away from the storm center, is still dealing winds of up to 60 kilometers an hour. Local forecasters have issued a hazardous marine weather alert.距离台风中心较远的惠州市也正遭受高达每小时 60 公里的风力袭击。当地气象台已经发布台风红色预警。Su Zhuwen, Party Secretary, Huidong County Beachside Resort Village苏珠文 惠州市惠东县港口滨海旅游度假区新村村党总支部书记“We've put up this fence so no guests can go out to the sea. We have to make sure everyone is ashore.”“这些都是我们做的防护网,主要作用就是不让游客下海。我们要确保每个人都在岸上。”All boats in Huizhou have returned to port. The airport is now closed as well as some beach side highways. Most high-speed trains along the coast have been suspended. 惠州市的所有船只都已返港。惠州市机场和部分沿海高速已经封闭。大部分沿海动车已停运。In Fujian, a level-two typhoon alert and a most basic severe rainfall alert have been activated. The city of Zhangzhou on the border with Guangdong is being battered【连续猛击】by strong winds. Some trees have fallen in the beach side areas. 福建已经启动二级台风预警和四级暴雨预警。与广东省交界的漳州市正遭受强风袭击,临港树木倒伏。More than 100,000 people were relocated across the province as last night. More than 100 resorts were closed, along with 23 river ferry routes and 42 island boat routes. 截至昨晚,全省超过 10 万人被转移。100 多个度假村停业,23 条内河渡轮航线和 42 条海岛游船航线停运。At the same time, storm system "Haikui" is still approaching from the east.与此同时,台风“海葵”正从东部逼近。Forecasters say Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang should prepare for heavy showers, as the rain bands thrown off by the storm meet up with cooler air descendingfrom the north, it could lead to some very intense rainfall.气象员称,上海、江苏和浙江等地应准备好应对强降雨,因为台风引起的雨带与从北方南下的冷空气相撞,可能会导致超强降雨。Xin Xin, Forecaster, China Meteorological Administration信欣 中国气象局气象分析师“Saola will be affecting Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao between today and tomorrow. On the other hand, "Haikui" is likely to make a landfall in Taiwan and then head for Fujian. Eastern China should expect rain on Sunday and Monday.”“今天(09/01)和明天(09/02),台风“苏拉”会影响粤港澳,台风“海葵” 未来可能先登陆台湾,再奔向福建,对华东地区的影响重点是在周日(09/03)和下周一(09/04)。”2. CHINA EASES MORTGAGE POLICIES, CUTTING EXISTING RATES央行、国家金融监管总局:降低存量首套房贷利率China's top financial regulators yesterday ordered a cut to down-payments for both first- and second-time homebuyers, while further cutting interest rates on existing mortgages【按揭】.国家金融监督管理总局昨日(08/31)发布降低首套和二套住房最低首付款比例,同时进一步降低存量住房贷款利率。According to a notice issued by the People's Bank of China and the National Administration of Financial Regulation, starting from September 25th borrowers will be able to negotiate【协商】a mortgagte rate change with banks or a swap for a new loan plan. The new interest rates will be based on the central bank's current loan prime rate, and shall be no lower than the city's first-home mortgage rate policy where the original loan was issued. Xinhua reports, citing analysts' estimates, that the lowering of mortgage rates will benefit about 40 million borrowers.中国人民银行和国家金融监督管理总局日前发布通知,自9月25日起,存量首套住房商业性个人住房贷款的借款人可向银行申请调整合同约定的利率水平或协商变更新的贷款方案。新的利率将以央行现行贷款最优惠利率为基础,且不得低于原贷款所在城市的首套住房贷款利率政策。新华社称,据分析师估算,存量房贷利率下调将使约4000万户借款人受益。3. KIDS HIT THE BOOKS AS IT’S BACK TO SCHOOL上海220万中小学生和幼儿迎新学期开学第一课各具特色Kindergarten kids, as well as primary and middle schools had their first day of the new school year. Zhang Hong tells us more about how things went.幼儿园和中小学的孩子们迎来了新学期的第一天。记者张泓向我们详细介绍了开学第一天的情况。At Shanghai Normal University Demonstration Primary School Luwan, some students put on clothing worn by different ethnic groups in the country as they gave a performance.在上海师范大学附属卢湾实验小学,学生们身穿全国各民族的服装进行表演。Student, SHNU Demonstration Primary School Luwan上海师范大学附属卢湾实验小学学生“We have performances with Uygur and Tibetan style dancing. We're wearing traditional clothing for Han ethnicity.”“我们有维吾尔族、藏族风格的舞蹈表演,我们穿的是汉服。”Yu Yiling, Headmaster, SHNU Demonstration Primary School Luwan虞怡玲 上海师范大学附属卢湾实验小学校长“We want students to feel the great changes of our country and embrace the new semester in high spirits.”“我们要带着学生感受到祖国的巨大变化,用最好的最新的迎接新学期的到来。”Shanghai Yao Lian Sheng Middle School held a fire drill today. Changning Fire Brigade taught students how to act in an emergency and invited them to try the work of a firefighter.上海市姚连生中学今天举行了消防演习。长宁消防支队的消防员们教学生们如何在紧急情况下避险,并邀请他们体验消防员的工作。He Yuetong, 7th-Grader, Shanghai Yao Lian Sheng Middle School何钥彤 上海市姚连生中学初一4班学生“We learned how firefighters put out a fire. Maybe some of my schoolmates will become firefighters one day.”“我们体验了如何救火,说不定有朝一日,我们当中也有同学能成为消防员。”In Fengxian, Lingang Fengxian Branch of No.2 High School of East China Normal University opened its doors to students for the first time. 在奉贤,华东师大二附中临港奉贤分校迎来首批新生。Hao Jinghong, Lingang Fengxian Branch, No.2 High School of East China Normal University郝敬宏 华东师大二附中临港奉贤分校负责人“We welcome students from all over the city, especially those living in Fengxian and Lingang. We want students who are excellent at science, and with all-round development.”“我们欢迎来自全市各地的学生,主要是居住在奉贤和临港的学生。我们的重点是培养理科精进、特色鲜明、全面和谐发展的人才。”32 new primary and middle schools opened across the city, but most are in suburban districts as the government aims to allocate more quality education resources there. In Fengxian, police used a drone to monitor traffic conditions. Police also visited a few classrooms and taught students simple self-defense skills and how to avoid telephone fraud【诈骗】.  全市新开设了32所中小学,大部分位于郊区,因为政府希望在郊区分配更多优质教育资源。在奉贤,警方使用无人机监控交通状况。他们还走访了许多学校班级,向学生传授简单的自卫技能和如何避免电话诈骗。#热词加油站shelters / ˈʃeltəz /【避难所】battered /ˈbætər/【连续猛击】mortgage /ˈmɔːɡɪdʒɪz/【按揭】negotiate /nɪˈɡoʊʃieɪt/【协商】fraud /frɔːd/【诈骗】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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08/31 TOP NEWS |李强会见美商务部长/探访显示器市场 /乌首都遭火箭弹袭击

NEWS ON 08/301.PREMIER LI MEETS U.S. COMMERCE SECRETARY李强会见美国商务部长雷蒙多2.CHINESE PRODUCTION LIGHTS UP THE WORLD DISPLAY MARKET中国制造点亮全球显示器市场3.UKRAINE SAYS TWO KILLED, THREE INJURED IN EARLY MORNING ROCKET ATTACK ON KYIV乌克兰首都基辅遭火箭弹袭击两死三伤----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1.PREMIER LI MEETS U.S. COMMERCE SECRETARY李强会见美国商务部长雷蒙多Premier Li Qiang met US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo yesterday in Beijing, calling on both sides to enhance mutually beneficial cooperation.国务院总理李强昨天(08/29)在北京会见了来访的美国商务部长吉娜·雷蒙多(Gina Raimondo),呼吁双方加强互利合作。 Li said a sound and stable China-US relationship benefits both countries and the world, emphasizing that trade relations between China and the United States are mutually beneficial and win-win in nature. Politicizing economic and trade issues and overstretching the concept of national security, Li added, will seriously affect bilateral relations and mutual trust, as well as undermine the interests of companies and people of the two countries, which would have a disastrous impact on the global economy. Li noted the two sides should strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation, reduce friction【摩擦】 and confrontation【对抗】, and jointly promote economic recovery and cope with global challenges.李强表示,健康稳定的中美关系有利于两国和世界,强调中美贸易关系是互利共赢的。李克强补充说,将经贸问题政治化,过度扩大国家安全概念,将严重影响双边关系和互信,损害两国企业和人民的利益,对全球经济造成灾难性影响。李克强指出,双方应加强互利合作,减少摩擦和对抗,共同促进经济复苏,应对全球性挑战。 Raimondo said the Biden administration has no intention of containing China's development, does not seek to decouple from China, is willing to maintain communication and normal economic relations, and is willing to promote the steady development of bilateral relations. 雷蒙多表示,拜登政府无意遏制中国发展,不寻求与中国脱钩,愿保持沟通和正常经济关系,愿推动双边关系稳步发展。 2.CHINESE PRODUCTION LIGHTS UP THE WORLD DISPLAY MARKET中国制造点亮全球显示器市场After a revenue spike in 2021 spurred by pandemic-fed demand and rising prices, industrial output in the display industry began to return to earth in 2022. Data from consulting firm Shangpu Group showed that last year, the global display market saw its output value drop more than 20%. Will the year 2023 be the time for it to recover? And what role will China play in that?  Our reporter Zhang Shixuan visited Display Innovation China, an industry fair held in Shanghai to find out the answers. 在经历了2021年新冠疫情刺激下的需求和价格上涨带来的收益高峰后,2022年显示器行业的工业产值回落。咨询公司尚普集团的数据显示,去年全球显示器市场产值下降超过20%。2023年会是显示器复苏元年吗?中国又将在其中扮演怎样的角色?本台记者张诗旋参观了在上海举办的国际显示技术及应用创新展,寻找答案。Liquid crystal, organic light-emitting diodes widely known as OLED and photoresists ... These are now among the most trendy concepts in the display materials industry. Though the market has had its ups and downs in the past 2 years and the competition has been very tough, major developers are constantly coming up with new applicationss as you can see at this show - TV panels, AR and VR displays, and even automobiles.液晶、有机发光二极管(俗称"OLED")、光刻胶......这些都是目前显示材料行业最时髦的概念。尽管过去两年市场起起伏伏,竞争非常激烈,但正如您在本次展会上看到的那样,主要开发商正在不断推出新的应用——电视面板、AR和VR显示屏,甚至是汽车领域。Damien Tuleu, Head of Display Solutions of Merck Electronics达米安·图勒 默克电子公司显示解决方案主管“Right now we are more or less kind of in a cycle where we have seen defeated downturn for the last past two years after the booming of post-COVID requirements, but we expect definitely that cycle, I hope to end by end of this year. What we have seen so far in the market that we have seen definitely a slightly rebound in TV panels, where our customers and the customer for our customers has been rebuilding inventory, which has created some demand in TV partners. What we're hearing right now from the industry is that 2023, we called it as a kind of transition year and we expect 2024 to be defective as a year where we see more recovery in demand and moving forward.”“目前,我们基本正处于一个周期中,在经历了疫情后需求的繁荣之后,过去两年我们已经见证了下滑。,但我们预计这个周期肯定会结束,我希望能在今年年底结束。在市场上,我们已经明显看到电视面板出现了轻微的反弹,我们的客户和我们客户的客户一直在重建库存,这在电视合作伙伴方面创造了一些需求。从行业现在传来的信息是,2023年被视为一个过渡年,我们预计2024年将成为一个复苏需求更强劲的年份,然后向前推进。”Though the global display market witnessed a shrinking in production output last year, data from China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows that in 2022 China accounted for 36% of the market share in the global new display industry. Industrial output of display panels in the country accounted for almost half of the world's total. 尽管去年全球显示器市场的产量出现了萎缩,但中国工信部的数据显示,2022年中国在全球新型显示器行业中占据了36%的市场份额。中国的显示面板工业产量几乎占到全球总量的一半。Damien Tuleu, Head of Display Solutions of Merck Electronics达米安·图勒乌 默克显示科技显示解决方案负责人“China is definitely upfront in terms of display manufacturing. And what we are seeing right now is there is definitely a huge focus on gaming, looking at two main factors for gaming. One is response time to be as fast as possible. And second aspect is contrast ratio.”“在显示屏制造方面,中国无疑处于领先地位。我们现在看到的是,中国对游戏领域的关注度非常高,游戏有两个主要因素。一个是响应时间要尽可能快。第二个方面是对比度比率。”The series of innovations in new materials are all about catching up with the market demand here.这一系列新材料的创新都是为了迎合市场需求。“我们是面板厂,我们公司在福建省莆田市。我们就是要找制造成本可以更优化的材料,希望能够达到我们的要求,达到客户质量的要求,成本又能更多控制。”“I’m from a panel manufacturer from the Fujian City of Putian. We want to find a material that can meet the quality requirements set by our clients, and can save costs.”When orders pile up, sufficient production capacity will be another point of competition. Last September, Merck's first OLED materials production site in China began operation in Shanghai's Pudong New Area, with an investment of 9.8 million euros. Its Electronics Technology Center in China has also been completed and began operation in Shanghai, which cost the company another 30 million euros.当订单堆积如山时,充足的产能将成为另一个竞争点。去年9月,默克在中国的首个OLED材料生产基地在上海浦东新区投产,投资额达980万欧元。此外,默克在中国的电子技术中心也已在上海建成并投入运营,该中心耗资3000万欧元。Yu Sui, Managing Director of Merck Electronics China隋郁默克显示科技(中国)总经理“We had a manufacturing site in Jingqiao for the liquid crystal manufacturing and also we have a site in Suzhou for the display photoresist manufacture. So all those product already achieved fully localization. And of course, even the innovation we also have R&D centers, so for new liquid crystals, for a lot of customers in China, several customers already here in this center this time, those material we innovate together with them, we work with them and to develop new mixtures to enable their new devices, new advanced displays.”"我们在金桥有一个液晶生产基地,在苏州也有一个显示器光刻胶生产基地。因此,所有这些产品都已经实现了完全本地化。当然,即使是创新,我们也有研发中心,所以对于新的液晶,对于中国的很多客户,这次已经有几家客户来到了这个中心,我们与他们一起创新这些材料,与他们一起开发新的混合物,以实现他们的新设备、新的先进显示器。"Official data shows that last year China produced and delivered 160 million square meters of display pandels, accounting for almost 70% of the global total, an increase of 5 percentage points from a year ago.官方数据显示,去年中国生产和交付了1.6亿平方米的显示器面板,占全球总量的近70%,比一年前增加了5个百分点。3.UKRAINE SAYS TWO KILLED, THREE INJURED IN EARLY MORNING ROCKET ATTACK ON KYIV乌克兰首都基辅遭火箭弹袭击两死三伤The mayor【市长】 of Kyiv said that the city was attacked in the early hours of this morning. Stephen Rancourt has more.  基辅市长表示,该市在今天(08/30)凌晨遭到袭击。Stephen Rancourt带来详细报道。According to Ukrainian media reports, Kyiv was hit by a rocket attack early this morning, two people were killed and 3 were injured. There has been no response from Russia on the missile strike.据乌克兰媒体报道,基辅今天凌晨遭到火箭弹袭击,造成两人死亡,三人受伤。俄罗斯方面尚未就导弹袭击事件做出回应。A Russian airport in the city of Pskov was hit with a drone strike last night, according to the governor of the region. There were no casualties【伤亡人员】.据普斯科夫州州长称,俄罗斯普斯科夫市的一个机场昨晚遭到无人机袭击。没有人员伤亡。The Biden administration announced yesterday that the United States will send an additional 250 million US dollars in weapons and ammunition to Ukraine.拜登政府昨天宣布,美国将向乌克兰增发2.5亿美元的武器弹药。Karine Jean-Pierre,White House Press Secretary让·皮埃尔白宫发言人It includes additional mine-clearing equipment, missiles for air defense, ammunition for artillery and HIMARS systems, and over three million rounds of arms ammunition.“军援包括额外的地雷清除设备、防空导弹,用于火炮和‘海马斯’系统的弹药,以及300多万发轻武器弹药。”Ukraine has already received more than 43 billion U.S. dollars from the United States since the conflict started in February of last year.自去年2月冲突爆发以来,乌克兰已从美国获得430多亿美元。Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan plans to hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi on September 4. According to TASS, this one-day visit will be largely focused on the Black Sea grain deal.土耳其总统雷杰普-塔伊普-埃尔多安计划于9月4日在索契与俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔-普京举行会谈。据塔斯社报道,这次为期一天的访问将主要围绕黑海粮食交易展开。The Russian Foreign Ministry said yesterday that Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will head the Russian delegation at the G20 summit in India next month.俄罗斯外交部昨天表示,外交部长谢尔盖-拉夫罗夫将率领俄罗斯代表团出席下月在印度举行的二十国集团(G20)峰会。#热词加油站friction/ˈfrɪkʃ(ə)n/【摩擦】confrontation/ˌkɒnfrʌnˈteɪʃn/【对抗】mayor/meə(r)/【市长】casualtyˈkæʒuəlti/【伤亡人员】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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08/25 TOP NEWS |日本正式排放核废水/外交部回应日核废水排放 /金砖国家新开放银行

NEWS ON 08/241.JAPAN STARTS RELEASING FUKUSHIMAWASTEWATER INTO OCEAN日本福岛第一核电站正式启动核污染水排海2. CHINESE FOREIGN MINISTRY ISSUES STATEMENT ON RADIOACTIVE WATER RELEASE外交部:日本强推核污染水排海,不正当、不合理、不必要3. BRICS’ DEVELOPMENT BANK STUDIES LOCAL CURRENCY AND GREEN LOANS金砖国家新开发银行持续扩大“朋友圈”----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1.JAPAN STARTS RELEASING FUKUSHIMAWASTEWATER INTO OCEAN日本福岛第一核电站正式启动核污染水排海Japan started releasing treated radioactive wastewater from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant into the Pacific Ocean this afternoon, while hundreds of Japanese gathered in central Tokyo to protest the plan. Now,Wang Yin tells us more details.今天(08/24)下午,日本正式开始从福岛第一核电站向太平洋排放经过处理的放射性废水,数百位日本民众聚集在东京市中心抗议这一计划。王吟带来详细报道。All right, Chen Xuan.好的,陈璇。According to Tokyo Electric Power Company, a staff member turned on a sea-water pump at around 1pm local time, marking the beginning of the controversial ocean discharge. The treated radioactive wastewater has been diluted【稀释】as planned before being discharged via an underwater tunnel 1 kilometer from the plant. About 1.34 million tons of nuclear-contaminated water are now stored in about 1,000 tanks at the plant. As scheduled, in 2023, about 31,200 tons of the wastewater will be discharged in four batches, about 7,800 tons each time. TEPCO said it would take up to 30 years or even longer for the contaminated water to be released into the ocean.东京电力公司称,当地时间下午1点左右,一名工作人员打开了海水泵,标志着备受争议的核污水海洋排放计划开始实施。经过处理的放射性废水已按计划稀释,然后通过距离核电站1公里的海底隧道排放。目前,约有134万吨核污染水储存在核电站的约1000个储水罐中。按照计划,2023年将分四批排放约31,200吨废水,每次约7,800吨。东京电力公司表示,这些受污染的水需要长达30年甚至更长的时间才能被全部排放到海洋中。Hit by a magnitude-9.0 earthquake and an ensuing tsunami in March 2011, the Fukushima plant suffered core meltdowns that released radiation, resulting in a level-7 nuclear accident, the highest on the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale. The plant has been generating a massive amount of water tainted with radioactive substances from cooling the nuclear fuel in the reactor buildings. The operator built over 1,000 steel tanks on site with a capacity of about 1.37 million cubic meters to store the water.2011年3月,一场9.0级地震和随之而来的海啸袭击了福岛核电站,导致核电站核芯熔毁并释放出辐射,造成了国际核与辐射事件分级表中最高级别的7级核事故。该核电站在冷却反应堆厂房内的核燃料时产生了大量含有放射性物质的水。运营商在现场建造了1,000多个钢罐,容量约为137万立方米,用于储存这些废水。Jim Smith, Professor of Environmental Science, Portsmouth University吉姆·史密斯,朴茨茅斯大学环境科学教授“One is that having water in the tanks isn't the safest option because there could be a typhoon or another earthquake which would cause a leak in the tank. You see that it's full of these wastewater tanks and it's preventing them from getting on with, what to me is the more important problem, of decommissioning the damaged reactors at Fukushima themselves.”“(核污水排海)其中一个原因是,将水储存在水箱中并不是最安全的选择,因为台风或地震都可能导致水箱泄漏。在我看来,更重要的问题是福岛受损反应堆的停用。”The Japanese government has proposed evaluating different methods including discharging into the ocean, burying underground, releasing by steam, and others. The treated water discharge cost the least, but experts warn such a discharge【排放】 without thorough scientific testing could bring incalculable damage to the human body and to the whole ecosystem in the future.日本政府建议对各种污水处理方法进行评估,包括向海洋排放、埋入地下、通过蒸汽排放等。经过处理的水排放处理的成本最低,但专家警告说,在没有经过全面科学测试的情况下进行这种排放,将来可能会对人体和整个生态系统造成不可估量的损害。Goto Masashi, Engineer & Former Nuclear Power Plant Designer后藤政志,工程师兼前核电站设计师“Radioactive materials have various destruction paths in the human body. For example, cesium can affect the thyroid gland and strontium can invade bone. Even a small amount can cause huge damage to human organs.”“放射性物质在人体内有不同的破坏途径,例如,铯可以影响甲状腺,锶可以侵入骨骼,即使是少量的放射性物质,也会对人体器官造成巨大的损害。”Experts said if the water is poured into the ocean, pollution in the Pacific Ocean will trigger a reduction in seafood consumption, tourism in coastal areas, as well as impact global fishery, food and logistics industries.专家说,如果这些水排入海洋,太平洋的污染将导致海鲜消费减少、沿海地区旅游业减少,并影响全球渔业、食品业和物流业。Hundreds of Japanese from all across the country gathered in front of TEPCO’s headquarters in central Tokyo this morning, demanding the Japanese government and TEPCO stop the ocean release. South Korean police today arrested at least 14 college students who stormed a building housing the Japanese embassy in Seoul to protest Tokyo’s release of the treated radioactive water.今天(08/24)上午,来自日本各地的数百名日本民众聚集在东京市中心的东京电力公司总部前,要求日本政府和东京电力公司停止向海洋排放核废水。韩国警方今天逮捕了至少14名大学生,他们冲进日本驻首尔大使馆所在的大楼,对东京释放经过处理的放射性水进行抗议。2.CHINESE FOREIGN MINISTRY ISSUES STATEMENT ON RADIOACTIVE WATER RELEASE中国外交部就日本核污水排海发表声明Also today, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said China has made serious demarches to Japan and asked it to stop this wrongdoing. Zhang Hong tells us more.  同样在今天(08/24),外交部发言人表示,中方已向日方提出严正交涉,要求日方停止这一错误行为。记者张泓为我们带来更多报道。The spokesperson said in the statement that the disposal of the treated radioactive water from the Fukushima DaiichiNuclear Power Plant is a major safety issue. Its impact goes beyond Japan’s borders, and the issue is by no means a private matter for Japan. To start the discharge is an extremely selfish and irresponsible act in disregard of the global public interest.外交部发言人在声明中表示,处理福岛第一核电站处理过的放射性水是一个重大的安全问题。它的影响超出了日本的国界,这个问题绝不是日本的私事。公然排放核废水是无视全球公共利益的极端自私和不负责任的行为。Wang Wenbin, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson汪文斌中国外交部发言人“我们敦促日方立即撤销错误决定,本着对海洋环境、人类健康负责任的态度,切实地尊重科学,以妥善的负责任的方式来处置核污染水。中方等利益攸关方多次指出,如果核污染水是安全的,就没有必要排海,如果不安全,就更不应该排海。日方强推核污染水排海,不正当、不合理、不必要,是极其自私极端不负责任的行为。”“China strongly urges Japan to change its decision and dispose【处置】 of the radioactive water in a scientific and safe manner, consent【同意】to strict supervision, and earnestly protect the marine environment and people’s health. China and other stakeholders have pointed out on multiple occasions that if the Fukushima nuclear-contaminated water is truly safe, Japan wouldn’t have to dump it into the sea - and certainly shouldn’t if it’s not. It is unjustified, unreasonable, and unnecessary for Japan to continue with the ocean discharge plan.”The General Administration of Customs said in a statement that as of today it had banned imports of all aquatic products originating in Japan to prevent risks from its discharge of treated radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean. The Chinese mainland is Japan’s largest market for fisheries exports.海关总署在一份声明中表示,从今天起,禁止进口原产于日本的所有水产品,以防止日本向太平洋排放经过处理的放射性水所带来的风险。中国大陆是日本最大的水产品出口市场。3. BRICS’ DEVELOPMENT BANK STUDIES LOCAL CURRENCY AND GREEN LOANS金砖国家新开发银行持续扩大“朋友圈”The 15th BRICS Summit concluded today in Johannesburg, South Africa - the first to be held by the leaders face-to-face in 3 years. Chinese President Xi Jinping said yesterday at the summit that the BRICS is an important force in shaping the international landscape. The member countries contribute more than a quarter of global GDP and have more than 40% of the world's population. Our reporter Zhang Shixuan spoke live to the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the BRICS's New Development Bank, who is at the the summit this week, and finds out the latest developments.  金砖国家领导人第十五次会晤今天(08/24)在南非约翰内斯堡闭幕,这是金砖国家领导人三年来首次面对面会晤。中国国家主席习近平昨天在峰会上表示,金砖国家是塑造国际格局的重要力量。金砖成员国贡献了全球四分之一以上的国内生产总值,拥有世界40%以上的人口。本台记者张诗旋现场采访了本周参加峰会的金砖国家新开发银行副行长兼首席财务官,了解最新信息。Today, 6 countries - Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates - were admitted as new BRICS members. The expanding interest of developing countries in joining the BRICS brings with it new opportunities for the New Development Bank, the multilateral development bank established by Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa with the purpose of mobilizing resources for infrastructure and sustainable development projects in emerging markets and developing countries.今天,阿根廷、埃及、埃塞俄比亚、伊朗、沙特阿拉伯和阿拉伯联合酋长国6个国家被接纳为金砖国家新成员。发展中国家对加入金砖国家的兴趣不断扩大,为新开发银行带来了新的机遇。新开发银行是由巴西、俄罗斯、印度、中国和南非成立的多边开发银行,旨在为新兴市场和发展中国家的基础设施和可持续发展项目筹集资金。Leslie Maasdorp, Vice President & CFO of New Development Bank莱斯利·马斯多普新开发银行副行长兼首席财务官“The bank is very excited about the strong momentum of interest in BRICS because that will also lead to more and more countries wanting to join the New Development Bank. When countries join, they subscribe for shares, which means that they bring in fresh capital into the bank. I was with the president of China Development Bank a few days ago, and all of the national development banks in our different member countries want to make sure that we function more as a system, not just as individual institutions. You’re going to see in future much closer collaboration between the national development banks, like China Development Bank in China, BND in Brazil, Development Bank of Southern Africa, for example, and all the others working much more closely to see if we can finance bigger projects together. A fewweeks ago,we have dialogue with the policymakers in India, with the regulators, with the Ministry of External and Economic Affairs. I anticipate that we're likely going to be doing an issuance in the rupee in India before the end of this calendar year. At this stage, our plan is to register a 2.5-billion-rand equivalent program in India.”“新开发银行对金砖国家的强劲发展势头感到非常激动,因为这也将使得越来越多的国家希望加入新开发银行。当(新的)国家加入时,他们会认购股份,这意味着他们会为银行带来新的资本。几天前,我与中国国家开发银行行长在一起,我们不同成员国的所有国家开发银行都希望我们作为一个体系,而不仅仅是单个机构来运作。今后,国家开发银行之间的合作将更加密切,比如中国的国家开发银行、巴西的国家开发银行、南部非洲开发银行,以及其他所有国家开发银行之间的合作将更加密切,看看我们能否共同为更大的项目提供资金。我们与印度的政策制定者、监管机构、外交和经济事务部进行了对话。我预计,在今年年底之前,我们很可能会在印度发行卢比债券。现阶段,我们的计划是在印度注册一个25亿兰特等值的项目。”Makingissuesin local currencies is now a primary focus for the bank. Last Tuesday, the New Development Bank successfully issued its debut ZAR bond in the South African bond market, making it the highest rated issuer to join this market since 2015. Maasdorp says the bank saw very strong interest in the bond in South Africa and is very pleased with the outcome.目前,以当地货币发放债券已成为该银行的首要任务。上周二,新开发银行在南非债券市场成功发行了首笔南非兰特债券,成为自2015年以来加入该市场的评级最高的发行商。马斯多普表示,新开发银行看到了南非市场对该债券的浓厚兴趣,也对结果非常满意。Leslie Maasdorp, Vice President & CFO of New Development Bank莱斯利·马斯多普新开发银行副行长兼首席财务官“We had 2.5 billion rand of orders, meaning institutions expressing an interest. And we only raised 1.5 billion rand. The investors in our bond are mainly institutional investors, meaning asset managers. They are very large asset managers in South Africa. Most of them participated in this bond auction. We also had very strong interest from the bank Treasuries, meaning the large domestic commercial banks here in South Africa. We signed 2 days ago a project for the Lesotho Island’s Water Project, which is essentially a water resource infrastructure project. That project is denominated in rand. That will be one of the first projects that will be a beneficiary from this 1.5 billion that we have just raised. We intend to become a regular issuer in the South African market. So, we will be doing future issuances to finance infrastructure projects here in South Africa that are denominated in local currency.”“我们有25亿兰特的订单,这意味着有机构表示有兴趣。而我们只筹集了15亿兰特。我们债券的投资者主要是机构投资者,也就是资产管理公司。他们都是南非非常大的资产管理公司。他们中的大多数都参加了这次债券拍卖。银行国债(即南非国内的大型商业银行)也对我们有很浓厚的兴趣。两天前,我们签署了一个莱索托岛水利项目,该项目本质上是一个水资源基础设施项目。该项目以兰特计价。这将是我们刚刚筹集到的15亿兰特的首批受益项目之一。我们打算成为南非市场的常规发行商。因此,我们今后将在南非发行以当地货币计价的基础设施项目融资债券。”Maasdorp says the bank aims to have 40% of its annual lending volume devoted to green projects. He says the demand for financing green infrastructure is large,such as renewable energy, battery storage, electric vehicles and energy efficiency projects. The bank is now also exploring the potential of issuing what are called blue bonds, focusing on water conservancy and the economy of the oceans.  马斯多普说,该银行的目标是将每年40%的贷款额度用于绿色项目。他说,绿色基础设施(如可再生能源、电池存储、电动汽车和能效项目)的融资需求很大,但该领域仍存在巨大的融资缺口。该银行目前还在探索发行所谓蓝色债券的可能性,重点关注水利和海洋经济。       #热词加油站diluted/daɪˈluːt/【稀释】discharge /dɪsˈtʃɑːdʒ/【排放】dispose /dɪˈspoʊz/【处置】consent/kənˈsent/【同意】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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Big Apple Talks: New Yorkers Share Their Chinese Cultural Experiences!

Explore Expat Insights: Unveiling Perceptions of Chinese Culture in Global Street InterviewsIn today's world, what do expats really understand about traditional Chinese culture? What piques their curiosity or leaves them perplexed? How and where do they access it? Pondering these questions, the team behind My Favorite Chinese Treasures Video Showcasepresents the special 'Global Voices on Chinese Traditions'street interview series. Across six iconic international cities – Shanghai, Beijing, London, Innsbruck, Sydney, and New York – hear from nearly a hundred expats, representing over thirty countries, as they share their thoughts and experiences on Chinese Traditional Culture.New York is one of the most diverse cities in the world, a melting pot of cultures from across the globe. Join us for this episode of ‘Global Voices on Chinese Traditions’, as we tour the streets of New York City, meeting the locals and finding out what they know abouttraditional Chinese culture. From food to history, and language, the Big Apple shares its perspective on China. 
8/25/20232 minutes, 46 seconds
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08/24 TOP NEWS |习近平会谈南非总统/上海自贸区为再制造设备开启绿灯 /日核污水排海

NEWS ON 08/231.XI CALLS ON CHINA, SOUTH AFRICATO STRENGTHEN PARTNERSHIP习近平同南非总统会谈:深化互利合作促进共同发展2.NEW EQUIPMENT RE-MANUFACTURING RULES ENABLE SAVING TIME, MONEY上海自贸区为再制造设备开启绿灯3.CHINA URGES JAPAN TO NOT RELEASENUCLEAR-CONTAMINATED WATER INTO SEA中国敦促日方不得擅自启动核污染水排海----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1.XI CALLS ON CHINA, SOUTH AFRICATO STRENGTHEN PARTNERSHIP习近平同南非总统会谈:深化互利合作促进共同发展President Xi Jinping said yesterday he is willing to work with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa to take the China-South Africa comprehensive strategic partnership to new heights. Xi made the statement in talks with Ramaphosa in Pretoria, South Africa. Sun Siqi has the story.国家主席习近平昨天(08/22)表示,愿同南非总统西里尔·拉马福萨共同努力,推动中南全面战略伙伴关系不断迈上新台阶。习近平在南非比勒陀利亚与拉马福萨会谈时发表了上述讲话。本台记者孙思奇带来详细报道。Xi attended a welcome ceremony yesterday morning at the Union Buildings. After being honored with a 21-gun salute, Xi reviewed the South African guard of honor.昨天上午,习近平在南非联邦大厦出席欢迎仪式。在鸣放21响礼炮后,习近平检阅了南非仪仗队。Xi then held talks with Ramaphosa. Noting that it’s his fourth state visit to the “rainbow nation”, Xi said China stands ready to work with South Africa to carry forward friendship, deepen cooperation, strengthen coordination, push the China-South Africa comprehensive strategic partnership to new heights, and build a high-level China-South Africa community with a shared future.习近平随后同拉马福萨举行会谈。习近平指出,这是他对“彩虹之国”的第四次国事访问,中方愿同南非一道,传承友好、深化合作、加强协作,推动中南全面战略伙伴关系不断迈上新台阶,携手构建高水平中南命运共同体。Xi put forward a four-point proposal. First, he called on both sides to be strategic partners of high-level mutual trust. He also called on the two sides to further support each other on issues concerning each other’s core interests and major concerns.习近平提出了四点建议。首先,他呼吁双方要做高度互信的战略伙伴,继续在涉及彼此核心利益和重大关切问题上相互支持。Second, Xi said China and South Africa should be partners for common progress. With a focus on advancing projects under the Belt and Road Initiative and implementing the nine programs on China-Africa cooperation, as well as the China-South Africa 10-Year Strategic Program of Cooperation, the two sides should consolidate cooperation in advantageous areas.其次,习近平指出,中南要做共同进步的发展伙伴。双方要以推进共建“一带一路”、落实中非合作论坛“九项工程”和《中南十年合作战略规划》为主线,巩固优势领域合作。Third, Xi said the two countries should be friendly partners of deep mutual understanding and goodwill. China stands ready to strengthen cooperation between the two countries on vocational education, youth employment, tourism and technology.第三,习近平指出,中南要做相知相亲的友好伙伴。中方愿加强两国在职业教育、青年就业、旅游、科技等领域的合作。Fourth, Xi said China and South Africa should be global partners that safeguard justice, adding that China is ready to join the developing world in practicing true multilateralism【多边主义】, increasing the representation and voice of southern hemisphere【(球的)一半】 countries in global governance.。第四,习近平表示,中南要做维护正义的全球伙伴。中国愿同发展中世界一道践行真正的多边主义,提升全球南方国家在全球治理中的代表性和发言权。Ramaphosa said China’s investments and cooperation have strongly promoted South Africa’s economic and social development and played a vital role in promoting the development and prosperity of African countries and countries in the southern hemisphere.拉马福萨表示,中国的投资与合作有力促进了南非经济社会发展,对促进非洲国家和全球南方国家发展繁荣也发挥了至关重要的作用。South Africa is ready to carry out China-style pilot cooperation on poverty reduction, expand cooperation in areas such as trade, investment, energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, science and technology, said Ramaphosa, stating more Chinese companies are welcome to invest and do business in South Africa.拉马福萨表示,南非愿开展中国式减贫试点合作,扩大贸易、投资、能源、基础设施建设、制造业、科技等领域合作,欢迎更多中国企业到南非投资兴业。After the talks, Ramaphosa awarded Xi the Order of South Africa, which is the highest honor the country awards to an important and friendly head of state.会谈后,拉马福萨向习近平授予“南非勋章”,这是南非授予重要友好国家元首的最高级别勋章和最高荣誉。The two heads of state also witnessed the signing of a number of agreements.两国元首还见证了一系列协议的签署。2.NEW EQUIPMENT RE-MANUFACTURING RULES ENABLE SAVING TIME, MONEY上海自贸区为再制造设备开启绿灯Re-manufacturing is the process in which a previously sold,leased, used or worn-out product is turned into a new one with quality that is equivalent to or better than the previous one, and this type of updated equipment is becoming increasingly popular. The first import of re-manufactured machines has now been given the green light in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. Zhang Shixuan explains how the new system saves time and money for everybody.  再制造是指将以前出售、租赁、使用过的或破旧的产品变成质量等同于或优于以前产品的新产品的过程,这种再制造设备正变得越来越受欢迎。目前,上海自贸区已为首批进口再制造设备开了绿灯。本台记者张诗旋为我们解释这种全新体系将如何节省时间和资金。An engine that has been working for 7 years... awaiting replacement or repair. Usually, there are 2 choices - buy a new one, or send it to the factory for repair and wait for weeks or even months. But there is another way - change it for a refurbished【翻新重装】 and updated machine, re-manufactured based on used equipment. When the user orders that as a replacement, they can receive it quickly and at less cost. The old machine will then be recycled by the manufacturer and turned into a re-manufactured one that will enter the cycle later. So, there won't be a time gap caused by repair, the replacement will be better than a repaired machine, and it’s cheaper than buying a completely new one. This is all getting so popular now that domestic offering cannot satisfy all current local needs.一台已连续使用了7年的发动机,亟待更换或维修。这时通常有两种选择——购买一台新的,或者送到工厂维修,等待数周甚至数月。但也有另一种方法,那就是换一台翻新的、升级的机器,只不过该设备由二手设备改造而成。当用户订购这种机器作为替代品时,他们可以以较低的成本快速收到机器。然后,旧机器将由制造商回收,变成再制造的机器,而后再投入使用。这样,就不会出现因维修而造成的时间差,更换的机器也会比维修过的机器更好,而且比购买一台全新的机器更便宜。现在再制造产品十分流行,国内供给已无法满足当前市场需求。Guo Li, Head of Parts & Logistics of Volvo Construction Equipment Investment (China)郭力(音译)沃尔沃建筑设备投资(中国)有限公司零部件与物流部负责人“我们之前在国内再制造的是一些小吨位的建筑设备相关的配件,包括发动机、液压泵之类,但是还没有这种大型的大吨位的特殊设备的发动机,有很多客户,想对老旧设备进行升级,但是又不满足于普通的大修的效果。另一方面有些客户他受到工期的影响,那么他无法承担大修的时间损耗,所以说他们就很希望能够进行发动机的是发动机总成的置换,但是我们之前缺乏一款很有性价比的一个产品。”“In China, we mainly re-manufacture smaller machines, including engines and hydraulic pumps. We don't re-manufacture larger engines for special equipment, but many of our clients have been looking for upgrades for their old machines. They are not satisfied with ordinary repairs, and some are restricted by product delivery time requirements. They cannot afford the time for repair. So they want a complete replacement but a new one is costly.”The company has now made the first re-manufactured goods import order in China - a large engine for articulated trucks from Europe. It is expected to arrive in China next month.目前,该公司已在中国签订了第一份再制造货物进口订单——来自欧洲的铰接式卡车用大型发动机。预计下个月将运抵中国。Zhang Shixuan, Reporter张诗旋,本台记者For years, China has been hesitant to allow the import of re-manufactured goods, out of concern the imports might turn out to be nothing more than foreign waste, and doing nothing but harming the environment. But now, it’s no longer a firm NO. The government has been trying new policies, and updating trade regulations. The complete re-manufacturing engine that allows for imports this year marks a new beginning and a milestone, that is expected to bring a market share expansion to the foreign industrial giant and also more favorably priced products to local buyers.多年来,中国一直对允许进口再制造产品犹豫不决,因为担心进口的再制造产品可能只是洋垃圾,只会对环境造成危害。但现在,这不再是一个坚定的“不”字。政府一直在尝试新政策,更新贸易法规。今年允许进口的完整再制造发动机标志着一个新的开端和里程碑,预计将为外国工业巨头带来更大的市场份额,也将为本地买家带来价格更优惠的产品。Guo Li, Head of Parts & Logistics of Volvo Construction Equipment Investment (China)“此次进口的装载铰接式卡车的发动机,生产成本只有50%,我们的能耗只有60%,同时我们70%的物料可以循环再利用,而我们会减少80%的污染排放。进口再制造产品进入中国之后,不仅能够快速地填补市场空白,未来随着销售额以及市场份额的不断扩展,我们的生产成本会进一步降低,竞争优势会不断提升。在这个基础上,未来我们可能做到产品返销国外。”“Compared to a new product of the same kind, the re-manufactured engine imported this time represents a cost savings of 50 percent and will result in a 60 percent reduction in energy consumption. The amount of materials used is 70 less, and emissions of air pollutants is 80 percent lower. The imports of the re-manufactured engine will fill in the market gap here. In the future, with the expansion of our sales revenue and market share, our production cost will be lower, and we will have more competitive advantages. We expect we can export our products overseas later.”In general, the buyer will only spend 60% of the cost of a brand-new product to get the re-manufactured one. The change was possible by expanded opening-up measures for China’s free trade zones and free ports that the State Council released in June. Encouraging the piloting of re-manufactured imports was listed in the first provision of those measures. Prior to the release of the series of new policies, used road equipment and engines were defined as old mechanical and electrical equipment and were banned from being imported into China. Once that changed, Shanghai was the first to try out the new setup.一般来说,再制造产品的价格仅为同款新产品价格的60%。这一变化得益于国务院6月发布的中国自由贸易区和自由港扩大开放措施。在这些措施中,鼓励再制造产品进口试点被列为第一条。在这一系列新政策发布之前,二手公路设备和发动机被定义为旧机电设备,禁止进口。新政策一经出台,上海便率先试行。Yang Jianwen, Researcher of China Center for Int'l Economic Exchanges Shanghai Sub-center杨建文中国国际经济交流中心上海分中心研究员“近年来再制造产业发展比较快、比较成熟,在全球制造业发展过程中间,大家形成一个共识,是一个比较成熟的一个做法。我们在对接当前的高标准的国际经贸准则的时候,这个是一个节点。再制造产品它本身具有经济性、适用性。而其中工程机械领域特别受到市场的欢迎,因为它的一个技术程度,它的经济发展的要求的强度都比较高。”“In recent years the re-manufacturing sector has been developing rapidly. In global terms it's generally agreed that are manufacturing is now relatively mature. This is an important point in international trading regulations. Re-manufactured products are economical and useful.  The engineering machinery is especially welcomed by the market, because itcan fulfill higher requirements for technological and economic levels.”Yang says that since the Free Trade Zone is now in the first trial of the new arrangement, it will help the regulator further improve and refine its policies, so as to make the re-manufactured goods trade better fit development requirement from manufacturing industry, and also correlate with international trading rules. According to Fortune Business Insight, the global automotive re-manufacturing market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of almost 10% between 2023 and 2030.杨建文表示,自贸区先行先试,有助于监管部门进一步完善和细化政策,使再制造产品贸易更好地适应制造业发展要求,并与国际贸易规则相衔接。根据《财富》商业洞察的预测,2023年至2030年,全球汽车再制造市场的年复合增长率将接近10%。3.CHINA URGES JAPAN TO NOT RELEASENUCLEAR-CONTAMINATED WATER INTO SEA中国敦促日方不得擅自启动核污染水排海Despite public concerns and raging opposition from both home and abroad, the operator of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant has decided to start releasing nuclear-contaminated wastewater into the ocean at 1 pm tomorrow. Lei Shuran has more.不顾公众的担忧和国内外的强烈反对,福岛第一核电站运营方已决定于明天(08/24)下午1点(北京时间中午12点)开始向海洋排放受核污染的废水。本台记者雷舒然带来详细报道。The water will initially be released in smaller portions and with extra checks, with the first discharge totaling 7,800 cubic meters over about 17 days starting Thursday.日本首先将对核污染废水进行分批排放,并进行检查与检测。从本周四开始,在大约17天的时间里,首次排海废水量约7800吨。Tokyo Electric Power Company aims to release 31,200 tonnes of the treated water by the end of March 2024, which would empty only 10 tanks at the site. The pace will pick up later.东京电力公司的目标是在2024年3月底之前排出31200吨经过处理的水,这将仅清空其10个储水罐。以后将加快步伐。The plan, approved two years ago by the Japanese government, has faced criticism at home and abroad.日本政府两年前批准的这一计划在国内外都遭到了批评。Fujihara Toshikazu, Environmental Researcher藤原寿和日本环境研究员“In the past 10 years, the numbers of cancer and heart disease patients have been obviously higher than the levels before the nuclear accident, and there have been many people suffering diseased directly caused by the nuclear accident, including thyroid cancer. Even if there is no immediate impact of the discharge of nuclear-contaminated water into the ocean, but if a few years later, the cases of diseases like leukemia increase, if this really happens, the government may also deny the causal link.”“过去十年里,癌症和心脏病患者的数量明显高于核事故发生前的水平,而且有很多人患有甲状腺癌等由核事故直接引起的疾病。即使核污染水排放到海洋中不会立刻产生影响,但几年后,即便白血病等疾病的病例有所增加,政府也可能否认其中的因果关系。”Tokyo locals said they remained concerned a day before the government released treated radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear plant into the sea.东京当地居民表示,在政府将福岛核电站处理过的放射性水排放入海的前一天,他们仍然感到担忧。Satoshi Matsuda, Employee at Pharmaceutical Company日本民众制药公司员工“I have some concerns regarding the Fukushima water release. If the government is really going to do it, I would like them to show more evidence that it won't have an effect on the environment.”“我对福岛核污染水排海有些担忧,如果政府真的要这么做,我希望他们能拿出来更多的证据,证明核污染水排海不会对环境产生影响。”Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Sun Weidong on Tuesday summoned【召见】Japanese Ambassador to China Hideo Tarumi to lodge solemn representations over the Japanese government’s decision to start releasing nuclear-contaminated water into the ocean from Thursday. Sun said the Japanese government’s act amounts to blatantly【公然地】transferring the risk of nuclear contamination to neighboring countries including China and the rest of the international community. Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson said it’s unjustified, unreasonable and unnecessary for Japan to push through the ocean discharge plan.中国外交部副部长孙卫东周二召见日本驻华大使垂秀夫,就日本政府决定从周四开始向海洋排放核污染水一事提出严正交涉。孙卫东说,日本政府的行为等同于公然将核污染风险转嫁给包括中国在内的邻国和国际社会其他成员。中国外交部发言人表示,日本推行海洋排放计划是没有道理、不合理和不必要的。Wang Wenbin,Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson汪文斌中国外交部发言人“日方迄未解决国际社会关于核污染水净化装置的长期可靠性、核污染水数据的真实准确性、排海监测安排的有效性等重大关切。中方等利益攸关方也多次指出,如果核污染水是安全的,就没有必要排海,如果不安全,就更不应该排海。”“Japan has yet to address major international concerns such as the long-term reliability of the purification facility, the authenticity and accuracy of the nuclear-contaminated water data, and the effectiveness of the monitoring arrangement. China and other stakeholders have pointed out on multiple occasions that if the Fukushima nuclear-contaminated water is truly safe, Japan wouldn't have to dump it into the sea, and certainly shouldn't if it's not.”The International Atomic Energy Agency in a final report in July concluded that the release, if conducted as designed, will cause negligible impact on the environment and human health.国际原子能机构在7月份的最后报告中得出结论,如果按照设计进行排放,对环境和人类健康的影响可以忽略不计。#热词加油站multilateralism/ˌmʌltiˈlætərəlɪzəm/【多边主义】hemisphere/ˈhemɪsfɪə(r)/【(球的)一半】refurbish/ˌriːˈfɜːbɪʃ/【翻新重装】summon/ˈsʌmən/【召见】blatantly/ˈbleɪtəntli/【公然地】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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08/23 TOP NEWS | 毕业生就业补贴新政/日本启动核污染水排海/泰国前总理结束流亡回国

NEWS ON 08/221.SHANGHAI ISSUES NEW POLICIESTO HELP COLLEGE GRADS GET A JOB上海出台新一轮高校毕业生等青年促就业政策措施2.JAPAN TO BEGIN FUKUSHIMA WASTEWATER DISCHARGE ON AUGUST 24日本政府宣布于8月24日开始排放福岛核废水3.THAILAND'S FORMER PM THAKSINRETURNS HOME泰国前总理他信结束流亡回国----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1.SHANGHAI ISSUES NEW POLICIESTO HELP COLLEGE GRADS GET A JOB上海出台新一轮高校毕业生等青年促就业政策措施The Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau issued several new policies to help graduates find a job. They include offering subsidies【补贴】 to both companies and students. Zhang Hong brings us the details.上海市人力资源和社会保障局出台新一轮高校毕业生等青年促就业政策措施,包括向企业和学生提供补贴。记者张泓带来详细报道。Companies, social welfare organizations, and individual business owners can get a one-time subsidy of 2,000 yuan for each graduate they hire, provided the new employee is graduated from college between 2021 and 2023, or an unemployed person aged between 16 and 24, or a person who has been registered as unemployed for at least three months in Shanghai. Companies don't need to apply for the subsidy.各类企业、社会组织和个体工商户每聘用一名毕业生,可按2000元/人享受一次性吸纳就业补贴。该新员工必须是2021年至2023年期间的高校毕业生,或在本市登记失业3个月及以上人员或登记失业的16到24岁青年。企业无需自行申请补贴。The bureau will also waive 50% of social insurance contributions for a maximum of 12 months if a social organization, or small or micro-sized company hires someone who graduated from university between 2021 and 2023 and doesn't have a job.如果社会机构或小微型企业雇用2021年至2023年期间毕业且未就业的高校毕业生,还将减免50%的社会保险费,补贴不超过12个月。College graduates from a low-income family, those who are handicapped【残疾的】or have a handicapped family member, or graduates from a secondary vocational school are eligible to apply for a 1,000 yuan subsidy to help them get a job or start their own business. This is the first time applicants from vocational schools are eligible for such a subsidy.低保家庭高校毕业生、残疾人或有残疾家庭成员、中等职业学校毕业生可请1000元的就业创业补贴。这是职业学校的学生首次有资格申请此类补贴。The bureau will ensure that young people looking for a job will have access to at least one career tutoring session, one introductory meeting on employment policies, three job recommendations, and either vocational skills training or an internship position. Authorities alsoset a target of hiring 90% of jobless graduates.        有关部门需确保到年底本市2023届离校未就业毕业生帮扶就业率不低于90%,并对有就业意愿的青年至少提供1次政策宣介、1次职业指导、3次岗位推介、1次技能培训或就业见习机会。2.JAPAN TO BEGIN FUKUSHIMA WASTEWATER DISCHARGE ON AUGUST 24日本政府宣布于8月24日开始排放福岛核废水The Japanese government announced on Tuesday that the plan for the discharge of nuclear-contaminated wastewater from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant into the ocean will begin on Thursday. Sun Siqi has more.日本政府周二(08/22)宣布,将从周四(08/24)开始,将受损的福岛核电站处理后的废水排入太平洋。记者孙思奇带来更多报道。Despite opposition from both home and abroad, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced the controversial decision following a ministerial meeting heldthismorning.日本首相岸田文雄不顾国内外的反对,在周二(08/22)上午举行的部长会议上宣布了这一备受争议的决定。Fumio KishidaJapanese Prime Minister岸田文雄 日本首相“The Tokyo Electric Power Company is requested to promptly proceed with preparations for the commencement of ocean release based on the plan approved by the Nuclear Regulation Authority. As for the specific release date, August 24 is the expected date if there are no problems with weather and sea conditions.”“我们将要求东京电力公司,立刻为启动核污染水排海做好准备,排海将按照原子能规制委员会批准的方案进行,如果天气和海况允许,预计核污染水排海将从8月24日开始。”Kishida claimed that the government will take full responsibility for the decision.岸田文雄称,政府将对这一决定承担全部责任。Following the announcement, TEPCO said it began transferring the first batch of treated water from storage tanks into a facility to mix it with sea water to dilute it shortly after 10:30在宣布这一决定后,东京电力公司表示,今天(08/22)上午10点30分后不久,公司开始将第一批经过处理的水从储罐中转移到设施中,与海水混合稀释。About a hundred people gathered in front of the Japanese Prime Minister's official residence to protest this decision. According to an opinion poll by national news agency Kyodo, a total of 88.1 percent of respondents expressed concerns over the discharge plan.大约一百人聚集在日本首相官邸前抗议这一决定。日本共同社的最新民调显示,共计有88.1%的日本民众对日本核污染水排海计划表示担忧。Hong Kong and Macao will ban aquatic products from 10 places in Japan including Tokyo and Fukushima starting August 24. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin today responded that Japan did not adequately consult with the international community regarding its ocean discharge plan. China urged Japan to rethink its decision. Wang also added China will take all steps necessary to protect the marine environment, food safety, and people's health.自8月24日起,香港和澳门将禁止源自东京、福岛等日本10个都县的水产品进口。中国外交部发言人汪文斌今天回应称,日本政府不顾国际社会严重关切和坚决反对。中方强烈敦促日方纠正错误决定,并将采取一切必要措施维护海洋环境,维护食品安全和公众健康。3.THAILAND'S FORMER PM THAKSINRETURNS HOME泰国前总理他信结束流亡回国Thailand's former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra returned to the country today after years of self-exile abroad while a deal was reached for formerproperty tycoon Srettha Thavisin to become prime minister. Stephen Rancourt has more.流亡海外十余年的泰国前总理他信·西那瓦今天(08/22)回到泰国。前房地产大亨赛塔·他威信当选新一任泰国总理。记者Stephen Rancourt带来更多报道。Accompanied by his family, Thaksin made a brief public appearance to greet his core supporters and media this morning after arriving in a private jet inBangkok.今天(08/22)上午,他信在家人的陪同下,乘坐私人飞机抵达曼谷,向其支持者和媒体挥手致意。Thaksin was Thailand's premier from 2001 to 2006, but had been in self-exile since 2008. He was convicted of multiple corruptioncharges and faces up to 10 years in jail.他信曾于2001年至2006年期间担任泰国总理,但自2008年以来一直流亡海外。他被判多项腐败罪名成立,面临长达10年的监禁。Deputy PM Wissanu Krea-ngam said earlier that Thaksin will be subjected to legalproceedingsand sent to jail. Hundreds of supporters of Thaksin were at the private jet terminal to welcome his return.泰国看守副总理维萨努曾表示,他信抵达泰国后将接受法律程序并被送入监狱。数百名他信支持者在私人飞机航站楼迎接他信的归来。Mayuraet KodchompooThaksin Supporter他信支持者“We've waited for today for 15 years. We've waited for him to return to the land. There's the feeling that we got someone we love back home.”“我们等了15年才等到今天,我们一直盼着他回国,这种感觉就像我们所爱之人回家了。”Upon arrival, the country's supreme courtsentencedThaksin to serve8 years in prisonalthough it wasn't clear whetherhe will serve any time. Hewas in custody and under the care of Thailand’s Corrections Department.他信抵达曼谷后,泰国最高法院随即判处他信8年监禁,但是不清楚他信是否会实际服刑。他信目前被拘留,并由泰国矫正司负责照顾。Also today, Srettha Thavisin, a candidate backed by Thailand's Pheu Thai-led coalition, secured a simple majority in a parliamentary【议会的】 vote to become the country's new prime minister.为泰党提名的总理候选人赛塔·他威信在当天(08/22)举行的议会投票中获得过半数议员支持,当选新一任泰国总理。The 60-year-oldformerreal estate tycoon was endorsed by a joint sitting of the upper and lower houses, paving the way for the Pheu Thai Party and its alliance to form a new government,which endsapolitical stalemate since the election in May.这位60岁的前房地产大亨得到了泰国上下两院联席会议的支持,为为泰党及其联盟组建新政府铺平了道路,结束了自5月大选以来的政治僵局。#热词加油站subsidy/ˈsʌbsədi/【补贴】handicapped/ˈhændikæpt/【残疾的】parliamentary/ˌpɑːrləˈmentri/【议会的】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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08/22 TOP NEWS | 金砖国家领导人第十五次会晤/S3公路建设全力冲刺/荷兰向乌提供战机

NEWS ON 08/211.CHINESE EMBASSY DISCUSSES XI'SITINERARY AT BRICS SUMMIT习近平将出席金砖国家领导人第十五次会晤并对南非进行国事访问2.NEW S3 HIGHWAY SHORTENSDOWNTOWN-LINGANG COMMUTES3公路将缩短临港区到市中心通勤时间3.NETHERLANDS AND DENMARK TO PROVIDE F-16 AIRCRAFT TO UKRAINE荷兰和丹麦承诺向乌克兰提供F-16战机----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1.CHINESE EMBASSY DISCUSSES XI'SITINERARY AT BRICS SUMMIT习近平将出席金砖国家领导人第十五次会晤并对南非进行国事访问The Chinese embassy in South Africa held a media briefing on President Xi Jinping's attendance at the 15th BRICS Summit and state visit to South Africa. Xi will co-chair the China-Africa Leaders' Dialogue with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa. Sun Siqi has more.中国驻南非大使馆就习近平主席出席金砖国家领导人第十五次会晤并对南非进行国事访问举行媒体吹风会。习近平将同南非总统拉马福萨共同主持中非领导人对话会。记者孙思奇带来更多报道。Chinese Ambassador to South Africa Chen Xiaodong said Beijing firmly supports South Africa as host of the meeting. Xi will join several informal meetings and the "BRICS Plus" dialogue among leaders. He will also meet some leaders of the participating BRICS countries and leaders who participate in "BRICS Plus" events. They will have in-depth exchanges on issues of common interest such as strengthening unity and coordination among BRICS members, and promoting membership expansion.中国驻南非大使陈晓东表示,中国坚定支持南非主办此次会晤。习近平将出席多场非正式会晤和“金砖+”领导人对话。他还将会见部分金砖国家与会领导人以及参加“金砖+”活动的领导人。双方将就加强金砖国家团结协作、推动扩大成员等共同关心的问题深入交流。Chen discussed the impressive achievements BRICS nations have made, and China's contributions to the group. He also stressed the significance of Xi's state visit to South Africa, the expected results of the visit, and the highlights of cooperation between China and South Africa.陈晓东谈到了金砖国家取得的令人瞩目的成就,以及中国对金砖国家的贡献。他还强调了习近平对南非进行国事访问的重要意义、访问的预期成果以及中南合作的亮点。Anil SooklalSouth Africa's Senior BRICS Diplomat阿尼尔·苏克拉尔南非金砖国家高级外交官“This summit is taking place at a very critical moment. In time when we have major global challenges and the world is looking to BRICS leaders and the BRICS summit to address positively some of these challenges and come out with positive news. I think this summit is going to demonstrate friendship and cooperation to work together to address the challenges that we have.”“本次峰会是在非常关键的时刻举行的。在我们面临重大全球挑战时,全世界都在期待金砖国家领导人和金砖国家峰会积极应对挑战,传出好消息。我认为,本次峰会将诠释友谊与合作才能帮助我们应对当前的挑战。”South Africa has extended invitations to over 70 leaders from African countries and other Global South nations, along with leaders from numerous【众多的】 international and regional organizations.南非已向来自非洲国家和其他全球南方国家的70多位领导人以及众多国际和区域组织的领导人发出了邀请。2.NEW S3 HIGHWAY SHORTENSDOWNTOWN-LINGANG COMMUTES3公路将缩短临港区到市中心通勤时间And in other Lingang news, construction is wrapping up on a new highway that city planners expect will cut commute time between the Lingang special area in southern Pudong and downtown Lujiazui to just one hour. Sun Siqi takes a look.在临港,一条新高速公路的建设正处于收尾阶段。城市规划师预计该公路将使浦东南部临港特区和陆家嘴市中心之间的通勤时间缩短至一小时。记者孙思奇带您一探究竟。The 26-kilometer S3 highway runs from the city's Outer Ring Road to the beaches in suburban Fengxian District in the south.S3高速公路全长26公里,从城市外环路一直延伸到南部奉贤郊区的海滩。Engineers put together a new toll gate design, where the gates are staggered over a short distance instead of all in a row, a novel idea that planners hope can reduce congestion【交通拥堵】.工程师采用了一种新的收费站设计,即在短距离内错开设置收费站,而不是全部排成一排,规划者希望这种新颖的设计能够减少拥堵。An 8-kilometer stretch of the road follows Metro Line 11. In one segment【部分】 of the, the foundations of the highway and the light rail are only 1 meter apart. This posed a challenge to builders because they had to consider how the foundations of the structures' would settle over time.一段8公里长的道路紧邻地铁11号线。其中一段公路和轻轨的地基仅相距1米。由于考虑到结构地基随着时间的推移而沉降,施工人员遇到了不小的挑战。The pillars and road deck are complete, and workers are now mounting the signs and lights, which should be done by the end of August.支柱和路面已经完工,目前工人们正在安装路标和照明灯,预计将于8月底前完工。Wu Liansheng, Project DirectorShanghai Chengtou Highway Group吴连盛 上海城投公路集团指挥长“就是往S4方向,原来从外环线到奉贤新城至少1个小时,那么这条路通了以后,20分钟内就解决了。”“For the moment, the drive between the Outer Ring Road and Fengxian New Town takes at least an hour. With this highway, the drive time is cut to just 20 minutes.”On a good day, the new S3 highway could cut travel time from Lujiazui to Lingang to one hour. The road is scheduled to open in September. Future plans for the highway include an extension that will link up to the economic belt at the northern end of Hangzhou Bay.天气好的时候,新S3高速公路可将陆家嘴至临港的行车时间缩短到一个小时。该公路计划于9月通车,未来该公路计划延伸至杭州湾北部经济带。3.NETHERLANDS AND DENMARK TO PROVIDE F-16 AIRCRAFT TO UKRAINE荷兰和丹麦承诺向乌克兰提供F-16战机Dutch caretaker Prime Minister Mark Rutte confirmed to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy yesterday, that the Netherlands will deliver F-16 combat aircraft to Ukraine. Stephen Rancourt has more.荷兰看守总理马克·吕特昨天(08/20)向乌克兰总统弗拉基米尔·泽连斯基证实,荷兰将向乌克兰供应F-16战斗机。记者Stephen Rancourt带来更多报道。Zelenskyy made a short visit to the Netherlands yesterday. He met Rutte at Eindhoven airbase【空军基地】, where they held a press conference.泽连斯基昨天(08/20)对荷兰进行了短暂访问。他在埃因霍温空军基地会见了吕特,并在那里举行了新闻发布会。Mark RutteDutch caretaker Prime Minister吕特 荷兰首相“Today we can announce that the Netherlands and Denmark commit to the transfer of F-16 Aircraft to Ukraine and the Ukrainian Air Force, including cooperation with the United States and other partners once the conditions for such a transfer have been met.”“今天(8月20日)我们宣布,荷兰和丹麦与美国等伙伴密切合作,一旦条件成熟,将向乌克兰和乌克兰空军提供F-16战机。”Zelenskyy later stated on social media that he expects the support of 42 Dutch F-16 fighter jets.泽连斯基随后在社交媒体上表示,预计会得到42架荷兰F-16战机的供应。Also on Sunday, the Danish defense ministry stated Copenhagen is ready to supply 19 F-16s to Ukraine, with the first six set to be delivered before the end of this year.同样在周日(08/20),丹麦国防部表示,哥本哈根已准备向乌克兰提供19架F-16战机,首批6架将于今年年底前交付。Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Russia will regard Western F-16 fighter jets sent to Ukraine as a "nuclear" threat because of their capacity to carry atomic weapons.俄罗斯外交部长谢尔盖·拉夫罗夫表示,俄罗斯将把西方派往乌克兰的F-16战机视为“核”威胁,因为这些战机可以携带核武器。At least two people were injured today when parts of a Ukrainian drone destroyed by Russian air defenses fell on a house in the Moscow region. Nearly 50 commercial flights in and out of the capital were disrupted after Russia said it jammed Ukrainian drones in Istrinsky district, and in the Ruzsky district west of Moscow.今天,一架被俄罗斯防空系统摧毁的乌克兰无人机部件掉落在莫斯科地区一栋房屋上,造成至少两人受伤。在伊斯特林斯基区和莫斯科西部鲁茨基区干扰乌克兰无人机之后,进出俄罗斯首都的近50架商业航班中断。#热词加油站numerous/ˈnuːmərəs/【众多的】congestion/kənˈdʒestʃən/【交通拥堵】segment/ˈseɡmənt/【部分】airbase/ˈerbeɪs/【空军基地】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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What Does Chinese Traditional Culture Mean to Sydney Residents?

Explore Expat Insights: Unveiling Perceptions of Chinese Culture in Global Street InterviewsIn today's world, what do expats really understand about traditional Chinese culture? What piques their curiosity or leaves them perplexed? How and where do they access it? Pondering these questions, the team behind My Favorite Chinese Treasures Video Showcasepresents the special 'Global Voices on Chinese Traditions'street interview series. Across six iconic international cities – Shanghai, Beijing, London, Innsbruck, Sydney, and New York – hear from nearly a hundred expats, representing over thirty countries, as they share their thoughts and experiences on Chinese Traditional Culture.What does Chinese Traditional Culture mean to Sydney residents? Where do they acquire their knowledge about it? Do they consider this information trustworthy? Join us for this episode of "Global Voices on Chinese Traditions" to discover the answers!
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London and Innsbruck Street Interviews on Chinese Traditions

Explore Expat Insights: Unveiling Perceptions of Chinese Culture in Global Street InterviewsIn today's world, what do expats really understand about traditional Chinese culture? What piques their curiosity or leaves them perplexed? How and where do they access it? Pondering these questions, the team behind My Favorite Chinese Treasures Video Showcasepresents the special 'Global Voices on Chinese Traditions'street interview series. Across six iconic international cities – Shanghai, Beijing, London, Innsbruck, Sydney, and New York – hear from nearly a hundred expats, representing over thirty countries, as they share their thoughts and experiences on Chinese Traditional Culture.Join us as we embark on a journey through street interviews, where we'll explore the perspectives of residents from London and Innsbruck. From their initial impressions of Chinese traditions to their personal encounters with its cultural richness, and their shared mission to uphold these legacies, this episode of 'Global Voices on Chinese Traditions' offers a cross-cultural insight into the evolution of Chinese Traditional Culture.
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08/21 TOP NEWS | 结构性货币政策工具聚焦重点/上海邮轮市场加速重振/交通部约谈滴滴

NEWS ON 08/181. PBOC VOWS REASONABLE LIQUIDITY, AID FOR INNOVATION, INCLUSIVE FINANCING央行报告:结构性工具持续支持重点领域和薄弱环节2. FROM BUILDING SHIPS TO GREETING PASSENGERS SHANGHAI RULES THE WAVES上海推进国际邮轮经济高质量发展3. DIDI TOLD TO STOP UNFAIR PRICING PRACTICES交通部约谈滴滴:停止非法定价行为----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦----------------- 1. PBOC VOWS REASONABLE LIQUIDITY, AIDFOR INNOVATION, INCLUSIVE FINANCING央行报告:结构性工具持续支持重点领域和薄弱环节The central bank has vowed to continue using monetary policy tools to maintain reasonable and ample【充裕的】 liquidity in financial markets.央行承诺将继续运用货币政策工具,保持金融体系流动性合理充裕。The People's Bank of China reaffirmed in its quarterly monetary policy report that it would keep money supply growth and total social financing largely in line with nominal economic growth. It said open market operations would be used flexibly to ensure that liquidity in the banking system and money market interest rates remain stable as well. The central bank also said in its report that China's outstanding balance of structural monetary policy tools had reached 6.9 trillion yuan at the end of June, accounting for 16 percent of its total assets. It said these tools prioritized fields that most needed financial support, including low-carbon development, scientific and technological innovation, and inclusive financing.中国人民银行在2023年第二季度中国货币政策执行报告中重申,将保持货币供应量和社会融资规模增速同名义经济增速基本匹配,灵活运用多种工具开展公开市场操作,维护市场预期稳定和运行平稳。报告称,截至6月末,我国结构性货币政策工具余额6.9万亿元,约占央行总资产的16%。结构性货币政策工具优先用于最需银行资金支持的领域,持续支持普惠金融、绿色低碳、科技创新等领域。2. FROM BUILDING SHIPS TO GREETING PASSENGERS SHANGHAI RULES THE WAVES上海推进国际邮轮经济高质量发展The Shanghai government this morning released a city action plan to promote high-quality development in the international cruise line industry. The plan says the city aims to become a high-end cruise line port, a headquarters hub for cruise ship companies, high-end service environment and a world-class consumption cluster. Even now the resumption in the cruise ship industry here is gaining pace. Our reporter Zhang Shixuan visited one of the city's cruise terminals to find out the details.   今天(08/18)上午,上海市政府发布《推进国际邮轮经济高质量发展上海行动方案》。该行动方案称,要将上海打造成为高端邮轮港口、邮轮公司总部枢纽、高端服务环境和世界级消费集群。如今,这里的邮轮产业复工步伐不断加快。记者张诗旋来到码头一探究竟。 At around 12 pm, Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal 1 was full of travelers - the first group tour with Shanghai as its home port to depart in 3 years.中午12点左右,吴淞口国际邮轮一号码头挤满了游客,这是三年来首个以上海为母港出发的邮轮旅行团。“我们是四口之家,一家人一起乘坐邮轮真的很开心,非常棒。听说这是今年第一个恢复航行的团体邮轮,所以想试一试。”“We are a family of 4, and we're really happy to take a cruise as a family.It's a great thing to do. We heard that this is the first group tour cruise to have resumed sailing this year so we wanted to give it a try.”“我真的很高兴,也很激动。终于可以出国旅行了。”“I'm really happy and excited. We can finally travel abroad.”“I'm from Ukraine.. It's gonna be first time. I'm expecting very good level.”“我来自乌克兰。这是我第一次在中国坐邮轮。我有很高的期待。”Luo Tong, Deputy General ManagerZhejiang Everbrightstar International Travel骆彤 浙江光大星辰国际旅行社副总经理“现在都是组团来的,一次3到4个家庭或7到8个年轻人。在此之前,邮轮旅游以中老年人为主,但经过3年的发展,年轻人逐渐成为新市场的主力军。许多人都是和朋友一起来的。”“People are now coming in groups - 3 to 4 families or 7 to 8 young people at a time. Before this cruise line travel was dominated by middle aged and elderly people, but now after these 3 years young people are defining a new market. A lot of them come with their friends.”The ship carries more than 600 passengers, heading to Nagasaki in Japan. Majority of them are group tour travelers. Luo says while previously young people took up around 15% of the entirecruise group tour, the one departed fron Shanghai today has40% of the group membersyoung people. The travel agency is nothing but excited about the resumption of group tours to 78 countries that was announced by the government earlier this month.这艘邮轮载有600多名乘客,正驶往日本长崎。大多数乘客都是跟团游。骆彤表示,以前年轻人约占邮轮团队游的15%,而今天从上海出发的邮轮上40%都是年轻人。政府本月初宣布恢复78个出境团队游的国家和地区,旅行社对此感到非常兴奋。Luo Tong, Deputy General ManagerZhejiang Everbrightstar International Travel骆彤 浙江光大星辰国际旅行社副总经理“邮轮旅游曾经占我们整个公司业务的20%左右,高峰期每年有8万到9万名游客。自8月10日恢复赴日韩出境团队游以来,前来咨询的人突然多了起来。我们的合作伙伴甚至向我们寻求帮助。”“Cruise travel used to take up around 20% of our entire company's business, 80,000 to 90,000 tourists a year at peak time. Since August 10th, when group tours to Japan and South Korea were resumed, all of sudden more people have come to ask about them. Our partners are even reaching out to us forpfuture plans.”Zhang Shixuan, Reporter张诗旋 记者Since Shanghai became a cruise line home port, the city has managed to take up more than half of the industry's market share in China. It is now the only city in Chinathat can offer the whole industrial chain covering cruise ship R&D and manufacturing, operation and port services. Official data released this morning shows that, since the resumption of cruise line sailing, ticket sales revenue【收入】 has topped more than 300 million yuan.自上海成为邮轮母港以来,该市已成功占据中国邮轮业一半以上的市场份额。目前,上海是全国唯一能够提供邮轮研发制造、运营和港口服务全产业链的城市。今天(08/18)上午发布的官方数据显示,自今年邮轮航线恢复以来,门票销售收入已突破3亿元。Ma Yingjie, Deputy DirectorPujiang Immigration Inspection Station,Shanghai General Station of Immigration Inspection马英杰 浦江边检站边防检查处副处长“文化和旅游部公布的恢复出境团队游第三批名单包括日本和韩国。这对邮轮行业来说是个好消息,预计邮轮和游客数量肯定会增长。我们一直在优化工作、改进程序。”“The third batch of resumed group tour destinations list released by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism includes Japan and South Korea. That was good news for the cruise line industry. We expect ship and tourist numbers will definitely grow. We have been optimizing【优化】 our work, and improving our procedures.”Shanghai's Wusongkou International Cruise Liner Port aims to become a major destination for international cruise ships, targeting 300 ship visits and 2.7 million visitors annually by 2025. The Shanghai government announced this morning that the resumption of cruise line sailing has created more than 4,000 jobs already, and that the number is expected to reach around 20,000 by next year.  上海吴淞口国际邮轮港旨在成为国际邮轮的主要目的地,目标是到2025年,每年接待300艘邮轮和270万游客。上海市政府今天(08/18)上午宣布,邮轮复航已经创造了4000多个就业岗位,这一数字预计到明年将达到2万个左右。3. DIDI TOLD TO STOP UNFAIR PRICING PRACTICES交通部约谈滴滴:停止非法定价行为Multiple city government departments, including the Road Transportation Bureau and the police, summoned more than 20 ride-hailing apps earlier this week over illicit pricing practices. Authorities said they aim to put a stop to such practices for a better market environment and protect the rights of drivers. Sun Siqi takes a look at what came out of that meeting.本周早些时候,包括道路交通局和警方在内的多个市政府部门就非法定价行为传唤了20多家叫车软件,并制止此类行为,以营造更好的市场环境,保护司机权益。记者孙思奇带来详细报道。Authorities say car-hailing industry leader Didi has about 80,000 vehicles on the road per day, but less than half are properly licensed. Out of 140,000 monthly active vehicles, a little over 50,000 had a business license.有关部门表示,滴滴作为网约车行业的领头羊,每天在道路上行驶的车辆约8万辆,但只有不到一半取得了合法牌照。在每月14万辆活跃车辆中,仅有5万余辆有营业执照。Didi has a schedule to remove unqualified drivers, but officials say it's falling behind.滴滴计划淘汰不合规的司机,但有关部门反映进度缓慢。Didi's Shanghai Representative滴滴上海代表“我们的计划是在8月至9月间淘汰2.5万辆不合格车辆。”“Our plan is to dismiss 25,000 unqualified vehicles between August and September.”“现在已经是8月中旬了,你们只淘汰了4000辆,能在9月底前完成目标吗?”“It's already mid-August, and you've only dismissed 4,000. Can you meet your goal by the end of September?”At least 80 percent of the vehicles on the car-hailing apps must be licensed by the end of the year, according to a city regulation.根据市政府的规定,到今年年底,网约车软件上至少要有80%的车辆取得牌照。Wu Xuecheng, Passenger Transport OfficeShanghai Road Transportation Bureau吴学成 上海市道路运输管理局客运处“每天约有200万人次出行,包括出租打车。根据道路拥堵情况和司机收入水平,我们计算出网约车总数约10万辆。”“Around 2 million rides are taken a day, including taxi and car-hail rides. Based on road congestion and proper driver income levels, we calculate the total number of cars at around 100,000.”Authorities say they are mostly concerned about fair pricing practices. For example, in Didi's "Discount Fast Ride" category, fares are cheaper and sometimes offered at a flat rate, which is more attractive to customers. But the drivers receive a smaller cut of the fare.有关部门表示,他们主要关注的是公平定价行为。例如,在滴滴的“打折快车”类别中,车费更便宜,有时还提供统一价格,这对乘客更具吸引力,但司机从中获得的分成较少。Earlier this month, Didi opened an option for a driver to take only Discount rides.  本月早些时候,滴滴为司机提供了只接单“打折快车”的选项。Didi's Shanghai Representative滴滴上海代表“You make less for each ride, but you get more customers.”“每次赚得更少,但会拥有更多的顾客。”Authorities said this steers drivers towards taking discount rides, which could eventually hurt them.有关部门表示,这将引导司机更多选择接单“打折快车”,而这最终可能会损害他们的利益。“价格战可能引发许多其他问题,包括延长司机的工作时间,这是不安全的。”“A price war could trigger many other problems, including longer working hours for drivers, which is unsafe.”Officials have also spoken to other car-hailing apps and set a schedule to remove unlicensed drivers from each one, saying that they will be checking on the progress. The Shanghai Transportation Commission said penalties【处罚】 will ensue if the company is still registering unqualified vehicles or drivers.官方还与其他网约车软件进行了沟通,并制定了时间表,将无证司机逐一清除,并检查进展情况。上海市交通委员会表示,如果公司仍在注册不合格的车辆或司机,将对其进行处罚。#热词加油站ample/ˈæmp(ə)l/【充裕的】revenue/ˈrevənuː/【收入】optimize/ˈɑːptɪmaɪz/【优化】penalty/ˈpenəlti/【处罚】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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08/18 TOP NEWS | 国内发现新毒株EG.5/假期将至 航班预订量激增 /异种移植重大进展

NEWS ON 08/171.DOCTORS ON WHAT TO KNOW ABOUTEG.5 CORONAVIRUS VARIANT国内发现新冠新毒株EG.5!会引发新一轮流行吗?2.FLIGHT BOOKINGS SURGE FOR UPCOMING HOLIDAYS假期将至,航班预订量激增3.PIG KIDNEY TRANSPLANTED INTOHUMAN FUNCTIONS FOR OVER A MONTH异种移植取得重大进展:猪肾在人体内正常工作超一个月----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦----------------- 1.DOCTORS ON WHAT TO KNOW ABOUTEG.5 CORONAVIRUS VARIANT国内发现新冠新毒株EG.5!会引发新一轮流行吗?A new variant of the coronavirus called EG.5 has been circulating in dozens of countries. In China, the Foshan Center for Disease Control in Guangdong Province reported the variant is starting to become prevalent. Here's Chen Xuan with a look at its characteristics and risk levels.一种名为EG.5的新冠病毒变异株已在数十个国家流行。中国广东省佛山市疾病控制中心报告该变异株出现蔓延态势。陈璇为您介绍它的特点和风险等级。Foshan’s CDC reported yesterday the city now has EG.5 outbreaks, but added the risks to public health are manageable.佛山市疾控中心昨日(08/16)报告称,EG.5变异株在佛山市流行毒株中逐渐占据优势,但其对公众健康的风险是可控的。EG.5 is a recent variant closely related to the XBB variants that have been circulating for months. It was first reported in February.EG.5是最近出现的一种变异株,于今年二月份被首次报道,与已流行数月的XBB变种密切相关。Global case data show symptoms are the same as other variants with coughs, fever, fatigue and loss of taste or smell.全球病例数据显示,其症状与其他变种相同,包括咳嗽、发烧、疲劳、味觉或嗅觉丧失。Virologists say the strain isn't more dangerous than previous ones, though it contains one mutation that is known to evade some of the immunity one gains after an infection or vaccination. This might have contributed to its faster circulation speed.病毒学家说,该病毒并没有比以前的更危险,但它含有一种变异,众所周知,这种变异可以逃避感染或接种疫苗后形成的免疫力。这可能是导致其传播速度加快的原因之一。The World Health Organization last week upgraded the variant’s tracking status from “variant under monitoring” to “variant of interest”.世界卫生组织上周将该变异株的跟踪状态从“监视下的变异株”升级为“需要留意的变异株”。Worldwide, the percentage of EG.5 infections has grown from 7.6 percent at the end of June to 17.5 percent at the end of July. But doctors say people shouldn’t worry too much.全球范围内,EG.5感染率从6月底的7.6%增长到7月底的17.5%。但医生表示不必过于担心。Ling Yun, Deputy Directorof Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center凌云(音译),上海市公共卫生临床中心副主任“The WHO upgrades a variant when it shows more advanced transmissibility and reaches a certain percentage among total cases. This just tells us we should be watching out for it. This doesn't mean another wave of the pandemic has come.”“世卫组织会在变异株显示出更高的传播性并在病例总数中达到一定比例时将其升级。这只是告诉我们应该注意它,并不意味着另一波大流行已经来临。”Here in Shanghai, multiple hospitals have reported a 10 percent increase in coronavirus cases, but the numbers are still low compared to the first COVID wave in December 2022, and the second one in May.在上海,多家医院报告新冠病毒病例增加了10%,但与2022年12月的第一波感染和5月的第二波感染相比,病例数仍相对较少。Doctors say whether EG.5 results in a bigger wave of infections depends on immunity levels. Given the May wave, they estimate the strain will not result in a significant rise in case counts.医生表明,EG.5是否会导致又一波感染取决于免疫水平。鉴于5月份的感染潮,他们估计该病毒不会导致病例数大幅上升。But they do advise people who have never been infected or those with underlying health conditions to get vaccinated.但他们建议从未感染过的人或有基础疾病的人接种疫苗。Ling Yun, Deputy DirectorofShanghai Public Health Clinical Center凌云,上海市公共卫生临床中心副主任“One always gets lighter symptoms and a shorter duration of illness the second or third time they get infected. Those who were never infected or with underlying conditions could opt for the quadrivalent vaccines. They offer better defense against current strains. Get a full course of the vaccine if you can.”“人在第二次或第三次感染时,症状会减轻,病程也会缩短。从未感染过或有基础疾病的人可以选择接种四价疫苗。它们能更好地抵御当前的毒株。如果可以的话,尽量做到全程接种。”Doctors add that once infected, high-risk groups should try to take antiviral drugs as early as possible. They say when taken promptly, these drugs greatly reduce the risks of developing severe symptoms or experiencing lasting residual symptoms.医生补充说,一旦感染,高危人群应尽量尽早服用抗病毒药物。用药及时可大大降低出现重症或持久性后遗症的风险。2.FLIGHT BOOKINGS SURGE FOR UPCOMING HOLIDAYS假期将至,航班预订量激增Airfares are soaring for flights in late September and early October as many people in Shanghai are planning a trip during this year's combined Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays. Zhang Yue brings us more.今年中秋节和国庆节双节长假期间,许多上海人都计划出游,9月底和10月初的机票价格也随之飙升。本台记者张乐为我们带来更多信息。Demand has risen for plane tickets to popular tourist destinations such as Japan and South Korea during the National Day holiday and prices have jumped accordingly. The price of a one-way ticket from Shanghai to Tokyo on September 29th reached 5,000 yuan, more than 30% higher compared to the summer travel season. A flight from Shanghai to Bangkok during the National Day holiday can cost up to 10 times more than on a regular day.国庆长假期间,前往日本和韩国等热门旅游目的地的机票需求上升,价格也相应飙升。9月29日从上海飞往东京的单程机票价格达到5000元,比暑期旅游旺季高出30%以上。国庆长假期间从上海飞往曼谷的机票价格也达到了平日的10倍。Zhang Wu'an, Spokesperson of Spring Airlines张武安春秋航空发言人“与2019年疫情发生前相比,出行人数增加了48%。黄金周期间,上海-东京-大阪航线机票已售出80%。9月26日以后的航班,机票价格也在快速上涨”“There has been a 48% increase in travelers compared to before the pandemic in 2019. 80% of tickets have already been sold for the Shanghai - Tokyo - Osaka route during the Golden Week. For flights after September 26th, ticket prices have been rising rapidly.”Although airfares have soared, many still want to travel as the combination of the holidays means 10 straight days off, rather than the usual 3 days for the Mid-Autumn Festival and 7 for National Day.虽然机票价格飙升,但许多人仍然想去旅行,因为假期合并意味着连休 10天,而不是往年的中秋节3天、国庆节7天。Visitors旅客“I went to New Zealand during the May Day holiday and want to go again, but the ticket prices have increased too much. Definitely doubled.”“五一假期我去了新西兰,还想再去一次,但机票价格涨得太多了。肯定翻倍了。”Visitors旅客“I am going to Chengdu and some cities in northern China.”“我要去成都和一些北方城市。”Airlines are adjusting their schedules to meet demand.航空公司正在调整班次,以满足需求。Lou Wenjie, Ground Service Dept. of Southern Airlines Shanghai Branch娄文杰南方航空上海分公司地面服务部“Since August 15th, we have opened a direct flight from Guangzhou to Kashgar, which is the longest domestic route. For international routes, sales of tickets from Shanghai to Osaka and other destinations have continued to be strong. As ticket sales increase, we will adjust the flight schedule and aircraft types in response to changes in passenger flow.”“从8月15日开始,我们开通了广州直飞喀什的航线,该航线为最长的国内航线。国际航线方面,上海至大阪等地的机票销售持续火爆。随着机票销售量的增加,我们将根据客流变化及时调整航班时刻和机型。”As of August 15th, plane ticket sales for the National Day holiday have exceeded 350,000, an increase of nearly 19% compared to a week ago.截至8月15日,国庆假期机票销售量已突破35万张,与一周前相比增长近19%。3.PIG KIDNEY TRANSPLANTED INTOHUMAN FUNCTIONS FOR OVER A MONTH异种移植取得重大进展:猪肾在人体内正常工作超一个月Surgeons in New York transplanted a pig’s kidney into a brain-dead man, and for over a month it has been functioning normally, the transplant is a critical step toward an operation the team hopes to eventually try in patients with actual brain function. Sun Siqi has more.纽约一名外科医生将一只猪的肾脏移植到一名脑死亡的男子体内,一个多月来,猪肾一直在正常工作,这次移植是该团队希望最终在有实际脑功能的病人身上尝试异种移植手术的关键一步。本台记者孙思奇带来详细报道。The transplant recipient was 57-year-old man who fell into a coma in July due to a tumor in his brain, and has been kept alive on a ventilator. His family decided to donate his body for the transplant experiment. Doctors said during the operation in July, after replacing the deceased man's own kidneys with a single kidney from a genetically modified pig, they watched it immediately start producing urine. The pig’s kidney has been functioning normally inside a human body for 32 days.接受移植的是一名57岁的男子,今年7月因脑部肿瘤陷入昏迷,一直靠呼吸机维持生命。他的家人决定捐献他的遗体用于移植实验。医生说,在7月份的手术中,他们用转基因猪的一个肾脏替换了死者自己的肾脏后,看到该猪肾脏立即开始产生尿液。这只猪的肾脏在人体内已正常工作了32天。Dr. Robert Montgomery, NYU Langone Health罗伯特·蒙哥马利博士纽约大学朗格尼健康中心“You take the clamps off and the human blood comes into the pig kidney, turns this beautiful pink color, and then a couple of minutes later, urine starts squirting out of the ureter. It's crazy.”“取下夹子,人类的血液进入猪肾脏,肾脏变成美丽的粉红色,几分钟后,尿液开始从输尿管喷出。这太神奇了。”The experiment marks the longest a pig kidney has functioned in a human, albeit a clinically deceased one. It's the latest in a string of experiments renewing hope that animal-to-human transplants might finally be inching toward reality. The process has suffered decades of failure as people’s immune systems instantly attacked the foreign tissue. Researchers are set to track the kidney’s performance for a second month. Currently. more than 100,000 people are on the list to receive an organ transplant in the United States and thousands die each year as they wait.这项实验中猪肾脏在人体内工作的时间为迄今最长,尽管移植受体是一位临床死亡病例。该实验为该领域一系列实验中最新一次,让人们重新燃起对动物器官移植到人体的希望。由于人的免疫系统会立即攻击外来组织,该研究几十年来历经失败。研究人员将对肾脏的状况进行第二个月的跟踪。目前,美国有超过10 万患者在等待接受器官移植,每年有数千人在等待中死亡。#热词加油站订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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08/17 TOP NEWS | 读者大会首次移师上海/上海外贸发展稳中提质/房企融资推动保交楼

NEWS ON 08/161.READERS CONFERENCE HELD DURINGSHANGHAI BOOK FAIR FOR FIRST TIME“读者大会”首次移师上海书展2.SHANGHAI FOREIGN TRADE UP 7.4% IN JAN-JUL TERM上海前7个月进出口同比增长7.4%3.BETTER FINANCING HELPS DEVELOPERS DELIVER NEW HOMES ON TIME房企融资推动“保交楼”----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1.READERS CONFERENCE HELD DURINGSHANGHAI BOOK FAIR FOR FIRST TIME“读者大会”首次移师上海书展The 14th Readers Conference by China Publishing Group Corp was held this afternoon at Shanghai Exhibition Center. It was the first time the eventwas held during the Shanghai Book Fair. Sun Siqi has more.中国出版集团公司第14届“读者大会”今天(08/16)下午在上海展览中心举行。这是“读者大会”首次移师上海书展。记者孙思奇带来更多报道。At 2:30 pm, professor of Chinese literature Mo Lifeng discussed ancient poetry from recent popular movies.下午2点30分,中国文学教授莫砺锋讨论了近期热门电影中的古诗。Mo Lifeng, Senior ProfessorInst. for Advanced Studies in Humanities & Social Sciences, Nanjing University莫砺锋 南京大学人文社会科学资深教授“假如你喜欢读唐诗,那么你一定要延伸到宋词。假如你喜欢读宋词,一定要向上追溯到晚唐和五代的词。”“If you love poems written during the Tang Dynasty, you must extend your love to poems from the Song Dynasty, and also those in the Five Dynasties.”Renowned historian Ge Jianxiong from Fudan University shared the new book "The Yellow River and Chinese Civilization".复旦大学著名历史学家葛剑雄分享了新书《黄河与中华文明》。Ge Jianxiong, ProfessorFudan University葛剑雄 复旦大学资深教授“我们现在讲传承中华文明,继承黄河文明,那么实际上黄河文明,它就是中华文明早期的核心。”“The civilization along the Yellow River formed the heart ofChinese civilization.”The Readers Conference was first held in 2008 during the National Book Expo as a networking event for authors, academicians, and readers. The event also helped establishmore than80 reading rooms in the country. This yearmarksthe first time it’s been held during Shanghai Book Fair.Otherscholars and writers including Chen Jin and Cao Wenxuan were also at the conference.“读者大会”于2008年在全国图书博览会期间首次举办,旨在促进作者、学者和读者之间的交流。该活动还帮助在全国建立了80多个阅览室。今年是“读者大会”首次在上海书展期间举办,陈劲、曹文轩等学者和作家也出席了会议。2.SHANGHAI FOREIGN TRADE UP 7.4% IN JAN-JUL TERM上海前7个月进出口同比增长7.4%Shanghai saw its foreign trade rise 7.4 percent year-on-year to 2.45 trillion yuan in the first seven months of the year, customs data showed today.海关数据显示,今年前7个月,上海对外贸易额同比增长7.4%,达2.45万亿元。During the period the city's exports totaled 996 billion yuan, up 9.3 percent year-on-year, while imports grew by six percent to 1.45 trillion yuan. Exports included 693.2 billion yuan worth of mechanical【机械】and electrical products, up 15.2 percent year on year and accounting for 69.6 percent of the city's total export value. Imports of consumer goods accounted for 22.7 percent of Shanghai's total imports during the period, registering year-on-year growth of 13.5 percent. The European Union was the city's biggest trading partner, with total imports and exports between the two reaching 500 billion yuan.其中,出口9959亿元,同比增长9.3%;进口1.45万亿元,同比增长6%。机电产品出口6932亿元,同比增长15.2%,占全市出口总额的69.6%。消费品进口占全市进口总额的22.7%,同比增长13.5%。欧盟是上海最大的贸易伙伴,双方的进出口总额达5000亿元人民币。3.BETTER FINANCING HELPS DEVELOPERS DELIVER NEW HOMES ON TIME房企融资推动“保交楼”Official data released today showed that fewer Chinese cities were reporting month-on-month increases in home prices during July. Only 20 out of 70 large and medium-sized cities saw month-on-month increases in new home prices, down from 31 in June. Yesterday, China's central bank cut interest rates on two lending facilities that can affect home purchase loans as well as developers' financing, and some analysts are now predicting that the bank's one-year loan prime rate is also expected to drop this month, which could have an even bigger impact on the market. Our reporter Zhang Shixuan checks out the demand for new home buying and the home delivery situation for presold homes in Shanghai.今天(08/16)公布的官方数据显示,7月份中国房价环比上涨的城市较少。在70个大中城市中,新房价格环比上涨的城市只有20个,低于6月份的31个。昨天(08/15),中国央行下调了两项可能影响购房贷款和开发商融资的贷款工具利率,部分分析师预测,中国央行的一年期贷款市场报价利率预计也将在本月下调,这可能对市场产生更大的影响。记者张诗旋对上海新房购买需求及预售住宅交付情况进行了探访。By the end of next year, the 3 residential buildings and 21 villas here will becompletedat Shanghai's Zhangjiang Science City. Though sales are not open yet, the reception center is already seeing 30 to 50 groups of clients a day during weekends. Even those from outside Shanghai are welcome just so they meet the local tax requirements.  到明年年底,上海张江科学城的3栋住宅楼和21栋别墅将交付出售。虽然楼盘尚未开售,但在周末,接待中心每天接待的客户已经多达30至50组。符合上海税收要求的非上海户口居民也可以购买。“我跟我老婆也是外地人,然后社保满5年。然后想着攒点首付,看看房子。今年刚结婚,觉得这边看个小户型的,就700万出头的。”“My wife and I are from outside Shanghai. But we've been paying local social insurance【社保】for 5 years, and so we want to save some money and buy a new home. We just got married this year. We're looking for a small apartment, for around 7 million yuan.”“主要是那个社保年限满的,然后也刚结婚,所以想在上海买一套房子。我们工作都在浦东,所以想在浦东买一个。”“We have met the requirement for social insurance payments. And we just got married, so we want to buy a new home in Shanghai. We both work in Pudong, so we want an apartment here.”The company has 14 residential property projects under development, more than half of them intended for families looking to upgrade from homes they now own.  上海中建东孚公司在上海有14个住宅物业项目正在开发中,其中一半以上是为有改善性住房需求的家庭设计的。Wei Wei, Assistant General ManagerCSCEC Dongfu Shanghai魏伟 上海中建东孚总经理助理“以我们张江的项目为例,我们从5月底接待中心开放以来,累计接待了客户1600组,市场关注度较高,大部分的客户来自浦东新区,以三口之家为主,购房主要用于自住和改善需求。”“Take this project in Zhangjiang for example. Since we opened our reception center at the end of May we've welcomed more than 1,600 groups. People have been paying a lot of attention to it. Most of them are from the Pudong New Area, families of three. Most are buying for themselves and to trade up from where they're living now.”The company has been speeding up its delivery times. This June, its project in Shanghai's Kangqiao area made delivery to home buyers 3 months ahead of schedule. It was also the first housing development in the city to makesimultaneous【同时】 delivery of both apartments and their property ownership certificates too, a big saving on paperwork time for everyone. That efficiency has a lot to do with the faster financing that is now available.该公司一直在加快房屋交付时间。今年6月,其在上海康桥地区的项目提前3个月向购房者交付。这也是该市第一个同时交付房屋及房产证的房地产开发项目,节省了大量的文书时间。交付效率的提高与目前更快的融资速度有很大关系。Wei Wei, Assistant General ManagerCSCEC Dongfu Shanghai魏伟 上海中建东孚总经理助理“往年项目贷款有1.5个月到2个月的周期,我们近期曹路和惠南两个项目的正在办理开发贷,现在压缩为在一个月内可以办理完成。我们目前在各个总包和专业分包的付款方面,都是按照合同的约定给予了即时支付,我们按照上海市的约定也每个月对农民工资的专用账户进行支付。”“In the past, our project loans usually required an application process that took one and a half to 2 months. But recently, 2 of our projects in Caolu and Huinan applied for development loans, and they only took a month. We've been paying all our contractors on time according to the agreements. We are also paying workers' salaries to their accounts according to the requirements of the Shanghai government.”Zhang Shixuan, Reporter张诗旋 记者It's been a year since the Chinese government highlighted the need for timely deliveries of presold homes to their owners. During the past year, financial institutions have been told to help developers with that by extending or adjusting loan repayments. Developers' loans maturing before Dec 31, 2024 have been extended for another year. And this year, as the country'sresidential propertymarketis undergoing some massive【巨大的】changes,suchfinancial support is critical to helping the market hang on until, hopefully, demand for home buying recovers.一年前,中国政府强调预售住房交付给业主的及时性。在过去的一年里,金融机构通过延长或调整贷款还款帮助开发商解决这一问题。2024年12月31日前到期的开发商贷款将再延长一年。今年,全国房地产市场正经历着巨大变化,直到购房需求有望恢复前,此类金融支持对于稳定市场至关重要。Yan Yuejin , Research DirectorE-house China R&D Institute严跃进 易居研究院研究总监“今年上半年,尤其是二季度房屋销售端的市场数据可能表现并不是很好。下半年一系列的政策,包括一线城市的纷纷表态,使得我们整个房地产市场的预期是逐渐转好的,一些房企的销售端的数据也有望进一步改善,这些资金状况的改善对我们保交楼来讲还是有帮助的。整个金融机构如果看到销售端的数据转好,那么他会愿意提供更多的资金。”“In the first half of the year, especially the second quarter, housing sales data didn't perform well.  But in the second half of the year, with the series of new policies, we expect the market will gradually turn better. And when the sales data improves, the liquidity will help the on-time delivery of presold homes. And then if financial institutions see better sales figures, they may be willing to lend more money to developers.”The National Statistics Bureau last month released data showing that in the first half of this year, the completion area of residential properties rose almost 20% from a year ago.国家统计局上月公布的数据显示,今年上半年住宅竣工面积同比增长近20%。#热词加油站mechanical/məˈkænɪk(ə)l/【机械】insurance/ɪnˈʃʊrəns/【保险】simultaneous/ˌsaɪm(ə)lˈteɪniəs/【同时】massive/ˈmæsɪv/【巨大的】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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08/16 TOP NEWS | 全国生态保护红线划定/7月失业率低于上年同期/政策利率再度下行

NEWS ON 08/151.NATURAL RESOURCES MINISTRY WEIGHS INON ECO-CONSERVATION ACHIEVEMENTS全国划定生态保护红线面积约319万平方公里2.SURVEYED URBAN UNEMPLOYMENTRATE AT 5.3% IN JULY国家统计局:7月全国城镇调查失业率为5.3%3.CHINA CUTS KEY POLICY RATES TO SUPPORT COMMERCIAL, POLICY BANKS政策利率再度下行,货币政策加力逆周期调节----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦----------------- 1.NATURAL RESOURCES MINISTRY WEIGHS INON ECO-CONSERVATION ACHIEVEMENTS全国划定生态保护红线面积约319万平方公里The ministry stated that 3.19 million square kilometers of land and sea have been delineated within what the central government calls "ecological protection red lines", a scheme【计划】proposed in 2011 to put an end to "irrational development" that had encroached on ecosystems.自然资源部表示,我国划定包括陆地和海洋在内的“生态保护红线”面积合计约319万平方公里。该计划于2011年提出,旨在结束侵占生态系统的“非理性开发”。Local governments must ensure "mandatory protection" in these areas.地方政府必须确保这些地区的“强制性保护”。According to the blue book, red line areas now cover 35 priority biodiversity protection areas and more than 90 percent of ecosystem types.根据蓝皮书,红线区域目前涵盖我国全部35个生物多样性保护优先区域和90%以上的典型生态系统类型。Tian Chunhua, Deputy DirectorChina Land Surveying & Planning Institute田春华 自然资源部中国国土勘测规划院副院长“我国99%的红树林、92%的冰川及永久积雪、91%的珊瑚礁、89%的海草床以及94%的未开发利用无居民海岛,都纳入了生态保护红线。”“More than 99 percent of the country's mangrove forests, 92 percent of glacier and permanent snow, 91 percent of coral reefs, 89 percent of seaweed beds and 94 percent of undeveloped islands are within the protected red lines.”These areas are scattered across the country and include the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers, forests in the northeast, the southern China hills and swathes【大片区域】of coastline along the South China Sea.这些地区分布在全国各地,包括青藏高原、黄河和长江、东北的森林、华南的丘陵和南海沿岸的大片区域。Chen Yuqi, ResearcherChina Land Surveying & Planning Institute陈瑜琦 自然资源部中国国土勘测规划院研究员“我国生态保护红线主要分布于西部地区,划定面积约246万平方千米,占全国生态保护红线总面积的77%。”“About 77 percent of all protected areas are in the West, accounting for 2.46 million square kilometers.”Local governments are expected to ensure conservation of the habitats and endangered species in the protected areas.地方政府应落实好保护区内栖息地和濒危物种的保护工作。Authorities added China now has the world's most planted forests and grassland. Both environmental indices and biodiversity are improving.有关部门补充道,中国草地面积、人工林保存面积均居世界第一,环境指数和生物多样性不断改善。Close to 74 percent of lakes now have water rated as moderate to satisfactory. More than 300 million acres of land have been treated under a plan to reduce desertification【荒漠化】.目前近74%的湖泊水质被评为中等或满意。一项荒漠化治理计划使超3亿英亩的土地得到了治理。Average PM2.5 readings have dropped 57 percent. The number of heavily polluted days has declined 92 percent. Ministry officials say China has had the fastest improvement in air quality in the world. Over the last 10 years, 19 environmental protection laws have been either issued or revised.PM2.5平均读数下降了57%。重度污染天数减少了92%。环保部表示,中国是世界上空气质量改善最快的国家。10年来中国已颁布和修订了19部环境保护法。Here in Shanghai, PM2.5 readings last year averaged 25 micrograms per cubic meter, the lowest since records have been kept.在上海,去年的PM2.5平均读数为每立方米25微克,是记录以来的最低水平。Aquatic animal diversity indices and fish counts are on the rise in major water bodies including the Huangpu River, Suzhou Creek and Dianshan Lake.黄浦江、苏州河和淀山湖等主要水体的水生动物多样性指数和鱼类数量呈上升趋势。Energy-wise, 36 percent of Shanghai's electricity comes from nuclear, hydro, solar and wind. More than 10,000 factories were improved to reduce carbon emissions.能源方面,上海36%的电力来自核能、水力、太阳能和风能。超1万家工厂进行了升级改造,以减少碳排放。About 1.2 million electric vehicles run on Shanghai's roads. The city's subway lines total 831 kilometers -- both figure rank #1 among cities in the world.上海市电动汽车保有量约120万辆。地铁线路总长831公里。两项数据在世界城市中均排名第一。2.SURVEYED URBAN UNEMPLOYMENTRATE AT 5.3% IN JULY国家统计局:7月全国城镇调查失业率为5.3%The National Bureau of Statistics said today that the country's overall employment remained generally stable with the urban surveyed unemployment rate at 5.3 percent in July, up 0.1 percentage points from the previous month. Zhang Yue tells us more.国家统计局今天(08/15)表示,全国就业总体保持稳定,7月份全国城镇调查失业率为5.3%,比上月上升0.1个百分点。记者张乐带来更多报道。National Bureau of Statistics spokesperson Fu Linghui said various measures have been taken to help college graduates find a job as more than 11 million are expected to complete university this year. He said private companies have hired 670,000 more college grads in 2023 compared to previous years. The bureau said government departments in regions across the country are finding ways to help college students who have not yet found a position to enter the job market. Fu added the number of students in colleges and universities has increased in recent years.国家统计局新闻发言人付凌晖表示,今年预计将有超1100万大学生毕业,因此国家采取了各种措施帮助大学毕业生找工作。与往年相比,2023年私营企业大学毕业生雇佣量增长了67万名。全国各地的政府部门都在努力帮助尚未找到工作的大学生进入就业市场。近年来,高校学生人数不断增加。Fu Linghui, SpokesmanNational Bureau of Statistics付凌晖 国家统计局新闻发言人、国民经济综合统计司司长“2022年,我国16-24岁城镇青年有9600多万人,其中在校学生达到6500多万人。在校学生的主要任务是学习,毕业前寻找工作的学生是否应纳入劳动力调查统计,社会各方面有不同的看法,需要进一步研究。再比如,随着我国居民受教育水平提高,青年人在校学习时间增加,在劳动力调查统计中,对于青年人年龄范围的界定也需要进一步研究。”“In 2022, China had more than 96 million young people between the ages of 16 and 24 in urban areas, and 65 million of them were students. The main task for students is studying. There are different opinions on whether to include students who are looking for jobs before graduation into the labor force survey. With the improvement of the education level, young people spend more time studying in colleges and universities. Therefore, further research needs to be done to define the age range for young people in the labor force survey.”Fu also said starting this month, the surveyed urban unemployment rate of young people will no longer be released to the public, adding the statistical work needs to be updated due to the development of the economy. He added the survey on labor force statistics also needs to be optimized.付凌晖表示,从本月开始,全国城镇调查失业率将不再向公众发布,由于经济的发展,统计工作需要更新,劳动力统计调查也需要优化。3.CHINA CUTS KEY POLICY RATES TO SUPPORT COMMERCIAL, POLICY BANKS政策利率再度下行货币政策加力逆周期调节China's central bank today cut the interest rates it charges for both its medium-term lending facility,its standing lending facility, which provide different forms of financing to commercial banks. Lei Shuran explains the day's financial events.  央行今天(08/15)下调了中期贷款便利和常备贷款便利的利率。常备贷款便利为商业银行提供不同形式的融资。记者雷舒然带来详细报道。The People's Bank of China today injected 401 billion yuan into the market through the one-year MLF facility at an interest rate of 2.5 percent, down from its previous 2.65 percent. It was the second such move in three months. The MLF tool helps commercial and policy banks maintain liquidity by allowing them to borrow from the central bank using securities as collateral.中国人民银行今天(08/15)通过一年期MLF贷款向市场注入4010亿人民币,利率为2.5%,低于之前的2.65%。这是三个月来的央行第二次注资。MLF工具允许商业银行和政策性银行使用证券作为抵押品从中央银行借款,从而保持资金流动性。Qin Tai, Chief Macro AnalystHuajin Securities秦泰 华金证券首席宏观分析师、研究所所长助理“对于长端利率小幅调整,多次、少量的调整方式,更利好于投资周期比较长的基建投资,以及制造业投资这些项目,去形成更多有效投资的实物工作量。所以我们是认为现在的政策导向,很明显是两个不同的方向,对于制造业和基建投资,以促进为主,那么对于房地产市场的信心,以稳定为主。”“Regarding the small adjustments to the long-end interest rate, implementing them in small amounts but over multiple times will be more conducive to the longer investment cycle of infrastructure investment and manufacturing investment projects, allowing them to more effectively invest to support their production. We believe the current policyorientation【方向】has two objectives: promoting investment in manufacturing and infrastructure, while stabilizing confidence in the real estate market.”The bank today also announced 10-basis-point cuts to the overnight, seven-day and one-month interest rates for its standing lending facility, which also supports banks with needs of different terms. Analysts believe the moves could be opening the door to a potential cut in China's lending benchmark loan prime rate, which is scheduled to be revealed in the bank's monthly announcement next week. In June, both the one-year and five-year LPRs were cut by 10 basis points, with the five-year rate falling to 4.2 percent.        央行今天(08/15)还宣布,将其常备贷款工具的隔夜、7天期和1月期利率下调10个基点,为有不同期限需求的银行提供支持。专业人士认为,这些举措可能为中国下调基准贷款优惠利率打开大门,该利率计划在下周的月度公告中公布。6月,1年期和5年期利率均下调10个基点,五年期利率降至4.2%。#热词加油站scheme/skiːm/【计划】swathe/sweɪð/【大片区域】desertification/dɪˌzɜːrtɪfɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/【荒漠化】orientation/ˌɔːriənˈteɪʃ(ə)n/【方向】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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08/15 TOP NEWS | 最高法森林资源纠纷司法解释/华北东北灾后重建/国务院外商投资新政

NEWS ON 08/141.JUDICIAL INTERPRETATION DESIGNED TO PROTECT FOREST RESOURCES最高法发布司法解释明确破坏森林资源犯罪定罪量刑标准2.RELIEF WORK CONTINUES INHEILONGJIANG, JILIN AND HEBEI华北东北:齐心协力恢复受灾地区生产生活秩序3. STATE COUNCIL ISSUES SUPPORTIVE MEASURES FOR FOREIGN INVESTMENT提振外商投资信心!国务院印发重磅《意见》----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦-----------------1.JUDICIAL INTERPRETATION DESIGNED TO PROTECT FOREST RESOURCES最高法发布司法解释明确破坏森林资源犯罪定罪量刑标准As tomorrow marks the country’s first National Ecology Day, the Supreme People’s Court today issued a judicial【司法的】 interpretation involving cases of illegally occupied forest land to promote environmental conservation. Chen Xuan tells us more details.明天(08/15)是我国首个“全国生态日”,最高人民法院今天(08/14)发布了涉及非法占用林地等森林资源民事纠纷的司法解释,以促进环境保护。陈璇为我们带来详细解读。The interpretation takes effect tomorrow. It states a crime has been committed when one-third of a hectare【公顷】 in a public welfare forest is illegally occupied or destroyed. For a commercial forest, the same applies if more than two-thirds of a hectare is illegally occupied or destroyed.该解释将于明天生效。其中规定,非法占用并毁坏公益林地五亩以上构成犯罪。非法占用并毁坏商品林地十亩以上,同样构成犯罪。It specifies that stealing trees, no matter where they are, will be theft cases under the law.解释明确了在任何地方偷盗树木,都将被依法定为盗伐林木罪。The court document also specifies conviction【定罪】 and sentencing standards for crimes that harm national protected plants. If one or more plants of a first-level protected wild plant, or 1 cubic meter or more of standing timber【木材】 of a first-level protected wild plant is harmed, it constitutes the crime of damaging nationally protected plants. The same crime applies if two or more plants of a second-level protected wild plant or 2 cubic meters or more of standing timber of a second-level protected wild plant are damaged.解释也明确了危害国家重点保护植物罪的定罪量刑标准。危害国家一级保护野生植物一株以上或者立木蓄积一立方米以上,或者危害国家二级保护野生植物二株以上或者立木蓄积二立方米以上的,即构成危害国家重点保护植物罪。According to the Supreme People’s Court, between 2018 and 2022, courts across the nation sentenced more than 80,000 people involved in 60,000 criminal cases related to damaging forest resources.据最高人民法院统计,2018年至2022年,全国法院共判处破坏森林资源刑事案件6万余件,涉案人员8万余人。With better judicial protection of forest resources, the country’s forest coverage and forest stock volume have increased in the past few years. Since 2000, about 25 percent of the world’s newly added green space comes from China.随着森林保护的司法保护力度加大,过去几年,全国森林覆盖率和森林蓄积量不断增加。自2000年以来,全球新增绿地中约有25%来自中国。As a result, the average concentration of PM2.5 in major cities has declined nearly 60 percent in the past 10 years. The number of heavy polluted days reduced significantly, making China become the country with the fastest improvement speed in global air quality.因此,近10年来,主要城市PM2.5平均浓度下降了近60%。重污染天数大幅减少,使中国成为全球空气质量改善速度最快的国家。2.RELIEF WORK CONTINUES INHEILONGJIANG, JILIN AND HEBEI华北东北:齐心协力恢复受灾地区生产生活秩序As flood waters have receded, reconstruction has begun in the provinces of Heilongjiang, Jilin and Hebei. Sun Siqi takes a look.随着洪水退去,黑龙江、吉林和河北等省的灾后重建工作已经开始。本台记者孙思奇带来详细报道。Road and communications equipment repairs are ongoing in the city of Shangzhi in Heilongjiang. A 3-meter-deep hole on one road has been filled. The local government is giving out supplies to people who have returned.黑龙江尚志市正在进行道路和通信设备的维修。公路上一处三米的深坑已被填平。当地政府正在向返回归家的人们发放物资。villager村民“(他们给我们)送行李(被褥)、大米、白面、油。”“They gave us blankets, rice, flour and oil.”The province has downgraded its flood emergency response to level three.黑龙江省已将防汛应急响应降为三级。In Jilin, the water levels of major rivers have dropped to normal, allowing authorities to end a level-2 emergency response. More than 500 soldiers helped restore a 172-meter section of road in Jinma Town in the hard-hit city of Shulan. The also repaired a 60-meter breach in a dam.  在吉林,主要河流的水位已降至正常,当地解除了二级应急响应。500多名士兵帮助重灾区舒兰市金马镇修复了长达172米的道路,还修复了一个60米长的堤坝缺口。In Tianjin, water levels have returned to safe levels after flooding and dam breach alerts were raised last week.天津于上周提级洪水和溃坝警报,目前水位已降至安全水平。In Hebei, businesses are re-opening. Work has resumed at major construction projects across Xiong'an New Area. Safety inspectors are checking eight schools in Laishui County, Baoding City.在河北,商户正重新开业。雄安新区的主要建设项目已经复工。安全检查人员正在检查保定市涞水县的八所学校。Yin Shengnan, Principal of Sanpo Town Primary School尹胜男三坡镇小学校长“(专家)已经进行评定了,(建筑物)是没有危险的,然后我们接下来就是清淤工作结束以后,我们会对整体的环境进行一下消杀,保证9月1日我们如期开学。”The specialists say the buildings are safe. So now we'll disinfect the grounds after we've finished cleaning up. The school should open as scheduled on September 1st.In Gaobeidian, Baoding, disinfection and safety inspections have been completed in 129 of 154 villages.保定市高碑店市154个村中有129个村已完成消毒和安全检查。3.STATE COUNCIL ISSUES SUPPORTIVE MEASURES FOR FOREIGN INVESTMENT提振外商投资信心!国务院印发重磅《意见》China’s State Council has issued new guidelines regarding further optimizing the foreign investment environment and intensifying efforts to attract foreign investments. Lei Shuran has the details.国务院发布了关于进一步优化外商投资环境,加大吸引外商投资力度的意见。本台记者雷舒然带来报道详情。The State Council Information Office told a news conference today that the measures will include improving the quality of foreign capital utilization, guaranteeing the national standard treatment of foreign-invested enterprises, and strengthening the protection of foreign investments. Foreign investments and operations are to be made easier, and fiscal【财政的】 and tax supports increased. The State Council has called on all regions nationwide to adopt measures to support the effort.国务院新闻办公室在今天(08/14)的新闻发布会上表示,这些措施将包括提高利用外资质量、保障外商投资企业的国民待遇标准、加强对外商投资的保护。外商投资和经营将更加便利,并加大财税支持力度。国务院要求全国各地区采取相关措施努力优化外商投资环境。。Chen Chunjiang, Assistant Minister of Commerce陈春江商务部部长助理“研究创新合作采购方式,通过首购订购等措施,支持外商投资企业在我国创新研发全球领先产品等。强化外商投资促进和服务保障工作,做好自由贸易协定原产地证书签证工作,为外商投资企业享受关税减免政策提供便利等。”“We will study innovative cooperative procurement methods and support foreign-invested enterprises through government procurement, so as they will be able to do innovative research  and develop cutting-edge products in China. We will also strengthen foreign investment promotion and service guarantees, including the issuance of certificates of origin under free trade agreements, and the facilitation of tariff reductions and exemptions for foreign-invested enterprises.”The Ministry of Commerce reports that committed foreign direct investment in the Chinese mainland fell 2.7 percent in the first half of this year. Despite that decline, 24,000 new foreign-invested firms were established during the period, up 35.7 percent from a year earlier. The ministry said it will follow up implementation of the guidelines in four areas - coordination with local governments, strengthening public knowledge of the policies, tracking the results of the plans and evaluating problems encountered during the process.商务部报告称,今年上半年,外商对中国大陆的直接投资下降了2.7%。虽然投资有所下降,但同期新设立外商投资企业2.4万家,同比增长35.7%。中国商务部表示,将从四个方面跟进指导方针的实施——与地方政府的协调、加强公众对政策的了解、跟踪计划的结果以及评估过程中遇到的问题。#热词加油站judicial/dʒuːˈdɪʃəl/【司法的】hectare/ˈhekteə(r)/【公顷】conviction/kənˈvɪkʃn/【定罪】timber/ˈtɪmbə(r)/【木材】fiscal/ˈfɪsk(ə)l/【财政的】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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08/14 TOP NEWS | 河北强降雨致29人遇难/台风“卡努”登陆辽宁/夏威夷大火致55人死亡

NEWS ON 08/111.29 DEAD, 16 MISSING IN HEBEI FLOODS河北省强降雨致29人遇难16人失踪2.TROPICAL STORM KHANUN TO MAKE LANDFALL IN LIAONING TONIGHT台风蓝色预警:“卡努”或于今天夜间进入我国辽宁3.DEATH TOLL FROM MAUIWILDFIRES RISES TO 55夏威夷毛伊岛大火已致55人死亡----------------记得点亮右下角的爱心哦----------------- 1.29 DEAD, 16 MISSING IN HEBEI FLOODS河北省强降雨致29人遇难16人失踪Hebei officials said today 29 people had died and 16 were still missing in Hebei after the worst flooding in decades. Close to 3.9 million people across 110 cities, counties and districts suffered damage to their homes. Sun Siqi hasmore.河北省委、省政府今天(08/11)表示,在经历了几十年来最严重的洪灾后,河北29人遇难,16人失踪,110个市(县、区)有近390万人的房屋受损。记者孙思奇带来详细报道。Provincial officials observed a moment of silence at the press conference today.今天(08/11),河北省委、省政府在新闻发布会上默哀。They say direct economic losses from the floods are estimated at close to96 billion yuan and that post-flood reconstruction will likely take 2 years. Close to 1 million emergency workers participated in rescue missions.洪灾造成的直接经济损失约为960亿元,灾后重建可能需要2年时间。近100万抢险人员参与了救援任务。Zhang Chengzhong, Vice GovernorHebei Provincial Government张成中 河北省常务副省长“(特大暴雨到来前)提前转移群众,扩大人员转移范围,组织山洪地质灾害危险区、蓄滞洪区和次生灾害影响区群众避险转移,全省累计转移群众175.74万人,其中蓄滞洪区97.84万人。”“We relocated people in advance in areas with different levels of flood andlandslide【滑坡】 risks. More than 1.7 million people were relocated. Close to 980,000 of them were in the flood discharge areas.”Currently, more than 90 percent of blocked roads, damaged power lines, and cellular service stations have been restored.目前,90%以上受阻的道路、受损的电力线路和移动服务站已经恢复。The provincial government says it'll ensure all displaced people can either return home or move into a new one before this winter.省政府表示,将确保所有受灾群众在今年冬天之前返回家园或搬入新居。In Tianjin, warnings have been issued about potential dam breaches for days as 75 percent of the flood water in the Haihe watershed eventually flows to the ocean through the city. A red flooding alert is still in effect for two rivers. Work teams are checking dams and water levels.在天津,由于海河流域75%的洪水最终从天津入海,因此连日来一直在发布可能决堤的警告。两条河流仍处于洪水红色预警状态,工作小组正在检查堤坝和水位。Surveyor测量人员“对这个水位进行一个观测,它在上升的时候,把数据上报给有关部门。第二方面是实时对坝体进行变形观测,在变形较大的时候,上报有关部门进行有效处置。”“We record water levels and report to authorities when they rise. We also monitordeformations【变形】in the dams, and file a report when they reach a certain threshold.”Forecasters say more heavy rain is coming to Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei in the next 24 hours, and advise everyone to take precautions.天气预报显示,未来24小时内,北京、天津和河北将迎来更多暴雨,建议大家做好预防措施。2.TROPICAL STORM KHANUN TO MAKE LANDFALL IN LIAONING TONIGHT台风蓝色预警:“卡努”或于今天夜间进入我国辽宁Tropical Storm Khanun will make landfall in Liaoning Province tonight.All 3 provinces of Northeastern China are bracing for its impact. Sun Siqi has the story.强热带风暴“卡努”将于今晚(08/11)登陆辽宁省,中国东北三省严阵以待。记者孙思奇带来更多报道。Tropical Storm Khanun weakened after making landfall on the Korean Peninsula yesterday, but the storm center is now back out over the water east of the Liaodong peninsula, and its outer rings are dumping rain into northeastern China.热带风暴“卡努”昨天(08/10)在朝鲜半岛登陆后强度减弱,目前风暴中心正向辽东半岛以东海域转移,其外围环流给中国东北地区带来强降雨。Parts of southern Heilongjiang have already been hit with very intense rainfall, leading to damaged roads and downed communications.黑龙江南部部分地区已遭受强降雨,导致道路受损、通讯中断。The mountainous area of Jilin near the border with the DPRK has been dealing with moderate to heavy rainfall for 2 days. The city of Shulan, which had just been battered with floods, relocated 23,000 people from 20 towns and villages.靠近朝鲜边境的吉林山区连续2天出现中到强降雨。刚刚遭受洪水袭击的舒兰市从20个乡镇转移了2.3万人。Multiple cities in Liaoning have been busy relocating people and resources, the local authorities have also stepped up waterway and power line inspections.辽宁多个城市一直在进行人员和资源转移工作,当地政府还加强了水路和电力线路的检查。Du KeState Grid Benxi Company杜科 国网本溪供电公司安监部主任 “我们对涉及水库供电的19座66千伏变电站、23条10千伏线路及所属设备开展隐患缺陷排查治理。”“We're running inspections on nineteen 66-thousand-volt transformers and 23 ten-thousand-volt power lines.”And here in Shanghai, temperatures made it back up over the 35 degree mark to 36.2 in the early afternoon. The local weather office says Khanun is partly to blame.下午早些时候,上海气温又回升到35度以上,达到36.2度。当地气象局称部分原因是受到了强热带风暴“卡努”的影响。Wu Rui, Chief MeteorologistShanghai Meteorological Bureau邬锐 上海中心气象台首席服务官“这两天副热带高压边缘的影响,包括卡努台风外围的下沉气流,也使得我们这两天最高气温要达到36度左右,周日气温也是在35度。”“We're under the influence of downward moving air on the outermost rings of Khanun. Hence, the highs for the weekend will still hover between 35 and 36 degrees.”Forecasters expect showers for the beginning of next week, which will bring daytime highs down to the low side of the mid-30s, and then into the low 30s by next weekend.天气预报员预计,下周初将有阵雨,白天最高气温将降至35度左右,下周末将降至30度左右。3.DEATH TOLL FROM MAUIWILDFIRES RISES TO 55夏威夷毛伊岛大火已致55人死亡The death toll from wildfires on the Hawaiian island of Maui rose to 55 on Thursday, as U.S. President Joe Biden approved a major disaster declaration for the state. Stephen Rancourt has more.周四(08/10),夏威夷州毛伊岛野火已造成至少55人死亡,美国总统拜登已宣布该州出现重大灾难。记者Stephen Rancourt带来更多报道。According to the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, the wildfire has burned through more than 2,000 acres and destroyed at least 1,700 buildings. It has become the deadliest U.S. wildfire since the 2018 Camp Fire in California.据夏威夷紧急事务管理部门,野火的过火面积已超过2000英亩,导致1700多座建筑受损或被焚毁,成为自2018年加州野火以来美国死亡人数最多的野火。Survivor幸存游客“We found a floating board that we hung onto. We were out there floating. The news was so surreal and everything was burning around, explosions, cars blowing up,embers【火苗】 just flying. We couldn't breathe.”“我们抓住了一块漂浮的木板,挂在上面一直漂着,一切都不像现实中的场景,所有东西都在燃烧,有爆炸发生,汽车爆炸了,火苗到处飞舞,我们几乎无法呼吸。”U.S. President Joe Biden on Thursday approved a major disaster declaration for Hawaii. The Pentagon announced that it has sent a number of troops and military helicopters to Hawaii to assist in rescue-and-recovery efforts.美国总统拜登周四(08/10)批准了夏威夷州的重大灾难声明。五角大楼宣布已向夏威夷派遣部队和军用直升机,以协助救援和恢复工作。Maui reported on the most damaging of the three blazes.,The one in Lahaina on the western part of the island was 80% contained by Thursday morning, and another in Kula in central Maui was 70% contained. There was no assessment yet about the fire that continues to burn in the mountains.茂宜岛报告表示,截至周四上午,三场大火中破坏力最大的一处,即位于该岛西部拉海纳的大火已有80%得到了控制,另一处位于茂宜岛中部的库拉大火也有70%得到了控制。目前还没有对继续在山区燃烧的大火进行评估。Tourists were advised to stay away, and about 11,000 flew out of Maui on Wednesday.游客被建议远离茂宜岛,周三(08/09)约有1.1万名游客飞离茂宜岛。Evacuate Tourist撤离游客“We were up on Front Street the night before the fire started. So to see from one day to the next how it was, and then after that, was justsurreal【不真实的】.”“野火发生的前一晚,我和妻子还去了‘前街’游览,我们亲眼看到了火灾前后的对比,这太不真实了。”The governor of Hawaii estimated that it will take billions of dollars and many years to rebuild Lahaina.夏威夷州长估计,重建拉海纳镇需要数十亿美元和数年时间。#热词加油站landslide/ˈlændslaɪd/【滑坡】Deformation/ˌdiːfɔːrˈmeɪʃn/【变形】ember/ˈembər/【火苗】surreal/səˈriːəl/【不真实的】订阅我们,打卡每日精选英语新闻!不定期投放“精品大咖访谈”喜欢生肉贴的小伙伴,可以常来逛逛哟~
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Street Interview on Chinese Traditions 歪果仁街头采访北京站:中华传统文化初体验

Ask International Students in Beijing: “ What’s your favorite Chinese Treasures? ”Step into the world of expats in Beijing and delve into their unique perspectives on Chinese traditions. Join us on a captivating street interview journey through this dynamic city, as we unravel the stories that make up the "Global Voices on Chinese Traditions" series. From personal encounters with local culture to reasons for adoration, and the mission to spread these tales globally, get ready for a diverse and enlightening exploration!
8/14/20232 minutes, 40 seconds
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Ask Shanghai Expats “What’s your favorite Chinese Treasures?”

Ask Shanghai Expats “What’s your favorite Chinese Treasures?”Curious about the enchanting Chinese traditions cherished by expats in Shanghai? Join us on a captivating street interview journey as we explore the diverse parts of this vibrant city.Get ready to be enthralled by the diverse voices and perspectives that make up the Global Voices on Chinese Traditions series in Shanghai!