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Bengali, Technology, 1 season, 14 episodes, 7 hours, 35 minutes
It’s called the MO++ podcast because all I do is increment. I'll be documenting my journey as a software engineer and some dope stuff I'm working on. This is where you can get to know me and just hear me talk to some awesome people I come across and bring on to the podcast. I kinda think of it as an audio blog. This is where my guest and I literally talk about anything and everything. It's all respect on here. We're here to have that dialogue and discuss different views and ideas. All are welcome.
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This podcast thing ain’t so bad
10/6/201912 minutes, 55 seconds
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Check out "The Morton Speaks" Podcast!

Mia is a student here at Holberton that started her podcast along with me. Here's a preview of the first episode we did about kids having imaginary friends. Here’s a link
9/19/20199 minutes, 7 seconds
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#0: To podcast or not to podcast 🤔. Testing anchor out the very first time.

The day I sat in the car with my friend Dom and decided I was gonna make a podcast, but never did. This was me testing out the anchor app for the first time. Took basically a whole year to get started, but here we are.
5/18/20188 seconds