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English, Comedy, 2 seasons, 9 episodes, 6 hours 41 minutes
podcast where two "20 somethings" talk growing up in local mn, dating, faith, racism, being queer, and more! ☕️ tune in every Monday for the Hot Dish.
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7. Her first kiss was in front of a confederate flag- Our Firsts pt. 2

Tana and Quinn finish out the series with Tana's first kiss, their best ones, and their first heartbreaks!
22/11/202138 minutes 47 seconds
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6. He broke up with her while they were making out- Our Firsts pt. 1

This episode is broken into two parts because there was too much tea for one episode! Quinn and Tana discuss some romantic firsts including first crushes, first dates, and first kisses. **Trigger Warning**: talk of physical affection & racism
15/11/202147 minutes 28 seconds
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5. She had covid and got her first hickey

In this episode Quinn and Tana catch up on where they've been, how Tana had covid, and then threw a halloween party where some ~events~ took place. tea. was. spilled. **Only Murders In The Building Spoilers from minutes 44-48**
08/11/202149 minutes 14 seconds
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4. Her roommate was the leader of a satanic club

Quinn and Tana talk halloween costumes, best candies from the season, and Tana discovers that Quinns been lying to her throughout their whole friendship!
25/10/20211 hour 11 seconds
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3. Hannah Montana should've had a Minnesotan accent

Quinn and Tana catch up on Quinn's Nashville trip, they discuss their childhood tv shows, and some good debate on the top Disney shows unravels! CONTENT WARNING: talk of the Texas Ab*rtion law!
18/10/202145 minutes 13 seconds
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1. She thought her bff was racist - Welcome to the Podcast!

Quinn and Montana discuss how they met, their first impressions, and how it all ended with a podcast!
02/10/202123 minutes 42 seconds