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English, Health / Medicine, 1 season, 55 episodes, 2 days, 7 hours, 2 minutes
Transforming the mental health conversation, one heartfelt story at a time. #heartonmysleeve is a global movement and worldwide community of people around the world who share a common value: to live a life of authenticity. Heart On My Sleeve Podcast is a collection of these compelling, inspirational and insightful mental health stories. You will hear from people who have endured invisible hardship, and live to tell their story of meaning, purpose & resilience. We hope that every episode provides you with something small that allows you to feel understood and less alone, so that you can let go of the shame and make way for a new narrative to emerge. Mitch Wallis is the founder of Heart On My Sleeve and the host of the show.
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Mitch Wallis - your fear of failure is impacting your ability to connect

In episode 56, Mitch Wallis is back with another short-solo and this time he's unpacking the fear of failure and how it might be negatively impacting our ability to connect with others. This episode covers: - What is failure and how does it impact us - Why it's holding you back from connecting - My personal experience with failure - How to re-define your meaning of failure - Embracing your humanness Stay connected:
3/8/20249 minutes, 10 seconds
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Mitch Wallis: 8 Laws to Effective Boundaries

In episode 54, Mitch Wallis is back with a solo deep dive into the heavily opinionated world of boundaries. A psychology buzz word that has gained a lot of traction in the wellness world and news stories over the past few years - from Jonah Hall to The Holistic Psychologist - everybody has a strong take on what it means to keep themselves safe and sane. Have we gone too far in our boundary setting? Are we blurring them with rules and expectations? And are they the same in all relationships? Mitch gets honest about how he partially disagrees with his idol and boundaries queen, Brené Brown - and shares why as he unpacks his 8 laws to effective boundaries... Stay connected:
2/15/202413 minutes, 33 seconds
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Psychiatrist Dr Tony Mastroianni: why we need to stop treating mental illness with medication

In episode 53, Mitch Wallis speaks to Dr Tony Mastroianni, a psychiatrist with over 30 years' experience in clinical practice. Tony specialises in the treatment of ADHD and schizophrenia, and is the founder of the Focalength Method™, a holistic approach to treatment that takes a 360 view of a person in order to help them get well, and stay well. This episode covers: Moving medicine away from diagnosis towards a holistic model of care Why we need to look outside of the mind when treating mental illness What is the Focalength Method™ and how we can all apply the principals His work specialising in ADHD and the elements that are often-overlooked Modern day mental illnesses - where we've gone wrong with treatment A deep dive into the impact of our core beliefs and attachment styles Stay Connected: www.instagram/mitch.wallis
2/8/20241 hour, 36 minutes, 24 seconds
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Maddy MacRae: on having 3 million followers and a secret anxiety about creating content

In episode 52, Mitch Wallis speaks to Maddy MacRae, a comedy creator who exploded onto the scene during lockdown with her hilarious and relatable skits about sex, dating and everything in-between. We go deep and explore previously untouched topics such as her mental health journey, her sexuality and the reality of life online. This episode covers: rising quickly to online success but struggling internally her experience with therapy and navigating severe anxiety an obsessive concern that kept her paralysed on content creation navigating the rollercoaster of going viral online and chasing validation how to audit your belief system, build thick skin and stop people pleasing exploring sexuality, attachment style and enmeshment in her relationships Stay connected: Have feedback to share, questions you want answered or guests you want to see on the show? Get in touch: [email protected]
2/2/202448 minutes, 37 seconds
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Gaj Ravichandra: #1 skill that high performers possess

Gaj is a highly sought-after performance coach recognized for his effective leadership training techniques and passion for helping clients reach higher potential. For over 20 years, Gaj has worked with leading organizations and individuals to enhance productivity, maximize performance, and accelerate growth. As a Registered psychologist, Gaj leans on his psychology training to deliver the most effective evidence-based solutions to his clients that are proven to enhance potential and performance. This episode covers: the unique skill that all high performers possess the biggest limiting beliefs that stop people succeeding how to move past defeat and into true resilience #1 thing you're doing wrong if you want to get promoted why all high performers are a little bit f*cked up Connect and/or work with Gaj, here:
12/8/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 38 seconds
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Sonny Jane Wise: "at 4 years old, my Psychiatrist called me a narcissist"

Sonny Jane is a multi-neurodivergent, queer, and disabled public speaker, advocate, and author with a strong social media presence. Sonny was diagnosed as a child and grew up only hearing a deficit narrative about their neurodivergence. Since then, they have gone on to build an audience of over 100,000 people online, have written ‘The Neurodivergent Friendly Workbook of DBT Skills’, and works with organisations all over Australia to help change the narrative around neurodivergence. Sonny is a brilliant educator and all-round wonderful human. The episode covers... Sonny's journey to self and being exposed to psychiatric care as young as 4 the difference between mental health disorders and neurodivergence breaking down ADHD, autism, and mental illness - are labels helpful or harmful? why suddenly everybody seems to be getting a late ADHD diagnosis the most powerful skill you can harness when you don't understand or agree You can connect with Sonny
11/30/20231 hour, 55 seconds
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Jacinta Dubojski: surviving a mental breakdown, escaping an abusive relationship and confronting her school bully 15 years later.

This episode comes with a trigger warning of domestic violence. Jacinta Dubojski is the creator and founder of Just Another GIRL, an initiative designed to inspire and empower students by arming them with the tools to navigate difficult situations; such as bullying, and domestic violence, both of which are experiences that she's survived. Jacinta is a big believer in sharing stories to connect and help others, something I’m equally passionate about so I'm honoured to be able to bring you her story of resilience.  This episode covers: Her traumatic experience at school confronting her childhood bully 15 years later The psychological entrapment of an emotionally and physically abusive relationship How to rebuild mental fortitude when you've experienced repeated hardship Receiving psychiatric care at her most vulnerable and the shocking treatment from staff How to get out of victim mindset and forgive yourself for all you put up with to survive Her best tools to shift self-esteem and internal narratives from unworthy to deserving You can connect with Jacinta here:
11/24/202343 minutes, 40 seconds
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Antoinette Lattouf: "I'm OK with being struck off people's Christmas card list"

Antoinette is a multi-award-winning journalist, author, broadcaster, columnist, TEDx speaker, and mental health ambassador with a bold and authentic approach to life. This episode covers: Her experience with post-natal depression and the news story that triggered it Her controversial opinion on mental illness and the shame the surrounds new mothers Navigating journalism and the impact of second-hand trauma How to protect our own mental health when we're in a 24/7 vortex of bad news stories Her take on whether women have to sacrifice like-ability for a successful career? Connect with Antoinette here:
11/17/202350 minutes, 28 seconds
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Greg Bird: his untold story of struggle, hidden behind the game.

Greg Bird is a proud Anaiwan Man, born and raised in country New South Wales. He was a professional Rugby League player for an impressive 18 years, hanging up his boots in 2019 to move up to the Gold Coast and prioritise time with his wife and kids. This episode dives deep into untold stories of struggle both on and off the pitch. his unspoken story of struggle, stigma and feeling like a burden. the impact of football on his mental health, from extreme highs to unmanageable lows. the media's portrayal and what really went on behind closed doors. anger on the field and run-ins with the police - from bad boy to family man. injury, pain, addiction and grieving the loss of his father. becoming a father and navigating his own identity change. You can connect with Greg on social media and check-out his business below:
11/10/20231 hour, 15 minutes, 46 seconds
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Chelsea Potttenger: from a panic attack in the Sydney harbour tunnel to a thriving CEO

Founder of EQ Minds and recovering perfectionist, Chelsea Pottenger shares how her experience with mental illness fuelled her passion for helping busy minds reset and recharge so they can successfully balance high performance and great mental wellbeing. If you find yourself dancing around the edges of burnout more often than not, this ep is for you. This episode covers: how 2 traumatic brain injuries triggered her mental health issues the single greatest mindset shift to help reduce perfectionism how to let go of ego to better serve your goals and wellbeing what factors in life really drive people to burn out, and why they might not be what you think the clinical difference between exhaustion and burnout how to integrate achievable mental and physical resets across the year taboo topics and non-conventional ways to support your mental health You can connect with Chelsea here:
11/3/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 12 seconds
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Matt Purcell - the quickest way to upgrade your self-worth

Matt Purcell was born in a small town in South Korea to a young mother who was unable to raise him. This sparked an incredible work drive in Matt who has since founded KYU media, an award-winning creative agency, and Social Kung Fu, Australia’s number 1 verbal self-defence and confidence training for students. Matt shares wisdom from his own personal journey, how to overcome hardship, find purpose and have an impact. This episode covers: where to begin with combatting insecurities how he built his own self-worth from the ground up the #1 best quality in a personal brand the framework that will set your brand up for success his unique gifts: verbal sparring and pattern recognition the proven formula for combatting bullying Connect with Matt: Work with Matt:
10/27/202355 minutes, 14 seconds
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Dr Cody: TikTok's #1 chiropractor shares how trauma manifests in the body

Dr. Cody is an American-born, Australian Chiropractor with over 10 years of experience, who has clicked, popped, and cracked his way into over 2 million TikTok followers. He's passionate about education and the prevention of disease so that people can achieve complete wellness.  This episode covers: his untold story and ongoing battle with mental health the biggest misconceptions about chiropractic science how trauma and mental-ill health shows up in our physical body the mind-body connection: 5 best ways to keep your nervous system healthy the body keeps the score - how to stimulate the vagus nerve to aid healing expanding chiropractic treatment and support for Neurodivergent patients Book an appointment with Dr Cody: Connect with him on socials:
10/19/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 20 seconds
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Milly Bannister - has Gen Z gone too far?

From lifestyle journalism in Silicon Valley to youth mental health charity founder, Milly Bannister is a well-known face in the online world of wellbeing. We discuss everything from the trivial use of mental health language on social media to the power of educational peer support programs in schools. This episode covers: Milly's personal journey with mental health and maintaining authenticity in an online world Addressing the generational gaps in our willingness to talk about mental health Attention, misinformation or a cry for help? Why younger generations trivialise mental health language Is social media helping or hurting our knowledge about mental health? Founding ALLKND with the mission to provide young people with this missing mental health literacy Check-out ALLKND: Connect with Milly here:
10/12/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 47 seconds
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Charles Prouse on The Voice to Parliament: the mental health impact of "NO"

Charles Prouse is a Nyikina man from the Kimberley, Western Australia, with over 20 years' experience in Indigenous affairs across Australia. From public policy and corporate consulting to chairing the boards of inequality-oriented charities and authoring his book, "On the Voice". His most recent work has focused on campaigning for The Voice to Parliament, championing the Yes vote with the goal of returning to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples a small part of what was originally always theirs. The episode covers: how the voting process is impacting Indigenous Australians removing the us vs. them mentality and addressing disadvantage on a large scale addressing the fears that perpetuate a "No" vote his personal struggle and the story that drives the mission why voting "Yes" doesn't mean that you lose how loss aversion is clouding our judgment the mental health crisis in Indigenous Australians A friendly reminder, that if you're eligible, please ensure to vote this upcoming weekend, Saturday 14 October 2023. If you want to connect with Charles, you can do so here:
10/9/20231 hour, 55 seconds
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Lewin de la Motte - my personal therapist bears all

Lewin completed six years of tertiary education in psychology and counselling, learning from leaders in the fields of relational, mindful, and somatic psychotherapy. He has been my personal therapist for over 6 years and has seen me at my lowest points. This episode explores all of your burning questions about therapy and sheds some light on the answers that no therapist has been bold enough to tackle. This episode covers: supporting Mitch through his darkest moments the biggest misconception about therapy can we truly heal without professional support the unspoken grief when you lose a therapist the reality of why therapists become therapists his own childhood trauma and story of shame If you'd like to connect with Lewin for professional support, you can do so here:
10/6/20231 hour, 22 minutes, 3 seconds
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Sam Hann - losing his brother, the parts of grief that nobody talks about (our most vulnerable episode to date)

Sam Hann is a popular Sydney yoga teacher who's spent over 6 years sharing his knowledge in studios and through his YouTube channel. In 2021, he lost his brother, Blake and his world has never been the same. In this episode, we cover: Grief - the hard, messy and raw reality of losing a loved one that people don't speak about. The moment he heard the news and how that impacted his life and family as he knew it. The 5 stages of grief - why it's not that simple and the pain it doesn't capture. The #1 best way to support someone through loss - that we're probably all getting wrong. Making a promise to go to therapy and why he's intent on role-modelling vulnerability to help other men who might be struggling in silence. How yoga and the loss of his brother helped him face his fear of failure and letting people down. Re-building through grief and the reality of integrating and living with trauma and trying to find peace. You can connect with Sam here: You can practice yoga with Sam here:: In-person at and or free, online at:
9/28/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 50 seconds
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Alice Child - sex, sex, and more sex

Alice Child is a Somatic Sexologist, Sex Counsellor and Sex Coach who believes everyone deserves a happy, healthy, safe and fulfilled sex life. Alice has a passion for vulnerable conversations, confronting taboos, and creating inclusive spaces free of judgment. This episode covers: Why shame surrounds sex and how we can start to shift our perspective The most common concerns that people see a sex therapist for Play, initiation, domination, submission, consent and making safety sexy Why self-pleasure is so important for our physical and mental health How our mental health plays such an intricate role in our pleasure experience Monogamy, polyamory and everything in-between - exploring our edge What are sexual kinks and fetishes? The psychology behind it Female pleasure - understanding why we need to get more cliterate (clit-literate) You can find Alice 
9/22/20231 hour, 17 minutes, 38 seconds
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Cooper Chapman: grateful as f*ck

Cooper Chapman is an ex-pro surfer who founded The Good Human Factory after mental illness and suicide impacted the lives of his loved ones. In this episode, we cover: The story that triggered the Good Human Factory The fear that drove his curiosity to find his life's purpose Managing comparative suffering and the 3 key values that he lives by The unusual and unconventional path to working in mental health How his role as a supporter allowed him to relate to people
9/15/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 41 seconds
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Joey Daymond: suffering, self-identity and breaking free from societal constraints

Joey has already proved himself to be a star in the world of New Zealand comedy, but outside of comedy and acting, Joe is also the founder of West Park, a youth-led, indigenous-focused company. He’s hilarious, hard-working, and genuine in all that he does. In this episode we cover... his relationship with family: from suffering to freedom facing darkness and moving towards the hard stuff culture, racism and establishing his own identity building a career in comedy; the secret sauce to success supporting indigenous youth and his creative mission
9/8/20231 hour, 32 minutes, 47 seconds
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Leah Simmons: the physical workout for your mental health

Leah Simmons is the founder of the online phenomenon, KAAIAA, the physical workout for your mental health. In this episode, we explore everything from founding a successful business to unconventional parenting styles. Finding a niche in the wellness industry, building a successful online brand, and the meaning behind the name KAAIAA. Learning to flex entrepreneurial skills as a creative and the number one skill she's found success in as a founder. Getting comfortable with pain and why being an 'empath' can sometimes be a downfall. Her real thoughts on the wellness industry and learning to let go of how people perceive you. Motherhood, parenting and navigating a 'non-conventional' family unit. Getting comfortable with who you are and the importance of having a "try it all" motto. Curious questioning of societal labels and breaking norms to find happiness. Find Leah online
9/1/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 13 seconds
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Jad: mental health stigma in Arab communities

Jad Nehmetallah is a beloved TV Personality on the Nation’s favourite Gogglebox Australia. He is an entrepreneur, restauranteur, and most importantly one of my best friends. In this episode we explore: Stigma affecting help seeking for mental health in ethnic communities Different manifestations of anxiety and the impact of feeling out of alignment with your purpose The journey of being raised as by immigrant parents from a war-torn country and how it's shaped his view of the world The definition of "healthy masculinity" and how it's evolved over time Attachment styles and their impact on romantic relationships You can find more about Jad at:
8/25/20231 hour, 22 minutes, 34 seconds
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Ben "Abstacker" Handsaker: overcome addiction with an unbreakable mindset

Ben Handsaker is one of the most familiar faces in the personal training industry in Australia, with a reputation for being infectiously happy all the time. Yet, as we know in most cases like these, that's not the full story. In this episode we explore: How to turn the pain of addiction into a superpower How to create an unbreakable mindset How to find your why in moments of darkness How to endure setbacks and turn them into purpose and meaning How to make friends with your destructive alter ego You can find more about Ben at:
8/17/202349 minutes, 23 seconds
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Domestic violence prevention - with Dannielle Miller OAM

A masterclass in how individuals & workplaces can identify, support and prevent domestic violence with leading expert Dannielle Miller. 
10/26/20221 hour, 27 minutes, 25 seconds
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Learn with Sarah Wilson - make anxiety your super power

This episode's guest is Sarah Wilson - author of "I Quit Sugar", journalist, TV host, environmental activist. Sarah lives with Bipolar disorder, OCD and Hashimoto's disease. We cover: How do you know when anxiety is your super power Her George Costanza moment of doing the opposite and how it saved her life The importance of "the wrestle" - how we aren't focussing on resilience enough in our approach to mental health We unpack what it means to "do anxiety once" Why Sarah trusts anxious people more than non-anxious people 2 tools she uses to reduce her anxiety The 1 thing she let go of and the 1 thing she gained that changed her life Mitch shared what he believes is the first step in everyone's journey to living with anxiety What it was like getting her first mental ill health diagnosis at age 12 Living with Bipolar including full manic episodes, OCD and Hashimoto's disease (autoimmune issue that causes thyroid dysfunction) Described her ultimate breakdown and what that looked - including the moment where she said "I am ready to go" Don’t wait until the dark night of the soul before you make a change - you don’t need to have a dramatic moment The benefits of minimalism and being able to carry your whole life in a single bag
8/10/20221 hour, 2 minutes, 45 seconds
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Grow with Mitch's Mum - unconditional love

About Mitch's Mum Grew up working class, raised Mitch as a single mother in his early years Fought her way into a better life for both of them Had her second child when Mitch was 15 Gina is now a successful sales manager at a large technology company "She is the best person ever" Mitch In this episode we cover: Independence vs. safety - how do we navigate taking care of a child but empowering autonomy - especially when a mental health issue is present in the child #1 thing she did that helped me during that time Early warning signs and cues that she wished she saw in me The #1 warning sign she wished she saw earlier that she believes is an early indicator to anxiety The #1 game to play with your child to help counter anxious thoughts 2 tips to balance being firm and being compassionate How to balance being a friend vs. being a parent - how to get that right Teenage angst vs. something more serious - the answer to knowing if it's clinical Post-natal depression twice - what it felt like for her without even knowing she had it and the reality of feeling trapped A discussion on whether or not it's good to talk to children about big questions like values and what you believe in from an early age Talking to her not wanting to let her down by telling her I wasn’t ok The benefits of writing a life narrative and sitting down with your parents to talk it through - re-write your story through their story To medicate or not to medicate your child when facing a mental health issue (*seek medical advice) What is the end goal of mental health Book Mitch to speak at your workplace 
8/3/20221 hour, 6 minutes, 30 seconds
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Learn with Dr Dan Siegel - presence and parenting

In this episode: - Parenting pitfalls and how to avoid passing on your insecurities to your children - The science of presence and how it can be used to overcome trauma - How being "real" is not just an ethical choice, but a psychological benefit Dr Dan Siegel Daniel J. Siegel received his medical degree from Harvard University and completed his postgraduate medical education at UCLA with training in pediatrics and child, adolescent and adult psychiatry.  He served as a National Institute of Mental Health Research Fellow at UCLA, studying family interactions with an emphasis on how attachment experiences influence emotions, behavior, autobiographical memory and narrative. Dr. Siegel is a clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine and the founding co-director of the Mindful Awareness Research Center at UCLA. An award-winning educator, he is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and recipient of several honorary fellowships. Dr. Siegel is also the Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute, an educational organization, which offers online learning and in-person seminars that focus on how the development of mindsight in individuals, families and communities can be enhanced by examining the interface of human relationships and basic biological processes. His psychotherapy practice includes children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. He serves as the Medical Director of the LifeSpan Learning Institute and on the Advisory Board of the Blue School in New York City, which has built its curriculum around Dr. Siegel’s Mindsight approach.
7/18/202253 minutes, 44 seconds
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Learn with Dr Daniel P Brown - attachment styles & trauma

In this episode: A world leading expert on attachment psychology gives us a masterclass in how relationships affect our brain A Harvard psychologist perspective on why mental health is so bad in our modern world We disclose the #1 thing that can affect your mental health The 5 attributes of giving secure attachment to others those we care about How to overcome conflict and ruptures in relationships through boundaries How we can become more mature in our ow=n emotional regulation An exploration of child development and the different relational maps as we grow up Top psychological traits of high performers and how to cultivate peak states Neuroscience insights into attention and how it relates to ADHD How parents can “wander out loud” about their kids to help them learn about their mind The subtle nuances of meditation to make sure it “works” About Dr Daniel P Brown  Dr. Brown is an Associate Clinical Professor in Psychology at Harvard Medical School. He has served on the Harvard Medical School faculty for 37 years. He is the senior author of a major textbook on the treatment of attachment disorders in adults, D Brown & D Elliott, Attachment Disturbances in Adults. He has served as an expert witness in the courts in over two hundred lawsuits relating to psychological damages from trauma and abuse; His work as an expert witness or consultant on trauma and memory has included testimony before of International War Crimes Tribunal. He has studied under leading eastern meditation teachers (even meditation originators i.e. people who developed the actual practice itself) and has spent 46 years translating meditation texts from Tibetan and Sanskrit into English. He has the only scientific study identifying the neurocircuitry of the meditative experience of awakened mind. Dr. Brown’s background in both Western psychology and Eastern meditation traditions offers a unique integration of the contemporary Western research on peak performance and positive psychology and the classical Buddhist meditation lineage traditions.
7/18/20221 hour, 8 minutes, 33 seconds
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Learn with Mallika Chopra - the power of intention

In this episode: - what it was like to grow up having a worldwide spiritual guru as a parent - Mallika shares incredibly beautiful insights around the power of gratitude and what setting an intent really means (beyond just what we may have read in books like The Secret). - We discuss the usually messy and sometimes dark journey of figuring out who we really are and what we really want - Mallika gives some invaluable advice and perspectives on parenting, and of course, meditation. About Mallika Chopra Mallika Chopra is one of the most prolific meditation teachers in the world. She has spoken at TedXSan Diego and TedXBerkeley, Ideacity, Business Innovation Factory, Wisdom 2.0, Women’s Conferences around the United States, and the Parliament of World Religions. She has been featured in Time Magazine’s Special Issue on Mindfulness, as well as Women’s Health,, Mind Body Green, and Huffington Post. She has worked with companies such as Coca Cola, Disney, LinkedIn and Google. Mallika has published several books – including her most recent project called 'Just Breathe: Meditation, Mindfulness, Movement and More' where she empowers 8-12 year old kids to learn how to deal with stress, sleep better, build self-confidence, and manage the anxiety so many of them face today. She also wrote the book 'Living With Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace and Joy'. A lot of people would be familiar with her father Deepak Chopra – a.k.a. male Oprah Winfrey. He is essentially the face of self-help globally and a large reason why meditation is mainstream in today’s Western world.
7/18/202247 minutes, 42 seconds
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Lead with Margo Lydon - indicators of a thriving workplace

Today's guest is Margo Lydon. In this episode we cover: The most recent insights relating to corporate mental health in Australia from the country's largest wellbeing survey An overview of the 5 core domains of a thriving workplace What some organisations aren't doing well to support their staff (and what they could be doing more right) How COVID has impacted Australian workers (with a surprising finding) What leaders can do to serve their team more effectively About Margo Lydon Margo has been working in mental health and suicide prevention for 20 years. She is the CEO of SuperFriend - one of Australia's leading Workplace Mental Health Organisations. Margo holds a Master of Science, Positive Organization Development and Change and a Bachelor of Business Degree (Marketing). She was a finalist in the 2019 Telstra Business Women’s Awards (Victoria) in the “For Purpose and Social Enterprise” category.
7/18/202258 minutes, 24 seconds
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Learn with Pervis Taylor - white privilege and BLM

In this episode we cover: - A real story from a successful black man who has experienced racism his whole life to humanise the reality of racism in the 21st century - The difference between white privilege & racism - What we can do to help lift up our black brothers & sisters and do small acts to push society forward - How the Black Lives Matter Movement extends beyond an issue of police brutality - An exploration of the incarceration issue and the layers that build up to perpetuate or perception a stigma over time - The “child state” of trauma that can last into adulthood and how parenting can have such a big impact on this This episode’s guest is Pervis Taylor, III, M.A. Pervis is an award-winning celebrity life coach, speaker and author of “Pervis Principles” Volumes 1&2 and “Single Man, Married Man”. As a result of his own trauma, Pervis has dedicated his life to the betterment of one's mental and emotional growth. Through his honing methods, he continues to transform the lives of his extensive client roster that reaches both celebrities, executives, organisations and most importantly inner city youth by pinpointing their needs and goals. Pervis has his Bachelors in marketing from University of Miami and his Masters in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University.
7/18/202259 minutes, 3 seconds
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Grow with Liz Sweigart - the addiction of insecurity

Meet Liz, a Tax Partner at PWC in Texas who gets very real about her experiences with anxiety, clinical depression, medication and OCD. Liz was naturally good at everything she turned her hand to, including mastering the art of living an inauthentic life to please others. Her goal was to be seen and liked. And she was, but it was for the person she thought they wanted her to be, so she had to keep her “true” thoughts and compulsions hidden. She openly talks about her relationship with external validation and how it’s the strongest drug we can come across, as we permanently chase that high to feel loved more than anything else. True to form, Liz is now a leader in driving awareness of mental ill health, particularly in the corporate space. Topics covered: The danger of masking our insecurities with relentless positivity Liz’s breakthrough moment of knowing how to combat her obsessive thoughts and impulsive behaviour How external validation is limitless and has no rock bottom This is the link to the “demon duck of doom” that Liz mentioned at the end - Liz’s blog -
3/8/20211 hour, 16 minutes, 25 seconds
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Grow with Matt Caruana - gaining purpose after losing the ability to walk

Matt became paraplegic after severing his spine during an attempt to end his life. Months and years of physical and mental rehabilitation have seen him completely transform his mindset. Today, Matt is a motivational speaker and mindset coach, particularly influential among his generation, and is on an incredible comeback to walk again. Topics covered: The existential curiosity he had at an early age, which saw him carve out a double life. How he has found purpose and meaning since attempting to take his life. His refusal to accept medical predictions that he’d never walk again. The mindfulness practices he utilizes every day to ensure his ongoing wellbeing.
2/24/202154 minutes, 34 seconds
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Grow with Jake O’Brien - surviving against the odds

Jake grew up with a single mum, and even as a child, he took on the role of “the man’ in the house. When his stepdad came along, things were ok for a while, but later Jake would have to endure the fear and anger of living with an unstable parent figure. Jake escaped to pursue his own life of travel and adventure and became qualified as a chef. Later, in his mid-twenties, when he was just starting to thrive in his new career as a personal trainer, a tragic motorcycle accident nearly claimed his life. Toward the end of his months of recovery, he was told he had throat cancer. Mitch and Jake talk openly about how he survived through it all and how he is continually challenging himself to improve and pursue physical and mental health. Topics covered: Feeling unsafe at home in a household where there is drugs and violence A sense of masculinity. How we grasp at it, lean into it and adapt to threats to it. Surviving a motorcycle accident, which left him in recovery for months Receiving a cancer diagnosis while still in rehabilitation from the accident The music Jake mentions at the end is by @lukasmac and has been a guiding light for his recovery.
2/17/20211 hour, 30 minutes, 59 seconds
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Grow with Sean X Michael - feeling invisible

After constantly yearning for his father’s love, acceptance and approval, which never came, Sean had a longing to be seen and heard. He fought his way through a devastating revelation in childhood, and challenging teenage years to build a life worth living. Toward the end of this chat, Mitch and Sean share a deep connection and vulnerable exchange which enables Sean to open up even further and let the love in and the light shine even further out of him. Topics covered: We already matter. “Success” doesn’t validate our humanity and value. Allocating our self-worth is an inside job. The humiliation of being unwanted by a parent and alienated by your family. How being homeless during his final year of high school drove Sean to imagine that “success” would help him escape poverty. No matter how polarized our demographics, anyone can show you life-changing kindness.
2/8/20211 hour, 6 minutes, 53 seconds
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Grow with Tofe Evans - being "enough"

In this episode we speak to Tofe Evans. Talking about running ultramarathons to cope with his mental health, and his take fighting through adversity fuelled by drugs & alcohol abuse, driven by shame, victimisation, and identity crises. Topics covered: How a lust for external validation infected every area of his life, and left Tofe on the brink of suicide. Being present to keep us feeling enough and worthy of love. The identity crisis after pulling out 280km into a 345km ultramarathon across Scotland. Episode support notes: Tofe’s book is called “Everyone Has a Plan Until Sh!t Hits the Fan” available on Amazon.
1/18/202149 minutes, 20 seconds
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Grow with Josh Wiggins - male eating disorders

Topics covered: The damaging effect of presenting a façade of coping: how being strong for other people removes authentic connection and can exacerbate mental ill health. How teenagers searching for a sense of agency over their body can fall into unhealthy habits and belief systems. How receiving a diagnosis can bring a sense of clarity and freedom to move on. The value of a mentor – how letting just one person we respect and admire guide us can be a significant turning point in our wellbeing. Episode support notes: You can find the book Josh references: “Transmute your Inner Demons” available on his website @_joshwiggins
10/26/202058 minutes, 21 seconds
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Grow with Darren - balancing identity, family and career.

In this episode we speak to Darren, whose experiences in his career as an engineer, coupled with becoming a dad, led him to pursue a new passion – to meet the need for men’s wellbeing. Topics covered: How far we can push our body and brain until it shuts down. How shame seeded in childhood can drive us to overcompensate, achieve and succeed, and at what point that energy source become toxic. How being an empath and a problem solving engineer is a perfect storm of chaos in relationships. Recognising the power of connected communities of men. Episode support notes: Darren refers to his business “WPN” which sells activewear apparel, but also serves a vital purpose for men which is to provide a conduit to conversation and give men a safe space to connect and learn how to be happier healthier people. Website:
10/10/202052 minutes, 26 seconds
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Grow with Catherine Ho - teenage mental health

In this episode we cover: The internal and external pressure on teenagers to excel in school The impact of family breakdown upon young people How parents can be there to support their young people going through mental ill health Breaking the stigma about seeking inpatient treatment How shame and self-judgment could be keeping us sick, and how hitting the ego’s breaking point and leaving pride behind can be the first step to healing The impact of those who die by suicide
10/3/20201 hour, 5 minutes, 36 seconds
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Grow with Matthew Mitcham - what's next after becoming the best?

In this episode we cover: The cycle of shame and addiction What it takes to get clean and stay clean after dependence on narcotics The unstable landscape of attaching your self-worth to achievement and external validation Matt’s book is called “Twists and Turns”
9/26/202049 minutes, 45 seconds
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Grow with Lena - the doctor becomes the patient

In this episode: How OCD when experienced as sexual and/or violent intrusive thoughts can confront your morality and attack your sense of self. Mitch discloses, for the first time, the nature of his intrusive thoughts including a catalytic childhood event, and how it shaped his life, even to the point where he thought he could never have kids. Coping with the loneliness caused by waging a perpetual war between how we present externally and what we’re experiencing internally. How compulsive behaviours can provide some relief to neutralise the destructive thoughts Exposure therapy and acceptance commitment therapy How one moment of connection and understanding can free you from a harness that has trapped and paralysed you for your entire life
9/20/20201 hour, 21 minutes, 14 seconds
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Grow with Amrei Marden - dealing with loss following a natural disaster

In this episode we speak to Amrei Marden. Amrei is a German-Australian yoga teacher, with an amazing story of resilience.  Topics covered:  Post war trauma responses Losing material possessions & her safe space in the Australian Bush-fires How to build resilience and disrupt the victim cycle by exploring, owning and releasing the pain Ego death - what happens when you identity is taken away - how do you rebuild? Episode support notes - If you want to donate to the bush fire relief in Amrei's area please visit: If you want to donate directly to help Amrei rebuild her yoga studio please donate at:
8/6/20201 hour, 9 minutes, 41 seconds
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Grow with Costa Zacharia - you can be good and gay

In this episode we see an amazing human learn to love himself for who he is as a proud gay man. We explore his journey to self acceptance, the battle of religion and sexuality, the moment of acceptance from his father, and how he learned to dance with his demons. There's something in here we can all take away regardless of our lifestyle or sexual preference, in that we all can find the courage to be who we really are. Contact Details for Costa Costa Zacharia @unoit_barber (website live in a couple weeks) Please subscribe, rate & review our podcast @heartonmysleeve #heartonmysleeve
6/8/202045 minutes, 21 seconds
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Grow with Aoife O Connell - creating purposeful careers

- How can we create more purposeful careers? - Techniques to navigate life-altering experiences - How can we minimise guilt and shame? - Are we really advocating for equal opportunities for women? - How to step into and own your voice and experience. - Why parents should continuously invest in improving as a parent - How connections and conversations can influence our mental health
10/6/20191 hour, 14 minutes, 18 seconds
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Grow with Susan Hales - mastering your mind

- Why connection and supporters are the most important aids to healing - How to reframe and restructure your story - What are the key parts of processing and connecting with feelings? - Tips to lean into growth
9/29/201954 minutes, 44 seconds
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Grow with Madii Himbury - the anxiety of figuring out who you are

We talk with Madii Himbury – a young successful Olympic skier who is on a path to discovering who she is outside the world that people see everyday. In this episode we talk about: - What life is like as an elite athlete - How can we manage our mental health so that success isn’t so tied to our identity? - Have you experienced how freeing making space with your story can be?  - How important it is to be aware of your emotions. We can redefine how we see ourselves. - Your body and mind are your refuge. - The importance of knowing when to put yourself first and take your foot off the accelerator. - We all need people to walk with us on our mental health journey. Having someone listen and show they care has such powerful healing. - Accept that you do not always need to be strong. - You won’t always get it right. That’s ok. - Madii shares the skills she uses to manage her mental health.
6/20/201944 minutes, 58 seconds
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Grow with Sharon Draper - psychologists have mental health problems too

"I remember one time as a novice psychologist (I very nervous) a client was telling me a really sad story and I couldn't stop thinking about what I could do to ensure she didn't stop talking, because I was so worried about what to do if there was silence in the conversation..." Very rarely do we see mental health professionals change roles from practitioner to patient. Psychologist Sharon Draper shows us that even the people who do the diagnosing or treating have their own demons to deal with. In this episode we explore the humanity behind the traditionally "God-like" archetypes of professional therapists. In this episode we talk about: - Her experience managing complex OCD issues that have manifested in bizarre behaviours like holding her breath - Living with anxiety and thriving in a world where she helps others to do the same - How personal mental health issues can challenge her ability to support clients, yet also increase the empathy of her work - Why the window of time as a 5 to 7 year old is so sensitive to forming our future mental health - The awkward moment where a psychologist starts writing notes during your session - Sharon also opens up about trauma that has hit close to home for her and impacted her life and inspired her to become involved with psychology - How to change the internal conversation with yourself Subscribe to hear future episodes on the REAL Talk Podcast, or follow us on Instagram or Facebook (@heartonmysleeve) to keep in the loop with future stories.
5/14/201956 minutes, 19 seconds
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Grow with Nicole Blackie - anorexia nervosa

One of the greatest stories of anorexia recovery we’ve ever heard. After several admissions & years in psychiatric hospitals, almost a decade of professional help & medication etc that hardly changed a thing, Nicole has recently made a tectonic shift that now see’s her living a healthy, normal and fulfilling life. In this episode we discuss: - Nicole's harrowing journey with anorexia that almost took her life - The 2 main things that contributed to her recovery - In-patient hospitalisation experiences - Issues relating to current psychology treatment models - School bullying and it's impact of self esteem - The curious and complex nature of eating disorders "No matter if 4 doctors told me exactly the same thing, or the bloods show something’s wrong, or my body is physically not strong enough to walk... my mind was so oblivious to it because it didn’t believe it. The voice is a huge belief, it would tell me I wasn’t out of the woods yet, that I wouldn’t get better. I had very few social connections, so this voice became like my friend. And so no matter what anyone told me, the voice told me they were lying, and so I believed it. Yet deep deep down I knew the truth.”
5/9/201950 minutes, 30 seconds
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Grow with Sarah Daffy - depersonalisation disorder

"I know my left hand is mine, but i don't feel like it is". That's not the "normal" type of thing you would expect to hear out of the mouth of Sarah Daffy - a smart successful young business woman with the world at her feet - living with one of the least common or talked about mental health issues. Depersonalisation is a natural defence mechanism of the mind, and a symptom of many mental ill health conditions, however it is also a standalone disorder for the rare few who experience it's crippling impairments in it's most intense form. A mix of extreme anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder, health anxiety, and depression all resulting in a form of dissociation that feels like you are permanently going insane and living in a world that feels un-real, foggy and robotic. Mitch the founder of HOMS has also been through this, and talks to Sarah about her journey living, accepting and thriving in a real way.
5/1/201950 minutes, 46 seconds
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Grow with Joe Williams - intergenerational trauma of Indigenous Australians

Joe paints a raw image of what life was and is like for indigenous Australians, and he reminds us about the importance of community. Joe makes a really interesting point about genetic memory and intergenerational trauma, and how our ancestors and their experiences really do play a part in shaping who we are as people. We also go deeper into his experiences with mental health and the things he’s learned to help manage. He is definitely someone on the front line, fighting in the trenches on the issue of suicide prevention. In fact, the afternoon this interview took place, he only just found out about someone in his community committing suicide, which shows just how real it is for him on a day-to-day basis. Joe is a proud Aboriginal man. He played in the NRL (for our international listeners that’s the national rugby league here in Australia) for South Sydney Rabbitohs, Penrith Panthers and Canterbury Bulldogs before switching to professional Boxing in 2009 where he was crowned a 2x WBF World Jnr Welterweight champion WBC Asia Continental Title holder. Outside of the spotlight he was battling mental illness, as he had done for most of his life. In 2012 Joe tried to take his own life. Despite a successful career, he has lived with bipolar which has challenged him to his greatest lengths, far beyond any physical world contests. Through that experience he found his true calling – which is to use his personal and professional experiences to help other people. Recently Joe has also been involved in filming of the worldwide documentary, "Suicide the Ripple Effect" from director and fellow advocate, Kevin Hines (the man who survived jumping off the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco). He is a published author with his book “Defying The Enemy Within”. In 2018 Joe was conferred the highest honour of Australia's most eminent Suicide Prevention organisation, Suicide Prevention Australia's LIFE Award for his outstanding work in communities across Australia.
1/1/201942 minutes, 17 seconds
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Grow with Nick Ward - finding yourself as a teenager

Nick talks about his struggles with fitting in and we discuss how we both manage intense thoughts and intense emotions particularly as a young person with a brain that feels different to other people, whilst trying to navigate the pressures and realities of school and being a teenager. We talk about what being a man means to him, and how we wear a mask to fit in. We also explore how rewarding yet challenging it is to sit with uncomfortable emotions. Nick is a film maker and high school student. He is the youngest Tropfest finalist in history (the world’s largest short film festival), at the age of just 16. His project was a thought provoking, emotional drama about teenage mental health called 'Boys Don't Cry'. The movie tackles the alarming epidemic of depression, anxiety and suicide among young Australians. Not only that, it also contributes to the rewriting of the toxic side of the masculine narrative that still permeates young boys today.
12/19/201849 minutes, 53 seconds
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Grow with Thorald Koren - a rockstar with OCD

Thorald takes us through some his experiences with the bizarre and intrusive world of OCD, and how a shooting star of all things was something that changed the trajectory of his life forever. Mitch shares a story about how he helped him eat a drawing of the devil to overcome his fear of being possessed, which out of context, couldn’t be weirder (but that’s why we are here!). More than anything, we hope you enjoy listening to someone who you can feel is just a good person – through and through. His genuine energy will be medicine, in and of itself. Thorald Koren is a diamond in the rough and one of the most soulful people you could ever meet. He is Australian born, growing up in Adelaide and Sydney before moving to New York as a teenager to chase his dream of music. He toured with Coldplay, Bon Jovi, Pink and Rod Stewart, roaming international stages and performing in front of sold out stadiums. He has lived the rock star life to a degree you and I will never know. What very few people saw throughout this time was the insidious anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder that plagued his life, driving him into chapters of psychosis and suicidal ideation at several points in his life. After some tear jerking life experiences that he shares some details of in this episode, Thorald has now pivoted toward something far more meaningful to his true purpose in life: helping people with their mental health through what he knows best: music. Together with his talented brother Isaac, they established “The Songwriters Journey” to reconnect people with their lost selves and provide a safe yet creative place to heal their life’s trauma.
12/16/20181 hour, 10 minutes, 53 seconds
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Grow with Ruby Wax - laugh your way out of feeling shit

This is a more light hearted interview so enjoy listening to our shit and inappropriate jokes about things you probably shouldn’t joke about. What better way to not feel so crazy than to listen to someone who totally and unapologetically owns it. Ruby is a very well-known comedian, originally from the US but has spent most of her adult life in the UK. In the 1980’s, Ruby starred in the sitcom Girls on Top, and came to prominence as a comic interviewer in shows including The Full Wax and Ruby Wax Meets. She was the writer for the sitcom Absolutely Fabulous otherwise known as Ab Fab (1992–2012), also appearing in two episodes. Ruby has openly suffered from depression and mental health challenges that has seen her hospitalised as an ongoing inpatient. As a result, most of her recent life has been devoted to cultivating the field of mental well-being. She graduated from Oxford University in 2013 with a Master’s Degree in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. She is also an Alumna and Honorary Senior Fellow of Regent’s University London with an MA in Psychotherapy and Counselling, and a Visiting Professor in the School of Mental Health Nursing at the University of Surrey as well as holding an Honorary Doctorate from the School of Psychology from The University of East London. She has also been awarded a City Lit Lifetime Fellowship and has been awarded an OBE for her services to Mental Health. She is the author of 2 best-selling books “Sane New World” and “A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled” which combine neuroscience, mindfulness and comedy. Her latest book “How to Be Human” was published in January 2018. She also founded Black Dog Tribe, a social networking site providing information and social support for people suffering with mental health issues. She presented her TedTalk at TedGlobal 2012 What’s So Funny about Mental Illness? Ruby recently launched her Frazzled Cafes in partnership with Marks and Spencer’s throughout the UK. Each Marks and Spencer’s closes their cafes for two hours for groups to meet regularly. These are based on the format of AA, not necessarily for people with mental health problems, but for all those who are feeling frazzled.
12/9/201846 minutes, 9 seconds
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Grow with Francesca Hung (Miss Universe Australia) - the other side to having it all

Francesca was recently named: Miss Universe Australia 2018. Talk about the perfect outside life. On first glance, Francesca is a beautiful model, from an affluent family, studying at university, living a life of privilege. What does she have to be sad about? This is a question that has led her to some very dark places. A guilt and resentment toward herself for “having it all” yet feeling so low. Francesca brings such a tremendous level of honesty and transparency to things she has battled with, including her self esteem issues, body insecurities and even her own ethnicity as a Chinese-Australian. She wants to change the traditional view of people like her having it all or worse yet, needing to pretend they are okay when they aren’t. As she explains, not everyone will understand, even the people who you want to understand the most. But they don’t have to, so long as someone does. As you will see, she keeps it more real than someone of her profile is expected, and that’s her greatest gift. She will now represent Australia at the Miss Universe 2018 pageant in Bangkok, Thailand – and we wish her all our best for an even bigger global stage.
12/2/201846 minutes, 54 seconds
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Grow with Osher Günsberg - overcoming addiction, downsides of fame, managing obsessive thoughts

Osher Günsberg is one of Australia’s most recognisable media personalities. Osher has been a guest in the living rooms of Australian’s for nearly 2 decades. From his work on Channel [V] in the early 2000's to seven seasons on Australian Idol, Osher was the first Australian to host live network prime time TV in the USA on CBS’ Live To Dance. Currently, Osher hosts Network Ten’s The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. He is no stranger to Podcasts, with The Osher Günsberg Podcast in its 4th year with over 1 million downloads (no pressure on my end). Recently, Osher has very publicly revealed his battled with mental illness, particularly OCD, alcohol abuse & psychosis. He has recently written the book: “Back, After the Break”. Osher openly reveals for the first time a powerful, dark, funny and heart wrenching story about life, love and living with mental illness. And the memoir is just the beginning. He is producing a LIVE show based on the memoir and speaking to audiences about his story, what others can learn and take away from it. Osher and Mitch talk about the effects anxiety has had on both their lives. Osher shares his view and experience with medication in treating his condition, as well as what it’s like managing multiple conditions at once, one being a battle with alcohol. Mitch didn’t get given a rose unfortunately, as much as he tried, but he was given an insightful hour of vulnerability from a man who has been through a lot and lives to tell the tale.
11/25/20181 hour, 4 minutes, 7 seconds
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Mitch Wallis - welcome home

A welcome episode where Mitch shares his story with the world, why he started a mental health movement, and a reassuring message that you are not alone.
11/20/201836 minutes, 14 seconds