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Chinese, Education, 1 seasons, 41 episodes, 7 hours 32 minutes
I worked as radio broadcaster at China Radio International and now I am director and Chinese teacher at the Confucius Class at Gbtimes Oy in Finland. If you want to learn everyday Chinese and lay a firm foundation of your Mandarin pronunciation, this is for you.
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听歌学中文 I Pray For You 我为你祈祷 For 台湾尘暴伤者

08/07/201517 minutes 27 seconds
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Father父亲_Father's Day edition 01

22/06/201514 minutes 23 seconds
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A Song for Fathers in Heaven 父亲_Father's Day edition 2

22/06/201517 minutes 9 seconds
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LearnChineseSong Songs & Smiles 歌声与微笑

01/06/20158 minutes 20 seconds
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What's special about 520 and Ways To Express Deep Love in Chinese

01/06/201510 minutes
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LearnChineseSong AGreatLove天之大A Song For Mums In Heaven

07/05/201516 minutes 25 seconds
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Learn Chinese Song_ Today is your birthday mum 今天是你的生日妈妈

27/04/201521 minutes 9 seconds
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31/03/201515 minutes 44 seconds
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Master Four Tones through 汤糖躺烫 tang1234

20/03/201510 minutes 27 seconds
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LearnChineseSong Slower Days In The Past从前慢

06/03/201510 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

LearnChineseSong I Am Willing我愿意

03/03/201518 minutes 4 seconds
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Learn Chinese Songs: the Song of Zhangsan 张三的歌

12/01/201514 minutes 14 seconds
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Christmas is around the corner, let's learn a Christmas song in Chinese! Silent Night 平安夜 Click to our online tutorial audio: 圣诞节 shèng dàn jié:Christmas Day 圣诞快乐 shèng dàn kuài lè: Merry Christmas! 祝你圣诞快乐 zhù nǐ shèng dàn kuài lè: Wish you a merry Christmas!
12/12/201416 minutes 1 second
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Learn Chinese Song_Not Omnipotent Comedy 不万能的喜剧

25/11/20148 minutes 51 seconds
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Learn Chinese Song_ Bird Language 鸟语

25/11/201418 minutes 16 seconds
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Learn Chinese Song_ Miss Dong 董小姐

20/11/201436 minutes 52 seconds
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Learn Chinese Song_Outside World外面的世界

12/11/201415 minutes 40 seconds
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Learn Chinese Song_弯弯的月亮the Crescent Moon

弯弯的月亮 or the Crescent Moon is one of the representatives of mandarin pop music in 1990s. The poetic lyrics depict a beautiful picture of the moon, the river, the boat, the girl and the hometown. Both the composer Li Haiying and the singer Liu Huan came to prominence after releasing the song, which is what we are going to learn in this episode.
05/11/201420 minutes 13 seconds
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28/10/201411 minutes 3 seconds
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007 Education_Chinese Words in the News

Learn Chinese word through news. If you want to learn everyday Chinese and lay a firm foundation of your Mandarin pronunciation,
08/10/20144 minutes 23 seconds
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Sing Along a Chinese Song: Dan Yuan Ren Chang Jiu 但愿人长久

The fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month is the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival(中秋节zhōng qiū jiē), which falls on Sept 8 this year. In the Chinese lunar calendar, August is in the middle of autumn and the 15th day is in the middle of the month. This explains why the 15th of August is called the Mid-Autumn Festival. The day is also known as the moon festival, for on that day, the moon is at its fullest and brightest. It is an important festival for family members to get together, so it is also called the Reunion Festival. In this episode, let’s learn a very traditional Chinese song但愿人长久(dàn yuàn rén zhǎng jiǔ), which was paraphrased as Never Part With Your Beloved Ones. It is one of the most fitting songs to play around this time.
08/09/201413 minutes 49 seconds
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006 High Paying Jobs_Chinese Word in the News

Words of the day: 高薪工作, High paying jobs 高,high,薪,paying, salary, 高薪:high salary, high paying 工作,job or jobs 高薪工作:high paying jobs Earning an annual income of six figures or more is the dream for many. But to land one of the best paying jobs of 2014, 高薪工作,you must be prepared to pay some hefty costs.
15/08/20142 minutes 34 seconds
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005 Friends_Chinese Word in the News

Word of the day: 朋友,friend or friends. 友谊friendship Both朋and 友 mean friends, so 朋友 friends, 友谊,friendship The Independent Newspaper says on Tuesday: Social isolation is rife in Britain, according to new research showing that one in 10 people do not have a single close friend 朋友. A state of the nation report into the country’s relationships by the charity Relate has revealed how 4.7 million people in the country have no close friends 朋友at all.
14/08/20142 minutes 21 seconds
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004 Giant Panda_Chinese Word in the News

Word of the day: 大熊猫,giant panda, 大,big or giant, 熊猫panda, 大熊猫,giant panda,宝宝cub, 熊猫宝宝,panda cub A wildlife park in the southern city of Guangzhou says a giant panda 大熊猫 has given birth to the world's only known surviving triplets. 12-year-old panda 熊猫 Ju Xiao gave birth half a month ago in a delivery taking three hours. The Wildlife Park says all three cubs are now in good health. 你见过大熊猫吗?Have you ever seen giant pandas? 你见过熊猫宝宝吗?have you ever seen panda cubs?
13/08/20141 minute 48 seconds
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003 Eat Apples_Chinese Word in the News

Word of the day:吃苹果, eat apples. An apple, 苹果, a day keeps the doctor away. And over the past day there's been a surge of people in Poland eating apples,吃苹果,- but not for medical reasons. Poles have been posting images of apples,苹果,on social media as a way of protesting against Russia’s ban on some fruit and vegetable imports- including apples苹果- from Poland. Polish food producers say the ban is politically motivated as a response to EU sanctions. In response, Poles have been showing their support for local farmers by campaigning on social media. It started on Twitter when a journalist shared an image of himself eating an apple,吃苹果,and used the hashtag #jedzjabłka, which means "eat apples",吃苹果。
12/08/20141 minute 31 seconds
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002 Supermoon_Chinese Word in the News

Word of the day:超级月亮, supermoon. A "supermoon",超级月亮,lit up the skies across the world on Sunday. The moon appeared 14% bigger and 30% brighter than normal as it reached the point in its orbit closest to the Earth. "Supermoon"超级月亮isn't an astronomical term, however, it became popular and widely used in the past few years.
11/08/20141 minute 37 seconds
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001 Earthquake_Chinese Word in the News

Word of the day:地震, earthquake. Last Sunday,a 6.5-magnitude earthquake,地震,strike Southwest China’s Yunnan province. The death toll from the earthquake, 地震,has risen to 589, according to Chinese authorities Wednesday.
08/08/20141 minute 2 seconds
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Sing along a Chinese song: let love live in my home

In this episode, let's learn Chinese through a song, 让爱住我家-let love live in my home. This song, first performed in 2003 spring festival gala by an ordinary family, who also composed and wrote the lyrics of the song, became popular among Chinese because of its inspiring and heartwarming lyrics. The song includes many vocabs we have learnt so far, such as the possessive personal pronouns, so it is easy for you to follow ;-)
11/06/201420 minutes 3 seconds
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Dragon Boat Festival

June 2nd this year is also the 5th day of the 5th lunar month. In China, today is celebrated as Dragon Boat Festival, which is also called the Duanwu Festival. People eat Zongzi (a traditional Chinese food) and compete dragon boat race! Hence a short new audio program has been made to share with you the history background of the day and how modern Chinese celebrate the day in traditional ways.
02/06/20145 minutes 54 seconds
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Ask & tell time in Chinese

Last episode, we learnt counting numbers from 0-9999 in mandarin Chinese. In this episode, let's learn how to ask and tell time. All you need to remember are very basic numbers and a few key vocabulary words. And the rules are very simple. If you are listening to this episode for the 1st time, I strongly suggest you take out a pen and paper to take notes while listening.
30/05/201411 minutes 52 seconds
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You can count numbers in Chinese!

This episode is about Chinese numbers. You will be able to technically count from 0-9999 after listening to this audio. If you are listening for the fist time, take out a pen and a piece of paper to jot down some notes while you are listening, as this will help you during the exercise part. Let's go!
12/05/201411 minutes 24 seconds
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Learn Chinese20_Asking name02& introduce oneself

28/04/20147 minutes 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

Learn Chinese19_Asking name01& introduce your friend

28/04/201410 minutes 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

Learn Chinese18_When introducing someone & occupations

28/04/201410 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

Learn Chinese17_What nationality are you

28/04/201410 minutes 41 seconds
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Learn Chinese16_Names of family members_3 ways to call husband&wife

Family is very important to Chinese. In this episode, you will learn how each family member is called. Besides, you will learn three ways to call husband and wife, and when is best to use them.
01/04/20147 minutes 24 seconds
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Learn Chinese15_asking question02_yes/no reply

In this episode, you will learn new question patterns and how to give yes and no reply.
01/04/20145 minutes 26 seconds
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Learn Chinese14_asking questions01_who is she/this/that

Let's learn asking simple questions in this episode. You will learn following question and answer patterns: 1. who is she/he? (who are you? who am I?) She is... 2. Who is this/that? This/that is...
01/04/20144 minutes 11 seconds
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Learn Chinese13_reflexive pronouns & I teach myself to play the piano

In English we use a reflexive pronoun as a direct object when the object is the same as the subject of the verb. For example: I teach myself to play the piano. Be careful with that knife. You might cut yourself. This is the same in Chinese. This episode, let's learn reflexive pronouns in Chinese.
01/04/20145 minutes 5 seconds
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Learn Chinese12_how to say I love you_basic pronouns

There are over 40 English words of pronouns while there are only a few to express the same meaning in Chinese. This episode, let's learn basic personal pronouns and possessive pronouns & how to say 'I love you' in Chinese.
31/03/20148 minutes
Episode Artwork

Learn Chinese11_What would you like to drink?

In this episode, you will learn the names of the most common drinks and containers in Chinese. And how you say"what would you like to drink" in different situations.
28/03/20143 minutes 50 seconds