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English, Finance, 4 seasons, 74 episodes, 1 day, 19 hours, 15 minutes
Most companies, including BPOs, have a mission statement that demonstrates its core values, but do its employees know and understand what it stands for? Each month, Qualfon executives and employees across our organization will join hosts Marisol Sanchez and Jeremy Lunnen for a deep dive into how they live the Qualfon mission through mentorship, learning and development, community involvement, and communication.
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The Importance of Motivating your Team Members with Site Director, Leila Lassetter and Mission Manager, Laron Dixon

In this episode, Jeremy and Aimee are joined by Site Director, Leila Lassetter, and Mission Manager, Laron Dixon, to discuss the crucial role of creating a motivating environment for the members on their team. They stress how essential it is for employees to feel valued at work because the recognition of good work gets repeated. Leila and Laron also share their experiences transitioning to a virtual workspace, while maintaining personal connections with their teams. Their acknowledgement of these individuals ensures that everyone they engage with feels motivated to continue to be the best at what they do.
5/31/202455 minutes, 59 seconds
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The Art of Listening: Exploring Deep Connections with Brian Hadley, SVP, Sales and Coaching

Dive deep into the transformative power of listening in this episode of Mission Qualfon, where Jeremy and Aimee are joined by Qualfon's Brian Hadley, SVP, Sales and Coaching. Known for his roles as a coach, leader and teacher, Brian sheds light on why listening is an essential skill in both professional and personal contexts. He shares his journey of mastering active listening, emphasizing that like any skill, it requires practice and intention. Discover how asking the right questions can unveil stories and insights that go beyond surface-level conversations, leading to deeper understanding and connection. This episode will challenge you to rethink how you listen by remaining curious, embracing silence and fostering an environment where meaningful conversations can flourish.
4/19/202443 minutes, 29 seconds
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Episode 72: A New Season and a New Direction!

Season 5 will see some major changes on the Mission Qualfon Podcast. In this episode you will get a preview of what to expect and be introduced to a brand new cohost! We are excited to have you along for the new season and look forward to more great conversations!
3/18/202424 minutes, 49 seconds
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Leadership Unveiled: The Journey Within Qualfon’s 3M Philosophy

In the season four finale of Mission Qualfon, unravel Anand Nagere’s extraordinary leadership journey within Qualfon’s established 3M philosophy – Mentor, Manager, Messenger. From a mechanical engineer in India to a pivotal role as a Process Optimization Engineer (POET) at Qualfon, Anand shares insights into the POETs’ impact on internal processes, strategic accounts, and global business services. Beyond the corporate realm, discover Anand’s leadership triumphs at the Toastmaster club and his contributions to Qualfon’s holistic development. Join Jeremy and Marisol for an inspiring episode that unveils leadership excellence at Qualfon. 
12/26/202357 minutes, 14 seconds
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Mission-Driven IT: Balancing Technical Skills with a Human Factor with Ian Catolico, SVP, IT and James Wagner, VP, IT

Joining Jeremy and Marisol this week are two members of our IT team, Ian Catolico and James Wagner. Ian and James discuss their experiences, personal journeys and the unique positioning of Qualfon’s IT department. They also touch upon the synergy between the IT team members and how the department effectively blends technical prowess with exceptional customer service.
10/27/202333 minutes, 1 second
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Episode 68: The Power of Education Provided by the Rochat School of Business with Roberto Sanchez Mejorada, Chief Mission Officer, and Carlos Guereca, Dean of Rochat School of Business

Roberto Sanchez Mejorada, Chief Mission Officer, and Carlos Guereca, Dean of Rochat School of Business, join the podcast this week to emphasize the importance of education and the opportunities it brings. Jeremy and Marisol talk with Roberto and Carlos about their personal journeys with education and how each person’s experience is different. Roberto explains how Qualfon’s mission guides us and how being the best to make each person’s life better can be achieved through education. This is why Rochat School of Business is offered to our employees and their families. Carlos discusses how he wanted the Rochat School of Business to be affordable and high quality so that individuals can pursue their total vocation. He speaks about how education is expansive and transformational, you impact your family, your community and eventually the world.
9/5/202352 minutes, 12 seconds
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Episode 67: Brian Hadley

7/31/202332 minutes, 28 seconds
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Episode 65: Aligning Personal Values with the Qualfon Mission with Becky Brashaw, Contract Manager

In this episode, Becky Brashaw speaks with Jeremy and Marisol about the journey from temporary Call Center Agent to Contract Manager. While some might see the call center as a jumping-off point, Becky saw it as a place where she would build a career and make a difference. In her current position as a Contract Manager, Becky is described as a traffic controller; navigating contracts between multiple sources to achieve an outcome everyone is happy with. Becky speaks at length about how proud she is to work for a company whose Mission parallels her values. As a recent graduate of the Rochat School of Business, she has seen the Mission in action and believes it truly fulfills the needs of many.
6/29/202343 minutes, 3 seconds
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Episode 47: Realizing Your Fullest Potential with Sarah Carpenter, Site Director

Joining Jeremy and Marisol for this episode of the Mission Qualfon podcast is Sarah Carpenter, our Holland, MI Site Director. Sarah describes how her contact center experience began as an agent and unfolded as she worked her way up from Team Leader to Operations Manager to Training, Quality, and Knowledge Management before joining Qualfon. Sarah also shares how being a preacher’s child shaped her and explains how it impacts the way she serves others as a Site Director and Mission Leader at Qualfon.
5/19/202231 minutes, 49 seconds
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Episode 46: Where Finance Meets the Mission with Jim Guillaumin, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Jeremy and Marisol are joined by our Chief Financial Officer, Jim Guillaumin for this week’s episode. Jim describes how his professional journey led to him becoming Qualfon’s CFO. He takes the time to discuss the importance of having good mentors and expresses how it motivated him to pursue work and education at the same time. Jim goes on to explain the intricacies of his position and how they all tie back to the mission. He also shares the moment he was won over by the mission during his first annual summit at Qualfon.
5/5/202240 minutes, 46 seconds
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Episode 45: Leadership and the Power of Change with Marvie Wright, VP of Learning & Development

Jeremy is back this week as co-host with Marisol, and they are joined by our VP of Learning & Development, Marvie Wright. Marvie discusses the journey she took prior to finding her niche in sales and training. She emphasizes the value that comes with being open to learning and receiving feedback. Marvie also shares how the Qualfon mission has guided her when making tough leadership decisions and explains how we should continue to bring the mission alive with our passion and our excellence.
4/22/202237 minutes
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Episode 39: Professionally Embracing Spirituality with hosts Marisol Sanchez and Jeremy Lunnen

As the second season is nearing the end, hosts Marisol and Jeremy sit down for their first one-on-one conversation about the paths that led them to their total vocation at Qualfon. Both having seen a lot in their professional backgrounds, Jeremy and Marisol explain how two skeptics came to understand and believe in the sincerity behind the mission; so much so they decided to create a podcast about it.
11/9/202139 minutes, 53 seconds
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Episode 33: Embodying Total Vocation through Learn@Work Education with Matt Carleton

This week we are kicking off our Learn@Work campaign on Mission Qualfon with our Advance Leadership Academy Senior Manager, Matt Carleton! Matt joins Jeremy and Marisol to discuss Qualfon’s efforts in helping shape the future of employees that will one day lead the company. Through Leadership Academy programs and educational advancements made with Rochat University, Qualfon is intentional in developing the whole person by encouraging them to pursue their total vocation. Listen to our most recent episode and learn how Qualfon’s education opportunities are impacting Qualfon employees, their families, and even community members. Mission Qualfon Podcast is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and more!
8/13/202140 minutes, 21 seconds