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Auditioning for voice over jobs can be daunting. Mission Audition can help! In this podcast, the team at exposes what exactly makes a good (and not so good) voice over audition. In each episode, voice talent on audition for a specific category of voice over job that we’ve posted, and a selection of reads are critiqued before the job is actually awarded! Packed with highlights of problem areas, and tips for solving them, Mission Audition will expand your knowledge of the way that clients hire, common pitfalls to avoid, and the extra touches you can add to ensure your auditions have the best chance of being the one that impresses the client. Our mission is to help you audition better!
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Thinking Outside the Box with Jordan Hunter Jones

Join seasoned expert VO Jordan Hunter Jones on this super fun episode of Mission Audition. Jordan brings his experience to the table and shares how to think outside of the box and deliver your voice over spot to REAL people. This is an episode you won’t want to miss! He’s been “Sonny” from CoCoa Puffs, […]
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Speech Pathologist Insights with Vocal Coach Tessa Livingston

Peak performance… but not as you know it? Tune in to hear what went wrong (and hilariously right) in the auditions for a new fitness commercial. Speech Pathologist and expert Vocal Coach Tessa Livingston gives valuable and helpful tips for utilizing your voice in the best way possible. More from Tessa: Free sign up […]
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Voice Over Life Lessons – With Aurelia Michael

Tired of generic voice over advice? Join us as we dive into the transformative world of life coaching and its power to elevate your voice acting game. Buckle up, because our guest is Aurelia Michael, the “Voice Over Life Coach,” and she’s here to shatter expectations and inspire you to bring your most authentic self to the mic. This isn’t […]
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AI, Accents, and Your Competitive Edge with Toby Ricketts

Join Vanessa, Tara, and accent connoisseur Toby Ricketts on this riveting episode of Mission Audition. We hold nothing back in this episode exploring AI voices, the ethics of AI, and how having a toolkit of accents will boost your your voice over journey. Every 2nd brief that comes along now is asking for ‘real people’, […]
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Becoming a Utility Actor with Nicki Burke

Join our special guest voice over coach Nicki Burke with Vanessa and Tara on this month’s Mission Audition. On this episode we dive into what clients want, archetypes of animation, and how to utilize your unique acting skills to become a utility actor. This episode is chock-full of new and useful voice acting insights and […]
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Hiting the Character Target with Bertrand Ruffieux

What does voice over and slack lining have in common? Let Bertrand Ruffieux tell you all about it. Bertrand explores the importance of connecting with oneself, pacing, and editing in this episode of Voice Over Experts. You won’t want to miss it! Contact Bertrand: [email protected] More from Voices:
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The Success is in the Tagline with Luis E. Garcia

Join this month’s special guest Luis E. Garcia, Tara, and Vanessa on another riveting episode of Mission Audition. Luis talks shop on how to upgrade your studio, deliver quality audio, and the importance of taglines in voice over advertisements. You won’t want to miss the advice from this month’s VO pro Luis E. Garcia! More […]
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Honest Industry Insights with Jordan Hunter Jones

Strap in your seatbelts everyone, because this episode is a ride! Our hosts Vanessa and Tara invite coach Jordan Hunter Jones to deliver some voice over truth on this month’s auditions. We hear some very competitive auditions, and some not so much. This month’s coach Jordan is here to deliver the honest truth that voice […]
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Acting Your Way Into a Soft Sell with Sarah Troyer

Do you know what the difference between a hard and soft sell is? How about navigating challenging scripts for small business clients? Join Vanessa, Tara, and our special guest voice coach Sarah Troyer on this episode of Mission Audition, where we answer those questions and more! More about Sarah: Spice up your auditions: […]
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A Behind the Scenes Look Into Casting with David Goldberg

Have you ever wondered who is listening to your auditions? What about how the does and dont’s of a 2 take audition? Our coach for this month David Goldberg has the all those answers and more! Plus, David has a bonus homework assignment for all voice actors that will simulate a real life casting scenario. […]
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Mastering the Mental Game of Voice Acting with Megan Fahlenbock

Join us in this episode of Mission Audition as we dive into a candid conversation, Megan shares invaluable insights and advice for aspiring voice actors looking to succeed in the industry. Megan’s sports background brings a unique perspective to the mental game of voice acting, emphasizing the significance of clarity, script analysis, and boosting your […]
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The Script is the Roadmap with Dan Friedman

Get ready for an exciting episode of Mission Audition featuring the veteran voice over coach and live sound engineer, Dan Friedman! In this episode, Dan discusses the important of balance in one’s voice over regime – drawing from his latest book “Zen and the Art of Voiceover”. Discover how understanding your emotions can enhance your […]
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Align Your Voice and Find Your Power with Aurelia Michael

Join professional voice actor and life coach Aurelia Michael and the Voices crew as they listen to and critique voice over auditions. Aurelia offers her positive mindset, life tips, and suggests that auditioning for absolutely everything might not actually be the path to success. This is an episode you will not want to miss, so […]
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Breaking Down the Script with Jesse Adam

Join seasoned voice actor Jesse Adam for this month’s Mission Audition. In this episode Jesse breaks down exactly how to approach a script. Starting with problem, solution, and finally: call to action. Jesse also goes into detail on other snags that might stop voice actors from achieving success in the voice over industry.
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Stand Out in Complex Auditions with Anthony Pica

Join Anthony Pica and the Voices crew on this episode of Mission Audition. Anthony emphasizes the importance of bringing one’s unique perspective and interpretation to the project, especially when faced with something that doesn’t align with one’s usual style. Anthony also mentions the importance of physical voice acting, and creating your own characters or archetypes […]
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A Year of Auditions and Top Voice Over Tips of 2022

On this special episode, we explore Mission Audition’s editor and producer Geoff Bremner’s top moments of the year. We will learn everything voice over – from audio editing and mixing to conversational reads, to mindset. Join eleven hand picked voice over industry masters on this must-listen episode of Mission Audition. This year’s coaches: Tommy GriffithsRachel […]
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Voice Over Play by Play with Melissa Moats

On this episode, seasoned voice actress Melissa “Lady Luck” Moats gives honest and detailed critique line by line. She covers it all: how to not sound too much like an announcer, pacing, which parts of each audition she loved, and which parts could use some improvement. Join Evan, Vanessa and Melissa on another fun episode […]
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Mastering Gaming and Animation Voice Acting with Shelly Shenoy

Join Shelly, Evan, and Vanessa on a journey into the nuances of becoming a successful Game and Animation Voice Actor. Shelly talks about how to stand out and how to identify important notes to hit in a script, even when they are unwritten. This episode is a must listen if you think you have the […]
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Nailing the Narration with Anthony Reece

Join Anthony Reece to learn how to craft an outstanding narration read. In this episode, you’ll learn everything you need to mark up your script and show competence with confidence! Find Anthony Reece:
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Pacing, Authenticity, and Getting Out of Slumps with Gina Scarpa

Join Gina, Kyle, and Vanessa on a voice over journey critiquing this month’s audition submissions. In this episode, they find that ‘just right’ pacing, bringing personal flair to your read. Gina also covers a laundry list of things one can do to get out of a slump in their career. The episode is full of […]
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It’s All About Belief with Bill DeWees

On Today’s episode of Mission Audition, we are joined by Talent and Voice Coach Bill DeWees. Bill hones in on how to approach a piece of copy and how to sound more natural and genuine. We discuss the small variations that make all the difference in today’s Voice Over market. Find Bill: Home
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Becoming a Performer with Kim Handysides

On Today’s episode of Mission Audition, we are joined by talent and voice coach Kim Handysides, to discuss the Performer’s Mindset of engaging with a script in a natural way.Kim is dialing in on how to approach a piece of copy and how to sound more natural and genuine. We discuss the small variations that […]
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Audio Production 101 with Bradford Hastings

On Today’s episode of Mission Audition, we are joined by Bradford Hasting of HastingsVO, to discuss the do’s and don’ts of Audio Production. Bradford is dialing in on how to make your audio sound more natural and polished rather than overly processed, which is vital in today’s Voice Over market. With his help, we hope that you will […]
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How to Master the Modern Conversational Read with Andrea Collins

We’re talking about the conversation read. Start the process by thinking about how you would talk to a friend in a coffee shop. Today on Mission Audition, we welcome Andrea Collins. Andrea is an award-winning voiceover artist working with some of the largest brands in the world like Google, Facebook, Dove, Amazon, Spotify, iHeartRadio, People, […]
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How to Nail an Audition with Bruce Kronenberg

Our aim for this episode is to provide you with everything you need to know to nail a voiceover audition! Joining us to share his expertise is professional voiceover instructor, Bruce Kronenberg. Bruce has had an impressive 25-year voiceover career working with some of the world’s biggest brands, and has been coaching for over a […]
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Finding Your Niche with Rachel Alena

Finding your niche in voiceover acting can be a challenge, and it’s not always what you expect it to be. Talking to us today about how she found her niche is Rachel Alena, voiceover talent, coach, singer, songwriter, and onscreen actor. Rachel’s voiceover career has spanned 20 years, and she brings a wealth of experience […]
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Connecting from the Heart with Tommy Griffiths

One of the most important aspects of voice acting is the ability to convey genuine emotion and appropriate levels of enthusiasm about the subject. Here on the show today to tease out some of the nuances to these ideas is Tommy Griffiths, a veteran from the voice-over profession, and one of our most experienced coaches […]
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Narrating Children’s Audiobooks with Joe Loesch

The way that voice actors record audiobooks has evolved over the years. When this episode’s guest first launched his career in voice over, everybody recorded from a studio while receiving live direction. Now, with decades of experience under his belt and a slew of awards to his name, our guest explains how home recording has […]
8/28/202046 minutes, 50 seconds
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Performing Live Announcements with Melissa Moats

As a voice actor hailing from the convention capital of the United States, Melissa Moats has had the chance to rack up a lot of experience performing live announcements. While live events may have temporarily been put on hold, there are still plenty of opportunities to perform virtual live announcements: a genre of voice over […]
8/11/202037 minutes, 26 seconds
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Finding Your Authentic Voice with Brian McKeever

Today’s listeners can sniff out an inauthentic voice from a mile away. Whether it’s a regional accent or a voice’s age, authenticity in a read will determine whether a vocal performance really sells an audience or just falls flat. In this week’s episode, Stephanie links up with voice actor and coach Brian McKeever to listen […]
7/16/202039 minutes, 56 seconds
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Setting Yourself Apart with Amanda Sellers & Mike Schurko

Success in voice acting is all about setting yourself apart—whether it’s your audition standing out from other submissions, or your masterful delivery that billboards the name of a brand to distinguish it from the rest of the copy in a script. To produce more winning auditions, you have to learn how to juggle the client’s […]
6/26/202043 minutes, 1 second
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Contemporary Car Commercials with Ron Allan

Automotive spots for radio and TV are a classic genre of voice over job. But as a voice actor performing a car commercial read today, how do you make a traditional topic fresh, and how can you use your voice to hone in on the specific target market the company aims to resonate with? In […]
6/11/202043 minutes, 18 seconds
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Sounding Relatable with Amie Breedlove

Listeners often gravitate toward voices that they can form a connection with. That’s why more and more voice over casting directors are on the lookout for relatable reads. But sounding relatable to your audience doesn’t always come naturally: it takes a deliberate mix of enthusiasm, cool composure, and some careful script analysis.  Who better, then, […]
5/28/202035 minutes, 33 seconds
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Nailing Your Live Directed Session with Toby Ricketts

Thanks to technology, connecting with clients for a live directed session has never been easier—even when you’re located halfway across the globe from one another. Near, far, or wherever you are, a directed session’s success relies on how prepared you are to juggle various technologies while following remote recording etiquette. That’s why Stephanie was over […]
5/7/202053 minutes, 54 seconds
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The Key to a Natural Voice Over Performance with Bradford Hastings

It seems like everyone is looking for a voice that is authentic and believable, but what does that actually sound like – and how do you nail it in your voice over performance? Voice actor and coach Bradford Hastings joins Stephanie and Julianna to break down this ambiguous but incredibly important vocal quality. Every voice […]
3/12/202045 minutes, 42 seconds
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Mission Audition Live: Voice Over Client Casting Decisions Explained

Recorded live in New York City, in this episode of Mission Audition, Stephanie and Julianna sit down with Dale LaRue, Strategy Director at RAIN. Together, they explore how voice over clients make casting decisions. Learn about clients’ top considerations, who is involved in casting decisions, how heavily the ‘right’ voice over is weighed, and get […]
11/29/201930 minutes, 50 seconds
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Mission Audition Live: Commercial Reads with John Kubin

In this episode, learn how to hone in on the best voice over audition opportunities by getting to know your voice, finding your niche, and getting strategic about the time you take to audition. Voice Over Artist, John Kubin, joins co-hosts Stephanie and Julianna for a special live recording of the podcast at VoiceWorld Los […]
11/18/201940 minutes, 16 seconds
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Common Killers of the Conversational Read with Andrea Collins

More and more, we see marketers, casting directors, and big brands (like WeWork, AirBnB, and Uber) moving towards truly real, conversational reads. But how do you sound like you’re not reading when you’re reading? In this episode, you’ll learn what uber successful voice over actress and coach, Andrea Collins does to book commercial jobs (add […]
11/1/201937 minutes, 45 seconds
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Mission Audition Live: Commercial Reads with Mary Van De Velde

Knowing how to connect with your audience is a crucial element of working in the voice over industry – a skill nobody would advocate more than this week’s guest, Mary Van De Velde. A seasoned professional who has spent years as a radio traffic and news reporter for WGN-AM Chicago, Mary joined co-hosts Stephanie and […]
10/18/201941 minutes, 22 seconds
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Mission Audition Live: Creating Character Voices with Ron Rubin

On this episode, co-hosts Stephanie and Julianna are joined by voice over animation star and fellow Canadian, Ron Rubin, live in Toronto at VoiceWorld (hosted by Listen in to hear Ron deliver feedback, masterclass style, and give his personal tips and tricks on getting into character, bringing the script to life, leveraging the back […]
10/3/201950 minutes, 4 seconds
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Finding and Understanding Your Voice with Speech Language Pathologist, Tricia Veldman

How well do you know your own voice? As a voice actor, understanding your instrument is key to unlocking boundless opportunities. In this episode of Mission Audition, co-hosts Stephanie and Julianna are joined by Speech Language Pathologist, Tricia Veldman. Together, they go deep into the mechanics of speech, and walk you through how to speak […]
9/6/201944 minutes, 49 seconds
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More than Child’s Play: Inside the World of Child Voice Over with Donovan Weyland

Voice acting offers a unique career path, where your chronological age doesn’t necessarily have to reflect your voice age, or the age-range of the work you take on. Audio Engineer, Producer and Coach, Donovan Weyland joins Stephanie and Julianna in the studio, where they discuss the unique attributes of child voices, how to tell authentic […]
8/23/201949 minutes, 35 seconds
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How to Spot (and Do) Authentic Australian Accents with Toby Ricketts

Australian accents are captivating, yet challenging. Many North American actors think they can do an Aussie accent, but often miss the mark. What does it take to do it right? Special guest Toby Ricketts, a New Zealand-based voice actor and voice over coach, has mastered various Australian accents and knows how to spot the real […]
8/6/201948 minutes, 48 seconds
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Dissecting Medical VO Auditions with Kim Handysides

Medical narration voice over is known for being both lucrative and challenging, as it is fraught with hard-to-pronounce words and jargon. On this episode of Mission Audition, listen in as Stephanie, Julianna and special guest, Voice Actor and Coach Kim Handysides, put these medical narration voice over auditions under the microscope and prescribe advice on: […]
7/18/201943 minutes, 1 second
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Don’t Phone it in! Winning Voicemail VO Auditions Explained Ft. Shelley Cohen

Think commercial work is the only way to represent a brand with your voice? Think again! Voicemail and telephony voice over plays a crucial role in representing a brand’s literal voice, and a key touch point with hundreds, if not thousands of customers each year. In this episode of Mission Audition, Stephanie and Julianna are […]
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Announcers with Oomph: Exploring Male Voiced Radio Promos with Marc Preston

The rumours of the ‘death of radio’ have been greatly exaggerated. Radio is, in fact, booming. Statistics show that in the United States, weekly radio reach stood at 89.9 percent of the population in 2018. Within the demographic of men aged 18 years or older alone, the average listener consumes 14 hours and 35 minutes […]
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Alexa, Help Me Land More Voice Over Jobs

As voice technology proliferates, the need for human voice over is also increasing. Alexa Skills (apps for Amazon’s voice activated Alexa device) offer an opportunity for exciting voice over jobs, including those with major brands and fast-moving tech startups, as they develop and release interactive apps, games, and more. Learn what it takes to become […]
6/6/201933 minutes, 31 seconds
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Audiobook Narration with Ilyana Kadushin

Want to narrate audiobooks? Award-winning narrator, Ilyana Kadushin shares insights and tips on audiobook narration, specifically for the genre of Children’s Fantasy. Hear male and female narrators read excerpts from George MacDonald’s classic, The Princess and the Goblin. Along the way, you’ll learn about the importance of connecting to a genre as a narrator, what […]
5/23/201944 minutes, 25 seconds
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7 Audio Mistakes in Voice Over Recordings (and How to Fix Them) Part 2

In this second half of our two part episode, we continue to explore some of the most common audio recording issues that voice actors face. Just like Part 1, Host Stephanie and Co-Host Julianna, are joined by Talent Success Specialist, Cameron Pocock, who provides expert insights and actionable tips on how to make your […]
5/9/201925 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

7 Audio Mistakes in Voice Over Recordings (and How to Fix Them) Part 1

Audio quality matters! In this episode of Mission Audition, you’ll learn how to quickly spot and resolve audio issues that commonly plague voice over recordings. Borrow the golden ears of Talent Success Specialist, Cameron Pocock, in this delightfully funny episode, rich with actionable tips for you to try in your own home studio. This […]
4/25/201921 minutes, 22 seconds
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Tips to Booking Commercial Retail Voice Over Jobs

Yes, there IS a voice over project for every voice. However, the difference between voice over audition success and failure often rests on your ability to bring your individual style to the script. But how? In this episode we review commercial voice over auditions for the retail industry. Learn about maximizing the potential of your […]
3/28/201944 minutes, 29 seconds
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Landing Commercial Travel Voice Over Jobs with Shelly Shenoy

Ever dream of booking your voice for the world’s top brands? Then you’d better brush up on your technique for commercial voice over. In this episode, Stephanie is graced by the presence of vocal coach Shelly Shenoy. Together, they review auditions for a travel commercial spot, and Shenoy provides insights on style, authenticity, background music, […]
3/28/201940 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

Engaging Voice Over Auditions for Elearning

The elearning industry is booming, especially when it comes to voice over job opportunities! This exciting category of voice over work covers online courses, internal training, explainer videos, safety training and much more. Listen in as Stephanie and Julianna from are joined by professional voice over coach, Rachel Alena. Together they dissect real elearning […]
3/27/201931 minutes, 1 second