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Kellyoke #5

After many months, we’re back with our Kellyoke series where we discuss some of our favorite performances from The Kelly Clarkson Show! We also recap last week’s Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting.Follow us!Facebook | Twitter/X | InstagramFind more at
05/12/20231 hour 14 minutes 29 seconds
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Hot Takes #1

We asked and boy, did you deliver! This week we’re reading your Kelly Clarkson hot takes including your positive opinions, your unpopular opinions, as well as your Kelly confessions!Follow us!Facebook | Twitter/X | InstagramFind more at
28/11/20231 hour 40 seconds
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Kelly Goes International

Despite being THE American Idol, Kelly Clarkson has made a huge impact worldwide! This week we’re talking with three fans, Mili from Argentina, Beth from Australia, and Nicolas from Austria, about their experience being fans of Kelly’s internationally.Follow us!Facebook | Twitter/X | InstagramFind more at
21/11/202358 minutes
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Our NYC Reunion!

Pam, Jeremy, and Rob are reunited in NYC for this week’s episode! We’re chatting about all the latest Kelly news including her new SiriusXM channel, her Grammy nomination, as well as our experience at a Kelly Clarkson Show taping!Follow us!Facebook | Twitter/X | InstagramFind more at
14/11/20231 hour 15 minutes 38 seconds
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Album Breakdown: Meaning of Life

Show us the Meaning of Life! This week, we’re breaking down Kelly Clarkson’s eighth studio album, her first with Atlantic Records. We’re discussing the songs, the music videos, the promotional events, and much more. Follow us!Facebook | Twitter/X | InstagramFind more at
07/11/20231 hour 40 minutes 46 seconds
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Interview with Andy Shaw

We’re SO excited to welcome Andy Shaw, the Senior Supervising Digital Producer for the Kelly Clarkson Show and everyone’s favorite Aussie, to the podcast this week! Andy sits down with us to talk about his start in TV, his experience working on the talk show the last 3 seasons, his big move from LA to NYC, and much more!Follow us!Facebook | Twitter/X | InstagramFind more at
31/10/20231 hour 10 minutes 2 seconds
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My Kelly Experience (Emily & Jonathan)

Emily and Jonathan are true couple goals! They join us this week, along with their dog Cooper, for our My Kelly Experience series to chat about a Kelly Clarkson-inspired “vacation” Jonathan set up for Emily! Plus we talk about Kelly’s new Las Vegas residency dates and announce the winner of our Fantasy Draft.Follow us!Facebook | Twitter/X | InstagramFind more at
24/10/202354 minutes 10 seconds
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Live from New York… it’s the Kelly Clarkson Show!

Season 5 of The Kelly Clarkson Show has officially premiered from its new home at 30 Rock! This week we’ll be discussing Pam’s experience at a premiere week taping, as well as some other recent Kelly news.Follow us!Facebook | Twitter/X | InstagramFind more at
17/10/202349 minutes 51 seconds
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Fantasy Draft: Duets and Collaborations

With dozens and dozens of duet partners and collaborators, it'll be tough to pick just 12 Kelly Clarkson performances... but our panel this week has to do just that! We welcome back returning guests Nicole and Chelsea as well as Fashion Correspondent Rob for the latest in our Fantasy Draft series!After listening to the episode, comment on our social media @missindepodcast to vote for whose bracket you like the best. You can vote 1 time each on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Winner will be announced during next week's episode! Follow us!Facebook | Twitter/X | InstagramFind more at
10/10/202356 minutes 7 seconds
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Mailbag #10

We’re back this week with our next Mailbag episode! We answer some of your questions including who our dream guests on the podcast are, if we’d like to be on the Kelly Clarkson Show, if Miss Indepodcast merch will be available and much more!
03/10/202348 minutes 20 seconds
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First Impression: chemistry (Deluxe)

This week, we’re sharing our first thoughts on Kelly Clarkson’s new “chemistry (Deluxe)” album! We’ll also talk about her recent appearance on the Today Show and about some unreleased tracks we may be hearing soon!
26/09/20231 hour 1 minute 1 second
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Tour Breakdown: All I Ever Wanted

This week we go back in time to 2009 for our next tour breakdown episode! We discuss Kelly Clarkson’s All I Ever Wanted world tour: the setlist, the covers, and much more. We also speak with the talented Ric “DJ Form” Robbins about his time DJing on that tour and later working on some Kelly records!
19/09/20231 hour 24 minutes 32 seconds
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Miss Indepodcast Anniversary Retrospective

For the premiere of season 4, our friends Rob and Monee surprised us with a retrospective episode, taking us all down memory lane and recapping the last 3 years of Miss Indepodcast. We also discuss Kelly Clarkson’s brand new song “roses” from her upcoming “chemistry” deluxe album.
12/09/20231 hour 55 minutes 32 seconds