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Mishconceptions - Adulting & Career Podcast

English, Adult education, 4 seasons, 47 episodes, 1 day, 5 hours, 18 minutes
Are you still lost and can’t figure out what you want in life? Has adulting been rough on you? Let’s talk about realities of life, career, and adulting together since there’s no real handbook out there to guide us. These are things that I wished I knew sooner. Join me as I try to discuss common struggles and misconceptions as we all navigate through college, the real world and the cruel jungle called life. New episodes every Monday 6pm! #MishconceptionsMondays Follow @mishconceptions on IG for updates!
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Season 2: Misconceptions to Decisions

WE ARE BACK! This season 2, we'll focus on DECISIONS.  These are decisions that we need to make in various stages of our lives. Let’s talk about the choices that we made and how to live life without regrets. Let’s discuss decisions on when to seek help, to move out, or even as simple as handling your own finances. Do you need to take further studies after you graduate or what kind of side hustles should you be focusing on? Decisions. Decisions and more Decisions. I’ll give you the facts, and you decide. New episodes this coming April 12, 2021! Follow @mishconceptions on IG for more updates!
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Find out what to expect on this podcast show!  Follow @mishconceptions on IG and Mishconceptions Podcast at Facebook.
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