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English, Music, 1 season, 38 episodes, 1 day, 21 hours, 23 minutes
Minor Notes is a Moscow based record label and further-looking community of musicians, collecting deep tunes and make them swing around. Being respectful and inspired by diverse range of «street» music our imprint mainly publishes dance genres, focused on house and hip-hop vibes. Take a deep hit, you gonna love it! Guydee, Black Lenin, Scruscru, Mutenoise, Darran P, Black Loops, Baltimore Chop, 4004, Hoavi, Ray Kandinski, Sunner Soul, Manuel Sahagun, J-29, Lipski, Lowres, Lay-Far, Melchior Sultana, BMB Spacekid, Art Of Tones, Sil, Maoree, Sergi Nadal Roig, Tsktch and many more coming soon... Info / Bookings / Demos : [email protected] Movement launched by @Guydee in Moscow, 2017.
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MB4 - Minor Notes Podcast #38

This man has amazed us many times with his taste, ability to find unheard-of rarities and innate radar of dance floor moods. Andrey @manb4 is a modest but very powerful DJ and collector of vinyl records. Member of the team and owner of the Wax Ninja label . Organizer and resident of the multi-genre CRUISE party series, under the auspices of which the music label has recently launched. He started buying his first records back in 2004. Since then, he has managed to collect a rather impressive collection covering the time period from the early 90s to the present day. Andrey's musical taste extends from UK/US House & Garage cargo parties to the broken rhythms of Drum & Bass, Breakbeat Hardcode and Jungle music, through deeper forms of Deep House and Dub Techno. House music is literally in Andrey's blood and therefore it would be a crime not to have his podcast in our collection. Listen right now!
9/10/202357 minutes, 31 seconds
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Thierry Tomas - Minor Notes Podcast #36

This guy is always with us, although he is now based in the city of Lisbon, Portugal (and already successfully performs there at parties of 500+ people)! It's hard for us to be separated from @thierrytomas , so we asked Zhenya to record an hour-long mix postcard for our own label. Urgently turn on the link , it's a complete thrill! Taking this opportunity, we also congratulate Zhenya and ourselves on how enchantingly the Tomat record flew into the world charts of radio stations, streaming, digital showcases and vinyl stores. Signor Pomidor is everywhere!
5/11/20231 hour, 12 seconds
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Interesnye Oschuscheniya - Minor Notes Podcast #37

You probably remember and love our "Revnost" release from Moscow producer Gosha Martynov aka @interesnyeoshchushchenia , released last fall. During this time, tracks from it managed to play on BBC Radio 1, get into the mixes of unexpected DJs around the world, and appeared on the charts and playlists of popular streaming sites. Like everyone else, we periodically immerse ourselves in this melancholic-banging atmosphere of the release, and of course we want more of this kind of sound. So we present to you a whole hour of house stuff mixed with Street Soul from the hero-resident of our label! Such a set can be played with pleasure at any time of the day and catch completely different emotions, depending on what exactly the listener wants. The amazing power of music! Get your groove on.
5/1/202356 minutes, 49 seconds
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Stas Vasilev - Minor Notes Podcast #35

A surprisingly beautiful mix was shared with us by a Moscow music lover and collector of records, with more than 20 years of experience - @stas-vasilev . A special place in his compilations is occupied by American electronics, with a noticeable influence of true school jazz, funk and disco. In the mix for Minor Notes, Stas fully revealed his love for deep, soulful and groove house, constantly moving the listener to a fashionable cocktail party on the roof of a skyscraper, then to the azure coasts of warm lands closer to sunset. We highly recommend paying attention to this DJ and getting acquainted with his other mixes for our friends from Jazzve, Melody PM, House Salad and others. And look for Stas live on vinyl markets and in Moscow bars Noor, Vinyl and Wine, Suzuran and summer Cochonnet. Turn it on and share the beauty!
4/4/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 32 seconds
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Denis Kazakov - Minor Notes Podcast #34

Improvisation in the form, which we love it the most! There is a special position in your music menu today. Podcast from our friend @denis-kazacov - owner of the label @sengileywax and @spaziolabel . Denis is a born A&R, who does not think in styles and genres, but chooses music according to its quality, which is proved by his hour-long mix. There is jazz in the Icelandic reading, hip-hop, house demos of notable domestic producers and unreleases from his imprints. We are glad that you will hear it in our podcast series! Press play immediately!
2/28/202349 minutes, 10 seconds
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Slavinskas - Minor Notes Podcast #33

We are always looking for new names and happy to meet new people who live by the music! Special place in the heart of Minor Notes is occupied by the Urals and Siberia! During the December tour to Chelyabinsk, we met Sasha Slavinskas - he is a very active local DJ, who can be heard almost every weekend at the main dance events of the city. As expected, Sasha collects vinyl, develops the local groove scene and gives a high-quality music to everyone who are interested in. Very elegantly wears a beard and mustache, which is no less important! After hearing how stylishly and confidently Sasha plays and getting to know him better, we realized that it is absolutely impossible to live without his mix in our collection. So today, we present to your attention an hour-long podcast from Slavinskas himself, recorded in the Chelyabinsk club called RMC! Listen up!
1/27/20231 hour, 15 minutes, 12 seconds
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Forgotten Disco Star - Minor Notes Podcast #32

Happy New Year to everyone! As a gift we present you a wonderful hour of music from our St. Petersburg friend @forgottendiscostar . Tolya is a natural born vinyl digger, trying to surprise his listeners with unobvious diamonds from different styles of music. For Minor Notes, he traditionally dug into the wilds of house music, in which Shazam does not work. So you need to go directly to the author for the playlist!
1/3/20231 hour, 9 minutes, 3 seconds
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Artyom Fet - Minor Notes Podcast #31

Right before our last Propaganda party, we listened to an evening set from @artyom_fet , who brilliantly prepared the future dance floor for the Minor Notes night. We were struck by its versatility and perfect mixing, a clear understanding of how to build a warm-up. Artem has been collecting multi-genre electronics for many years and deservedly considers himself an expert in the field of house music of the 90s: from the Belgian new beat and EBM to the British Acid. Together with @denis-kazacov from St. Petersburg, he launched the community and label @spaziolabel , holding parties in both capitals. And very soon, the first cassette VA compilation with tracks by only Russian musicians is being prepared for release. Spazio is synthesized melodies and rhythms inspired by Italo 80's and 90's, proto-house, new beat, EBM and modern disco. A day after the request to record a podcast for us, Artem made an outstanding mix in his selection on fresh tracks. We highly recommend that you do not delay listening and press PLAY right now!
11/11/20221 hour, 14 minutes, 14 seconds
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Baster Jazzster - Minor Notes Podcast #30

We met this person more than 10 years ago in VK, in one of the thematic music public sites with rare music of the 70s-80s. Sergei @baster-jazzster has grown a lot during this time, moved from Severodvinsk to Moscow and became a prominent DJ in the digger crowd. He is also a member of the formations Base Movement, Nord Train Disco, 1/2 blog and the label Amateur Exotic. Sometimes he performs under the alter ego of Amateur Exorcist, playing outlandish music. Surprisingly, the selection of northern Pomeranian bloodlines, using the example of Seryozha, reveals its most tropical side. Funk, soul, balearic, disco, boogie and more modern dance genres. For us, Baster Jazzster has put together a house (of course) mix that demonstrates his taste preferences and deep knowledge of music very well. If you want to transfer to his set live - visit Moscow venues like Powerhouse, Enthusiast, Flaner more often, and also follow the broadcasts of our friends @testfm_radio.
9/8/20221 hour, 3 minutes, 43 seconds
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Deep Square - Minor Notes Podcast #29

It's especially nice when our label's podcast series becomes a platform for releasing very rare mixes from artists we respect very much. The well-known metropolitan DJ and producer @deep-square hails from St. Petersburg is just the case. Sasha has been faithful to electronic music from a very young age and continues to express his love through collecting old-school vinyl, performing at high-profile Moscow events and blogging about rare dance vinyls in Deep&Low channel together with Borya Gabaraev aka @dalisounds. We have known Sasha for a long time and have always attributed him to non-typical DJs with phenomenal erudition, who allow themselves are literally everything in a music journey. This hour-long mix has collected very atmospheric house tracks, each as a separate sound picture. No tools, just real music. Many of these tracks you will never hear in Sasha's live, because in his opinion, they are created more for chamber listening and intellectual dancing in the head. We express great respect to Deep Square for such a serious approach and the honor of being the one to release his first podcast in the last 5 years. Be ready for a super trippy one hour mix from the man!
8/11/20221 hour, 2 minutes, 24 seconds
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Goldynsky - Minor Notes Poscast #28

Number 28! Prepared with a big love from our friend Kostya Goldynsky who is vinyl digger, great dj, sound designer & hardware junkie from Moscow. He is more into old school electro, underground disco, protohouse & breakbeat, but for us he collected and mixed perfect hour of passion. In this mix you can hear fresh summer vibes, women smiles and UK style of djing! Be ready for a long teasing from @goldynsky himself!
6/30/20221 hour, 7 minutes, 22 seconds
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Jonna - Minor Notes Podcast #27

Issue #27 was prepared by our big old friend @jonna-city-fly from Leicester, UK! This legendary man is all about the music. He is owner of @city-fly Records, super experienced DJ and producer, who loves classic and modern house vibes based on samples and soul, funk, jazz and disco stuff of course. You can find his works on literally all the main music medias like Deeper Shades Of House, Sloth Boogie, Apparel Music, DJ Mag ES, Music Is 4 Lovers, House Salad and etc. BTW Jonna have very successful releases on Lumberjacks In Hell, City Fly & Secret Crunch, so you really need to check his production. For sure we can't forget his Moscow-Saint-P tour in 2016, when we get crazy on the russian dancefloors together with this truly worldwide star of underground house movement. Press play to start your personal deep & jazzy journey with Jonna!
6/9/20221 hour, 9 minutes, 5 seconds
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Deeoxid - Minor Notes Podcast #26

We love to share new names with you. Once upon a time we met Denis aka @deeoxid in a Noor Bar on our party. Since that time Denis shared with us his new mixtape and we asked him to present it as Minor Notes Podcast. Fortunately, this offer was accepted! Take care of you guys. Be ready for some deep, soulful and disco club house all over the hour. Video version: @deeoxid is based in Voronezh. Collecting some dance stuff on vinyl and playing along local clubs his world was changed. After this he moved to London and launched his label MDMA (Ministry of Dance Music Art) to release dancefloor oriented music. Not a surprise that Denis is dj in demand, but he is making big steps in production. You can try his remix for legendary A-Studio's collective track "Diskoteka" on their upcoming album. No more words. We are going to the house! All tracks are vinyl btw!
5/26/20221 hour, 33 minutes, 16 seconds
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Minor Notes Club Night @ Propaganda Moscow / 22 January 22 / Guydee, Lowres, Sickdisco

That was a blast! Monthly Minor Notes showcase in legendary @propagandamoscow club. Full 6 hours live recording for your ears and feet. 00:00:00 - 02:00:00 @guydee 02:00:00 - 04:00:00 @lowres_music 04:00:00 - 05:59:31 @sickdisco
1/31/20225 hours, 59 minutes, 31 seconds
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Maksim Panfilov - Minor Notes Podcast #25

We love it when guests of our podcast series get into a sound close to Minor Notes in their mixes. In number 25, this turned out to be surprisingly accurate. And @panfilov recorded it for us. DJ, resident of the NII and a frequent guest of the Propaganda club, participant of local festivals and music curator of LUCH parties. He regularly turns out to be at the turntables in the Moscow clubs and bars, and in 2015 he has a gig in Manchester. You can also meet him at various events as a photographer. Get ready for 1.5 hours of real deep house music from an interesting selector with serious experience. And if you want more, you can find a huge number of Maksim's recordings on the Internet for other labels, radio stations, music communities and online media, including: ГОСТ ЗВУК, Udacha, Roots United, Gifted Culture (IT), Sakskøbing, Oblast, Intergalactic FM (NL), Radio Relativa and Elektrodos (ES), Internet Public Radio (MX), 20ft (UA), TESTFM and many others.
9/22/20211 hour, 30 minutes
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Ruta - Minor Notes Podcast #24

Yes yes yes yo! Today we have a guest mix from Moscow famous vinyl junkie called Ruta. Youra gave his best house selection in this sequence, which we are proud of. Strictly 12", strictly deep thang. You can catch this wizard literally in all capital bars and other soul filled club locations. So check it out, here is @djruta in Minor Notes podcast volume 24!
7/21/20211 hour, 4 minutes, 5 seconds
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Adam Antine - Minor Notes Podcast #23

@ademantine is a person who can make quality in any styles of electronic music. By the aliases of Dawn Razor and Sonner Blumen Kerne he released a lot of techno, electro and breakbeat stuff worldwide on a labels such as R&S, Highway Records, Pleasure Garden and much more. We have a really deep connections between Adam an Minor Notes so that’s why we asked him to make his own vision of deep for our label. Take a look and dip into this 1 hour house journey of the one of the most productive producers from Russia. It’s gonna be sick!
6/3/20211 hour, 1 minute, 54 seconds
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Sergey Sanchez - Minor Notes Podcast #22

This is very special and long awaited podcast issue for us. We asked a highly respected Moscow dj @sergey-sanchez to create a mix with a tracks, which reminds him of Minor Notes style. It's a big pleasure that in his mind we sounds like this! Catch this one hour journey to the deep now.
3/18/20211 hour, 14 seconds
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Buren' - Minor Notes Podcast #21

Let's talk about guys who are going to shine on a new Russian dj scene. Well, you know we always support and love the guys from Saint-P. Now it's a turn of Buren'. He have a brilliant taste and so much diamonds in his vinyl collection. So you are ready to catch that thing. Press play. We are going deeper underground.
2/18/20211 hour, 3 minutes, 57 seconds
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Guydee - Minor Notes Podcast #20

Holy holidays are over. But we have something for you to be happy on a first work week. Right, that’s a new podcast issue from @guydee . 1 hour live vinyl session with some house gems on wax. Press play!
1/12/20211 hour, 44 seconds
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Velvet - Minor Notes Podcast #19

Long time no see! We are very happy to announce long awaited podcast from our big friend @valeriy-velvet - an amazing selector and DJ with 15 years of experiance. He have a big respect all over House scene of Saint-Petersburg. Last 7 years Velvet is a resident of most underground place in his hometown - Stackenschneider. Also he is a host of Near Mint parties series, where over the last 4 years performed artists like Brawther, Tristan Da Cunha, Dana Ruh, Cab Drivers, Martinez and many others. Enjoy this brilliant one hour selection!
11/12/202059 minutes, 8 seconds
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MRTM - Minor Notes Podcast #18

All the way since day one we discover deep electronic scene from Russia. To be honest we have a lot of artist, which we are ready to push, but all the brilliants should be released with a waiting. In this issue we are proud to show you the skills of @maaartem - original Togliatti man, based now in Moscow. This is a dj, who is crazy about true disco music and groovy house stuff. MRTM. 1 HOUR. KILLER.
9/10/20201 hour, 9 minutes, 22 seconds
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Funkyjaws - Minor Notes Podcast #16

Welcome to Belarus! Today's issue is made by our old friend @funkyjaws, who brought a house glory to his hometown Grodno with successful releases on Kolour LTD, Pusic Records, Diggin' Disco Deep, Craft Music and etc. Also Sergey was one of the founders of Beautiful Vision community and parties. His peculiar sound is a mixture of old school funk and rare jazz samples. Funkyjaws is known as an experimenter, whose dj sets are always eclectic, full of special energy and based on exotic disco sounds, mixed with african percussions. For Minor Notes he collected some disco stuff all over his worldwide friends and presented us this 1 hour of pleasure!
7/28/202053 minutes, 19 seconds
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Sickdisco - Minor Notes Podcast #15

Stanislav Kardonov aka @sickdisco is a big player on a russian dj scene. Since late 90’s he has collecting vinyls, producing electronic music literally in all music genres and providing dancefloors with his perfect taste. By the way he is also founder of the @foxtraxrec, which releasing interesting deep vibes from russian producers and foreign friends. For our #15 of podcast series Stas mixed stuff, which is close to Minor Notes in his view. And he was right with it! Play now.
7/5/20201 hour, 1 minute, 15 seconds
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Lowres - Minor Notes Podcast #14

Debut @lowres_music vinyl called "Semena" EP became the one of the most desired records from our back catologue for a worldwide music community. So we asked our boys to collect and mix recent favorites in a one hour mix for their home label. Moscow based Fedor and Vanya wondered us with their excellent taste for a groove killers and a soul teasers. To be honest, we love this mix so much and can't wait to share it with you. On repeat since we got it (around a week already). Podcast number 14 is online now!
6/9/202059 minutes, 28 seconds
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DTRM - Minor Notes Podcast #13

Daniil aka @danieltrim is experienced soul groover from the russian city called Tver. As a part of @magnetpromo crew he is making dance oriented parties about house and techno music. Strictly from vinyl guys are bangin the floors and promoting first class music on the local scene. Not a surprise, that DTRM was moved to Moscow to connect with true people and be able to playin on parties here. 1 hour selection of the lovely grooves direct from Daniil is already uploaded. Dance!
5/16/202055 minutes, 10 seconds
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Scruscru - Minor Notes Podcast #12

Now is a time for a secret weapon! Rising worldwide house star from Russia Anton Bogomolov aka @scruscru and our resident artist mixed 1 hour selection of sweets for Minor Notes podcast series. A lot of disco influenced beats, deep and jazzy stuff inside as a signature of Anton's style included for sure. He is talented dj and very productive producer based in Nizhny Novgorod, who already took his strong place on labels such as Minor Notes, Sloth Boogie, LTDWLBL, Nomada, Ravanelli Disco Club. For sure a lot of things upcoming this and next years by this wizard of the dance sound. Good luck, Scru! We are proud of you.
5/3/20201 hour, 1 minute, 34 seconds
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Timbol - Minor Notes Podcast #11

In these difficult times, all we can do is play, listen and dance to our favorite music. @timbol is our close friend from the northern capital of Russia, who became very serious dj through the years of dance music research and solid hip-hop production. Arranging big parties, hosting world famous artists, playin vinyls and beatmaking, formed personal unique style of Artem. Btw now he is hosting his own monthly radioshow calles "Diggalot" at @testfm_radio station online. For Minor Notes Timbol recorded one of the most dance mixes in our podcast series. Let's move together to the sound of Saint-Petersburg underground music clubs!
4/16/20201 hour, 16 minutes, 36 seconds
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Tsktch - Minor Notes Podcast #10

If you still don't know Danik @tsktch aka Funky G, you have to! Minor Notes resident and truly big figure on a russian scene. This musician, dj and producer already 20 years in a culture: we can't name any black music genre where he is not highly skilled in. As a part of legendary @trueflavas crew this man played soul, funk, hip-hop, disco and trip-hop things for a very long time. Not a surprise that they had an experience as musicians in a live perfomance at Boiler Room Russia back in 2017. As a @tsktch Danik produce mind blowin electronic vibes and playing house & techno stuff in Saint-Petersburg clubs. He already remixed @guydee on @lagaffe-tales(IS) and had a lot of production coming up on Minor Notes. Btw literally month ago our recent artist @hoavi together with @tsktch made a beautiful vinyl LP released on @potentialmove label which you need to hear also. Enough words! We are happy to represent you @tsktch. Our love and our hope. Just listen!
4/1/20201 hour, 3 minutes, 34 seconds
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Xio - Minor Notes Podcast #9

With our podcasts we are tryin to show you the best from the russian scene and friends all over the world. For number 9 we invited Artyom Malev aka @xio, who became very important part of Moscow dj and music collectors community. He is always on the spot with his personal sets on a gigs and Wax Ninja project (youtube channel about dj culture and crate digging, interviews with local heroes). For Minor Notes Artem collected sequence of solid house vibes, which we likes a lot! Thanks god, its @xio!
3/20/20201 hour, 48 seconds
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Maoree - Minor Notes Podcast #8

Our next hero is Mikhail Orlov aka @maoree. Deep inside from Moscow he made his best in this one hour session of impressing vibes, influenced by original disco-funk tunes and an early house culture. Strictly from vinyl, strictly from the heart! So we are simply happy to have Maoree as a part of Minor Notes sounds (btw he have some serious production upcoming on our label too)! Can't wait to show it for you, guys! Every two weeks we uploading new podcasts, so you can follow us at iTunes also:…gs/id1484875832
2/27/20201 hour, 2 minutes, 4 seconds
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Fine - Minor Notes Podcast #7

Rrrroar! Thats how @fine-technology (1/2 of @tiger-balms dj duo) calling you to listen his fresh Minor Notes podcast. Artem is a true music lover and experienced dj, who was A&R of Megapolis 89.5 FM in Moscow until 2019. Now he is working in 433 Sound Agency and providing finest russian parties with various music concepts: from House and UK-Garage to Old Sсhool Techno and Drum'n'bass. He don't give a fuck about genres, just searching for great music all around the styles to fire the dancefloors. Especially for Minor Notes Artem collected his recent deep favorites connected to our label style and played them at his lovely 128+ bpm. Welcome to the groove! Have a great time listen to this beautiful mix, guys!
2/4/202059 minutes, 22 seconds
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DJ Stereotip - Minor Notes Podcast #6

Number 6 is a very special podcast for us. This issue came from one of our favorite djs and record collectors Dmitry @djstereotip. He is founder of Сила Винила and Mixed Emotions community, experienced radio host, dj, which is more then 20 years in the game. 1 hour of truly ears teasing with the first class house vibes strictly from vinyl. Word! Every two weeks we will upload new podcasts, so you can follow us at iTunes also:…gs/id1484875832
1/19/20201 hour, 5 minutes, 12 seconds
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Vadeep - Minor Notes Podcast #5

Muscovites are coming! We are happy to present you @vadeep_moscow , which is one of founders of @deficitmoscow bar & club. He broke our hearts with his early hours selections through all 2019 and we starting 2020 with his vibe. Vadim Smirnov is the one who you need to follow. Happy NY and stay deep with our schedule! More wax and parties coming MMXX! Every two weeks we will upload new podcast, so you can follow us at iTunes also:…gs/id1484875832
1/5/20201 hour, 54 seconds
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Pavlov - Minor Notes Podcast #4

Sometimes coincidences are happens. Few weeks ago Anton @pavlovartist (Теплоinside crew / parties) send us some of his mixes and after listening we asked him to prepare special one for us. It is a big pleasure to find new names and see how people can express themselves through the house music. This mix will take great part of our podcast series and we thank Anton for making it! Every two weeks we will upload new podcast, so you can follow us at iTunes also:
12/13/201954 minutes, 8 seconds
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Baltimore Chop - Minor Notes Podcast #3

What a surprise! One of our main serious house groovers @baltimorechop released special podcast for Minor Notes. Here you can find a lot of heavy beats strictly to the dancefloor drowning! Maxim doing his best in this 1 hour sequence, selected from the heart of truly house lover. On repeat forever. Every two weeks we will upload new podcast, so you can follow us at iTunes also:
12/1/201959 minutes, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

Guydee - Minor Notes Podcast #2

Second volume of our podcast series goes direct from @guydee. This sunday live mixed sequence of vinyls is an addictive story told on the language of deep house. Groovy, but calm. Straight, but bypassing. Hard, but with hope. Take you seat, prepare your ears. All you hear it's a dream. Dissolve! Every two weeks we will upload new podcast, so you can follow us at iTunes also:
11/10/201957 minutes, 14 seconds
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Özh - Minor Notes Podcast #1

We are starting to broadcast podcasts with all the great music coming from our favorite local heroes and closer worldwide friends. Catch this superior selection from our first guest - @ozhpage. Özh is experienced vinyl only dj from Moscow, who have the same background with us: truly hip-hop addicted with a big love to straight house music. No many words. Just listen to the perfect groovy and deep beats recorded from wax! Every two weeks we will upload new podcast, so you can follow us at iTunes also:
10/24/201958 minutes, 14 seconds