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English, Education, 1 season, 23 episodes, 6 hours, 16 minutes
The Mindset podcast is about a group of young men and women sharing and engaging in various topics of life. With every discussion we keep the word “mindset” ever present. These discussions would range from Motivation to simple Childhood memories.
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The Mindset Family Podcast 2023

Creator of the Mindset Family Podcast talks about his year in 2022 and the future of this podcast.
2/20/20239 minutes, 36 seconds
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Learning through Failing

The host talks about one of his many failures, the mindset of failing and getting through failure. IG: FB:
9/4/202216 minutes, 55 seconds
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Mindset with akindacreations

This episode features the owner/creator of akindacreations. There’s discussion about growth mindset, entrepreneurship and tasty cupcakes! Socials: IG: FB:
6/19/202220 minutes, 7 seconds
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In this episode, the Host gives a personal account of how he overcame an obstacle he has faced. He also goes into how past experience and preparedness can help to overcome obstacles. Socials: IG: FB: Twitter:
5/22/202210 minutes, 39 seconds
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Action or Words

In this episode, the host of the mindset family podcast shares a list of questions that he asks himself ever so often. These questions are asked so that we can allow ourselves to know the hard truths in our quest for developing a rock solid mindset.  Follow our Socials:
3/20/20228 minutes, 34 seconds
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What if i can ?

In this episode the host of the Mindset Family podcast gives encouragement to people who may feel like giving up. Using a Track & Field reference, he explains the mental process of wanting to keep going. Follow our socials: IG: Twitter: FB:
2/6/20229 minutes, 35 seconds
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Mindset Family podcast roundup with kitaf

This episode features the host Ramon and co-host Kitaf. They engage in topics that are surrounded with the concept of having a solid mindset. Follow our socials: IG: https: // Twitter: FB: Kitaf: Krissy:
1/1/202239 minutes, 2 seconds
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Under a Microscope

Being under a microscope is very uncomfortable. In this episode, the host talks about how he has dealt with this uncomfortable situation. Connect with our socials: FB: Instagram: twitter:
12/19/20218 minutes, 21 seconds
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Wealth Mindset with Krissy

This episode features a guest who believes in having a growth mindset. Krissy uses social media to create content related to finances and personal growth. This episode also features a talk about her book, "investing in the Caribbean".  Interact with her content: Twitter: Instagram: E-Book: Business: Email: [email protected] Mindset Family Socials: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
11/28/202153 minutes, 19 seconds
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100% Mental Capacity

In this episode, the host talks about a rule that he has used in his daily life. He calls it the 100% rule. Socials: FB: Twitter: Instagram:
11/7/20216 minutes, 44 seconds
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In this episode, the host of the Mindset Family podcast speaks about what balance means. He goes from giving a personal account to what society make balance out to be. Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
10/25/20217 minutes, 54 seconds
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In this episode, the host of the mindset family takes about what it means to be afraid. Some questions about fear was asked to the listeners; How can we deal with fear? Can we overcome fear? can we master not being afraid and can fear exist without discomfort and vice versa ? Listeners are asked to ponder about these questions.  Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: @family_mindset  
9/12/20218 minutes, 59 seconds
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In this episode the host goes into a topic which he feels is underrated and overlooked. Being impatient is not something that we enjoy. However it is unavoidable. This is why the host explains that our patience depends on a mindset (patient mindset).
8/15/20218 minutes, 17 seconds
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Goals, Dreams & Aspirations Discussion

On this episode the host of the mindset family podcast invites guest cohosts to share their views on the topics of Goals, Dreams and Aspirations. The discussion brings personal experiences to the forefront of this episode. This episode also brings out the Importance of a belief system into our daily lives.
6/30/202159 minutes, 20 seconds
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Goals, Dreams & Aspirations (Part 2)

This episode goes into how we go about achieving goals, dreams and aspirations. This episode also goes into how we deal with negative comments while trying to achieve our goals. The host also shares a little bit of his personal experiences. 
6/16/202115 minutes, 10 seconds
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Goals, Dreams & Aspirations

This episode focuses on introducing the topics; goals, dreams and aspirations. It gives us an insight of what goals, dreams and aspirations are. An important question is asked at the end if the episode, “Does your current mindset align with your goals and dreams? Instagram: @mind.set_family Twitter: @family_mindset (Mindset Family)
6/1/20219 minutes, 36 seconds
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Mental Fitness (Part 2)

This episode is a continuation on the Topic of Mental Fitness/Mental Health. The host shares a snippet of his experience and explains that reading is something that can aid in building some form of mental fortitude. Being mentally fit is hard but no fitness is harder.
5/18/202111 minutes, 3 seconds
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Mental Fitness

In this episode the host speaks about the importance of Mental Fitness. The host outlines that we should see mental fitness the same way we see physical fitness. He also points out that we need to train our minds with the same vigor we train our body. The more we do, the more resilience we build against negative self talk.
5/3/202110 minutes, 4 seconds
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Self-affirmation is the recognition and assertion of the existence and value of one’s individual self. This is a great way to prepare ourselves for the challenges we may be face with on a daily basis. It all starts with a Mindset!
4/18/20211 minute, 53 seconds
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Procrastination killer with Kitakufei Nelson

This episode features the Mindset Family podcast’s first guest. The guest is the author and writer of an e-book called “Procrastination Killer”. The mindset behind procrastination is exposed as well as ways to deal with procrastination. The Guest talks about about how devastating chronic procrastination can be and how difficult it is to overcome. For more insight on how to defeat procrastination you can find the e-book on:
4/4/202134 minutes, 10 seconds
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Your Circle

In this episode the Host talks about knowing your inner circle and how that circle has a powerful influence on mental attitudes. He breaks down what a circle is and uses some clever analogies to explain almost everything about knowing ones circle. He even uses two sociological perspectives to accentuate everything he talks about in the podcast. There is even mention of Two great books that you can read.
3/21/202116 minutes, 52 seconds
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The Mindset Podcast

In This episode, the host of the Mindset podcast introduces himself and what the podcast is about. He talks about the podcast name, why the podcast was started and when episodes are going to be released. The host also drops a little food for thought about mindset. At the end, one question remains. What is your Mindset ?
3/9/20219 minutes, 16 seconds
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This episode introduces the mindset podcast to listeners.

This preview episode hints to what the Mindset podcast would be engaging. It’s all about mindset. Our Mental Attitude!
3/2/20211 minute, 10 seconds