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We provide mental training & sports psychology services for businesses, athletes, coaches, + nutritional guidance, and meditation techniques to improve by growing your higher mindset. Mental Mind Set services are now more accessible than ever. Join the movement of raising your MINDSET! Without the right nutritional guidance, it will always be a battle with health and fitness. Mental strength is as, if not more important then physical fitness. Your mental toughness will help you get up each day and take on new adventures. Start today and Raise yourself to a new level.
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Unlocking Peak Performance: A Dive into the Mindset of Olympic Champion Derek Drouin

🏅 In this groundbreaking podcast episode, we sit down with none other than High Jump Olympic Champion Derek Drouin to unravel the secrets behind his remarkable athletic journey. From his humble beginnings to standing atop the Olympic podium, Derek shares invaluable insights into his mindset, mental toughness, and the mindful lifestyle choices that propelled him to greatness. 🧠 Dive deep into the mindset of a champion as Derek discusses the strategies he used to overcome obstacles, handle the pressures of competition, and stay focused on his goals. Learn from his mistakes, how he bounced back from injuries, and the invaluable lessons he learned along the way. 🎧 Calling all aspiring athletes and coaches! This episode is a must-listen, offering priceless information that you won't find anywhere else. Whether you're striving for Olympic glory or looking to excel in your chosen sport, Derek's wisdom will inspire and empower you to reach new heights. 💪 Ready to take your talent to the next level? Don't miss out on our Elite Athlete's Course, where you'll gain the skills, knowledge, and wisdom needed to become the athlete of your dreams. Plus, check out our book "The Power of Mental Toughness - Techniques for Peak Athletic Performance" to further enhance your performance journey. 🔥 Tap into the champion mindset today and start your journey towards greatness! 🥇Elite Athlete's Course🥇 00:00 - Intro 01:45 - Motivation & passion to become a track & field athlete 05:00 - Mindset & focus towards athletics going through High school 09:45 - Transitioning to University and handling the new challenges, adversity and environment 14:50 - Mental preparation and routine during University 22:12 - Handling a potentially career ending injury in University 26:08 - Joining Team Canada during University 27:58 - First professional event prior to 2012 Olympics 31:20 - Handling the nerves, emotions and pressure of the Olympics 37:19 - The necessary adjustments after 2012 Olympics 40:37 - Maintaining a balance between life and training/competing 45:25 - The results and development between 2012 Olympics to 2015 World Championships 47:30 - Expectations and feelings going into 2016 Olympics 50:53 - How did you stay focused & confident for your final jumps to win Gold 55:46 - Emotions & feelings after making the final winning jump 59:23 - The next steps and goals after winning the Gold Medal 1:06:08 - Focus & expectations after 2016 Olympics for 2020 Tokyo 1:08:39 - Opinion about the 2020 Olympics & seeing two athlete tie for Gold 1:12:16 - The closing of the curtain for Derek’s Professional Journey 1:12:54 - Closing statements and Thanks for Tuning in! Download Our APP! : 💰 Support Us Merch: Our Book📚: Listen to our book - 🎙 And check out our blogs post: 🎥 Follow me on my socials for more content: Content: Derek Drouin, Olympics, Olympic champion, Mindset of an Olympian, Mindset of a champion, Mindset, Mental Toughness, Mindfulness, Elite athletes, Sports, Performance coaching, aspiring athletes, next level coaching, mental health, techniques for peak athletic performance, Athlete motivation, podcast, track and field, team Canada athletics, athletic journey, athlete lifestyle, sport wisdom, sport knowledge, elite athletic coaching, sport psychology
3/9/20241 hour, 14 minutes, 56 seconds
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Become Unstoppable In 2023 | Lifestyle & Mindset Upgrade | Motivational Podcast | Change Your Life

If you want to become unstoppable in 2023, it's important to enjoy the process. That means understanding that there are no shortcuts and that every step you take is essential for your journey. From setting achievable goals, breaking them down into manageable tasks, and rewarding yourself for progress made, following these 11 tips will help you level up your results and find joy in the process of becoming unstoppable. Download Our MINDSET APP! : Other Blog/Video to Note: ▶NOT SURE WHAT MENTAL TOUGHNESS IS? - ▶ LOOKING FOR SOME TIPS ON HOW TO STAY POSITIVE - 💰 Support the Channel Merch: Our Book: Listen to our book - 🎙 And check out our blogs post: 🎥 Follow me on my socials for more content: process, motivation, inspirational, speech on motivation, workout motivation, gym motivation, david goggins motivation, morning motivation, inspirational speech, health and fitness, health & fitness, fitness your way, innovative fitness, exercise &amp fitness, action, focus, attitude, self-talk, avoids challenges, inspire success
6/16/202321 minutes, 34 seconds
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MINDSET OF A CHAMPION - Motivational podcast with Lauren Ammon

"I didn't know how to get out of my own head" I am honored to be joined by Lauren Ammon, the Head Mindset Coach from Performance Reimagined. She is an amazing coach who has helped countless individuals and teams achieve their goals in both business and personal life. Her expertise in mindset coaching, positive psychology, and organizational development can help any organization or individual reach success. We are excited to hear her insights on how Mental toughness can help us all improve our performance, manage stress better, and increase productivity. Do you want to become an elite athlete? It takes more than just physical training, it also requires a mental toughness to achieve success. In this podcast, we will explore the unexpected truths needed to build an elite athlete mindset and the best ways to develop mental toughness. We will look at how setting goals, having a winning attitude and staying motivated can help athletes reach their full potential. By the end of this podcast, you'll have the motivation you need to create your own elite athlete mindset and develop mental toughness that is required for success in sports. Lauren Ammon Links: Website: Instagram: performance_reimagined_ Join this channel to get access to perks: Get FREE Access to High3r MiNDSET! : Other Blog/Video to Note: ▶ NOT SURE WHAT MENTAL TOUGHNESS IS? - ▶ LOOKING FOR SOME TIPS ON HOW TO STAY POSITIVE - 💰 Support our channel Merch: Our Book: 🎙 And check out our blogs post: 🎥 Follow me on my socials for more content:
4/8/202359 minutes, 17 seconds
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The Best 11 TIPS to go from SELF-SABOTAGE into SELF-MASTERY | Discussing book "The Mountain Is You"

Discussing the book we recommend this week - The Mountain Is You: Transforming Self-Sabotage Into Self-Mastery by Brianna Wiest:  Download my FREE Mindset App HERE: Success is typically at your finger tips if you are beginning to self-sabotage yourself. Potentially, it's because that new success that you are receiving you are not use to it. It's creating an image that's not aligning with your past experiences, so you choose to sabotage yourself to move back to where you were before. This is typical, and many people are on the cusp of break throughs, when they choose to give up, or take negative actions that sabotage their own potential. The mind is very powerful, and if you have negative thoughts or a set boundary of what you're capable of or supposed to have in your life, as soon as you exceed those boundaries, if you're not consciously open to new growth and success, the mind will guide you back towards what it knows and feels comfortable with. Maybe that promotion you deserve has more responsibility or work, even though you can handle it. But, instead you make bad decisions and shy away from seizing the opportunity, even though it would make your life better and more aligned with better other opportunities. Wither that's financially, educationally, or in relationships. If you can't see it, you won't believe it. If you don't believe it, you can never achieve it. The way to move on is to build something new. By working on placing better thoughts in your mind, speaking positive words as much as possible, and taking new actions when opportunities arise. You will begin to move past those hurdles that seem to be getting placed in front of you subconsciously. This will transform your way of thinking, speaking, and acting towards achieving your best life and highest potential. This is no easy task, but remaining mindful and present will ensure you make the most of what's in front of you, and behave logically in your responses and decision making that could lead to sabotage or mastery. 11 Ways To Master Your Inner Game  1) Meditation 2) Self-reflection, journaling, goal setting 3) Face your emotions and talk about them 4) Change your language and self-talk 5) Let go of the past 6) Create a new image of yourself 7) Work on your weaknesses   8) Create a positive support team 9) Remember you are human... 10) Practice make permanent, not perfect 11) Gratitude Text transcript: DISCLAIMER: The content in the podcast and on this webpage is not intended to constitute or be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have heard on the podcast or on my website.
3/19/202312 minutes, 33 seconds
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The Power Of Mental Toughness - Book Review Interview with Kurtis Lush

In this video, Kurtis Lush comes into the studio to interview Coach Julian Service on the High3r Mindset best selling book, "The Power of Mental Toughness". They quickly dive right into the book and Kurtis provides his take on the message from this book. Kurtis asks Julian some challenging questions for you, to dive into the mindset behind this book. This book will help you change your life for the better! If you're looking to find a new and exciting book to read in 2023, then you need to check out our book! This book will help you challenge yourself, learn self-improvement, build better habits / routines, and help you grow. No matter if you're a student, entrepreneur, or just looking to expand your knowledge, explore this book today! Other Blog/Video to Note:   ▶NOT SURE WHAT MENTAL TOUGHNESS IS?  - ▶ LOOKING FOR SOME TIPS ON HOW TO STAY POSITIVE - ▶ Turning Self-Sabotage Into Self-Mastery -  💰 Support the Channel Merch: Our Book: Listen to our book -  🎙 And check out our blogs post:  🎥 Follow me on my socials for more content:
3/12/20231 hour, 22 minutes, 38 seconds
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Official Book trailer - The Power of Mental Toughness by High3r Mindset

Our Official book trailer, "The Power of Mental Toughness: Techniques for Peak Athletic Performance" is available on Amazon World Wide. We feel this is just a stepping stone for an athlete looking to excel in any sport, to be at the top of their game. Get your copy today and start your journey to the top of the mountain. For those who like to sit back and just listen to a book, we got you covered. We've also published the audio version of our book to Audible. Go get your copy today! Kindle Pro / unlimited users can read it for Free or New users can sign up for a free 3 month trial and read our book and many more for Free. Such a great price for a huge catalog of books to enlighten your world We hope you enjoy and more to come from High3r Mindset. Level Up! Buy the book via Amazon - Listen to our book - Click the link to Get your Copy Today! First Person to claim this code gets our audible book for Free without needing any trial program :) Thank for watching our video and watch out for more hidden Promo codes in our videos Free Promo Code to Audible: 9TJSJJZXPMY86 Redeem the one-time use code below at
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