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Mind-body Connection with Dr Phil Parker

English, Health / Medicine, 4 seasons, 60 episodes, 1 day 2 hours 33 minutes
Dr Phil Parker’s research into the mind-body connection over the last 30 years has resulted in thousands of people making extraordinary changes in their health. However for many the mind-body connection is still something that seems strange, unfamiliar or unlikely to be based in science. In this fascinating podcast series Phil discusses some of the most ground-breaking research in the field, undertaken at some of the world most prestigious universities, with the studies’ researchers themselves. He also asks clinicians, authors and thought leaders in the field to share their experiences and tips for harnessing the incredible power of this inner healing system This series will be invaluable to practitioners, researchers and anyone interested in using the mind-body connection to improve their health. So tune in to listen as Phil and his guests combine their in-depth knowledge of the subject with to make complex ideas simple to help you navigate through this fascinating area of health.
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Mind-body connection: Long Covid and The LP – New Research Published

Dr Phil Parker explains the latest research into Long Covid and the Lightning Process. This case study report was published in the peer-reviewed journal 'Explore' in Aug 2023.     For more details on the series go to this page.  
31/08/202311 minutes 8 seconds