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English, Cultural, 2 seasons, 193 episodes, 15 hours, 55 minutes
Start your Journey to become something greater by enhancing the way you think, act, and live.
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The Final Episode of Season 2 - Navigating Hard Moments

In this concluding episode of season 2, learn the critical cornerstone to your success and wellness – your vision. Without one, achievements are fleeting, and development stunted. Apply the life lessons outlined in the show towards your goals and aspirations, not as mere general knowledge. Steer your thinking towards freedom from bitterness, and step into a fulfilling life. This episode lays out the mind-molding tactics necessary for your progress. The point of no return, a principle that propels you past stagnation, and forces movement when all options have run out, is discussed. This rule dictates that progress is only prompted when internal and external circumstances align towards your goals. Understand that this fundamental requires you to construct an environment intentionally that makes failure impossible. Illustrated within this episode is a powerful reminder of the cost of inaction. Simply put, if there are no consequences for doing nothing, naturally, we opt for inactivity. Adopt an approach where inactivity results in negative repercussions. Continually shape your environment to drive you towards your ambitions. Lastly, pivotal to your evolution is the desire to change—this desire must overshadow any complacency in your current situation. Without a burning will to morph, progression is improbable, and any advancement will be unsustainable. Tune your energies towards aligning with your calling and mission, to break free from the stagnation and the state of inaction. Three vital lessons are in this episode: the point of no return, the cost of inaction, and the desire to change. Embrace these insights and prepare to stir your life towards change. We hope you carry these nuggets of wisdom into the next three months, ready to usher in the next season.
4/26/202410 minutes, 39 seconds
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Aligning Your Calling, Mission, and Goals for a Life of Freedom

In this groundbreaking episode, we delve deep into exploring the critical importance of correctly aligning one's calling, mission, and goals. Cherishing the mission's essence before the calling is at the core of this profound discussion. Life, the byproduct of our thinking, can attain its highest expression when we exercise the concept of mission over goals before calling properly. Our conversation lucidly elucidates the three crucial internal sectors necessary for achieving sustainable growth and enduring success. These are your calling, mission, and goal. Understanding the right order of these elements and remaining aware of what truly matters can transform your life. The caveat is that improper valuation or misalignment of these sectors can lead to stagnation and dormancy. In the pursuit of bigger things, often, we underestimate our mission's value and surrender to the allure of immediate goals. However, understanding that your calling is greater than your mission and your mission, in turn, surpasses your goals, can reshape your life's trajectory. This is not a mere superficial concept but a deeply ingrained principle that fuels your growth and productivity. Misconception and overemphasis of certain goals can derail you from your mission and calling. The fulfillment of your calling, mission, and goal in their right environment, placement, and sector aligns you with the abundance of life. Displace, undervalue, or misinterpret these sectors, and your life could come to a grinding halt. Your calling, mission, and goal are intimately intertwined. While your calling is driven by a greater purpose that benefits the world, your mission comprises essential micro-steps towards your calling. Understand that your calling is not a superficial idea but an enduring passion. Your mission, built into the calling, forms the foundation, while your goals provide the necessary structure for your mission. This understanding becomes pivotal for the vitality and success of humanity. While achieving alignment within these three sectors indeed is a task, mastering this principle ensures a path towards overall health, wellness, and thriving success.
4/17/202411 minutes, 14 seconds
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Understanding the Difference Between Optimism and Hope

In this episode, we delve into the intricate relationship between value, trust, hope, and action. We unravel the connection between what we hope in, what we value, and how our actions reflect these hopes.    Hope without action is merely optimism, an important foundation, but it cannot generate momentum alone. We explore the nuanced difference between hope and optimism, emphasizing the vital role of action in transforming optimism into hope. We highlight how optimism can create a feel-good environment with abundance and positivity. However, true hope embodies optimism coupled with responsive action.   In our journey, we further explore how hope and optimism interrelate and intersect yet are inherently different. Optimism provides a generalized positivity, while hope involves action based on this optimistic outlook. Therefore, hope isn't born without the existence of optimism.   A hopeful person possesses a vision for the future and takes the necessary steps toward realizing that vision. We offer a perspective on how hope propels us towards action. In doing so, we can shape and control our results based on active participation.   Finally, this episode guides listeners through recalibrating their hope's trajectory to align with their aspirations and desires. It underscores how essential hope, rather than mere optimism, is in becoming the future being we yearn to be.  
3/20/20245 minutes, 29 seconds
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Unlock A Life of Freedom

In this compelling episode, we navigate the challenging thought that 'No one needs you because you don't produce for anyone'. We discuss how living in the consumer mindset leads to a life of bitterness, and how enhancing your thinking can usher you into a life of freedom. This episode provides powerful tactics designed to reshape your mentality and create a life that counts. We delve into the destructiveness of centering life around oneself, warning that a me-focused mindset can lead to doom. We wade through the idea that life isn't just about us. We establish that focusing on oneself limits one's ability to give outwardly, arguing that achieving any mission requires an outward focus, a vision. We discuss the pervasive poverty in today's world, which we believe stems from a self-centric belief that life revolves around the individual. We talk about how this crippling mindset promotes a consumer culture, facilitating emotional, financial, or even spiritual poverty. The episode encourages listeners to transition from consumers to producers. It highlights the need to be valuable to others, warning that if you only consume, you contribute nothing to the world, making you dispensable. We showcase a simple yet profound tactic to escape poverty: start producing for others. By doing so, it presents the possibility of receiving what you desire. In stark contrast, trying to fulfill your wants without considering others seldom works. Finally, we emphasize that life isn't about us, but about what we can do for the world. We level up through our actions and contributions, receiving rewards and results. The world and its needs come first, and as we serve and give, we become the best versions of ourselves. Join us to learn how to transform from a consumer into a producer and unlock a life of freedom and fulfillment.
3/15/20246 minutes, 14 seconds
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Your Private Time Matters

In this enlightening and inspiring episode, we explore the importance of the actions taken in private and their impacts on our public performance. Discover why your greatness isn't based on what you do, but rather, you do great things because you are inherently great. Most importantly, learn the significance of aligning your private and public personas, and how your personal growth happens not in the public arena but in private, preparing for the big stage. Dig deeper into the understanding that growth happens behind the scenes. Learn how a boxer attains his prowess not just in the brightly lit ring but more significantly during unseen preparation, focus, and planning. By the end of this episode, gain the conviction that you too are a champion who doesn't have to prove anything because you have already paid your dues in private. It's important not just to strive for greatness but to truly recognize and embrace the greatness within you. Question what you are doing in your private time, dedicating it to self-improvement, pressure handling, or simply investing in yourself. Get ready to replicate your private practices in the public arena, and redefine your path towards personal growth and excellence. 
3/13/20244 minutes, 41 seconds
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Develop Patience and Win the Race

We all have goals, right? But having goals without patience voids the whole thing. Allow yourself to develop patience. By doing that, you will automatically proceed to your goal.
1/29/20247 minutes, 33 seconds
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Competition Does NOT Benefit You

Competition is great. However, when competition comes before great collaboration the weeds will grow in your mental garden.
1/5/20246 minutes
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The Truth about New Year's Resolution

What you want to have must become something you have to have while becoming that one thing you must have. All while maintaining wellness.
1/2/202410 minutes, 54 seconds
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Only ONE Thing is Important

What is the one thing that, if you change, will have the largest impact on your life?
12/22/20234 minutes, 56 seconds
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Remove Distractions and Be Free

Progress originates from clarity. The ultimate reason a person does not progress is their lack of clarity which is caused by distractions.
12/15/20236 minutes, 43 seconds
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Self Worth

Your actions do not determine your self-worth.
12/11/20236 minutes, 4 seconds
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Your Beliefs Overcomes Your Behaviors

Behaviors originate from the subconscious. Your beliefs about the behaviors are your conscious and what you feel about those beliefs is your subconscious.
12/8/20235 minutes, 6 seconds
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The Mind Molding Tactics Show

11/8/202356 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Mind Molding Tactics Show

11/6/202355 seconds
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Living A Well Life

Living a well life is not complementary to culture's ideal of success. Success does not bring love, hope, and peace.
10/27/20235 minutes, 34 seconds
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The Power of Fear

The amount of fear in your life cannot be changed, only directed. You do not decrease fear, but change the goal of that which you do fear.
10/26/20235 minutes, 34 seconds
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Get Off The Hamster Wheel: Over-Commitment

Overcommitting on your present self will enable stagnation and disable your ability to succeed and learn.
9/22/20235 minutes, 19 seconds
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Pessimism WILL Destroy You

A life of pessimism is a life that will inherit internal stagnation.
8/14/20234 minutes, 48 seconds
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No Succession Without Learned Lessons

The fasted way to remain stagnant is never to learn the lesson that life is attempting to teach you.
8/7/20235 minutes, 4 seconds
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This Process WILL Set You Free

There is a internal process every human goes through. The more you are aware of, the more you can hack towards a better life.
8/2/20236 minutes, 30 seconds
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There is no succession without hope.
7/24/20235 minutes, 16 seconds
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What is Success?

Success is to Succeed.
7/17/20232 minutes, 34 seconds
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Environment Champions Over Willpower

Willpower is not sustainable in wellness. To succeed perpetually you must construct an empowering environment.
7/14/20232 minutes, 58 seconds
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External To Internal

Impact and growth follow the equation of; Creating goals for the external + leveling up internally to achieve/sustain goals.
6/27/20233 minutes, 57 seconds
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Clarity Is Your Weapon

To make a step forward in life there must be clarity.
6/21/20233 minutes, 4 seconds
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Emotionalized Desired Vs. True Desires

Emotionalized desires appear as well as desires but they are not.
6/19/20234 minutes, 40 seconds
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A Future Worth Living For

You can either have a pessimistic perspective on the future; or have hope for your future.
6/17/20236 minutes, 16 seconds
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What Is Love…

There are two elements of love. Without these two love does Not exist.
6/15/20237 minutes, 3 seconds
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Growth Happens In The Valley

The actions you take in the valley determines how your growth happens.
6/2/20234 minutes, 36 seconds
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What You Want is Greater Than What You Need

Is easier for you to move forward when you change your connection from “need” to “want”.
5/31/20234 minutes, 37 seconds
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Living Within Your Healthy Deserve Level

There are many things you deserve in life and there are many things you do not deserve in life. Living within the equilibrium will result in healthy living.
5/24/20234 minutes, 20 seconds
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Gratitude Wins Over Bitterness

A state of gratefulness will always be greater than a state of bitterness.
5/22/20237 minutes, 9 seconds
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Your Calling is Greater than your Desires

Who you are called to be triumphs who you desire to be.
5/20/20235 minutes, 28 seconds
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You Attract What You Focus On

What you choose to focus on you will attract more of that into your life.
5/17/20233 minutes, 13 seconds
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Fear is an Advocate or an Adversary

You can either allow fear to benefit you or deplete you.
5/15/20234 minutes, 39 seconds
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Excuses Do Not Exist In The End

Every person has a chance and opportunity for succession. If you cannot see it does not justify that your opportunity is not before your eyes.
5/12/20236 minutes, 23 seconds
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The Downfall of Being Opinionated

Opinions are helpful, but not always.
5/3/20234 minutes, 8 seconds
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Your Past Does NOT Define You

It is backward to say your Past defines your Present.
4/24/20235 minutes, 31 seconds
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You Are Not Your Performance

The results you get in life do not signify your identity.
4/19/20237 minutes, 48 seconds
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Zero to One, Is Hard

The process of going from zero to one takes more effort and energy than it does going from two to three or three to four.
4/10/20235 minutes, 4 seconds