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Give your mind a little love today! Open your mind and expand your possibilities with an hour of mindset and self-love mentoring each week! We explore evidence-based research and raw personal stories to help you wake up to your power and lead a more intentional life. Think of it like your weekly action plan toward your highest self! Join host, Melissa Monte, for inspiring interviews into modern mindfulness techniques to level up your mind, body and soul. We explore topics like self-love, developing a positive mindset, finding your purpose, breaking negative thought cycles, reducing stress and anxiety, connecting to your intuition, finding alignment, working with energy, and more… No fluff. No BS. So let’s raise our collective conscious for the greater good… and create a badass legacy along the way. Hit subscribe for 5 karma points. Your future self will thank you. Let’s do this.
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Liberating Mind, Body, and Spirit: How Giving Up Alcohol Unbottles Your True Potential with Amanda Kuda • 316

Have you ever wondered who you would be without the crutch, or the pull, of alcohol? It's a question that might make you squirm a little, but it's worth sitting with. What if that glass of wine or that bottle of beer is actually bottling up your true potential? Our guest today is Amanda Kuda. She can attest to the fact that you don’t need to have a drinking problem for alcohol to be holding you back. Like a lot of successful young professionals, her life was basically a carousel of opportunities to drink that ended up leaving her feeling unfulfilled in her spirit, relationships, and career. She didn’t hit “rock bottom” or need a recovery program, but she did need a change. It was only when she tried Dry January that she realized sobriety was the linchpin to a better life. In a culture that treats alcohol as a cure-all to subdue anxiety, grieve, and celebrate, she found that cutting it out helped her truly reach her full potential. Now, she's an alcohol-free lifestyle expert and coach helping ambitious, soul-centered women stop drinking and start manifesting the life they desire and deserve. Amanda’s first book, “Unbottled Potential: Break Up With Alcohol And Break Through To Your Best Life,” hits the shelves today, October 3, 2023. We will learn: The connection between alcohol and identity The real myths of moderation How removing ineffective things from our lives can create space for positive growth Links from the episode: Show Notes: Become a Mind Love Member for high-value Masterclasses, Growth Workbooks, Monthly Meditations, and Uninterrupted Listening FREE 5-Days to Purpose Email Course Sign up for The Morning Mind Love for short daily notes to wake up inspired Support Mind Love Sponsors Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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