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Mimosas with Mother and Daughter

English, Children-Kids, 2 seasons, 17 episodes, 13 hours 19 minutes
Conversations between a real mother and daughter on how they have navigated through their relationship through out the years. These conversations will be advice based, juicy story times and even tips on how we got through trying times. Mother and daughter relationships are not easy, we know that! But maybe we can let you know you are not alone!
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Moms Dating Advice + Dating Story Time

HEY MMD GANG! This episode gets a little juicy with a story time! We talk about the importance of knowing what you want while dating, and how that ca affect your child as a single parent. Lets dive into this juicy convo! --- Send in a voice message:
19/06/202252 minutes 29 seconds
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BABY GIRL NOT A BABY ANYMORE! - Establishing new boundaries when your daughter grows up

Hey MMD GANG!, We are back again for a new episode! This episode was very fun to create! Mari (daughter) & Lavinia (mom) hash out they 10 days together and how their relationship has grown as Mari is not a little girl anymore. As moms, our baby will always be our baby. But it is important that we respect them as adults, right? lets talk! --- Send in a voice message:
23/05/202246 minutes 26 seconds
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Pushing P-ERIOD talks

Hey MMD GANG, back again with a new episode giving our listeners tips and tricks on how to have those had conversations like puberty and period talk with our daughters. This episode is especially helpful for single dads!!! TUNE IN NOW! --- Send in a voice message:
26/04/202245 minutes 10 seconds
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Hey MMD GANG,  In this episode we talk about the balance of working and being a mom...Specifically a single mom.We mention resources, help and mom guilt. This episode will be especially helpful to new moms that are returning back to the work force after having a baby. It can be very hard, but we are here for you! Stay tune.  --- Send in a voice message:
24/04/202247 minutes 19 seconds
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Hey MMD Gang, New episode this week! The hardest thing in parenting in my opinion is when your little baby is no longer a little baby. At what age do you truly stop helping your child, and accept them as an adult. Or do you ever stop helping and deep down they will always be your little baby? Lets discuss! --- Send in a voice message:
18/04/202244 minutes 29 seconds
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Motherhood vs DIstance

Hey MMD Gang,  we are back for another episode. This time we are finally together and able to record an episode in the same room! We discuss what it is truly like to be so far away after living 20 years as just us two! We are getting through it, but it is still very hard. Heads up this episode does get a little emotional lol! Stay tune! --- Send in a voice message:
18/04/202246 minutes 49 seconds
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Hey MMD GANG,  In this episode we discuss what no parent looks forward to discussing with their little girls. That's sex, periods, and boys!!! We are going to go back in time to how those conversations were for Lavinia and Mari. Listen in on how straight forward Lavinia was, and how accepting Mari was. Lets discuss! --- Send in a voice message:
13/03/202254 minutes 38 seconds