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Helping you learn to pray God's Word for your children in the areas they need it most. Join author and speaker, Brooke McGlothlin, in making prayer the first and best response to the challenges of motherhood.
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A Thanksgiving Prayer

It's the week of Thanksgiving here in the United States, so I am taking some time to be with family and make memories offline. In lieu of an official show, I wanted to share this Thanksgiving Prayer with you. Feel free to pray it with me. It's perfect for the upcoming holiday, but also for every day use. Happy Thanksgiving! Brooke McGlothlin Subscribe to the MPM podcast email and get a FREE copy of Brooke's How to Pray God's Word for Your Children eBook! LINKS:  Show Notes About Stacey Thacker Download the day one devotion from Everyday Prayers for Peace. About Million Praying
22/11/20224 minutes 5 seconds
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Bonus Episode: What 2020 Taught Us About Prayer

As we're closing out 2020 this week, we wanted to do a round-up of sorts...or a list of things God has taught us about prayer as we've walked through this very, VERY strange year. There have been times when we didn't feel like God was listening. Times of frustration. Times of plenty. And times of where we felt the presence of God so beautifully. Up, down, all over the place...but God remains the same. Join us today for a special bonus podcast as we interview the author of Everyday Prayers for Hope, Stacey Thacker. Visit the show notes to get your five free scripture-based prayers for hope! And remember to get your digital copy of Everyday Prayers for Hope FREE when you purchase Stacey's new book, Threadbare Prayer: Prayers for Hearts That Feel Hidden, Hurt, or Hopeless. Now through December 31, 2020. Happy New Year! SHOW NOTES: <a href= "" target="_blank" rel= "nofollow noopener norefer
29/12/20201 hour 6 minutes 26 seconds
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Give God Your Next 40 Days

Consider yourself challenged! Join Million Praying Moms as we give our next 40 days to God inside of the Start with Hope challenge! If there’s one thing we know about you, mama, it’s that you need hope. Maybe now more than ever. Click this link to make sure you're signed up and ready to go as we start this challenge together on May 5th!
23/04/20203 minutes 25 seconds
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Bonus - Your Questions Answered About the Fight Like a Boymom Program

In today's bonus episode, Brooke and Erin answer your questions about the Fight Like a Boymom program! If you're thinking about joining this online program for moms of hard-to-handle boys, here's your chance to get all of your questions answered, like: ▪ What age is it designed for? Are my boys too old?⁠ ▪ How long should it take for me to get through?⁠ ▪ How long do I have access to the program? I'm not ready to get started right away.⁠ ▪ And others...⁠ ⁠ We'll answer all of these, AND reveal a fun announcement about the program you're not going to want to miss! To learn more about Fight Like a Boymom, visit Today's Show Notes:
03/03/202024 minutes 2 seconds
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039 - A behind the scenes look at how we choose verses for the prayer journal, with Becky Daye

Have you ever wondered how we piece together each Pray the Word Journal? Or maybe how in the world we choose the verses our prayers are inspired by? There are many hands that go into making each Journal edition a work we believe is inspired by God to be exactly what our Journal owners need, and on today's show Brooke and Erin interview Becky Daye, the curator of all the verses inside Pray the Word Journal, to give you a behind-the-scenes look! (And if you don't already have your copy, the Matthew Edition is 40% off while supplies last! Get yours ordered at!
04/02/202039 minutes 46 seconds
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038 - Intentionally Inviting Jesus into the Moments of Your Day

Do you feel overwhelmed by the chaos that is your life? Chores, laundry, kids' activities, cooking, grocery shopping, training hearts, etc...(we're tired just looking at that list)! We all know spending time with Jesus is important if we want to grow in our relationship with Him. We hear about quiet time, but how do we actually find the time to focus on Jesus in the middle of our never ending to-do list? There is hope! On today's episode, Erin and Brooke invite author Tara L. Cole to give us proven strategies for getting intentional about inviting Jesus into the moments of our days. You won't want to miss this one!
28/01/202048 minutes 23 seconds
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037 - You're Not the One Holding it All Together (with Jennifer Dukes Lee)

If you're anything like us it's possible that you're already frantically making lists, setting goals, and trying to fulfill resolutions that are all designed to kick off your New Year on the right foot. Today's episode is for every woman who finds herself hanging on tight and trying to get each day right—yet finding that life often feels out of control and chaotic. What better time of the year to embrace the fact that it's really all under control without us? Tune in to hear Brooke and Erin chat with popular author, Jennifer Dukes Lee, about her newest book, "It's All Under Control!"
21/01/202046 minutes 30 seconds
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036 - Choosing Your Verse to Pray for 2020

Do you choose a word for the year? In today's episode, Erin and Brooke are joined by Teri Lynne Underwood to introduce a slightly different version of choosing a word to theme your new year—defining a verse to PRAY for yourself and your family in 2020! Join these three ladies as they walk you through seven reasons you NEED to be praying Scripture for your family as you plan for the new year, and get started with the Define Your Verse of the Year challenge at the link in our show notes!
14/01/202037 minutes 16 seconds
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035 - How to Choose Hope

After the craziness and noise of the Holidays have settled down it can be hard to keep the feelings of hope and wonder that go with them...especially when things are hard, or life is challenging. On today's episode, Brooke and Erin, along with guest Stacey Thacker, are inviting you to choose hope, even when it's hard. Join us as we share practical, biblical steps to embrace a hope that just might influence your entire 2020! Be sure to join us in the Start with Hope challenge as well! Details can be found in our show notes at!
07/01/202044 minutes 2 seconds
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034 - A New Year's Prayer

It's the week of New Years here in the United States, so we are taking some time to be with family and make memories offline. In lieu of an official show, we wanted to share this New Year's Prayer with you. Feel free to pray it with us, or download it in the New Year's Prayer Episode Show Notes at It's perfect for the upcoming holiday, but also for every day use. Happy New Year, from the Million Praying Moms Family!
31/12/20193 minutes 1 second
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033 - Christmas Prayer with Brooke and Erin

It's the week of Christmas here in the United States, so we are taking some time to be with family and make memories offline. In lieu of an official show, we wanted to share this Christmas Prayer with you. Feel free to pray it with us, or download it in the Christmas Prayer Episode Show Notes at It's perfect for the upcoming holiday, but also for every day use. Merry Christmas, from the Million Praying Moms Family!
24/12/20193 minutes 25 seconds
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032 - Real Talk About Suicide with David Thomas

Today's episode is so very important. No one really wants to talk about suicide, but we believe it has to be talked about, maybe especially around the holidays because emotions can wash over people during this time of year in such huge waves and make them choose to do things they wouldn't otherwise. Most of us know someone who has been touched by suicide. If you don't, praise God, but we're willing to bet you've been shocked and concerned about the seemingly skyrocketing numbers of our youth who are choosing suicide as an option. Just to make it real, the Centers for Disease control report that suicide is the third leading cause of death, behind accidents and homicide, of people aged 15 to 24. Even more disturbing is the fact that suicide is the fourth leading cause of death for children between the ages of 10 and 14. We're joined today by Counselor and author, David Thomas, to talk about understanding this epidemic, and being prepared as parents to, 1) know wha
17/12/201940 minutes 54 seconds
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031 - Following God in Ministry AND Motherhood (and how that influences our daughters in the best way) with Michelle Myers

There's no denying that becoming a mother changes things for a woman...including our sense of direction in life. Even when we are crystal clear on what kind of mother we want to be, becoming a mom doesn't mean we should lose our original mission as a child of God. Becoming a mom really DOES change a woman. It changes her body, her emotions, her priorities, and even sometimes her entire direction in life...but it shouldn't change her mission. Join us today as we chat with Michelle Myers, Founder of She Works HIS Way, about following God in motherhood AND in ministry! You might just walk away with a whole new understanding of your calling!
10/12/201946 minutes 58 seconds
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030 - Raising Boys Who Respect Girls (Dave Willis)

There's a push in our culture today to elevate women over men. People say, "The future is female" speaking to the idea that as we progress women will have more and more influence. We're not saying it's wrong for women to have influence, just that God made both sexes to work together for His glory. The future doesn't exclude males, and the call for men to treat women with a respect that honors God is independent from cultural norms. It can be a confusing time for boys, as they try to juggle being respectful of the girls around them, while at the same time refusing to demonize true masculinity. Our guest today says his mission with this conversation is to help restore a broken view of manhood, and call boys to a high standard of manhood without shaming them for being male. We love the sound of that! Join us as we chat with Dave Willis, author of Raising Boys Who Respect Girls: Upending Locker Room Mentality, Blind Spots, and Unintended Sexism, on today's episode! You won
03/12/201946 minutes 16 seconds
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029 - Thanksgiving Prayer (Brooke and Erin)

t's the week of Thanksgiving here in the United States, so we are taking some time to be with family and make memories offline. In lieu of an official show, we wanted to share this Thanksgiving Prayer with you. Feel free to pray it with us, or download it in the Thanksgiving Prayer Episode Show Notes at It's perfect for the upcoming holiday, but also for every day use. Happy Thanksgiving!
26/11/20194 minutes 54 seconds
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027 - Creating a Space Your Kids Want to Come Home To

The holidays are just around the corner (we can't even believe we're saying that!!!). Some of our listeners have kids who have left home for college, or to build their careers, or start their own families, and will be prepping our hearts and homes for them to visit during this season As your kids grow up, the realization that "home" feels different now can be daunting and filled with all kinds of different emotions. It really isn't the same as before they left, but it can still be so good! How do we create a place our kids want to come home to? Tune in today to listen to Jen Schmidt, author of Just Open the Door: How One Invitation Can Change a Generation for practical tips and inspiration that is just in time!
12/11/201948 minutes 21 seconds
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026 - The Grumble Free Year (Tricia Goyer)

Do your kids grumble and complain about EVERYTHING? (Do you?). Author and mom of 10, Tricia Goyer, felt called to do something pretty amazing...lead her children in going 1 full year with no grumbling or complaining! We know what you're thinking..."ONE YEAR? Man! We haven't even been able to go ONE DAY without grumbling!" The story is true, friends. With some hard work, lots of prayer, and a bit of determination, Tricia's family learned lessons they'll never forget. Tune in to today's episode to hear the Goyer's story and get practical tips for decreasing the complaining in your home!
05/11/201932 minutes 14 seconds
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025 - How Our Purpose in Marriage Extends to Our Mission as Parents (with Jennifer and Aaron Smith)

Most people, at least in the United States, marry for love and because they want to be happy and share their lives with someone. But according to Aaron and Jennifer Smith, authors of Marriage After God: Chasing Boldly After God's Purpose for Your Life Together, the purpose of Christian marriage is much more than just that. Intentionally choosing to prioritize our marriage once we're parents is difficult at best. Small humans require lots of time and energy, and often leave their parents with little left over for each other. But having a "missional" marriage is more than just making time for a date night. What if a look at the scriptures could change the entire way you see yours? Rather than "you and me against the world," God calls each couple to the rich and meaningful mission of "you and me for the world." Tune in to today's episode to learn more!
29/10/201945 minutes 29 seconds
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024 - Learning to Put Jesus First in Your Own Life (Katie Orr)

As Christian moms, we all want to prioritize making sure that our kids know and love least as much as it depends on us...but we forget that one of the best ways, if not THE best way to do this is to make sure our own relationship with Christ is growing first.   This is one of the hardest things to do during a time when we most need it. There are so many things vying for our attention as moms. Even before we get out of bed it can feel like our to-do lists are overwhelming. Who has time to set aside for developing relationship with God?   Our guest today would say that we don't have time NOT to invest in our relationships with God...that our very happiness depends on it. Please welcome Katie Orr to the Million Praying Moms podcast!
22/10/201949 minutes 2 seconds
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023 - Understanding the Top 5 Social Media Platforms and How They Affect Our Kids

Are you a parent desperately trying to understand social media and its affect on your children? If so, today's episode is for you. The most practical and easy-to-understand guide to the top 5 social media platforms tweens and teens are using today is waiting for you inside of this episode. Join Erin and Brooke as they interview Chris McKenna, Founder of Protect Young Eyes. We get very specific about the various apps on your child's phone and help you: Understand what they're meant to do... The good, bad, and ugly about how they are actually affecting today's tweens and teens, so that... You can make a decision about what or whether to allow them in your home. PLEASE DON'T MISS THIS IMPORTANT EPISODE. (Side note: Brooke made her own children listen to this episode to help them understand their family's position on social media. Depending on age and maturity, you might consider that option with your own).
15/10/201954 minutes 33 seconds
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022 - The Effect of "Reality Living" and How to Help Our Kids Find Their Worth in Christ Instead of Clicks

What kind of effect does it have on a young mind when they're living for the next like? How does having constant access to their peers likes and dislikes, words of encouragement or discouragement, and touched up pictures affect the way our children see and understand themselves? How does a caring parent make decisions about when and whether to allow their children to enter the "reality living" rat race when we often struggle with it ourselves as adults? Join Brooke and Erin as they chat again this week with counselor Sissy Goff, author of Raising Worry-Free Girls, about navigating the often swift-moving waters of today's reality living culture.
08/10/201932 minutes 2 seconds
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021 - Addressing the Epidemic of Anxious Girls

Anxiety among girls is at epidemic rates. Our guest today says childhood anxiety rates are soaring, especially among girls, and she should know because she counsels them and their families every day in her practice outside of Nashville, TN. Because of this issue, we thought it was important to dedicate an entire episode to helping parents know what contributes to anxiety and worry and how they can empower their daughters to overcome their fears. Tune in today as Erin and Brooke chat with Sissy Goff, counselor and author of Raising Worry-Free Girls.
01/10/201944 minutes
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020 - The Effects of Team Sports on This Generation

Is your child an athlete? Here at Million Praying Moms we LOVE sports! Erin and Brooke both enjoy watching their children participate in youth sports and they love watching college football (Go Huskers and Hokies)! But they've also watched as youth sports have changed over the years...and not always for the better. Join Brooke and Erin today as they tackle (see what we did there??) topics like: Safeguarding time at home and at church. How to live in reality (instead of thinking you're raising the next Derek Jeter). The importance of a good coach. How sports can be an outlet for families to share Christ. Grab your favorite sports-watching snack and tune in!
24/09/201958 minutes 33 seconds
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019 - The Hormone Battle for Boys

In episode #10, we hosted Hal and Melanie Young in a fantastic talk about the hormone battle for girls. Since that episode, we've had a lot of requests to talk about how changing hormones effect boys as well, and since they have raised six boys of their own, we decided to have them back on the show to talk to all the boymoms! At the same time that their hormones are going crazy, our boys are literally being bombarded by social awareness for the first time...nevermind that they're wondering what other people think of them a WHOLE lot more than others are actually thinking about's a real thing. Join us on this episode as we figure out how to understand male hormones, develop a sense of compassion, and get some practical tools for helping our boys through this important, but often frustrating stage. Tune in now!
17/09/201945 minutes 34 seconds
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018 - Practical Ways to Promote Peace Between Siblings

Sibling. Rivalry. Two words that can make a mom's heart go from zero to 100 in two seconds flat. We all want our children to get along and have significant relationships with each other long after we're gone, but there are days when they're still at home that we wonder if this will ever happen! On today's episode, Kim Sorgious shares tried and true practical advice for helping your kids get along with each other. Learn how to promote peace in your home by tuning in now!
10/09/201947 minutes 5 seconds
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017 - Calming Angry Kids (Tricia Goyer)

How can you calm your child's anger and your own? Erin and Brooke talk to moms all the time who ask one of three questions: 1. Where is MY anger toward my kids coming from? OR, 2. What do my kids have to be angry about?? 3. How do I take steps to calm the anger in our home instead of ignoring or resenting my children? Tune in today as they interview Tricia Goyer, author of Calming Angry Kids: Help and Hope for Parents in the Whirlwind about the heart issues and practical steps we can all take to promote peace in our homes!
03/09/201949 minutes 43 seconds
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016 - Raising Esthers in a World of Kardashians (Teri Lynne Underwood)

About ten years ago Teri Lynne Underwood attended a conference for pastors’ wives. Since her husband was in student ministry at the time and they had a young daughter, she chose to attend a workshop on beauty and modesty. Teri Lynne was both shocked and offended by what the facilitator said in the session. She urged women to give no thought to their appearance and said that any time and money spent on physical appearance was at the very least shameful and could also be sinful. But that's not what Teri Lynne found in the Bible... A balance, yes? But shameful? No. Well, it doesn't have to be. Join Brooke and Erin today as they talk to Teri Lynne in depth about how to raise daughters with a correct understanding of beauty straight from the heart of God.
27/08/201953 minutes 10 seconds
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015 - 10 Things We've Learned About Hope (and how you can get some) Part 2

Brooke McGlothlin and Stacey Thacker wrote Hope for the Weary Mom: Let God Meet You in Your Mess several years ago. It was literally birthed in a closet during a hurricane…and we don’t just mean figuratively (although the “hurricane of motherhood” certainly contributed to the message!). Since that time, they've matured, and their kids have matured. They've learned a lot of things about hope, one of which is that we always need it. Weariness comes and goes in cycles. Hope is something we can't do without. On this episode of the Million Praying Moms Podcast, listen as they partner with Erin Mohring in sharing 10 truths they've learned about hope since writing the original Hope for the Weary Mom. It will be an amazing reminder of the deep truths we all desperately need, so tune in now!
20/08/201940 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

014 - 10 Things We've Learned About Hope (and how you can get some) Part 1

Brooke McGlothlin and Stacey Thacker wrote Hope for the Weary Mom: Let God Meet You in Your Mess several years ago. It was literally birthed in a closet during a hurricane…and we don’t just mean figuratively (although the “hurricane of motherhood” certainly contributed to the message!). Since that time, they've matured, and their kids have matured. They've learned a lot of things about hope, one of which is that we always need it. Weariness comes and goes in cycles. Hope is something we can't do without. On this episode of the Million Praying Moms Podcast, listen as they partner with Erin Mohring in sharing 10 truths they've learned about hope since writing the original Hope for the Weary Mom. It will be an amazing reminder of the deep truths we all desperately need, so tune in now!
13/08/201948 minutes 33 seconds
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013 - What Your Son Needs Most from You

Today's episode is for all of the moms of boys out there...well, actually, it's for MOMS of boys, GRANDMOTHERS of boys, maybe even mother-n-laws...because whether or not you are actually raising boys yourself, we're willing to bet there is or will be one in your life at some point, and it's a good idea to understand what makes him tick. Monica Swanson, author of Boy Mom: What Your Son Needs Most from You, is with us today talking about building a healthy, unshakable, relationship with our sons! Get ready to take some notes!
06/08/201944 minutes 36 seconds
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012 - Relief From the Pressure to Get It All Right

As moms, we often feel like we're the ones holding everything together. If we lose it, everything falls apart...but is this true? Maybe you're weighed down under the heaviness of your own expectations, or the expectations of others? Do you feel like you're failing motherhood on a regular basis, and just need a new perspective? On today's episode, Brooke and Erin talk with Mom Set Free author, Jeannie Cunnion, about how to find relief from the pressure to get it all right (just in time to prepare your hearts for back-to-school)!
30/07/201931 minutes 26 seconds
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011 - How to Build (and Keep) Relationship with Your Teenager Connie Albers

Erin and Brooke both have TEENAGERS in their homes now, so this episode couldn't come at a better time! We're living through some of the struggles of raising teens—along with all of the great things about this season of a kid's life—but when we read the title of Connie Alber's new book we knew it was perfect for the show. We've always encouraged our readers and listeners to be "students" of their children. Meaning there's no one-size-fits-all approach to parenting. There's no equation for parenting success. Tune in today to discuss the idea of parenting beyond the rules our society—even inside the church—has set up for us and learn why your relationship with your teens is one of the most important things on your parenting list!
23/07/201951 minutes 41 seconds
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010 - The Hormone Battle for Girls (Navigating it with Grace) Melanie Young

Whether you're a girlmom dealing with the changes in your daughter and how her battle with hormones affects your family life, or a boymom trying to help your son understand and relate to the girls he encounters day in and day out, today's episode is for you. We're welcoming two of our very favorites to the podcast to talk about navigating the hormone battle with grace. Hal and Melanie Young are the parents of 8 children—6 boys and 2 girls—and are popular speakers at homeschool conventions all over the country. Their book, Raising Real Men, is one of our top recommendations for boymoms, but today, we're talking to them about helping our girls navigate the hormone battle with grace. Don't miss out!
16/07/201952 minutes 46 seconds
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009 - How to Launch Well - Tips for Moms as New Seasons Approach

We know many of you listening have just walked through a change in the season your family is in. Whether it's a graduation from high school, college, or some other major life event, the emotions associated with launching your child into a new season of life can leave the best of parents feeling out of control. It helps to have someone come along side you who has been there, and can help you navigate it with grace. Today, we're welcoming Julie Sanders to the podcast to talk about how she and her husband have successfully launched their children. With the gift of time and perspective, Julie shares ways we can begin preparing NOW for the season of launching our children. Let's dive in!
09/07/201946 minutes 37 seconds
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008 - How to Talk to Your Kids About Puberty

As far as phases of life go, puberty is probably the most awkward. Zits, body hair, strange new odors, breasts, cracking voices, and the list goes on. The transition from childhood to adulthood makes for some strange new life experiences. That’s why it’s helpful to have a guide. Someone who’s been there, done that, and can help you see your way through. Listen to today's episode as Brooke and Erin talk again to Luke and Trisha Gilkerson, authors of Changes: 7 Biblical Lessons to Make Sense of Puberty, about this vital conversation between parent and child, and how to make it as painless as possible! We can do this!
02/07/201954 minutes 31 seconds
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007 - A biblical worldview for teaching your kids about sex!

Did you know that if you wait until your children are around 9 years old to talk to them about sex, you’ve probably waited too long. That age shocks us, too. Years ago, when we first started thinking through talking to our kids about sex, the age of first pornography viewing among boys was around 11. We don’t even want to know what it is now. If that doesn’t convince you that the time is now to talk to your kids about sex, we don’t know what will. The evil isn’t just out there anymore. We’re naive if we think our kids have to search for, look for something evil to view. Evil is looking for them. Join Brooke and Erin on today's episode as they talk to Luke and Trisha Gilkerson of Intoxicated on Life about creating a healthy, biblical view of sex… Having, “The Talk.” Take a deep breath, and let's do this!
25/06/201946 minutes 39 seconds
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006 - Tips for Promoting Healthy Communication with Teens

Sometimes it feels like trying to communicate with teens is like speaking a foreign language, but keeping those lines of communication open is more important in this season than any other! On today's episode, we're talking about the things parents need to know to promote ongoing, healthy, open communication with their teens with Boymom Mentor, Gina Smith. You'll leave with a greater awareness about your needs as a mom AND your teen's needs, as well as practical tips for communicating with teens in a way that shows love to them, but still respects your place of authority over them. Tune in now!
18/06/201946 minutes 59 seconds
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005 - How To Deal With Bullying

Bullying is at epidemic levels, and the ways that our children can be bullied are only increasing as their access to technology expands every day. What is a Christian parent to do when their children is being bullied? What if their child IS the bully? On this episode of the Million Praying Moms podcast, join Brooke and Erin as they interview counselor, author, speaker, and co-creator of Raising Boys and Girls, David Thomas, in a vital and timely conversation. Grab a pencil and notepad because you're going to want to take notes!
11/06/20191 hour 7 minutes 9 seconds
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004 - When Trauma Strikes: One Mom's Story of Brokenness and the Power of Prayer

On May 3, 2017 Jen Murray watched her 10 year old son, Brooks—one-fourth of her quadruplet boys—slowly veer off the track and collapse after running a mile at a community event. She watched, helplessly, as trained medical professionals administered CPR over and over again and heard the words no mother ever wants to hear: "There's no pulse." God saved Brooks' life that day, miraculously raising him from the dead, and in the process, the Murray family found a thankfulness and gratitude for daily life they never had before. Today's episode is a tear-jerker. You might want to have some tissues nearby as you listen to Jen tell the story of that day, and how God has provided for them each day since. Note: Had it not been for the medical professionals who just "happened" to be nearby refusing to give up on Brooks, he wouldn't be with us today. We'd like to take a second to thank all EMS workers who so generously give of themselves, even and especially when they're off duty.</
04/06/201936 minutes 28 seconds
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000 - Million Praying Moms Podcast Coming May 14th!

Coming Tuesday, May 14th! You're listening to the Million Praying Moms Podcast, where we believe every mom is uniquely designed by God for His purpose, but also a part of something much bigger than she could ever be alone. Authors and moms, Erin Mohring and Brooke McGlothlin will help you make prayer your first and best response to the challenges of parenting. Listen in on real life conversations with the experts about real issues parents face today and learn practical ways to focus on Christ as you seek wisdom and hope for the difficult job of raising children in today's world. If you're ready to handle life with grace because you've been in the presence of God, you're in the right place! Visit us at!
02/05/20191 minute 54 seconds