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English, Children-Kids, 5 seasons, 45 episodes, 15 hours 55 minutes
This is a podcast about money for kids and their families from Marketplace, in collaboration with “Brains On!” Co-hosts Jed Kim and Bridget Bodnar answer the awkward, uncomfortable and sometimes surprising questions that kids have about money. Described as “a godsend for anyone who knows a little kid with big questions about money” by The New York Times, each episode tackles one big money idea, from how to negotiate to who invented money. “Million Bazillion®” is made possible in part by The Ranzetta Family Charitable Fund and Next Gen Personal Finance, supporting Marketplace’s work to make younger audiences smarter about the economy. This podcast is presented by Greenlight, the debit card and investing app for kids and teens.
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From our friends at “Financially Inclined”: How to save money

Saving money might sound like a chore, but Yanely Espinal and Berna Anat are here to remind you that saving money can help you afford more of what you want, and you can have fun along the way!   Think you’re financially inclined? Check out the savings tips below: A comparison of high-yield savings accounts from NerdWallet Here are some free savings trackers you can print Look at these different savings apps reviewed by Bankrate You ca
21/11/202321 minutes 29 seconds
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Presenting “The Ten News: Operation Climate Conservation” ♻️

“Ten News” Road Trip Remix: 👟 Grab your AirPods, favorite pair of tennis shoes, and hop outside, Ten’ers. Today’s episode is meant for a long walk or bike ride as we learn about ways to be more climate friendly. Let’s start with “Nature Nerds'” Laine Farber’s take on reducing your carbon footprint. Oh, we can’t forget Laine’s rundown of potty training cows.🌱 And last, but certainly not least, we’re talking futuristic farming and revisiting Garrison Harward at his aquaponics farm in Brooklyn!  
03/10/202323 minutes 17 seconds
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Introducing: PBS Kids’ “Jamming on the Job”

“Jamming on the Job” is a multigenerational, music-inspired podcast for kids ages 4 to 8 and their parents and caregivers. It stars Christina Sanabria and Andrés Salguero, the Latin Grammy Award-winning kids’ music duo known as 123 Andrés. Join Christina and Andrés as they tour the country and perform songs about the world of work. At each place they go, they meet a grownup with a different kind of job who helps them along their way. As Christina and Andrés learn about the new and inspiring career of the day and the skills needed to succeed in that job, they compose an original song about it with help from their Magic Beatmaster Boombox, voiced by Grammy Award-nominated musician Pierce Freelon. In addition to exposing kids to a wide variety of career paths, each episode will highlight foundational skills relevant to each job, such as empathy, social problem-solving and responsibility as well as flexible thinking, impulse
21/09/20231 minute 38 seconds
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Introducing Million Bazillion!

Marketplace’s first-ever kids podcast is out next week! In collaboration with “Brains On!,” “Million Bazillion” helps dollars make more sense. We’re tackling the big questions, like: Who invented money? How do you get your parents to agree to buy something you want? How do advertisers make you want what they’re selling — and how do you take your brain back? And why do things like pizza cost what they do? Host Jed Kim will help answer all these questions, with help from super-smart experts, kids and some famous friends. The first episode drops July 21! Here’s a trailer.
14/07/20202 minutes 12 seconds