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English, Education, 17 seasons, 24 episodes, 9 hours, 49 minutes
This podcast is about everything midlife. Learning how to align, and/or re-align and re-ignite your passion and dreams by connecting to your heart. You can expect to not only hear all the steps I took to recover my passions and my heart, but you will hear from other women who are on this journey as well. I started this podcast because when I was entering this midlife stage of my life, I could have really used someone who was a bit further into this next phase. Someone who could understand what I was going through! A lifeline. Someone to help me not feel so alone. So join me on the journey.
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What messy action looks like!

Make sure you go back and listen to the episode with my beautiful guest Kristi Nellor as she talks about how creativity saved the day! It is such a good conversation. If you would like a little help digging into your heart to recover/discover what your passions are, click the link for my Free Passion Map Exercise: Free Passion Map Exercise: Free Dream Quiz to work with me: Website: Follow me on: FB Instagram- Please feel free to reach out to me.💖❤️❤️ On the journey with you, Jackie
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