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English, Personal health, 1 season, 101 episodes, 4 days, 19 hours, 8 minutes
If you enjoy unique perspectives and sometimes enlightening discussions about literally anything and everything + some raw and unfiltered self expression from a plethora of different individuals with varied backgrounds and outlooks on life, Mentally Gone is worth checking out. Support this podcast:
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Welcome to the first episode of our brand new segment called Mentally Gone Reviews where Caley and I sit down to discuss movies, tv series, music, books and anything/everything that excites us. - On this episode we cover two very controversial pieces of entertainment/art that has everyone either loving or hating it. In this very racially charged zeitgeist where the systemic tensions between white and black people are at it's peak, Caley and I stumbled across these two fantastic depictions of why racism is prominent in our society and why we need to all come together and do our part in eradicating it's influence. - Hope you enjoy, please feel free to rate us and to leave any opinions or questions. We'll address them all on the next episode of the Mentally Gone podcast. --- Support this podcast:
4/28/202146 minutes, 21 seconds