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Welcome to the Mentality Podcast, where we have real conversations with real people about healthy masculinities. Tune in to hear from a wide range of guests about their views and experiences of manhood, covering topics from fitness and mentoring to leadership and adventure. We'll cover the bits we should celebrate but also its messy parts while having a bit of a laugh. Please support the podcast with a small donation on Ko-Fi ( ). Connect with us on: Instagram: Twitter: Website: ( ) Frequency: Monthly The podcast is provided by Mentoring Advocacy Network. All rights reserved.
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Season 2 Ep. 5 - Nourish your mental health with the sound of music with Rob Stephenson

After an unexpected break, I return with a fresh episode. I'm talking to Rob Stephenson about the relationship between music and mental health.Rob, among others, is a DJ and uses house music to show the dynamics between the two. We had a great chat about music and how to use it to support our mental health and its benefits. He also drops a spoken word and an excellent tune (if you ask me) to show the power of music to uplift our spirits. TEDx Talk - What it means to be a good manDue to music copyright, I can't play the spoken work tunes and banger Rob has recommended, but you can listen to them here.ANNA - Let you in (for the spoken word)Ugo Banchi - Dance with Ibiza (the closing t
29/09/202330 minutes 36 seconds
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Season 2 Ep. 4 - Money problems & mental health with Carla Hoppe

We&#39;re launching this episode on Mental Health Awareness Week #ToHelpMyAnxiety covering the topic of money problems and mental health.In this episode, Lau chats with Carla Hoppe, Founder and CEO of Wealthbrite, about the dynamic relationship between money problems and mental health and practical ways to deal with both.They also explore some aspects of how men deal with money and unhealthy gender norms around money that can sometimes impact men&#39;s mental health.Wealthbrite is a company that delivers financial education and coaching to build your people&#39;s confidence and resilience.  You can support the podcast with a small donation on Ko-Fi.Connect with me on Instagram or Twitter @man_mentoringFREE Resources:Mind - <a href="
17/05/202344 minutes 11 seconds