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English, Arts, 5 seasons, 132 episodes, 3 days 21 hours 52 minutes
A series of podcasts exploring Women in menSwear. I will be talking to guests from all aspects of the industry; Women starting their own brands, designers, freelancers, tailors and other professions that make up the industry I will also be sharing my own experiences within the industry as well as hearing about other’s journeys. The highs and lows everything in between from Diversity, Equality, Creativity, Struggles, love for what we do, are Women changing and challenging menswear or is it still a male dominated universe? Is there a seat for Women at the table? Let’s find out...Sarmilla
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EP129: Sartorial Traveller ft Carlo Schneider

Today's episode is about how Sartorial travels around with Carlo Schneider, who's the founder of Travel Renaissance Man. Join me in this light conversation about how the finest things in how Sartorial lifestyle travels within the wearers world. In the world of Carlo who will only travels with Sartorial lifestyle had it be double-breasted jackets, bandanas to shirts then to shoes the thought of putting a outfit together isn't very quick it all takes time to make it to perfect and how perfection ever part has to look! It was delightful to chat with Carlo and understand more about how he travels with his passion for a sartorial lifestyle bit like an artist. You can find Carlo Schneider here
05/12/202347 minutes 56 seconds
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The Mini•Pod Ep3: Menswear And It's Cultures

Menswear and its culture is today's episode talking about books that highlight how each other cultures are adapted into the work of menswear. Today's episode I talk about the latest book called Ametora by W. David Marx and This is not fashion: Streetwear Past, Present and Future by King Adzand Wilma Stone. I talk about the subculture of the youth culture of multicultural England. In the mid 80s, when was very young, seeing how my brother and his mate's use to wear sport Streetwear and how its not even mentioned in any menswear book have we left a culture out un menswear? It would be great to know ? Would love to hear your view? Please write on the Spotify poll. Thankyou :)
02/12/202310 minutes 50 seconds
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EP128: The Jazz Master's Of Menswear Ft Paul Simons of John Simons

Today's episode talks to the jazz master's of menswear Paul Simons, who has been running the legendary menswear store John Simons. The son of John Simons, who's been in the menswear business from 1955. Paul has been running John Simons very successfully. His understanding about menswear and how jazz plays part is huge knowledge that you won't get from any educational information about menswear. Why are they master's? Well, you just need to chat with him to get the knowledge that was passed to him from a father to a son. To be in menswear you have to know what John Simons has done for the British Menswear and how classic and one the most well known talked about in all menswear media John Simons will always be the Jazz Master's of menswear. Join me in this conversation with Paul, who talks about his step into his own world of John Simons, one the most amazing menswear stores around UK, and how his become one of the master's himself. You can find Paul here at John Simons
28/11/202331 minutes 55 seconds
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EP127: The Stylish Crook of Menswear, Dirk The Crook Ft Dirk Willem Fourie

Today's episode is all the way in Australia, Melbourne, with Dirk Willem Fourie, who goes by the name "Dirk The Crook." Dirk has been collecting and wearing suits from the 1940s and doing it so well that you actually forget that you're in 2023! Join Dirk and myself in a conversation about how it all began and how his styles influenced many of us himself in looking this immaculate way of the 1940s and, most of all, why as a Crook! You can find Dirk here
21/11/202344 minutes 16 seconds
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EP126: At The Front Of Menswear Tailoring Ft Andrew M Ramroop Owner of Maurice Sedwell

Today's episode is with Andrew M Ramroop OBE, owner of Maurice Sedwell No 9-10 Savile Row. It's a fascinating story how it all began with Andrew. Not allowed to stay in the front or come through the front of shops in Savile Row because the colour of your skin! Andrew was determined to change all of this, and so he did, and by his perseverance, huge determination he has achieved all and beyond. Join me in a conversation about how Andrew began his journey and how nothing was going to stop him anyway to achieve what he always set out to do. One the most amazing challenging story you would hear from a tailoring house in Savile Row. You can find Andrew here
14/11/202349 minutes 18 seconds
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EP125: The Newsletter Sprezza Making a Impact in Menswear ft Clayton Chambers

There are a lot of newsletters that the majority of us get once we sign up, but Sprezza is a very different newsletter that we should be getting if you're in a menswear world. Today's episode explores all about Sprezza and the founder Clayton Chambers based in America. Menswear has become a huge part of him as his understanding and knowledge of brands has grown with as well as his newsletter. Sprezza has become an insight into not just developing a newsletter but actually understanding about menswear. Join Clayton and myself on conversation about how it all began and the future of newsletters in menswear. You can find Sprezza here
07/11/202326 minutes 54 seconds
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EP124: The Past, Present, & The Future of Menswear ft Ian Batten

Ian Batten is no stranger in this trade he didn't begin his journey recently but began his journey sometime ago. Today's episode is a conversation about the past how the trade was, then we came towards the present time and how things have changed and the future seems to be uncertain with it all or is it, but somehow, what's very certain is there is alot of talented artisans and artists in design but how do we open the doors back again to make the world realise that we still have the most creative people here. Join Ian and myself on an episode that travels through the good and the bad the joy and the truth of menswear. You can find Ian Batten here
31/10/20231 hour 6 minutes 30 seconds
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The Mini•Pod Ep2: Autumn Has Finally Arrived

It's finally here, Autumn and Winter around the corner! After a very mild autumn as the clocks back tomorrow and the frosty mornings are here. The dark nights cold air its arrival has lots of us excited about what kind of menswear products this season. Well, I have seen some of the most exciting fabrics colours that men are embracing this season. From your bright colours to your classic wools, Tweeds, flannels heavy jacquard knits , details shirts more on towards your workwear and then of course quilted jackets to trousers. How classics to functional menswear all mix with each other. Navy Pinstripe has made a comeback! Yeap its here too! Silhouettes simple, to functional there's alot happening in this season and it's a very fun overall as there is more taste of menSwear then ever. Enjoy this season cause there is alot to see and enjoy in the world of menswear! ;))
28/10/202311 minutes 42 seconds
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EP123: Nigel Cabourn Authentic Menswear ft Nigel Cabourn

Well, I never thought it would or could happen, but it has! Nigel Cabourn has arrived on menswear by a Woman Podcast! A very down to earth menswear designer, an inventor, someone I've been admiring for a longtime I.e uni days. The conversation is about how he began, when, and how he actually started authentic menswear. Join me in the conversation with Nigel and myself on one of the most uplifting delightful amazing episodes. You can find Nigel Cabourn here
24/10/202341 minutes 24 seconds
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EP122: The Kings & Queens of India and British Tailoring ft Peter Bance

Today's episode is with Peter Bance, who's a historian, art, and antique collector. Peter also is known for bringing us about the life of the last king of India in the region of punjab, the last emperor Maharaja Duleep Singh. Peter's knowledge about the Maharaja Duleep Singh is unbelievable. We also explore about the queens of India such as Maharani Gayatri Devi and Princess Indira Devi of Kapurthala. How they all were so head of their time in adapting the British Tailoring. The wealth of these individual kings and queens was on a different level. Princess Indira Devi of Kapurthala was once in Vogue in 1930s . Maharani Gayatri Devi was known for her elegant style and was one of the most beautiful women in the world. Join me in a step back to history that no other menswear books have mentioned about these Kings & Queen's Of India and British Tailoring houses as we known them as the heritage brands of menswear today. You can find Peter Bance here
17/10/202347 minutes 2 seconds
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EP121: The Shirts ft Jake Wigham, founder of Jake's London

One of the most important pieces in a man's wardrobe has to be a shirt! Wearing a crisp, made very well, you could tell a lot about that person who's wearing it. Today's episode explores all about shirts with the founder of Jake's, Jake Wigham. Jake has mastered his craft in making the most amazing made to order Shirts and using very good fabrics and the quality of his shirts are at the very high end as each shirt is handmade by himself and Albert. Join us in a conversation about how he began his business the ups and downs of having his own brand most of all the joy he gets on doing his own shirt business and how to appreciate that employer who is in your business , it very hard to come across a boss like Jake. You can find Jake's here
10/10/202347 minutes 40 seconds
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The Mini•Pod Ep1: Chiltern Street for Menswear

There aren't many that carry menswear brands in one Street part from Savile Row, Jeremy St, and then Lamb's Conduit Place, but here comes Chiltern Street. One of the best menswear streets has the most amazing menswear brands. Let me know your thoughts, either DM on Instagram or leave a message on Spotify. Hope to hear from you. You can find more about the brands and about Chiltern Street on menSwear by A Woman Podcast website.
07/10/20239 minutes 15 seconds
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EP120: Menswear Space Odyssey ft Satish Tailor Creative Director of Vollebak

I've waited a long time to get Satish onto the podcast. What he was developing was unbelievable in menswear. It's a dream job, menswear with Science in what way? Well, if you think about it, everything has science involved. Satish is the creative director of Vollebak and has his own design consultancy company called Hst Creative. We talk about how it all began from going to the Royal College of Art and how he became the head designer director of Adidas, then Puma. Now he is working for one of the most inspirational brands in menswear, developing things only we could imagine the touch of Space and how menswear has been taken to a direction that we could only imagine but Satish and his team are developing the unimaginable substance that would only come across by scientists. I would say they are scientists of menswear welcome to Menswear Space Odyssey. Join me in this fascinating conversation about how science has a huge impact in the world of menswear. You can find Satish Tailor here www
03/10/202336 minutes 55 seconds
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EP119: The Timeless Classic Of Menswear ft Osman Abdul Razak

This episode travels to India, where I have a conversation with Osman, the founder of the Classic Sartorial brand owner of Osman Abdul Razak. Tailoring has become big in India the Artisans are in every part of India in showing the skills of their craftsmanship that has been given to each from the generation of their ancestors. Join Osman and myself in conversation about how Timeless Classic in Menswear and how important it has become for himself to understand and to create classic's. It's a challenge will the art of tailoring always remain to be and what the future holds for this craftsmanship in India as the technology and high paid jobs take over for next generation. You can find Osman here www.osmanabdulrazak
26/09/202343 minutes 4 seconds
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EP118: The Heritage Wear Collector of Menswear ft Ed Anthony Stanford

The word "Heritage" has a huge meaning in any history behind clothing and menswear. Why, you may ask? Well, when you come across these types of clothing, you realise the art of making these clothing was something else. Ed has become a huge part of this world and has created a world for us to realise how important these clothing are. We discuss the importance, the knowledge, and most of the history of these clothing Ed knows his world very well, and if you need to learn, then Ed is someone who brings a world of knowledge and its a great knowledge. Soon, the second Part to this interview coming soon with his co-founder of their brand, Darte, discussing more about the brand and the knowledge of this unique world of menswear. You can find Ed here
19/09/202340 minutes 46 seconds
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EP117: The Way it Was, The way it Could be ft Toby Clark

Toby Clark, a Welsh menswear designer, was the head design for Margaret Howell. He received three nominations for ‘Menswear Designer Of The Year’ at the British Fashion Awards. We talk about how menswear the way it was towards the way it could be as we discuss the future of menswear. It was fascinating to find out about his career. We discuss the past of menswear and the future of menswear in the UK and why it's important to make a huge awareness of British Menswear. Join Toby and myself in a conversation that touches the base of the future of menswear. You can find Toby here
12/09/202356 minutes 11 seconds
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EP116: The Making of Uskees Founder ft Paul Clapham

So you come across a lot of different people in menswear, but once you get to hear the story behind, how a brand was developed is a pretty fascinating conversation. Paul Clapham, founder of Uskees a Workman Brand started a journey in not just developing a brand but understanding what makes a brand. I must say this is probably the first time I've come across a brand owner who's genuine in saying how important it is to have a design team, marketing team, production team, and manufacturing team, but allowing in building a team with the right people. I've worked for a few small brands but have not seen a setup or understanding like Paul has, which is great cause if you don't understand, will you ever understand how a brand creative works. Join me in this conversation with Paul talking about these things that he has realised how important they are for a brand and how I and other creatives have always mentioned developing a brand creativity is always is important and all time keeping it fre
05/09/202338 minutes 29 seconds
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EP115: The Parade Of Menswear Rags ft JoJo Elgarice Founder of Jojo’s General Store

This episode is one of the light hearted episode I’ve done. Jojo, the founder of Jojo's General Store in Sheffield, as most of us will know his instragram account as Ragparade is such a nice and down to earth guy but as the most knowledge about Vintage menswear. Jojo store is one of the most well known in the industry of Vintage Military Sportswear menswear and you just have to hear some his stories that you do hope he will come up with book about the Vintage products its like an archive store for menswear. Join Jojo and myself on this episode on a delightful conversation on the subject of the highly recommended Vintage Military Sportswear Clothing of menswear and how he began into this area as a chef from the Kitchen to one of the most well known in his craft of Vintage wear. You can find Jojo here
22/08/202348 minutes 30 seconds
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EP114: The Rollercoaster Ride of a Brand ft Ross Geddes Founder of Finnieston Clothing

This episode is probably one the truth version of how a brand in menswear operates and why I was very much interested and appreciated Ross's honesty. The truth about the ups and downs of having his own brand Finnieston Clothing in Glasgow but somehow Ross faced this rollercoaster ride he realised something amazing that he truly loved the innovation of menswear and what he was building not for himself but for the community of menswear. Join me on this fascinating story of someone who never came from the industry and how he fell in love with menswear and realised this is what he wants to do. Ross has learnt so much from being thrown into the deep end, but somehow, you end up learning a lot when you step into this kind of ride and at the same time thrown into the deep end. This episode is for all menswear community small or large as we all know this ride very well but at the same time we adore the subject called Menswear. You can find Finnieston Clothing here
15/08/202348 minutes 35 seconds
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EP113: Wearing it Well ft Chad Haupt Founder of Men's Style Guide

Chad Haupt based in South Africa as we all have been very intrigued with his Men's Style website and his extermly successful Instagram. We have a discussion about how he began why he wanted to do this and the pure passion for Sartorial. Join Chad and myself talking about how our dad's and grandfather insipred our menswear knowledge. We also discussed how he has learnt so much about menswear and what his next adventure is about. You can find Chad here If you need any feedback, please feel free to contact me via email.
08/08/202335 minutes 30 seconds
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EP112: Conversation about Shirts ft Olivia Villanti founder of Chava Studio

Shirts are one the most important items in menswear wardrobe. So, I decided to travel to Mexico via the supreme fast-paced Internet to chat with Olivia Villanti, founder of Chava Studio. Chava Studio has a remarkable story behind the brand that Olivia has achieved to tell it so well. Join Olivia and myself on this remarkable achievement in building her brand with the most enchanting story in how Chava Studio became. You can find Chave Studio here. You can find Chava Studio here
01/08/202341 minutes 35 seconds
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EP111: The Science of Men's Jewellery ft Alice Walsh founder of Alice Made This

In this episode, my conversation is with Alice Walsh, who is the founder of men's jewellery brand with her husband Ed called Alice Made This. This episode is all about the science behind making men's jewellery. Alice has a huge knowledge of her art but also how to introduce the makers into her brand, who are the heart of her brand. Alice describes herself as a scientist in her field of jewellery, and if you think about it, she is working with science at all times with calculations of using different types of metal elements. Join me on this fascinating conversation about liquids of metals, the art of the makers, to how she's established a brand helping not only our knowledge but also how she's helping the next generation youth to come into creative field. If you're up for a conversation about how science has played a part in her jewellery brand and how in reality of the creative world works, join Alice and myself on this episode. You can find Alice Made This here
25/07/202342 minutes 18 seconds
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EP110: Constructing Menswear ft Louis Geramita - Aspiring Gent founder of Primo Tailors

All the way from Pennsylvania Primo Tailors owner Louis Geramita is the proud founder of the Tailoring company. We all know him as the aspiring gent from his videos of how to do a tie and inspirational style. After a long running match of emails as our time zone is very different, Louis was very sweet in accepting the invite and totally supporting the podcast. Join Louis and myself in a conversation about how Louis came from a background of construction career to one of the most inspiring tailoring brands. You can find Louis here If you have any feedback or would like to be featured on a future episode, please feel free to email [email protected]
18/07/202330 minutes 15 seconds
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EP109: The Elegance of Menswear ft Loïc founder of Bienluienapris

The founder of Bienluienapris is by Loïc who is one of the most elegant dressed men that you would come across. This episode explores his dress sense and the elegance in menswear. Loïc knows what works and also what doesn't work, but at the same time, he is not afraid to wear what doesn't work! Join Loïc and myself on this elegant conversation about what is a elegant men dress sense and how he wears the clothes and turns them to elegant! You can find Loic here If you have any feedback or would like to be featured on a future episode, please feel free to email [email protected]
11/07/202339 minutes 7 seconds
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EP108: Thinking Outside The Box in Menswear ft Studio Arko Galih Richardson

This episode explores thinking outside the box, i.e., the world outside the normal way of thinking. Galih Richardson, the co-founder of Studio Arko, talks about his career in menswear and how he and his business partner are changing things outside the box. We discuss a lot of things that are on the bottom list or never on the list. There are serious conversations and funny ones too. Join me on an uplifting of truth and some of us creatives thinkers thinking outside the box. You can find Galih Richardson If you have any feedback or would like to be featured on a future episode, please feel free to email [email protected]
04/07/202348 minutes 34 seconds
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EP107: It's About Socks ft Ruby Chahal Founder of Rock + Ruby

About Socks episode exploring how this item is becoming one of the most important accessories in the world of menswear. There are socks that you wear and you don't think twice about, and there are socks the moment you open the package makes you smil, you wear them and really comfy amazing colours and design who am talking about Rock and Ruby Socks. Join Ruby and me in a conversation about how she began from a menswear career. Ruby talks about how and why she started this brand and how she developed the creative design side of the brand. As it all about socks, they really do make you smile once you receive a pair, and I can't say enough about the quality and how comfortable they are! You find Rock + Ruby here If you have any feedback or would like to be featured on a future episode, please feel free to email [email protected]
27/06/202340 minutes 21 seconds
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EP106: The Madras Check ft Prasan Shah founder of Original Madras Trading Company New York

Madras Check has a huge history in menswear. However, we all should know the story behind it if you don't have a read. So how is Madras check becoming known again cause it was in the past? Prasan Shah is taking the Madras Check on different levels. From all orginal in house dying the yarns, weaving, designing, producing its a different scale of quality and workmanship. Their craftsmanship, all based in India, has a unique story to be told, but at the same time, it's a brand that has a huge value to its original craftsmanship. Join Prasan and myself on this episode chat that I learnt a lot about the most famous cloth in menswear Original Madras Trading Company based in New York City from its heritage India Chennai. You can find Original Madras Trading Company NY here If you have any feedback or would like to be featured on a future episode, please feel free to email [email protected]
20/06/202338 minutes 26 seconds
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EP105: The UnderWear World of Menswear ft Hamilton & Hare Olivia Francis

Olivia Francis, the founder of Hamilton & Hare, is most well known for developing the most comfortable, stylish yet simple underwear and leisure wear for men. Olivia has established a very well-known brand in her craft. As a women in menswear, brand owner and a mother join me and Olivia on this conversation how she began and how much she went through in developing a brand on one the most essential clothing that lot of us kind of forgot about or we didn't think it needed to be revived! However, once you have a conversation with Olivia, you realise how this particular industry needs to be revived. Thanks to Olivia Francis for bringing menswear, the underwear world, and leisure wear to a different level. You can find Hamilton & Hare here If you have any feedback or would like to be featured on a future episode, please feel free to email [email protected]
13/06/202341 minutes 14 seconds
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EP104: Knowing About Menswear founder of Style & Direction ft Ethan M Wong

Ethan M Wong is known in menswear, the co-founder of the podcast Style and Direction has a chat with me about his understanding of menswear. Ethan and I discuss how and why he became interested in menswear. A very down to earth chat discussing all things about menswear from style, vintage, our voices, families especially our parents and the world of podcasting in menswear. You can find Ethan here If you have any feedback or would like to be featured on a future episode, please feel free to email [email protected]
06/06/202353 minutes 42 seconds
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EP103: The Embroider of Menswear ft Giulio Miglietta

In this episode, my conversation is with Giulio Miglietta's well-known Embroider in menswear. Giulio began started his business in 2016 and has established his name in menswear, working with well-known artists to brands. His life story, which I didn't mention, is a huge inspiration. Every part of his embroidery is well thought out, from developing the design to seeing the real work. His craftsmanship is at such a high standard, and his knowledge about his craft and the machines that he had searched for as they are hugle very rare. His work is truly special, inspirational, and hugely interesting. Join me in this conversation with Giulio, knowing about how he became one of the most talented, knowledgeable Embroider of Menswear. You can find Giulio here If you have any feedback or would like to be featured on a future episode, please feel free to email [email protected]
30/05/202342 minutes 56 seconds
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EP102: The Making of A Denim Master ft Mohsin Sajid

When you become a Master in your art, you go through things to become one. Mohsin, I would have to say, is a huge treasure for the UK in having someone who knows so much about Denim. Not only does he know about the design sides, but he also has a huge knowledge of the technical coming from Patter cutting to machinery to fabrics. His knowledge of the history on denim is something else you must listen cause on the Masters go that far to give back that kind of knowledge. You can find Mohsin here If you have any feedback or would like to be featured on a future episode, please feel free to email [email protected]
23/05/202342 minutes 12 seconds
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EP101: Conversation about menSwear ft: Angelique Noire & Guillaume Bo

Here I am on my 101th episode and interviewing the most Stylish couple in menswear! Guillaume Bo is very well known in menswear, and so is his wife, Angelique Noire, who is a well-known model, but her style is very different from any other female models you see. Join me in a conversation with Angelique and Guillaume about all on classic menswear and how they are involved in menSwear, making a wave from for "Classic Menswear." They both bring a unique style of individuality that shows menswear on different level of STYLE Bravo! You can find Angelique Noire here and Guillaume Bo here If you have any feedback or would like to be featured on a future episode, please feel free to email [email protected]
16/05/202346 minutes 24 seconds
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EP100: menSwear by a Woman Podcast Thankyou From Me

An episode celebrating the "100" episode. I talked about the episodes of the guests and how the podcast has changed my view and made me learn more about menSwear even more. The struggles and obstacles that made me feel that it was worth it to actually words "Don't Fit In" was a huge blessing! Here's to the future and, more importantly, carrying on with the podcast 💛 Sarmilla.
09/05/202327 minutes 24 seconds
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EP99: There's A Hat for Everyone ft Sierra & South Handmade Hats founder Matt Kitto

This episode I have a conversation with Matt Kitto, founder of Sierra & South Handmade Hats. I never knew how such craft is very limited, but at the same time, a hat makes such an entrance that it over takes clothing! Matt explains how this craftsmanship has very limited skilled people actually in the trade and how himself and others are trying to gain more awareness. As Matt says, "There's a Hat for Everyone," his totally right! I'm very intrigued in getting a hat now, but at some time, it will mean much more as I understand as there are only 3 people in the country that makes Hats the way Matt does! You can find Sierra & South Handmade Hats founder Matt Kitto here If you have any feedback or would like to be featured on a future episode, please feel free to email [email protected]
02/05/202353 minutes 17 seconds
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EP98: Sartorial from Bangladesh ft Dapper Bespoke founder Shezzane Mozumder

This episode I was totally thrilled to speak with Shezzane Mozumder, founder of Dapper Bespoke, based in Bangladesh in the capital of Dhaka. I was totally inspired by the craftsmanship. When I first saw the Dapper Bespoke and Shezzane images on Instagram, I was convinced it was either based in Italy or other parts of the world but never thought it was based in Bangladesh just shows how we have been convinced in thinking certain countries are only known for their Fast Fashion Factories only! How wrong was I! On this conversation Shezzane joins me in introducing how Sartorial is taking high steps in Bangladesh, how his father took the very first steps in introducing Sartorial way of dressing, how he himself became influenced into taking his steps from his father into the world of Sartorialist journey thriving extraordinaire heights and tasting the success in changing a generation. You can find Shezzane here If you have any feedback or would like to be featur
25/04/202354 minutes 15 seconds
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EP97: Barnfield Customs Menswear ft Mark Warman The challenges of developing a brand

Last year, I recorded an episode with Mark Warman, the founder of Barnfield Customs, which was lost through technical issues. I decided to invite Mark to come and record again. Mark who's worked in digital marketing and had his own company in Marketing was not a stranger to entrepreneur, came up with an idea of reventing his grandfather army jacket, so he set on the journey in doing that. It was fascinating to chat with Mark, who doesn't come from a menswear background but has taken onboard the challenges that some of us know who are in the trade know how things work and of course the challenges and obstacles that we all face. After a year, I went back to talking to him, I found out how he developed and journeyed to get a jacket in the sense of a perfect functional product. But on going on the obstacles and challenges he went through, it was his 100% determination and passion for his brand. You can find Mark here If you have any feedback or comments, pl
18/04/202339 minutes 22 seconds
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EP96: The Artistic Illustrator of Menswear ft Wesley Robinson

Illustration is an art that some of us, well, most of us have it in us. But when you become an artistic illustrator in menswear, it's a totally different level to the rest of the illustrators. Join me in a conversation with one of the well-known artistic illustrators in menswear Wesley Robinson of Wes Art, who has worked with many menswear brands. Wesley Illustration for Drakes is probably that stands out the most for me his illustrations are so different from the other menswear illustrators. The flare and style he has in his menswear illustrations are what I would say very artistic. You can find Wesley's work here If you have any feedback back please email me on [email protected] .
11/04/202338 minutes 9 seconds
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EP95: Striking A Pose in Menswear ft Richard Biedul

Well, there isn't always you get a chance to talk to one of the most well known model' s in menswear, but not only that Richard is so humble and so down to earth. Join Richard and I talking about modelling in menswear and how the industry i.e menswear is for newcomers and existing designers. Why is London not able to offer what other major fashion organisations are. As Richard explains, his future in menswear and how he is helping others as he becomes creative director and producer who ever is under is wing you will definitely Strike the most amazing Pose. You can find Richard Biedul here you have any feedback or would like to be featured on a future episode, please feel free to email [email protected]
04/04/202347 minutes 10 seconds
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Tailoring, Sportswear & Building a Menswear Brand ft Fred F.E Castleberry

This episode my conversation is with Fred Castleberry, the founder of F.E Castleberry in New York City. The conversation starts with talking about tailoring within using elements of sportswear. F.E. Castleberry is one of the menswear labels that caught my eye with its colours and textiles, and of course, the tailoring. Fred, in honesty, talks about how it is hard to create a brand. I think he was the only designer to say the truth, and I appreciate his honesty. Join myself and Fred on a conversation about tailoring, Sportswear, and how it really is like building a brand. You can find F.E Castleberry here If you have any feedback or would like to be featured on a future episode, please feel free to email [email protected]
28/03/202339 minutes 55 seconds
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Season 4 The Style season

Join me on this short podcast where I be talking about the new season 4 and what this season about menswear style is going to be about. This season is a collaboration with Nigel Cleaver who writes for Crocket & Jones journal. Nigel and I will be in conversation about Men's Style one my favourite subject. It's any all ear opening in what we both discover what Style and History of menswear and who has been in the fame of menswear style even in this decade. If you have any feedback or would like to be featured on a future episode please feel free to email [email protected]
10/05/202214 minutes 26 seconds
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Welcome to menSwear by a Woman

A brand new series of podcasts looking at the role of Women in the menswear industry.
24/02/20211 minute 1 second